Saturday, September 29, 2012

A second helping of snowy Alaska.

My friend Dennis Zaki noticed my sad little I-Phone pictures from this morning and figured I needed a little help, photography wise.

Here some pictures he took today out in the Valley.

Well sure, everything looks better when you shoot it in focus.

By the way most of that early morning snow has already melted away, but I have little doubt that it will be back very, very soon.,


  1. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Dennis is a very good photographer!! Thank you. Yours were good, but only so much one can get out the front and back door. :-) Those were beautiful scenes of the mountains and woods. The foliage is gorgeous. Looks just like the Rockies right now.

    I thought your pictures were very good also, too!

  2. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Well it's true that Mr Zaki is a master and his photos are gorgeous. But your snapshots were very welcome too, for their immediacy and fun. I love having BOTH! Thx, Mr G.

  3. I am NOT looking forward to snow. I don't know how you all can take it. I get melancholy when there is less than 10 hours of daylight.

    1. Anonymous5:39 AM

      You HAVE to get out in it Merry. and make sure you do so with a bit of skin exposed to absorb what sunlight there is. (Eat lots of squash for Vitamin A, too.)

      I used to be like you, it's called SAD - Seasonally Affective disorder

      I cross country ski now, and it has really helped. Almost anyone can xc ski. It's fairly inexpensive and a lot of fun.

  4. Anita Winecooler8:52 PM

    I actually like both sets of photos. Yeah, Dennis is a professional, but on the spot, spontaneous I phone photos have their place. We'd never know what your back yard and front steps really look like if we left it up to Dennis!

    Can Dennis make "Walmart shoppers" look any better? lol!

  5. Anonymous8:52 PM

    His pictures look like paintings! Wow! They are gorgeous!

    I did enjoy yours too, Gryphen. Nice hood!

  6. Anonymous10:20 PM

    When we lived in New York my daughter trick or treated in a foot of snow,so for some reason I thought Alaska got snow a lot earlier than New York.Who knew?I'll never forget moving in January with minus 15 wind chill,getting sweating and then my clothes freezing.Good times.

  7. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Alaska is not for everyone. I have been there several times, only once in the winter - yikes. Stunningly beautiful, no doubt. Spectacular 16,000 foot peaks around every corner, that you've never even heard of. Glaciers, islands, big water, wildlife, ... I could not live with 3 err 2 months of sunshine but I totally respect those of you who can.

  8. Anonymous3:29 AM

    I could live beside that creek forever. What a beautiful setting!

  9. Not What You Want to Hear3:37 AM

    They're all beautiful, but wow...that first one...I literally felt a physical sensation of my heart lifting up as soon as I saw it.

    1. I totally agree. It's beautiful!

    2. AKRNHSNC10:38 PM

      Beautiful pictures, thanks to you and Dennis for sharing them. I'm hoping we'll see a lot more snow than we did last year here in NC.

      As far as early snow goes, I was on vacation with a couple of friends during the month of September a few months after graduating from college. We had traveled up the East coast, spending time in Cape Cod and on a whim decided to go to Montreal because they had never been there. We checked into a beautiful hotel in the middle of the city and were on the 28th floor. The following morning, one of the girls looks out the window, talking about how foggy it is outside, saying she couldn't see the buildings across the street. I got up, walked over to the window and realized it was snowing, a heavy, blizzard type of snow. After a quick trip to the store to buy warmer clothing, we enjoyed a few days of snow that took everyone by surprise. I love it, makes me feel like a little kid again especially since I don't have to do the shoveling anymore.
      There's nothing better than sitting in front of a toasty warm fireplace watching the snow come down after enjoying the outside weather.

  10. Anonymous5:29 AM

    It sucks to live in Anchorage.

  11. Anonymous5:33 AM

    I wade into the Peepond so you don't have to.

    Junior Heath posted of his FB (and repeated at the Pond) repeatedly that they hadn't done enough promotion for their Rochester event. Translation: 10-14 people showed up.
    Then they all went to dinner at Applebee's (kid you not)where Junior compared the fare to NYC restaurants, using price as his criteria.

    Omigosh - what a RUBE. Microwaved, grill marks of carmel coloring TV dinners in public compared to some of the finest restaurants, ingredients and chefs in the world - and he touts the former as better because it is cheaper.

    1. Anonymous8:11 AM

      One supporter waited in line for 4 hours!

      How damn dumb can that person be?

    2. Jr commented so often about Sr doing laundry in the bathtub, some kind soul and her daughter picked the Chuckies' dirty linen and laundered it for them.

      'Cause Jr couldn't find a "laundry mat".


    3. AKRNHSNC10:24 PM

      I'm not the least bit surprised at the lack of class found in the Palin family. Just look at how Sarah wants to dress like she's the same age as her daughters rather than a woman who is almost 50 years old. There's a whole range of clothes available for women that aren't for teenagers nor are they matronly. Sarah needs to use the services of a personal shopper who can guide her stylewise and colorwise. Bristol and Willow need help, too.

      However, Sarah will never appear to be a woman with any class as long as she continues to open her mouth and spews her divisive trash and lies.

      Is anyone really surprised that the latest Palin POS isn't attracting many people? According to online services that keep track of books sold, Bristol's "memoirs" told at the ripe old age of 19, sold just under 1,000 books in 12 months. It also was NOT a NY bestseller. It was on the up and coming list but it went down from there in the rankings, never making it to bestseller. But when it comes to the Palins, we're not surprised to find out they're lying. This family lies as easily as they breathe.

      I hope that the "Chuckies" book is in the dollar stores within a couple months right where it belongs. Sarah's & Bristol's books didn't even sell at our local dollar store, they've hit bottom.


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