Thursday, December 08, 2011

What are we watching?

It is rare that I find my television viewing habits in tune with anybody else's television viewing habits.

However I must surely be a liberal Democrat as that list almost EXACTLY matches my favorite programs.

On the other hand, I have NEVER even heard of some of the programs on the right wing list, and of the ones I do recognize I have never watched even ONE of them all the way through.

However I did recognize a certain theme running through those choices. They are programs that you would imagine your grandparents watching together. In other words, what that sample shows us is that these are programs being watched by individuals who are in their golden years, which by the way is how I now think about the Grand Old Party.

They may have a presence in the next handful of election cycles, but after that they will simply age right out of existence. So, how did those examples match up with YOUR television viewing habits?


  1. Wow. I follow the Librul programming almost to a tee and have only watched one (This Old House) on the Conservative side of the list. Guess I'm doomed to hell along with many others because I don't even want to guess what Top Shot is all about.

  2. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Republicans have no sense of humor.

  3. I'm shamed--before I ditched cable I only watched three of the five "liberal" shows, and I lOVE "This Old House" (largely because, hey, I HAVE an old house and it needs fixing). And here I've been calling myself not only a "liberal," but a "progressive." Guess I'm lucky votes are counted based on TV viewing.

  4. Anonymous8:34 AM

    I used to love This Old House but it has deteriorated badly over the years. Surprised the right watches it but then again most of the houses are huge and they are pouring vast amounts of money in them. Out here in MN we are more prone to just tear down the houses in my neighborhood and build a new 1.4 + million dollar mansion. Looks hideous on a block of stucco bungalows but one can't always account for taste or the destruction of the ambiance of the block.

  5. Top Shot is a target shooting contest where they use different types of weapons. I watched some of it once when the hubby had control of the remote. ;) Other than that, Stewart/Colbert and This Old House. Haven't even heard of some of those shows...

  6. I don't watch television.

    Online news, and Comedy Central, of course, suffices. For entertainment, I read. (Sometimes when my spouse has on The Big Bang Theory, or that funny older lady lawyer with the shoe store office, I'll sit down & watch a bit.)

  7. Hey, no picking on us old folks! The liberals and rebels of the '60's didn't all go up in a puff of smoke nor did today's young crowd invent progressive ideas. Generalizations like that border on ageism and beg another look at the audience in Bloomfield's movie when he pulls out his megaphone as $arah's peeps exit the auditorium. See all those youngish and middle-aged folks?

    I questioned the inclusion of Wolf Blitzer on the liberal list (WTF??) but found many of my favs listed there. Anyone else out there watching "Person of Interest" which sadly didn't make the list.

  8. Anonymous9:42 AM

    I'm not surprised to see "The Daily Show" on the lib list.. really, Jon Stewart and his writers were essential to my sanity during the Bush years.

    The big difference I see in the lists is that libs appreciate understated humor - "ideas" and the cons list seems to be about "things" - cars and houses.

    I have seen some episodes of "This Old House" and liked them, (I like houses).

    Well, deer god. I just looked up "Top Shot" on the Wikipedia and it is a show about people who shoot things. It is set up as a game with teams, but you can "eliminate" players by shooting a target with their name on it.

    Well, I'll let that go for a while (I bet any Freudians in the audience will be able to guess the appeal of that show) and list some of the shows I like:

    1. The Wire - a work of genius. My hard-right zealot aunt denounced it as "similar to worshiping Satan"; probably because it is a grown-up show that has a lesbians in it as well as sex and drugs. (But no rock n' roll.)

    2. Party Down - very, very understated humor; also Veronica Mars is in it.

    3. Veronica Mars - again, not suitable for toddlers and religious zealots.

    4. Firefly - one of the few shows my whole family (progressive and regressive) like.

  9. Anonymous9:47 AM

    I'm intrigued by the most recent extra notice from central casting I received. SVU needs extras to portray OWS protesters.

    THAT could be very interesting considering police brutality.

  10. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Connection to slow to watch video. Is there a list in writing somewhere?

  11. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Interesting to see a show about shooting things, in the conservative list...what's even worse, is that it is probably thought of as a COMEDY to those who watch it.

    Example of Republican joke: Did you hear about the baby who died? (Reaction: howling laughter)

  12. Anonymous10:49 AM

    "Person of Interest" is on my "to watch" tv series list. J.J. Abrams generally comes up with fascinating characters and premises, but has failed to follow through.

    Both "Alias" and "Lost" started strong, but ultimately disappointed me, so I am reluctant to fall in love with another series from him.

    P.S. "Fringe" starts weak, but gets better and better with each season.

  13. Anonymous11:38 AM

    i dont watch television. after i moved 4 years ago, i decided to NOT get a cable box. while i do own a television, it use it as a monitor for my mac.

    i would rather pay less than 10 bucks a month for unlimited streaming on netflix, or watch TV shows online on sites such a hulu or their channels website.

    its mostly because i hate commercials hehe.

  14. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I'm very liberal, but I do watch TOP SHOT. I'm very pro-gun control, but this is a show about target shooting. Most of the contestants are ex-military and they shoot at stuff -- like jars of marbles. And then they show them breaking in super slow-mo. And some of the contestants are strictly target shooters. They don't hunt. I gotta say, it's kind of fun watching them shoot cannons and slingshots and arrows. Last season they had a challenge where they had to throw rocks. And it is a peek into gun culture, which I know nothing about. If we have to have guns, shoot at targets, not people and animals!

  15. Kimosabe1:24 PM

    Wouldn't surprise me if This Old House isn't much further down the Liberal list too. Hey, everybody gotta fix the pipes!

    Best show EVER: BBC's '"Coupling, early 2000s, sometimes on PBS, always via Netflix etc.

    Have lately been watching AK State Troopers. I know its performed and edited for TV, but geez, a bunch of bullies who whip out their guns at every encounter.

  16. Anonymous2:09 PM

    I only watch Colbert (and not that faithfully)of the Ten.........after Jeopardy,i squeeze in "Let Me Finish"......thats the extent of my TV me more time to comment here and elsewhere........

  17. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Rachel Maddow
    used to watch "House" before they kept moving it
    Otherwise, I'm reading books or writing comments here.

    There is really nothing on TV any more. I refuse to patronize reality shows, find the crime dramas repetitive, and am not usually awake for Jon Stewart, although I love him.

  18. Anonymous5:33 PM

    I'm going to start taping Parks and Recreation... it's got to be good. Never heard of those on the other side, except This Old house which I though was OK. Don't watch much TV, catch Stewart and Colbert online. I'm taping the Big Bang Theory though. Big confession; I'm a DWTS fan. I can't help it, I love dancing. I tape it too so I can fast forward through most of the yaking. Color me pissed when what's-her-name stunk up the show.

  19. Anonymous6:55 PM

    I'm mostly in line with the left's viewing habits, add UP! with Chris Hayes, Rachael, Larry o'd, and Now with Alex Hayes. Not that I watch tv a heck of a lot, I'll tivo some shows and catch up whenever I can.

    Watching a target shooting show sounds about as interesting as watching paint dry.

    That's what I like about your blog. If something's particulary worth watching, it'll show up in your posts.

    I'm more of a movie/book person. Hubby's the one with the remote control in his man cave every chance he gets.

  20. We like Big Bang Theory, and House the doctor show, not house the old house show.

    Our cable system lets us watch Al Jazeera-English news, as well as English news programming from France, Russia, Japan, and China. It's informative to get different perspectives.

    A British show on our local PBS station that we like is New Tricks - it's retired detectives working on "cold cases" - nice to see a few faces on tv our age or older.

  21. I watch exactly ONE program on the right wing list. #10. Castle. I used to watch This Old House when Bob Villa did it. When "Steve the Wimp" took over, I dropped it.

    I can't say I watch all of the liberal Dem side either. I don't watch 30 rock or some of those news shows.

    But I do tape Daily Show and Colbert Report every night.

    (Wasn't Stephen a hoot dancing the Nutcracker in tights?)


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