Friday, December 09, 2011

Point. Set. Match. President Obama makes the GOP eat their words.

Just pause this video at the 1:20 mark and take a look at the President's "Don't fuck with me" face.

This is not a President, whether you agree with his foreign policy decisions or not, that can be accused of appeasing ANYBODY.

You Republican might as well go back to calling him a socialist, since this avenue of attack ain't gonna cut it!


  1. I think that you have the wrong video up G.

  2. Anonymous1:04 PM

    If this is the best that the GOP has against President Obama, then it should seriously re-group for 2016.

    Obama 2012!

  3. If you want to see a really stark difference in demeanor and face, compare the President answering that question with his comment about asking bin Laden with Sarah's answer to Nick Broomfield at that post-speech Q&A she did when Broomfield asked her if her political career was over. The President's "don't fuck with me" demeanor compared to Sarah's "I'm the popular girl" demeanor is like night and day. Just TRY to picture Sarah going after bin Laden. Assuming she could get off her Blackberries and blog surfing long enough to listen to her intelligence briefing....

  4. Mark In Everett WA1:25 PM

    Yep, that's the face! Loved it.

    Obama 2012!

  5. Rick Perry's despicable ad on gays also attacks "Obama's war on religion". Media Matters is reporting that FOX is praising Perry for the attack. It is going to be nasty and FOX is going to be in the middle of it.

  6. Anonymous2:00 PM

    If I remember correctly from long ago tennis days, the correct expression is "game, set, match." quibble quibble quibble

  7. fromthediagonal2:04 PM

    Didn't think John King had it in him. Good to know he does.

  8. Anonymous2:15 PM

    They're a bunch of sissies. Obama got Osama. You'd think they'd want not to remind people . . .

  9. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Michael Steele, on I believe MSNBC this morning agrees (probably Morning Joe) that the GOP is wrong taking this road. As for foreign policy, "Obama is Bush times 2"

  10. Anonymous3:30 PM

    You would also think Republicans would be ashamed to keep using the same WORD or PHRASE over and over again, which gives away how they are being TOLD what to say.

    Its as if they just aren't smart enough to realize that there is videotape...and stringing together several snippets like in this piece on CNN, makes them look like the puppet fools they are.

  11. I agree - Obama is not an appeaser.

    Another perspective on the issue is at

  12. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Not sure that I agree with wholesale assassination and these powers should really be kept in check by the other branches of our Government, but hey, if you love your President because he exercises brute force authority over anyone and everyone that perhaps "may" be a terrorist then just don't be surprised when you are subjected to the same treatment, whether you are guilty or not.

    Unless these people were apprehended and given a fair trial, who knows what deeds they were responsible for. I'm thinking that we are spoonfed a narrative that we cannot fact check and unless people are allowed to have their say then we will never know whether they should have been assassinated or not.

    And before you tell me that the media has given us good info regarding the guilt of these men, well, then think to yourselves how many times you berate the media for it's inaccuracies and false statements.

    But hey, have your patriotic blood fest and feel good about it, right? It's about the only thing that is keeping this country together right now, is this patriotic bullshit premise that it's US against the MUSLIMS.

  13. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Well, darn it , can't get the video to play...

  14. majii4:51 PM

    What pizzzes me off about this is that some on the Left are saying that PBO's answer was too strong! This man didn't begin this conversation. He was responding to a question from a member of the press, for goodness sakes! I don't see PBO as a war monger because of his response to the question. Were he a war monger, he would have left the majority of our troops in Iraq, wouldn't be working to broker a peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, wouldn't be drawing down in Afghanistan, and he wouldn't be using sanctions other than military intervention in dealing with Iran. And for Anonymous @4:21, I've seen no evidence that PBO enjoys what he's had to do to keep this country safe. Being POTUS is a job, and like other jobs, one oftentimes ends up doing things one may not necessarily agree with but that the job requires. I also imagine that were any of us in PBO's position, we'd end up replicating some of his decisions. Sometimes things aren't as black or white as we would like.

  15. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Appeasement- we're not completely broke and the Israel lobby would like us to go to war with Iran. Not that Israel will do any fighting if the two Iraq wars and Afghanistan are any indication.

  16. Anonymous5:10 PM


    Appears Lowes, the big box hardware store has stepped in it -- big time. Can't say it's much different for Home Depot as they're faking it.

    Lowes has pulled it's ads from TLC's 'All-American Muslims'

    Home Depot bought ONE add -- yea for fake appearance sake.

    Bigotry is alive and well and needs to be hit at the check-outs. Not the smartest corporate moves when people aren't buying frivolously now.

    I have a small family owned hardware that I support. I'm so thankful for them. Costs a bit more but I refuse to buy Home Depot for their bigotry against LGBT and Lowes stepped in it pulling ads from Muslim show and Home Depot is right behind them.

  17. Rock on, Obama cult worshippers.

    It seems that at this place, violations of the rule of international law are horrors when practiced by GOP chief executives, but are awesome when practiced by democrats.

  18. Were he a war monger, he would have left the majority of our troops in Iraq...

    They kicked us out. He's still trying to talk them out of it.

    wouldn't be working to broker a peace between the Israelis and Palestinians

    please describe what he has actually done to keep the Israelis from stealing more land from the Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Be specific. Don't describe words, describe actions that were sincere by this administration.

    If someone was stealing your land and other resources almost daily, would you want to go back to some sort of "peace table" with them if they refused to stop keep on stealing your land?

    wouldn't be drawing down in Afghanistan

    Drawing down, but dedicated to staying there another decade. And this has worked so well for the Afghans, hasn't it?

    and he wouldn't be using sanctions other than military intervention in dealing with Iran.

    invading other country's airspace with aircraft tied into other military units that key into geo data being fed out from them in real time is regarded by international law as an act of war. So is assassinating scientists (and their wives) and causing explosions at your potential adversaries' military and non-military facilities.

    What would you demand of our leaders if Iranian or Chinese drones, tied into their military command structures were flying over Cleveland? Or causing explosions at Los Alamos? Or killing American scientists and their wives as they left the opera?

  19. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Should we care for a discussion with you Munger - we'd visit your blog.

  20. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Phil must be lonely. He's trying to strike up conversations here.

    Not interested Phil. You have your own blog that I could visit and have absolutely no desire to.

  21. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Looks like Phil 'the asshole' Munger isn't getting enough traffic to his website so he comes and shits on Gryphen's. This is a pattern with Phil. He resembles Sarah Palin in this way, when he doesn't get enough attention he comes and dumps his toxic, skewed anti Obama crap on an otherwise lovely discussion. He has a hard on for Obama, the same way that Sarah does. Pure, unadulterated jealousy for the fine man that Mr. Obama is when they have to suffer the poor excuses for human beings they are.

    I'm more and more convinced that Sarah is paying him to be the attack dog for her under the premise of 'progressive' when in fact each and every thought that is put forward by them (Phil and Sarah) is as regressive as one can get.

    Just watch, every time Sarah attacks on TV, Phil comes out from under his rock and attacks. It's a coordinated effort, as far I can tell. I've seen the pattern over and over again, to the point of predictability, and sure enough, here he is.

    Phil Munger is a very dangerous, disillusioned, passive aggressive man. Be warned. It is crystal clear in all of his writings. He is incapable of presenting any sort of a balanced discussion and peppers his statements with provocative words, meant to 'stir the pot', yep, you guessed it JUST LIKE SARAH. He pulls her tactics all the time. Which is exactly why I believe he is on her payroll.

  22. Anonymous7:05 PM

    No, Phil. I'm not going to do it, and you can't make me!

  23. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Philip Munger said...

    Rock on, Obama cult worshippers.

    It seems that at this place, violations of the rule of international law are horrors when practiced by GOP chief executives, but are awesome when practiced by democrats.
    5:25 PM
    So ummm, phil who are you voting for? Ron Paul? Write yourself in?
    I can't understand firebaggers?
    Oh maybe you won't vote like in 2010 when all the firebaggers didn't vote and we got our do nothing congress?
    Great solution.

  24. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Poor little Phil, he and his blog are so irrelevant that he slinks over here attempting to hijack the positive vibe on Gryphen's blog with his poison and name calling. What a pathetic guy he is. He doesn't even know how to behave when he is visiting someone's blog. Sort of trailertrashish in most of his behavior.

    Somebody mentioned that he was on Sarah's payroll, and you know, that makes perfect sense, since all he can ever seem to do is attack President Obama. Never has a single thing to say that is positive or uplifting. How horrible it must be for him in his world that he has to lash out at invisible enemies and scream in artificial outrage and project his dissatisfaction of his OWN impotence on our fine president. It's likely he's trying to make up for his own inadequacies, which is typical when one is not very well intelligence, class or honor...not to mention, well, I won't mention that...

    Really such a sad, sad little man.

  25. Phil Munger is a very dangerous, disillusioned, passive aggressive man. Be warned. It is crystal clear in all of his writings. He is incapable of presenting any sort of a balanced discussion and peppers his statements with provocative words, meant to 'stir the pot', yep, you guessed it JUST LIKE SARAH. He pulls her tactics all the time. Which is exactly why I believe he is on her payroll.

    --- love teh reality-based world here...

  26. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Looks like Sarah's attack dog, Phil Munger has been let loose again. Better grab the pepper spray and put him down in his tracks.

  27. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Oh LOOK who slunk out from under their rock! Phil Munger! He must be fresh out of blog hits so he has to come trolling to this neck of the woods. And it's always the same, isn't it? So predictable he is. Takes FIREBAGGER to a whole new level, he does. And look he's sucking Glenn Greenwald's political cock again on his blog. Why not just get in bed with slime, Phil, it seems that's where you're most comfortable, eh?

  28. It's not over yet? Damn. I woke up from my hibernation a bit too early.


  29. Anonymous7:38 PM

    does not appease anybody?

    you must be kidding!

    how many times has obama caved to appease the republicans?

  30. WakeUpAmerica7:56 PM

    Mr. Munger, your extreme bias drips from your words. I would hope that a university professor would cast a wider net when researching and be a bit more open-minded.

  31. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Two EXCELLENT articles that shouldn't be missed!

  32. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Jeepers! Where ever Phil shows up a trail of verbal puke follows...

  33. Mr. Munger, your extreme bias drips from your words. I would hope that a university professor would cast a wider net when researching and be a bit more open-minded.

    --- please explain what you mean by my research, with specific examples.

    Thank you.

    And thanks to the other commenters who so honestly and politely engaged me, when I responded honestly and sincerely to a comment made here earlier.

  34. Anonymous10:10 PM

    There is NOTHING honest and sincere about you Phil, and if you think you come across that way, you are solely mistaken or deeply delusional. You come across as angry, adversarial, bitter, accusatory, rude and close minded. You come across as petty, vindictive, bad mannered and crass. You come across as classless and bombthrowing. Yeah, honestly and sincerely FULL OF SHIT.

    And if you haven't figured it out by now, NO ONE wants to engage with you. They are just trying to tell you to go away.

  35. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Give me a fucking break people, are you so far up Obama's ass that you don't see that he has not only adopted Bush II's wars but has also gone just as far as Bush/Cheney did with underhanded operations known only to the executive branch. Pakistan? Drones in Iran? How do you feel about that? Did you sign on for an all out extermination of the Middle East? Is this what your President promised you?

    Lay off Phil, he's a realist and the rest of you are cheerleaders for a President that doesn't exist and for a country that you've been convinced by the media actually exists.

    Get over yourselves and do some research, it ain't all champagne and roses in this country, in case you haven't noticed.

    Obama will take 2012 because he is the guy who has Wall Street behind him and most of corporate America, thanks to the bailouts. He's got more money than any of the GOP can dream of.

    We will have 4 more years of Obama, so don't worry your pretty little heads about that. I would like to hear back from each and every one of you "cheerleaders" in 2015 or 2016 and see how you are feeling about the situation. Somehow I think I'll find a bunch that feels like the bloom is off the rose. In fact, if I was a betting woman, I'd wager pretty large that this is the case.

  36. ibwilliamsi10:22 PM

    How can the R's get jobs for their friends in the State Department after they slash it to the bone along with everything else? DUH...

  37. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Phil @ 7:18pm:

    It's not even a "reality based world" here, it's a National Enquirer based world and it's getting rather tedious when a very respected and intelligent commenter is berated by the very people that are not bothering to observe what is happening in this country, right under their very noses.

  38. WakeUpAmerica10:37 PM

    "...Obama will take 2012 because he is the guy who has Wall Street behind him and most of corporate America, thanks to the bailouts. He's got more money than any of the GOP can dream of."

    You are truly delusional.

  39. WakeUpAmerica10:40 PM

    Mr. Munger, since you have such strong, far, far left opinions, I assumed they were based at least partially on research and not just "I believes." Hence the remark about research. I apologize if you in fact don't conduct any research before forming and expressing opinions.

  40. melissa1:09 AM

    Has anyone read this piece of hysterical nonsense? A couple conservatives are screaming and whipping up the crazy conservative base just because the President's daughters had Asian/Japanese food served to them in school on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

  41. He, he, Phil really need to head on up the Parks Hwy and engage his neighbor Sarah on this topic.

    Phil thinks Obama is Bush Redux, Sarah thinks he is a weak appeasing socialist . I just think it's funny that the extremists on both sides so passionately try to justify their position.

  42. Anonymous3:13 AM

    Woohoo. GO MR. PRESIDENT!

    I see the Repubs have a new
    'buzz word', which is SUCH a lie!

  43. Anonymous3:21 AM

    Phillip Munger 5:41
    Lying on the president does not make you comment truthful.

  44. Anonymous3:28 AM

    Anon 7:38PM. You are talking nonsense. The president does not appease the Repubs, he is just being a GREAT leader. A great leader knows in order to run a government, you have to compromise. YOU CANNOT RUN A GOVERNMENT TO THE LEFT OR RIGHT RIGHT, EXTREMELY. A good leader knows this. Intelligent people know this. Too bad people like you don't know this.

  45. Not What You Want To Hear5:04 AM

    NOT to mention, he gets our hostages back, and if he doesn't, then former Democratic presidents go to those countries and get them back for us.
    Hell, even the hostages in Iran back in 1979-1980 were released on the last day of Jimmy Carter's presidency. His team had been working for months to get them free, and finally did. And kept them safe while they weren't.

    On the other hand, you have a Republican president who's administration arguably could have prevented the worst terrorist attack on American citizens in our history, who were unable to secure the freedom of kidnapped journalists like Danny Pearl who was brutally killed on video for the world to see, and who has done nothing since to secure the safety of a single American held hostage in the world, at least not that I'm aware of.

    Seriously, am I overlooking something? Do former Republican presidents indeed make attempts to free hostages? If so, I'm not aware of it.

  46. Not What You Want To Hear5:08 AM

    And by the way, rightwingers constantly appease the multinational defense industry by showering them with cost plus contracts, essentially putting all of our military knowledge and strategy in the hands of private mercenaries who will use both when they go to work for other countries.

  47. Beldar Apeezar Conehead9:41 AM

    Once again, Gryphen, you've missed the mark by a mile! Ok, sure, President Obama looks strong, decisive and calmly confident. I'll give you that.

    But you go back to the video and look more closely at Rick "GOOGLE ME NOW!!" Santorum. Now THERE is a man with a strategy! By appearing to be a whiny little douchebag weasel nipping ineffectively at your precious Barack HUSSAIN Obama's heels he will lull our nation's enemies into believing that he's just a another twitchy anti-choice right-wing Chatty Cathy spouting xtian conservative talking points. But I'll bet you a nickel when the time is right, he's the kind of leader who will jump out of bed wearing his Power Rangers Ninja pajamas and extra-large Night Time Confidence super absorbent wetness control briefs and shoot all the bad guys with his powerful index fingers and "pew-pew-pew" laser gun impression.

    Do NOT take this frothy mixture of empty Republican swagger and boyish midwestern intolerance lightly!! This man COULD be the next president of the United States of America, Mister Blister!!

    (The only way I can say that without bursting into uncontrollable laughter is to think of dead puppies. And the more I see him speak in public, the more dead puppies I have to think of to suppress the laughter....)

  48. These assholes are royally ignorant mutdafuckers.

    They won't give President Obama credit for ANYTHING. I'm not surprised that they can't give a logical coherent explaination why they despie him. Some of them just can't come out and say they hate him because he is our FIRST African-American\Black/Person of Color President while others kind of hide their racism. President Obama's intelligence is definitely leaps and bounds over their stupidasses

    they were all too eager to show their racism toward our First President of Color. HAHAHA all those saved up racist slurs just don't fit our President who was raised by his cool doting white mother and intelligent, devoted white grandparents. HAHAHA

    they are the last of the proud racist dicwads. they are going full force with their bs and they don't care if they show their overt racism or not.

    President Obama cares about us not their bitchy asses. Obamacares. And they know.

    their rancid choices are: boot-noot now, racist/closet gay/idiot perry, lying magic drawers ronmey. all of their so-called candidates have serious, serious flaws. Even the ones that say they aren't running are retarded also, seriously.

  49. The only appeasement Obama practices is when it comes to Republicans in Congress.

    If he wants to look like he's in command and has a backbone, then he better do a recess appointment of Richard Cordray. He already appeased the Republicans by by-passing Elizabeth Warren. Big mistake.

    Time to stop appeasing the Republicans!

  50. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Sometimes I get the impression that commentators on this blog who attack Mr Munger for his comments, are acting the same way those C4P commentators would respond to negative Palin comments. I don't read the Palin blog so I,m just guessing. It really gives off the wrong impression for me and others I suspect. I will keep reading both of these blogs. IM and RA are both good Alaska blog sites.

  51. Anonymous4:16 PM

    I have no need to attack Mr. Munger. I think his words "speak for themselves," & everyone else can decide what is "appropriate."

    But to think that a president can shut down the military-industrial complex, with all of its arms in all these theaters in this day and age, is ridiculously naive. Yes, I want all wars ended. No, I do not want us to torture, nor to send drones. But how do you think one man can stand up to this machine that has been built up for ages? Even Eisenhower, in his time, warned that it would take over. And it has.

  52. It's not always about the Palins8:25 PM


    It's not always about the Palinbot's...nobody said you couldn't read PA and IM's blog...invoking C4P does not change the fact that Phil disrespected Gryphen's blog...and he can't comment here anymore because of it.

  53. onething12:00 PM

    Maybe some foreign country will decide that Obama is a terrorist and his daughters will get taken out by a drone missile. Oh well, collateral damage you know. I'm sure he'll understand.

    Sorry, I just don't condone murder. I don't know why that is so hard for this nation to understand. And of course, I have no idea whether to believe Osama is dead or how he died. Our media is now controlled by five corporate owners.

    The number of countries with US military bases occupying has increased under Obama.

  54. onething12:38 PM

    How did Phil Munger disrespect Gryphen's blog? Did I miss it? Is disagreement and discussion a form of disrespect?

    I am actually shocked and disappointed at what I am reading today. What is the point of any discussion if we do not reason with one another?

    What is this, a bee hive?


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