Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Snow Whiter-Than-White and Gropey courtesy of Azure Ghost.

I love this!

And just in case you were wondering, things are certainly NOT looking up for Herman Cain as it appears that his accusers are starting to organize.

The women whose complaints Herman Cain attacked in a news conference Tuesday are planning to counter with a news conference of their own, attorneys for the women said Tuesday night. 

"My client has decided to hold a joint news conference with as many of the women who complained of sexual harassment by Herman Cain as will participate," said Joel P. Bennett, the Washington lawyer for Karen Kraushaar, whose harassment claims against Cain got the current controversy rolling after a report of it appeared last week in Politico. 

It is going to be kind of hard to dismiss an entire group of women, coming forward with the same accusations, of simply being liars.

I have a feeling, by the way, that tonight's GOP debate might be the most entertaining of all.


  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Herman Cain Comes Unglued In Crazed Sexual Harassment Email Rant

    Herman Cain’s Sex Scandal Is Helping The Koch Agenda Stay In Stealth Mode

  2. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Herman stood in front of five flags as he said he did nothing wrong...

    One flag for each of the accusers???

  3. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Kraushaar: Cain Could Be Described As A Monster

    Hours after being publicly identified as one of several women to accuse Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment, civil servant Karen Kraushaar told ABC News that Cain could be described as a "monster."

    Kraushaar said overnight she had attempted to dodge the media spotlight because she feared retaliation from Cain supporters. Her identity was revealed Tuesday and she has since hired a security team to guard her home outside Washington, D.C.

  4. Anonymous9:31 AM

    This is terrifying!

    People & Power - The Koch Brothers!

  5. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Didn't Bialek mention that Cain "upgraded" her room to a suite? Is anyone investigating that paper trail?

  6. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Sharon Bialek: Yes Herman Cain Knows Me. No I Didn’t Hug Him

  7. Gryphen - That's not a photo of Bialek...thankfully. If it were, it would hurt her story.

  8. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Can't get link to pictures to open

  9. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Herman Cain Chief Of Staff Mark Block Proving To Be A Serial Screw-Up Artist

  10. the woman in those pics is amy jacobson, disgraced chicago radio personality. she is even identified in the captions. amy is the person "reporting" that ms. bialek was hugging cain backstage at this event, and both are blonde.

    so the picture is important why?

  11. Laughing hysterically at "Herbie, The Love Bug's" leering mug in his little Dwarf suit! And Shelly makes a perfect Snow White. I can picture them at Disney World right now, scaring small children. Great job, Azure!

  12. Anonymous10:02 AM

    And of course they have tried desperately to cast the two public accusers as con artists. It makes me sick; a second victimization by the perpetrator.

    The Cain camp accused the woman from Chicago of being a serial lawsuit filer - the news last night showed the cases specified in the Cain memo were related to bankruptcy and child custody issues. Disgusting the Cain camp didn't reveal that in their statement, but obviously not surprising.

    The second woman who works for Treasury was made to look like a nut who regularly files sexual harassment suits because she did later file a complaint when her subsequent superiors would not allow her to work from home after an accident, though some of her (probably male) peers had been allowed to do so. I guess mention of inappropriate and childish emails supposedly meant she was focusing on sexual harassment, when in fact the bulk of her complaint was about general unfairness in her work place. It's tough in a man's world, and she seems plucky. Woman are demonized for being strong, let's face it.

    Then today Cain's campaign guy - the smoker - falsely claimed that the DC woman's son worked for Politico, who were part of the original leak. He got the wrong guy!

    This is ridiculous, and I am thrilled these women are organizing. Power in numbers.

    Sorry if this was gone over in earlier threads...

  13. Anonymous10:05 AM

    That's not Bialek in the photo. The woman in the photo is the person that witnessed the Bialek/Cain encounter backstage at the Tea-Con event in Chicago.

  14. Anonymous10:06 AM


    “For a presidential spokesman to go on TV and make up blatant falsehoods doesn’t speak well for his boss, either.”

  15. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Tucker Carlson: ‘Herman Cain Is Not Qualified To Be President And We Are All Pretending He Is’

  16. Anonymous10:09 AM

    He lies, lies, lies.

    Herman Cain Encountered Sharon Bialek At Recent Tea Party Conference

  17. Anonymous10:12 AM

    When Mike Tyson makes fun of you, you are clearly done.

    Mike Tyson Imitates Herman Cain, ‘The Man Who’s Been Shouting The Number Nine On Your TV’

  18. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Actually, in this case pictures DON'T speak louder than words.

    Look, I'm normally a fan of your blog, but did you even look at the pics in the link you posted? Sharon Bialek is not in them!

    The story ATTACHED to the pics state that "a witness" claims that Cain talked to Bialek, but the pics are of some talk radio host named Amy Jacobson.

  19. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Cain, Not Sex, Will Sink Cain

    ...GOP mainstream leaders, hard-nosed GOP political operatives, and the big gun financial donors have mostly treated the Cain candidacy as a fun and games, amusing sideshow act that is doomed to fade into the sunset long before it's time for serious primary politicking and voting. The sex charges are just the playful icing on the Cain circus act. It's an act that would fold in due time anyway. Despite Cain's defiant pronouncement that sex won't derail him and he's in the race for the long haul, his drop-out time is close at hand, sexual harassment allegations, or no.

  20. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Is Sexual Harassment Really Just Telling a Joke She Doesn’t Like?

  21. Oops sorry! You guys are right that those pictures were NOT of Bialek!

    That's what I get for blogging and doing two other things at the same time. The post has now been modified to remove the incorrect information.

    Thanks for the correction.

  22. Anonymous10:53 AM

    This guy is really trouble!

    Deadbeat 1%er has FULL BLOWN MELTDOWN "Don't blame the banks!" as intelligent woman DESTROYS him

    ...But watching Joe Walsh have a full meltdown of screaming hissy fit throwing petulance when his precious financial service industry is questioned thing of beauty. It not only proves what ideologically bankrupt shills the modern GOP has become, but it shows that the entire body politic is so awash with the corrupting influence of corporate cash that we need major reform, and no one law is going to fix it.!-as-intelligent-woman-DESTROYS-him?via=siderec

  23. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Grope-A-Blonde: Herman Cain Lashes Out at 'Democrat Machine'

  24. Anonymous11:26 AM

    "It is going to be kind of hard to dismiss an entire group of women, coming forward with the same accusations, of simply being liars."

    They're all part of the Democratic Machine.

  25. The Chicago Tribune made misidentifying the photos easy. It took me about three times to figure out the photo wasn't Bialek. There's a bold headline that Bialek met/hugged Cain and the name of the photographed blond woman in a small print caption. Why did they bother to put up TWO photos of Cain with Amy Whomever? Isn't Amy the radio 'personality' who heavily promoted one of Palin's Chicago-area events?

    Azure Ghost - "Snow White" and "Gropey" is genius! Well done!

  26. Virginia Voter11:45 AM

    Suga Cain keepin it classy on his official website:

  27. Beldar Salamander Conehead1:59 PM

    The best thing about the impending (and inevitable) fall of Herb Cain is that one man stands lurking grumpily in the shadows ready to pick up the conservative mantle of pro-family, pro-women moral superiority: Yes, that man is Newt "She Turned Me Into A Newt!" Gingrich.

    Finally a right wing candidate whose respect for women is indisputably well-documented. (Especially when you discount the reprehensible stuff as the result of "Democratic machine dirty tricks")

    For a slimy America!

  28. Beldar Conehead2:02 PM

    great graphics, AG!

  29. Anonymous4:23 PM

    And don't forget there are at least two men who say they saw Cain herassing women.

  30. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn4:37 PM

    Oy vey. I just realized that the mysterious "lo" way up there in the comments is me. So much for letting your cat sit near the keyboard!

  31. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Herman Cain and the Denial Campaign

    Sexual-harassment deniers are in overdrive amid the escalating complaints against the presidential hopeful. Their arguments don’t add up.

  32. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Azure Ghost is a treasure!

    Seeing Cain mishandle this entire fiasco makes me question his ability to run a thriving business. He's so thin skinned and over reactive, getting more and more unhinged with each interview.

    He's so focused on trying to bury this story, that he's digging himself even deeper by re victimizing the victims trying to defend himself.

    After this press conference, I'd like to see him look in these women's face and call them liars. I know it won't happen, but it would most definately show the allegations are true.

  33. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Anonymous said...
    And don't forget there are at least two men who say they saw Cain herassing women.

    4:23 PM

    Are male witnesses necessary for women to be believed? What a country we live in.


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