Sunday, February 05, 2012

Mitt Romney cartoon just about says it all.

I am fairly sure that a number of you would LOVE to cram Mitt Romney in one of those dog carriers strapped to the roof for REAL.

Can't say he doesn't deserve it either.


  1. Sally in MI4:59 AM

    So how long will any moderates left in the GOP put up with "Obama is bad," "Obama's policies are not creating jobs," "Obama hates the military," "Obama is a laughingstock in Europe," and "Obama was never American?" When your major candidate has NOTHING but dog whistles and tired soundbites slamming the POTUS, won't it be hard to generate any enthusiasm about him? I mean, I know they hate this President, but unless they are totally brai dead, he has accomplished more for the good of this nation (even them!) than anyone since Clinton. And eventually, they will have to acknowledge that instead of pandering to the retarded base.

  2. angela5:53 AM

    Now Mitt has to vent stupidity until November.
    That might be a chore for the cardboard cut- out.

  3. Paul - Minnesota5:55 AM

    Ha, great cartoon.

    It also perfectly describes my state's ex-gov. Pawlenty.

    Pawlenty of Pandering to the extreme right. He was Mr. Running for Higher Office Flip Flops long before he went on Mitt's team.

    Perhaps he's giving Mitt lessons on how to hedge, hide, lie and more? Also, thank gawd for that tubes of the Interwebs thingie.

    It's not fun to watch Pawlenty waffle on his past legislation, voting, statements, any more than Mitt does, yet it's wonderful to watch them chalk up another lie while saying how much they're such good, decent followers of Jeebus.

    What lies would Jesus tell? How much would Jesus pander to win at all costs?

  4. You want to see what kind of crap they watch at CPAC ?Here is a link to a trailer for one of the movies to be featured ,"Runaway Slave".

  5. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Would love to see two hoses coming out of the tail pipe. One going into into the carrier and another going into the car. Then Mitt Flip and Mitt Flop can both partake first hand in the consequences of the GOP/TP meme of 'less regulation' and also too, having to smell their own stench that they so freely pollute our air with.

  6. Not What You Want to Hear6:26 AM

    I just don't like the man. No matter how practiced his answers, no matter how hard he tries to come across as the level-headed, sensible one, there is an overwhelming "I'm entitled to this, dammit!" aura about him.

    Also, the man hasn't worked in ten years. TEN YEARS. There is nothing one can point at in the last ten years that he has done to significantly help Americans, and the one thing he did before that he refuses to campaign on (health care in Massachusetts).

    Can you imagine having the luxury to run for president for a good part of that ten years? At the end of the day, I just don't think Americans will relate to this man at all.

  7. laprofesora7:24 AM

    When Mitt told Soledad O'Brian that he wants to help the middle class, I wish she would have asked him, "Why?" Seriously, why does Mitt care about the middle class? He has enough money for 10 lifetimes, his kids are set for life, his social network has nothing to do with the middle class, why would he care? It comes across as completely disingenuous. If he was so concerned with job creation, he has enough money, create some! Has he used his wealth to start charities or charitable foundations? No. I think Mitt is a bored rich guy who's running for POTUS because he can. Caring about others? You just can't sell it, Mitt.

  8. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Don't forget to hose him down thoroughly with cold water before you take off down the road.

    Wouldn't want him to miss any part of the full experience!

  9. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Like my hard working husband opined the other day "why can't he just enjoy being rich?" My husband would just be in heaven to have $250M at his disposal, playing golf anywhere in the world would be his full time "job". (I'd get a nice new pool boy every month! Kidding.)
    That this stupid shit head can't just enjoy the fruits of his nefarious labor tells me a whole lot more about him than anything else. He and his church have an agenda and Mitt the Shit has been groomed from day one to be the POTUS for his LDS church. There is no other explanation for him running.

  10. Anita Winecooler7:49 AM

    Oh, love the cartoon, now I understand why the ken doll candidate glues his hair on every morning!

    It's not "airtight" enough for my or my dog's tastes ;o)

  11. Anonymous7:54 AM

    I would have put moderate Mitt behind the wheel, with right-wing Mitt in the carrier on top, shitting all over the car.

  12. Anonymous8:11 AM

    He came, he conquered, he lied.

    Romney Goes Palin in Nevada Victory Speech

    The 5 Biggest Lies About Obama In Mitt Romney’s Nevada Victory Speech

  13. Anonymous9:22 AM

    I know some of you are very confident about President Obama winning, but I'm not. I'm scared to death Mitt might win. He is going to have millions of super PAC money behind him and I think this will be the most negative campaign we have ever witnessed.
    Yes the president has a lot of money too, but it's just starting. Mitt lies NON STOP about the president and everything else. It's really creepy.

    I guess worrying doesn't help and all of us can only do their part. But as a disabled younger person who relies on Medicare and SS, I'm petrified. The GOP and conservatives want to get rid of all these programs and they don't care what happens to people. Not everyone has family or a others to help them. And we aren't all lazy government leaches and I'm so tired of people referring to anyone who has to use a government program like that. Illness, accidents- it can happen to ANYONE.

    I can't help but be scared. And truthfully even though I love President Obama, he hints at cutting these programs to pacify the right. There are very simple fixes actually but special interests get in the way. We have to fight for progressive candidates and get rid of these yahoos. It's ok for them to get amazing government benefits but be an average Joe who works hard for years before being disabled and you are kicked to the curb...literally in many cases.....just look at how Arizona treats the middle class or poor who are disabled. If you don't know about it, it's a terrible situation in many red states..

    And we are such horrible people, to need help from out government, dontcha know. Even if we paid into SS and Medicare for 30 years. Since when are the ill, disabled, and seniors made to feel like they are leaches. Hitler exterminated people like me along with gays and lesbians. The right wants to do the same just in slow hidden ways by lying about it.

    Yes I'm negative but I'm afraid.

  14. Anonymous12:35 PM

    LOL! Check out this picture (It's not a photo-shopped article!)

  15. FEDUP!!!12:44 PM

    Anon @ 9:22 : I hear ya! I am simply NOT confident that Obama will win.

    There are TOO MANY decks stacked against him: The GOP in general, Diebold voting machines, the Super PACs, and the redistricting that all the teabaggers are doing as fast as they can.

    Bernie Sanders said it very cogently in one of his latest addresses to Congress: All our financial woes for the country could be solved by simply TAXING THE RICH - or, AT LEAST, the ten biggest corporations that pay NO TAXES AT ALL, and on the contrary, even get tax REFUNDS from the IRS (and thus from us, the taxpayers!

  16. Not What You Want to Hear8:52 AM

    Isaprefesora, you raise a very good point. He's had ten years and a quarter of a million dollars to do something for the middle class in this country. So what has he done? Seriously, even something as basic as spending fifty grand on a website that offers tips, resource information for entrepeneurs, small businesses; or advocating for laws that actually would help small businesses, like cutting out what middlemen credit card processing companies can skim off of merchant transactions. There are millions of basic things he could have done that would show some semblence of understanding what the average middle class business owner has to deal with - and he's done nothing.

    I refuse to vote for someone who has had so much opportunity to make a difference in this country over the last ten years, and hasn't done jack.


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