Friday, May 08, 2015

Fans of American Sniper Chris Kyle threaten to rape and kill woman for criticizing him and the movie.

Photo courtesy of Death Squad Network.
Courtesy of Raw Story:

Fans of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle have threatened to rape and kill former RT anchor Abby Martin for criticizing the deceased Navy SEAL and creating a T-shirt they find offensive. 

“Some psychotic Chris Kyle fan just doxxed me & my family’s personal information on a bunch of sniper forums. If anything happens to me or them you know who to blame. These are the real f*cking terrorists,” she wrote on her Facebook page. 

Martin had criticized Kyle in the past for describing Iraqis as “savages” in his book. She also described the American Sniper movie as “dangerous propaganda that sanitizes a mass murdering psycho.” But it was her shirt that appears to have set off a campaign of harassment against her.

Courtesy of Abby Martin's Instagram account
That t-shirt seemed to have pushed some of the Chris Kyle supporters over the edge and they took to social media and made numerous threats. One suggested that they "put on our raping shoes and find this bitch."

Another was even more terrifying:

“F*cking c*nt. How dare you disgrace his name like that. He gave his life so you can have yours. F*cking b*tch. Don’t worry I know where you live thanks to your ip address. And don’t worry I’m a Marine,” said Jamie Lugo in a message shared by Martin. “So u won’t see me coming. I’m going to cause you pain beyond your imagination.” He later added: “Tic toc times running out.” 

So remember kids the message from certain folks on the Right is that the military fights for your right to say anything you want. However if you criticize one of their idols, well that's a raping.

And possibly even an execution.


  1. Anonymous2:45 PM

    He gave his life so you can have yours? WTF? Chris Kyle died from a self-administered overdose of unadulterated hubris.

    Chris Kyle told everybody that he knew shit. Chris Kyle didn't know shit. That's why he's dead.

    I'm guessing that Chris Kyle would far rather be around today to ignore any and all T-shirts than be dead and have these idiots fucking his crumbling bones.

    Cue corpse-fucker Palin.

    1. Anonymous3:34 PM

      My first thought was: "He gave his life so you can have yours?" How delusional is that. Before people in the military are released to the general population, they should be given some counseling in how to stop being killing machines and in how to get along with people who might not share your ideas or your heroes. I'm tired to the fake bravado of ex-military types who lord their prowess with murder weapons on those of us who simply pay their way.

    2. Anonymous5:10 PM

      As a tourist in a Third World country being searched by the military at gunpoint my one thought was the knowledge that the crowning glory of life achievement of the POS at the other end of the machine gun was probably learning how to pull the trigger.

      Any idiot can discharge a firearm.

      Toddlers do it every day.

      If you're from a military family you don't believe half the shit you hear. That's why people like Chris Kyle and Dakota Meyer, who call themselves heroes, are put under scrutiny and always found wanting.

    3. Anonymous9:42 PM

      ITA!! "He gave his life so you can have yours?" WTF? Jamie Lugo has obviously confused Chris Kyle with a veteran who was actually killed during combat!! He's definitely a f*cking dumb ass marine and a disgrace to those who serve our country!

    4. Anonymous11:54 AM

      nothing like making $$ off a dead man's back.

  2. Anonymous2:47 PM

    He gave his life so you can have yours.
    They certainly like to re-write history. He didn't give his life for anyone, His thinks "playing with guns" is therapy and found out he was wrong.

    Sure hope she calls the police and has them pay a call on these two losers.

    1. Anonymous3:40 PM

      I'm positive she's got the FBI on it.

    2. Anonymous6:07 PM

      And Chris Kyle's wife is even worse than Kyle., trying to make money off of the grief caused by her deceased lunatic of a spouse.

    3. Anonymous6:19 PM

      Taya Studebaker Kyle

    4. Anonymous6:41 PM

      In a recent interview, when Taya was selling another book, a loud noise like a gunshot went off and she jumped. It was ironic, she looked terrified for a moment. She must get many threats and fears.

      Chris Kyle was a trained killer and he shot women and children in an illegal war. Interesting that he was killed like he was. Taya can't seem to move on since she has so much fame and money as the widow of the Kyle legacy.

    5. Anonymous3:47 AM

      Anon at 6:41 pm. Kyle's widow, Taya, is a nobody from nowhere without the myth of her husband. Of course she's been peddling it since his total failure of an attempt to show his talent as a cure-all for PTSD. If she were to go back to being a nobody from nowhere, like the rest of us, she wouldn't get the fuss made over her and she'd lose her source of income. In this day and age, everybody seems to think they have an automatic right to celebrity.

  3. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Call me confused, but isn't this Kyle guy a soldier who came home and started treating one of his buddies for PTSD, a medical condition,by handing him a loaded gun at a rifle range?
    Nothing triggers flashbacks quicker than guns going off, the aroma of gun powder and rubbing your gun till your toes curl.
    This girl exercised her right to free speech. He "practicedmedicine without a license". Isn't there a law against that?
    When is enough enough? HE wrote a book, had a movie made, and now his poor dear widow has written her tear jerking memoir and is milking it for all she can get.

    I may or may not agree with the message, but it's her right to let her opinion be known.

    1. Anonymous4:51 PM

      Call me confused, but isn't this Kyle guy a soldier who came home and started treating one of his buddies for PTSD......

      Yes, the media never actually dealt with any of that in a fair and reasonable manner.

      Kyle was a fool to think he was helping anyone, if that is what he thought. I think it wasn't all looked at fair or accurate.

      Attention should have been paid to his stupid mistake or what ever it was that he would take anyone with Routh's problems to that luxury shooting range.

      He also put his friend in danger. Very disrespectful and uncaring.

      Troubled Veterans Get Treatment, Not Jail

      Crime Scene, Trial and Evidence Photos for Chris Kyle's Murder


      Held her husbands dogtags in her hands while she gave her evidence

  4. Anonymous2:49 PM

    One of the greatest moments of amusement for me was when Kyle got his comeuppance from trying to give "gun therapy" to a PTSD sufferer. It was a glorious moment of irony and he got some Karmic results from all of the innocents he murdered in the middle east.

    Anyone who is not a blinded military humper should be proud to say "Fuck Chris Kyle" on a T-shirt, because he was a murderous asshole.

    Of course, the far right, including the militaristic-minded, will always be confronting any freedom of speech issue with their guns blazing. Think of it as First Amendment meets Second Amendment.

    Well, guess what, some of us Liberals own guns too, and we know how to shoot them and if you righties are assholes, we'll exercise our Second Amendment rights, because really, the First and the Second belong to everyone, not just the righties.

    Kyle was a douche and Karma took care of him. Now his equally abhorrent wife goes around the country making money off his murderous behavior. Sickening.

  5. Anonymous2:54 PM

    I would hope she turned all this information over to the FBI as those are nasty people that need to have someone go after them - pronto!

    I see many of us killing each other in our not too distant future. And, I suggest it will include everyone fighting - all colors, religious, non religious and the varied political parties.

    I, too, feel absolute dislike for others and I was never like that before.

  6. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Aren't they Christians?

  7. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Can Abby give the threat info she received to the FBI and they can trace him down?

  8. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Anonymous2:59 PM

    Aren't they Christians?


    Sarah Palin said she's a Christian but she spewed her anti Obama rhetoric which stirred up her White Amerkun Patriots into threatening our president.

    These people along with Sarah Palin can call themselves whatever they want but they are not Christians.

    1. Anonymous4:48 PM

      I'm beginning to think that since they all quote from the Old Testament, and ignore the teachings of Jesus, that they're really Jewish. They just call themselves "christian" because that's more acceptable.

    2. Anonymous7:01 PM

      They are absolutely not Jewish. They just feel more comfortable with a jealous, vengeful god. Jealousy and vengeance are things they understand.

  9. Anonymous3:20 PM

    So, let me see if I've got this right:

    It was so wrong of this woman to wear an F you Chris Kyle T-shirt that she deserves to be raped and/or killed, but Dakota Meyer and SP can hold up an F You Michael Moore sign, and that's just them exercising their free speech.



    1. Or for that matter, hatemonger Pamela Geller can lay a free speech trap for suicidal ISIS wannabes and it's all OK with RWNJs.

  10. Anonymous4:11 PM

    If Lugo is so fucking tough, why didn't he go rescue his fellow Marine from Mexico?

  11. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I'm sure Pamela Geller will be happy to share some of her super duper freedom speech protecting security with Abby. right?

  12. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Sadly, this is pretty typical.

    These American "patriots" think the penalty for saying things they don't like is rape and death. Now, tell us more about those savages in Iraq.

  13. Scruffer4:22 PM

    1st amendment - Free speech as long as you say what I like. If you don't, see:

    But I'm supposed to be afraid of Muslims and/or people of different descent?

    1. Anonymous8:38 PM

      Why yes, Scuffer, yes, yes you are!

      You should have seen my bus into downtown Portland today when President Obama was in town.

    2. Cracklin Charlie9:47 PM

      They seem to think that whining louder means more people agree with them. If Chris Kyle was so tough, wouldn't he be able to handle the t-shirt statement without going apeshit about it?

      Makes no sense.

  14. Scruffer4:32 PM

    "He gave his life so you can have yours."
    No he didn't. He got shot by one of his fellow marines, here right in the USA.
    A fellow Marine, fucked up by the horrors of war.
    A war started by religious and money-hungry thugs. Seriously, let's point out who the real THUGS are.

    1. Anonymous6:12 PM

      He got (deservedly)killed becuase he was an arrogant SOB practicing psycho-therapy without a license (or any brains.)

    2. Anonymous3:57 AM

      Kyle "gave his life" after profiting as much as he could from his few years in the military as a killer of whatever moved out there in front of him. Profiting from a few years in the military is wrong; most returning soldiers do not do it. They move on. After WWII many returning soldiers got educations or vocational training or returned to their previous lives and prospered. If Kyle had wanted to help returning soldiers he could have gotten the proper education to become a therapist so that he could have a career helping them - without resorting to target practice. Of course, there would not have been any instant "celebrity" for him.

  15. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Having great 'murican patriots like that around, who needs Muslim extremists?

  16. Anonymous5:14 PM

    This girl is a true American. Says it like she sees it without worrying about political correctness.

    1. Anonymous6:28 AM

      The threats against this woman are ugly and vile . I defend her right right to be nasty and mean spirited toward a dead man.

  17. Anonymous5:17 PM

    These maroons will either be nasty about others speech or they will twist it just to start trouble or do ugly things.

    Michael Moore did not tweet about "American Sniper".

    He was tweeting about his Uncle's death by a sniper.

    American Sniper's widow curtails interviews amid criticism of film as Medal of Honor recipient blasts Michael Moore's 'coward' comments

  18. Anonymous5:18 PM

    What the hell are they complaining about the T-shirt for? I think the shape of that T-shirt is marvelous!!

  19. Anonymous5:27 PM

    The Chris Kyle jihadis have ordered the deaths of Americans who wear offensive t-shirts. And then they cry about Muslims being bad. Fucking hypocrites.

    1. Anonymous7:31 AM

      Chris Kyle and now Taya Kyle work for propaganda, war mongers, Bibi's Israel, and Christian nuts (charlatans) who are on a mission. They are as fruitcake as a Palin. They are gun happy sickening and spread lies. They need to be monitored.

      Taya's father is Kent Studebaker, a mayor of tiny Lake Oswego, Oregon. Taya has politics in her blood. She is an author, was involved with making a highly successful movie and she is an advocate/activist for vertern families.

      Routh will spend his life in prison (will he ever have help for his PTSD/mental health?). Kyle's friend is still threatening a sick man with no or poor treatment after the criminal judgment came down.

      Marcus Luttrell, Navy SEAL friend of Chris Kyle, warns killer Eddie Ray Routh following verdict. “Wait till the boys in TDC Find out you killed a TX hero.”

  20. Anonymous5:36 PM

    These are the same sort of assholes who attended Pam Geller's "freedom of speech" charade. You know, that conference where men who tried to ban the building of a Muslim community center in NYC and who’ve attempted to ban the Koran from their country (the Netherlands) had the gall to pontificate about “freedom of speech”.

    Geert Wilder speaking at Geller’s conference: “No more Islam! No more mosques! No more Islamic schools!”

    Yeah, how's that for protection of Americans’ First Amendment rights?

    Fucking bigots and hypocrites.

  21. Anonymous5:44 PM

    I have something to say to Jamie Lugo:


  22. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Good to see people expressing how they think and feel about Chris Kyle.
    Both of the Kyle's are vile to promote as they do. It is blind not see his myths were created for military propaganda. With all the help and support he got, Kyle didn't handle himself well. He is a liar, not to be trusted.

    Kyle interview. Chris Kyle Punched Jesse Ventura - @OpieRadio
    Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle Tells O'Reilly: I Decked Jesse Ventura, 02-10-2012
    Kyle's five-hour deposition, videotaped a year before his death, offered a glimpse of how he struggled to rein in the story after the book came out — even as his publishers seemed to relish the attention it brought:

    Not a hero, a sad little infantile manchild.

    Ventura asked Kyle to retract the false story and apologize, but Kyle refused. Ventura then filed a defamation suit against Kyle in February 2012. Kyle was murdered at a Texas gun range in February 2013. The suit continued against his estate, represented by his wife, Taya Kyle.

    1. Anonymous10:07 PM

      And Jessie Ventura went on to win the defamation lawsuit against Chris Kyle and rightfully so! Kyle failed to provide proof that his story was true, he didn't have any eyewitnesses to back up his story because the story was complete and utter BS. Considering Kyle used that fictitious story to promote his book and make a fortune he got off easy. I think Ventura should have been awarded a hell of lot more! Kyle is a lying POS!

  23. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Sharia and Nazism all wrapped up into one neat little package!

  24. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Actually I'm tired of hearing about Kyle Chris.

  25. Does this surprises anyone?

  26. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Lake Oswego mayor: Chris Kyle 'did not lie'

    ‘Living a lie’
    Bringing up a fine point that’s hotly debated by civilians and soldiers alike, Studebaker says Ventura himself is “living a lie” by posing as a SEAL. He went through “basic underwater demolition (BUD) training” and served in the Navy during the Vietnam War on an underwater demolition team, but “he is not a SEAL — he never has been.”

  27. Anonymous4:30 PM

    since when does killing women and kids makes him a hero? what about the ptsd guy who sits in prison for the rest of his life?? all for not. lives lost,for what? FAME.

    1. Anonymous5:17 PM

      Well, Taya's profiting off the sorry dead asshole. Palin of course also managed to scavenge some dimes off his carcass too.

  28. Fuk'n liberal retards. Most of you have never served. You just sit there with your hand out asking for more. Those of you that have served, more than likely couldn't hack it. You had to put forth some effort, so it wasn't your cup of tea. Go wash your mouth out with some buckshot!


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