Friday, November 04, 2011

Wearing a pelt she obtained during the Walt Disney World Jungle Cruise, Sarah Palin gave a rambling barely coherent speech which demonstrated that the Furries were not the only ones f**king Goofy.

Sarah Palin resplendent in a jaguar coat and a Davy Crockett coonskin cap.

Courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel:

Palin accused the Wall Street protesters of reaching the wrong conclusions. 

"They feel legitimate indignation about the Wall Street bailouts," she said of the protesters. "Financial institutions behaving recklessly and then we get stuck with the bill. And then three years later many of us are still quite ticked off about it all because we don't have assurance that those who caused the financial collapse in the first place, that they be held accountable, and that it won't happen again. 

"They say, 'The Wall Street fat cats got a bailout. I want one, too.' And the correct answer is, no one should get a bailout," she said. 

There is a grassroots movement that wants to end "crony capitalists receiving Wall Street bailouts, auto company bailouts, corporate welfare and the influence of big-business lobbyists, she said, "It's called the Tea Party." 

Much of Palin's address offered the view of Washington D.C. from Alaska. She concluded that Obama, Eastern elitists, leftist environmentalists, the mainstream media, "some of those socialist groups, ACORN, and the Communist party" all try to impose their views from afar.

Besides the demonstration that she simply does not understand anything about the OWS protesters, this speech was essentially the same old thing that most of us have heard a million times before it seems, and the kind of barely coherent bitching about Obama that is obviously still worth $100,000 to the Republicans in this country. (If you have the stomach you can watch a portion of it here.)

However what is more interesting to me at this point is WHO was allowed to accompany the Grizzled One, and who was forced to stay behind.

Grizzly-hunting Tea Party princess Sarah Palin took some of her family to Walt Disney World Wednesday before speaking to the Republican Party of Florida dinner Thursday night and declared that it was “heavenly.” 

“Yesterday, we decided to take a day, our first trip to Disney World. And I was so thrilled. ‘Oh, that’s what people have been talkin’ about all these years.’ It was heavenly,” she told the Republicans. “It was refreshing.” 

She brought he daughters Bristol, 21, and Piper, 10, and son Trig, 3, who has Down syndrome. 

“It was good to see good people, and a good organization at Disney, accommodating a child like Trig,” she said. 

Her husband Todd and other daughter Willow didn’t come, she said, because they were busy hauling a truck of snow blower machines from Minnesota to Alaska. (Now ask yourself WHY would a man married to a multimillionaire miss a visit to the "Happiest place on earth" to drive snow blower machines up from Minnesota when they have a wide selection in the local Fred Meyers right there in Wasilla, Alaska? Or is that the only Alaska sounding excuse that Palin could think of on the spur of the moment?)

Now let me tell you that from an Alaskan's perspective going to Disney World is a pretty big damn deal! Especially, if like Sister Sarah claims, this was the family's first visit.

So what I am saying is that it is NOT a trip which Willow would miss voluntarily, I don't care what kind of teenage "too cool for this shit"  attitude she was currently wearing as a defense mechanism against her mother's moosecrap. (I went to Disneyland for the first time when I was seventeen, and it took a month to wipe the smile off of my face.)

So there has to be a good reason why Willow was MIA.  And the same goes for Tripp, who should have been at the right age to have the time of his life. (What's wrong Sarah? Is there something about Tripp that does not fit into the script?)

As for Todd, I predicted a while ago that his appearances would be few and far between, as the happy married couple shtick became less and less necessary.

Essentially what we are witnessing is the crumbling of the Palin family facade happening in real time.  And no I do not get any pleasure from watching it happen, however I am not at all surprised by it either. The point of almost all of the books written lately is that virtually everything about Sarah Palin is a carefully crafted mythology which is becoming harder, and harder for her to maintain.

Personally I think the strain of trying to hold everything together could be heard in her voice during her speech. It kind of reminded me of her resignation speech back in 2009.

Oh well, it really could not happen to a more deserving lunatic in my opinion. You know what they say, "You reap what you sow, " and lady you have sowed more hate and ugliness than just about anybody in this country and it is about high time you harvested the fruits of that labor.


  1. they said it was trig but I bet it was tripp!

  2. Helmet Hair makes no attempt whatsoever to hide that Willow is a high school dropout. Can she support herself as a long-haul truck driver?

  3. Anonymous6:58 AM

    The COMMUNIST Party?

    I guess Sarah thinks it's 1965...

  4. Anonymous7:00 AM

    I think the news article may have meant snow machines as Arctic Cat's headquarters is in River Falls, Minnesota.

    Maybe Todd was in Minnesota picking up his free 2012 snowmobiles, gear, etc.

    So the grifting family was getting their grift on in at least two states this week.

  5. Anonymous7:06 AM

    This just came across my email:

    Dear Scissors,

    I feel your one wants to run with me either.

    Sarah Palin

    Have a great Friday!

  6. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Arctic Cat headquarters is in Thief River Falls, MN.

  7. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Minnesota? The real deal famous rehab Hazleton is in Minnesota. But I doubt she would mention Minnesota in a speech if Willow was at Hazleton.

  8. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Wow...super mother Bristol didn't take Tripp along for a free visit to WDW! He would be such a perfect age.

    I suspect that it's like you said, she knows his pacifier would fall out of his mouth and people would realize how much older he is than she pretends.

    How very sad for him to miss out on this trip.

    Also..VERY funny that Willow and Tawd are hauling snow blowers. Sure they are! If so, that means they are taking a job away from a trucker who could use the load. I think, instead, he has Willow locked up in their compound, away from cameras taking care of all those grandbabies.

    I hope that Trig had a good time. Anyone seen any pictures of him at the park? Since 95% of the people there have cameras glued to their hands, we should be seeing many of them. Does he have his hearing aids and glasses on? Was he anywhere near his mother, aunt or grandmother or was his paid nanny taking care of him?

  9. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Im trying to decide if Sarah influenced Bristol with the love of cheetah and juicy or vice versa.

  10. Anonymous7:15 AM

    I think it might have been Sarah's first visit. But Bristol has been there at least once (May 10 with Ivy) and disneyland once, while Piper visited in 08 during the campaign.

    There you go again spreading your wealth of ignorance though. Todd is in MN with Eric, Andy and Willow.

  11. angela7:16 AM

    OMG! Palin looks like Cruella DeVille.
    She's wearing a died dalmatian--I know it!

    Piper and Willow aren't getting educated, are they? Bristol didn't bring her other two kids. Todd's contract exempted him from carrying Sarah's puppy skin purse. And stupid Sarah is surprised Disney can deal with a Downs Syndrome child (because she can't).

    What an idiot that woman is.

  12. Anonymous7:17 AM

    I'm not sure why she didn't mention Tripp. He was there with a permanent smile plastered on his face.

  13. Anonymous7:17 AM

    To "B",

    Willow is homeschooling and regularly does schoolwork. Thanks for spreading lies though.

  14. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Todd makes several trips for the irondog throughout the year. Early this year, he and Track were in Montana.

  15. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Wasn't Willow, Bristol, Kyle and Chris at disneyland back in Aug? Didn't Kyle tweet pics from it?

  16. Not What You Want To Hear7:23 AM

    Please, we will all be dead by the time the Tea Party actually does something about crony capitalism. The people who make up this group were too lazy and irresponsible to complain while "their" guy was in office, and even now they're too lazy and cowardly to complain about anything without a permit and if there's any possible risk they'd actually have to get arrested.

    Thankfully, the brave and responsible souls who make up the OWS movement are willing to take on this unpleasant, even scary task instead.

  17. Anonymous7:24 AM


    RPOF = Ripoff?

  18. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn7:26 AM

    Running out the door, but just had to ROFL at the headline, Gryphen! How fickle. Has she changed her affiliation from Mama Grizzly to Big Cat??

  19. It's really hard for me to believe Bristol was cruel and stupid enough to deprive Tripp an exciting, trip to Disneyworld, but understandable why she would leave Tristan the "godson" behind (questions, questions..and awkward pictures from TMZ papparazzi).

    And what about April Morlock? Is she the unfortunate nanny left behind to care for both kids?

    And what about that so-called "reality" show Bristol is supposed to be filming? Is that officially now a flop, and have the Massey brothers parted company with her (kicked her and her brood out of the condo?)?

    I guess Bristol figured she'd just pocket the money she's have to spend to bring her kids along...maybe spend it on tight jeans, flip-flops and a mani-pedi. Maybe a facial, too (but watch out, massaging around that chin -- wouldn't want to move it to the right cheek accidentally).

    As for Willow and Todd transporting snowblowers from freezing snowy freezing Minnesota in November up the AlCan Highway to freezing snowy Alaska -- that's got to be the dumbest explanation Sarah Palin has ever babbled. Even dumber than "Todd's up on the roof".

    I'll bet the morons at that "Republican Victory Dinner" ate it up.

  20. I haven't read this post yet but I am laughing so hard at the title and comment under the photo that I think my entire day is brightened and put on a special hilarity level.
    Thanks much!

  21. Well according to the Palin Fairy Tale troll that keeps e-mailing me, Willow, Todd, and Willow's boyfriend Eric are indeed in Minnesota.

    It also appears that the reporter mistakenly identified the machines as "snow blowers," instead of simply s"snowmachines" which is what Alaskans call snowmobiles.

    Apparently the Palin supporters are still camped out on the blog as they sent the information, including a screenshot of Bristol's private Facebook page, only minutes after I published that post.

  22. Anonymous7:47 AM

    i would imagine Todd and his ID partner had that trip planned. He travels on irondog related business throughout the year.

  23. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Sarah does not get paid a $100,000 speaking fee. $100,000 is her ASKING fee, and it hasn´t been met in a long, long time. The negotiations start from there and drop precipitously fast. ¨That is all that needs to be said¨ about that old lie.

    I won´t believe the children were there unless I see photos. Everything out of that woman´s mouth is a lie.

    When Piper is older mommy and daddy will never see each other again.

    Everyone in the office agrees her coat probably has a nice leopard tail attached to the back of it.

  24. Anon 6:58 re Communists -- I live in Texas, and my local newspaper online comments section features accusations of Communist sympathizing almost every day. It's 1965 somewhere! :)

  25. Anonymous7:50 AM

    I think this Disney visit was the long awaited photo op featuring Trig and Sarah. Sarah is desperate for a current smiling Trig photo. What better spot than the Magic Kingdom!

    Piper is there to keep Sarah (somewhat) stable. Bristol is there to keep Trig from belting Sarah. And to make sure Piper doesn't blurt out any family secrets while Sarah is doing her screech.

    And, of course, Bristol is always happy to leave Tripp with the nanny. Bristol loves to show the haters what a difficult, hard life she has as an ex-teen mom. Tripp is going to be locked down until he is old enough to be terrorized into silence.

    There never was a Palin "family". Sarah is a sociopath, she is mentally unstable. Todd, Willow and Track are going to escape to real life with as much cash as they can steal from Sarah's mindless bots. They know enough about the events of 2008 to ensure a lifetime of bribes from Sarah.

    Trig and Piper, on the other hand, are in for a real tough decade. They are at the mercy of vicious, evil woman. And no one in the extended family will help them. Sad.

  26. Anonymous7:54 AM

    “It was good to see good people, and a good organization at Disney, accommodating a child like Trig,” she said.

    Sarah is the first person to get angry when people describe Trig as anything special. She would be burning up the internets over a remark like "a child like Trig." From the photos that we have seen of Trig, he should be able to walk by himself. If he is impatient and can't wait in line, that's too bad. Lots of kids have that same problem.

    My sister-in-law went to Disney World while she was recovering from cancer treatments. They accommodated her by providing her with a wheelchair because she was too weak to walk. They also put her ahead of the long line, waiting to get in. They did the same thing for other disabled people. I wonder if Sarah threw her weight around, demanding to be put in the front of the line and not have to wait with the ordinary people. I thought that we were supposed to treat Trig like any other kid, not "a kid like Trig."

    Who was taking care of Tripp while Bristol went to Disney World? Why didn't Tripp get to go? No, really, that one ought to be screamed out loud at Sarah and Bristol. WHY DIDN'T TRIPP GET TO GO TO DISNEY WORLD????????????? Why was he stuck with the sitter when Bristol and Trig went to Disney World?

    As for ACORN, they don't exist.

  27. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Huh? Why would Bristol go to Disney World and not take her son? That is just weird. OK- maybe he was sick, but than wouldn't Bristol skip it too. They have the money now so can go any time they want, maybe it's not such a big deal. There is that infamy thing though- can they go to such a public place and just have fun? I can't imagine why someone would choose such a life, especially when raising a young child. Maybe Tripp stayed behind because Bristol was needed to manage Trig. Like the clip where Sarah was "reading" a book to Trig while giving an interview; Sarah's manipulative ways might not work as well on him. I could be that having Tripp there would just have been too much to contain for public viewing.

    Speaking of public viewing, should we assume Willow is pregnant? This would be par for a family that does not value education and legitimate employment. The only way to gain any leverage is to have a baby.

    A truck full of snow blowers? Probably another Palin scam. If Todd needs his own income and has decided to move on to something other than purse carrying... Those focused on wealth accumulation are never satisfied.

    Yuck! I have to go do something productive and get this messed up family out of my head.

  28. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Was wondering when the Grifter-in-chief was gonna rear her head again. She looks like she's posing for one of those "Call Mimi for phone sex" ads. (Leopard print, clunky jewelry, big hair...)

  29. Anonymous7:57 AM

    haha Gryphen's hilarious. Always defensive when he's caught with his tail between his legs in a lie.

  30. Anonymous7:57 AM

    To quote Betty White..."that's one crazy bitch".

  31. Anonymous7:58 AM


    When you walked into the airport 70% of the people in there don´t want to see your face (that includes employees, dummy). When you boarded the plane %70 of the people onboard didn´t want to see your face (even the crew recoils at your countenance). Where ever there are people you are not a welcomed sight.

    Even Rush told his millions of viewers when he travels around the country his friends´ wives tell him they hate you. They hate you. Actually he was being kind, for an equal number of his male friends are sick of you.

    Alaskans like you even less.

  32. ThanksABunchJohn7:59 AM

    I call complete bullshit that she was even there - unless it was after closing time. I worked for Disney Imagineering in CA and dated a show producer, once in a while we went to Disneyland after closing. (there's a secret club above Pirates of the Caribbean that serves alcohol!) I know some celebrities would take family after hours. We also went a couple of times during operating hours, and there are back-ways to go and get on rides without ever standing in line, but you do have to walk through the crowds to get to the attractions, there are no under ground tunnels at Disneyland. Disney World I'm not positive, but what Disney experience would that be?

    Unlike the person (Bristol) who commented yesterday that Palin was there and nobody even recognized her (what a laugh, she'd be recognized at Tokyo Disney) There would be pics of them on the internet, period. Everyone who goes to Disney has at least one camera per group, and everyone has a cell phone - Palin would never be able to control the leaking of photos.

    She's using Trig again, without even bringing him out from his closet. Where's the photo op, Palin? Is this just a way to invoke 'special needs Trig", even though he was never there in the first place? Or, are his eyes and lack of control skills (because of lack of care) so embarrassing that you went to the greatest place on earth in the dark of night?

    One thing I can tell you for sure, they did not walk around unnoticed at Disney World. Didn't happen.

  33. Anonymous7:59 AM

    This may be "old news" to some, but Bill Moyers made a speech and an article worth considering. Ho often does. This on is available here:

  34. Anonymous8:00 AM

    They are camped out here because links to your blog are strategically placed among conservative sites.

  35. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Snow blowers or snow machines.

    SO WHAT?

    Why would a "loving" dad and daughter not postpone, for a few freaking days, the trip to personally escort the snow machines home, and instead join their oh, so important family on what is apparently, the trip of a lifetime for their dear wife and mum???

    Jeez, why not pay another person, or even family member, to do this? They can afford it. They're millionaire job creators, aren't they?

    These Palins are full of baloney.

    Why couldn't Tripp go along? Is he babysitting his new DWTS sibling? Tristan, isn't it?

  36. Anonymous8:09 AM

    I've got it. People who email you positive, truthful tidbits about them are called trolls, and people who email you negative, probably false rumors and lies about them are "brave americans"

    It ALL makes sense.

  37. Anonymous8:13 AM

    What kind of a mother Bristol goes to disney and doesn't take her child. its not like he was at his dads house.

  38. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Oh I get it. Tripp talks.

  39. ThanksABunchJohn8:16 AM

    Someone mentioned she looks pregnant (I'm not seeing it) Wouldn't it be funny if it's round two with another wild ride coming down the pike... Only this time it's for Willow?

    No, not funny at all.

  40. Anonymous8:18 AM

    isn't it fun that the florida GOP is called RPOF, a god abbreviation for RIPOFF

  41. Smirnonn8:21 AM

    Wa$chilla DeVile is lookin' all crazy "cat lady" in her Dalmatian skin coat. All she needs to complete the ensemble would be some horn rimmed glasses. And a distinct moth ball stench.

    I wonder what the dollar/screech ratio was for this "speech."

  42. Anonymous8:22 AM

    LMAO!!! I just sprayed my monitor LOL!!!!!! Great title.

    Why on earth is Bristol's (first) son not with her?

    So Willow is shacking up with her boyfriend across statelines. Who cares about school, eh Willow & Piper?

  43. Anonymous8:24 AM

    So Willow is a high school drop-out. Confirmed. That makes 3 for 3 palin kids with no education. Piper will be the next drop-out.

  44. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Why does Tri-G never appear without Bristol? Hmmmmmm. That's weird.

  45. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Gryphen, and their posts are pure gold! They have obviously been told to start earning their pay or else. Look at this way, you're a "job creator"!

    Yes, I thought "rip off" too when I saw the photo. And Sheena Queen of the Jungl... er, Sarah Palin looks beyond ridiculous and unprofessional in that fake leopardskin.

  46. Anonymous8:26 AM

    My guess is that Willow is a "motorhead" and Daddy's setting her up in business.
    After the divorce , he'll be her partner.

  47. Marleycat8:27 AM

    Can you imagine their family dynamics? It's pretty clear Willow gets very little attention from her mom, as is the case with Track, too. Bristol is the golden child, and Piper is Bristol's replacement - and while these two receive most of the attention and love from their mother - it isn't really the right kind of parental love and guidance.

    Sarah's idea of parental love for these designated favorites seems to be in the form of glorifying their behavior while ignoring the others, enabling them, and giving special favors for them.

    I can see why Willow and Track seem to be the "defiant" children getting into trouble, while Bristol got herself into trouble because of mom's overindulgence and favoritism.

    All the children seem to suffer from the lackadaisical attention to their needs at the expense of meeting Sarah's needs. Bristol seems to be much more malleable by her mother than the others - so dependent on her she can't establish any independence, can't even go to college.

    It strikes me that parents like this have an underlying goal of ensuring their children never become independent. Superficially, the favorite children seem to reap all the bennies but it's really about tightening the parents' hold on them - to meet the needs of the dysfunctional parent NOT the children.

    I really cannot believe the Palin's have no children in school - middle school, high school, or college! The dissing of education in that family is pathological - do they really glorify ignorance and stupidity so much they will hamstring their children's future options?

    You can probably bet Sarah Palin was raised in the same kind of dysfunctionl family dynamic - with Chuck Heath glorifying Sarah, his "golden" child, his little "beauty queen", while ignoring the rest of his children AND his wife.

    Sarah has no moral compass or appropriate parenting skills - because she could do no wrong. Sally Heath probably was not allowed to discipline Sarah and to this day seems to have no voice!

    Sarah doesn't mention her mother, or even her siblings, pretty much ever, because they never had any status. As far as Chuckie Jr. now posting on C4P - as money gets tight due to the drop in donations, Chuckie must be stepping in as a free or much cheaper representative for Sarah on that site.

    I would not be surprised if Meagain's inside source is one of her sisters who is providing care for Trig - and being emotionally terrorized by Palin.

    At some point in time, the Palin family members who were forced into being Sarah's lap-dogs may resent it so much that the truth begins to percolate out.

    In the meantime, if Todd, Tripp, and Willow were lucky enough to avoid this trip with Sarah - good for them, they're probably sick of "vacations" that are 90% about Sarah's obsession with media whoring and 10% fun for them.

  48. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Poor Tripp missed out on a Disney trip! How sad for him. Bristol must be afraid he'll start talking about his brothers Trig.

  49. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Oh,I am sure that Willow spends a lot of time on her homework. Hope it doesn't involve wine coolers and tents.

    Obviously she has time to monitor this site and post her little clever (only in her mind) zingers.

    Face it Willow...your mother is, and always has been, a media whore. Every time she opens her mouth, she proves it. With your last name, you don't stand a chance unless you distance yourself from them all. I can't imagine the pain you live with, knowing your parents have had many affairs, are liars and cheats. You are old enough to witness these actions and know the truth.

    No, before you post it...I am not a hater. I just call it as I see it.

  50. Anonymous8:30 AM

    The only thing missing from that helmet she is wearing is the chin strap.

  51. Anonymous8:30 AM

    I think it might have been Sarah's first visit. But Bristol has been there at least once (May 10 with Ivy) and disneyland once, while Piper visited in 08 during the campaign.

    There you go again spreading your wealth of ignorance though. Todd is in MN with Eric, Andy and Willow.

    7:15 AM
    Hi Bristol! No one cares when you went to Disney. Your post is pointless. You should get back to taking care of your KIDS. Yes KIDS. We know there's more than one. Massey spilled the beans.

    PS- Where's Trig's birth certificate?

  52. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Where is the sparkly American flag pin? The glittery cross? The 2- lb.Star of David? Have they been repossessed?

    Pictures of the happy family in heaven? Trigg? Surely someone at Disney World had a camera.

  53. FEDUP!!!8:33 AM

    With all their millions of $$$, they cannot afford to have the equipment shipped from Minnesota? It probably would have been cheaper than driving all the way there and back, staying in hotels, etc.
    My first response when I saw the article yesterday, was also WHERE IS TRIPP??? He would have been at the right age now to appreciate the fun, and he would understand it more than Trig.
    Also, too, where is Bri$tols 'Godchild'? Who is taking care of all these kids???

  54. Anonymous8:33 AM

    I'm not sure why she didn't mention Tripp. He was there with a permanent smile plastered on his face.

    7:17 AM
    Maybe she doesn't like to remind people that he shares a name with her husband's prostitute. Just sayin'

    Oh and is the permanent smile due to the drugs he's forced to take to keep him quiet? You know a permanent smile is not normal unless you're stoned right?

  55. Anonymous8:35 AM

    To "B",

    Willow is homeschooling and regularly does schoolwork. Thanks for spreading lies though.

    7:17 AM
    Yeah right. We already know she dropped out/was kicked out of school. She does no 'schoolwork'. She's another failure in a long line of Palin failures. Nice try Bristol.

  56. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Shouldn't Piper and Willow be in school on a Wednesday?

  57. A. J. Billings8:37 AM

    I apologize for this in advance, but I have to think that $arah has gone hormonally insane.

    WTF is that leopard skin pelt? How can she not see that as the worst wardrobe choice ever?

    With the wig, the saggy skin and the atrocious jacket, she's looking more like a 65 year old meth addict every day.

    Adderall much?

  58. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Oh, and who paid for their trip to Disneworld. The poor suckers on C4P or the 'crony capitalist' OWS protesters? You know she's too damn cheap to pay her own way. And btw, what kind of special treatment does a 3 y.o down syndrome boy need at Disneyworld?

  59. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Am I the only one who thinks its pathetic of the Palin family to lurk, troll and post comments on this blog? They probably have this page open all day and constantly are refreshing it. I mean really what do they hope to accomplish? They are obviously afraid of what will come out. Don't they realize they aren't going to stop anything or change Gryphen's opinion? They're just giving him more page hits.

  60. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Gryphen, Why didn't Tripp get to go? Afraid his pacifier might fall out of his mouth and he might start talking...

  61. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Sarah 2008 called and they want their talking points back. ACORN? Really? LMFAO

  62. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Question for the paid fairy tale troll currently on duty:

    Why are Todd, Willow, etc., in MN THIS PARTICULAR WEEKEND?

    The speech has been on Palin's schedule for a long time. Surely this weekend wasn't the ONLY weekend in the whole year that Todd could have gone to MN (if he really did).

    Why did he have to go to MN at all, for that matter? Why wasn't the equipment just shipped to him?

    But I'm particularly interested in your answer to my first question: Why THIS weekend? Why would Todd rather go to MN in November without Sarah than go to FL in November with his so-called wife?

    Funny way this couple has of showing how much they support each other. Funny way this family has of showing "togetherness."

    Try as you might, dear troll, you can't hide the glaring fact that they are a family of fakes and posers. But do keep plugging away and earning your pay.

  63. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Put that pic up next to "Edith Prickley" of SCTV fame, Gryphen. We have a match, except Edith was WAY smarter.

  64. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Maybe Tripp had kindergarten classes. We really don't know how old that kid is do we?

  65. "Sarah Palin resplendent in a jaguar coat and a Davy Crockett coonskin cap"

    LOL-Y, LOL-Y, LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the gaffaw!!! What the HECK, with the wigs, already?!?!

  66. Cracklin' Charlie9:12 AM

    Does Todd have a valid CDL? Or maybe Willow has a license to drive the big rigs?

    I think someone is lying. Again.

  67. So the Palins cannot afford to have equipment from Minnesota shipped?


  68. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Anon 7:49 --

    "Everyone in the office agrees her coat probably has a nice leopard tail attached to the back of it."

    That made my day. Thanks!

  69. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Wear a rubber Mickey !!

  70. Anonymous9:26 AM

    If Willow wanted to go and didn't get to, does that mean we should brace ourselves for some kind of outburst or acting out on her part? I'm a good girl, but I know I'd be pretty sulky if my Mom took off to Disney World without me and took other siblings instead.
    M from MD
    PS. Snow blowers. Really? Some legs can't be pulled, Sarah.

  71. ThanksABunchJohn9:26 AM

    Sorry, been all over the web looking for one picture of the Palins at Disney. Not. One. Single. Shot.

    Didn't happen.

  72. 1) Why is she wearing a leopard print bedjacket?

    2) Is she wearing the matching leopard print FMN streetwalker heels? (Get your BJ here, big boy, yes, here, right in this doorway, soon as I shove the sleeping wino out of the way.)

  73. Tyroanee9:28 AM

    Double-Take... I thought that read 'ROFL' under that picture.

    BTW Sarah what is going to be Bristol and yours excuse when Tripp is old enough to see pics of his mother and g-mother going to the Happiest Place on Earth without him?


  74. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Ugh, that outfit is simply dreadful.

  75. Anonymous9:40 AM

    so am i the only one who is a little concerned that mr palin would take a sixteen year old daughter and said sixteen year old daughters boyfriend on an overnight trip out of state? i don't understand why evangelicals defend them so venomously...they don't exactly practice 'christian values'. someone please explain please

  76. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Anon @6:58 am

    No, she's not the only one who talks about the communist party. I got called a communist yesterday by a fellow classmate because I said it was more immoral for children to starve than it would be for a parent to steal to feed them. I don't get this mentality. And they claim to be Christians. Sad.

  77. ThanksABunchJohn9:50 AM

    Tyroanee: Tripp won't be seeing any pics of them at the "happiest place on earth", there are none.

  78. A wise poster called this disaster before it happened . s/he said they would call this one a 'family vacation" on rcn dime. What happened to the pay-off money michael steele gave yoU?

    How many cameras were there while they smelled up the place? How stupid can she be? she is speaking at a One of the places the #ows are against. GREED, she is beyond stupid. The irony leaves her and the rest of her dingbats fans.

    It's strange that I can't get to. I'm over joyed that I can't.

    Wow. mooseyak chops wood like a olyve oyl on crack.

    manly toad to is hauling big he-man equipment.

    willow can't come, so there.

    ha no tripp but plenty of face time on phony reality show. TEEHEE muthafucker.

    I want to see pics of the boys hanging out, too. That would be so cool.

    snooki for president

  79. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Forget the dead animal pattern, the style of jacket and her hair are very much like her "look" back in 2008. Maybe trying to get back some of that gop lovin' feelin'?

  80. telah9:52 AM

    Hey 7:15,
    So Tripp was with the Johnstons?

  81. Anonymous9:53 AM

    I see she has her props in tow.

  82. telah9:56 AM

    Hey 7:49, are you our long-lost friend from that old thread?

  83. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Who let her out looking like that?

  84. willow is getting home schooled whilst hauling snowmobiles with twad and her BF, or ws she getting home drilled so daddy took her and future the father of her out of wedlock child with him? good gawd.

  85. Anonymous10:09 AM

    LOL Clearly $arah is buying clothes from the Edith Prickley collection...

  86. Beldar J Conehead10:11 AM


  87. Ok, if you'll forgive a petty fashionista complaint, NO ONE over 40 with a brain wears animal prints. It only works if you are young and doing it as some kind of ironic retro move.

    She looks like Mrs. Howell.

  88. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Ahh yes, the Jizzled Momma at it again, foaming at her fetid puss like some rabid clansman tuned up on Wild Turkey.


  89. what a skank!
    never took herkids for a vacation?
    had the means and wouldnt ever take her kids to disney!!

    just bris "the chin" dull looking for her next grift, and the little monster tag along to protect palin who needs to hide behind her kids in public!

    and poor little trig dragged along for some pic opps with his missing hearing aids and glasses.

    i hope palin dont make him walk in glass and cigar butts like joe m. tells about in his book.

    in any event i doubt anyoe is paying any attention to the mad grifter these days.

  90. Anonymous10:20 AM

    And besides, was it not Mittens Romney who just released a memo saying that the Tea Party was getting much of its juice from crony capitalists extraordinaire, the Koch Brothers?

    Sorry Sarah, you lose...again, again, and again. Stupid broad.

  91. Anonymous10:22 AM

    No raccoon with any self esteem would wear such a pelt as she has on her head.

    Is Toad now working as a long haul truck driver? If so, why? Oh, it was his grift from Arctic cat?

  92. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Worth repeating:

    Anonymous said...
    Sarah Palin is definitely not worthy of Mother Of The Year Award.

    What is wrong with the Palins and education? Is there something about school that interferes with making money?

    Sarah has millions of dollars and she has 5 kids…. not one of them is in school.

    Why aren’t these Palin kids in school?

    Track, over 21 years old, did not graduate high school and is at home in Wasilla and never been to college.

    Bristol, over 21 years old, used her mother’s governorship position to get a high school diploma and never been to college. Where is Bristol? Not with her children, Bristol is at Disney World.

    Willow, under 18 years old, suppose to be in high school but was kicked out and where is she? Willow is hauling snow blowers? WTF?

    Piper, a minor, nobody knows what grade she is really is suppose to be in because she missed so much school and everybody knows Piper used her mother’s governorship position to advance to the next grade. Where is Piper? Not in school, she is at Disney World instead of school.

    Trig, a minor, the only Palin with an excuse not to be in school and we all hope he is enjoying Disney World with his 24/7 paid SarahPac nanny.

    Ya give trailer park people money and you would think they would want to advance themselves and go to school…

    Not the Palins!

    6:58 AM

  93. Anonymous10:25 AM

    So you call anyone who DARES to correct your lies bots?

    How very immature of you.

  94. WakeUpAmerica10:27 AM

    I worked at Disneyland in Anaheim while I was in college. There are indeed tunnels under Disneyland. We were given the tour. There is a central kitchen and the food was then sent to the various food sites from that central location. As for the private club, that is accurate, but your location is a little off. Walt Disney had an apartment or offices above Pirates. The club was on the main floor with an unmarked door. I'm not sure that is in existence any more. That was a long time ago. Perhaps they extended it up into Walt's apartment. The tunnels are real though. I have been in them. I can't imagine that they would fill them in.

  95. Anonymous10:28 AM

    B said...
    Helmet Hair makes no attempt whatsoever to hide that Willow is a high school dropout. Can she support herself as a long-haul truck driver?

    6:58 AM

    Don't tell me that the breaking and entering homophobic uneducated Palin retard known as Willow wants to be on the Alaska Ice Road Truckers reality show?


  96. Anonymous10:32 AM

    You are nicer than I am. Watching Palin crumble--or her family--is a pleasure after all the heartache she has caused for others and their families.

    Palin has gotten wealthy off of being a foul mouthed b-tch and has taught her children likewise. I don't have any sympathy for any of them. They are scum--just scum/trash--and made millions in dirty money $$$ lying.

    Palindashians of Ak!

  97. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Anonymous said...
    To "B",

    Willow is homeschooling and regularly does schoolwork. Thanks for spreading lies though.

    7:17 AM

    Who is home schooling Willow? Todd?

    Todd barely made it out of high school and never went to college and is the father of uneducated adult kids who never been to college and is the father of an elementary school kid who does not go to school.

    So again I ask who is home schooling Willow?

  98. Anonymous10:37 AM

    9:26 ThanksABunchJohn said...
    "Sorry, been all over the web looking for one picture of the Palins at Disney. Not. One. Single. Shot.

    Didn't happen."

    But she took care of that yesterday when she left a comment saying that she (and the rest of them, I'm assuming, a whole group) went "under the radar" just so we all figured there would be no pictures. She learned that trick after the marathon near fissco. She did say that Disney was nice to accommodate a DS child. In other words, Trig was the one who got them to the front of the line, not Sarah. That may have almost made it worth it to her to have him come along.

  99. Anonymous10:38 AM

    “It was good to see good people, and a good organization at Disney, accommodating a child like Trig,” she said.'

    Yeah Dumbass- the reason Disney accommodates a child like Trig is because progressives pushed for things like the ADA - which is a government regulation- one of those regulations you think are keeping business from "progressing" and which you are too stupid to remember you have spoken against.

  100. Anonymous10:40 AM

    OT-Forbes released their list of the 100 most powerful women. Sarah Palin is #34, but here is the funny part. Under the category in which she qualified it is listed as "Celebrity/Lifestyle"

  101. melissa10:40 AM

    Wow, she is aging poorly! Guess living an evil lifestyle makes you ugly inside and out. While it's too late for fake face Bristol I sincerely hope that Willow and Piper escape their mother's lifestyle choices.

  102. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Ah Sarah. Still trying to remain in the news, and NO ONE is reporting anything about this appearance at RIPOFF. And whoever wrote her her little speech about Governor Scott neglected to tell her about his crony capitalism that should have ended with him in jail, or that his little pee scam was thrown out by the courts. She really ought to choose her friends a little more carefully (or does she even have any friends?) Whatever. She is done, and this little speechy screechy thing means nothing to anyone with a brain.

  103. Anyone ever remember the TeaParty complaining about Wall Street or financial institutions and mentioning Bush et al or how it was already a deeply entrenched fact long before Obama arrived?? Nope, didn't think so. It's all been about dump Obama for whatever real or imagined reason they could vomit up. She is so jealous of the OWS because they are getting the attention the Teaps want and she is still willing to ostracize and divide working America at every opportunity. Rather than applaud them or the President for his accomplishments, she just uses any positive results to further her own bitterness over her personal loss at nabbing the VP slot. As if. It's a wonder her complexion hasn't gone full green with all the envy residing in what masquerades as her soul.

    The fact that Tripp was left out of the Disney excursion is the most surprising of all but guess she needed Pistol to do the heavy babysitting lift as they trudged around the park jumping first in lines. Snowblowers??? Is that what it's come to griz? Pathetic.

  104. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Willow, I thought you were on the road with daddy. Guess you just can't stay away from IM. Obsessed with Gryphen much?

  105. Anonymous10:53 AM

    I am remembering the Palin Family Vacation when they took that bus tour around historic places on the East Coast to teach us American History. Who left early then? Willow & Todd! And, surprise, they are not along for this trip, either. The excuse is lame. Stuff can be shipped. The drive from Minnesota to Alaska has to take days. Surely their time is more valuable that that.

    The big question remains-- why didn't Bristol, the caring single parent bring Tripp to Disney World? Where is Tripp and who is babysitting him?

  106. Anonymous10:53 AM

    “Her husband Todd and other daughter Willow didn’t come, she said, because they were busy hauling a truck of snow blower machines from Minnesota to Alaska.”

    I find it interesting that Wild Child Willow Palin went to Minnesota to haul snow blow blowers back to Alaska instead of going to Disney World.

    Think about it, it was said that Wild Child Track Palin was sent to Michigan to go to hockey camp and rumor was that he went to a detox center - scared straight facility and funny thing is that Track never returned to Wasilla with a hockey stick in his hand or a hockey college scholarship or a hockey career. I don’t know if he ever played hockey again?

    So it makes me wonder why would Willow miss Disney World or miss going to high school with friends to haul snow blowers with her dad in Minnesota?

    Is Willow attending a detox scared straight facility like big brother did?

  107. Anonymous10:57 AM

    snow blower machines = meth

  108. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Hey Sarah how long does it take Willow to haul snow blowers from Minnesota?

    Nine months?

    That's how long it took Bristol to get over her case of... what was it called Mono?

  109. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I don't know, leaving Todd and Willow together again could lead to another Triggy situation.

  110. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Sarah Palin how is that lawsuit thingy against Joe McG doing?

    Are you getting advice from Mickey Mouse?

  111. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Wouldn't ya just love to see someone grab that cheapo, "big hair" wig right off her grubby, greasy head?
    Whatcha got under that pile of synthetics, $arah?
    Short, thinning, limp hair with balding spots? Thought so!

  112. Anonymous11:06 AM

    I would think that for the last three years all of the ridicule Palin has received for her ignorance, that she would insist on educating her kids and herself.

    She is just proving to her detractors that they are correct; education doesn't enter into her plan, just grift off of your hate and looks.

    The Palin's talk about "haters". Hell, they invented the word by their hateful and nasty attacks on anyone who disagrees with them.

    I don't think they get the irony.

  113. ThanksABunchJohn11:06 AM

    WakeUpAmerica, wow, didn't know about the tunnels (obviously). I guess we didn't need to hide, we just wanted to "jump the lines". Did you ever party at the Pirates club? We did a couple of times, and then riding the river over and over was so fun! That was back in the 80's, I was working in Burbank on the EuroDisney project. My show producer "boyfriend" ended up being a great friend, I house sat for him for two years. We've lost touch, but the last time I talked to him he was a Vice President. He designed Main Street in France and has worked extensively in Tokyo. I even saw him on Good Morning America, giving a Tokyo Disney tour to someone.

    So back to Palin, she probably could have used tunnels, and the back entrances, but is that any way to enjoy Disney? Why wouldn't this media whore want to be photographed with Mickey? Why wouldn't she want the world to see that she loves Trig so much she took him to Disney? What is she hiding?

    Two scenarios IMHO:

    (1) They weren't there, she's just saying so to look as though they are a happy family, and to invoke the special needs child.


    (2) Trig's condition is as bad as MeAgain says it is, and photo ops are out of the question.

    Why no pictures?

  114. Anonymous11:07 AM

    "They say, 'The Wall Street fat cats got a bailout. I want one, too.' And the correct answer is, no one should get a bailout," she said.

    So tell us Sarah where did you get your money from? You and SarahPac are out there begging for handouts.

    Isn’t that another form of bailout money?

    So Sarah, you got your bailout money from conning and scamming people and now that you got yours, you do not want Americans who really need help to receive bail out money to get them back on their feet.

    Mighty selfish of ya!

  115. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Yes, "bots",

    If you come here to the comment section and leave your "facts" without telling us who you are, or how you know these so-called "facts", you ARE a bot and why would anyone believe anything you say?

    Just because you can't make us like this horrible family, doesn't make us wrong and you right, just makes us smart and you and idiot.

  116. Anonymous11:15 AM

    "They say, 'The Wall Street fat cats got a bailout. I want one, too.' And the correct answer is, no one should get a bailout," she said.

    The Alaska Permanent Fund is a form of a Alaskan government bailout. So tell me why a multi-millionaire quitter governor and her family are receiving these funds every year? They don’t need the money. Why not donate 100% of all the Palin Alaska Permanent Funds to the Alaskan Natives who could really use the money to stay alive during this winter? I know these folks won’t use the money to go to Disney World.

    According to Sarah Palin, “No one should get a bailout”.

    So Sarah put up or SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  117. no pics from the Magic Kingdom? must be a first. EVERYONE takes pictures. no one saw her? bullshit.

  118. Anonymous11:20 AM

    So you call anyone who DARES to correct your lies bots?

    How very immature of you.

    @10:25 AM

    So, you come to this blog everyday like a whiny brat to tell us how "immature" we are?

    How very immature of YOU.

  119. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Massey said Bristol can't take off when the baby is crying... she is a mom!

    So tell me, Kyle Massey who was watching the babies when underage Bristol was in a bar riding a mechanical bull?

    Also Kyle tell me who is watching the babies while Bristol IS AT DISNEY WORLD?

    So what do you mean, “Bristol can't take off when the baby is crying... she is a mom!”

    Care to rephrase that?

    By the way Kyle where is Tripp and his siblings?

    They couldn't take time off from their reality show?

  120. Anonymous11:30 AM

    ThanksABunchJohn said...
    Tyroanee: Tripp won't be seeing any pics of them at the "happiest place on earth", there are none.

    9:50 AM

    Disney World?

    But mom told me that she was going to ride a bull or something and that she would be right back.

    I'm hungry and all I have is this pacifier to suck on.

  121. Anonymous11:31 AM

    So you call anyone who DARES to correct your lies bots?

    How very immature of you.

    @10:25 AM

    "How very immature of you," whined the bot.

    You are indeed a bot, or a Palin. We have been at this far too long not to recognize your M.O.

  122. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Now it all makes sense!

    People are asking how could Bristol go to the happiest place on earth, Disney World, without taking Tripp?

    She is not a good mom.

    Could the answer be that Bristol can't take Tripp to Disney World and leave her other kids at home?

    It would not look right to America knowing Bristol took only Tripp to Disney World and left her other kids at home?

    So all of Bristol's kids stayed home.

  123. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Bristol did not take Tripp to Disney World because she did not want to be photographed walking around with a crying 7 year old kid still sucking on a pacifier.

  124. Anonymous11:38 AM

    You listened? Thank god I don't have to.

    The high bumpit was highest I've ever seen it. Triple high.

    It will be interesting to see the released official photos of her and Trig.

    Tripp staying with the Johnstons? Or left with babysitters in LA or AK?

    Odd. Really Odd, unless he is bigger than Trig that people might notice.

  125. @Anonymous 10:38

    Spot on. I was working on the hill when ADA was passed and it was not an easy fight, and the anti-regulation in favor of business profits was definitely one of the arguments against.

  126. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Someone needs to remind RWNJs that the word "communist" shares the same Latin root as "community." Communitas. Are they against community?

  127. Anonymous11:53 AM

    And didn't those reality show buddies say something about Willow being in LA helping Bristol? So, is she being homeschooled in LA then?

    But she's hauling snowblowers in trucks right now, according to Sarah?

    What gives? I would bet Willow's back in LA looking after Tripp and a possible other child while Bristol helps Sarah with Trig.

    I can't imagine there weren't photos released of their Disney World visit. Can't believe she'd pass up an opportunity to spread those around, if they were there.

  128. Anonymous11:59 AM have such very clever and observant posters!

    I absolutely loved the one about her solicting a I thought exactly the same thing when I looked at that picture. She is way too old to be able to get a John wanting any other services (just ask Tawd).

    And...RiPOFf made me laugh out loud! Perfect thing to be on a podium in front of her.

    I didn't notice until the post pointed it flag, star of David, cross, etc? And..yes that is one seriously ugly outfit!

    How can anyone think this person is still hoping to be President. She doesn't even know that ACORN and the Communist party no longer exist.

    I also did some searching and have not found one single picture of the happy family visiting Disney. Now that we have said that, I am sure Greta will get her computer team at work to manufacture a picture. Hope they do a better job that the shitty one they did on that fake running picture.

  129. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Saw this on Twitter earlier. Very funny!
    On the lighter side, here's Sarah Palin dressed as Wilma Flintstone.....…

  130. Mark it--now that we've pointed out the startling lack of photographic evidence of the happy fun family day in Disney World--photos will miraculously appear on several Palin-supporters photo streams....

  131. So TRIPP didn't go to Disneyworld but his MOTHER did? WTH??? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. What "Mother" would go to "The greatest place on Earth" (for kids esp!) without her own child? How does she sleep at night? How to you explain to your own son who is old enough to know what Disneyworld IS, that you went but didn't taken him? What a horrible person she is. Tripp WILL remember this....

  132. Aha, now I see why the Palins will not allow the Johnstons to spend time with Tripp alone.

    Clearly, Tripp is much older than his stated age. So far, the Palins have tried to hide this with pacifiers, long blankets, kiddie drugs, Halloween costumes and more. But would the Johnstons be willing to keep up this foolish game? Perhaps a photographer would spot cute 4 or 5 year old Tripp acting his age... oh dear!

    Bristol -- how long will your sweet child have to suffer in order to maintain your mother's lies?

    Bristol -- how long will your life have to be twisted like a pretzel in order to maintain your mother's lies?

    I don't care if you birthed Trig or not. I am not judging you Bristol. We ARE judging your mother who lied to the U.S. electorate and told us that she gave birth to a child when she did not. We cannot allow this lie to rest unchallenged, and we won't.

  133. Anonymous12:52 PM

    IS she wearing Bristol's maternity PJ's???

  134. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Anon 7:21 --

    Would this be the Disney visit you mentioned?

  135. Tyroanee1:00 PM

    Shouldn't someone in Palinland be Photoshopping Sarah flying on Dumbo... Weeeee!

    Well it worked for a half marathon, why not a very, very public place where cameras are so scarce.

  136. This comment has been removed by the author.

  137. Anonymous1:07 PM

    I want to comment on those who've said that Trig doesn't need special accommodations, that "he can walk." I think it's wonderful that Disney will accommodate disabled people, young and old, and that YOU don't know what kind of assistance Trig might need, because you don't know him and the rest of us haven't seen him in forever. I admit to not knowing a lot about DS, but I do know a fair amount about autism, and there are invisible neurological and musculo-skeletal differences which make it difficult for a child to walk a long distance or stand for long periods of time. I imagine that children with DS may suffer from the same kinds of difficulties. Please do not begrudge Trig his special accommodations just because his so-called mother is a b!tch.

  138. So during all the years while the Palin kids were younger, they never bothered to go to DisneyWorld? I find it unusual that the kids didn't bug them enough that they finally relented and took them, especially since it's such a great change from a cold, dark wintery Alaska. Maybe the time it would take to see Disney is too long for them to be together as an entire family.

    Sarah, you still need a wardrobe consultant. Leopard prints are not suitable for someone your age and especially not in a business setting. You continually prove that money does not buy class.

  139. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Our family actually went through the tunnels under the Pirates ride at Disney World. The ride broke down and everyone was off-loaded and escorted onto the ride, past a couple pirates, through a maze of hallways, and into the daylight. We weren't allowed to take photos. However, we did receive fast passes which allowed us to go to the head of the line for one ride of our choice.

    Based on that one limited experience, I would say that the tunnels are designed for maintenance work and rescues, not for escorting VIPs. And the fast passes, while they are majorly awesome, would only give you privacy while you were on the ride---not while you were out and about in the park itself.

    So I would vote for the theory that the Palins visited the park after hours. I think that's how Michael Jackson took his kids to Disneyland back in the day.

    Or else, the Palins weren't there at all. Which wouldn't surprise me in the least.

  140. Anonymous1:15 PM

    People, they took Trig (or should I say, they TOLD everyone they took Trig) to remind everyone that Trig is SARAH'S baby. And she is a good mom for bringing him, and yes, by the way, he is a SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD. Just in case anyone had forgotten that.

    Bristol supposedly DID NOT bring Tripp most likely because she could not bring his younger brother, the younger DWTS baby, otherwise known as her "godson." Perhaps this was done so there would be no size comparison between him and Trig. Tripp looks so much bigger than his supposed "uncle." Well, if Trig is indeed Bristol's kid, at least she brought one of her brood. me the pictures or it didn't happen.

  141. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Dumb as a door knob and doesn't have a clue what she is saying (more word salad) nothing new, same old BS. Yawn.

  142. AKinPA1:25 PM

    She wore that ridiculous jacket to give a speech in FLORIDA...!?!?!

    She better hurry and withdraw some money from her PAC to buy some mirrors before it all runs out.

    I buy most of my clothes in thrift stores and never keep up with fashion so I hesitated to comment. But really? Fur in Florida in the beginning of November?? Great judgment call, Palin. So glad you'll never be in any position of power ever again.

  143. Anonymous1:31 PM

    found bristol palin at disney world, june 2010, here:

    have to scroll all the down to the bottom of the page

  144. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Tripp didn't go along? What mother doesn't take her son to Disney World? I guess Trig is more than a handful.

  145. Anonymous1:37 PM

    "Why would a "loving" dad and daughter not postpone, for a few freaking days, the trip to personally escort the snow machines home, and instead join their oh, so important family on what is apparently, the trip of a lifetime for their dear wife and mum???"
    Remember the father made Levi vacay at some remote place while B was almost due. something like that. They are a strange bunch. No there is no "family" there. I agree.

  146. Well, well, well guess who was making random robo-calls in OH. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Henry J. Gomez, 'Proud former union member' Sarah Palin joins home-stretch campaign to uphold SB 5.

    For the love of god why is this woman interfering with OH? Can't you keep her up there and out of our hair;)

    Seriously, our governor is NOT a popular man. I have no idea how he even got elected. I don't think that he will get his wish & I am so glad that this issue went on our ballot.

    Did not think I would see her name in my paper. Who cares what the irrelevant screechy liar has to say?

  147. Anonymous1:41 PM

    If I went to Disneyworld without my child/children... Actually I couldn't do it. I was trying to think of how I'd feel and the only thing I could think of is it would be totally out of the question.

    That is one remarkably messed up family. I thought nothing would surprise me anymore about them, but this is just plain sad. Bristool is a narcissistic chip off the ole block, no doubt about that. They make me sick.

    And the fraud saying Toad is hauling snow blowers/snow machines or whatever... She thinks this is something the general public in the lower 48 will be in awe with. Trying to maintain that Alaska mystique. Epic fail in that regard. I can see right through that statement... Big fat lie but what else is new.

  148. Anonymous1:43 PM

    What is wrong with u haters the photos will be sold to people mag. We do t give away no pictures of the queen.

  149. Anonymous2:10 PM

    I listened to about 4 minutes of the speech and it really and truly stank. Yes, she did have that breathless thing going as in her retirement speech. She was losing her place, flailing constantly with her arms, talking as if her writer handed her the speech a minute before she went on. Embarrassing. and still they clapped.

  150. NY Fashion Stylist2:11 PM

    Although I think Palin looks ridiculous, it isn't true that women over 40 should not wear animal prints. In NY animal prints were very in and continue to be and there are many tasteful ways to wear them.
    Palin looks terrible because thar style of blouse and the particular print are ugly, period. And that wig is very dated and wrong for her.

    But fashionable women over 40 50 and 60 can wear the right animal prints. Why should they dress in plain dowdy clothes?? Women need to drop these silly rules and restrictions.

    Sarah Palin needs a real stylist. Good luck finding a good one because rumor is that she takes advice from no one.

    Has anyone found photos of Trig and Sarah in Florida?

  151. Anonymous2:13 PM

    alright, okay...someone had posted a link to

    and i would just like to say that is the most messed up blog attempt i have ever read (actually not much reading because there is next to nothing to read) i'm extremely offended by the passive/aggressive motivational slogans and quotes and the 'made in vagina' onsie. do you really want to dress your precious little baby in a 'vagina' anything? oh look johnny, don't you look sweet in your vagina onsie??? aaaahhhhmmm not buying it.

  152. Anon@10:38, no kidding. Trig is automatically taken care of at Disney World because of ADA. Sarah probably thinks that companies should voluntarily accomodate disabled people. Sounds great on paper but they didn't do it, thus the ADA, which I helped fight for. It reminds me of how disgusted I was with one of our local businesses many years ago. We are a progressive community, but this restaurant remodeled without including an ADA required bathroom (They put the bathroom up a steep flight of stairs, in a brewery! So if you are disabled, don't drink beer because you might have to pee!). When the city told them they were out of compliance, they put little signs on each table telling their customers that the city FORCED THEM to shut down part of their restaurant to include a disability accessible bathroom in the closed area. I boycotted them for over 5 years, and made sure I got a lot of other locals to do the same thing and TELL the business why they were boycotting. I never went back until the business changed hands. You CAN make a difference. We put them out of business for being dickwads.

  153. Anonymous2:27 PM


  154. Anonymous2:28 PM

    I can't believe the surgery and botox she is using on her face. She's too young to be going this way. She's almost 50 and if she continues she'll look like wax by the time she's 55 or 60. Many actresses do this and it really doesn't look right as they age. It is so funny how pictures of her are airbrushed and then when you see her live or on a video she looks as old as the rest of us. Her hair looks ridiculous. It is so obviously a wig. Really, ms. palin if you can afford the surgery why not get hair implants? Who cares what this woman says about anything? I am so in disbelief about her and Rick Perry and the rest of the republican field it really does make me sad for the country. Hopefully the next book coming out about her will finally get the 1 percent of people who like her to wake up!! I really would like to see that happen. Actually I would also like to see Ms. Palin and Mr. Perry in prison......where they belong. They are so corrupt and so dirty, how long can they run away from from it. All it takes is one person........

  155. Anonymous2:30 PM

    " am i the only one who is a little concerned that mr palin would take a sixteen year old daughter and said sixteen year old daughters boyfriend on an overnight trip out of state? "

    Add to that, I'm a little confused - Eric and Andy? Andy (Almond) was the one in the SPALASKA, right? So Eric is, the new guy? This sounds pretty weird - didn't those two have school, or are they "adults" now?

  156. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Interesting that Bristol will take Tripp along to a nail salon, where he gets to be bored and inhale dangerous fumes, but not to Disney World.

    My nephew is three months younger than Tripp supposedly is (although Tripp looks at least a year older). Nephew is a little chatterbox, so esp if Tripp is a bit older, I can imagine the Palins are worried about him blabbing secrets.

    I'm sad for Tripp though--nephew is so bright and engaged with the people and the world around him. He's a delight to everyone who knows him. Tripp looks happy in a few of the unofficial-official Palin pix but bored and miserable in many others. The pix we see aren't necessarily bad or atypical for a child, but if these are the best they have, that IS sad.

    Of course, in making that statement, I guess I'm revealing myself to be an immature hater. You know, because it's hateful and immature to be concerned about the welfare of a small child I have never met.

  157. Anonymous2:51 PM

    156 comments so far! The Grifter can still draw a crowd. Doesn't mean we like her, tho, Pbots.

  158. This comment has been removed by the author.

  159. jcinco3:08 PM

    So where is the 1/2 wit's speech video?

  160. Anonymous3:12 PM

    The reason Tripp wasn't invited along on the family trip to Disney World? Because Sarah doesn't want her fans hearing her called "grandma". Her youngest child is 3, and she wants to appear young. A preschooler calling her granny pops that make-believe balloon.

  161. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Sarah Palin 's speech sounded like it was coming from a very tired pregnant woman who needs rest. For some reason, she tried to copy Bachmann 's slow motion speaking style, but she came out blah............. Boring

  162. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Subliminally that image says to me "Rip-off!"

  163. Anonymous3:33 PM

    The 3 or 4 times that I've visited Disney, the park was open until about 10 pm, after the daily firework show. I doubt that there is time for any "after hours" at Disney World in FL.

  164. Anonymous3:49 PM

    The woman is no longer getting the media coverage she once did. Yea!!! Sarah Palin has no voice in which people are interested. Yea!!!

  165. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Why is willow not in school

  166. Sweet anny4:25 PM


    obviously has not been paying attention.

    Sarah's youngest child is Piper, after which she had her tubes cut, tied and cauterised.

    The kids involved w/this family? Grandkids, any of 'em, all of 'em.

  167. ibwilliamsi4:26 PM

    We're not saying we want a bailout, bitch! Again she has not clue as to what is going on in the world. I wish she'd stop trying to talk for people who don't want her to speak for them.

  168. Anonymous4:28 PM

    "no one is entitled to a bail out" hahaha in her brain, "except me".
    hahaha what an Idiot!!! 3 years and still uneducated.

  169. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Is that a sign of mental deterioration when Sarah chooses to wear something so flamboyant? She needs handlers..

    Actually, the women at the "do" must have had a private chuckle at La Palin's garb.

    And the wig.. as a poster said.. why doesn't she get a hair transplant.. ??

    Odd how the Palin's rant about Levi not getting a job to support Bristol.. but don't follow through with educating their daughters.

    Then again fully employed independent daughters are not available to babysit Trig or nursemaid Sarah during upcoming Repub events.

  170. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Maybe the idea of Willow not in school(Homeschooling LOL) and her boyfriend who must either be too old for school or also "homeschooling" being along on a trip is not the image Scarah wants to project.

  171. Anonymous4:44 PM

    She obviously has not listened to the OWS protestors if she thinks they are looking for a "bailout".She must just get her info from Faux new instead of making an effort.Since when does protesting about fatcats getting bailed out mean you want a handout?

  172. Anonymous4:47 PM

    We live in Florida and took advantage of resident rates for annual passes when the kids were little. Spouse usually had to attend at least two conferences in Orlando each year so days spent at the park while he was busy, plus getaways whenever Disney offered hotel specials for residents, made it a good way to spend special time with the kids in a fun, safe place. We got our money’s worth!

    One of the add-on tours Disney offered was an inside look at the tunnels under the Magic Kingdom -- kids had to be 12 to take the tour. We did it as soon as the youngest turned 12.

    As I recall it was more a place for costume changes – big areas for wardrobe storage and tailoring/laundry/mending.

    When “cast members” arrived for their shift they picked up their costume, changed into it and slipped out of one of the doors marked “cast members only” into the area where they worked – that way you didn’t have Fantasy Land employees wandering around Frontier Land.

    I remember the guide pointing to a girl carrying a big plastic bag. He remarked that, since she was short, she was probably Donald, Minnie or Micky and her costume was in the bag.

    Maintenance crews also access the Magic Kingdom from the tunnels. They slip into the park, do what they need to do and slip out again.

    There’s also a trash removal system that sucks lots of trash away from the park. It’s pretty noisy when it’s running.

    Bottom line – the tunnels we visited were utilitarian in nature. Looking back they would be an unlikely spot to entertain VIPs.

    Granted, things could have changed in the last 13 years, but...

    Also, how old is Piper? Would Disney break the rules and allow a little girl into the underbelly of the Magic Kingdom?

    If Piper did go from ride to ride using the basement of the Magic Kingdom and never got to walk along Main Street, have her picture taken with the characters and eat ice cream and other treats from street vendors, she really didn’t go to Disneyworld even if she was physically there. It’s beyond sad!

    This is fiction…bad fiction!!

  173. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Who is homeschooling Willow? Not her mother, she isn't home. Not her father, he's in MN. AK seems to have pretty loose regulations regarding homeschooling.

  174. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Hey guy!

    A new collage post on the PalinProject page.

  175. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Polaris - Roseau, Minnesota
    Arctic Cat - Thief River Falls, MN

    Snowmachines. New day. New year. Brand spankin' new sponsorship. No conflict with all that annoying political crap and appropriateness stuff, this time. Sarah's free to wear whatever sporty outfit she desires. I wonder if she _will_? I wonder if the factory _wants_ her to anymore?

    Quam and Palin are entered for 2012 on Arctic Cat. If anyone believed that nonsense about the sponsorship being all Scott Davis, well, good luck with that.
    These guys have their own individual sponsorship and corporate investment. How could they not? But hey, the State of Alaska, her "ethics supervisor", and the Personnel Board bought it, so I can't really blame anyone else, can I?

    People don't drive anything up from the factory. And the machines were loong since ordered. He's down there for some specific reason. Probably a trade show or signing autographs or something. Maybe Willow is going to join Carly Davis as a pro rider and do snocross? She'd probably do well, she's got the right aggressive snotty arrogant bitch personality. I always wondered why with such amazing athlete girls, into all these sports and so shockingly superior and outdoorsy, how come those girls don't race and don't even really ride much?

    Anyway, who cares?

  176. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Driving a truckload of snow blower machines?? HORSESHIT! They're driving the rv/bus back.

  177. Anonymous6:01 PM

    2:30 let's say at least 4 to 5 overnites!! Probably no different than being at home..isn't that how Bristy got pregnant.

  178. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Hey Granny Sarah Halloween is over! You can ditch the Edith Prickley costume now...

  179. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Wiiillllmaaaa! Wiilmaa!

    Pebbles, Bam-Bam, get in the car! We're going to Brontosaurus Land! Whoooooo!

    The Palins go to Hawaii regularly. Plenty of family condos and timeshares. DisneyWorld is

  180. Anonymous7:25 PM

    I wouldn't begrudge anyone with a disability any accommodation. However, what "special" accommodations would Trig need? Strollers are available for all children who are too young to walk so much. All children under a certain height are relegated to kiddie rides.

    Betcha they got VIP treatment regardless, and Sarah's only deflecting on Trig, yet another excuse to remind the world of the sacrifices she's made having a DS child and not having an abortion.

  181. Here you go, IMers: A revised version of that photo of Palin at the Disney World speech:

    I called it "Minnie Moose."

  182. Anonymous7:57 PM

    We should make a law in Alaska that if you have a Palin and they are not in school then the law demands that they are spayed and neutered.

  183. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Has Tawd forgiven Sarah for letting that basketball player punch her ticket... over and over and over again till the wee hours in the morning?

  184. Anonymous8:07 PM

    "Todd is hauling snow blowers from Minnesota to Alaska"

    Horse shit Sarah...

    Just admit it Sarah, Todd wouldn't cross the street with you after you have screwed every black guy west of the Mississippi.

  185. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Willow is with Tawd for a reason. It is what you call Palin birth control.

    With Sarah at Disney World and Willow left home alone, then there would be another little Palin bastard running aroung in 9 months.

    So Tawd had to take Willow.

  186. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Sarah who?

  187. ThanksABunchJohn9:40 PM

    Wow, guys.... It seems like just yesterday she was telling an interviewer, maybe Greta, how she and Todd also, too sat around their kitchen table, wondering how they were going to send their kids to college.

    Well, Palin, looks like those talks solved the problem!! Let's quit being an actual politician, cash in on book deals, reality shows and speaking engagements.... and, heck, they don't even need to finish high school, or even grade school.. we can BUY their diplomas!! Then we can pay for plastic surgeons and make them reality stars! Eureka! (although her "educated" children would spell it YouReeka.

  188. Anonymous11:32 PM

    The business trip that took me to Wasilla last month was a reminder of why I left there many years ago. Staying at the hotel on Lake Lucille, an associate snapped a picture of me holding a hand-made sign near Joe's old digs stating 'I Should have Written a Book!', visited the local restaurants, mingled with the locals, noticed the liquor stores very busy as usual, Pioneer Peak in the background - it reminded me of the Black Widow Spider syndrome - nice to look at but extremely dangerous.

    Handed out Joe's book to some die-hard Sarah zealots, they couldn't believe it - their hero could never be like that - called Joe a liar, etc., especially the Glen Rice roll-in-the-hay episode.

    Interestingly, when I asked the young cashiers at Wally World and Freddies if they ever saw the Palins, they all responded, 'Don't know and don't care'.

    I noted how unhealthy Wasillaians looked - not to mention how freakin' cold it was. Yep, it's a different world in Alaska and you MUST understand this to understand the likes of the Palin clan where education is undervalued and partying is the most accepted way of life besides attending religious venues. Then there's the politics.

    Twilight Zone at its finest. You oughta visit the place to find out for yourself if you've ever dangerously close Sarah Palin came to the Presidency of the United States. All I can say is OMFG.

  189. Anonymous12:39 AM


    You absolutely rock! Thanks for the great graphics work and for your sense of humor.

    @Palin Project

    You have an eye for detail that is outstanding. Are you investigator? I think it's your calling. You have the nail in the coffin comparisons of the two Trigs. Thank you for all of your amazing work.


  190. Sarah, Down Syndrome may be something you cannot handle without flying off the deep end, however, it's not the end of the world. If you had been speaking from your heart, you would have realized that children like Trig really are a blessing and most people love them and accept them as they are. The problem is you, NOT Trig. If you took Trig with you to more places, if you had made sure he wore his hearing aids and eyeglasses from early infancy, he'd be far more advanced. His mind is questioning everything around him, he sees lips moving and can't hear or see them properly. If Sarah had been a decent mother, she would have known that there are far more places that accept Trig willingly, as he is, it's her they have the problem with. Where was Tripp? If he wasn't with Levi, who I doubt would make his child stay home from Disney in order to be with him, then where was he? This family has the strangest interactions with each other and yet they feel like they can tell others what to do! Sarah, just STFU about our President. You would have run screaming from the job after a month if you had to face 1/10th the number of problems he does. He doesn't go on television whining about the "lamestream media" like a child. You wanted to be President and said so before you ever became Mayor, yet did you go to school for further education? Hell, no, you still think you learned everything you needed to on a basketball court. That idiotic statement alone, proves how unqualified you are for further office. Stay in Alaska and leave the rest of the country alone. You're no kingmaker, you're a fucking pain in the ass and I'm sure we'll see that very few, if any candidates, will want your endorsement. By the way, with all your money, get yourself a personal shopper because you have no clue as to how to dress properly and never have. Do you even own a decent piece of jewelry or do you think that tacky flag bracelet looks good? What a loser!

  191. Anonymous4:21 AM

    Gryph, have you seen this? We now know where Sarah Palin gets her fashion ideas...

  192. Anonymous6:13 AM

    Wow is that bitch the poster child for tacky or what.

  193. Anonymous7:35 AM

    No pictures of Trig enjoying something he may not be able to see or hear? Unless they have him outfitted in his glasses and hearing aids.

    Something she neglets because it isn't as photogenic.

  194. WakeUpAmerica7:53 AM

    I know that when I worked at the park in the early 70's in Anaheim, celebrities went in the front gate like everyone else. Barbara Streisand and Eliot Gould came with their little boy (at the time). Of course there were many others. NEVER were VIPs escorted through the tunnels nor was the park EVER kept open after hours for VIPS. That would have cost a horrendous amount of money for man power and electricity. Disney World would be gigantically expensive to light and man the attractions for one family. Not happening. Disneyland anywhere has never allowed news or camera crews to follow guests around, but certainly there should be pictures from the Palin entourage and/or other guests. I'm finding it hard to believe they were there.

  195. Marleycat8:20 AM

    Everyone is asking "Where's Willow?" and "Why is Willow not in school?". Here's my guesses - Willow is at home in the Palin Compound with her live-in boyfriend, Andy, homeschooling in the bedroom. Someone should be asking - is Andy supposed to still be in school, too? Another drop-out boyfriend for a Palin daughter?

    It also seems, when needed for live in duties by the Palins' golden girl (drop out unwed mother of three,Bristol), Willow and Andy home school each other in ANOTHER bedroom in LA, sometimes in AZ. It looks like Andy and Willow play the same role as Bristol and Levi did, practicing for teen parenthood by providing child care for Trig and Piper, cooking, cleaning, etc. Because of this they're just too damn busy to go to school, and no one in that family cares anyways.

  196. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Where's Willow? She always seems to be under lock and key. Why?

  197. Has anyone heard/seen comments from "Me Again" in the recent past?
    I keep missing them and I enjoy her/his comments so much!

  198. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Anonymous said...

    Where's Willow? She always seems to be under lock and key. Why?

    2:04 PM

    1) Sarah is trying her darnest to have one Palin get married without a baby.


    2) Willow will resurface in 8 1/2 months with her daughter Trim.


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