Sunday, February 05, 2012

One of the few religious holidays I observe. The Superbowl!

Thank God there's nothing phallic about this!
Good morning sports fans!

I hope that you are prepared for today's festivities.

Got your cold beer?

The  big sandwich?

Some hot wings?

Kids duct taped to the walls of their bedroom?

Well then you my friend are ready to sit back and enjoy America's favorite pastime that you can do with your clothes on.  (Or off, we don't judge here.)

I actually don't watch football, ever, but I DO watch the Superbowl every year for the same reason that everybody else does. Because I am a hapless victim of marketing.

Today will be the tenth year of the Gryphen family tradition where my brother comes over to eat my food, laugh at the fact that I once again do not know who is playing, and to clog at least one of my toilets. 

We actually never spend any time together except holidays and Superbowl Sunday so this will be kind of special.

Why don't we spend any time together? If you met him you would not have to ask.

I'm kidding, he 's a great guy. From a distance.

Anyhow to start the day off right I thought I would provide a few fun facts courtesy of Beacon Hill Patch:

Five Fun Facts About the Super Bowl 

1. This year, a 30-second commercial costs $3.5 million, up $400,000 from last year, according to 

2. Football fans are anticipated to consume an estimated 71.4 million pounds of Hass avocadosduring Big Game gatherings this year, according to the Hass Avocado Board. 

3. If you still think the 1983 season finale of M*A*S*H was the most-watched broadcast in the U.S., think again. The 2010 Super Bowl between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts stole that title, only to be beaten exactly one year later when 111 million people tuned in to watch the 2011 Super Bowl between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, according toNielsen Co. Will this year's game top the 2011 record? 

4. Heading into the game, The New York Giants have three Super Bowl titles (XXI in 1986, XXVin 1990, and XLII in 2007). They also have four titles in the pre-Super Bowl era: 1927, 1934, 1938, 1956). 

5. On the other hand, The New England Patriots have also won three Super Bowl championships (XXXVI in 2001, XXXVIII in 2003, and XXXIX in 2004). 

Wasn't that fascinating? Yeah I didn't think so either.

To be honest I really watch the game for the commercials. And no that is not unmanly of me.

So here is a peek at one of those just to whet your appetite. 

Now see THAT is entertaining.

Anyhow I hope you have a great day, and really enjoy watching the (team name you're rooting for here) demolish the (other crappy team who has no business even being in the Superbowl here.)

I will do a little blogging today, but not much or else my brother bitches that I am ignoring him and tells mom on me. Such a narc!


  1. Sally in MI3:29 AM

    Is that Mitt's setter?
    I don't watch any of this..I grew up in Ohio, and Art Modell stole our Browns, and I haven't watched many ganes since, nor will I. I will be rooting for all the UM players involved today, but I will watch UM beat MSU in basketball again, and then take a nice long walk. I'll prepare dinner for my hubby, and then retire to our room to get some work done on the computer. Have fun, but don't overeat! And no, I am not a Madonna fan, so I will not even watch the halftime hoopla.

  2. Anonymous3:45 AM

    Haha. Did Mom love him best?

    Go, Pats!

  3. Anonymous4:14 AM

    Well, I have got your spinach dip recipe made, and it is sooo good. Go Giants !

  4. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Gryphen, get the facts correct. Sarah Palin's Alaska had more viewers than any Super Bowl.

    The Bristol and Willow reality show will exceed all Super Bowls for audience numbers.

    and Todd's reality show will surpass them all.

    America just can't get enough of the "private" Palin family.

  5. Wolfbitch4:40 AM

    And you WILL be rooting for the Patriots. You WILL.

  6. angela4:57 AM

    Have fun Gryphen!

    Its the Puppy Bowl for me today. Them, I understand.

  7. Love the commercial. I am an avid avoider of commercials 364 days a year. On this day I make an exception. And Gryph, BOTH teams this year actually belong in the superbowl and they damn well better play their little stretch-panted butts off and provide me with a good game. And I'm making chicken salad wraps for the party I'm going to.

  8. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Buffalo chicken dip and pulled pork sandwiches here!
    As a practice, we mute the commercials in our house if the Tv is on, but not Today. Some of the ads are really funny. And gotta keep an eye out for the fundies anti choice ad.

  9. Paul - Minnesota5:39 AM

    Me watching the Super Bowl is the same as Sarah Palin endorsing or implied endorsing of someone.

    They'll both lose. I don't watch TV sports as I feel I jinx the team I want to win. Last time I watched the Super Bowl, Favre botched the chance of the Minnesota Vikings winning it.

    Yes, blame me, other Minnesotans, for the Saints winning that year.


  10. Indianapolis has been crazy all week! Looking forward to watching the game from home, with good food and friends.

  11. Indianapolis has been crazy all week! Looking forward to watching the game from home, with good food and friends.

  12. Anonymous6:07 AM

    I too am taking the day off from blogging to watch the game. Gonna order a pizza and camp out in front of my couch.

  13. Have a great day everyone!

  14. purefabulousity6:28 AM

    Like gryphen i never really have a clue about football, im watching for the ads.

    But since i live in MA: Goooooo pats!!

  15. WakeUpAmerica7:06 AM

    That WAS NOT a setter, you big Doof!! That was a purebred Canardly. "What's that?" you ask. It means you can 'ardly tell what breed it is. The dog is a mutt.

    Gryphen, don't forget your special spinach dip. You know the one that Knorr apparently bought from you. I, for one, will be making it for the festivities today.

  16. WakeUpAmerica7:10 AM

    ROFLMAO!! Good one.

  17. Smirnonn7:33 AM

    Happy Superbowl Holiday to all!! May Nimrod bless the blessed tournament with blessings of blessedness!!! I am rooting for the (mmmsmmms) to defeat the (mmammmmssszzzzzz). Honestly, if it's not the Packers, I don't give a shit. Whatever, Patriotists and Largants. Zzzzzzzz.

    Have fun, Gryph and thanks again for the superlative blog-age. If I ever get up Alaska way dinner is SO on me (and drinks, of course). AND, (not that I think you're into this) I think I know someone up there who can hook us up with some strange (yeah, I DID THAT. Found a way to inject some anti-paylump into this superbowl post. Deal...).

    May all of you engorge on hot wings, guacamole and your beverage of choice. Me, I'm diving into dirty vodka (Effen) martinis with 4 garlic stuffed olives. Already got one under the belt (it's noon-O'clock somewhere....)

    Fuck yeah!!!!!


  18. Anita Winecooler7:44 AM

    Have a great time, Gryphen!
    Love the dog commercial and a huge fan of VW cars. We're having a group of family and friends over, pigging out on wings, pulled pork sandwiches, piggies in blankets, broiled shrimp wrapped in bacon, onion rings, french fries, sliders and my new favorite Spinace Dip.

    There's something to like for everyone, even those who don't understand the game. Both teams deserve it, but I'm rooting for the Giants ONLY because my husband's for the other team.

  19. Eagles' fans everywhere have mixed feelings here, but: Patriots!

  20. You will love this video--an animation of a Bill Maher New Rule explaining that socialism is what makes football so great.

    Hope everyone enjoys the game.

  21. Anonymous9:12 AM

    I'm boycotting the Super Bowl this year because of the NFL's ties to the Komen Foundation.

    You can't just pick and choose what's convenient for you if you want to make a stand Gryphen.


  22. Not a Patriots fan but, I will be rooting for them (since they beat the crap out of Team Tebow, and the Broncos).
    Well, to be honest, I'll be rooting for whomever will let me win my pool.

  23. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Matt Lauer interview with President Obama(Super Bowl 2012)

  24. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Watch Super Bowl XLVI Live Streaming

    ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?! Well, get out the chips and buffalo wings, find the most comfortable chair in your house, get relaxed, and enjoy watching the (Giants/Patriots) totally destroy the (Patriots/Giants)! And make sure you watch all the ads, because believe it or not, it cost a lot of money to get those talking animals to snack on Doritos and Bud Light. Also, Madonna will be there.

    Click here to watch the Super Bowl live feed via NBC Sports

  25. Anonymous7:14 PM

    You always make me laugh when you talk about your family. Thanks!

    Hope you had a fun day!


  26. Hopefully, Rob Gronkowski calls me because he needs...consoling.


  27. I wish there would have been a way for them both to lose.


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