Monday, January 09, 2012

Is Catherine Baldwin-Johnson plying her trade in New York City now?

Courtesy of New York Times:

A very pregnant Beyoncé had checked into the upper East Side hospital on Friday night under the name “Ingrid Jackson,” a hospital staffer told the Daily News. 

Beyoncé and her hip-hop hubby, whose real name is Shawn Carter, rented out the hospital’s entire fourth floor for $1.3 million, the employee said. 

After 11 p.m., even doctors and nurses were barred from entering the fourth floor, prompting one doc to complain that he had patients to see. 

In an effort to keep images from leaking to the public, hospital workers placed tape over security cameras and are forcing employees to turn in cell phones when they arrive for their shifts, a source said. 

Several security guards were spotted patrolling the perimeter of the hospital Saturday night. 

I know that some of you dislike it when I talk about Beyonce and compare her strange "pregnancy" to Palin's, but come on!

If anything she has simply improved on the deception.

Private security? Taping over the cameras? Taking the cell phones away from employees?

Palin only wishes she had thought of those things!

And believe me, I am not alone in calling bullshit.

This from the comments section at TMZ:

"The goal, keeping Beyonce's delivery under wraps, succeeded admirably -- no pictures of Bey or hubby Jay-Z entering or exiting the hospital have emerged ... and she hasn't been seen at all since Thursday" 

How convenient! Its like SHE didn't give birth to the baby at all.. 
thats because Beyonce wasnt even pregnant lol 
Gotta keep that non-delivery super secret. Wake up people. She was NEVER pregnant. The baby is either being carried by a surrogate or the baby is adopted. 
She was never pregnant. Her face and breasts never made the usual changes a pregnant woman has - it is all a farce. Do they really think everyone is that stupid? Someone got paid a LOT to carry a baby for them - why not just be honest? Plastic people.
I wonder, after something like this, if MORE of the media might not be willing to look a little harder at Sarah Palin's "pregnancy?" Now that there is an example of another celebrity pulling off the same hoax I mean?


  1. Virginia Voter4:51 AM

    Beyonce has had the second shortest (next to Sarah)celebrity pregnancy on record.Here are some recent you tell me if she looks two weeks away from giving birth:

    Two days before: Wearing a huge scarf!

    You be the judge:

    I was looking for the video from TMZ last week which showed Beyonce getting into an SUV head first with sky high heels on with absolutely no trouble.

  2. Anonymous4:52 AM

    The girl was pregnant, their is preggo beach picture of her. Bare stomach in a bikini. All the confusion about due dates and stuff was on purpose ti keep media away and confused.

    Beyonce really pregnant.
    Sarah Palin not really pregnant.

  3. It's funny because Jessica Simpson is pregnant now and the difference between Jessica, Beyonce and Sarah is stunning.

    Poor bloated Jessica is dragging her two ~ for ~ one ass all around Hollywood, pimping...something,

    Sweaty and swollen!

    But, you know what? Jessica seems really happy.

    How f'ed up is your life that you will LIE about being pregnant, to the point where you are wearing fake bellies and creating full ~ scale delivery situations?

    Sarah Palin, I'm talking to you.

  4. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Have a heart people, she's got a lot on her plate raising triplets - a surrogate carried baby (that is probably truly genetically derived from her and Shawn,) a maternity line and an incredible postpartum weight loss campaign to nurture.

    When's Bristol getting her Weight Watchers gig?

  5. That hospital stuff sounds like a huge crock of shit. So, apparently the safety and security of everyone else on the fourth floor was compromised for the set amount of time for Bey ~ Z's charade to play out?

    Preventing doctors from seeing patients?

    Forcing hospital employees to surrender their personal property to a private citizen?

    I know a few surgeons who would be calling the cops on that shit in no time. These are professionals whose jobs actually matter.

    And they are NOT used to people telling them what to do...

  6. angela5:09 AM

    That's a big show for a simple birth.

    1.3 million could have gotten her a fake home birth in the privacy of her own four walls with all the bells and whistles and life saving devices.

    Hiding in plain sight seems to work for some. Just ask Sarah and Bristol.

  7. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Did she ever slap her belly and brag about how incredibly easy it was to be pregnant?

    How no-one noticed, none of her entourage, agent, publicists, BFF's?

    Did she wait to tell JayZ until she was 7 months?

    Did she write a letter to her fans in God's voice about her Lion King baby?

    Did she wear cunningly incredible bump hiding scarves?

    The only thing she forgot to do was make sure it was Special Needs.

  8. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig.

  9. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Is Beyonce doing this in order to influence voters and become President of the United States?

    London Bridges

  10. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Seems unbelievable that a celeberty can close down a hospital, or part od a hospital, and employee camera. Go build your own hospital.. Why is this allowed? No public money should be used for these practices. We should be tired of hoaxes being pulled over the American ppl.

  11. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Will you please stop with the Beyonce fake pregnancy stuff. It's bullshit and makes the real stuff you say look like bullshit too.

    Here is a site debunking a lot of the crap, a video showing the backside of Beyonce sitting down and there is no padding! A beach bikini photo(you'll never see one of those for Sarah)

    So please stop making us look like fools... Beyonce was really pregnant, Sarah not so much.

  12. I see the usual BeyStans have arrived to defend their girl! Doesn't matter...Bey will have to live with this cloud over her image and now its a wee bit tarnished! Something I'm sure she didn't count on!

    Gryphen here is the twitter picture of her in the hospital bed with baby...brace yourself....Blue Ivy Carter! WTH kind of name is Blue???!/lilhausofgaga/status/156074004766130176/photo/1

  13. Anonymous5:52 AM

    I don't understand why a real celebrity would do that. They have nothing to gain imo. I am not naive enough to believe she's not the first ( I too think something was odd about Katie Holmes' pg with Suri)

    How bizarre.

    But, all in all, this really means nothing of substance, as Sarah doesn't either.

    Who cares. It's not going to miraculously cure economic woes and make our leaders in DC honest.

  14. Anonymous5:52 AM

    only a woman that is truly pregnant understands you can't wear fucking heels! skinny jeans and high heels? seriously? beyonce, i will never have respect for you again.

  15. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Hiding in plain sight seems to work for some. Just ask Sarah and Bristol.


    Sarah, yes, but what does your comment have to do with Bristol.

  16. If, and I am really using a very iffy kind of if, Beyonce was truly pregnant, then the takeover of Lenox Hill Hospital is completely obscene, and possibly illegal.Covering security cameras, blocking patient, family, and doctor access? I'm sorry, but for a media whore, that is really unbelievable that a reputable hospital would allow such a thing.

  17. Anonymous5:58 AM

    I'm with you Gryphen! I call BS!

  18. Anonymous5:58 AM

    "The girl was pregnant, their is preggo beach picture of her. Bare stomach in a bikini. All the confusion about due dates and stuff was on purpose ti keep media away and confused."

    I'm not sure one way or the other but the bikini pictures are rather convincing. Is there anyway she could have hidden a fake pregnancy belly in these shots. Perhaps being in show business where you can easily create an illusion helps. Yes, very confusing, indeed.

  19. Anonymous6:05 AM

    When I see a video of Beyonce beating on her belly like a bongo drum... then I will know it was a "real" pregnancy.

  20. lilly lily6:07 AM

    Beyond ridiculous.

    But the first photos will probably bring in millions, as if anyone really cares.

    Don't know and don't care.

    Don't care if she is outed eventually.

    Do Care if Palin is. Because she is in a position of public trust, not a entertainer in show biz.

    Look at Michael Jacksons two. Who knows who the genetic parents are?

  21. Looking at the pictures of Beyonce, with the exception of the 'baby bump' there is nothing about her face, neck, arms, breasts or posture, to suggest she is pregnant.
    Either she's remarkably lucky...or unlucky, if she can't have a child herself.

  22. Anonymous6:16 AM

    I guess money talks. If someone at my hospital tried to take my cell phone away and tape over the security cameras, let's just say there'd be a bit of an uproar. I thought the surrogate had the kid about 10 says ago? I suppose the baby will not look like a newborn at all.
    Whatever crazy people with money and crazy dreams. Just know that you did not fool everyone. And really, it is the smart people you didn't fool..and we are the ones that matter for your integrity. The stoopid people will keep buying your product and worshipping you, and if that is satisfactory for you, then you can have it.
    Personally, I enjoy the respect of the smart people in the world, but that's just me.

  23. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Here's another thing the two have in common... endangering others' lives out of selfishness. Preventing doctors to get to patients. Interrupting the security cameras. Putting a planeload of people at risk, not to mention an innocent child. Karma's too good for these two.
    There are some people I'd like to see bitch-slapped into reality. Most of the Republican Party and these two.

  24. Anonymous6:24 AM

    It's amazing how much of her skin she often shows and yet now pays so much for her privacy.

  25. Anonymous6:28 AM

    RE Twitter pic:
    Just because you're not wearing makeup doesn't make you look like you just gave birth. She didn't just push a small pumpkin out of her vajayjay. There is no swelking about the eyes. Any woman who truly did push a small pumpkin out of her vajayjay knows of what I speak.
    Whatever Beyonce. Thats alot of money wasted on a hoax that you could have used to say, oooh, help Haiti or soemthing. There is no problem admitting you used a surrogate. It's done Camille Grammer no harm.
    Beyonce seems wasteful and deceitful.

  26. angela6:41 AM

    Anon 5:54

    I've never seen anyone actually get FATTER during DWTS. I suppose the Palins could defy basic physiology. But I'm thinking----no.

  27. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Never was pregnant. Can't pull that off with folks like Trig Truthers. We know. The most recent pic of her, from last many scarves and coats floating over her belly, it's a dead giveaway. Really pregnant women simply can't hide a really big belly, NOR DO THEY WANT TO!

  28. Anonymous7:06 AM

    But... how are they gonna smuggle the baby in? Fedex?

  29. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Is Bristol the surrogate?

  30. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Disgusting! What kind of hospital policy would allow one patient to take over an entire floor of the hospital, inconveniencing, to say the least, other patients and health professionals.

    I hope this hospital is investigated and this policy examined. Disgusting!

  31. Anonymous7:18 AM

    I feel you are hurting your credibility with this. I don't believe Beyonce has been faking her pregnancy, and I believe the photos of her in a bikini are proof.

    The hospital security is overboard, but I'm sure they jumped at the chance to make a huge profit off her pregnancy. Reserving the rooms on a whole hospital floor is extremely expensive, even for Beyonce, and add in the cost of added security, also paid by Beyonce, and it doesn't make any sense that she would be faking anything. If she were faking, there wouldn't be so much expense involved. She'd fake a home birth, or a birth in some exotic location.

    I do, however, believe that Sarah faked her pregnancy, but you hurt that case by comparing it to Beyonce.

    Oh, and I'm not a Beyonce fan - couldn't even name a single song of hers.

  32. The great actor, Robert DeNiro and his wife just announced the birth of a new baby. By surrogate. A simple press release. That's how it is done. No one would fault Beyonce and her husband if they had chosen to have a surrogate carry their child. It's the obvious manipulation and lies that anger people.

    Sarah Palin's deception was much more serious as she did it deliberately to pander to the pro-life crowd once she knew that her VP chances were enhanced with John McCain's lock on the presidential nomination.

    Like Katie Holmes' earlier birth of Suri, Beyonce's deception will be forgotten in time. Sarah's will live on as a cautionary tale to all who do not seriously check out candidates' backgrounds.

    Folks, we came this close to having an evil lunatic in the White House. We all now realize that, had McCain won, his life would have ended soon after he and Sarah were sworn in.

  33. Anonymous7:40 AM

    I'm on the fence with this one. After her lypo surgery, she's been covering up her lower torso because it really messed up the part underneath her belly button. I'm thinking that may also have messed up her chances of giving a natural birth. Instead of saying she had a bad surgery experience and being a role model for those who have suffered as she has, she let her vanity, the realization that her album sales have dropped, and the "bright idea" to sport a maternity line get the best of her ability to think rationally.

    I mean really. Her nose didn't even spread in the post baby pic.

  34. Anonymous7:43 AM

    I don't know if she faked the pregnancy, but she definitely went to the Sarah Palin Mama Grizzly school of child naming.

  35. Anonymous7:43 AM

    OK people. I know of pregnant women whose faces and bodies did not change at all when they were pregnant. Nothing got big but their stomach.
    So please stop the drama.

    Beyonce WAS pregnant. Hospital staff said SHE delivered a baby.
    Also I saw her for myself.

  36. Anonymous7:52 AM

    shortest pregnancy ever...hummmm

  37. LOL @7:18AM....Baldy is that you?
    What case?

  38. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Whether beyonce was really pregnant or not, no one should be allowed to stop security cameras, take away personal property and compromise the welfare of other patients on the floor just because they have money to throw around. God, it just disgusts me how some people are allowed to buy absolutely anything, including other peoples lives.

  39. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Yes, Gryphen. Where is old reliable CBJ these days?

  40. Anonymous8:14 AM

    That beach picture is kind of weird to me... There is a vertical line down her belly, but it is off-center, not like it would look like in a pregnant woman, more like it would look in a fake-belly one that is slightly off-center. People say the bare belly picture is proof that she was preggo; to me, I would ask them: Have you ever seen figure skaters in their costumes? The skaters often look nearly naked, but in reality, they wear (very costly!) skin-colored costumes.

  41. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Look at the different coloring of her stomach vs her top - almost a grey-ish,dull, color on her stomach, vs a beautiful, shiny ebony color on top of her breasts as well as her legs!,0,0#9

  42. Anonymous8:56 AM

    I awoke yesterday to news on my radio (NPR or BBC) that Beyonce had given birth and they described the security measures mentioned in this post (entire floor, off-limits to nurses and doctors and confiscation of cell phones). This was not Star magazine or Fox news, so I thought of it as a credible source, and it certainly supported the rumor that she was never PG.

    To me, the bikini photos were inconclusive. That low-slung pleated bikini bottom could have made a normal body look paunchy, and I would expect she could have taken the opportunity/"pregnancy" to eat normally and could easily have gained a little weight (exaggerated by the suit).

    Most skiivy to me was the weird little video she made referring to her month of pregnancy and holding up a dated newspaper next to her face. ?? Why so defensive?

    No one will really knows whether she did or she didn't and we do know the kid was and will be wanted. But it is fascinating to see the lengths someone will go to to create their own reality and public personna.

  43. Beldar DJ Jazzy Conehead9:22 AM

    Gryphen, you obviously have no respect for the sanctity of celebrity. Compassionate people, such as myself, dream of a day when celebrities like Beyondo are free to conduct all of their activities far, far, far away from the prying eyes of the unwashed masses like you. And like me. Why can't Anerican royalty like Bouncey have separate and superior medical, dining, travel and residential resources provided to them as Britain provides to its own venerated aristocracy?

    My suggested baby names were Causeway Mango for a boy and Sleeveless Pinfeather for a girl, tho really the genders could be reversed and it would out just as well.

  44. ThanksABunchJohn9:26 AM

    As for the "bikini" photo... These people have access to world class make-up artists in the entertainment field, who are able to make someone convincingly look pregnant, older, fatter, younger... add an expert editor and voila!! Irrefutable "proof"!!

    Palin knows all about planted proof-positive pictures. The Gusty pic was Palin's equivalent bikini pic. A much lower-rent version, her photo (was staged) during a KTVA "interview" on April 13, 2008. It mysteriously appeared on flickr in time to refute rumors that she was never pregnant. Strangely, the actual interview never aired and is not accessible. But Palin had her definitive "proof".

    I don't care about Beyonce, I have always considered her an obnoxious diva, but if you ask me: same/same.

  45. Anonymous9:30 AM

    OMG! Has anyone seen this load of crap?

  46. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Levi said he was at hospital with Beyonce...

    the baby story must be true!

  47. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Anonymous said...
    The girl was pregnant, their is preggo beach picture of her. Bare stomach in a bikini. All the confusion about due dates and stuff was on purpose ti keep media away and confused.

    Beyonce really pregnant.
    Sarah Palin not really pregnant.

    4:52 AM


    A lot of people think that Beyonce "pushed" out her tummy for that one photo as all of the rest of the white bikini photos show her belly covered with blanket or purse. A whole series of videos showed up on YouTube with normal, non pregnant girls pushing out their bellies to achieve exactly the same result Beyonce did. That is the only time she showed "the bump". Then there was the collapsing belly and the amazing "growing/shrinking" abdomen.

    Too many shady half truths for me to believe that she really carried this baby. She has said that she is afraid to lose "her figure" so I guess she chose to have someone else be the "vessel" for gestation and delivery. If the MSM did not pay so handsomely for "first pregnancy photos" and "first baby photos" and if Beyonce wasn't going to make a mint off a children's clothing line from her mother's design house, then she might have been truthful; but why be truthful when millions of $ are at stake? Greedy first, truthful second: this is America, after all ;-)

  48. Anonymous10:44 AM

    I don't believe she was ever pregnant , just like Sarah. Nope, not buying it, but believe they both bought a baby.

  49. Anonymous said...
    Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig.
    5:14 AM

    Any of them, all of them.

  50. Anonymous11:11 AM

    I'm agnostic on whether Beyonce was really pregnant; the bikini picture seems conclusive and the recently released hospital pic of Bey and the baby looks like a woman who has recently given birth. But she may be a fantastic actress.

    However, there are a couple of things everyone here needs to calm down about. I call bullshit on the report that a doctor said the security prevented him from seeing "patients." If the Carters rented the entire fourth floor, then there were no other patients on that floor. NO ONE on that floor was denied care. Furthermore, the tape on the security cameras was on that floor only, not the whole hospital. If this is a private hospital (which I suspect it is) and they want to take a bunch of money to rent out a floor to a celeb, then who's to stop them?

    I agree the cell phone business is silly for all employees. I do see it might be necessary for anyone entering that floor, and returned when they leave that area.

    Anyway, Anger Bear (h/t to whoever coined that yesterday) did not give birth to a baby in 2008, whether Bey did in 2012 is still in question.

  51. Anonymous11:13 AM

    They can pay to take over a floor. Doctor's cannot see other patients.

    Like Palin, some more awful people in the world. Endangering other people for personal gain.

  52. Jay-Z has a new song about his "child of destiny".

    Some interesting lyrics...
    thought B was pregnant one time before but miscarried?

  53. Jay-Z says 'she looks like me'.

    That fits with a theory that they're raising Jay-Z's baby from another mother.

  54. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Here's an idea...

    How about you accept the fact that Beyonce had her baby herself. Site the bikini photo and the hospital photo as evidence and call on Sarah to do the same thing and you will finally let it go.

    You know she can't do it. It would be a fun challenge though.

  55. if all that is in that report is true I can't help but ask HOW and WHY anyone could buy off a hospital, a whole floor no less and risk security of the WHOLE rest of the hospital by taping the cameras???

    Does NOT compute...

    I saw her stomach fold BTW... She lies like palin

  56. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Another display of the difference between what the 1% can do, compared to or me.

  57. Anonymous2:31 PM

    You all are being ridiculous. Bey did give birth to Blue Ivy. The only reason Gryph is latching on to the rumors of nonprego Bey, is to justify babygate.

    As far as Bey worried about losing her figure, is just bullshit! Her sister had a baby & it didn't ruin her figure. Her mother has a nice figure for her age. Also, Bey can afford plastic surgeons & personal trainers to help her get back into shape.

  58. "a lot of money, even for Beyonce"?

    That. Is. High-larious!

    You do know that Jay n Bey made more money in 2010 than any. Other. Celebrity.couple.

    Think about that.

    They could buy your mom.

  59. Anonymous3:30 PM

    So sayeth (the always hysterical) Dlisted:

    "That surrogate is never going to surrogate in this town AGAIN, because bitch was supposed to push out Baby Blue Ivy on the 4th. BABY OVEN FAIL!"

    Plus multiple visitor comments there about faking the pregnancy and birth, including:

    "I am highly disappointed that the baby's name is not Pillow."

    "Born via a surrugate - Bonnie Blue Butler in a black version of Gone with the Wind......Bey don't know nothin bout birthin babies."

    "That's gonna be a helluva fight one day: 'Don't tell me what to do, you're not my REAL mom!'"

    "Can you fold this baby over and make it flat as a pancake like it did 'in utero'? bahahayonce's new scar is from a tummy tuck, and somewhere, some surrogate is a millionaire."

    "Welcome to the circus and charade that is your Fake Mommy Bey’s life. Good luck!"

    "[When Beyonce's at the Grammys next month]... the press will go crazy about how slender she is only 4 weeks after giving birth."

  60. Ferry Fey4:50 PM

    RE: the bikini photo.

    I just looked up [beyonce bikini] in Google Images. There's over a million entries that come up.They are uniformly very sexy and minimal, and on the several screens that I scrolled down on, there was not a single one that was as bulky, fugly, and visually distracting as the white frilly one being used to allegedly corroborate her pregnancy.

    If there's any two piece that could support a prosthetic midriff, it would be this one. Comparing it to her usual swimsuit preferences,it raises a red flag to me more than settling the question. And with the folding of the belly on the talk show I just don't feel comfortable saying I can stay agnostic.

  61. Anita Winecooler6:43 PM

    Entertainment Tonight, also, too, played a clip of Baby Daddy singing a rap song about "the hidden misscarriage" that occurred earlier. White Out isn't just for computer monitors anymore, it works to music and words!

    Yeah, it's common for women in late stages of pregnancy to wear stilletto heels, dance on an award show stage in a slinky, body hugging glitter dress, then emerge later in the same venue wearing a tux and showing off her baby bump. It happens all the time!

    I call bullshit. You're right, Gryphen.

    The hospital put patient's safety and denied them access to their doctors for money, that I can believe as well.

    That amount of money is hard to say no to, but the doctor thing bugs me, couldn't they have a keyed freight elevator that was guarded by security? I just can't imagine any doctor (except CBJ) putting their practice in peril like that.

  62. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Father of newborn twins was prevented from seeing his twins in NICU because of Beyonce taking over the floor.

  63. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Blu Cantrell dated JayZ just before he began dating Beyonce. Did they name the child after the ex girlfriend?

    That is almost as crazy as naming your child Tripp.

  64. Not preg, never was! Say what you want.

    I always said that the white swing suite was the give away.

    1. Women do not have ribs that long or low
    2. Women do not have ribs so big, that they cast shadows. Dino Ribs
    3. Why are the shadows in two different directions?

    A big bunchy scarf does not cover up the lack of a preg belly. After all would not the scarf stick out even more....

  65. Anonymous at 4:52

    No, that picture is doctored, I think the ribs were air brushes, adding false shadows to the side of her stomach. Problem is, that the real shadows overlap the air brushed ones.

    I googled, and found not one picture - preg with ribs big or small. Why hasn't a medical professional said something...

  66. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Inside source from the hospital with details about how Beyonce's surrogate gave birth.

    And re: the bathing suit photos? Paaaahlease. If you have ANY food allergies at all, bloat like that is easy to induce if you eat the wrong thing. Not to mention having a period, and/or sticking your tum tum out on purpose. If Beyonce's pregnant, then I'm pregnant every freakin' day and have been for 20 years.

  67. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Beyonce wore a scar most of time just like Sarah Palin. That must be the new style when you fake pregnancy!

  68. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Just have it at home then. Geez.


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