Sunday, February 05, 2012

Orly Taitz ridiculous challenge to President Obama's elegibility to be on the ballot in Georgia fails. Everybody put on your suprised face.

Below is the court's decision if you are a masochist and want to read the entire thing, however here is the important portion. 

"President Barack Obama is eligible as a candidate for the presidential primary election under O.C.G.A."

As if there were any doubt as to the outcome. Now could somebody please tell Orly Taitz to shut the hell up and finally get that much needed psychiatric intervention?
Farrar-Welden-Swensson-Powell v Obama - Judge Malihi Final Decision - Georgia Ballot Challenge - 2/3/2012


  1. I like to call her Oily Taint. Yeah, that’s mean, but she deserves it.

    Has anyone analyzed *her* personality? She seems to be an attention monger, but I’m not sure she’s mentally ill.

  2. AJ Billings6:43 AM

    The only thing crazier that Orly Taint is the size of the dump truck that delivers the war paint she smears on her face and eyes every day.

  3. I confess that I am occasionally curious about how somebody gets this crazy and isn't locked up.

  4. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Oily Taint = Santorum

    In so many different ways.

  5. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Poor crazy Orly, well, not exactly poor. She and her husband are very wealthy. They own a gorgeous huge home and had a Tesla in their 5 car garage.

    I wonder who the local attorney was that signed on to allow Taitz to even bring this suit in Georgia (pro hac vice). See Orly is ONLY licensed to practice in state courts in CA because of her laughable on line JD from Taft (which states on it's site that completion of the JD course is no guarantee of licensure anywhere). The woman is truly nuts.

    About3 years ago she was traveling the country seeking idiots to bring suit and also holding lunatic fake courts to indict and convict President Obama...for anything, something. So-o-o since she was holding one close to my home, I went, like a spy. First I called the park superintendent and apprised him of the nature of the lunatics renting the room. He pretty much did a face palm and said he honestly thought when the loons first called they were legitimate county court folks. Then when he found out he was disgusted but had no choice but to rent them the room. Anyway, it was a huge joke. Not many people, but Orly was there by phone playing prosecutor. All I can say is it took everything I had to not burst out laughing at this charade. The comments from the "audience" after were disgusting. Their hatred for the President is unbridled. Since those Kangeroo courts proved to be a bust Orly then when to legitimate courts. TX where she was rebuffed, Dc, again rebuffed, Supreme Court again rebuffed, began stalking Supreme Court Justices on their book tours/lecture circuit and back to GA, once to be sanctioned $20,000 and now this latest bunch of manure. Never fear, Orly will be back because all she really wants is "DISCOVERY"! lol And then she'll prove to the world Obama is a fake! LOL Just be glad she's not your Dentist. Hell, she's not even a good comedienne.

  6. Anonymous7:03 AM

    I guess there is no judge who will not cave to the kind of pressure that is brought to bear by the hidden rulers. Very similar sequence to the earlier case. At first the judge seems favorable, then the next thing you know the case is out.

  7. Archie Butt7:06 AM

    Orly Taitz, Esquire, will press on with her fight to prove that President Obama is a fraud.

    I was born in England, and knew growing up that I could never be president. However, my younger brother, who for some bizarre reason votes Republican, was told all his life that he too could one day become president. It must be rather discomfiting to my brother to realise that the argument used to prove that President Obama isn't a 'natural born' citizen applies equally to him.

  8. Anonymous7:13 AM

    A wing nut sent me this shit on twitter last week saying b/c Obama's lawyers didn't show he lost.
    Another one told me "more and more states" were following...
    ah huh!?
    So they are now grief stricken...said the republic has fallen and all their BS.

  9. Anonymous7:14 AM

    The Obamas Represent True Family Values

  10. Anonymous7:15 AM

    So sad. Another one who wants President Obama to f*ck her.

    Just like poor, herpes-riddled Sarah...

  11. Is it just my evil mind, or does Orly look like one of those inflatable sex dolls? Just sayin'.

  12. angela7:21 AM

    I'm still pretty sure that Orly is a left over wannabe, failed CIA trainee who got a head injury falling out of a window trying to bug her married lovers wife's bedroom.

    Who else could she be?

  13. fromthediagonal7:23 AM

    Just another act in this Theater Of The Absurd...

  14. She is very odd. And yes, Darlene @6:43AM, 'Oily Taint' really suits her. Thanks for the laugh!

  15. Anne In DC7:28 AM

    Taitz is a 14-karat fool who needs to be either permanently committed to an insane asylum or deported if she tries to continue this nonsense. Anyone else who continues to push this phony meme also needs to be committed if they are born or legalized citizens, or deported if they're neither. I also question the judgment of the judge who allowed this travesty, because if he had done his homework, he would have known that this goofball's arguments have been thrown out of court repeatedly, even by right-leaning judges. He, Taitz, and anyone else who backed this latest challenge are left with egg on their collective faces.

  16. Anonymous7:32 AM


    The Black Helicopters running in silent mode are always overhead. Be afraid, be very very afraid.

    /snark off

  17. Kind of a Gabor sister actually.

  18. Anita Winecooler8:06 AM

    Gramiam said...
    Is it just my evil mind, or does Orly look like one of those inflatable sex dolls? Just sayin'.

    7:16 AM

    Love It! Kinda like the special needs ex governor, but inflated to get the wrinkles out, oh and a better wig.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  19. She finally got a full hearing on her 'theory' before a judge. He ruled against her with plenty of case law and - wait for it - facts! Buh bye, Orly.

  20. He's still the ugliest drag queen in town.

  21. Just_a_Mote said...
    She is very odd. And yes, Darlene @6:43AM, 'Oily Taint' really suits her. Thanks for the laugh!
    7:23 AM
    Oily Taint, you say? Hmm, my hearing is not very good. I thought her name was Oily Titz. I stand corrected.

  22. lostinmn8:31 AM

    The odd thing about racists is these are the same people who bash POTUS and any other man or woman of color who succeeds in business or politics but cheer madly for their local pro sports team, many of which are featuring players and stars of color. Does that not seem a little inconsistent? Or are people of color ok as long as they stick to certain occupations? Talk about not wanting a person of color middle class. They either want them dirt poor or making obscene amounts of money. Sheesh

  23. LisaB25958:35 AM

    Every time I see a picture of her, I immediately think of Lady Gaga.

    She's a caricature.

  24. Anonymous8:37 AM

    And the pee pond thought for sure that because PRESIDENT Obama did not show up, nor any lawyer on his behalf, it was cut and dried. They are such misguided idiots! Gee, maybe he has better things to run a country!

  25. Anonymous8:40 AM

    OILY TITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Here is what SHOULD be on the ballot : Do taxpayers want to fund healthcare for representatives? Do taxpayers feel that representatives should pay into Social Security and open 401K's like regular citizens? These useless "representatives" get healthcare plus pensions for life after only one term!!! I worked for a company for 25 years, my pension is $400 a month, no healthcare. Why should working people's taxes make life easy for millionaires?

  27. Why are these people paying court costs for wasting the time of the judicial system?

  28. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Has anyone bothered to ask this crazy person for HER birth certificate?

  29. "I'm still pretty sure that Orly is a left over wannabe, failed CIA trainee who got a head injury falling out of a window trying to bug her married lovers wife's bedroom."

    angela -- you win the intertubes for today!

  30. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Where is the concept of the frivolous law suit in all of this? The wing nut should be behind bars. How many reams of tinfoil do you think she has in her house?

  31. Randall8:50 AM

    When she issued this challenge, did she put on her dentist hat? Or her realtor's hat? Or her lawyers hat? Or her tinfoil hat?

    I think we all pretty much know which hat she wears most of the time.

  32. Beldar Isadore Conehead8:53 AM

    Gryphen, I really don't appreciate your constant bagging on Oily Teats. Sure, she's loopy. But I have a soft spot in my heart for her because she's the spittin' image of my beloved (and not particularly attractive) uncle Izzy.

    Stop bashing people you don't know personally!!

  33. Olivia8:55 AM

    I wonder if there is a way she could be stripped of citizenship and deported because of treasonous and seditious behavior.

  34. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Finniest was the mouth breathers at the Sea o Pee, who couldn't figure out why the judge made this decision instead of just a summary judgment because Obama's attorney didn't show - and of course blamed the judge for being partisan and "arguing Obama's case for him." It turns out, it's because Oily and her nutball Georgia friends insisted the judge resolve the case "on its merits" which means the judge looks at precedent cases and judges the evidence presented by the plaintiffs based on stare decisis.

    Oily Taint, indeed. Though I have also heard her described as Oily Titz, though luckily not before breakfast. EEEUW.

  35. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Look at the eyes: this is Ben Stiller in drag.

  36. Gryph --

    This is OT, but check out this timely screed from RAM...uh, I mean Sarah:

    I have nothing but good thoughts for Trig, but this woman is shameless in the way she uses him for personal profit.

  37. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Komen's hypocrisy: Let us count the ways

  38. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Oily is probably even more crazy than the Doomsday Profit, Sarah Palin. Unbelievably, she has more education than her too.

    In fact, in 2008 I thought Doomsday was the craziest thing to hit our politics, (before her, Ron Paul) then came O'Donnell, Angle, etc. They are truly putting women back into the dark ages of politics.

  39. Anonymous9:34 AM

    There are so many good comments today that I wish we could check "LIKE" for the ones that are particularly good. So many, and so hard to choose. The one at 7:06 just reminded us how ridiculously stupid these people really are. BTW, I found two that I particularly like were 7:12 and at 7:16. And yes, she does look like a blown up sex doll with air head and all.

  40. Anonymous9:53 AM

    That is NOT a picture of Oily Titz; it is one of the divas on RuPaul Drag Queen Show.

  41. Anonymous9:58 AM

    The Sea O' Pee was gleeful thinking because neither Pres Obama or his lawyers should up it was cut and dried in Orly's favor. It WOULD have been except for the fact that ORLY and the other lawyers requested the Judge rule this case on it's merits. They didn't want a default because that would NOT have allowed Orly clown to put on her "evidence"! LOL The judge approved that request and ruled on the merits. He even stated that in his opinion. Now Orly and birthers are screaming that Obama "got" to the judge! As usual. I'm waiting for this clown to be declared a vexatious litigant and barred from filing more crackpot suits. She ought to be disbarred. Complaints have been made to the CA bar but good luck waiting on that decision.

  42. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Gryphen, I can hardly believe that you don't have an article about Palin's article "Live with Trig" in the Daily beast. Please give us your input. Here, I'll help you with a line (and a link to an opinion from HuffPo).

  43. Anonymous10:04 AM

    I'd like to see Orly's birth certificate.

  44. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Here's her looney spin on the results:

    And if you think that I'm exaggerating when I say looney, this is her website...prepare to enter with your tin hat and watch for the black helicopters...the paranoia runs deep here, oh and also, the hate. Reminds me a lot of the Sea of Pee as far as it's 'opposite world' viewing and pure, unadulterated racism.

  45. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Wow! Sarah wrote an article for Newsweek and it's up at the DailyBeast. Hope this opens a can of worms for her.

  46. Anonymous10:12 AM

    She looks like an old Russian porn star.

    The woman is obsessed with the black guy in the White House.

  47. Anonymous10:16 AM

    The inner child in me starts to sing the O.M. wiener song anytime I read about this wretched women ... "The bologna has a first name, it's O I L and Y. The bologna has a last name, it's T A I N T. I hate to hear her anytime, and wished she'd go away. 'Cause the dear fool is just a tool and so full of B-O-L-O-G-N-A!"

  48. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Something really BIG must be about to break with Babygate, because Sarah is trying to get ahead of it. You KNOW how she does this shit, manipulating the media and getting her ghostwriters riled up. The article in Newsweek/Daily Beast, etc. is a decoy for SOMETHING, I can smell it.

    Gryphen, I'm dying to know your take on this, and if there IS something about to blast open in the news about Sarah and her big lie.

  49. Anonymous10:27 AM

    On Palin's latest, she is looking for sympathy right before her big CPAC appearance this week. It is truly despicable how she uses her children for her own selfish needs.

  50. great Trig article. what a stupid bitch

  51. Anonymous10:42 AM

    These nuts are just like Joe Miller, stuck in a moment and unable to move on with their lives. They'll be forever chasing shadows. Pathetic.

  52. Anonymous10:50 AM

    I read the whole complaint. The Court obviously wanted to put this matter to rest by allowing Plaintiffs to argue the case, and then slapping them down.

    The Original Bird Brain

  53. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Oily Taint is NUTS. She had a real estate license but it was taken away. Then the Dentistry school she said she went to said they have no record of her ever attending. Plus she had at one time 23 malpractice suits filed against her.This was awhile ago so probably more by now. A man who was working with her on the Birther BS wrote about the affair they had. Totally Insane.My worry is the more she is ignored she'll become dangerous.

  54. Okay folks...I'm supposed to be getting ready for the Super Bowl and the Puppy Bowl but whoever dropped that link to the Daily Beast article on Baldy and Trig has ruined my day!

    And we won't even talk about Oily Tits!! I can't remember who Oily was babbling to...Lawrence O'Donnell or Chris Matthews and they cut her mic off because she showed a Social Security number on camera...she was in full Zsa Zsa Gabor mode too!

    I thought she was going to start singing the theme song from "Green Acres"! The woman puts the "L" in LOONEY TUNES!

  55. OH no, no, no, anon@9:53am - please don't insult the drag queens - even the newbies - at least they try!!!

  56. Anonymous11:09 AM

    In regards to the article in the Daily Beast that SP wrote about Trig-now is the time for all of you who know this story so well to find and expose the lies and inconsistencies in the new telling of the story.

  57. Mike from Whitefish11:19 AM

    Maybe this will be the last we'll see of Oily Titz for a while

  58. *climbing out of the the rabbit hole...thanks a lot 10:05am*

    Whew...ya'll that Oily Tits website posted by 10:05AM ain't got shit on "Crazies4Palin"!!

    I could feel the crazy sneaking up on me just reading the article and comments about the ruling!

    Um...what's up with the advertising of her dental practice?? Does she have any customers? And this comment here was crazy AND funny at the same time...

    William Blasingame
    February 3rd, 2012 @ 2:16 pm
    we are done. Most of us will be hauled away and thrown in jail
    THis is High treason Now they will say we have commited High
    Treason and NDAA was drafted to put birthers away. RUN for
    your life. they will come for you and me. And nothing you or I
    can do about it short of taking up arms. And that will just get
    us killed. Justice has failed and America is no long A free
    country. We will all die at the hands of obamas forces. Run for
    the Hills they will be comeing for us in days now.


    I had to stop reading them because I think I broke a rib from laughing so hard!

  59. @Anon 7:03 AM--There is no conspiracy going on. In January 2009, before Barack Obama was sworn into office, Philip Berg, Alan Keyes, and others, petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to accept their birther case. After examining their brief, the court refused to hear the case. Now, bear with me here. If the conservative heavy U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case because it was absent of merit, what would make people like yourself and Orly Taitz think they'd get a different result, even if they won a case at the state level, and it landed in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court, again? There is something besides the question of whether President Obama is a natural-born citizen behind these birther cases, and it's a shame that you and others like you don't have the courage to reveal what it really is--just as you don't have the courage to post your conspiracy theory here by using a name.

  60. Gasman1:02 PM

    Oily Teats is a racist sack of shit. She is quite possibly one of the biggest buffoons that has ever stalked this planet. That she could trot out not one, but TWO painfully obviously faked birth certificates for President Obama gives you an idea of just how little intellect this woman possesses. I know three year olds that could have produced more convincing forgeries than she did.

    Teats' every action is driven by her all consuming racial animus and the thought of a black man in the White House. She is a bigoted moron and is an affront to our justice system. I hope some judge throws her racist ass in jail for contempt of court for continuously wasting the court's time pursuing her racist delusional quest for bullshit.

    The only people who possess less intellect than Oily Teats are the cave dwelling cousin humping goobers who actually think she is on to something.

  61. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I thought she'd grifted away to other causes. I suppose this one is still somehow paying her scams and the bills.

  62. Nancy In New York1:58 PM

    Fuck You Orly Taitz. You are one crazy bitch.

    Whew, I feel better.

  63. Anonymous3:44 PM

    The Birthers, by perusing all these lower court suits, and losing are building up a library of legal decisions for the Supremes to refer back to if they ever hear a case.

    More precedent there is the harder it will be for Scalia to invent a BS argument to support the Birthers arguments.

  64. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Please stop posting links to crazed lady's website. It's loaded with malware.

    There are safe sites that track the ridiculous cases and Orly's rants., Fogbow Forum, Natural born citizen, etc.

    BTW some of her stupid "citizens grand juries" led to arrests and prison time when members with guns set out to make "arrests".

  65. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Here is what SHOULD be on the ballot : Do taxpayers want to fund healthcare for representatives? Do taxpayers feel that representatives should pay into Social Security and open 401K's like regular citizens? These useless "representatives" get healthcare plus pensions for life after only one term!!! I worked for a company for 25 years, my pension is $400 a month, no healthcare. Why should working people's taxes make life easy for millionaires?

    8:41 AM


    You are seriously misinformed as to the benefits afforded US Representatives and Senators.

    They operate, basically, under the same rules as any other federal civil servant. Their healthcare is not free. They pay a portion of the premiums with the government picking up the rest, much like any other white collar worker.

    Any Representative elected since the early 80's is part of FERS or the "new" retirement system and does pay Social Security. Before then, most would be part of CSRS and did not pay into Social Security, however, they did pay into another defined benefit plan and would have any Social Security they earned from another job reduced.

    Federal Civil Servants do have a 401K. It's called the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). Both the employee and the government pay into it, but the governments portion is not vested until 5 years of service.

    FERS does have a defined benefit, but the amount that one would collect after one 2 year term would be virtually non-existent, and with only one term could not be collected immediately unless one were already 62 or older. I could go into the calculations, but that is probably pointless.

    Congress people do get perks, but not the type you seem so incensed about.

  66. DetroitSam10:20 AM

    I would like to see some investigative journalist investigate just who is funding this woman.

    But of course, we all know know that there are few real journalist in this country.


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