Friday, December 09, 2011

FYI if you are going to launch a political ad that attacks the repeal of DADT, you might NOT want to dress like the lead character in one of the most famous gay love stories in movie history.

You can check the accuracy of this comparison yourself by clicking here.

Sooo, do we think that Rickie-poo simply did not realize that he was wearing Heath Ledgers "butch on the outside, fabulous on the inside" jacket? Or is he sending a subliminal message to his "peeps" that he is only doing this for show, and to possibly win the White House, but that he will never really "quit" them?

Though to be fair, this was a better choice for an anti-gay political commercial than Perry's first choice, which I understood was a leather jacket, a pair of assless chaps, and some body glitter.

By the way this is the funniest parody of the Perry ad that I have seen so far on the internet. (NSFW)


  1. Anonymous10:35 AM're the gift that's keeps on giving...good one thx.

  2. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Little Ricky is gay, there's no doubt, but just because you have a hardon for him doesn't mean you need to keep bringing him up. He's finished jesse. He showed he's just too immature and limpwristed to be a contender anymore. He's a hasbeen bumfucker like you jesse.

  3. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Rick Perry's coat is genuine Carhart. You can tell by the little leather thingy sewn on the pocket. I have to admit the pockets on Perry's coat look gay..they should be straight up-and-down, without that curve, but aren't the other coats knockoffs?

  4. What's next? Will Marcus "pray away the Gay" Bachmann show up at Michele's next "debate" wearing his best "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" frock? Or maybe he'll raid his secret Liberace altar to get just the right pinky ring?

    Somewhere, Heath Ledger is smiling. Rick Perry is as transparent as window glass -- just like the beard he calls his "wife." If only the walls at Ni****head Ranch could talk. Or the closets . . .

    Peace, All. OBAMA landslide in 2012!

  5. Anonymous10:57 AM

    BTW, I used to cut school (high school) with one of the Village People. He was not gay.

  6. Anonymous10:58 AM

    I doubt that Perry knew what was going on with the jacket; he probably pays very little attention to pop culture. I do, however, think that his wardrobe mistress and possibly director knew exactly what the clothes suggested when he wore them.

    I think it's hilarious!

  7. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Stephen Colbert Defends Rick Perry’s Pro-Christmas And Anti-Gays In Military Campaign Ad

    Rick Perry’s Anti-Gay Ad ‘Smacks Of Desperation’, ‘Race-baiting’

    The Internet Really Hates Rick Perry And His ‘Gay Soldiers Are Killing Christmas’ Ad

  8. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Gotta say it's pretty disgusting that a gay person sanctioned that ad...

    Rick Perry Ad Is Causing A Civil War Between Gay Republicans

    Read more:

    Texas Governor Rick Perry's controversial new ad attacking Obama for repealing the military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy has infuriated the LGBT community and divided members of the candidate's top staff. And for good reason: the spot leans heavily on outdated cultural norms, and even among some in the GOP tent there is a real reluctance to demonize gay rights.

    The origins of the ad are as interesting as its politics. Nelson Warfield, a top Perry aide, told The Huffington Post that the spot was his idea, "from writing the poll question to test[ing] it to drafting the script to overseeing production." But Perry's top pollster, Tony Fabrizio, called the script "nuts."

    After The Huffington Post reported on those divisions, a reader emailed to note that both Fabrizio and Warfield had worked (at one time or another) under Arthur Finkelstein, a long-time New York GOP operative famous for his sharp-elbow politics. Fabrizio did a stint at Finkelstein's firm, in addition to helping him out with Jesse Helms' 1984 Senate campaign. Since then, they've squared off in several campaigns, including the 2010 Florida Gubernatorial GOP primary.

    Warfield, meanwhile, worked alongside Finkelstein during Ron Lauder's 1989 mayoral run in New York, which ended in defeat to Rudy Giuliani. Since then he has been involved in a host of campaigns, often, as Slate's Dave Weigel notes, with his "finger on the pulse of Republicans worried about gays."

    Finkelstein told The Huffington Post that he and Warfield haven't seen each other or spoken since that '89 campaign.

    "He never to my knowledge ever was involved in a single paid communication in which I was involved," he said in an email.

    As recently as 2004, however, Warfield was calling Finkelstein a "hero of mine and a master of negative campaigning."

    Finkelstein did earn a reputation for guiding hard-edged political attacks that demonized Democrats as unconscionably liberal. But he also, quite famously, is gay.

    Outed in a 1996 Boston Magazine article, Finkelstein was married in a civil ceremony in Massachusetts in 2005. The event received a New York Times write-up.

  9. Anonymous11:47 AM

    The internet is slicing and dicing this vile ad and for good reason. Rick Perry is a joke of a candidate, a joke of a politician who clearly has employed a staff that is living in the dark ages. Shame on him for his pandering to fear and hate. He will pay a big price and already is by the utter ridicule that the ad has earned him and his campaign.

    Do these idiots not understand that gay people VOTE for god's sake and have a huge influence financially in elections, not to mention that it is just plain bigotry that the Governor, who call himself a good Christian, is promoting.

    Wake up to the 21st century you fuckwads. And double shame on the staffer who is GAY who put this whole fiasco together. He is scum. He is scum for encouraging hate against a group of people he is a part of, and when he is given the chance to send a right and good message, he chooses a wrong and prejudiced message.

    What the hell is WRONG with these GOP people?????? They will slander and lie and cheat and steal to win an election? They all deserve to end up in Gitmo.

  10. Anonymous11:51 AM

    God must have a pretty awesome sense of humor. Rick seems to think he's a chosen one by God to run for president, but all he does is blunder and fail every chance he's given. Makes me suspect that God is clearly seeing another 4 years with his guy, Barack.

  11. I'm enjoying today's 'message in a jacket' theme. It never occurred to me that Perry was "sending a subliminal message to his "peeps"...". Good thinking, G!

  12. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Oh my G_d... that man is comedy GOLD!!!

  13. Anonymous12:53 PM

    This is my second favorite parody, after the "Gathering Storm" fiasco.

    It's time for caramel popcorn and hot chocolate all round. This 2012 season is spectacular as each of the GOP candidates outdoes themselves in arrogance and stupidity.

    I'm sure Rick Perry's ad will be referenced for years to come as how to market yourself as a knuckle-dragging mouthbreather.

  14. Suzie Chaps Tick12:59 PM

    a leather jacket, a pair of assless chaps, and some body glitter

    Somebody has to take a stand for assless accuracy, so it might as well be me. Repeat after me, boys and girls: ALL chaps are assless.

    Alrightee then, my work here is done.

  15. Anonymous1:19 PM

    It was a wrap for Rick Perry and his campaign when he bear hugged a jug of Maple Syrup, and he knows it.

    When he started giggling and giving shout-outs, I thought, man what is this dude on, and where can I get some?

  16. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Coming from an Alaskan viewpoint, most of the men (and women) that I know that wear Carhartt's are people that work outside in some sort of trade and wear them to keep warm.

    Granted, if you really want to stay warm and dry there is nothing better than Gore Tex, but for some reason a lot of the blue collar folks tend to wear this canvas stuff.

    I'm not certain that I'd call Perry "gay" just because he has on a Carhartt jacket; a lot of blue collar hetero men and women would not fit into that homosexual pigeonhole.

    And really, who cares where Perry puts it? Is it wrong if he is gay? Why make a big deal of someone's sexual orientation when this blog spends a lot of time telling us that sexual orientation doesn't matter?

    I don't like all heteros and I don't like all homos; they are just people and can't we just stick to that instead of bashing people for their "possible" sexuality?

  17. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Sarah @10:38, put down the blackberry, put down the Bailey's and go take a nap.

  18. Anonymous3:01 PM

    My son wears a Carharts jacket, he bought it when he was working at a gold mine in Nevada. In fact it's his favorite, not as clean as Perry's and a little rough around the edges and I'll guarantee you he's not gay.

  19. Anonymous3:04 PM

    The 2 actors jackets are not Carharts, most likely from Shepplers or some other western store. It's not the jacket that makes Perry look and act gay.

  20. Anonymous3:20 PM

    @10:38 The King BUMFUCKER is TODD, and you know it, SKANK. You are the Hasbeen 1/2 term FAUX Politician who
    has failed at raising a family and your own personal Hygiene.

  21. Anonymous4:16 PM


  22. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Rick the only person turned on by you is Brokeback Todd Palin.

  23. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Go to Google Images and search sheep skin jackets, or canvas jackets and you will find that Whosehouse Perry's jacket is extremely common. And it was before the movie, also too.
    This one is a none issue.

  24. Beldar JO Conehead4:37 PM

    I don't like to be crude, but does it appear to any one else that PRick's hands are inserted just a little too... purposefully... into the pockets of his dungarees? I'm only asking because the Texas Gov. often claims that he isnt much of a debater, but all the evidence I've seen suggests good ol' Rick's actually a world class MASTERDEBATER.

  25. So again many are going with the idea that exhibiting stupid, bigoted, homophobic behavior means someone is gay. This is how we defend and show support for the LGBT community??

    Is there no possibility that Perry is a plain old home-grown hetero homophobic dickwad much like Anon at 10:38?

  26. Anonymous5:58 PM

    I think Rick Perry is gay and cannot figure out why in the hell he has been elected and re elected as Gov of TX. Friggin' amazing!

    He has proven to be devoid of brain power while campaigning on the national scene. He is another one - much like Sarah Palin - that would flunk a civics test.

    I honestly suspect he'll never again hold an office whereby he has to be elected. I have a lot of friends in TX and they will never vote for him again. He has proven to be a huge embarrassment to the State of TX. The exact situation has happened w/Sarah Palin - she is a huge embarrassment to Alaska and the majority of their population would love to see her leave their state.

  27. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Can we lighten up a bit people? Why is everyone's sphinchter's tightend? It's a satirical piece about Rick Perry claiming he's not in the pews too often but is just as Christian as those who are, and in the next breath is bashing gays while wearing a jacket that happened to be in a movie portraying two men in love.

    It's a joke pointing out his hypocricy.

    If my son came home wearing one of these jackets, I wouldn't have to defend nor deny his sexuality based only on what he's wearing.

    If my son came home wearing a glittered body suit and high heels, I wouldn't have to defend nor deny his sexuality based only on what he's wearing.

    He can make his own decisions, it's his life, not mine.

    If they represent the GOP, then we'd have a HUGE problem. No son of mine is voting republican!

  28. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Conehead ... snicker, snicker, hehe...giggle, giggle,haha... oh what the hell... BWAHAHAHAHA!


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