Friday, January 13, 2012

Sarah Palin asks "Are we a bunch of numbskulls?" Anybody want to take that?

Courtesy of Fox Nation:

Appearing on Fox News’ Hannity, Sarah Palin reacted in disgust to a clip from Gayle King‘s interview with First Lady Michelle Obama, where she said Americans were “confused” about how much had been accomplished by the President. “Oh, Lord. Oh, Lord — what are we just a bunch of numbskulls out here in the heartland of America?” Palin exclaimed incredulously. “Just a bunch of numbskulls who can’t read the unemployment numbers and see that 5 trillion dollars in new debt later under her husband, President Obama? 5 trillion dollars more! And we have fewer jobs today than we had before we took over, but, no, we’re numbskulls out here and we don’t know what the numbers actually represent!”

You know I was sharpening up my rapier like wit to slice and dice this comment of the Queen of Mean's into bite size pieces, but then I thought why bother?

Essentially she has done the work for us.

The answer to her completely lacking in self awareness question is, yes. Yes you, and the people who listen to you, are a bunch of numbskulls.

I will leave it at that.

However I will totally understand if you all feel the need to spike the ball in the end zone.

P.S. By the way, Alaska is not located in the "heartland of America." Just in case you did not know where to look for it on the map.


  1. Anonymous4:08 AM

    Madam Razzamatazz of Wasilla doesn't realize her political career is over and she is merely a footnote and will never be more than that. Sarah, get off your ass and grab your shoeshoes and go aid your fellow Alaskans during their winter hardships.

  2. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Mr. Gryphen,

    Has anyone ever identified the other men in the 'money shot" with Romney? I'm curious to know who/where they are and what they are doing now.

  3. Anonymous4:20 AM

    DFC...'nuff said.

  4. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Moronic, bitter hypocrite who cannot even speak basic English... Message to Sarah:GO AWAY: nobody cares about what you say and they never did. Why not begin to live a true Christian life doing some of the following:
    1) Be a good mother for once- especially to Trig. The others are pretty much lost causes thanks to you.
    2) Be a positive force in your community. Do you have any idea of what this entails?
    3) Be charitable. Ha, ha, ha, ha.
    4) Show compassion for the sick and the elderly and no, I don't mean Chuckie and Sally.
    5) Treat others the way you would like to be treated. When a person is as abusive as you are, that person should expect similar treatment. Food for thought.

  5. Anonymous4:28 AM

    I don't "hate" many people, but I can honestly say that I HATE Sarah Palin!

  6. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Hannity set her up perfectly, since he knew she would bite -- hard.

    The politic (or politicians) answer would, if she were true to Sarah Palin, blame the MSM for any alleged confusion, and vow that the "truth" will be revealed over the course of the election.

    But we're talking about SP, who had to take it personally. When she asked her "numbskull" question, she included her fellow "heartland" citizens, but she really was just as sensitive and thin-skinned as she was with Katie Couric, so many, many, many years ago. It's all about her. So, Sarah, are you a "numbskull"? -- dictionary definition of which is "a stupid or foolish person." Yes, Sarah, you are a numbskull, in too many ways to mention.

  7. During the campaign, I was lucky enough to attend a small, private gathering at which Mrs. Obama spoke. My first reaction was that she was a pleasant-looking woman. As she spoke, I began to think of her differently. By the end of her talk, I felt she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She is, without question, physically attractive. But she is so bright and funny and thoughtful that she completely transcends that. She is a true beauty.

    In contrast, when I first saw Palin, I thought "wow--she is beautiful." But the more she talks and the more you see of her mannerisms, the more she also transcends her basic looks. And I now view her as hideous. Certainly, she is not aging well, but it's more than that--the ugly person she is can't be avoided. Truly, she's a horror and no matter what she does or buys or tries, she'll remain ugly. Her ignorance and mean-spiritedness and nastiness and dishonesty define her.

    Palin's physical looks are fading and she has never had the sort of features that age well (Exhibit A in that regard are her parents). But her efforts to artificially compensate for aging aren't going to work. She could have the best "work" in the world, and won't be able to avoid the genuinely ugly person that she is.

    I am closing in on 60 years of age. I can say without equivocation that this is the most admirable first family I have seen. I am proud to have them in the White House. And I am overjoyed that the Palins will never represent this country.

  8. Olivia4:45 AM

    All alone she is a bunch of numbskulls.

  9. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Wow, she finally got herself a big bumpit wig with brand new bangs! Congratulations Grandma grifter you obviously started taken your meds again! Now all you need is a muzzle, maybe that will finally get you to stfu!

  10. angela4:48 AM

    Sarah Palin. Stupid assed woman.

  11. Anonymous4:57 AM

    Romney's private equity firm, Bain Capital, bought companies and often increased short-term earnings so those businesses could then borrow enormous amounts of money. That borrowed money was used to pay Bain dividends. Then those businesses needed to maintain that high level of earnings to pay their debts...

    * Bain in 1988 put $5 million down to buy Stage Stores, and in the mid-'90s took it public, collecting $100 million from stock offerings. Stage filed for bankruptcy in 2000.

    * Bain in 1992 bought American Pad & Paper (AMPAD), investing $5 million, and collected $100 million from dividends. The business filed for bankruptcy in 2000.

    * Bain in 1993 invested $60 million when buying GS Industries, and received $65 million from dividends. GS filed for bankruptcy in 2001.

    * Bain in 1997 invested $46 million when buying Details, and made $93 million from stock offerings. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2003.

    Romney's Bain invested 22 percent of the money it raised from 1987-95 in these five businesses, making a $578 million profit.

    Romney... the job KILLER

  12. sharon5:03 AM

    Duh....yup numbskulls, she does have such a command of the language. Looking at her reminds me of old man racist Uncle Pat on MSNBC...people finally got fed up hearing him and now hes gone. She keeps looking worse and worse, have to wonder about the Faux love out there for her million dollar contract. I am looking forward to seeing her in person

  13. What. A. Jealous. Ignorant. Hateful. BITCH.

    That is all.

  14. KatieAnnieOakley5:06 AM

    Palin said: "what are WE, just a bunch of numbskulls out here in the HEARTLAND of America?”

    First of all: She is referring to herself in the royal pronoun, the royal "we" or the Victorian "we." It is most commonly used to denote the excellence, power, and dignity of the person that speaks it or writes using it. Sarah, of course, has a very, very high opinion of herself.

    Secondly, her use of WE in the manner she used it is done expressly to exploit any commonality she may have with her viewers, so they think; "she's just like me!" - which of course, she's NOT. Then, she "dumbs it down" to the level of her audience - using an antiquated, yet familiar expression all can relate to: numbskull.

    It's dumb, it's hokey - and this is what she knows her audience understands. Talk about setting the bar lower! Think about that for a moment...

    She is always painting the Obama's as "Other, Different, Strangely Exotic" - to stoke fear in her viewers - while she, at the same time is all of that and more - or less, much less - depending on your POV.

    She and her family are everything 99% of the people watching FOX are NOT.

    She is a former governor.
    Her husband parks an airplane in the yard.
    She has met presidents.
    She rubs shoulders with Hollywood.
    Her daughter cashed-in on teen pregnancy.
    She quit her job to capitalize on "writing books".
    She is famous.
    She is on TV.

    And you're not.

    So she pretends to be "just like you", and speaking "for you - to you". The typical FOX viewer that she chooses (has to...?) dumb things down for. Or, she really IS that dumb. I think she's that dumb, myself...

    But - even with all of her money, all of her folksy "ism's", all of her posturing regarding the President and Mrs. Obama - and pandering to her bots - it's all envy and sour grapes.

    All of it. She's still raging mad SHE'S not anywhere near the White House.

    - KAO

  15. Randall5:11 AM

    George W. Bush took the bucket and punched several great big holes in it. All the water was gushing out as he handed the bucket to Barack Obama and ran out the door.

    Ever since, idiots like Palin and Hannity have been pointing and shouting: Hey! Look! That black guy is letting all the water run out of the bucket!


  16. Wow. Somebody dolled up the set, washed and tricked out the wig, lit the fire and really set out all the pretty stuff for us to look at. But there's no way to hide stupid. So, yes Sarah, you and yours are a bunch of numbskulls. You said it!

  17. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Wow she looks really bad and unhealthy. All those illegal drugs are starting to affect her physical appearance. She should really consider an intervention.

  18. Anonymous5:26 AM

    Her numb scull comes from the glue she puts on it to hold the wig on!

  19. Anonymous5:28 AM

    "Heartland" is code for "white Anglo Republican Christians." If you're not all of those things, you can live in the middle of Iowa, and not be considered a "rill American" by Sarah. If you are all of those things, you can live on the edge of Alaska and be a Sarah Palin rill American.

    PS Gryphen, remind me to never piss you off! LOL

  20. Why, yes, yes, Sarah, I do think you are a numbskull, and may I add to your vocabulary other descriptors you may use to refer to your level of intelligence:

    numbskull numskull--
    noun fool, charlie (Brit. informal), dope (informal), jerk (slang, chiefly U.S. & Canad.), dummy (slang), clot (Brit. informal), plank (Brit. slang), berk (Brit. slang), prick (derogatory slang), wally (slang), prat (slang), plonker (slang), coot, geek (slang), twit (informal), bonehead (slang), buffoon, dunce, oaf, simpleton, dullard, dimwit (informal), dipstick (Brit. slang), dickhead (slang), gonzo (slang), schmuck (U.S. slang), dork (slang), nitwit (informal), dolt, blockhead, divvy (slang), pillock (Brit. slang), dweeb (U.S. slang), putz (U.S. slang), fathead (informal), eejit (Scot. & Irish), thicko (Brit. slang), gobshite (Irish taboo slang), dunderhead, numpty (Scot. informal), doofus (slang, chiefly U.S.), lamebrain (informal), fuckwit (taboo slang), thickhead, nerd or nurd (slang)

    Courtesy: Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002

  21. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn5:35 AM

    Why yes, Miss Wiggy--your followers ARE a bunch of numbskulls, and those who are propping up your "political career" are all too aware of that. How better to control the True Believers than through fear and smear? BTW, where were these people when George W. "Slappy" Bush was spending like a drunken sailor? Oh, yeah, that was for a Patriotic War, right?

    What makes me nervous is that people are suddenly agreeing with the Wench from Wasilla re: Romney releasing his financial documents. Of course he SHOULD, but then Missy has a lot hiding under her roadkill cap as well. I hope this isn't an attempt to start putting "smart" talking (or yapping) points in her earpiece to make her sound more and more appealing to those who aren't aware of all her issues. I'm really hoping this is just the GOP devouring their own, and she's safe to say whatever she wants because she isn't running, but...

    (PS--Stephanie Miller is just talking about how the Romney remark is making SP look like a "genius.")

  22. Sally in MI5:43 AM

    Urban Dictionary: Thesaurus for numbskull:
    idiot moron stupid dumbass fool retard dimwit nincompoop dolt dumb simpleton dork dummy dunce ignoramus ass cretin dullard dumbo
    Sarah Palin

    How can one person represent so many defintions? By golly, Sarah really IS exceptional at something. She is the definition of stupid.

  23. Anonymous5:45 AM

    P.S. By the way, Alaska is not located in the "heartland of America." Just in case you did not know where to look for it on the map.

    Ummm, yeah, that's "sort of" the same thought I had. Mind you with a lot less profanity, but still, it was close.

  24. Anonymous5:45 AM

    4:57 am. That's a great description of how Mitt Romney and his business, like many others, ripped off their fellow countrymen. And they did it all for greed. Simply greed.

    I commuted to work with people who, one by one, lost their jobs in the late 1990's to mergers and takeovers, etc. It was just tragic. Most of my fellow commuters at that time worked for two or three city banks in positions from tellers to low-level officers and had worked in their jobs for many years. Their banks that had been in existence for close to forever were simply gobbled up by ever larger banks and the top management got "golden parachutes." Everyone else just got fired. Now we now have only a few banks left and they're all corrupt.

    Some people made out like bandits in those years, like Mitt Romney, but it was on the backs of thousands of employees who lost everything, especially their self respect.

    I doubt if I will ever live long enough to learn of a Republican politician whom I can respect. And I live in the "heartland," or the northern edge of it. Sarah Palin is quite far away from the "heartland," both literally and figuratively. I don't think she has a caring heart.

  25. Anonymous5:46 AM

    How do you think SarahPac is helping to pay for "extras" -- whatever extra stimulants Sarah and Todd indulge in when they're not wearing still-toed shoes or broadcasting from the Little Mermaid's cave?
    Their accounting will be fasctinating to see. This goes far beyond paying her parents to lick envelopes.
    Is Track getting a salary for his shift as a "security guard?"
    Can't wait.

  26. palin is the wreck they dust off to speak to the core hannity supporters who are all about racism and hate.

    notice if you will whose show the frigid ho goes on and what the message is.
    cavuto for instance would never have the frigid ho bashing the presidents wife on his show.

    in any event confusion runs rampant in the palin house where there is a fake marriage a fake birth and so many fake kids and stories that you need to write a book..o...wait!..that book has been written.

    this woman is so sad she doesnt see how all she is the wax dummy carted out to spew some hate then locked away again in the frozen house of make believe.......

  27. @anon 5:26 am

    "Her numb scull comes from the glue she puts on it to hold the wig on!"

    Brilliant! :-)

  28. Anonymous5:49 AM

    I agree with KOA, 5:06, Sarah tries to portray herself as "just folks," when she is one of the 1%. She is a millionaire. Sarah insists on flying first class (when others are paying). She has two million dollar houses in Wasilla and another in Arizona. She is paid $1 million a year to appear on TV on a regular basis. She works very hard at being a celebrity. Sarah is not "Heartland."

    As for the $5 trillion debt, it was accumulated over years before Obama came into office. Much of that debt was inherited from the Bush administration.

    As far as that "numbskill" remark, all we need for an example is the latest GOP candidate debate and the talking heads at Fox News.

  29. Anonymous5:53 AM

    I have such respect and admiration for our beautiful, intelligent, educated and forward-thinking First Lady of the United States.
    The First Lady will not deign to respond to this scuzzy, grifting, cheap and materialistic prop.

  30. I can't get the video. I overheard part of it. Did Palin also swipe at MO that she does not know what her husband has been doing?

  31. Anonymous5:54 AM

    O/T, but is Palin related. Please read Malias' latest post.(link is in the left sidebar) Dave Parker of the APD has destroyed Shalleys' cell phone and laptop. This is skull-duggery of the worst sort.


  32. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Isn't it incredible Fox still wants Sarah Palin to make appearances? Shouldn't they be viewing her as completely lacking in any credibility, and instead as a liability? I guess they just can't live without the venom she spews. Is she the female Rush Limbaugh?

    It just occurred to me that she has basically taken Ann Coulter's place on the bitch front. Both women (? I have my questions about Ann) are just royal bitches. And stupid.

    There's a "type" that Fox needs in its little variety show arsenal. Sarah fills the bill, apparently. Why do conservatives need angry, bitter women to do their dirty work for them?

    If Sarah thinks the economic situation would be better right now if John McCain were president and she were VP - she's an idiot. I can't even imagine where we'd be right now. Terrifying.

    Some Democrats should go over McCain's platform and hypothetically put some of the policies in place, and see where it would have gotten us.

  33. I can't listen to her - but watching that video - the mean shines through - just as you describe Edie - well said

  34. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Criticize her, but Sarah Palin was the original OWS protester. She has always been anti-DC BS.

    Then why do you listen to her Anon 4:08? Ignore her like we do. Move on with your life.

  35. carrieoki6:01 AM

    The tone of today's comments is powerful. I enjoyed reading them.
    Sarah Palin, you are unable or unwilling to sit down and STFU. Just know that that proverbial brass ring will always be out of your reach.

  36. Baldy "numbskull" Palin last couple of weeks have been very good for her BaldyPac coffers! That's why she tried to finish strong with a jab at the First Lady...she knows what riles up her fellow KKK members!

    Baldy may not have the "book learnin" but she sure is cunning when it comes to her bank account! Baldy doesn't give a damn what us "Libs" say about her as long as we show her ginormous head with the hairline showing on those god awful wigs she insist on wearing on TV!

    Baldy's a "numbskull" which in hillbilly land puts her at the top of the food she's happy to be the "Leader" of all the "numbskulls" nation wide! You have to give it to old Baldy...any publicity is better than no publicity!

    But Baldy better be careful when it comes to calling out "Milt"...he knows her secrets....ALL OF HER SECRETS...and if whatever she is babbling makes any kind of dent, "Milt" will not hesitate to smash her like a bug...or give her just a little bit of a flick off his shoulder...and if he's really pissed at her...he'll have her flat bony ass "crated" and put on the top of his campaign bus in a "airtight kennel" and taken for some "fresh air"! She is after all a "pitbull with lipstick"!

    And not even her "mom jeans" wearing, girlish voice having, sashaying husband the Toad will be able to save her! LOL!!

  37. Virginia Voter6:04 AM

    Wow, Sarah I didn't know you could see Russia from the heartland of America you dolt.

    Sshhh, you better keep that secret from the rill niddle Americuns before they start tryin to shoot Putin down with their 6 gauge rifles.

  38. Irishgirl6:05 AM

    She can't even pronounce numbskull properly - what a gobshite.

    Also too, isn't Steve Schmidt working for the Romney campaign now? If Sarah gets a bit overzealous with her attacks against Romney, I'm sure Schmidt will have a word in someone's ear. Steve must know a lot of Sarah's secrets. I'd love to see the whole lot of them at each other's throats.

  39. Anonymous6:12 AM

    That scene she put on there wasn't an answer a serious contributor would react like. That scene was a true blue look into the heart of Sarah's spite and spit and anger with the First Lady and President. That scene is scary.

    Is Fox hiring her to be "hate-leader"? They found the perfect person. She can't even hide her rabid feelings anymore. She demonstrates a psychopathic side.

    That scene gave me chills.

  40. Anonymous6:16 AM

    I'm confused. I thought she wanted to be a numbskIull. Otherwise you need to be educated and that is definitely frowned upon. So, which is it? Sounds like flips-flopping to me.

  41. lostinmn6:18 AM

    I kind of wore myself out on HP yesterday and got about 2/3 of my comments banned. For me the bottom line is this woman is rapidly becoming irrelevant. That she's gotten a lot of press time lately can be attributed to two factors - 1. she had to steal the spotlight from Gabby and this is the only way she can get her name - taking punches at POTUS, dissing the real people running for the GOP nomination, and when that didn't get more than a single day headline she went of after FLOTUS. She knows that will get a rise out of people - and 2. She is trying to hijack the GOP primary news cycles like she did back in IA and NH when they had their straw vote and Mitt's announcement. Old tactics for Sara - so someone hosed her down, got her meds adjusted, cleaned up the rat trap studio and shoved her out in front of the camera. She appeals to a certain fundamentalist crazy fringe so they'll keep sticking her out there until the contract is up. Better to let her verify for the majority of people who think she is certifiably crazy and breathe a sigh of relief she'll never get any closer to the White House than she got. Now she's moved into the unelectable category of political figures. I think she knows it and her snark these days is just her bitterness and hate coming forth from her mouth every time she gets a chance. No one in their right mind would ever vote for her to be POTUS and therein lies the great failure - once again defeated and increasingly irrelevant except as an attack dog. Once she's off Fox she'll fade away and become an odd footnote in history

  42. Anonymous6:22 AM

    She is an idiot and a numbskull.

    Meanwhile, and yes I know you Gryphen didn't add these ads, but there is now a Mitt Romney ad when I click here. It says " let's fight for the America we love"
    What an asshole. So President Obama and anyone who supports him, doesn't love America???

    Plan on one of the ugliest campaigns in history thanks to several supreme court justices bought and paid for by the top 1 %. And I wish the media would leave the nasty, redneck, stupid, uninformed Palins out of the whole thing.
    Only a small number of numbskulls care about their opinion.

  43. If I were her...I take that back. she shouldn't draw attention around her head and face regions.

    hers is mighty empty with slapped on dirty wigs and hair, disappearing hair (homer simpson has more) missing marbles and loose screws, weightlessness, a series of overly fried bumpits, lip gloss covered cold sores, dizziness, loss botox and such bring too much attention to that rock on her head already.

    Hey, you insufferable bitch, go count your "fire earthquake belly" votes. hahahaha

  44. lostinmn6:26 AM

    And no trolls? No Brisket? No Willet? No mama griz weighing in here today? They must have taken Sara from the set and locked her in her rubber walled room and are trading off monitoring her. I wonder if she's one of those people who shoot their mouth off and then realize what an ass they've made of themselves and spend the rest of the week obsessing over every word? Or that her manic phase is over and she's crashed to earth and won't be heard from for another three weeks. Crazy aunt syndrome.

  45. Anonymous said...

    Criticize her, but Sarah Palin was the original OWS protester. She has always been anti-DC BS.

    Then why do you listen to her Anon 4:08? Ignore her like we do. Move on with your life.

    5:59 AM

    You just had to crawl out from under that rock huh! Gov Baldy Palin is not even close to being an "original OWS protester" troll...she can't even spell OWS much less understand what the message is about!

    Baldy USE to be queen of the teabaggers but even they couldn't take all the grifting she was doing! Nobody is listening to a damn thing Baldy has to say because we're all too distracted by how big her head is, why her wigs look so fucked up, why her eyes are turning into snake slits, along with trying to figure out why she is showing her ever aging face on TV and not realizing that she is being constantly LAUGHED at for her stupidity!

    So troll thanks for the advice about "ignoring her" and "Move on with your life"...I'll move on when you stop defending that POS that crawled out of the swamp and has been wreaking havoc on our country since Aug 2008! Fuck off!

  46. Again I am re-posting the comment from the other day...because I love reminding the trolls that yes Baldy and company read IM...religiously! HAH!

    Anonymous said...

    Sarah tells people she doesn't read "the blogs" but she is obsessed with this one. Bristol too. They both have google alerts on their names and they (especially Sarah reloads IM on her iPad and blackberry. She even has an icon on her iPad that says "AH" (asshole) which is a shortcut to IM.

    I am friends with one of her nephews and I couldn't believe when I met her how she was with the cell phone. She looks at it all of the time even if she is talking to someone else. It makes her sister mad, you can tell.

    I did not see Bristol on IM, but her cousin told me she even checks it when she gets up to pee in the middle of the night.

    If you get on your own cell, Todd & her both spaz. One of our other friends was just checking email and right away Todd was all DID YOU JUST SEND SOMEONE A PHOTO OF US? LET ME SEE YOUR PHONE. It was insane. They are nuts, and obsessed with this blog

    2:04 PM


  47. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Sarah is being paid to be a "Professional Annoyance" and she pushes that dumb numbskull from the heartland persona, the wigs, the crazy outfits, her hillbilly way of talking, etc. It's all to appeal to all the other (I'm just like you) numbskulls out there that support her. She's the best thing since white bread to them. She wants them to forget that she's a millionaire and has million dollar houses, to them she's that Alaskan frontier women who is to busy hunting, fishing and taking care of kids to go get her hair done. Funny thing is, she doesn't even have to act the part..she is the dumb numbskull from Wasilla.

  48. Anonymous6:36 AM

    At the end of her rant, she rolls her eyes. Rolling her eyes at the First Lady; what a tragic person Sarah is.

  49. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Why would President Obama waste his time wondering how SHE would react to anything he does? She is NOBODY. To answer her question "YES, most people think you, your squeaky voiced husband and your uneducated kids are NUMBSKULLS" I saw that DWTS is having a reunion show, but no sign of Bristles. They upset enough viewers having her on the original, why irritate even more people.

  50. Cracklin' Charlie6:48 AM

    Sarah, you ignorant slut.


    You are so far from relevant that the light from relevant won't reach you for six years.

    You are not "out here in the heartland", but I am. And we don't want you here.


  51. Nancy In New York6:49 AM

    Are we not allowed to say F--- you Sarah anymore?

    My otherwise innocuous statement wasn't posted so I'm not sure if I offended the pyramidal order.

    Just to re-state. Edie, great comment on all points!

    Secondly, yes Sarah, everyone thinks you're a numbskull. Maybe you can make that your big girl word of the day.

  52. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Edie 4:39 AM

    When I first saw Michelle Obama, I thought , there is a beautiful woman.

    On the other hand, I never thought of Palin as beautiful. She looks too manly in the face, with her big jaw and all.

  53. Anonymous6:55 AM

    My guess is that Sarah believes that she has another shot at the office of VP should Newt get the nomination. She is also likely feeling pretty confident right now knowing that some of Shailey Tripp's evidence was destroyed.

    I have a hunch that Ms Tripp has a back-up of her data.

  54. Anonymous6:59 AM

    I've often wondered why, since the job Palin campaigned for in 2008 was the vice-presidency, she's so jealous of Michelle Obama. Did Sarah Palin think that she would become First Lady if John McCain became president?

  55. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Last time I heard the word numbskull used was when watching an old Three Stooges episode. Who says that anymore?

  56. The dishonesty this woman, Fox News and the GOP engage in constantly are one of the many reasons I could no longer remain a Republican.

    Her comment, "And we have fewer jobs today than we had before we took over, but, no, we’re numbskulls out here and we don’t know what the numbers actually represent!” Can easily be checked. Why do these people bother to lie like this, when it can so easily be checked out? As early as 2010 there was a dramatic shift in the numbers:

    The latest unemployment rate showed that the figures have dropped down to 8.5%, that is the lowest figure in the past 3 years:

    As for adding "new debt", Gryphen recently posted a chart that showed the percentage that previous presidents added to the deficit. President Obama has raised it the least out of the last five presidents, and that was necessary to keep America from completely collapsing after the Bush administration.

    Why doesn't the right ever look this stuff up?

  57. Anonymous7:14 AM

    @GinaM 6:06am,

    You have outdone yourself this time! I'm sitting her at work about to explode from stifling my laughter! Thanks for that. You are a gem. :-D

    R in NC

  58. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Strapped To The Roof: What 'Ruthless' Romney's Mistreatment of His Dog Tells Us About Him

  59. Looks like Baldy isn't quite finished torturing us with her mannish face and garbled nonsense...she's set to be on Judge Jeanine "Myfacedoesn'tmoveevenwhenItalk" Pirro tomorrow night! Like Charlie Brown said....ARRRGGGGGH!

  60. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Anyone that boards a transcontinental flight after an amniotic fluid leak without a medical check is either a numskull or horrifyingly indifferent to the plight of the unborn.

    Boasting about having endangered one's baby is either a numskull or a sociopath.

  61. Anonymous7:30 AM

    First time I agree with the Angry White Woman from Wasilla. Yes, she is a numbskull!

  62. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Sarah's head is quite big and is not proportionate to her body.

    Everyone has a disproportionate thing going on. But only Sarah thinks she has no physical flaws. She sits there with her big head while hissing at others and pulling down others; it's quite a sight to see.

  63. Anonymous7:43 AM

    I’ll bet Romney $10,000 I’m right.

  64. Anonymous7:44 AM

    I'd be willing to bet my salary that Michelle Obama could kick Sarah Palin's ass and hunt & fish better than her.

  65. In Dec. 07 the unemployment rate was 7.3.
    In Dec. 08 the unemployment rate was 9.9. Palin would not note the economy beginning the end of 08 was on the brink of a great depression when Obama took office. Dec. 2011 the rate is 8.5.

    Palin uses the numbers as proof Obama "destroyed" the economy. I am glad McCain and Palin who ran around declaring the fundamentals of the economy are strong while the bottom dropped out did not win.

    The president has been forthright and accurate about the recession and economic recovery in progress.

  66. Anonymous7:48 AM

    A woman with the IQ of an Almond Joy asking this question. One can't make this stuff up.

  67. Maple7:49 AM

    @Next Chapter: Politicians continue to lie about easily checked "facts" because they know that tv and press interviewers/reporters won't call them on it. Why? Because a) the interviewers haven't done their homework, and b) they know it would be their last interview with said politician.
    I think the big problem we're facing (esp. in the U.S.) is that TV News has morphed into TV Entertainment. While I believe this was always the case with Faux Gnus, it seems to have travelled beyond cable and right on in to the major networks.
    I live north of the border (but receive all the U.S. networks plus CNN) and am grateful that this "news as entertainment" hasn't yet crept northward. I'm also grateful that the news, when it is reported here, must also be the truth.......

  68. Anonymous7:49 AM

    What's a numscle? W/out G, I never would have known what she was saying.

  69. Anonymous7:52 AM

    What Romney does want to talk about:

  70. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Thanks Next Chapter, for being the only one to respond to the bitch with facts instead of just ridicule, which only feeds her sickness.

  71. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Who is paying for her home decor upgrades - SarahPac or Fox? I don't believe that she would personally pay for the floral arrangements nor do I believe she cares whether they are there or not - they are props.

  72. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Sarah's obviously very bitterly jealous of Michelle. Michelle is our First Lady, lives in the White House, and is married to a Harvard educated man who's a brilliant orator, and President of the United States. He's also handsome.

    Sarah lives in Wasilla AK, and is married to a man who hasn't progressed past high school, can barely string two sentences together, and quit his job to be supported by her.

  73. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Sarah is just a Fox News Contributor not a political analyst.

  74. Smirnonn8:32 AM

    It's sooooo funny! She just can't help herself. Insannity baited her and she immediately had a smarmy snark-gasm. For being such a "patriot" she sure loves to express her hatred for and jealousy of PRESIDENT Obama (yes, serror, he IS our president).

    Still, I think there's a bit of "the 'lady' doth protest too much, methinks" going on here :) And the funniest part of it is President Obama just ignores her:

    Gawd I LOVE that clip!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA :)

  75. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Sarah Palin Book: Sex, Drugs & Snow Scooters

  76. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Speaking of Numbskulls, Sarah's brother from another mother:

    Rick Perry! and the Rise of the Jackiebaggers

  77. Anonymous said...

    Thanks Next Chapter, for being the only one to respond to the bitch with facts instead of just ridicule, which only feeds her sickness.

    7:58 AM
    To bad Baldy doesn't read or "do facts"...and if you haven't noticed....Gov Baldy ONLY responds to "ridicule" because that is what she is use to. Yes, she loves "feeding her sickness" by reading all the beautiful and wonderful things we say about her sometimes clean, sometimes dirty wig, herpes lip infected, scrawny neck showing, dead eye wearing glasses she doesn't need, incoherent babbling that she spews here in the comments of IM!

    Since she's going to be on Judge WhateverFace tomorrow...I would like to make a request Baldy that you use the word "benign" in the word salad that you will be spewing tomorrow...

    I have a 10 dollar bet ridding on this if you do! Come on Baldy...make us proud!!

  78. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Ron Paul / Racist Newsletter

  79. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Yeah you numbskulls have a name: Tea baggers.

    What a dimwit.

  80. Anonymous8:56 AM

    She proved her own point that she is a numbskull. Listening to her and what spewed out of her mouth, she hasn't been paying attention to recent statistics or where we were when Obama took over. Somehow that is easy for people like her to forget.

  81. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Ron Paul Loves Blacks, Santorum Loves Made-Up Gay Son, Pope Newt

  82. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Criticize her, but Sarah Palin was the original OWS protester. She has always been anti-DC BS.

    Then why do you listen to her Anon 4:08? Ignore her like we do. Move on with your life.

    5:59 AM
    You have no idea what OWS is do you? LOL!

  83. Anonymous9:03 AM

    She said numbSCHOOLS! I guess that's why school is so bad in her view--it makes you into a know it all numbSCHOOL. lol.

  84. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Anonymous said...
    DFC...'nuff said.
    4:20 AM


    though $he needs to get kicked and kicked hard, like lift off the ground hard, right in that literal anatomical region

  85. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Hey numbskull. You might have bought a house in Arizona that you don't live in. That doesn't qualify you to speak for the heartland of America. Alaska, ya know the one you and Toad want to sever away from the lower states so you can rule as Queen and King of the Yukon doesn't qualify as Heartland.

    So Toad is trying to score a reality show on his own, talks to Larry the Cable guy, calls in a political pitch for Gingrich who is all set to win in South Carolins without him. Hubby seems to be reaching out to grab some dollars without his big mama.

  86. Anonymous9:10 AM

    To the person with the list of synonyms--I have another! My grandmother in VA used the term "boob" for numbskulls. I kinda like it for Sarah. Often emphasized by adding the adjective "stupid" as in, "stupid boob" and it can be male of female!

  87. Anonymous9:11 AM

    I guess ol' Johnny 'Demented' McCain has a different definition of 'wacko' than most Americans if he thinks that Sarah wasn't:

  88. Anonymous9:12 AM

    What's wrong, Bitch Queen? You KNOW you can't run and WHY you can't run. So what's with the 7th grade tantrum? It's all YOUR doing, after all.

  89. lilli9:14 AM

    Fox News..the Official Numbskull Station. We cater to our numbskull viewers and only hire numbskulls. Sarah Payme, Alaskan Queen of Numbskulls, is the poster girl for Fox News.

  90. Anonymous9:22 AM

    8:48 AM -

    Gina, I'll help the numbskool along:

    Pirro: "There's still people out there wanting you to enter this race."

    Baldy: "That be nign."

  91. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Queen of Mean is exactly what she is. She has never shown one ounce of respect of the fact that President Obama said "hands off" her family in the campaign. Politics has been and will always be an ugly business, but with her ugly is spelled with capital letters - UGLY.

  92. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Sarah is now "entertainment", not even a political analyst on Fox - simply a contributor. Contributor is pretty open-ended - they give her the talking points and Todd winds her up and she's good for 15 - 18 minutes. Not a bad gig - most people would lose their jobs with an attitude like hers.

  93. Anonymous9:36 AM

    These guys are a HOOT! The comments about Mr. Bachmann made me destroy my keyboard:

  94. Anonymous9:59 AM

    A tidbit is for Gina M. :-)

    I stopped by the cesspool a bit ago and found this gem from brianusanus:

    "Remember how Hannity cited to Sarah some ridiculous words from the lips of michelle obama??

    How did Sarah react?? She placed her HAND on her right temple and said "Oh, Lord, Oh Lord; what, are we just a bunch of numbskulls out here in the heartland of America?" And she goes on to mention some of the economic disasters we have suffered under obama.

    IMHO, this use of the HAND gesture was her most striking example of NON-VERBAL ELOQUENCE since the famous winks in the 2 October, 2008 VP debate against joe biden!!!"

    "famous winks" just cracks me up.

  95. Anonymous10:03 AM

    there is nothing more evil or "numbskull" like than militant ignorance and she is full of it. Plus.....she looks so damn ugly and bitchy when she is showing her militant ignorance.

  96. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Sarah's comments about Michelle Obama make her sound like a "hater". An "immature" hater. It sounds as if Sarah is "jealous" of Michelle Obama.

    I can see why she would be though. Michelle has everything that Sarah doesn't have. Intelligence, class, charm, personal style, a loving husband and well-behaved children.

    And she lives in the White House.

    And Sarah doesn't.

  97. Anonymous10:06 AM

    That is some immature body language she's got going there. Boy, the first couple really gets under her skin!! Hilarious!

    BTW- Dried grass and twigs from Walmart makes for terribly tasteless home decor.

  98. 9:59AM....thank you for the "tidbit"...I had to take a break from the madness at "Crazies4Palin" because I caught myself nodding in agreement with one of the comments! They are truly a "Cult of Fools" over there!

    Well.... I hustled myself post haste to the nearest "detox" may have heard of's called "The Immoral Minority"...the doctors and staff at this facility really know how to treat the patients and bring you back to reality...all without using gimmicks or drugs! They use something and TRUTH!

    Now as far as that Brian "Bootyhole" character...I think the "HAND gesture" is what he was probably doing when ole Baldy "winked" during the debates..NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK

  99. 9:22AM.....LOL!!!! We can only hope she answers the question with such a short sentence! Usually her answer is a rambling mess of her stock phrases with a side dish of facial ticks and grimaces!

  100. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Alaska may be her heartland, but it is not connected to mine and I don't want or claim any connection to her in my heartland.

  101. Anonymous10:46 AM

    It's interesting how threatened Sarah seems to be by Michelle Obama. She seems to go after her on a personal level over and over again. Perhaps she's jealous of our First Lady-beautiful, articulate, and poised, everything that Sarah is not.

  102. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Yes, Sarah, you are an idiot - a jealous, vendictive, shallow, self-centered, ignorant bitch.

    Go comb your hair.

  103. imnofred10:47 AM

    Jealousy, hatred, envy, and mean girl high school mentality. What else needs to be said??

  104. When I was a little girl growin’ up and I was takin’ geometry class or geography class or somethin’, I saw lotsa maps where Alaska was right on top of this great country of ours, the good ole U.S.A. Somebody told me they showed it like that so you could see how big they were, one of ‘em, both of ‘em. Anyway, Wasilla was right in the middle of Missouri or someplace and you can’t get any more heartland than that, mister smartie pants Jesse Griffin. Now I don’t know whether they put the U.S.A. on top of Alaska or they put Alaska on top of the U.S.A. and I remember askin’ my dad how far the Mississippi River was outside of town and could we drive out and watch the riverboats some night after supper. He tried to explain it to me, and I think I sorta get it now. I bet those folks in Okliehoma sure like fishin’ the Cook Inlet just as much as we like havin’ ‘em up here.

  105. 7:14 AM

    Hey...Baldy makes it so easy! The woman is an INTERNATIONAL JOKE and she's too stupid to know it!

  106. Anonymous11:04 AM

    She sure isn't attractive in this video - truly has gone downhill physically in three + years.

    Sarah, know you read this blog! You are a 'has been', sweetie. In body, mind and spirit (negative).

    You've had all this time to educate yourself about our government and statistics and you've not done a damned thing.

    You and Toad are true hillbillies from a small, small town in Alaska! You are both uneducated, lazy, mean spiritied, liars, poor parents and unethical. I cannot imagine your children having to put up with the two of you!

  107. Anonymous11:09 AM

    My mom SWEARS that during the 2008 campaign, Barack was caught on video telling Michelle to shut up because she's too stupid to open her mouth. I have never seen or heard reference to this from anyone else, and from everything I've seen of the Obama marriage, it's totally out of character. Does it ring a bell for anyone else? Is my mom, through the lens of Rush Limbaugh, misreading a real incident, or is it completely fabricated?

    My response when she brings this up is always, "If this is true--which I doubt--the McCain campaign had to do the same thing with Sarah Palin. They had to closely monitor all her media appearances because she's so stupid. Katie Couric interview ring any bells? And Michelle Obama wasn't the one running for office."

  108. lilly lily11:10 AM

    Malia Litman has a wonderful post on the vice grip the Palins have in Alaska.

    Shailey Tripp is answering questions on her Ask Anything Friday.

    Very interesting as she plans to sue.

    1.The APD.

    2.John Tiemesson, the lawyer.

    3.The Palin couple? Not sure if she means only Todd, or Todd and Sarah.

    Very interesting development.

  109. Another smashing rejection of Crony Palinism, a la Joe Miller and Christine O'Donnell. The good news is this one has 12 counts filed against him with potential felonies on the way. And Alaska has a new attorney general. Sarah, we're still here waiting to watch the iceberg hit its target. Make no mistake, it' headed your way....

    Rossi resignation resonates with Alaska wildlife biologists
    Rick Sinnott | Jan 12, 2012

    Alaska wildlife conservation director charged with helping illegally kill bears
    Should state approve wolf-control measures on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula?
    Political science at Alaska Fish and Game

    Less than two years after his appointment as director of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Division of Wildlife Conservation, Corey Rossi has resigned, effective immediately. Dale Rabe, deputy director, has been appointed acting director.

    An email from Fish and Game Commissioner Cora Campbell cited “personal reasons” for Rossi’s resignation. However, he was recently charged with 12 counts of illegal bear hunting as a licensed assistant guide in 2008.

    State wildlife biologists who couldn’t wait to share the news with their peers were calling one another Thursday evening, shortly after Commissioner Campbell’s email announcing Rossi’s resignation was sent to state offices.

    Rossi was arguably the least popular director since statehood, both publicly and internally. He had been appointed to Fish and Game in December 2008 by then-Gov. Sarah Palin, a high-level position specifically created for Rossi, a proponent of “intensive management,” better known as predator control. Rossi listed Palin’s parents as references in his application for assistant commissioner.

  110. ...continued from the Rossi article because this was just too rich to not share:

    Wildlife biologists working under Rossi have been reluctant to criticize him or his pet projects publicly because retribution was swift and harsh. This reticence didn’t muzzle wildlife biologists formerly employed by Fish and Game, however, who sent a letter in March 2010 to then-Commissioner Denby Lloyd asking him to reconsider Rossi’s appointment. That letter and a follow-up letter were signed by 53 former wildlife biologists whose careers totaled 1,007 years of experience with the Department of Fish and Game stretching back, in several instances, to the late 1950s. The former biologists cited Rossi’s lack of education or experience in wildlife management and research, calling him a “single issue advocate who lacks the educational background necessary for an entry-level biologist position.”

    He sounds exactly like Sarah Palin--uneducated, hypocritical, grifting and vindictive.

  111. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Where's the shoe throwing?!!

  112. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Sarah, ummm...can we ask you and your mom about this please? Got some 'splainin to do. So much redacting to do, so little time! Scratch that, they are giving you all the time needed to scrub them.

  113. Shouldn't garbage be free!

  114. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Yes, Sarah, anyone watching that program, except those who are watching it to laugh at you, are total numbskulls, but not for the reasons you insinuate.

  115. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Edie - beautifully said.

    The Palins are always saying people are jealous of them. Let me tell you now - Bristol, Sarah, Willow - there's no way I would EVER want to be you. EVER.


  116. Anonymous1:33 PM

    OT from Shailey Tripp's web site:

    Sooo... what is your next step in this obvious destruction of evidence and obstruction of law?
    * 4 hours ago
    * in reply to Shaytripp
    Well I have followed all the lawyers advise and steps. And now that this is the result and there is a clear paperwork trail in court, I am working on retaining a lawyer and I plan to sue the APD, John Tiemessen, and the Palins.

    * 4 hours ago

  117. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Gina M says,

    "I think the "HAND gesture" is what he was probably doing when ole Baldy "winked" during the debates..NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK..."

    Hah! I laughed clean out loud at that!

  118. carollt2:14 PM

    Sarah is a numbskull, no doubt about it. Who can forget Paul Revere and Africa being a country? Maybe we will miss her someday, but I highly doubt it. Glad to see that she is fading from the political scene. Now all we hear from her is hate and bitterness because she finally realizes that no one likes her, no one wants her and she is fading as fast as her looks.

  119. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Sarah is so jealous of Michelle. Michelle has a real marriage--something Sarah's never known. Yes, Sarah, some of us have marriages that are romantic! It's true! Too bad you have no idea what that means.

  120. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I laughed my lungs out today. I do not usually visit the see for pee site, but today I did just to see how they are supporting the flip flopper. Contrary, Mean mama is leading them into supporting Newt or Perry.
    I enjoyed their comments with the made up video attacking the spoiled 1% child Mitt. here are some comments that made me smile.

    Freempg Yesterday 01:17 PM in reply to angeleno

    You can read my posts on disqus if you like. I favor Newt as a secondary choice to the Governor, as does Todd Palin if you haven't noticed.

    I have been open and honest about my support of Newt, but I will be satisfied with Santorum if worse comes to worse. Just don't come crying to me when Axelrod crucifies him (pardon the expression) as the American Ayatollah. Newt has been turned inside out for a couple decades now with your boy Romney trying to finish him off.

    To save you the trouble of going through my posts, let me repeat my mantra: I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR ROMNEY. I often quote our resident historian, Hyman Roth, on the subject: "not even if V.I. Lenin were his opponent."

    Regarding Clinton and Obama (and now the others you named), they are open Democrats, such behavior is expected of them. Romney is a Democrat in Republican clothing, which makes him even more loathsome.
    Flag Yankee4Palin and 4 more liked this Like ReplyReply Freempg Yesterday 01:51 PM in reply to Freempg

    PS -- I would suggest you take a look at this to see what kind of a guy Romney really is, how he tried to destroy our girl before the election of 2008 was even concluded: (scroll down about halfway to "Romney Anti-Palin")

    Flag Yankee4Palin and 5 more liked this Like ReplyReply carmtom13 Yesterday 03:34 PM in reply to Freempg

    I don't think Governor Palin will not forget what Willard did to her with the help of McCain's staff and this started 2 weeks before the 2008 election. I would like to know where McCain was when this was going on? He never said a word to defend her, while his former staff members were defaming her. It seems to me they all are very jealous of Governor Palin.
    There is not a single politician who can come close to her political knowledge and they are afraid of her. I herd the chairperson of the Tea Party Express say that Sarah Palin is the female Ronald Reagan of our time. I agree!
    Flag Christopher H Fromme and 5 more liked this Like ReplyReply palinpatriot2012 Yesterday 03:03 PM in reply to Freempg

    I agree 100% with you.
    Flag 3 people liked this. Like ReplyReply rdman_VietVet Today 11:35 AM in reply to Freempg

    There's something "robotic" about Romney that really turns me off in addition to other unanswered issues including using shadowy surrogates to do his dirty work (like he did against Palin in 2008).

    If Bain was so successful, why isn't Romney talking it up and providing specifics and proof?? There is a stink around Romney... just doesn't smell right.

    On the other hand, Gingrich is attacking Romney like an "Alinsky Lefty" when he could very easily and effectively challenge Romney from a Conservative point-of-view. Newty really doesn't sound much like a Reagan Conservative as he claims to be. That's a big problem for me.

    I too hope Santorum catches fire... if Sarah doesn't jump in, there's no one else... so far!!!
    Flag Like ReplyReply rdman_VietVet Today 12:14 PM in reply to rdman_VietVet

    Correction... Romney did, in fact, talk specifically about Bain. He said that Bain did the same thing as Obama did when Obama bailed out GM...

    There it is, folks!!!!
    Flag Like ReplyReply angeleno Yesterday 01:25 PM in reply to angeleno

    P.S.--Actually, Barney Frank (housemate of pedophiles) pegged himself, not Romney..He pegged Frank, Obama, Biden, Clinton, Schumer, Sharpton, Pelosi, Reid, Durbin , Kerry and all the thousands of Democrat elected-crooks destroying our country.

  121. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Roadrunnered Yesterday 12:22 PM
    How can the race be over...(?) when Romney has won a total of 12 delegates in the first 2 primaries (actually Iowa Caucuses don't award delegates) and the total required to win the nomination is 1,144 delegates?

  122. PalinsHoax3:36 PM

    Anonymous @ 11:09am said...

    "My mom SWEARS that during the 2008 campaign, Barack was caught on video telling Michelle to shut up because she's too stupid to open her mouth. I have never seen or heard reference to this from anyone else, and from everything I've seen of the Obama marriage, it's totally out of character. Does it ring a bell for anyone else?"


    That "shut-up" comment seems to fit more into what McCain said to his wife Cindy during the 2008 election, when her called her a c**t in front of others.

    I can see that repulsive manner of speaking to one's spouse coming from McCain, or being spoken between the Palins. Both couples have frigid, disrespectful marriages in my eyes.

  123. Anonymous3:55 PM

    The NH delegates allotted by the primary vote are:
    7 Romney
    3 Paul (Ron)
    2 Huntman

    for a total of 12 delegates from NH. It used to be more delegates for the NH primary but the GOP is penalizing the state for moving its primary so early in the year.

  124. Anonymous5:47 PM

    I didn't think Alaska was in the "heartland".
    Last time I checked, you CANT see Russia from Omaha...

    This woman is truly a pox. She is queen of the flat earthers.

    I tell my girls to look up to Michele Obama...and to just avoid looking at Palin.

  125. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Criticize her, but Sarah Palin was the original OWS protester. She has always been anti-DC BS.

    Then why do you listen to her Anon 4:08? Ignore her like we do. Move on with your life.

    he he he

    "Sarah Palin was the original OWS protester She has always been anti-DC BS.

    Try Again,

    Wall Street Greed is what OWS is about, last time I checked, Wall Street is in New York City, not the District of Columbia (which, by the way, isn't in South America)

    And for the record, Sarah's more of and AC kind of BS chick ;o)

  126. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Sarah rubs her temple and says "Oh Lord!, Oh Lord!". Pause the video, recall what Shailey said about little Todd (on a good day)

    laugh out loud!

    That's all this numbskull is good for, ridicule and disdain.

    Michelle Obama's birtday is tuesday, doesn't she look radiant at 48?

    Dang, Sarah, you was a grandma at that age! Stop trying to look like a dollar store in a hurricaine! Grow Up!

  127. "I'm kind of king of the dipshits"~

    the geek

    16 candles

  128. Anonymous1:12 PM

    I can't wait to find out why Faux is pushin Palin in the past few weeks. I had hoped they were running out her contract so they can let her go sooner than later.

    However, it seems she is useful in ripping apart Mitt Romney - hence all the flirtation between Todd and Newt -

    Murdoch and Ailes sure don't like Willard but apparently the establishment GOP - what's left of them anyway, support him.



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