Friday, June 07, 2013

Sarah Palin gets invited to help energize the Teabaggers and inspire them to destroy government one election at a time.

"What? Seriously? You're going to invite me to an actual conference? What's in it for me?"
Courtesy of Earned Media: 

The Faith & Freedom Coalition is pleased to announce that Governor Sarah Palin will be addressing the "Road to Majority" Conference, June 13-15 at the JW Marriot Hotel in Washington, DC. The "Road to Majority" Conference is one of the premier events for people of faith and conservative activists. 

The conference will energize, train, and equip our top activists and chapter leaders on voter registration, voter education, get-out-the-vote, lobbying their legislators, building a church and neighborhood organization, and utilizing social media to mobilize supporters. 

When: Thursday, June 13, 2013, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM 

Where: The Pavilion Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 

When: Friday, June 14, 2013- Saturday, June 15, 2013 

Where: JW Marriot Hotel 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC Governor 

Palin will speak Saturday morning and joins other notable speakers including:  Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Rick Perry, former Senator Rick Santorum, former Governor Jeb Bush, Rep Paul Ryan, Rep. Michelle Bachmann, Ambassador John Bolton, Rep. Randy Forbes, Rep. Louie Gohmert, Senator Mike Lee, radio host Michael Medved, actor John Ratzenberger, Dr. Pat Robertson, Senator Mike Lee, Senator Ron Johnson, Senator Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump, and former Rep. Allen West.

Senator Ted Cruz, Rand Paul. Governor Rick Perry, the newest quitter in chief Michelle Bachmann, and Louie Gohmert? This reads like a who's who of "What in the hell did they just say?" 

All of these sorry excuse for political leaders at one conference AND Sarah Palin?

Well one thing is for sure, she will be among her people.

You know the stupid and desperate.

Hell I wish them well. Because the more Republicans who listen to Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, Michelle Bachmann, and Sarah Palin, the easier it will be for the Democrats to win elections.


  1. Anonymous4:39 PM

    ot Also, too, Bristol and Willow making money, no worries about health care.

    ‘Fashion Police’ Writers Chant On Picket Lines: “Give Us Back Our Paycheck B****”

    “We’ve worked hard to make Fashion Police one of E!’s top-rated shows, and we don’t even get health care benefits,”

    What kind of paychecks will Bristol and Willow bring in? One article I read said Bristol was not prepared to fill in as executive producer of ‘Fashion Police.’ did the writers have to write for her? No wonder they went on strike. They know she can’t deliver a line she is prepared.

    1. Anonymous6:17 PM

      No one cares about writers. Only high paid athletes and stars are worthy.

  2. Anonymous4:46 PM

    It's a real festival of dickheads...and ditzheads. The speakers list reads like a roll call of America's stupidest politicians.

    1. Anita Winecooler8:00 PM

      All cabooses on that clowntrain!

  3. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Actually love that picture of Sarah...looks like Gollum in some of the still shots I saw from the Lord of the Rings movies...same pose.

    It's only fitting...she is beginning to transpose into Gollum in looks as well.

  4. Anonymous4:51 PM

    I heard from someone in Fairbanks who works at the Doyon that Todd only has one ball--non=descending testicle. It made his voice really high and he can't have children.

    Dear Lord, let us pray for Todd's lost ball.

    1. Anonymous5:32 PM

      You mean NONE of those kids are Todd's?

    2. Cracklin Charlie6:02 PM

      Just as I suspected!

      What's the Doyon?

    3. Anonymous6:19 PM

      If Todd can't have kids, Sarah has been very busy elsewhere. 4 Babies and ?? miscarriages(wite-outs)aka abortions.

    4. Anonymous6:31 PM

      Doyon Limited: Alaskan Native Regional Corporation, a for profit organization with shareholders. Maybe TOAD hides some of their money there.

    5. Anonymous9:57 PM

      REALITY CHECK. Don't you think that if this was true that Shailey Tripp would have mentioned it? Heck, we know about size and color, don't you think she would have noticed that he was missing a part?

      Let's think twice before spreading these things that just make us all look dumb and "out there".

    6. Two of the four, Track and Piper, are not his. The other two most likely are. There is no fifth. (As if I needed to add that!)

  5. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Don't these people have LIVES????

    1. Anonymous5:57 PM

      Don't they work? Oh wait, they don't.

    2. Cracklin Charlie6:05 PM

      They're lookin' for love, in all the wrong places.

      But seriously, the polling is not lookin' good for them. Same reason why we're having wall to wall scandals.

      The writing is on the wall. Republicans are almost as popular as root canal surgery.

    3. Anonymous8:26 PM

      Still trying to figure out WTF? A blah man can get elected? Who knew? What's next? A woman or a latino? A gay?

    4. these dumbasses are trying to figure out why they are losing elections as fast as they are losing their marbles. they refuse to read the writing on the wall.

      they would prefer to change thousands of their gop constituents rather than change their antiquated, destructive, dangerous, disruptive, idiotic behavior. It figures.

    5. Anonymous7:01 AM

      Aren't most of those people considered "ass clowns" -- while Sarah Palin is, of course, "working her ASS off" - EVERY DAY!

      You know, like "Real" Americans!

      I guess hobnobbing with these Ass Clowns at a Conference qualifies...

  6. lostinmn4:59 PM

    A confederacy of dunces.

    1. Anonymous3:56 AM

      Very funny book... published after the author had unfortunately committed suicide.

  7. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Only two women on that whole list, and both of them are quitters.

    Add up the IQs of the rest of these jokers and you just about hit 100.

    But. more importantly, how will even the blessed Ronald Reagan Building house all of these enormous egos at once? They'll be fighting tooth-and-nail (capped tooth and manicured nail) over who gets to the microphone first.

    1. Cracklin Charlie6:07 PM

      That's the closest that group of clowns will ever get to speaking in the building at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    2. Anonymous10:00 PM

      I'm not sure it's fair to call Michelle Bachmann a "quitter". She's filled out and is filling out all her elected positions as far as I know.

      There's a HUGE difference between choosing not to run for reelection and WALKING OUT with virtually no notice mid-way in the term.

    3. crazy eyes michele is a quitter...she quit because she knows she would have lost...she isn't for the fight only for government hand-outs/money. she is quitting because like the insufferable bitch she's about to go to jail.

      Both are worth the same.

  8. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Sarah Palin will be scheduled at lunch time for 7 minutes of reading her screech from a teleprompter. Then she will spend 2 weeks bashing her most desired President. Sarah Palin is Obsessed with President Obama and he ignores the Stupid Smelly Skank. Sarah has 'wet dreams' about President Obama in a Dorm Room. She will never get that opportunity. Sarah you are stuck with the only person who can tolerate your stinky ass, Todd Pimp Daddy '2-toned' Palin. Your 2 Fame-whoring daughters will be searching for Trial Daddies for their Fatherless Babies(Bastards) for the next 10 years. Tri-pp will be married and divorced before Bristol finds a husband.

    1. Anonymous8:04 PM

      Married? with that kid's role models?

  9. Anonymous5:04 PM

    While I never wish personal violent harm by a fellow human being. I DO think this is the perfect location for a really big opening of the Earth crust,to take a BIG GULP...(BURP). mermaid Michele

  10. Anonymous5:10 PM

    If the Tea Party Baggers push the GOP to the right, they will not have a chance at the White House. In both 2008 and 2012, the GOP ran white bread white guys who did not attract the vote of minorities or young people. This bunch, Sarah Palin included, do not appeal to a broad cross section of America. They appeal to an even more narrow bunch than the group who voted for McCain or Mitt.

    1. Anonymous7:56 PM

      I thought the Republican party was trying to draw people to them after President Obama was elected the second time. They are doing the exact opposite! Suspect they are going to go down in the next election cycle and I can hardly wait to watch it!

    2. Boogieboard Bongo12:08 AM

      Relax everybody. Everything Queen Sarah touches turns to shit. The Indiana Pacers were on target to go to the championship series and then along comes Sarah saying that she supported the Pacers all the way and look what happened to them! Lost!! Teabaggers are on the way out. Hey, if those guys want to destroy government how come so many of them are wasting their time to get into government? Follow the money. Bachman will have a pension and the best health care for life. If only I could get a job in government. How many days this year is the Congress in session? 127 days. Jack holes, all of 'em!!

    3. Charles V12:17 AM

      Each of the Koch brothers could have 14-15 of those nutjobs on a leash and take them for a walk.

  11. Anonymous5:13 PM

    OMG - that picture of her!

    A bunch of losers gathered together...what a perfect place for Quitter to be.

    1. Anonymous6:09 PM

      She'll be rill close to the White House. Too bad about the sequester closing down the tours! hee hee

    2. Anonymous6:23 PM

      Sarah will be fantasizing about her President Obama. She will be hot and wet with no relief from Barack 'You can't have any' Obama. Keep dreaming, Sarah, but don't get your hopes up.

    3. Anonymous8:27 PM

      On of these days she'll forget where she is and start using that straw for snorting

  12. Anonymous5:15 PM

    And of course Gryphen, the Stink One from Wasilla and the other speakers will blab the same old Obama is bad bullshit. She'll have a lame old prop & the bigots in the audience will go wild, like a pack of wild dogs. It will be another KKK rally without the hood & robes.

    They can get together spew bullshit all they want. Nothing is going to change the fact that the majority of Americans are tired of the Republicans & the Tea Party. 2014 can't come soon enough, where Democrats clean house.

  13. Anonymous5:25 PM

    When oh when will that proverbial house drop on the Wasilla Witch?! She is a plague upon the American body politic.
    M from MD

    1. Anonymous8:59 PM

      Maybe that bargain basement priced desert mansion will fall down around her head?

  14. Anonymous5:28 PM

    This has bothered me for some time so I am going to get it off my chest. When Sarah Palin was governor it is clear there was nobody at home guiding her teen-age kids into adulthood. Bristol and Track were obviously taking care of themselves and doing poorly. Yet, their mother was running our state! Why did we not hear more about what was going on in Juneau regarding the incredibly derelict job Palin was doing, aside from a poorly organized revolt by the legislators with the lapel pins “Where’s Sarah?” We Alaskans heard nothing specifically from legislators regarding her work performance until Troopergate. It must have been clear to people working in the governor’s office that the governor was over her head, clearly unable to cope. Bailey said as much in his book. But why did nobody complain when they noticed Todd Palin was also acting as governor? Her children now are obviously trying to put together a life but it seems they are taking their playbook from a woman who is a pathological liar and a world-class charlatan grifter. Nobody who was raised with love and guidance would ever subject their children to the sick whims of a reality show to attract attention and make money.

    1. Cracklin Charlie6:25 PM

      The best thing that she ever did for Alaska was quitting the Governorship.

      Maybe Bailey, and all the others, thought that once they got into office, they could just employ the "fake it, til ya make it" strategy, and that somehow everything would be okay.

      I think it's probable, that unplanned, family situations outside the Governor's office, happening shortly after the election, may have greatly complicated her ability to perform her elected duties.

    2. Anonymous7:54 PM

      Alaska is full of folks that don't pay attention to what is going on around them. I have them around me and it amazes me! Many don't vote because they could care less.

      That has given the Republicans the edge which makes me sick to my stomach - as I do pay attention and know what is going on! And, I ALWAYS vote!

      I didn't vote for Sarah Palin - thought she was an idiot after watching her in the debates w/Andrew Halcro and boy did I turn out to be correct.

      Vote the Republicans out of office - they have done nothing more than create havoc and negative energy!

    3. Anonymous9:02 PM

      Anon 5:28

      Mrs. Palin wasn't actually "running our State" she was "reaching across the aisle" as she called it and letting saner and more professional minds, most of them Democrats, do her work for her and she simply rubber stamped it. We ended up with nothing substantial nor no long term legislation crafted by Mrs. Palin herself. She did some things and the administration following hers had undid all that she pretended to do.

    4. Anonymous10:26 PM

      I agree, she was a bargain for Dems, but the minute her star shone on the big stage she became the Sarah Palin sold to the highest bidder — John McCain. Her star rose on fairy dust and when she was found out by the bigger audience to be the fraudulent ignoramus she is — she imploded. The Dems found her an easily persuaded mark and ran miles around her during her governorship. She was absolutely clueless about governing, let alone being the CEO she imagined herself to be and touted herself as during the VP run. Everybody I know who worked for her said she was not engaged, not bright and was entirely stuck in her Wasilla world.

    5. Anonymous4:01 AM

      Why didn't the legislators who, in desperation, made up the "where's Sarah" pins, do more? If they were that concerned, why not move to impeach? Or whatever it is one does to get rid of someone who is unethical and absent? I guess I can sort of o understand them being HAPPY when she was not around - like we all have better work days when our manager takes the day off?

    6. I think stevens and his family along with his hanger-ons has made Alaska one of the most corrupted states in the Union.

      I really didn't know how corrupted Alaska was until I heard of crooked stevens 500k government paintings on government airlines while the rest of us were going through a recession.

    7. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!7:19 AM

      I think it's probable, that unplanned, family situations outside the Governor's office, happening shortly after the election, may have greatly complicated her ability to perform her elected duties.


      NO. WAY!!!!

      The useless Bitch was OVER HER HEAD as a Mayor of Wasilla! She HIRED a CITY MANAGER - when Wasilla's population is less than some high schools!!

      She was Appointed to the Oil and Gas Commission to appease her ego - and she QUIT because she HATES work!

      Sarah HATES Governing!

      Sarah HATES Civics!

      Sarah HATES Politics!!!!!

      Sarah only wanted to be a STAR!!!!

      She TRIED to get there as Miss Wasilla - she failed.

      She TRIED to get there as a TV reporter - she failed (but banged Glen Rice. Nice.)

      She honestly didn't know what to do - when she was "chosen" to be the "face" of a certain political group.

      She realized she had the power b/c she was the face - but she also knew that if she surrounded herself with others who knew about Governing, Civics, Energy, etc. -

      she COULD have at least the power she had so desperately wanted.

      It was still WORK, though, and SARAH HATED IT!!!! That's why she was never at work - she hated it! And she had others doing the work anyway, so who really cared?

      But then, John McCain.

      Once again, someone comes along to HAND Sarah the keys to the castle!

      But "someone" RUINED all her DREAMS of RULING the WORLD!! -

      His name is President Obama.

      So, as soon as she could, Sarah Quit the job she hated with a passion,

      and became the CELEBRITY that she had desperately wanted to be since she drove out to Costco to visit Ivana Trump.

    8. Anonymous8:37 AM

      Freeakin awesome summary of the lazy bitch's resume.

  15. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Oh, my god: as I read that list of certifiably insane people, I could only picture them being escorted into the place, by a group of men in white coats, holding each one with a leash.

  16. Anonymous5:34 PM

    So how come Bush is "former Governnor" and Palin is "Governor Palin?" The one thing she gets elected to in her life and she quits, but her contracts require her to be addressed as Governor until she dies. I guess she could require slaves and a litter to bring her into the ballroom.

    1. Anonymous7:48 PM

      Alaska is a Republican state currently. They would never disallow her to use the title of gov even though she quit and will go on the record as their worst gov ever! (Assuredly not an energy expert as McCain pushed during the campaign - what a friggin' joke!)

      She didn't earn the use of it and has done nothing but take Alaskans for a long, idiotic ride! (especially financially!!!! Tax payer money!) Hell awaits this evil worm - oops - woman!

    2. Anonymous5:39 AM

      They can call Bush 'former governor' since he went on to have another job...President. Sarah hasn't gone on to have another job, so she gets called 'Governor' because that's the last real job she had in politics. The most recent job trumps the previous one and since Sarah hasn't had another job, the previous one holds...well, at least that's my theory.

    3. Anonymous6:14 AM

      It's Jeb Bush, not G.W., that is speaking. Hopefully he will NEVER be President.
      And yes, it's wrong to refer to someone who resigned from office as Governor. It would be different if she had finished her term in office.

  17. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Oh shit, Why does she have to come to dc? We are trying to get the Nats up to speed and RG3 healed. Now, with her curse, it's all for naught. Just for a few shekels do you have to ruin my summer and fall? Fuck you Sarah. We hate you here.

    1. Why does she have to come to dc - $$$$$$$$$$

      Why does she go anywhere - $$$$$$$$$$$$

    2. That hypocritical witch, who often speaks about how much she hates D.C.-because the reality is, they didn't want anything to do with Palin once they saw how ignorant and stupid she was during the '08 election-has no problem descending on our nation's capitol in order to scoop up as much as she can for her dwindling coffers.

      Remember, she has to feed her "children". She likes to pretend she has little ones at home, not only dressing as she's as young as Bristol but trying to get everyone else to believe it with the nonsense she spins about the kids and their "after school schedules"!

      Just go away, Sarah, find a quiet island somewhere and leave the country alone. You've done more than enough damage in your few years of pretending you knew what you were doing as Governor and running for V.P. Intelligent voters see right through you and there's no way you'll ever be in elected office again.

  18. Anonymous5:43 PM

    The "Road to Majority" Conference is one of the premier events for people of faith and conservative activists. 

    This maybe a stupid question but should you at least go to church, be a good Christian, be a faithful wife, like to work, not be petty and vengeful and things like that to be invited?

    1. Anonymous12:27 AM

      Also, too ain't women supposed to be kept pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen? Working women have ruined families in America and also, too the Education system here according to all them there whities in gubment. Oh, sweet Sarah she's just so Christian and righteous.

    2. Anonymous3:35 AM

      Rand Paul and Paul Ryan says he follows the teachings of Ayn Rand, who spit on religion and was a devout atheist.

      This cannot be stated strongly enough when the Ayn Randians wail and moan about the lack of religion in modern life. Ayn Rand would be delighted by this.

      These jokers can't pick and choose among her teachings. Her whole ethos was wrapped up in atheism, from first to last. They can't separate out one from the rest.

    3. Anonymous6:01 AM

      3:35 -
      "They can't separate out one from the rest."

      Why not? They do it all the time with the Bible and the Constitution!

  19. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Yes, Sarah, come to our town and be racist. Please, be yourself. Because cunt, when you hurt one of us, you hurt all of us.

  20. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Million dollar question on everybody's mind.


  21. Cracklin Charlie5:58 PM


    That wig is so off kilter, it looks like it's on someone else's head!

  22. Anonymous5:59 PM

    The Faith & Freedom Coalition is pleased to announce that Governor Sarah Palin will be addressing the "Road to Majority" Conference, 

    Will the Palins give seminars on:

    Married To A Pimp And Still Speak Of God And Bible

    Prostitution Is Not A Dirty Word If You Don't Get Caught

    I Believe In Religion As Long As You Don't Take My Guns Or Take 10% Of My Money For Tithing

    1. Anonymous7:44 PM

      It's amazing Sarah Palin still goes by Gov. when she quit and the State of Alaska has nothing to do w/her! She's done nothing more than embarrass the state! Sean Parnell (gov who is in her pocket) should put out something (or, go through the AK Leglislature) and mandate she can no longer use the title. Why hasn't anyone in Alaska suggested doing this?

  23. Anonymous6:02 PM

    You know what this means dontcha?

    Time for Sarah Palin to dust off her religion trinkets, crosses and polish her shiny religious vagina covering belt buckle.

  24. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Why is Sarah Palin going to this religious conference in the first place besides having nothing else to do, its a photo op, gets her name in the internet, she gets to buy another new pair of fuck me pumps and so forth?

  25. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Religion doesn't come to mind when you think of the Palins and Heaths

    Sally Heath was pregnant before marriage
    Same with Sarah, Bristol and Track's girlfriend.

    A prostitute wrote a book about Todd Palin who pimped her out.

    Willow is seen drinking and doing drugs in public.

    Bristol has more lovers than Carter has pills.

    Track got the pastor's daughter pregnant before marriage.

    Sarah Palin is more interested in bigger boobs than physically going into a church.

    Bristol got pregnant as a junior in high school.

    A man came forth saying that he fornicated with Sarah in her sister's college dorm room and this man was not her husband.

    So what does Sarah Palin stand for that symbolizes religion?

    1. Anonymous6:46 PM

      So what does Sarah Palin stand for that symbolizes religion?

      Well there's the time Sarah.....

      How about when Sarah.....


      I'm sorry Sarah can't help you. I got nothing.

    2. Anonymous6:53 PM

      You forgot to add according to Todd's prostitute, after sex with her Todd would wrap his used condoms in his facecloth and take it with him.

      Why is that Todd? Are you that attached to your sperm?

    3. Anonymous7:41 PM

      It's called covering his ass so Shailey wouldn't have absolute proof of his DNA in the sperm. He is one creepy guy!

    4. Anonymous4:06 AM

      Well, there is the time
      Pastor Muthee was praying over Sarah to protect her from the demons....or was it casting the demons out of Sarah or whatnot. Somethin' about Sarah and demons....

  26. Anonymous6:28 PM

    I don't know what kind of conference you people are running in Washington DC but can you keep Todd and his working girls in Alaska? We have enough pimps in DC and don't need another one.

  27. Anonymous6:28 PM

    This same group gets together to "discuss the party's problems" pretty often. The low IQ segment of the R party.

    And they wonder why they keep losing?

    Idiots doing the same thing over and over again, expecting new results.

  28. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Palin is going to the "Road to Majority" Conference?

    Has to be something else going on in that city at the same time?

    Horse race?
    Track betting?
    Sporting events?
    Red Cross gift suite?
    Free clothes for the Wasilla Hillbillies?
    Glenn Rice lives there?
    Car auctions?
    False Titty Conference?

  29. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Gina did you read this one at the peepond:


    Sandra Jenkins 01_Explorer_01 • 11 hours ago −
    Holla for a dolla. Bristol and Willow love reality tv. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
    7 3 •Reply•Share › TwitterFacebookLink

  30. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Sarah we have one big non negotiable demand if you want to speak.


  31. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Religious conference?

    LOL Bristol said the Palin family are too busy for church.

    Bristol you really want to go there?

    1. Anonymous7:39 PM

      A christian conference with so many of them on the speaker's list being the most unchristian folks we see in the U.S. Sarah Palin is a angry, ugly, liar, racist and fraud. And, her purse carrying husband is a pimp ("Boys Will be Boys") - the conference should be embarrassed having the Palins even attend for crying out loud!

  32. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Nothing says Palin Family Christian Values like having your daughter marry her sister and then wife swapping her for an old lady and her daughter.

    Praise the Lord and pass your sister!

  33. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Pray that Sister Sarah Palin goes to this conference and confesses that she did not birth Trig.

  34. Anonymous7:02 PM

    How many people on that list are really men or women of faith, real faith? Trump? He worships money and power. Santorum? No abortions for anyone, except in the case of his wife. (They chose a high risk operation on the fetus she was carrying and his wife contracted a terrible infection, despite the warnings. Yes, at 20 weeks, the Santorums chose something that they deny others.) Other than Pat Robertson, who blames gays and women for bad weather, few of these people are very religious. Faith and Freedom are buzz words, props, like using Trig.

    1. Anonymous3:29 AM

      Pat Robertson is "religious" only in the sense that he regularly attends The Church of Pat Robertson.

  35. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Admit it Sarah, the only reason you are going to this conference in Washington DC is to be closer to President Obama.

    President Obama is your Restraining Order against Sarah Palin upto date?

  36. Anonymous7:04 PM

    It really is noticeable, and ironic that each and every time that the GOP tries to do something to hurt President Obama, it has a way of backfiring...and here it is again.

    Every one of those hideous people on that speaker list above is dead set on seeing a successful implementation of 'Obamacare'.

    The really ironic part will be that when it is fully implemented, and less a few hiccups, it turns out to work exactly the way that the Obama team said it would, and people experience the relief of having insurance for the first time, they will rue the day they derogatorily called it 'Obamacare'. It will flip to a NON-derogatory meaning and forever in history be Obamacare, with Obama's name and the word Care right next to each other, a real stamp on the well being of the country.

    Then they will LOSE THEIR FRIGGIN' MINDS.


    Obamacare Is Killing the GOP
    Republicans' obsession with the law will be the party's undoing

    ...If you want to appreciate how truly incorrigible conservatives are on the subject, I recommend watching them grapple with the early news about Obamacare implementation, which has suggested the program could work better than anticipated. It’s a bit like watching a speculator learn he’s bet his life savings on a failing company—which is to say, chock full of denial and elaborate self-delusion.

    For example, in late May, when the head of California’s insurance exchange announced that insurers were submitting cheaper bids than the state expected (and cheaper than many critics predicted), the conservative columnist Avik Roy tried to disprove the claims by visiting an online clearinghouse for private insurance plans. Roy solicited bids for a healthy 25-year-old male and a healthy 40-year old male, then pointed out that they came in far below what coverage would cost through the Obamacare exchange. All fine and good, except that Roy’s hypothetical bids were neither here nor there. The point of Obamacare is to provide affordable insurance to people who may be sick or older.

    Alas, the fact that Roy basically affirmed the rationale for a program he set out to discredit—healthy, affluent young people are the one group that will do worse under Obamacare; everyone else will do better; no one has ever disputed this—didn’t stop every conservative outlet on the Internet from trumpeting his analysis. “Obamacare drives up insurance premiums by up to 146 percent in California,” screamed The Daily Caller. Even after a succession of wonks highlighted the glaring flaws, the editorialists at The Wall Street Journal leaned on Roy to declare an “ObamaCare Bait and Switch.”

    The desperation here is palpable, but also understandable. If, instead of trying to fix your party’s deepest pathologies you wagered its entire future on a high-risk strategy that was starting to turn bad, you’d be a little desperate, too. Perhaps it’s a subset of Obama Derangement Syndrome that afflicts conservatives when they talk about health care—call it Obamacare Derangement Syndrome. Maybe one day, once the dust has settled, it’ll be covered under Obamacare, too.

    1. Cracklin Charlie8:16 PM

      That is an excellent article. And every word is true.

    2. Anonymous10:22 PM

      It will be great if ObamaCares is better than anticipated, I have some family that deserve some "I told you so's" :P

  37. Anonymous7:07 PM

    I don't get it, anybody that goes to any function in Washington DC is considered an ASSCLOWN by Sarah Palin.


    1. Anonymous7:36 PM

      A giant joke! But, they are including everyone as speakers if you review the list...trying to assure they get the attendance due to ALL of them? I've never seen so many speakers at a convention and I've been to many!

    2. Anonymous7:47 PM

      The Grifting Queen of all Assclowns

    3. Considering the huge number of RW assclowns at this event, Palin will be the Queen of the group, especially with Bachmann about to disappear from national office. However, I really doubt that Bachmann won't disappear from view. That is just not her thing, she's almost as bad as Palin in her status as an attention whore. They fight for the top position but unless Sarah should run for office, Bachmann has the top spot locked up for at least the next several months or more.

    4. Anonymous4:54 AM

      Just your every day garden variety ASS.

  38. Anonymous7:17 PM

    What "visual" prop will she present tomorrow? We've had Trig, Piper, Track, Willow and the Bristol and Tripp, the Big Gulp, Chewing tobacco, HS graduates- now what?

    1. Anonymous7:45 PM

      Almost forgot - Star of David, Wonder Woman arm band,long wigs, shorter wigs, darker wigs, highlighted wigs, fireplace, flag, xmas tree and last but way out front, literally - the Belmont girls... What am I forgetting?

    2. Anonymous7:46 PM

      Her vajayjay?

    3. Anonymous12:44 AM

      Maybe she'll put one dollar bills under everybody's chairs and tell them to get off their asses and look for the dollar fairy who's giving away money?

    4. Anonymous2:22 AM

      I'm guessing she'll wave around one of her multiple Blackberrys and bitch about the gummint spying on her phone calls. Sarah is always timely with her use of props. Stupid, but timely.

  39. Anonymous7:35 PM

    What is her time frame to speak? 8 a.m.? And, is she taking any of the classes/training they are offering? They have some of the dastardly speaking at this thing that is for sure!

  40. Anonymous7:48 PM

    The guestlist looks like the gathering for the most rightwing,crazy,stupid dumbfucks of the repiglican party.As bad as the list is, Sarah is the worst on it. Well dumbest.

    1. Anonymous12:46 AM

      Maybe they'll all be in white robes with big pointy hoods.

    2. Anonymous5:00 AM

      There were severalgatherings of this sort in 1933-1939 Nazi Germany. See how well that turned out.

  41. Anita Winecooler7:51 PM

    This must be a really big deal! There's two "Senator Mike Lee's"! If they wanted to really pad the list, there's about fifty "Faces" of Sarah and Shelly.
    Dust off that rack and shake out that wig! The man to woman ratio's in your favor, Granny, just sayin'!

    Isn't "faith and freedom" technically an oxymoron?

  42. Beldar NORM!!!! Conehead7:57 PM

    One word says it all: Cliffclaven

    1. Anonymous12:51 AM

      You'd have thought that the postman was at least a Democrat, what with the USPS being attacked from the right!

  43. Anonymous7:58 PM

    OMG ... WHAT is that white coating on Sarah's tongue in that picture?? That is beyond repugnant! EEEWWW

    1. Anonymous12:52 AM


    2. Anonymous12:26 PM

      She's probably anemic I mean we know the girl doesn't take her vitamins!

    3. You just HAD to, didn't you? -:)

  44. Anonymous8:18 PM

    That has to be the poorest list of speakers I have seen in a longtime. Definitely aimed towards the Tea Baggers! I wonder how many people will attend.

  45. Janice8:42 PM

    Is she getting paid or is her Pac paying for air, hotel and 5 star dining? How many of her family and kids are going? Can she pay herself for speaking out of the Pac if the conference doesn't pay her? No big deal, all the speakers are nuts and no Republicans with any class or experience.

    1. Anonymous9:28 PM

      that batshit crazy sarah palin never cleaned up her fucking stinky mouth! she probably doesn't even know that tounge should be brushed at least 3 times a day. she's fucking nasty hillbilly!

    2. Anonymous12:55 AM

      I wonder what it's going to take to get Turdblossom or any of the bigwig "sane" Republicans to unleash the dogs on Palin and start leaking to the press all of Todd's and Sarah's dirty little secrets?

  46. Anonymous9:26 PM

    What can she do to top the Big Gulp guzzle and packin' Skoal?

    Maybe she'll bring her own DIY methlab. Or chug some JD straight from the bottle. Or light her farts on fire. My she does "live life vibrantly", doesn't she?

    Other than that, it sounds like a snoozefest.

    Hey, speaking of "faith", did you see those new pics of Sarah & family attending church recently? Yeah, me neither.

  47. Anonymous10:01 PM

    You know, within four months she went from being the socialist governor of Alaska (she gave every man woman and child in Alaska $1200 on top of the permanent fund in 2008!) to diva teabagger. Go figure. Whatever floats her whore-mongering boat is the chart she will follow.

    1. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!7:27 AM

      and count the number of Palins and Heaths...

  48. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Hey Willow I thought you were going to give your mom a makeover? What's up with that? Can't you have it done by her next appearance and surprise us all?

  49. A J billings1:40 AM

    That list of speakers is a veritable plethora of ultra right, xenophobic, Christian Taliban fanatic thugs and cretins who represent a profound and insidious danger to life, liberty and happiness.

    I could write a paragraph on each one covering the ignorance, prejudice, hatred, blindness, and the privileged lives they all lead.

    They are either in it for themselves (Paylin, Santorum ) or they are working towards the conversion of America into a militant and viciously brutal theocracy where the hard fought freedoms we enjoy are turned to dust.

    I despise every one of them for the blindness they represent in ignoring the rights of the rest of us, and their solipsistic hate fest of Christian supremacy.

    1. Anonymous5:32 AM

      Agreed. The only ones missing are Ann and Mitt Romney. How could this oversight have occurred? Mormons are just as apocalyptic as the rest of them. I don't think Mitt and Ann want to associate with the "little people" now that the election is over. Now they only appear at secluded retreats for gatherings of white, wealthy people.

    2. Anonymous6:11 AM

      Mittens and Ann are not the right kind of Xtian to be invited to this shindig. Most of the people attending don't consider Mormons to be Xtians at all.

    3. Anonymous8:05 AM

      everything you said.

  50. Anonymous3:22 AM

    She's got the Am slot which means most of the people at this stupid thing are going to be in bed recovering from the hookers and blow from Friday night.

  51. Talk about a circus. I mean what idiot did they leave off? Oh yeah, christie and kkk wizard (tho some are covert) aren't going to be present.

    The whole premise is off, state, church, lies and greed, I mean really. Who in that bunch of nutbags goes to church regularity? robertson? What a joke. All those assholes there to tell how they won't help the poor, the disadvantaged and the babies. they will blatantly use their god as the all God to throw down the hammer on the Dems. Oh fun time had by all the.

    Hahaha how many Black speakers will be there, I'd seemed to lost track? hahahaha racist clowns.

    I hope these first rate hypocrites aren't using gop/irs 5-0-clause to fluff their coffers (well not really)

  52. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Who better to speak at a Road to the Majority event than the person that cost them a majority by endorsing Christine O'Donnell and Ken Buck and the vaguely bearded one who pals around with domestic terrorist? That's some classic Tea Party reasoning right there.

    Oh boy, Perry, Bachmann, Gohmert, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz rounding out the lineup up. (Steve King must have had a previously scheduled Klan meeting.) It's going to be a full clown car.

  53. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Actually, this Looneyfest may end up being very beneficial to the revival of the GOP. All they have to do is listen to all the speeches and do exactly the opposite of what these yahoos say they should.

    1. Anonymous7:26 AM

      We already know that young people are turned off by the far right wing evangelical TeaGOP. The rich white guys are also turned off by this group but many remain Republican because they care about protecting their hoard of money, however, even some of the rich white guys are wondering how much longer they can remain in bed with this ever growing lunatic fringe that is beginning to define their party. My bet is that many will jump ship as well.

      This group is simply killing the Republican Party and I must admit it's rather amusing to watch. I guess that Bobby Jindal's request that the GOP stop being the party of "stupid" has once again fallen on deaf ears. We Progressives couldn't do as much damage to their party if we tried!

    2. Anonymous10:11 AM

      $creech can talk w/Pastor Pat about how 'boys will be boy's when it comes to foolin'around a bit. No problem, you betcha.

  54. Anonymous7:13 AM

    I am a Christian, and now I will rant. These people are Old Testament and do NOT practice Jesus' principles at all! Look at the line-up of speakers! Are you KIDDING me? The biggest liars of ALL. Just who do they think they're kidding? I am SO TIRED of their crsp!

  55. Anonymous7:56 AM


    Talk about uninformed, Kim Runyan is asking Sarah Palin the mother of a high school drop out gang leader, the mother of a pregnant Junior in high school who was sent away to her aunt's house for months supposedly for mono (lol) the mother of a boy who may not have graduated high school who goes around cutting school bus brake lines, the quitter governor whose husband only has a high school education, the woman who doesn't know what a vp does - doesn't know if Africa is a continent or a country - doesn't know the history of Paul Revere what she would recommend teaching government/civics to a high school level group?

    That's like asking a 100% blindman with no arms and no legs to fly a 747 airplane and land it on a postage stamp!

    Sarah Palin's Facebook:
    Kim Runyan Cooper > Sarah Palin · I'm wondering what you would recommend for teaching government/civics to a homeschool co-op at the high school level. We meet once a week for an hour. The students are expected to do homework.

  56. Anonymous8:03 AM

    The urban term cowbell from the old SNL skit applies here.
    If a song is off key or a message isn't playing well ,
    just play it louder or yell it louder.
    That's the mantra of the far right-it doesn't matter how many elections they lose because of their wackiness,
    they think the problem is just that their message isn't getting out.'s getting out , that's why they continue to lose.
    Sane people in the Republican Party understand
    that the Limbaugh -Palin -Tea Party wing is destroying
    the Republican Party , but, every time they try and verbalize this-they are shouted down
    and trashed by the Limbaugh- Palin -Tea Party wing.
    Republicans lost House and Senate seats in 2012 because
    they ran extremist nuts .
    I don't think Romney was nearly as far right as he came across , but, he tried to appeal to the LPTP wing and that was his undoing.
    Until the Republican Party stands up to the LPTP wing, the pattern will continue to repeat.
    The RNC has to know by now that the LPTP wing continues
    to boast that they didn't bother to vote last election
    because they hated Romney.
    He wasn't extreme enough for them.
    Just as they despise Christie and Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.
    Because they are willing to work with Democrats
    and that's the kiss of death.
    Christie is wise to stay away from the lunatics.
    I'm a registered Republican who has come to despise the Republican Party specifically because of the Limbaugh Palin influence
    and the timidity of the party leaders to stand up to them.
    They are a cancer on our party , they don't bother to vote,
    they don't support the decent candidates ( the RINOs they call them ) ,
    and their venom towards Democrats and any Republican willing to compromise is pathological .
    The irony of the far out right is that they claim to love the country-they just hate most everyone living here.

    1. Anonymous8:30 AM

      Far right loves the fossil fuels in America and little else. Maybe the roads and planes, because that's were they get to smell the fossil fuels being consumed. Also guns, which is why they like the military. Science, natural treasures and parks, human development, non-xtian education, equality--they hate all of it. They really hate women. Palin hates women and she couldn't give less of a shit about children.

  57. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Sarah Palin posted this on her facebook:

    "Show your support for liberty. Post a pic holding a liberty-loving book!" -Sarah Palin

    LOL Now Sarah Palin wants to be the Oprah Winfrey of the Sarah Palin Army of Idiots. Now these fools who worships Sarah Palin are supposed to post pictures of themselves holding a book.

    FYI Sarah, you don't gain knowledge by holding up a book you dumbass. You actually have to read it!

    1. Anonymous8:38 AM


      Gail Ruhl Soos
      Ok, I'm gonna post a pic. of my fav. liberty loving book.

      Steve Bloom > Sarah Palin  · If I send you a copy of my liberty-loving new book, "They've Crossed the Line: A Patriot's Guide to Religious Freedom," any chance you would consider doing a pic of you holding it?

      Lonna Creel
      If it weren't for Sarah, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Rush, and Fox News, we wouldn't know the TRUTH about the corruption in this administration.

      Vicky Soppeland
      I took a pic of my Levin library on the kitchen table as I couldn't hold them all. It's now my profile pic 

      Kate Joy
      Posting a picture of "Speaking My Mind" by Ronald Reagan.

    2. Anonymous8:47 AM

      Remember this classic?

      COURIC: And when it comes to establishing your world view, I was curious, what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read before you were tapped for this — to stay informed and to understand the world?

      PALIN: I’ve read most of them again with a great appreciation for the press, for the media —

      COURIC: But what ones specifically? I’m curious.

      PALIN: Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years.

      COURIC: Can you name any of them?

      PALIN: I have a vast variety of sources where we get our news.

    3. Anonymous9:16 AM

      Translated: "I can't remember any". BWAHAHAHAHAHA what a Dummy.

    4. Anonymous9:25 AM


      Cheyenne Anderson > Sarah Palin · How do I post a picture of my books?

  58. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Anom 7:56 asking Sarah Palin for advice to teach high school level courses makes as much sense as asking the wife of a pimp to speak at a religious conference.

  59. Anonymous8:37 AM

    So it's a 3 day conference that runs from 12 noon to 11 pm on Thursday, and 9 to 10 on Saturday, and 9 to 1 on Sunday. And most of the agenda is social - cocktail receptions, banquets, galas, etc. So they're packing all those clowns into a teeny-tiny clown-car agenda? What, does everyone get two minutes?

    No, it's grifter central - it's great to be able to advertise all those honored guests when all they have to do is press the flesh a little at a cocktail reception. And get their hotel suite and plane fare paid - no wonder the real grifters like Trump, Palin, and Pat Robertson are on the list!

  60. Anonymous8:38 AM

    A great list of speakers,including Lady Liberty
    This is a cant miss conference for patriotic Americans

    1. Anonymous9:13 AM

      Did you mean Lady 'LIE' BERTY, the wife of a Pimp?

  61. Anonymous8:39 AM

    From the agenda:

    Thursday, 8:30 pm - After Hours with Sen. Rick Santorum, Grover Norquist, Jonah Goldberg, and Dick Morris - Penn Avenue Terrace Room.

    Can you imagine hanging out in the bar with that crowd?

    1. If anything could drive one to drink...................

  62. Anonymous8:50 AM

    "Show your support for liberty. Post a pic holding a liberty-loving book!" -Sarah Palin

    That's our Sarah, it's all about pictures, it's all about photo ops.

  63. Anonymous8:57 AM

    "Show your support for liberty. Post a pic holding a liberty-loving book!" -Sarah Palin

    That's like the good 2008 old photo op days when Trig was little.

    Look! Sarah Palin is a great mom, she's holding her DS baby..... (like a sack of potatoes)

    1. Anonymous9:11 AM

      Look! Governor Sarah Palin is a great mom, she got her daughter Willow off of breaking and entering charges.

    2. Anonymous9:13 AM

      Look! Governor Sarah Palin is a great mom, she got Willow a GED.

    3. Anonymous9:14 AM

      Look! Sarah Palin is a great mom, she kept Track from going to jail for cutting school bus brake lines.

    4. Anonymous9:17 AM

      Look! Governor Sarah Palin is a great wife, she kept her husband the first dude out of prison for sex trafficking.

  64. Anonymous9:07 AM


    "Show your support for Shailey Tripp and her fight against sex trafficking and sex predators. Post a pic holding a BOYS WILL BE BOYS book!"

  65. Anonymous9:36 AM

    The 12 million dollar questions are:

    Why did incompetent beauty pageant contestant Sarah Palin want to be co-governor of the State of Alaska and to quote the co-governor Todd Palin: What's in it for the Palins?

    The answers are see the comments from Anom 9:11, 9:13, 9:14 & 9:17.

  66. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I cant wait for the "ship of fools" cruise where we all can be united with our favorite lower shelf politicians.

  67. Anonymous7:34 PM

    The photo of Mrs Palin with the Mark Levin book "Liberty and Tyranny" was from the 2009 Governor's picnic in Wasilla. That probably was the last time she actually held a book in her hand...


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