Thursday, December 08, 2011

Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann refuse to humiliate themselves by appearing on Trump's "Debate-apalooza."

Courtesy of ABC News:

Another one bites the dust. 

Michele Bachmann has officially said “no” to the Donald Trump-moderated Newsmax debate scheduled for later this month. 

“We have confirmed that we are not participating,” Bachmann spokeswoman Alice Stewart told ABC News on Thursday. 

Bachmann has been especially aggressive in her courting of the real estate and reality television mogul, paying several personal visits to Trump Tower over the past few months in search of an endorsement. 

So, this leaves just two candidates — Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum — who plan to show up at the Dec. 27 event in Des Moines. 

Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, Rick Perry, Ron Paul have all declined to attend. 

Perry became the latest to decline Trump’s invitation on Thursday.

Donald Trump, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich?  That is not a debate, that is the least sexy menage-a-trois in history!

Essentially this is going to be a HUGE embarrassment to Donald Trump, as well as both Gingrich and Santorum for lowering themselves to the level of a political phony, and opportunist like Trump.

All any of us need to know about this so-called debate, is that it was too crazy for Michele Bachmann, too stupid for Rick Perry, but just right to earn an endorsement from Sarah Palin.


  1. Anonymous3:33 PM

    What channel? I've been without cable for 8 years, but this would be worth re-upping for.

  2. That's okay. I hear Sarah will be there.

    That's enough comedy for me, with the Donald and the Grifter.

  3. Anonymous3:44 PM

    I guess that's a big FUCK YOU to Donald the Turd and Sarah the Returd!

    Turd and Returd are not the playas they thought they were LOL

    Let's see how they spin this.

    Maybe they can get Bristol to dance for the Chump's debate?

  4. Trump's ego will spin this into a positive... in his mind. His stunts will continue. He is a narcissistic adolescent dim-bulb.

  5. Anonymous3:49 PM

    That's surprising about Bachmann as she has mentioned about Trump being her VP.

  6. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Shellie probably thinks she did enough corn dog work on the Trumpster when she visited him in NYC. "Sorry big guy - I had a lot better at the Iowa State Fair or did you miss the photo? Now THAT'S a corn dog."

  7. It will (maybe, if Donald doesn't suddenly find he has a scheduling conflict...) be aired on ION. Whatever or wherever that is.

  8. Anonymous3:55 PM

    The debate will be on the Ion channel (305 if you have Direct TV ). This is the first sign of "intelligence" seen from the Bachmann or Perry camps - call me surprised!

  9. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Hey Sarah I'm loosing track of your record.

    Let's see..... You endorsed Joe Miller, Christine O'Donnell, Donald Chump Debate, Todd Palin, Bristol Palin and .....

    Sarah you and your wigs are total loosers!

  10. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Aw... they're making The Donald cry. :(


    Okay, so now the question is, are we taking bets on whether it's Newt or Rick who "suddenly remembers other commitments" first, or whether the Donald cancels due to lack of interest?

    I love that this thing got the Palin Seal Of You Betcha!

    Epic, epic fail.

  11. Anonymous4:07 PM

    The Donald won't disappoint us in his efforts to spin the lack of interest in his little political sideshow into something 'positive' for him. Whatever it is you can bet it won't be HIS fault.

  12. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Perfect summary: too crazy for Crazy Bachman, too stupid for Box Rocks, and no problemo for Shameless Grifter.

    This primary race is turning out to be a perfect summary of the swamp that is the GOP these days, with the three most gaseous appearing in one place for this next debate.

    Scarah just plain smells bad, but that's because of her poor personal hygiene

  13. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I predict this will be a conversation between Newt and Trump. They won't even turn on Santorum's microphone.

  14. linda4:15 PM

    surely this travesty will be canceled now? please?

  15. let me preface my remarks by saying:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


  16. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Sarah's probably waiting for Gingrich and Santorum to drop out alsotoo. Then she'll prove she's no coward by gracing the stage to debate herself and solicit donations. She'll need a new wig plus notes on BOTH hands this time.

    "In what respect, Donald?"

  17. angela4:27 PM

    Its pretty bad when two of the biggest idiots in the GOP aren't going to this stupid fest.

    And of course Palin thought this was a good idea. She has the judgment of a stunned possum against a truck.

    (But the possum has better hair.)

  18. Anonymous4:43 PM

    stunned possum against a truck!

    me like!

  19. But SP had great political instincts.


    So there's that.

  20. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Just sayin'

    Rick Perry's Anti-Gay Iowa Ad or "brokeback Rick"

  21. Perry's decision was a no-brainer; he's just not that into debates anyway, all the naysaying about Trump moderating it just gave him an excuse I'll bet he was delighted to use.

    Bachman's a surprise. With so few participating, she might actually get to say something.

    It will be fun to see what happens now, a debate with only the two is a non-happening.

  22. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Santorum supposedly has a big announcement on Friday and then will appear on Fox. I bet he's dropping out for lack of funds...

  23. Mark In Everett WA5:55 PM

    OMG this is just too rich! I feel like I just had a gourmet meal starting out w/a lobster app, followed by a crab and avocado salad, followed by filet mignon Wellington style, followed by a fab soup, followed by homemade vanilla ice cream topped w/pecans and caramel sauce. Oh, yeah! Where's that buttery bowl of popcorn?

  24. Anonymous6:12 PM

    It's just going to be a POTUS bash-a-thon. Michele's campaign managers probably warned her against it. Perry, Paul, Romney, are probably being drilled to start presenting solutions by their campaign managers. The blame-the-democrats game, calling the POTUS incompetent and names is not going to impress voters. People want solutions.

    The two loser candidates who agree to attend are going to be the laughingstock. Am certain Mr. Trump will want to be center stage, arranging questions to sound like a reality show. Sarah has absolutely no smarts. She just wants to be a Donald groupie. Count to 3 and we'll be hearing about her getting a guest appearance on "The Apprentice".

    Am certain Sarah has paid tv projects scheduled as we speak.

  25. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Too funny. I guess even the Dumpster can't buy the GOP. I do wonder how he'll spin this to be all Obama's fault. You know, the guy in the White House who hasn't called up the man with the big mouth to ask for advice? The man who managed to bankrupt a casino...yeah, Donnie, I'm sure you can give him all kinds of useful advice....IF the man wanted to bankrupt the country, take advantage of young girls through a beauty pageant, start his own awful TV show, or was looking for a bad hairdresser. Otherwise, Donnie, you have no impact at all on this government. Poor baby.

  26. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Off Topic, but isn't it kind of strange that Michelle Duggar didn't know she had miscarried, in her second trimester, until the doctors told her there was no heartbeat? The baby was due in April so one would think that a person would know if they had miscarried a fetus at that stage. At any rate, looks like God doesn't want them to have a 20th child, and that is probably for the best as this one might have killed her.

  27. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Please, please, please still happen! It's comedy gold!

  28. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Off Topic- The Sea of Pee website home page has a headline "Video of Governor Palin Interview with Hannity" from last night. But the picture they are using to headline the story is not from the red wig interview! They are using an older picture of Sarah wearing a green sweater from another interview! When you click on the story, the real video is there with Sarah in the red wig. Not even the Sea Of Pee wants her nasty red wig picture on their home page.

    BTW...did Sarah get a trip to NYC and a comped room at Trump Hotel for endorsing the debates? She doesn't do anything for free.

  29. Beldar OBAMA2012 Conehead7:07 PM

    @4:56 PM
    "Santorum supposedly has a big announcement on Friday and then will appear on Fox. I bet he's dropping out for lack of funds..."

    NO NO NO NO!!!!! This cant be!!! Oh, nooooooo.... If Rick "GOOGLE ME NOW!!!" Santorum drops out, what am I going to do with ALL the new jokes I've written against, I mean, ABOUT him????

    Well.... Ok, truthfully, there aren't really any new jokes... It's just the same tired old joke over and over again about his name, but hey, it still makes me laugh and, Zeus knows, this hopelessly inadequate doomed-to-perpetual-failure whiny presidential wannabe deserves it.

    If the rumor turns out to be true, and there's a humiliating but inevitable end to the "frothy mixture campaign", then let me salute you, Rick "GOOGLE ME NOW!!!" Santorum, and bid you a sincere "good riddance and don't ever attempt this ridiculous ego-stroke again, you miserable right wing douchebag!"

  30. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Its sad. Trump has the smarts and experience to ask good questions. And he has the balls to stand up to the dems agenda.

  31. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Can't wait for the Daily Show's takedown! Now THAT'S must see tv!!!

    Everything Sarah touches turns to moosecrap!

  32. Anonymous8:11 PM

    This rings truer than ever. 31 years today.

  33. Marleycat9:05 PM

    Completely OT - but, in case I get another attack of the brain blurbs, and let it go too long and run out of time - Merry Christmas (oops, Happy Holidays), Gryphen, from one 99% atheist to another (although that's just a guess - no insult meant)! Once I start having to deal with the whole Christmas thing I'll completely forget to send my best wishes for you and yours!

    A bit odd, I know, coming from such an anti-Christian that I am! In reality, I do believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, you know, peace, love, and joy to all. I am only anti when so many Churches and people who claim to be Christians pervert his beautiful message for political gain and in doing so have caused so much hate, violence, and corruption. I just don't see them as even knowing what Jesus really stood for and spent his life doing.

    I already got my present this Christmas - my 4 year old one and only grandson called me this am to tell me his mommy has someone growing in her tummy! That's how he opened up the conversation with me, right after "Hello"! Brought a smile to my heart.

    Anyway, also BIG THANKS for NOT making me famous on the blogosphere (I was sure I'd get a bunch of nasty emails as punishment for being so honest about your Queen) - and thanks for the good reading/forum and the humor!

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all IMers - also I really appreciate reading the comments you all post - they are so informative, often humorous, and best of all - SNARKY in an uplifting sort of way!

  34. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Its sad. Trump has the smarts and experience to ask good questions. And he has the balls to stand up to the dems agenda.

    7:12 PM


    Trump has been bankrupt 4 TIMES and only become wealthy be sucking at the banker's teats that he calls friends.

    The average person that declares Chapter 7 has to wait at least 4-5 years (of the 7 years that the banks tell you that you will be without credit) to have a good credit rating again, Trump, not so much.

    Granted, bankruptcy can be a fabulous tool, but to use it over and over and still throw his wealth in people's faces is just wrong.

    If you, at 7:12pm are a middle class American, you should ask yourself, why should Trump be able to behave this way and not YOU?

  35. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Aw, 7:12, you're so cute. Standing up for someone just because they have hair that's almost as outrageous as Sarah's.

  36. Anonymous3:26 AM

    "All any of us need to know about this so-called debate, is that it was too crazy for Michele Bachmann, too stupid for Rick Perry, but just right to earn an endorsement from Sarah Palin."...LOVE IT!!!

  37. Sally in MI4:16 AM

    "Its sad. Trump has the smarts and experience to ask good questions. And he has the balls to stand up to the dems agenda.

    7:12 PM"

    Oh please. Trump will ask self-serving questions that put the administration in a bad light. I can't see him saying, "So, Mr. Gingrich, how do you plan to balance the budget without raising revenue?"
    Or, "Mr. Santorum, tell us how you would maintain the separation of church and state. Or would you?"
    Trump is doing this because Newsmax wanted publicity, Trump never shies away from a camera, and they are paying him. End of story. He is a coward just like Palin....a very wealthy coward (else why did he drop HIS bid to be POTUS?)

  38. Anonymous5:04 AM

    Its sad. Trump has the smarts and experience to ask good questions. And he has the balls to stand up to the dems agenda.

    7:12 PM
    Hilarious snark. You really nailed the deranged Sarah Palin posts we see here nearly everyday.

    Oh Wait. You aren't being sarcastic are you?
    Hi Sarah!
    A little angry that your endorsed debate is being rejected by even the most crazy/stupid candidates? Yeah, we can tell. Maybe you should realize that NO ONE likes you and everything you associate with TURNS TO SHIT.

  39. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Trump used to appear regularly on Howard Stern's radio show and seemed pretty reasonable most of the time.

    He *hated* Dubya because he lied to the country about weapons of mass destruction and created an endless military commitment that uses our blood and treasure.

    It was always clear to me that he was in the Presidential race in the spring in order to pump up ratings for The Apprentice. Moderating a debate is a way to start generating buzz for this spring's season of the show. Period.

    Here's a link to a good article about his dealings with shady Russian business guys. It kills me how the GOP paints Obama as a socialist and then was really rooting for Trump for awhile, when he is married to an actual Russian! Ivana is Czech, born and raised under the old Soviet system there.

  40. Anonymous said...

    Its sad. Trump has the smarts and experience to ask good questions. And he has the balls to stand up to the dems agenda.

    7:12 PM

    Now, now need to be so upset that NOBODY is showing up to your "sanctioned" debate...and yes it's because of YOU! Not even your crazy "good friend" Michele "Batshitcrazy" Bachmann is going...that should give you a clue that you need to take your mannish face and grime encrusted wigs and STFU!

  41. Are there any ads for this debate? With Trump involved I'm sure ad space was sold for this historic event.
    The attack needs to go on who is paying for this crap...

    Is it just me or does anyone else remember when Trump was BANKRUPT??? Why is he hailed as this financial mogul...
    He used the court system to get out of paying his bills! Wow, if that isn't Welfare, I don't know what is.

  42. I wonder if Trump will invite Hermann Cain just to round out the candidates. Even if Cain has suspended his campaign, he can still debate, can't he?


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