Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mike Huckabee in a panic because he has to see same sex couples on TV.

Courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Mike Huckabee was joined by Concerned Women for America head Penny Nance yesterday to discuss CWA’s new campaign, Willing 2 Stand, designed to reach out to young people on their opposition to abortion rights and marriage equality. During most of the interview, Nance maintained that conservatives on college campuses were “bullied” and had trouble articulating their views on topics like gay rights. 

The former governor and presidential candidate said that “every fear that people had” about the consequences of legalizing same-sex marriage “has in fact come true,” arguing that people have lost “their rights” in states with marriage equality. 

Huckabee seemed especially sad that he now has to see “television commercials portraying same-sex couples” while textbooks are “forced” to mention gay marriage. 

"The very thing that many people and I know CWA was a part of this, saying, this is why the legalization of same-sex marriage is going to be a much bigger issue than just saying we let people love whoever they want to love, that’s not the issue. Will it force businesses—of course everyone will say, oh no people still have their rights, but they don’t. And every fear that people had has in fact come true, that this is being forced in textbooks on how marriage is depicted, we’re now even seeing television commercials portraying same-sex couples, that’s something I guess I didn’t expect to see anytime soon."

Yes what a shame that the family dynamic reinforced by 50's sitcoms, and which never ACTUALLY had any relation to how most households functioned, has been upended by a more realistic demonstration of American families in 2013.

By the way this program Willing 2 Stand, has a video that you really must see to believe.

As has been well documented I am not a religious person so forgive me for being obtuse, but I have to wonder just how Christians expect young people to participate in society, the "world" if you will, if they are taught that they are above it or should remain disconnected from it?

It appears to me that these kids are being militarized in anticipation for some great culture war, and that along with the Right Wing 2nd Amendment fetish does not exactly help me to sleep at night.

I have read the New Testament and this was NOT my take away from the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Did I miss something?


  1. Anonymous12:42 PM

    My take-away from that is that Jesus was gay!
    Listen to it that way and see if it doesn't make sense as a call to achieving one's civil rights- and no, conservatives, YOUR rights are not being restrained.

    Too bad the speaker seemed to be going through the motions with a monotonous voice and robotically swinging arms. If that was an audition tape for a televangelist job, miserable fail.

    Wild Tortoise

  2. Leland12:49 PM

    Of COURSE you missed something, Gryphen!

    So did they.

    Their brains.

    OH! You meant from the NT? Yep. You missed something there, too

    You missed THEIR take on it. You missed the part that says only THEY can interpret and understand. You missed the part that says if THEY don't teach it, IT DOESN'T EXIST. You missed their greedy little grubby hands in everybody's pockets. You missed the parts that said THEY were the only ones who had the right to power and control. And you missed the parts that said only THEY could have control and authority of a government that is supposed to be THEIRS even though the First Amendment says NOBODY should have religious control.

    Now, did I miss something?

  3. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Oh, the shame of it! If the assholes like Huckabee are offended by seeing commercials with gay people in them, I'm offended at seeing commercials peddling Cialis, viagra, femine hygiene products, and every kind of ad for pharmaceuticals that drug companies use to convince consumers to ask their doctor about. If they would have ads for birth control pills to counteract the sex drive pills designed for men, it would make more sense. But no, they don't want women to have any say in their own health decisions. And when they think they are adversely impacted by ads showing gay couples - do what I do when I see a Cialis ad. I CHANGE THE CHANNEL OR TURN THE DAMN TV OFF!!

  4. Anonymous12:54 PM

    I've got a suggestion for the dick-weed, change the freakin' channel, don't watch it! Jeez, these people, they are probably glued to the tv while bitching about it the whole time. CHANGE THE CHANNEL. You don't get to chose what everyone watches and/or does.

    1. Anonymous3:00 PM

      Better yet: get rid of the television set altogether. It greatly improves the level of peace, contentment, and happiness within a home. Just try it: it's a fantastic improvement.

      What? Not paying lots of money to have grown-ups you don't even know barge into into your own living room day and night to argue, slander, yell, lie, bully, and promote things you would rather not have your children see, or that you strongly disagree with? All for the sake of enriching corporate America's coffers – and making a sap out of you??? Yup, that's the definition of a television set: a mechanism designed to to numb us, dumb us, manipulate us, and then use us for someone else's enrichment – a 'someone else' who desires to control everything about us. Why not get whatever you want – including movies and great music – from the internet instead?

  5. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Jesus Christ never once mentioned homosexuality.

    1. Anonymous1:09 PM

      Exactly. And since this holy book has been edited, and changed, and rewritten by who knows how many clerics, don't you think if he had mentioned it, it would be un there? After all, King James made sure that Peter's take on the silent woman was in there. Its like demanding the 10 commandments be on display right there with the flag and the Bill of Rights. It is NOT a founding document, rightwing. The Foudners were Deists or atheists. "Endowed by their Creator" was a nod to everyone's beliefs, not just Christian. The sooner you fundies accept that America is not, and never will be, a Christian nation, the sooner we can get back to being one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. (And golly, "under God" was not put in there by Jefferson either, but by General Eisenhower. And it doesn't say "Under the Christian od." These people are either ignorant by choice or by education.

    2. Anonymous4:10 PM

      No, of course he did not mention homosexuality.
      He also surrounded himself ONLY with men (and one token female)...

    3. Anonymous4:11 PM

      (I think that female is called a 'bard' in some circles)...

    4. Anonymous7:00 PM

      Looks like ole Mike has fattened himself up again. Must have been cooking squirrel in the popcorn maker. That good ol' boy accent sounds so phony.

  6. Anonymous1:02 PM

    No, Gyphen, you did not miss anything. Even as an atheist, you picked up on the most important parts of Christ's messages: tolerance, compassion, forgiveness and simple kindness along with the obligation to help the poor, the needy, the ill, the young, the aged, et cetera.

    The hardest part for me is tolearting the mean and ignorant self-proclaimed Christians who know little of and care less for the teachings of Jesus. I am not a church-oriented person nor do I believe in a specific religion, but I daresay you and I know more about how to behave as a Chrisitan than all new Faux Chrisitans who are filled with hate and self-loathing.

  7. Randall1:14 PM

    Admitting that others have the same rights as you in no way lessens your rights.

    1. Conservatives seem to think that oil is infinite and freedom is not.

  8. Anonymous1:14 PM

    They cherry-pick what they want to from both the Old and New Testaments (more from the former than the latter), but because they will never be Jewish in most senses, they've glommed onto "Christianity" as their wolf-in-sheep's-clothing disguise. They call themselves "Christians," but really they are a cult of narrow-minded, scolds, who won't admit that Jesus would have loved ALL his children, and would not have instituted nasty, intemperate, and sometimes violent attack on anyone.
    They aren't "Christians." They're cultists, and we should try to dream up a name that describes them and their evil ways.

    1. Anonymous1:44 PM

      All religion is simply a form of superstition and mental weakness. To truly be free is to accept life as it is and stop trying to find reasons for everything and meaning where there is none.

    2. Anonymous5:51 PM

      How about cultists?

    3. Anonymous6:24 PM

      anon at 5:51 all christians are cultists.

    4. Anonymous6:41 PM

      Is "assholes" too general of a descriptor to describe "those people"?

      Turn the fucking channel, Mike Huckabee. I'm offended when I see the money-grubbing televangelists of your cult bilking the savings and grocery money off of a bunch of naive, fearful, superstitious people.

      Instead of whining like all you fucking professional victims, I have enough fucking sense to operate a fucking remote control to prevent watching that stupid programming of you fucking snake oil salesmen (& women, too).

      Speaking of women, can you give me the channel number that has women kissing and hot gal-on-gal sex 24/7? I'll set the DVR to record that shit all day long so I can watch a little before my bedtime. See, Mister Huckster, unlike your fat ass and your fat fucking family---all of them-- some of us have to get up and actually work a job each day that contributes to the tax base of our country, which I gladly do. Your fucking tax-free grifting ways make you a TAKER, so I personally don't give a shit what your fucking Dark Ages opinion amounts to. I'm only going to say fuck one more time: Fuck You, Huckster. Calling you an Asshole is being too nice.

  9. Randall1:22 PM

    People like Gomer see everything as a zero-sum game:
    you can't "give someone else" rights without losing some of your own. Those rights have to come from somewhere!

    If a conservative and a liberal were in a boat that had a hole in it and was headed towards a waterfall, the liberal would suggest that one of them plug the hole while the other row to shore.

    The conservative, afraid that the liberal was tricking him, would kill the liberal with the paddle and then die when the boat sank and the current carried them all over the falls. But he would die with the satisfaction of knowing the liberal didn't make it to shore! Bwaaaa-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa stupid liberal!

    1. Anonymous4:27 AM

      I'm not getting in the boat with a conservative unless there's at least two of them. When there's two, they don't drink at all, but if there's just one, he'll drink every damn beer in the cooler. That's just how they are.

  10. Anonymous1:34 PM

    OT From Chuck Heath Jr.'s Facebook:
    If I'm ever elected to the office of president, (which will never happen) please remind me to never surround myself with human props when I address the country.

    First of all, Chuck Heath will never be President of the United States, and neither will his sister, Sarah Palin. But, speaking of props, I remember Sarah dragging Trig around the campaign trail, subjecting the special needs child to late hours, bright lights, roaring crowds, germs while the kid had a hole in his heart. Yes, Chuck, you're right about the the use of props. And while we are at it, Sarah is the force behind getting Bristol and Willow on another stupid reality show. They are her surrogates, her props, too.

    1. Anonymous6:22 PM

      You forgot the biggest prop, Sarah's fake belly.

    2. Anonymous6:47 PM

      Yeah, I'll fucking remind you, Creepy Chuckie. Meanwhile, I'll also remind you not to fuck around on this wife too, and then you might not have to throw your kids under the bus AGAIN.

      Go write another best-selling book, doofus. Best seller? President? Yep, he's a fucking Heath all right. Let me guess... he wants to be an astronaut and a fireman and GI Joe, too.

  11. Anonymous1:39 PM

    I recall when Laura Ingraham, a right wing hostess, spoke about how this fat ass's son, another fat ass, while serving as a camp leader, skinned and roasted a dog alive. The nasty government charged his son with animal cruelty but somehow the case disappeared. Even Laura was disgusted.

  12. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Huckabee is just a sad old religious homophobe now realizing that the younger generations aren't buying into his particular brand of bullshit any longer.

  13. WakeUpAmerica1:56 PM

    No, Gryphen, you didn't miss something; they missed it. The most important thing Jesus said in the NT is that above all else we should love one another. That's it. He didn't give an exception for gays, blacks, Jews, Muslims, etc. And that's the part they don't get.

  14. "I have read the New Testament and this was NOT my take away from the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    Did I miss something?
    No, you did not. But the christianists who distort and twist his teachings did. (What they missed was the point.)

  15. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Looks like Mike should be spending less time in front of the TV and more time on the treadmill. Just sayin'

    1. Anonymous3:22 PM


    2. Anonymous4:21 AM

      Ouch. The truth sometimes has sharp corners. Huckabee's an opportunist grifter.

  16. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Huckabee needs to just not watch TV, or change the remote. If he were a true disciple of Christ, he would be busy about the things of God, busy taking care of a flock, which he once had, but abandoned. He might also want to share the gospel to others, but doing it the way Jesus did, who is supposed to be the Perfect Role Model, our High Priest, who was like we are, yet without sin.

    These kids are being influenced to become moral crusaders and bigots and haters of some who don't subscribe to their beliefs. If they truly mean well in their christian walk, they will not 'compare' themselves to others, but focus on their own lives. If they don't want to be 'yoked' with the world, which is a command, they need to know that being yoked, means living like the world, but not being "of" the world, which includes not being political and forcing the bible's laws on anyone. Jesus didn't "force" anyone to accept Him and He never would have. If someone is forced to serve God, then that person's walk isn't genuinely out of conviction, but forced upon them, which is not Christ's way. Men cannot force heart conviction on any man. It has to come from the Holy Spirit. Government laws and the church were never supposed to be 'yoked' together. But these kids believe they can have their cake and eat it too. Persecution? Living in the wealthiest country in the world and they think that someone's lifestyle persecutes them? That is scary and as a christian, I can say that if I ever saw these kids bullying or harrassing anyone, I'd be there to defend those bullied, and that includes all, including my homosexual neighbors; I have never once heard of a homosexual persecuting the church.

    That clip talked about fighting the fight? "Fighting the fight" in scripture is commanded to us, believers, to fight OUR battles, our personal sins. There are many sins that they have to battle every day, pride, self-righteousness, lazyness, greed, covetousness, gluttony, filthy-rich-having-need-of-nothing and mocking the poor, selfishness, mockers, scoffers, judgmental, unforgiving, unrepentant of their own sin, lacking empathy, compassion, mercy, etc.

    If men like Huckabee would ask himself if his 'walk' is worthy of an apostolic walk, he might find himself wanting.

  17. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Well Huckabee, I believe we are even because I can't stand to see you or any other swarmy fake xtians on TV either!

  18. Anonymous5:44 PM

    And, Jesus ordered The fattest man amongst the caregivers to skin and roast a dog alive in the presence of the children because he had seen two men kissing and it aroused him deeply. amen.

  19. Anonymous6:20 PM

    It shocks me how 2 individuals loving one another can make others hate so much. What is wrong with the haters?

    1. Anonymous7:06 PM

      What are people like Huckerbee afraid of? Gay people do not try to "convert" straight people. They mind their own business, treat people equally. We are all trying to get by, no matter what our sexual orientation is. I have known several gay men who were real gentlemen, and several straight men who were animals.People are different, some are nice, some not so nice but at the end of the day we all want to be accepted.

  20. Anonymous6:27 PM

    There is no Jesus, his name was Yeshua and he was real. Do I believe he was the "son of God", no because I don't believe in God. But there was a preacher, he was also gay and had a beautiful young man that would "visit him at night". Get over it religious people, Yeshua was a loving gay man.

  21. All that idiot Huckabee and anyone who is just like him is change the channel on TV. When Huckabee is on television I exercise my choice by using my remote to change the channel. I don't watch faux news or any of the far right wingnut stuff so all of them have the same choice as we do--WATCH SOMETHING ELSE ON TV!!!

  22. Anonymous3:12 PM

    who the fuck is mike huckabee anyway?


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