Thursday, December 08, 2011

Sean Hannity interviews ugly red wig on last night's program. Not sure, but I think it had Sarah Palin's head clenched in its jaws.

Okay I am going to try and stay professional here. (What the fuck is on her head?)

Okay NOW I am going to try and stay professional here.

This is a very short interview, only a little over eight minutes long. I am guessing that is how long Palin's meds are able to keep her from jumping up and screaming "blood libel, blood libel, blood libel" at the television monitor. (Seriously is somebody missing a baby Sasquatch in Wasilla?)

However Palin does not hesitate to start attacking Obama right out of the gate. Calling him a socialist and claiming that he is "bankrupting the country."  She goes on to claim that "a lot of Republicans" live in the President's head "free of charge."(By the way crazy lady, THAT'S called 'projecting." Just so you know.)

Palin then laments the fact that "my ticket," as she calls it, did not do a good enough job of defining Obama's "socialist agenda" during the 2008 campaign. (I bet you thought that was John McCain's ticket didn't you? Shows what you know.) 

At about the 3:50 mark Hannity decides to liven things up by bringing up the Gabby Giffords shooting, (You can identify when this line of questioning begins by listening for the hissing sound coming from the wounded red badger crouched on her forehead.), and goes on to bitch about the fact that Obama correctly identifies Republicans as heartless whores for big business.

Palin refers to what the President said as "hogwash," and goes on to characterize Tuesday's speech in Kansas as "his words not matching his actions," then adding "He's a phony! Barack Obama is a phony!" (Says the woman wearing a wig made from whatever they were able to peel off of the grill of the Palin family Escalade earlier that day.)

Hannity then asks Palin who she will endorse, but Palin refuses essentially saying that she cannot yet decide. (After all there are TWO whole choices left, so how could she possibly narrow it down?)

But then a Christmas miracle takes place right before our eyes. Sarah Palin, purely accidentally I'm sure, says something intelligent. She points out that the GOP candidates are doing the Democrat's "opposition research" for them by "nitpicking" at each other.  (How in the hell did that happen?)

Wow, Sarah Palin saying something smart. (In response I am sure that somewhere a little demon is getting his first pitchfork.)

At the end Hannity asks if Palin will support whoever is the eventual Republican nominee, and she says she will because, ANY of the current GOP field would be "infinitely better than who we have in the White House today." (Yeah lady, keep telling yourself that.)

This was perhaps one of the most unnecessary interviews I have ever seen conducted with the "Lunatic from Lake Lucille," and I have to imagine that the ONLY reason she was hosed off and plopped in front of the camera was to meet her contractual obligation to mumble incoherently a few times a month for the Fox News shut-ins whose failing eyesight still convinces them that she is "pretty hot for a politician."

Personally I had to make myself watch it twice because the first time I found myself constantly distracted by that fright wig that somebody threw at her head right before she stumbled over to her stool in front of her fake Christmas backdrop.

For one brief, and admittedly sickening, moment I wondered to myself if "the carpet matched the drapes." But then it dawned on me that the only way that would be possible is if she had a "Tickle-me Elmo" stuffed down her granny panties.

Let's see Elmo keep that constantly upbeat attitude of his after THAT!


  1. johnie2xs2:21 AM

    More Palin wisdom?

  2. Anonymous2:23 AM

    Oy vey... I will be needing another pot of coffee AND some brain bleach after that

  3. Anonymous2:23 AM

    Even the nuts at c4p are commenting on her wig.

    You need to get a few screen shots of her interview with Eric Bolling. Her wig is plastered across her forehead and it looks like she is leaking breast milk or sweating like a pig - there are two huge dark spots on the lapels of her jacket!

  4. Anonymous2:50 AM

    Damn...pretty hard to make me laugh out loud at this hour, but you did it. This was one of your funniest yet!
    Road-kill from the car grill..LOL!
    Sure like to get a snapshot of what's REALLY under those pathetic, synthetic skull warmers...Word is, her REAL locks are thinning and stringy. "Fred" still alive and on the planet?

  5. Anonymous2:53 AM

    I initially did not believe that Sarah Palin was wearing wigs but recently I am beginning to see evidence that she does. Whether she wears wigs or not really shouldn't matter but, seeing as it was mentioned, they are becoming more obvious.

    Just comparing the "red bathrobe" interview and the Hannity interview from yesterday her hair appears to have grown 1 - 2 inches in length! The color is also different, though this can be due to differences in lighting. To test it out a little further I went back and took a quick look at some of the more recent interviews and her hair length changes regularly - not by a drastic amount but enough that it does not really make sense if it is her natural hair.

  6. Anonymous2:57 AM

    I've followed your blog for years and this is the funniest post I have ever read. I woke up my sleep-like-the-dead daughter with my laughter. Comedy GOLD!

  7. OMFG, thanks for the laughs so early in the morning. Good God, that wig must be was a completely different color and length than the one Sarah wore the other night.

    I was more distracted by the raging fire in the fireplace! I was half expecting her wig to burst out in flames at any second. I don't think it was real...maybe they put a flat screen in there or something . The Charlie Brown Christmas tree still not decorated, Sarah with her red Steve Jobs mock turtleneck and blazer, all were the perfect setting for the chaotic mess that is Sarah Palin.

    She and Sean really need to get their messaging straight Obama a crony capitalist, a socialist, communist, it is all over the place. These retards don't even realize that in their anger and hatred, they completely contradict themselves from one sentence to the next.

    Oh, well...good times.

  8. MC30313:04 AM

    Jeebus on a stick! That wig is horrendous! Probably the worst one yet. She's gone all "That Girl" on us and not in a pretty, fresh Marlo Thomas way either.

    What a nutjob. Seriously. It's like watching a car wreck. I want to look away but I just can't!

  9. Anonymous3:25 AM

    The typical Sarah Palin interview ampunts to her attempting to make herself look intelligent be proclaiming the same stale phrases she's used since reading a talking points memo years ago and doing her best to trash Obama personally. She has nothing incisive to say, no insightful perspective to offer, just the same Trailer trash rhetoric that makes her appeal to right wing moroni (latin plural for the Trump masses).
    She's the Emily Latella of Fox News!

  10. Did Piper refuse to add ornaments to the tree? Sarah said she'd have her "get on it" after the last Hannity interview.

    A Mexican presidential candidate who was promoting his own book couldn't answer a question about books he read, and the media called it a "Palin moment." Not exactly the way Sarah wanted to keep herself in the international news, but what a great new phrase:

  11. Did Piper refuse to add ornaments to the tree? Sarah said she'd have her "get on it" after the last Hannity interview.

    A Mexican presidential candidate who was promoting his own book couldn't answer a question about books he read, and the media called it a "Palin moment." Not exactly the way Sarah wanted to keep herself in the international news, but what a great new phrase:

  12. Anonymous3:36 AM

    What's with the "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree and the scary blaze behind her? She looks like she just came through the gates of hell!

  13. Anonymous3:41 AM

    Gryphen Congrats!!! Your takedown of "Wigzilla from Wassila" Is in my opinion the best political read of the morning!


  14. Anonymous3:42 AM

    And yes feel free to keep and use "Wigzilla from Wasilla"


  15. Anonymous3:48 AM

    Piper still hasn't done anything with that nasty pipecleaner tree...

  16. Anonymous3:55 AM

    I can not listen to her screechy voice, but watched with the sound off. Looks like Bristles is on the fast track to FLUNKING cosmotology school, if she got the skank camera ready. Why does she keep slowly closing her eyes like that, and shaking her head? Maybe Ailes is punishing her by forcing her to make these appearances, without professional help?

  17. Well I'll be damned it's Loretta Lynn.

  18. angela4:03 AM

    "hosed off and plopped in front of the camera"

    Gryphen, you slay me.

    Poor Sarah, now all she needs is some sequined platform boots and a shedding fur coat to go with that wig. Then she can stand on any corner in America screaming at cars going by that the "guvmint took her baby".

  19. She calls Obama a phony and then sits there with a *long* red wig? Unbelievable!

  20. That roaring fire is a bit of a furnace from hell.

  21. WakeUpAmerica4:11 AM

    ROFLMAO! Great post!
    Who dresses this woman? Gawd-awful red wig, red shirt with MAUVE jacket? Seriously? Is she color-blind? And then add in the junior high pink lip gloss layered on. WTF? Does the woman have a mirror in her house?

  22. Pat in MA4:13 AM

    Couldn't listen, but how appropriate that the fires of hell are burning in the background..

  23. Gee, her hair grew really fast. I wish I could get my hair to grow 5 inches in a week. And how many times have I told Sarah not to do the no bangs look. Sarah, hon, you have an ugly forehead and it shows your age. Get a bigger animal for your head.

  24. Anonymous4:18 AM

    What is going on in the fireplace??? It's like someone forgot to shut the door to hell when they were readying the set for the interview.

  25. Anonymous4:20 AM

    OMG - Between looking at the pathetic wig, the poor excuse of a Christmas tree and that roaring (fake) fire, I did not hear a thing she said. Since she NEVER says anything of value, it is just as well. Hannity is such a fool to keep having her on. He really should get over his "crush" on her because her looks have definitely gone away....must be all that envy and hate that she has going on inside.

  26. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Big Juicy for President: Run Broad Run.

    Throughout my collegiate and business experience (40+ years), I have encountered multiple individuals who believe themselves to be quite smart. Contrary to these beliefs, these individuals are not bright enough to know the limits of their own intelligence. Additionally, the truly bright people that I've met are profoundly aware of their intellectual depth and limitations. Mrs. Todd Palin falls into the former category. This premise is easily supported by Mrs. Palin's college track record, her inability to express herself in a concise and cogent manner, her distortion of facts and her smug belief that she can fool us all.

    Hey Big Juicy, prove me wrong.

  27. Betsy S4:26 AM

    She still hasn't decorated the Christmas tree....

  28. Anonymous4:31 AM

    Maybe Bristol is practicing her beauty school on her mother's wig closet. How in the heck many of them does she have? And all those cheap ass kind you buy off of an ad in a magazine.

    I don't understand what the heck she mean about the Republicans living inside PRESIDENT Obama's head rent free. I am sure the whole state of Alaska could live inside Miss fugly wig's head, but clearly he would have no extra room in there.

    When is Roger Ailes going to pull the plug on this idiot?

  29. Anonymous4:32 AM

    Ii appears that she's been instructed to be an agitator and that's her role now that looks are not her strong suit. That was scripted, she was told what things to say to get people riled up. And mean, bitter girl that she is, she gave it her all. (Yes, I know, Fairy Tale Troll, she's really a sweetheart loved by all who know her. Not.)

    As far as the hair, that's a Hollywood look. At least it got rid of the bangs that are usually poking her in the eye. What I found more distracting is her breathing and inability to keep from weaving in her seat. Thank goodness her only outlet is these occasional FOX appearances. It's been so nice not to see her in the news cycle. Talk of her hosting a religious talk show seems right up her alley and would be totally out of my realm.

    By the sounds of her complaining about the president, there must be no money in her PAC to send her to Hawaii this year. I'm sure it's not her professed commitment to serving her state and country that's keeping her home. She may need to start spending some of the money she's been hoarding. Most likely she's so used to getting someone else to pay for life's luxuries that she wouldn't be willing to pay for them herself even though she's got the means to do it, now.

  30. Anonymous4:33 AM

    LOL I can't stop laughing at her wonky eye! It has a mind of its own! And that wig.......OMG what more needs to be said?

  31. Anonymous4:35 AM

    I see that Piper didn't jump to putting more decorations on that ugly tree.

    Sorry that there are no Christmas trees in the whole state of Alaska, and they had to go to Walmart and buy a $39 fake one.

    At least she isn't wearing her bathrobe this interview.

  32. Anonymous4:36 AM

    Wow she is so full of hate. She really can't stand the fact a black man beat her so badly in 2008.

  33. What's with the fire? I never saw anything like that. Is it fake too? Otherwise the house would have burned down!

  34. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Skank with lip gloss and a funky red wig. You could show a movie on her forehead.

    It's so amazing that she can ramble on like that without saying anything at all.

    Except for blah, blah, blah, I hate barack, blah, blah, he won and I lost, blah, blah, socialist that stole my thunder, blah, blah, it's john mccain's fault, blah, blah.

  35. Anonymous4:43 AM

    OMG, I am choking on my oatmeal! Those flames from hell in the fireplace is just too funny and that pitiful tree, oh my!
    Of course I didn't watch with the sound, can't take that voice this early in the day.
    NancyB in SC

  36. After the comments in the other post I forced myself to take another look at Sarah and her pet hair. The fire in the background is hilarious! OMG. And when Fox set her up with her home studio, none of them taught her or Tawd how to set studio lights to not reflect off her glasses, etc. Tonight, in addition to the usual lip gloss reflection, it looks like she is wearing a string of tiny lights on the top of her glasses. Very festive. She looks rather cheerful in the interview, but nobody has ever told her, apparently, that when she has no bangs and then smiles, she looks meaner than a pissed off snake. I'm a believer in karma, and when I look at that woman, I see her future. She is obsessed with her looks, yet has no objective view of them. The next ten years will make her utterly miserable, because all the surgery and lipo and makeup in the world can't stop the aging process. And since she started using all of that so many years ago, it will look worse and worse as she tries to fix it. And if Tawd isn't already planning his escape, he'll be climbing out the back window and making a getaway when she goes into full menopause. Nothing like a mean-ass bitch going hormonal to make everybody run for cover. Hurry up Karma! We need some payback for the audio-visual torture that woman has been dishing out.

  37. Anonymous4:48 AM

    I am older than Palin by 7 years & my full head of hair is just fine! What is her dealio? Why is she bald?

  38. Beldar Badger Conehead4:49 AM

    ...if she had a "Tickle-me Elmo" stuffed down her granny panties.

    Gryphen, you're MEAN!!! Zeus bless you! Keep up the good work.

  39. Anonymous4:56 AM

    OMG, so much talk, in this interview, about lying, walking the talk, being a phony: where is "Fred"? We need him so badly.

    Is it too late to identify who the real liars are? Or will the Palin Hoax prevail?

  40. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Sarah seems to think she's cracked the code on 'fast and furious' and the big bad Obama admin's 'scandal' has been figured out? WTF?

    She's so afraid of losing her damn guns...

  41. Wow that is one rip-roaring fire she's got goin' on in that there fireplace. First shot of the interview kinda looked like a vision of hell with one of its popular residents, what with that fiery backround.

    Nice touch, Todd.

  42. abbafan5:06 AM

    Hi Gryphen! This dysfunctional idiot just doesn't want to go away; she just spews more incoherent blather from her trap. As her past record indicates, any candidate she endorses knows it's the kiss of death; she is poison. The wig is a giveaway; she must be half-bald from all that medication she's on. Hopefully, the screws are tightening as she struggles to maintain her false facade; all the lies will eventually be exposed and paint her as a loud-mouthed braggart. $arah is starting to crack; GOOD!

  43. Mark In Everett WA5:07 AM

    Damn, man, you should'da been a comedy writer! Great material. Thanks for always making me laugh at that idiot. You're a national treasure.

  44. Anonymous5:09 AM

    the fireplace is ROARING....ha.

  45. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn5:10 AM

    Had to watch this with the sound off to check something for myself--is Fix News now using soft focus on Queenie, like an aging movie star? And is she roasting whatever roadkill they used for her hair hat on that raging fire behind her? Hey kids! Dinner's ready!

    I'm sure the convos at Palinista Central are going something like this: "She's wearing a RED wig! RED states!! She's sending a Christmas message! IT MEANS SHE'S RUNNING!!! (Insert meaningless Latin phrase here)!!"

  46. Anonymous5:12 AM

    Bitch needs to get with the times. The unchecked, irrational, foaming-at-the-mouth hatred for President Obama is so played out. Trust me, I have a ton of ultra conservative assholes in my Facebook friend list. Well, they used to be that way. Now, it is much more civil. Several months ago, many of them were regularly posting hateful or untrue garbage meant to anger other morons who would never bother to dig for the facts. Occasionally, someone will post something vaguely anti-Obama, but it is no longer in vogue to be a salty cracker pissed off about the black man in the White House.
    You are OVER, Granny Grifter, and so is your bitter old lady schtick.

  47. N'yah5:12 AM

    Oh Gryphen, how I adore thee.

    Considering "Elmo" is really a 7 ft tall black man...and with Sarah and the whole Glen Rice thing- well, you just couldn't have done any better on that one.

  48. Anonymous5:13 AM

    Is that a loop of a fire in the lower corner? Looks like the christmas yule log loop on tv each year>

  49. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Aside from the usual pape she spews, I just have to point out that I was transfrixed by the fake fire that kept cutting off and restarting. In Alaska! I would expect the real thing. The tree, pretty pitiful and thrown up at the last minute. Hannity even commented at the end of the interview. There is just nothing about her or her surroundings that are real.

  50. Anonymous5:25 AM

    She said: "too bad we don't have a candidate named 'Generic GOP candidate'. I think that's the most intelligent thing she's said.

    The fire in the background makes it look like she's burning in hell.

  51. Randall5:26 AM about the 3:45 mark, did she reach up and scratch the chin-strap on that thing?


  52. Anonymous5:29 AM

    The hair was so bad, even the Pee'ers are talking about it. And they also have a vid up of her on Eric Bolling's show (WhoTF is he?)
    In that one, she has two huge stains on her red satin bathrobe. I think she thought the Faux scroll would cover it, as it does part of the time. Tacky, classless bitch.

    I hope Ailes is using these contract appearances to get more "This is Your Life, Sarah Palin" clips for ammunition should she ever aspire to anything but the Toad's Cariboo Barbie again.

  53. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Once again, mouth open, shit falls out. It really does hurt the brain to listen to her spew. Hi scara, still clueless I see, well, we don't have much hope for you honey, so hang it up already and let the animal on your head go free.

  54. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Game of Life said...

    Well I'll be damned it's Loretta Lynn.

    3:58 AM

    Miss Lynn demands (and deserves an apology.)

    Such a talented woman who clearly understands and promotes women's issues should be a simile of any sort to Wigzilla (love it).

  55. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Is Sarah cremating Todd in the fireplace?

  56. Calli Pygian5:43 AM

    She really is looking more like a drag queen with every passing day.

    As far as the drivel which spills forth from her mouth... I could only manage 2:40. She is so unbearably imbecilic, that watching any more would not only qualify as torture by the ICRC, but is a complete waste of time.

    There will be no convincing those who agree with her idiocy of anything otherwise. Better to just let them all Darwin award themselves out of existence.

  57. Anonymous5:45 AM

    Wow. The hair is not flattering. I assume it's not actually a full wig, but many hair pieces/extensions. That is why she never has an actual "part"...she needs to cover where the fake hair attaches to her motley thin strands. I would love to see a candid picture of her with only her natural hair. I suspect when she's wearing a hat, her bald head is showing through.

  58. Anonymous5:48 AM

    I didn't bother to listen to her interview. I really have zero interest in anything she has to say.
    I did think the hair would have looked good on someone 30 years younger. It is not a good look for her now. It really dates her. She has had some work done again. Her eyebrows are riding high. That also really ages her. She's lost too much weight as well. There is nothing remaining of the attractive GMILF from 2008. She needs a stylist ASAP.

  59. Anonymous5:53 AM

    Man she is looking old and haggard. that roaring fire in the back ground made me think that someday she will be burning in hell. Hannity is still bugging her about the tree and she is still ticked about it.

  60. Anonymous6:02 AM

    " These retards don't even realize that in their anger and hatred, they completely contradict themselves from one sentence to the next. "

    Contradiction is not an issue with any FOX audience. Ranting is all that matters.

    I think Ailes is playing Sarah like a fiddle and setting her up as pay-back. As far ass 8'm concerned, they deserve each other and love seeing them work against each other.

  61. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Reading the comments on this post has been as entertaining and hilarious as the original post!
    What a fantastic and intelligent group of readers and commenters you attract, Gryphen.
    If Ms. Wolf-Killer reads this blog (and I believe she does) she is most likely out on the concrete slab right now with a book of matches, some lighter fluid and a shovel. After saying a few words of regret to "Red Wig", she kills it with the shovel, sets it on fire, loads its flaming carcass on a raft built of sticks and shoves it out to drift away on Dead Lake Lucille.
    Somebody call 911 and the EPA immediately!

  62. Anonymous6:07 AM

    OMG Gryphen, this was an absolutely classic post and entertaining as hell.

    Wig-wise, she's like a vintage Barbie Fashion Queen doll... she's cycled through the brown wig and the red wig. Coming up, the platinum wig!

    After her meds wear off they slide off the wig, slap the tin foil headdress back on, and cram her back in her sarcophagus until it's time to trot her out for her next airing.

  63. The C for P people STILL think she is going to run as an independent. I'm sorry but how stupid/retarded/demented are people who believe only Sarah can save our country.
    The people there are off their rockers. One of them actually wrote " why did Sarah have to have a full physical and publish the resulTs and Obama didn't? Full physical? Really?
    There are so many distorted comments. It's amazing gullible and stupid her freak fans are. It's frightening these people can vote. I have no problem with people having different political views, but this is beyond that. They are brainwashed, blind and woefully ignorant. Why can't they see what a fraud Sarah is? The entire country sees but not them? Scary!
    I really despise Fox and the lies they spread. They should not be allowed to call themselves a news channel. They are an opinion ( propoganda) channel. Why are there hosts so ignorant that they don't question Sarahs lies. It's sick.

    PS I never comment on looks but she looks like a dog. What are the two big wet stains on her jacket in the Bolller intreview? I hate to think about what she might have been doing right before. Ick.

  64. Anonymous6:11 AM

    The Underground Mine That Shouldn't Be Built (Also: Palin)

    Sometimes, a story just reaches up and causes your gob to be smacked with a sound that can be heard six blocks away.

    Until this morning, I hadn't heard a word about the proposed Pebble Mine in the Bristol Bay area of Alaska. The project is a colossal one. There will be a huge underground mine in one part of the complex and, in the other there will be a giant open-pit mine — all of it aimed at scouring out of the earth copper, gold, molybdenum, and other minerals. One of the truly delightful aspects of this particular gouge out of the wilderness is the plan by the mine's proponents to store all the waste products and produced by the mine behind gigantic earthen dams in what are called slurry ponds. May I pause at this time to show you a photo?

  65. Anonymous6:14 AM

    I have to mute the video, too. Can't stand the horrible screeching voice this early in the morning (or any other time of day for that matter). Yes, the fire was indeed fake. There is no way a real fire could burn that hot, that long, and that consistently.

    So let's recap, shall we? In the same interview in which she calls the President a "phony," she's sitting in front of a fake fireplace. Brilliant.

  66. Anonymous6:17 AM

    She looks stable in this compared to the other interview she did:

    Check out this guy's head bobble. He can't figure out how to cut her off. That was either some high-octane coffee she had or she's taking some strong meds. Hair brush must have gone missing.

  67. Anonymous6:20 AM

    From watching body language on that video, Hannity, it seems had to cut her off before she went off on another rant. Also I see she has coward down to Shailey and did not make anither reference to her husband or Trig truthers or masseuse. Wonder what would have happened had Hannity just let her go. Also did you happen to see Greta last night I think her and Palin switched wigs and hair color!

  68. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Here she is on another show:

  69. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Jeez, how many times does Hannity have to admonish Palin like a little girl about her Christmas tree.

  70. OverMountainMan6:23 AM

    It's sexual frustration on Sarahs part, She wants to sleep with that black man in the Whitehouse so bad its driving her crazy !

  71. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Game of Life said...
    Well I'll be damned it's Loretta Lynn.


    I always see people replying to comments saying that the comments were so funny they:

    1) Spit out their coffee
    2) Woke up their honey/daughter/son/neighbor laughing so loudly
    3) Scared their dog/cat/guinea pig/whatever creature is on Snowbilly Snookie's head

    Now I know what they mean. Thanks so much for the laugh!

  72. Anonymous6:25 AM

    I've had my share of fireplaces in my life. That fire is either a fake or her chimney temperature is in the red zone. Never, never, never make a fire that roaring in a fireplace. The temperature spike inside the chimney is so amazingly fast that inner chimney must be ready to melt. The rest? I couldn't turn on the sound and listen. Watching the body language is just more of the same hatred coming from her mouth. And the tree, my god, the tree. The poor thing - did she and Tawd go on a family outing and cut the little bugger? Why haven't we seen photos of the family day? Otherwise it bears strong resemblance to something they picked up at a Kmart store closing sale. And Piper - get off your whiny ass and decorate the damn tree. What kind of daughter are you? Or are you still in LA with Brisket watching the many babies?

  73. this again and on second viewing it's even worse! The red dirty wig was no improvement on the bangs ensemble she had on last week...if any thing I thought the wig would catch fire and that fool would end up doing a Michael Jackson filming a Pepsi commercial from the 80's!

    Gov Dirty Wig screeching about President Obama just sounded like Charlie Brown grown up's all I heard was a bunch of....WONK WONK WONK WONNNNNKKKKKK!

    I was so distracted by the split screen of Insannity and Dirty....side by side....I couldn't tell who's head was bigger and again I missed whatever they talked about....her forehead or I should say FIVEHEAD looked so unreal....embalmed is a good word Gryphen that you used last night....and did anyone else see those weird lumps on the lower part of her face? Especially around her jawline....WTF was that about!

    Dirty is one angry mean old lady! Whoever thinks that mean old lady is close to attractive needs their eyes examined by two different eye specialist...her sell by date has expired and she is looking SOUR!

    Gov Dirty when you read these comments and you will....please get yourself to a Korean hair shop...those ladies will hook you up with the real shit....not that synthetic shit you are can thank me later!

  74. Anonymous6:27 AM

    Gallup: Republican Voter Enthusiasm Drops

    New data from Gallup shows that the percentage of Republican voters enthusiastic to vote in 2012, which has been consistently higher than Democrats over this cycle in other polling, has dropped by nearly ten points. 49 percent of GOPers now say they are excited to get to the polls, versus 44 percent of Dems. Republican enthusiasm is down from a 58 percent score in September.

    Yeah, with the choices that are in front of them, I'd be depressed as hell if I was a GOPer.

  75. Anonymous6:38 AM

    I agree. Funny. She looks pissed while Hannity is asking long drawn out questions. Her wonky eye is watchable. She was probably like that Grinch movie, "whatever will I wear", trying on different outfits. LOL. And Ailes pays her one millions for this. Just a barrel of laughs.

  76. Brilliant, Gryph. Somewhere a demon is getting a new pitchfork?! Bwah! I do believe you're mistaken about Elmo though. He has already been sacrificed to make last week's festive bathrobe. I wondered about the fire too. It did look like the classic Yule Log video. And what was the picture on the mantle? Looked like a guy with a gun. Ronnie from one of his oldy-time movies?

    Your best line, I think was about her road kill, scraped off the grille of the Escalade hair monster.

    Thanks for the morning laugh.

  77. looks like the fire in her belly jumped into the fireplace. frozen botoxed tundra hairball.

  78. Anonymous6:51 AM

    IMO people do not comment on other female politician's looks due to their professional, appropriate and consistent appearance and grooming. Palin plays for shock value. I don't care what her rationale is to wear obvious wigs or go glam prom or supplement her hair in ways leaving observers thinking wtf? She certainly is an opportunist seeking to sell herself as regular person. I have never worked with one person who wore costumes or went to work wearing slutty biker chick to just put trash out attire, ill fitting clothing and IMO bizarre wigs.

    It seems Palin believed she could be POTUS taking sharpies to hat and hands, cheap wigs, going rogue or perhaps to be a character for big bucks.

    One word about phony "abstinence and not walking the
    talk. The cheap shot about the Hawaii vacation was a big stretch used as a shaming stick. The regular folk Palins camped with the Gosselins lol. I grasp how personalities like her degrade people who spend their own money. Ha rules do not apply to Palins. It is ok to con people to pay for their travel, lie to have kids go free. Misrepresent on SPA regular folk take 20k upward weekend expeditions.

    Sorry for venting. I married into an unscroupulous family proud of scams, cons to get things for "free". They mocked to humiliate people who paid their own way.

  79. Anonymous 5:34 AM said...
    Is Sarah cremating Todd in the fireplace?

    choking on a pretzel now. Spot on and thanks for the chuckle!

  80. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Shailey's press release is taking it's toll on Sarah. She looks dogged.

  81. Beldar FIRE! Conehead7:04 AM

    Gryphen, just a quick heads-up: I was at Sam's Club yesterday and saw what appears to be the exact model of wig the Screechy Wretch(tm) was sporting in the latest InHumHannity interview on Faux Newz. It's a Chinese import called "Bucket O'Wigs", and it looks like a regular janitor's mop bucket with 12 of those nasty wigs stuffed inside. That red one is called "The Paleen". The price is $8.99 marked down from $9.99 so at least it's an affordable monstrosity.

    The best part is the label that reads: "Manufactured from 45% recycled fiberglass and asbestos nuclear power plant waste-water pipe insulation. Keep away from children, pets, infants, plants, young adults, the elderly and the middle aged. Flammable! Avoid open flames."

    That explains the faux fireplace. An errant spark from a real fireplace could set her entire flippin' head ablaze!

  82. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Gryphen you about made me choke on my toast with the Elmo comment. Shame on you in a good way.

  83. A H/T to all the astute readers of this blog who, like me, were transfixed by the roaring hell fires behind Palin. I've seen blast furnaces that looked less intense. WTF, is she doing some smelting on the side?

    That and the wig just go to show that there is nothing subtle about this woman, except perhaps her taste and intelligence which are both so subtle as to escape all notice.

  84. I hate to break it to you, boys and girls, but those aren't big sweat stains on the front of the granny jacket Granny Grizzles is wearing.

    They're huge maroon cabbage roses -- or something maroon, anyway, part of the print on the jacket. She wore this jacket during her fake bus tour December 4, 2009.

    (BTW, in that picture, notice the big bare spot on the top of her head between the part of her bangs and her pulled-back bumpit)

    I swear, it's surely because they're SOCIALIST RED that Palin keeps the worst 1950s-era type clothing in her closet for public appearances, like that jacket. My grandmother sewed a dress with a collar like that for my mother in 1955.

  85. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Well, hair pieces on tv "personalities" isn't something to criticize as it's a common practice. At least that hair looks natural. Who knows why she wears it. Her hair typically looks fine, only needing styling.

    I will say that when I used to dye my hair I had a wig for when my roots had grown out and I couldn't get to the salon. Maybe she was busy yesterday and didn't have time to style. Who knows.

  86. Anonymous7:22 AM

    IMAGINE what she must look like in real life if this is the BEST that makeup artists and stylists can do with her.

    EVERY interview....worse and worse. Something eatin' at ya, $arah Baby???

  87. Anonymous7:25 AM


    Hope the extended family has control of the minor children.

  88. Anonymous7:25 AM

    I think she's sporting her Roma Downey look. She was just at Roma and Mark Burnet's Hollywood Christmas Party, donchaknow! Talk about phoney!

  89. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Screech is jealous that Obama grew up in exotic Hawaii, and she grew up in Armpit, Alaska. How dare she begrudge the president a return to his home state for christmas, she is looking revolting these days!

  90. Anonymous7:30 AM

    "my ticket" My favorite moment in the 2008 campaign was when Sarah referred to it as the Palin/McCain ticket.

    What happened to Sarah's defenders? You don't know how loving this family is. That is her own hair; she just styles it differently. Immature haters. I miss you guys.

  91. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Missing in Palin household:
    Nice shade of lipstick
    Calm rational thought
    Any kind of affection
    between husband and wife

  92. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Is that a Dollar Store price tag hanging from that rat's nest? LOL!!!!

    Just think about this -- seeing that Roadkill Dollar Store mop she wears for a 'paid' interview -- what would you suppose she wore and looked like at the Mark Burnett Christmas party in LA?? An 'Unpaid' function!!

    Wasn't aware that Dollar Stores had a 2 for 1 sale as we know she won't spend a dime of her own!!!

  93. Not What You Want To Hear7:47 AM

    That woman is the opposite of Christmas.

  94. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Hey Granny! You are the epitome of phony with your fake family values. The only people you fool are your cultists. You're getting uglier, older and more bitter by the day. There's no way you can hide it. You are ridiculous.

    - REAL America

  95. Marleycat7:59 AM

    It's a FAKE Christmas - prolly one from Walmart that comes already decorated. So much for the Great Queen of the Alaskan Frontiers - a plastic tree.

  96. Anonymous8:05 AM

    The GOP Candidates’ “Brother from Another Mother”

  97. Anonymous8:09 AM

    I think it's the same old wig. She's just got it on backwards.

  98. Funny you should mention Elmo...

    Here's Palin as Fickle-Me-Elmo, when she wore that hideous bathrobe in last week's Hannity interview:

  99. Anonymous8:35 AM

    That fake synthetic wig looks like the kind they have in the Halloween dept at Goodwill. The fake tree from last years markdowns, $5.00 at cheap to buy ornaments. Fake electric Alaska-hahaha! And she calls Obama phony!! You are such a joke (_*_).

  100. Anonymous8:45 AM

    With that hairdo, she is obviously channeling Loretta Lynn.

  101. Anonymous8:47 AM

    The only reason Sarah Palin looks so good during the 2008 campaign (and she DID look good even though everything out of her mouth was stupid, scary, bullshit) was because of the stylists McCain hired.

    It's clear that Sarah Palin has horrendous style in hair, make-up, and clothing. Take a look at her before and after the campaign.

    And the only reason I think it's ok to make fun of her about it is because she was touted as "the hottest governor..." and all us liberal women are supposed to be jealous of her.

  102. Anonymous8:57 AM

    There is nothing remaining of the attractive GMILF from 2008. She needs a stylist ASAP.

    5:48 AM

    Well, for most of 2008 she was a MILF. Now she is a GMILFx2 minimum. She doesn't wear it well.

  103. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Clearly, Todd cleaned out the U-bend in the bathroom sink and plopped it on her head. Glad to know they recycle.

  104. 7:21- hahaha

    Good try but it doesn't fly.

  105. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Gov Dirty when you read these comments and you will....please get yourself to a Korean hair shop...those ladies will hook you up with the real shit....not that synthetic shit you are can thank me later!

    6:26 AM

    Uh, that won't happen - remember when $carah left Hawaii rahter than finish school there because there were too many "dark-skinned Hawaiian-looking" people there? So said her daddy, creepy Chuck.

  106. Hilarious descriptions. Thanks for the LOL with my coffee!

  107. Okay, Griff -
    the only thing that saved my keyboard when I laughed with a mouthful of tea was the fact that I was leaned back, petting the dog, so the Constant Comment landed on the floor, not the keyboard! The mental picture of Elmo's expression (not to mention hearing him wail "oh, noooooo!" like Mr. Bill) as he's pushed into Granny Grifter's undies is still making me laugh. You, Sir, are a gem!

  108. Anonymous said...

    Well, hair pieces on tv "personalities" isn't something to criticize as it's a common practice. At least that hair looks natural. Who knows why she wears it. Her hair typically looks fine, only needing styling.

    I will say that when I used to dye my hair I had a wig for when my roots had grown out and I couldn't get to the salon. Maybe she was busy yesterday and didn't have time to style. Who knows.

    7:21 AM


    *scratching my head*

    Is this the BEST you can do? Let me see if I can explain this....Gov Dirty Wig is BALD underneath those raggedy ass wigs she wears....there are no dye jobs going on because she has NO HAIR to dye...that's not a "hair piece"...but a full skull covering wig.

    One that looks so terrible on this mentally insane woman that EVERYONE...including her own FANS are talking about how bad it is!

    And why "she was busy yesterday and didn't have time to style" comment....WTF does Gov Dirty do all fucking day? But sit on her flat ass and comment on blogs and make stupid ass comments at that!

    *looking extremely hard at YOU*


  109. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I'm so confused. Why is she bald? Why is she wearing a red wig? Is it because she's Red State?

  110. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I really do not understand Sarah Palin. She is constantly sticking her nose into subjects she knows nothing about while her dysfunctional family takes second seat to her ego.

    The education of the Palin kids are beyond embarrassment. The Palins are a multimillionaire family and not one is interested in higher education. Sarah has 2 adult kids and one high school child and not one of them was an average student in school, they are all below average students including the one in elementary school. Sarah has a daughter who was expelled from school for Christ's sake. So I do not understand why this mother has allowed her family to fail so badly.

    It is laughable how people listen to her while her own kids do not listen to her. I need to clarify that, the Palin kids do not listen to her, or they listen to her and she is ignorant or Sarah just does not have any interest in her children. Either way something is very wrong with that family.

  111. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Anonymous said...

    What's with the "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree and the scary blaze behind her? She looks like she just came through the gates of hell!

    3:36 AM


  112. Is Bristol practicing on Granny's wigs now? Wow. Fake fire, fake hair, fake tree, fake persona and the abject irony of calling President Obama a phony. If she wasn't so pathetic I might even cough up a giggle.

    She looks like one of those saloon keeper madams they used to trot out in all the old western flicks but minus the 'heart o' gold. Must be what comes of being raised on a diet of John Wayne and Reagan B-movies.

  113. Anonymous10:32 AM

    At least Hannity called her FORMER Gov Palin.

    Man her wonk eye was wandering today. She looks cross-eyed. And sounds like she's either off her meds, or took a quadruple dose.

  114. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Looking at Palin's hair and trying to say this as gently as I can.

    Some women's carpet (lower region) doesn't match their drapery (hair on their head). In Sarah's case, I hope Sarah's grooming of her ummmm carpet is way better than the grooming of her drapery.

    Maybe that explains why Todd has moved onto greener pastures with Shailey Tripp's Field of Dreams and abandoned Sarah's stinky fungus weed infested carpet.

  115. Anonymous10:41 AM

    sweet incinerator there in the background....

  116. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Wouldn't it be funny but sad if Sarah Palin's wig fell off and her real hair looked skimpy like her Charlie Brown tree?

  117. Anonymous10:49 AM

    It's ok to criticize a teevee personality's hair piece when it looks like shit.

  118. moose pucky11:00 AM

    I just HAD to go to the peezoo - The pictures they use for last evening's interviews are NOT from the actual interviews. Even THEY are embarrassed about the way she looks - they are using older, more "presentable" photos of the queen of mean. Here is a priceless comment:

    "Just to clear things up, my earlier post about the hair was supposed to convey my skepticism that Palin was anything but her normal self.

    It was in response to someone posting that they thougth Palin was wearing a wig and I was stating if she was wearing a wig and recieving chemo treatments, it would have come out as that is too hard to keep secret, especially for Palin.

    I guess my post left people thinking that I thougth she was wearing a wig etc.


  119. Anonymous11:15 AM

    10:02 asked "why is she bald?"
    IF she is going bald (and there are people that make that claim) it could be from various reasons. Genetics may be one. More likely in $arah's case, a combination of terrible nutritional habits, stress and bad hygiene.
    Red Bull and alcohol for breakfast, lunch and dinner does not make for a healthy body.
    Remember Levi and Joe McGinniss said that she never cooked any food. The kids are on their own to feed themselves. Once in a while she'd send the kids for take-out. I do believe Tawd bought groceries and tried to feed the children when he could.
    Man...the more I think about this bitch, the more I detest her.
    Hockey Mom...bullshit..she's no Mom in any sense.

  120. Anonymous11:37 AM

    People keep asking about Sarah Palin's hair. Is it thinning out or is she bald?

    Well remember the bullshit story about how she can't swim in her family swimming hole because the author next door is spying on her?

    Well the Palin family swimming hole is heavily polluted Lake Lucille and the chemicals in her family swimming hole has taken its toll on her hair. That is why you never see anybody fishing in that polluted lake.

  121. Chenagrrl11:46 AM

    That is one scary fire in the background. Where is she in Arizona? That hair, just let it go Sarah, is not fake anything. It's rill dynel.

  122. Anonymous @7:25 AM "I think she's sporting her Roma Downey look. She was just at Roma and Mark Burnett's Hollywood Christmas Party, donchaknow! Talk about phoney!"

    If you think her copycat ways are just a bit disturbing -- remember this?: Gabby Giffords Nov. 14, 2011, and Sarah Palin a day later, Nov. 15, 2011.

    THIS is even worse: Gabby Giffords Nov. 2008 & Sarah Palin July 2011

    Gabby Giffords has dressed in that buttoned-shirt-belt-and-jeans outfit several times...I remember seeing a picture of her in her post shooting short dark hair wearing it, as well as the November 2008 cover outfit.

    Palin ressing like Giffords is just bizarre.

  123. Oops, my "d" key stuck again...

    Palin dressing like Giffords is just bizarre.

  124. Anonymous12:03 PM

    I watched with the sound off.I didn't want my ears to bleed from her voice.She has had botox AGAIN as her eyebrows don't move. Also what is with her bad eye ??? It was tapdancing independently all over the place. The nightmare before Christmas.

  125. Anonymous12:11 PM

    I agree with the comment stating that she looked good during the campaign only because McCain's people spent BIG BUCKS buying her suitable clothing and full time make up and hair stylists. Wouldn't you think she would have learned something from those people about how to look good on TV?

    She has the worst taste in clothing. I can't think of a single time that she looked professional and well dressed since they made her give the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of clothing back (BTW...does anyone know if she really gave them back? I read somewhere that her niece sold some of them on Ebay..and knowing this family of grifters, I believe that).

    I am reading about some outfit she wore that has dark red flowers on the boobs that look like wet spots. How could she not see that when she tried it on and realize it would not look good on tv? She truly is clueless.

  126. Contrasting the two images of her (in the video on this posting and the pic of her in the one just below) you can really see how the life has just gone out of her. I'm amazed that Fox/Ailes just doesn't pull the plug on her appearances and pay off the rest of her contract.

  127. I see she is wearing a red turtleneck to cover up the enlarging Adam's Apple.

    Must be menopause kicking in.

  128. Anonymous1:23 PM

    KaJo, Yes, her copycat ways are disturbing and speaks to her psychosis.

  129. Anonymous1:45 PM

    She's still on the Jenny Crank diet. LOL!!!

  130. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Does anyone else see a chimney fire happening here? Flames shooting out the top of the chimney? Surely, this can't be a real fireplace....

  131. Anonymous1:55 PM

    I think it's intervention time. She's so spun on meth it's a wonder they let her on the air. Someone get the poor woman some help. She looks like a cross-eyed insect with a giant head and a withered body.

  132. ibwilliamsi2:07 PM

    "my ticket" Fuck John McCain to hell for bringing this woman to the world's attention!

  133. After seeing this, the cult at the PeeZoo are still talking about her entering the race. Their reasoning why it won't be difficult? Because she has "millions" of fans ready to go knock on doors and campaign for Sarah. They weren't organizing for Palin all over the country without a good reason, they know a winner when they see one. Except, when you actually look at the Earthquake movement, there's less than 2K people signed on to like it on FB. I saw a link to O4P that led to each state's group for her. Big problem there, only 22 out of 50 states have a group organized for her. The average number of people in the O4P movement per state is about 100 people. A few states have 200+ but many of them have 40 to 50 signed on. Where are these supposed millions of supporters? The only reason there's 3M plus on Palin's web page is that she banned people from posting but continued to include them in her count.

    Sarah, you're the ultimate phony. Fake hair, fake marriage, pretend Mom to your children, you didn't even do the work as Mayor or Governor. There is nothing real about you.

  134. Anonymous3:13 PM

    She probably has Aelopecia(sp?) Your hair falls out from stress. In 08 it looked like she had her own hair and it's gotten worse since. Wonder what's making her so nervous?

  135. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Looks like Santa sat on her head. LOL

  136. Anonymous4:46 PM

    What the shit was on her head this morning at Fox Business? And that awful red something jacket she had on.
    Reminded me of Trump's head and that pin on bangs i suppose?

  137. DetroitSam5:19 PM

    Is Sarah really posting articles on HP? Actually posting articles written by someone else?

    I stopped going to HP months ago when they had ten different Palin stories on each page and they censored any comments that did not praise SP.

    I thought they had become worthless then but if the are allowing articles claime to be written by SP, they they have sunk to trash level.

  138. DetroitSam5:34 PM

    OverMountainMan @6:23 am

    "It's sexual frustration on Sarahs part, She wants to sleep with that black man in the Whitehouse so bad its driving her crazy"

    I have been saying this since Palin came on the screen. She would give anything if President Obama would acknowledge her.

  139. Anonymous5:58 PM

    "lots of Republicans live rent free in Obama's head"

    Project much, Sarah? Whatever! We all *know* who lives rent free in that giant noggin of yours. You make it quite evident by all the snarling and whining you do on Fux news about the President and all those "anonymous" bloggers.

    And, President Obama did NOT say that free markets don't work. Go back and listen to it again, ADD queen. He said they work the best when everyone plays by the rules and *everyone* has an equal opportunity to be the best they can be. You're such a tool for the Koch brothers.

    Honestly, you were way more (physically) attractive three years ago. You look more and more like shit every week. Get some help.

  140. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Holy Cow, Gryphen, I couldn't stop laughing while reading your comment, especially the elmo doll part.

    Watching this "interview" has solidified what I've thought all along. That woman is an idiot!

    Notice how Seanie Panty Sniffer keeps bringing up children with Down Syndrone and Autism, and not once does Sarah take the bait? Isn't Down Syndrone the apex of her "death panel" meme, and doesn't one of her sisters have a child with Autism? Seems like she's erased Trig from her data bank, instead focusing on the word "Spew", she must have said it at least nine times.

    I thing "Spew" is what's holding the wig onto her enormous echo chamber commonly known as a "cranium"

    And the "Multi-day luxury vacation in Hawaii" just brought a flashback of a cellulite infested horse whose ass was photographed as she leaned forward over a stroller, in Hawaii, during a multi day vacation that got cut short because of a random teen girl vandalizing a home or some such thing, but, at the end of the day, Sarah rilly looks like she's fighting the war to keep "Ho" in "Holiday".

    And she's failing misearbly.

    Compare any speech she's ever done to any speech, say Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Debbie Wasserman Schwartz, or a random fifth grader.

    She ooozes ignorance and hate. She's stewing in her own juices. I have a feeling she's going to have a total nervous breakdown when Obama wins.

    My take on the red wig, she's imitating Julianne Moore, a natural redhead, who's playing her in a movie. She copies off of everyone she's jealous of. That's why she wears wigs, because Donald Trump wears them, also, too.

  141. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Bretta said...

    I see she is wearing a red turtleneck to cover up the enlarging Adam's Apple.

    Must be menopause kicking in.
    She had the seal purse in Hollyweird recently that is where toad's ballz are carried...
    she is talking his low T meds and that's why she is loosing hair and looks like a tranny!
    Also speed~ Adderal.

  142. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Check out the one and only xmas decoration I beleive it is a watermelon. HMMM wonder what she is implying. She is a sick woman

  143. Okay, I figured out the "stains" on her red thing in the Bolling interview. They are some sort of flowers. I think she took down the red whore curtains in her bedroom and had piper sew her an outfit. So she has the red bathrobe that looks like flocked wallpaper, and she has the red rose brocade curtain outfit. She's trying to show us she doesn't need the RNC to dress well. She can just use stuff around the house.

  144. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Did anyone notice her gateway to hell blazing in the background.

  145. Anonymous8:42 AM

    I didn't listen the first time because it makes my stomach turn, just looked at the still shot of the wig. I had to go a back and play it to see what everyone was talking about with the fireplace. I couldn't stop laughing!!! That fire! It IS the gates of hell!! That is funnier than the wig. The tree is pathetic too but that fire...Oh and whoever referred to the wig looking like Julianna Moore, I think you spot on.

  146. Long time reader, first comment. And maybe this has been addressed before but for some reason, these last few interviews posted on this blog of Sarah has shown an increasingly amount of extended blinking.
    I found this in researching such behavior:

    A normal, relaxed blinking rate is six to eight blinks per minute and the eyes are closed for only about one tenth of a second. People under pressure, for instance when they are lying, are likely to dramatically increase their blinking rate.
    Extended Blinking is an unconscious attempt by the person's brain to block you from their sight because they've become bored or disinterested or feel they're superior to you. It's as if their brain can no longer tolerate dealing with you so their eyes shut for two to three seconds or longer to wipe you from sight and remain closed as the person momentarily removes you from his mind.

    In retrospect, she hates her job (like Bailey commented about her in regards to being governor)and no longer care's to be a FOX commentator but is obliged to do so to feel her contractual obligation and because most likely, the money has already been spent. She's not knowledgeable nor cares to be about the issue's regarding the GOP, just wants to hate/oust Obama.
    Doesn't want to refer to Hannity or she makes it all up or does 1 hour or less of research of blogs to quote.
    The EYE'S say it all.

    As far as the constant lip licking, no clue! That's what children do before their parent's introduce them to chapstick.

    Next Chapter...lip licking with rapid eye blinking.


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