Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Rick Perry doubles down on Homophobia. Apparently he is not aware that gays vote too!

Okay first off does that outfit of his look a little gay to you, or is that just me?

 But then what do I know, my favorite member of the Village People was the construction worker.

I assume Perry is desperate for support, and has decided that the best thing he can do is to corral that Christian vote which realizes that Gingrich is nothing more than an opportunist sucking up to the Religious Right in order to get their votes, sell them some books, and leer at their womenfolk. And which simply cannot bring themselves to support Romney because he stinks of Mormon.

So this ad has all of the Christian Right's favorite dog whistles. There's hatin' on the gays, lying about the fact that kids cannot pray in school or talk about Christmas, and promises about ending "Obama's war on religion." (What? Did Obama send troops into churches now? What "war" is this moron talking about?)

You know this might actually work in the short term.  I mean let's face it, Perry is too stupid to discuss policy or foreign affairs, but he knows how to say hateful things while looking purty, so essentially he is Sarah Palin with less facial hair.

However before Perry starts frothing (Santoruming?) at the mouth about the gays, he might do well to read what my friend Sarah Jones had to say about WHY certain people are homophobic:

When viewing lesbian sex and straight sex, both the homophobic and the non-homophobic men showed increased penis circumference. 

For gay male sex, however, only the homophobic men showed heightened penis arousal. Heterosexual men with the most anti-gay attitudes, when asked, reported not being sexually aroused by gay male sex videos. But, their penises reported otherwise.

Whoops! No wonder Rickie wore that big ole belt buckle while talking about homosexuals.

And by the way Rick, from one heterosexual to "another," you really do look fabulous in your little cowboy outfit. I'm Just saying.


  1. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Griffen, do you mean to tell me that straight men would allow someone to ratchet their cocks while being shown pornographic material? WTF are you suggesting with a test? Who but someone a little kinky would be taking a test of this nature? Don't many men sport doodies thinking about their penises being observed?

  2. AJ Billings2:52 PM

    Perry, WTF are you talking about?

    Obama's war on religion?
    Liberal attacks on our religious heritage?

    Let's see, about 75% of USA citizens self-identify as Christians, which is a huge majority. Anyone can go to any church they want to, from the most liberal to something as horrificly nasty as Westboro Baptist

    No one is preventing anyone from hearing about christian religion, getting a bible, holding meetings, going to church , or saturating the media via TV, radio, web, or magazines.

    If you drive across the lower 48 and have your radio on AM, or even FM, about all you'll hear from Penssylvania to Nevada is Rush Slimeball and 50,000 preachers ranting about g*d and sin ,and every related subject.

    So I'd really like to know just how the liberals are attacking what most Americans already believe and preventing you christians from free exercise of your religion?

    BTW, this 30 second spot is now all about just how desperate Perry is because Newt and Mitt are way out front.

    Notice the rugged outdoor image, the leather jacket, and the posturing as a manly cowboy.

    Yup, just git'er dun Rick!

  3. he's wearing an awful lot of makeup...isn't he :)

  4. "Sarah Palin with less facial hair," that's got me laughing. While I can't speak to Republican candidate hairiness, I can say I can't figure out why Perry is declaring war on Gingrich by declaring war on gays.

  5. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Weren't there some whisperings about Perry having multiple partners of both genders? Not sure if there's fact behind that but that, but if true that revealation would shut down Perry's campaign about as fast as Cain's.

  6. O/T but pertinent to Perry as well as GingGrinch and Sanitarium

    Palin cheering on Trump debate on HP today "...It's important that independents and those who are not obsessed with inside-baseball partisan politics, which is most of us, we'd like to hear more of the message of each one of these candidates..."

    Good ol' Gingrich the paragon of political virtue. LOL
    Surely she knows these guys have really only had government 'jobs' just like her. Guess she's more the inside-her basketball types.

  7. Anonymous3:29 PM

    " essentially he is Sarah Palin with less facial hair. "

    It's still an open question, however, whether Perry or Palin is stupider.

  8. He couldn't be more off base with this ad. Besides since when can't kids pray in school...that's a no brainer. Anyone can pray anytime they have a mind to. It doesn't have to be official for God to hear it.

  9. Balzafiar3:48 PM

    "Okay first off does that outfit of his look a little gay to you, or is that just me?"

    Perry's outfit is not gay at all; he's just trying to butch it up a bit for the voters. Probably had to take lessons or get a coach to help him pull it off.

  10. Anonymous3:48 PM

    What a hate-filled, fear-mongering screed. Obama's war on religion? Man, this Perry guy should be kicked out of office on grounds of criminal stupidity.

  11. I may have written this before.

    That video of p-Rick clutching the maple syrup bottle and his pursuant antics: high as a kite; gay as pink ink.

  12. Anonymous4:01 PM

    She is just SO full of shit.

  13. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Is it true Sarah is so desperate for Gryphen's attention she's resorted to posting anonymous comments right here at IM? She's such old news.

  14. Gee whiz....where was I when President Barack Obama declare war on Christian faith. What an awful little man....and I am NOT talking about Tawd.

  15. Marleycat4:36 PM

    Gryphen - Rick here - where in heck did y'all get that picture of my favorite boyfriend? He's so DANG cute in that cowboy git up!

    OT but why do people think Rick Perry is good looking - he's always looked like an APE to me with that simian, low sloping forehead and all. Sorry, Apes! I think I've been watching too many vids on National Geographic and Public Television about how humans evolved! But that low-sloping forehead . . . tells me there wasn't much evolution going on in his family tree!

    Oh, and spot on - the research is in - often the loudest, most virulent homophobe is in fact a latent homosexual. Odd, I have known virulent homophobes in the past, and it also often turned out that there were lots of rumors that they were gay, and at some point either were outed by others, or finally came out themselves.

    Please understand I fully support everyone's sexuality - gay or hetero. The only reason this topic comes up is because of the rank hypocrisy coming from the far right - especially from those who are gay or bisexual behind closed doors. As is the case of the 'christian family values' crowd like Sarah and Todd Palin - when the facts belie the rhetoric.

  16. Anonymous4:44 PM

    I've gotta say - I'm ready to toss Michael Moore in with Perry or one of the other morons as Moore shows signs he shit his brains out.

    Moore was on Piers Morgan last night and the crap he was spewing - he's throwing everything he can to defeat Obama. The more Moore talks - the more he sounds more like a DINO and I might add IMO - a stupid fat fucking buffoon.

  17. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Gay Servicemembers Tell Rick Perry To Get His Facts Straight Before Running Ads That Slam Them

    Perry should check the facts before he tries to make gay military service a wedge issue in Iowa.

    “Gov. Perry is out of step with the majority of Americans who supported repealing DADT,” said Zeke Stokes, SLDN spokesperson. “The Governor needs to consult with the Service chiefs, all of whom reported to congress that repeal is going well without controversy.”

  18. Is Little Ricky having a Santorum moment?

    Any chance Dan Savage will have another naming contest?

  19. Gryphen, screech is on Hannity now. She's got a new wig on!
    Is she about bald now?
    Oh, she's just bashing the best speech ever by our President.
    She is so jealous of him that she couldn't wait.
    Word salad galore with lots of Hannity ass kissing.
    Oh, mentioning Gabby Giffords shooting!!!
    Civility talk.
    Complaining about a vacation for our President and calling him a phoney. Ha, looks who's calling anyone a phoney!
    Not ready to make an endorsement.
    she projects so much of her own problems onto the President.
    Hannity complaining about her tree again.
    that's all she wrote.
    Fox started to show the Presidents fantastic speech yesterday and I guess they couldn't handle how great it was, so they cut away after 18 minutes.

    Sarah Palin is a traitor!
    She has insulted and defamed our President while speaking to foreigners more than once.

  20. Anonymous5:18 PM


    Trump is spewing BS on Piers Morgan show - Piers being a former employee of Murdoch at one of the gossip rags in UK where he approved phone hacking, stealing photos from person's home not caring it was theft.

    Morgan of course was also a winner of the Celebrity Apprentice. No pushback on the bullshit Trump's spewing. Morgan seems he's kissed a number of parts of Trump's annatomy!!!!

    I so wish someone in the MSM had the balls to say it -- the Rethugs are manipulating the markets and employment. They 'need' to hire - have the money to hire - but refuse to until Rethugs are in office.

  21. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Looks like Shailey is DAMN serious about getting to the Truth! Good for her It seems that Larry Flynt publications is all of a sudden interested in what she has to say. When Larry gets involved, there's a whole lot of resources at his disposal, youbetcha!

    SHAILEY TRIPP hires noted forensic expert to examine electronic property seized by police

    Shailey Tripp, the 37-year-old former licensed massage therapist embroiled in a sex scandal involving the husband of former Vice Presidential candidate and FOX news pundit Sarah Palin, has hired a well known private investigator to determine whether computers and cell phones believed to contain evidence of her affair with Todd Palin may have been tampered with while in the custody of the Anchorage Police Department (APD) in Anchorage, Alaska.

    “I have instructed my attorney to submit all of my electronic property, including cell phones, to Colorado Springs P.I. Ed Opperman and his Nevada based digital forensic company, Accurate Information Recovery Inc.,” Tripp said, adding, “My expectation is that he will be able to recover substantial evidence of my relationship with Todd and corroborate what I have been saying about Todd's prostitution activities.”

    ...Lastly, Hustler and a local paper called me today. I was a little surprised to say the least. If you want this story to go viral or get taken seriously, I encourage you to copy the press release and send it to any magazine, news media, entertainment, etc that you can and tweet it and facebook it all over the place...

    It sure would be sweet if Shailey is the one that ultimately takes these two, Todd and Sarah, down. And by that I mean INCARCERATED.

  22. Jeeeesus H Christ, Rick. Get yourself a Rent Boy to "carry your bags" and destress.

  23. Anne In DC6:12 PM

    Rick Perry's joke of a campaign is on life support as it is, so he has to try being relevant. He is a bona fide fool for attacking gays and for hypocritically attacking Obama for non-existent attacks on Christianity. As far as following Christ's example is concerned, Perry is a bold-faced liar, a hypocrite, and someone who does not treat the least among Texans in a Christ-like manner. He would be the same as president, and in that position, his numerous flaws would be magnified.

  24. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Most definately a 9 on gaydar.
    Note to Ricky: It's ok to come out! Maybe Marcus can give you some dance tips, Candice Gingrich some dress tips and Rue Paul some Sarah Palin wig tips- that'll get you all the conservative votes you need.

  25. Anonymous7:16 PM

    You have this video embedded. But In a display of douchebaggery the idiots responsible for posting the video enabled like and dislike.

    Rick Perry needs your help at

    Right now about 1900 likes and nearly 80,000 dislikes. Unfortunately they did disable comments.

  26. Anonymous7:24 PM

    How ironic that the very person (Perry) who authorized a law making it legal to carry a concealed weapon INTO A CHURCH is now accusing the president of engaging in a war against religion. Hypocrisy and projection much?

    How ironic that this white male who never served a day of his life (in the military) is obviously threatened by the thought that gay men and women actually decided to train in the military and lay their lives down for their country. Being 'out-manned' by gays and lesbians who chose to serve in this manner seems to be a bigger threat than poor Rick can handle. Therefore he will try to resolve it just as he (or any other republican) would handle any other problem: by privatizing even patriotism so that it will no longer be publicly available to all, but only to white, male, pretending-to-be heterosexuals.

  27. Anonymous7:40 PM

    I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a Christian. I am ashamed that there are people like Perry who claim to be Christian.

    Obama has not declared war on religion, and neither I nor my kids have ever been told we couldn't pray in school, or anywhere else for that matter. Our most important prayers are to be made in secret anyway. (Matthew 6:5-6).

    My kids were never discouraged from observing Christmas, either. They did learn about some other traditions along the way, and for that I am glad. It makes them more interesting people, and more understanding of others. My faith is strong enough to withstand scrutiny and alternate ideas. Apparently Mr. Perry's isn't.

    I am grateful to all of our service members, and I care not one whit whether they are gay or straight. What matters is that they are each willing to risk all for our right to be free. How can we not respect their rights while they are willing to lay down their very lives for ours?

    If Perry were to be elected, our tax dollars would surely be wasted on avoidable litigation that would come from his failure to understand the intent of the founding fathers and what is written in the Constitution regarding religion. So much for his being a conservative.

    However, I wouldn't jump to conclusions based on the picture you posted below the video. It's just a reflection of his age at the time and the decade in which it was taken.

  28. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Actually it's not the clothes that make the man. In this case, it's the clothes that expose the man for what he is. He looks like a little girl playing dress up. Not as obvious as Marcus, but definitely a 9 1/2 on the scale.

    Imagine him during his New Hampshire "debacle" wearing this outfit & it would be even more bizarre.

    Sarah? The ultimate ignoramus.

  29. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Anon 2:39 - Hi Todd! Wanna get hooked up? Take the test?

  30. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Is that young guy really Perry? If so, this image needs to go viral asap. Can you post a link to your source?

  31. DetroitSam9:10 PM

    HYPOCRISY at it’s best:

    Monday, December 22, 2003

    Office of Gov Rick Perry [Photo]

    The First Family Wishes You Happy Holidays:

    Wait, what? Where is the Merry Christmas?

    Perry took the Christ out of Christmas.

  32. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Anon @ 8:39-- I wrote that. I'm on your side. I went to a Christian school in Anchorage and the pastors faces would contort as they told us details of gay sex. I swore then that half of the pastors had some kind of a hang up. It wasn't that their actions were due to them being gay or straight, it was like they had some arousal that they got from talking about it.

    For the testing, most normal guys (gay or straight) that I know put off the "male yearlies" for as long as they can. They would not volunteer to be tested for their reactions to dirty movies if it involved dropping their pants. I'm suggesting that anyone volunteering for that may already have an arousal to the stimulus being offered-- like the test subjects are predisposed to either the presented material, the fact that they are being observed in some way, or in a taboo aspect.

  33. Anonymous12:32 AM

    Another Republican idiot! I cannot believe he has been in the office of Gov. of TX for as long as he has. Bet he isn't re elected next go around since he was such a huge flop on the national scene.

  34. Beldar Tejas Conehead4:56 AM

    Gryphen, don't be so smug about this!!

    Don't you realize teh gays may vote en masse for one of their own and propel that self-hating empty-headed nancy-boy to the White House?

    (Ok, yeah, I know... Not bloody likely..... But still...)

  35. There is a huge bright side to ads like these: every segment of society they offend is one more group to vote against them. Keep up the good work, I say...slam the gays, Hispanics, all other religions, immigrants, women's rights groups, scholars and intellectuals, people dependent on government assistance, people without health insurance...bring it on. See you at the voting booth...

  36. Anonymous12:17 PM

    What's hilarious is that the Carhart jacket he's wearing bears a strong resemblance to the jacket worn by Health Ledger in "Brokeback Mountain."


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