Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I have the best friends in the world!

Having somebody reveal your "secret identity" can be a little unsettling (Just ask Batman).

And the attacks against me, and my school, have been just as vicious as you would expect from supporters of Sarah Palin. The e-mail boxes at the elementary school are full of allegations that I am a pervert, and the phone has been ringing non-stop.

I am just thankful that this all happened before school was actually in session.

However the bright ray of sunshine bursting through this ominous cloud is the incredible support I have received from all over. I have received supportive phone calls, e-mails, and even a nice bottle of wine delivered to my door by a fellow teacher.

I am very grateful for all of the support that I have received and feel truly humbled by it.

Thank you.

Here are some of the wonderful things that my fellow bloggers wrote about my "episode".

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About Sarah Palin, And Her New Mistakes, and How she has decided to Target Bloggers-Watergate Summer

I am usually somebody who prides himself on being independent and capable of dealing with whatever life throws my way without asking for help, but thank you very much for all of your kind help.

Now just keep paying attention and you will see that your trust was not misplaced.


  1. Darling Gryphen, Except for my husband, two children and 7.5 kidlets, you are the love of my life.

  2. Anonymous8:16 AM

    In Gryph we trust. Goodness knows the Republicans are giving "God" a bad reputation.

  3. Typical commentary from unhinged Palin haters: don't deal with the real issue, of Gryphen publishing false information about the Palins, or wishing she would break her ankle, or making up fantasies about the origins of her infant son.

    No, the issue is not that at all: the issue is that all of us vicious, right wingers will take out our anger on the kids you teach. What a bunch of happy horseshit. What a transparent way to try and refocus the controversy away from Gryphen's libels and back onto those who are outraged by them.

    But it won't work, Griffie.

  4. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Stogie go back to sea peeing jerks and STFU. You people are total losers.

  5. The costs one must pay because Palin has some freakish "higher calling".

    The costs one must pay because Palin is a brat.
    The costs one must pay because Palin quit.
    The costs one must pay because of Palin's clueless nature.

    Costs = not necessarily money...

    Alaskans have paid dearly for such a political lightweight.

    And this bobblehead, clueless deflated barbie head thinks it is good for Alaska?

    No wonder she has been torched in the media.

    The costs associated with the Palin Drama Train, either directly or indirectly is horrific. She unleashes her cult following and they try to clear a path of ruin. Thrashing and trashing. But this only makes the cravasse bigger...

    I don't think they (Palin family with attorney or her cult following) will ever understand the cravasse they have fallen into...

  6. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Gryphen, hang tough. The rabid cult groupies are crazy. We will be patient and wait for the truth to come out, it always does.

    If I had the phone number or email of the school I'd call or write to support you. Is there anything we can do to help?

    Take care, stay safe and please keep on doing your work to shine light on Palin's unscrupulous behavior. She needs to be revealed for who and what she really is. I'm sorry you are taking blows.

    I can't wait for the truth to come out.

  7. @Stogie

    Last I checked, nobody published a forged copy of Palins' divorce papers. Or Trig's birth certificate for that matter.

  8. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Stogie, we shall see how "false" this information is. If it is true and not false, what then? Will apologies come forth from your cult group? eh? Will you all then call and email the school retracting your crap talk against this person? eh?

    I would hope so. I would if I F*cked up like that.

  9. FEDUP!!!8:34 AM

    Uncle Gryphen: I have been away from my keyboard out of necessity, but am back now (although on limited time...:/) - so I have missed all the excitement! WAHHHH! I have been able to just read part of your posts (none of the responses yet), and am APPALLED, however NOT SURPIRSED about the latest shenanigans of Palin et al.

    It was expected - I read somewhere last week that she is holed up with her 'team of lawyers' to put together some lawsuits (SLAPP?)
    Didn't really expect *YOU* would be the first to fell her gentle hands... :(

    Know that we (all the PJ clad bloggers/posters, sitting in the basements of our parents) have your back, and we will help however we can!
    (Oh, that reminds me... my parents don't have a computer, and they also don't have a basement --- so where does that leave me?????)

  10. As much as I appreciate the support, please do not write or call the school.

    They are overwhelmed with the number of e-mails they have received thus far and even supportive ones only add to the problem.

    Why it seemed okay to attack my school I will never know but the outcome they are hoping for will not come to pass as the school has done extensive background checks on me and I am squeaky clean.

    All it has done is distract some wonderful people from preparing to educate the children that will soon be walking through their doors.

  11. Stogie,literally you are just another cheap cigar from a long line of cheap cigar smoking righties.Or is that wrongies?

  12. Greytdog8:41 AM

    Gryphen, you're the best!! Thanks for taking the flak from the flake. Stand tall knowing you are speaking truth to power - and power is totally freaking out! Your kids in that classroom are exceptionally lucky to have a dedicated teacher and true role model of citizenship in a democracy! Rock on!

  13. You have more than you know supporting you, Matt Osborne @ OsborneInk.com has a post up today, TheMom @ AttentiveAphorist.com had one up yesterday, in fact I think she had 2 up, and there have been others I have seen. Fran @ Ramblings had one up.. So you have lots of support, you need to get out more...lol

    Even my lowly little blog had a post up about you..We all support you and abhor what she and her attorney are trying to do to you and anyone else who tries to expose her for what she is. There is no need for the fear and slash and burn tactics that is the right wing politics of the past.

    Thanks for all you do and know you remain in our thoughts as you fight the good fight.

  14. Gryphen, I wish I was in a position to support you more. The truth is, in my real life I hide my political opinions as best I can because as an author I can't afford to alienate 20-30% of my potential readership (although I do get some hate mail because I've been told my "lefty attitude" bleeds through). So, hats off to all of you who get out there and say what's true and what's right at the risk of so much. You are the true patriots, you are the ones who genuinely love this country and not some false Leave It To Beaver image of what America was once like and could be again if only the Dominionists get their way (complete with duck and cover drills, segregation, and red baiting). You walk a fine line between delicious snark and a gentlemanly Zen sense of fairness.

    Your school and its kids are lucky to have you. I hope they know it.

  15. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Perhaps Van Flea would like to categorically state there have been no extramarital affairs by Sarah or Todd? It's easy to say there is no divorce, at this moment, and not that I'd wish that upon the Palin's or anyone.

    BUT, IF guns have been pointed at anyone by Todd, IF prosecution to the fullest extent for Sherry J. has been pressured by Sarah as Gov, or IF there have been extramarital affairs by a Christian values politician I'd like to know.

    These are not things that should be hidden or protected from being made public. BTW, I could care less about Sarah's marital status, but it does show hypocrisy and moral character flaws if the affairs are true.

  16. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Gryphen said: "Why it seemed okay to attack my school I will never know......"

    Gryp, you are an unbelievable, arrogant, sociopathic narcissist...you are actually whining about your school being attacked after all your vile, vicious, slanderous attacks against Palin and her family??? Are you freaking kidding me?
    Now you know how it feels to be stalked you ignorant jackass!!!

  17. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Come to think of it we have never seen Trigs original birth certificate, with his real birth date on it and the names of his real birth parents. The taxpayers of Alaska paid the bill for him (a little socialistic medicine there heh Sarah). What type of bennies will Sarah continue to milk the taxpayers of Alaska for, what does she continue to get even though she quit on you. Is there a quitters clause in the Alaska governing docs?

  18. Hang in there Gryphen! Remember the old saying: This too shall pass.

  19. Gryph,

    I'm a retired early years educator and I think you're just perfect for the job. You have the utmost respect for human beings of all ages and that comes through in your posts. Palin's supporters are narrow minded bigots and have not earned our respect, along with their muse.

    Love ya Gryph, hang in there!

  20. Gryphen-- your situation reminds me of the noted atheist, liberal and science blogger, biologist Prof. PZ Myers. He authors a popular blog Pharyngula...


    ...talking on the creationists and religious fundies.

    Often the winguts flood the University where he is employed with emails and letters, asking him to be fired for hurting their feelings on his blog. He has been threatened many a times with lawsuits, (the recent as recently as a day ago)and once sewed unsuccessfully for libel.


    The Eucharist controversy on his blog is particularly relevant to your school "episode". The school stood by him:


    "In his July 8 blog entry, Myers criticized the reaction to Cook's act. Myers described the level of harassment including multiple death threats leveled against the student, and accusations against the student which included hate crime, kidnapping, and intent to desecrate the wafer which Catholics consider a mortal sin.[25][28] Myers expressed outrage that Fox News appeared to be inciting readers to cause further problems for the student, and ridiculed reports that armed guards would attend the next mass. Myers suggested that if any of his readers could acquire some consecrated Eucharistic hosts for him, he would treat the wafers "with profound disrespect and heinous cracker abuse, all photographed and presented here on the web."[29]

    "A number of Roman Catholics immediately reacted strongly. Donohue's Catholic League accused Myers of anti-catholic bigotry,[30] described his proposal as a threat to desecrate what Catholics hold to be the Body of Christ, and sent a letter asking the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota State Legislature to take action against Myers.[30][31]. According to Donohue, as the Pharyngula website was accessible via a link from the University of Minnesota website, it should be bound by the institution's code of conduct which requires faculty to be "respectful, fair and civil" when dealing with others.[31] Subsequently, Myers explained to the Star Tribune that while his post was "satire and protest," he had received death threats regarding the incident but was not taking them too seriously."

    "On July 24, 2008, PZ Myers, in his post, "The Great Desecration," wrote that he had pierced through the "goddamned cracker" with a rusty nail, which he also used to pierce a few ripped-out pages of the Qur'an and The God Delusion, and had simply thrown them all in the trash along with old coffee grounds and a banana peel. He provided a photograph of these items in the garbage, and wrote that nothing must be held sacred, encouraging people to question everything. The following day, University of Minnesota, Morris (UMN) Chancellor stated: “I believe that behaviors that discriminate against or harass individuals or groups on the basis of their religious beliefs are reprehensible,” but that the school "affirms the freedom of a faculty member to speak or write as a public citizen without institutional discipline or restraint."


  21. penelope9:01 AM

    I know it must be hard for VanFlein to tell his client "No!" After all, he is hoping to actaully get paid big bucks for fighting these little battles (once the pesky details about the legality of the Fund Trust are cleared up). Still, one would hope that he will eventually give Sarah a clue as to what is worth fighting about. If he ever stands up to her Highness, maybe Orly Taitz, the mail-order birther lawyer will take up her causes/dramas. Can you imagine Orly and Sarah in a conversation? Yikes.

  22. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Hi Gryphen. Just another supporter weighing in and letting you know that we've got your back. Hang in there and know that you're loved!!

  23. Anonymous9:15 AM

    I will never understand why it is OK to attack a private citizen and try to tarnish their reputation, threaten their employment, threaten them with bodily harm all in the name of defending Palin. Is this the new Christian way? Love thy neighbor only if they love Sarah? What hypocrites. They are doing to you what they claim you are doing to Sarah(causing malicious harm) but I guess it's OK because you aren't the last great white racist hope. And they wonder why we all post anonymous.

    I personally think the whole letter was a code for them to encourage her followers to out your identity. SP & VF obviously knew who you are, but they knew there would be problems if they outed you. So instead she fed her minions a clue and again let them do her bidding.

    Hang in there! I'm glad you are getting some well deserved good e-mails along with the crazy ones.

  24. And the beat goes on, I see. Still some very silly trolls, but I gotta agree with you Gryph, some of the best friends in the world.

  25. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Glad to hear that your employers are standing by you -- hang in there, Gryph! Pat in Texas

  26. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Thank you for all you and fellow Alaskan bloggers are doing.I guess I have been reading about a year.
    Remember, you all expose the truth around the world.
    I read your blog every day.I am from Dallas Texas.
    My friends tease me that I know more about Alaskam politics than Texas.
    Maybe you can start a travel agency for Progressives !I want to sign up.
    PS I would love to hear you all discuss what you will talk about once Sara is really gone !

  27. phoebes-in-santa fe9:21 AM

    Gryphen, I'm a new reader to your blog, but just wanted to add, keep up the good work. If we don't stand up to crazies of the Right, we'll go back to the policies of the last eight years.

    I'm just sorry your personal life had to attacked.

  28. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Hang in there, Gryphen! As they say "Time heals all wounds and wounds all heels." Truth and time are on your side.

  29. Anonymous9:24 AM

    It's good to have friends. How are Celtic Diva, the Girl from Homer and Progressive Alaskan doing today. You and Zaki have stepped in doo-doo. Are you annoyed that Zaki outed you? If he had just not posted the letter...

  30. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Now you know how Trooper Mike Wooten must have felt.

  31. Hugs to you, Gryph! Think of Oily Taters screeching from behind bars when the courts declare that Kenyan birth certificate a fake. ::Smile!:: They're all going down in the end!

  32. Anonymous9:28 AM

    You are Not Alone The list of victims is VERY long, Things will settle down in time.. Those people are whack jobs thats for sure.. KARMA will catch up with them one day..

  33. As has been said before, this too shall pass. It is easy to target you since (so far) your allegations remain allegations. That is why many of us have taken the stance to wait and see.

    I cannot understand why you WOULD post these allegations unless you obviously have some reason and some impeccable sources. Since this is affecting you and not me personally, I can easily give you the benefit of the doubt and my support, until it is proven your allegations were DELIBERATE lies.

    Since I have not previously known you to lie, I am continuing to support you. I would like to apologize for the education-hating knuckle draggers who honestly believe that SP knows WHO they are and LOVES them.

    Ms. Palin is simply a quitting ex=Gov with a fan club (sort of like the Mouseketeers). If they choose to believe she is their Queen, that is their loss and a sure sign of their intellectual thought processes.

    The last time I looked, blogging is NOT illegal. People who work for schools also have opinions. Gryphen has never ever taken his blogging into his classroom (obviously) and undoubtedly has had a thorough background check. People who want to crucify you will say and do anything - and yet everytime they open their mouths they simply prove how ignorant and intolerant they are. Stifling dissent is obviously the latest tactic in the war they continue to fight and lose.

    I continue to support you and look forward to future updates as they become available. We all know that we will hear from you when you can.

  34. anon@8:52: you're right, stalking is a crime. So why is it that you think it's all right for YOU to do it?

    Bullying and stalking - those are really relevant points to make right? I mean the louder you are, the stupider you are, the more we will "see" you are right?

    When will you people learn that coming onto a blog that doesn't represent your particular point of view, and yelling at people, doesn't make them change their minds about the topic?

  35. @Stogie.........looked at your hateful, racist blog today.


    How are you any different than Gryphen or any other blogger in what you present?

    You are posting the FAKE Kenyan birth certificate(which again like most GOP forgeries isn't even a good job or correct info) as FACT!

    Please Stogie provide your proof. Please forward the video of Obama's mother traveling to Kenya, or copies of her tickets, or copies of her passport and the one she would of obtained bor Barack Jr. to return to the US with her. Please, please provide those for us since you are reporting it as fact on your blog!

    Do you have actual proof Obama was born in Kenya and not Hawaii or anywhere else for that matter?

    Did you witness the birth?

    Who is your source, grazy Orly lady who by the way is from ISRAEL via RUSSIA, but she's worried about the legitimacy of our President's birth. Just another freeloader looking for their 15 mins of fame.

    Palin is an impulsive, uncontrolled, unfit for public office and inmature! Want proof?

    Gryphen's post is still up, no one served him, no pending lawsuit, no scary men showing up at school to serve him, nothing, nada, just more ramblings from the former Queen.

    We're well past the deadline TVF gave Gryphen, so please explain to us why Sarah would again publicly (although via facebook) threaten him if she had not intention of doing anything?

  36. Gryphen - our support for you is absolutley, whole heartedly, 100%, forever and ever unwaivering.

    Our admiration is even greater now (if that's possible) that Palin decided to try to intimidate you in to silence.

    As for the hassles your coworkers are going through...at least they'll understand the truth about Palin and her supporters first hand. That rabid hateful venom palinbots are only capable of spewing will only serve to dimish their cause.

  37. @Stogie

    Please also provide us copies of any ethics complaint AKM from Mudflats has filed against Sarah Palin or anyone in her administration. Since you have two posts on your blog stating that as fact, I'm assuming you have sources for your information and you can provide us proof.

    You are free to request a copy of every complaint filed against your idol and you will find you have no idea what you're talking about and are lying on your blog.

  38. SoCalWolfGal9:39 AM

    Gryphen, glad to hear your school has not reacted in a knee jerk manner, which is what Palin and her bots were hoping for. Hang in there, and yes we are paying attention! Yesterday was actually the first time I bothered visiting the Sea. Yikes, those people are even worse than I had thought!

  39. bonefish9:40 AM

    Hang in there, Gryphen. The vitriolic comments by the trolls here are quite telling. No actual thought, just more of the same... rambleshirekyellcussname-call... yada yada yada.
    These people's action are abhorrent. It reflects what the reality of their inner life is, don't you think? How awful to be them.

  40. Anonymous9:46 AM

    ....and this because He wrote about the one who quit.

  41. douchebag patrol9:48 AM

    Only the most irrelevant, insignificant and inconsequential people - Palin/Palinistas/Peebots - try to shoot the messenger.

    They are less than trivial and 100% anti-US Constitution.

  42. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Gryph, I think that the entire reason that Van Flea added the kindergarten comment in the letter was so that the SP lovers would do exactly what they are doing. Remember there is always someone doing her dirty stuff so she can appear clean.

    The entire reason I started reading all these Alaskan blogs are because SP wasn't being interviewed after she became the VP nom. This sent up a HUGE red flag for me so I had to get on-line & see why. Thankfully, you all had the cojones to tell what was & had been going on in Alaska. Gee, I also can't understand why you kept your identity a secret? If I lived in Alaska I would keep it a secret too. You all know why.

    Because of the despicable stuff that was going on from the red side I decided that I had to take action & I finally decided to donate money to President Barack Obama. I have never donated money to any campaign before but honestly the thought of SP anywhere near the white house just chills me to the bone.

    As someone else said, this too shall pass. They will be hounding someone else soon enough. They didn't bring down Mudflats, Shannon, Letterman or anyone else. If you need a lawyer believe me there will be many donating money for your cause. Watch your back - these people really are crazy. It is so clear to me why Levi needs backup.


    PS - Usually I ignore trolls, but for heaven's sake wake up. The vile stuff that you have on-line is scary. Read Glenn Beck's stuff for an hour & honest to god you people scare the crap out of me. Interesting also too is that you sure didn't say much when Saturday Night Live did a skit about Todd & the girls and insinuated that he was having sex with them. That was in a whole different field than what Gryph is reporting. To top it off your queen even went on this show after that aired. That tells me also too that there is something seriously wrong with her. It is a shame that you don't see that. It is also a shame that you all want to take down our government & can't accept that President Barack Obama won. Apparently, SP & James Dobson where right - God put in who HE wanted to run our country.

  43. pacos_gal9:55 AM

    Anyone working with kids has to pass extensive background checks. Educators must pass both FBI and state background checks.

    Glad you have friends who are willing to stand by you Gryphen.

  44. stay strong9:56 AM

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    --Thomas Jefferson

    We've got your back Gryphen.

  45. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Since Palin resigned, I have gone to C4P for news, but posts just keep sending me here. Seems you got the scoop, Gryphen!

  46. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Dear Gryphen,
    I hope you realize that Sarah's threats are not about you; they are about her. Every time she is insulted, whether the insult is real or perceived, she plays "Poor Me" as a means of enriching her various funds. Leaving office had nothing to do with the onslaught of insults lodged against her. Leaving just makes it easier to cash in. They never did any thing to Shannyn. They only increased Dave's ratings. The trumped up outrage is wearing a little thin, yet everyone keeps falling for it. One poorly worded statement from Meg, and she has achieved exactly what she is being paid for...keeping Sarah's name out there. Too bad that you were the latest target. We all appreciate the hard work that you do. And, when they revealed some of your secrets, it only makes us even more proud to know that you are helping children in a beautiful way. Didn't seem to stop AKM, and they shouldn't stop you either. Glad that you have so much support. Keep up the wonderful reports.

  47. lisabeth9:57 AM

    Hi Gryphen, this will pass I am sure of it. I am naive I suppose and believe that the truth and good people always win. What I find incredibly sad is how clueless Palin's followers are. They don't even see how she lies, uses, abuses and steps on people to get her way. She is not a nice and decent person. She hardly follows Christ's teachings. Her pattern of abusing her power is so obvious. I feel sorry for them and for their children.

    I don't agree with Van Flein's approach at all, but it isn't uncommon for lawyers to be so sleezy. You would think he would be a bit smarter though given that Sarah is nationally known. He is actually adding to the case people make about her being a bully and abusing her power. You can't get much lower than saying you will serve someone papers in a room of five year olds. He is incredibly stupid to have sent that to you. All of these kinds of things can and will be used against Sarah if she ever runs for office. She is done now, completely done. The only people who support her are a very small group and we saw what they were like in their writings the other night.

    Stogie here just doesn't get it. We aren't unhinged, he is unhinged, and so are Sarah's follwers. They are the ones who are obsessed with her. They don't see that we don't like Sarah because of how she abuses people and we also don't like her policies. She is one of the most crooked politicians I have ever seen. This is what we don't like. And I will never stop exposing Palin until I am 150% sure she is done with politics. I don't care what she does as private citizen Sarah. I could care less, even though I do feel badly for her children. Children of narcissists generally have problems their whole life. Sarah has serious problems that anyone can see. They blame us, but I don't see you or anyone going on their blog writing hateful and threatening things. And how does Stogie know for sure it is a lie. I hope that when things come out, all of those people have the decency to come back here and apologize to you. But I hardly count on it! They rationalize everything Sarah does. I will never understand it. They are blinded by their hatred.

    The other thing that really bothers me is their hatred towards liberals and Democrats. Why don't they know that most of the people who filed ethics complaints were Republicans or independents? I found a horrible website yesterday where they were talking about AKM. And every sentence was "those damn fucking libtards." Its just so strange. They are so full of anger and blaming AKM when she has never filed a single ethics complaint. Do they read or do they just listen to FOX?

    Sorry for this being so long. I am just happy that you are getting support, but still in shock that this is even happening. It just shows everyone how far Sarah will go and it is all about greed. She wants to protect the money she is going to get from books and other things...she isn't going to run for president, come on, she doesn't have a chance and she knows it.....

    Hang in there and you have a lot of support!!

  48. Stogie: you are undoubtedly one of the stupidest racist thugs I've ever heard of.

    Yesterday Karl Rove came out and said that the BC was a "forgery". I realize that word has THREE syllables so it might not be intelligible to you.

    Don't bother to hide your racism because that is what you are - a cheap racist pig. This is all about the "uppity" guy (or "that one" as that elite John McCain referred to him), beating the old stupid racist white guy.

    Elections have consequences even for racists like you. Get over yourself, we already have and we see you for what you are. A cheap bigot.

  49. Wow Gryphen, seems like you poked the proverbial hornets nest a bit, aye?
    I am sorry to hear about the attacks on your personal life; however, when you throw your hat in the ring, eventually someone's bound to throw it back.
    BTW who's the midnightcajun guy? He can't afford to support you too loudly cause it will cost him money? Wow, maybe when his spine grows back, he'll realize that pandering is prostitutional.
    For the rest of your commentators, I got this:
    1. It is not republicans causing Gryph's problems. It is extremists from a few factions.
    2. Blogging is fun, sometimes educational, and always entertaining. It is also uncontrolled, so it is as dangerous as a boomerang in the hands of a beginner. No matter hard or soft you throw it, no matter what direction you throw it towards; it will always return. If you're not paying attention it might just wack you right in the back of the head.
    Lastly, Gryph, I wish you luck and even though I do not always agree with you, I still love your blog. Stay strong. It is a shame that some will resort to the tactics you are now experiencing, but you must reap what you sow sometimes, even when the fruit is bitter.

  50. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Gryphen.... hang tough.

    Look at the bright side... your blog is a now "go to" for many more readers.

    We are all waiting for more bombshells to explode. The "star bursts" that Rich Lowry saw watching Sarah will look puny compared to the upcoming fireworks.

    It is about time to finish off her political career once and for all... keep up the good work.

  51. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Hang in there. I am supporting you 100% from Montgomery County MD where McCain lives and not too far from Riehl either. It was his choice to do what he did per blogging. If he attempted this here, I think a cop could be at his door. This is outright cyberbullying and stalking. Your school address, names, etc., came right from him. He is totally guilty of this.

    10 cats in MD

  52. Anonymous10:13 AM

    About McCain's job stuff, he is trying to show some damages to him, but he did not have to do any of this. It was his free choice, unless he has some kind of work or employment contract with folks in AK. I have worked free lance and you snooze, you lose. His career choices are his own.

    10 cats in MD

  53. Forgot this: You know and anyone knows that has had experience with schools you would probably be fired in a heartbeat writing the things you write and I am not talking about your comments about Palin. Of course you won't post this...but it will all be told in due time.

  54. I know what it's like to be outed. Some right-wing goon did that to me a few months ago - even tried to mount a campaign to get me fired from my current job. I questioned for a while whether I should keep a blog. Keep on doing what you do.

  55. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Hey, what happened to the "Splitzville" article? You know, the one Gryphen insisted was true and based on solid sources? Seems like it was taken down............now, why would you remove something you know is true............unless it isn't?

  56. Anonymous10:33 AM

    I can understand a desire to hold Palin to account when she was governor and criticize her. But why the misogyny? Why the obsession and stalking of her children? Why the multiple posts and pics on her daughter's stomach size? This is absolutely disgusting. Leave her poor kids alone, even if you insist on continuing to write about your former governor. It is downright creepy, disgusting and unacceptable to post pictures of Bristol that she did not know were being taken - with the purpose of discussing whether she has baby fat, is pregnant or lied about the birthdate of her son! How you can do that with a clear conscience and why more commenters don't notice how horrible it is is beyond me!
    She is no longer Governor - why start lies about a divorce?
    The National Enquirer also states that Michelle Obama is drunk all the time at the WH...do you believe that rumour too?

  57. penelope10:36 AM

    Hahaha - did you see the cartoon by Daryl Cagle (about Grypen's post)
    today? It is priceless! Thanks, Meg, for making this local blog go National.


  58. Anonymous10:36 AM

    ...."BTW who's the midnightcajun guy? He can't afford to support you too loudly cause it will cost him money? Wow, maybe when his spine grows back, he'll realize that pandering is prostitutional."

    Whoa, back off, bub. Midnightcajun writes for mainstream media publications (like, that's his source of income) and he has to be careful about how much he reveals his personal beliefs and interests so he can continue to work in the mainstream media. That's how it works. The minute you're ready to replace his income for him, maybe he'll be more forthcoming about his real name.

    Also Midnight has been a fabulous contributor here and at Palin Deceptions, shedding countless insights about Palin, how the media handles her and reacts to her, and more.

    Until you've contributed as much as he has, you have NO grounds to even remotely complain about his anonymity. He does a great service to all who are following Babygate and Palin's countless other scandals because he is our "man on the inside" of the mainstream media and is therefore extremely valuable.

    So again, back off, "kodiakgriff."

  59. kodiakgriff: Welcome - your comments are what separate the real from the unreal.

    I believe Gryphen knew exactly what would happen when he wrote that post. He knew he would be viciously attacked ( they have no other option, since they don't have any truths). But the only way to get the information out is to do it. And I don't think Gryphen is that type of guy - I also believe he has what he believes are impeccable sources (and no I don't think he and Zaki are providing cover for each other).

    Politics is a dirty business, but hiding things compounds the problem. If he knew facts and did not report them - believing it to be true - then he would not be Gryphen.

    I also don't believe Gryphen is stupid - he saw what happened with AKM and with Linda and Shannyn. None of this was a surprise or unexpected.

    Gryphen did what is right for him. He took the risk and the chance.

    And now we wait -

  60. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Today is President Obama's birthday. Happy Birthday to the 44th President of the United States of America! Hate on you racists he's your President too! I'm loving it!

  61. please me10:44 AM

    This is all just a side show.

    The real story is that Sarah Palin is NOT the birth mother of Trig Palin and that she was NOT pregnant in 2008.

    She doth protest too much about everything EXCEPT that.

  62. Thank you for showing your integrity Gryphen. Thank you for Not caving to that asinine letter. Thank you on a daily basis for your blog. I enjoy it on several levels for the information you share and for your humor also.You have never come off as someone spouting tabloid fare to generate hits on you blog and logically you would not post defamatory allegations against Anyone without proof. Keep fighting the good fight ... we are behind you.

  63. Don't let the crazies get to you Gryph, but do watch your back. I love your blog. I read it every day and now, it seems, it's on the verge of making you nationally famous. I can't wait until your hard work blows $arah out of the water.

  64. Every new person Sarah targets becomes part of a group determined to triumph against her. Every target she picks has friends, family, and supporters who are equally determined. Sarah's fan base is shrinking as people disappointed with their pitbull-turned-quitter leave the fold.

  65. Also ... in regards to her supporters , isn't it ironic how the clique will never own up to or aknoweldge what the head bully really is? Further proof of my theory that most people really never grow out of the high school mentality.

  66. Anonymous10:50 AM

    I know this is a bit old, but I'm convinced that Palin suffers from borderline personality disorder. Amazing that such a person could attract so many followers.

    Anyway, next time you take on people like this, work harder at preserving your anonymity ... sounds like it didn't take a genius to out you, even without the PDF. Sorry you have to deal with this crap, but your guts and integrity are clear to see. Hang in there.

  67. Gryphen, I admire your humanity, courage and wit.

    Yours was the first Alaskan blogsite I found last year when I was trying to fathom how someone I could see was a rabble-rouser on the campaign trail, incurious, not very bright, not very truthful, totally self-absorbed and inappropriately flirtatious was supposedly VP material.

    My love and support, all the way from Cape Town. Namaste.

  68. Anonymous11:05 AM

    I've been reading this blog since last September. Love it and all the other progressive blogs I've found as a direct result. You hang tough, Gryphen!
    SunSweet (And a teacher for 25+ years)

  69. Probably a stupid question but, are you a reader of Daily K.O.'s?
    You know how Markos take a batch of hate email and then posts the worst ones each saturday?
    Maybe you should adopt that idea. It would show other people (especially the trolls) how ignorant, spiteful, deranged bad losers that they really are. You could turn a negative into a positive. And an added benefit, we all could get a laugh at their expense!
    If anything, it would prove just a ltile more that the Palin Cult is totally insane and will stop at nothing to defend her. And if she ever has the gall to try to take you to court (which she won't), this would be evidence for your side, that you acted withOUT malice.
    Just a thought.............

  70. Just_a_Mote11:10 AM

    Gryphen, we support you. I'm sure the hatred is very unpleasant (to put it mildly). But the haters are outnumbered by many many millions of intelligent, reasonable, fair minded, and civil people. What the haters can't fathom is that this is a country of over 300 million. The haters I have seen on this blog are a tiny fringe group of people who are lost. They do make a lot of noise though. I'm sure you will stand tough. Your supporters will too.

  71. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Hmm... a blogger who hides behind an identity in order to throw mud, admires immorality so much he chooses it for his title, and teaches the smallest of all children.
    Definitely no Mr. Rogers, eh?

  72. In Gryphen I trust. And I would have been fortunate indeed if any of my sons had spent time with you in a classroom. My middle boy, bless him, who has learning disabilities, certainly would have benefited from your patience and wisdom.

  73. After skimming through all the comments, I've noticed that the trolls, the Palin Cultists, most of them are posting "Anonymous".
    Chicken Shits.
    It's okay if you out bloggers but don't have the guts to use even a pseudonym name, never mind your real names. Go back to redstate or Cee4Pee.

  74. i just found and bookmarked your blog. great stuff!
    don't let that blowhard lawyer-in-a-suit scare you.
    when you have nothing to fight with, you toss out a lwayer.
    she is nuts,, and her supporters as well.
    keep your chin up and know i'm with ya,,!

  75. Anonymous11:28 AM

    The way that your previous Governor outed you and exposed your workplace is truly outrageous. It was your choice to remain private and she chose to disrespect that. She, on the other hand, chose to be a public figure and also chose to drag her children to events and mention them at every opportunity. How many other Governors' children do we know the names of? Exactly. They choose to leave the kids at home and in school. She chooses not to.

    I can only imagine her bullying tactics she utilized that weren't transparent.

    We all dodged a real bullet thanks to you brave bloggers.

  76. You earned your virtual standing ovation in the classroom. It's great to see it coming your way now.

    I ♥ Gryphen!

  77. Susan in MD11:55 AM

    hmmm..just read some blogs on the right side of the fence. They speculate Palin silence due to meeting with lawyers to sue bloggers. While the blogs to the left speculate she is meeting with lawyers due to serious legal issues (multiple). Ohhh I gotta go lay down...I'z gettin dizzy :)

  78. Once again, great job Gryphen and we all love you and what you do! But boy, did you hit a nerve with this one, huh?

    I still must maintain, the SILENCE of Palin and Team on so many more grievous allegations has just been DEAFENING.

    What the Palin team chooses to acknowledge and fight with treats of lawsuits seems very petty to me.

    BUT, what they DON'T choose to address, and acknowledge interests me much more.

    They use these opportunities to harp on a specific instance where they feel they were "wronged" to throw everyone off track and throw up a smokescreen so that people spend time on the WRONG PALIN WRONGDOING rather than those things that Palin is truly guilty of.

    The Palin team loves this shit, they love to have everyone's attention diverted from the truly illegal issues that could land her and Todd, if not in jail, then in a whole heap of trouble.

    I certainly believe that the Palin marriage is on the rocks. I firmly believe that they both screwed around a few times in their long marriage. Few are the marriages that do not have instances of infidelity from one or both partners.

    If there weren't something else looming on the horizon they would not have gone after Gryphen so wholeheartedly. They never got their knickers in a twist over the Enquirer reports so why now and why so nasty Palin team?

    I wonder what the Palin team is trying so hard to divert attention from?

  79. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign12:14 PM

    I'm sorry - I have to chuckle to myself over the fact that the whacked out supporters of the Twitter Quitter Quitzilla Quitty Pants once again strike out! Do you think any of the school staff members involved in the consequences of their shenanigans are going to think positive about Palin or her supporters after this?

    They have been doing this in AK since before the election. They have alienated large numbers of people all over the state, which grow exponentially as their disgusting tactics are revealed and discussed with others.

    One one hand, I absolutely abhor them since I've given them every chance in the book like so many have and they have miserably failed all measures of humanity or sanity - one the other, they should just keep doing what they are doing because they are doing our work for us. Quite efficiently, I might add!

    Ya gotta just shake off the slime, throw up a little, then say THANK YOU WHACKO ZOMBIES!

    Gryphen - I was a playground aide for K classes and it made my eyes bug out! I've done all sorts of challenging work, but boy those kids topped the cake with their five yr old energy. I used to fondly call them the most uncivilised group of brats on the planet. Loved 'em anyway, but it takes a special person to work with that age group and not go screaming out the door. Good work!

  80. Anonymous12:15 PM


    Just went to mccain's blog to see what the fuss was about.

    apparently juju is smitten - or else juju just gave away who juju actually is?

    Tuesday @ 1:04 pm juju sez:

    "How lucky can your wife be...to have a REAL man like you. You put it out there on the line...without blinking."

    LMFAO, who the hell would say something like that? is juju 1) mccain's wife, or 2) palin?

  81. David Vardeman12:20 PM

    Thanks, Grypphen, for being sane and writing sane. In these times that's an accomplishment.

  82. I agree with the comment that the place of work was added to the letter to intimidate the owner of this blog. Maybe even to try to get him fired. This is the mob mentality of those on the right these days.
    My question is, is this ethical or even legal for a lawyer to do? I think a complaint to the Bar is in order. The threat to come to a school to serve papers posted on the internet? This cannot be kosher. The school cannot allow people to just walk in. Is he trying to cause a disruption at your place of employment? Involving children? Didn't Palin say to leave children alone?
    In any case, I hope there is some consequence for this type of behavior.
    Good luck Gryphen, you have my support.

  83. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Gryphen, you've been chosen. Oh, I know you don't believe that, but you have. And you have a whole army of support all across the internet. People are ready to donate to your "legal fund."

    Palin lied and deceived her way up while praying long prayers asking for God's will. God knocked her back down, but she's too arrogant to believe He's in control. Ezekiel 28:11-19.

    Keep up the good work, Gryphen!

  84. Anonymous12:25 PM

    My Goodness, it looks like Dennis Zaki's throwing himself and Alaskan Report in the line of fire today. Three things I noticed:

    1.brief article noticing ExGino's strange silence about her "alleged" affair by the National Enquirer - why no "outrage" or lawsuit for libel?

    2. He still has the video clip up of SP's no "hurt feelings" Ha!

    3. Former ExGino staffer shopping book !!

    Levi had better step up his game, book-wise.

  85. Susan in MD12:57 PM

    And also, too, continuing my Adventures in Ping Ponging, I thought I should let you know the pee in teh sea folks and other wing nutty sites are batting your name about as possibly being suspect in the fire at $arah's church. I saw much ugliness today. True insanity. Call Nurse Ratchet...these people are off their meds....

  86. Anonymous1:08 PM

    One of the biggest difference between Immoral Minority and C4P is that Gryphen actually does believe in and practice Freedom of Speech. While the right loves to yell that their 1st amendment rights are being abuse,if you ever visit C4P you quickly find out that they believe in censorship and denying Freedom of Speech to those who disagree with them.

    Bloggers who disagree with them or say anything negative about Queen Sarah, are harrassed and eventually kicked off the site usually for life. They do not abide or tolerate any difference of opinion nor do they want to engage in a free exchange of ideas. If you are not there to worship at the feet of Palin, then you are not welcome.

    Gryphen has published comments both good and bad. He has not engaged in censorship the way C4P does. Most the bloggers on here instead of calling those who disagree with Gryphen names, have actually pointed out facts and tried to engage in conversation.

    I salute you for demonstrating that there is nothing to fear from letting all exerise their 1st amendment rights. Raising a toast...

  87. Others have written much more eloquently so I'll just add I support you 100% and wish to thank you so much for keeping us informed via your delightful blog ...

    Love ya, Gryph, and stay safe!

  88. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Gyphen,please stay strong and know that a lot of people care about you and believe you. She does get the wingnuts riled up. I have been reading the various Alaskan blogs and the way all of you write is wonderful. I guess that you struck a nerve. Be well,Be careful

    You are in my prayers ! NYCgirl

  89. Anonymous1:35 PM

    JuJu, A teacher of over 25 years here.... You do not get "fired" from a teaching job for writing a political blog. As long as Gryphen writes on his own time and not on a school computer, nothing can be done to him. Even if he was writing on a school computer the worst thing that would happen would be his administrators telling him to stop using school resources. This is not communist China or Iran for goodness sakes. You can say or write whatever you would like. Even if it is unpopular with some.

  90. HUGS from New Jersey
    I read your blog faithfully and sending good vibes and strong support your way.

    I hope there is a lawyer out that willing to take on this situation to help you out pro bono (I'm sure there must be) - after all Palin and her crew are causing harm to school by using up people power (time = money) - this is direct result of Palin's action by outing your identity and I hope she can be held accountable.

    Hang in there! You are admired and supported by many many many folks across from around the world

  91. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Perhaps all of us in support of Gyphen should send Sarah mail in care of her attorney and send him a few emails as well. Give him a taste of his own medicine.

  92. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Gryphen, stay safe--that's a truly sick bunch of freaks that are all over your case!

    I support you completely, and would drop off another bottle of wine, if I weren't so far away!


  93. moron@10:28: The splitzville article has "rolled" - if you go down to the lower right hand corner of the main blog page (are you writing this down???) and click on "older posts" you will see it.

    Perhaps a set of blueprints will help guide you? Has the SarahLight dimmed perhaps from your window?

    juju: what are you doing? Good lord, the internet is not your own personal private brothel. I am very disappointed with you. Have you checked to see if "he" has had shots? Or where "it" (that he keeps sticking out there) has been? Maybe you like sloppy seconds?

    I thought you were smarter than that.

  94. I'll go back up and read the posts in a minute, but I saw there were already 89 and I knew that the title of your blog today is so true ... you have lots of good friends. And it is well deserved! Hang in there Gryphen. Keep the faith. What the Palin camp has done is really ugly, the threat to serve you papers in front of children, how despicable. I hope it is the last straw for them since the story is in the news. Does Palin and her followers have ANY ethics at all?

  95. L.A. in S.F.1:58 PM

    I agree with AKPetMom, above, as I usually do with her comments. The response from SP's followers has been particularly virulent this time, unlike the stuff earlier from the NE or on PD website. So, one wonders why? For SP and the Toad, it's probably a smoke screen, true. I mean, why not be livid about the stuff that's been postulated about her, ahem, pregnancy?

    So to (also too), if I were a shrink, I would ask these rabid fans of hers: "what does it mean to you if she and Todd were separating?" Why does it upset and threaten them so much. They have been made fun of so often. So much dirt has been spread about them. They have been poked at and laughed at and their intelligence and social class scorned. So what is is about this idea of them not being MARRIED that makes their fans so crazy? Why is it so threatening? "What does it mean to you to have them not together and happy?" That's what these folks need to answer for themselves. Finding out where a blogger works will not lead them to the right answer. Namaste.

  96. hi cc: haven't seen ya for awhile!

  97. Anonymous1:58 PM


    Great blog you have here. Maybe I should send a thank you note to VictimSarah©, for without her sniping I would have never discovered your great blog! Bookmarked it!

    Hang in there man!

  98. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Lots of comments coming in. I can't post on AKM. I am not a fan of McCain or his buddies. He is apparently very bigoted. Finally read his rant. Why the bragging? They posted your email and then retaliated with cannons. Still the rush to judgement.

    I do admire you for what you do. Hang in there. You more than struck a nerve.

    McCain would have to be stupid if he talked to Palin and she admitted what you said. And he expects you guys in AK to believe what he said!

    Another topic: The Blackwater head, Prince, may be indicted for murder. Wow. His Christian mauraders may be busted.

    10 cats in MD

  99. Jimbo2:16 PM

    To the anonymous commenter claiming that the Splitsville post has been taken down and raving on about what that might mean: Did you not notice the "Older Posts" link at the bottom of the main page?

    Now aren't you just a nasty silly-billy little troll? Hmmm? And don't I expect to see your apology here real soon. Yeah, right, Anonymous coward.

  100. womanwithsardinecan2:31 PM

    Just want to add my support. Keep up the good fight. The bots are insane but mindless, so stay away from dark alleys and you'll be fine.

  101. Jimbo: If you check my post above you, I did give him detailed directions but they required words with more than one syllable so I'm not sure if he'll be able to find it.

    and our poor juju has gone fruit loops over McCain didja hear? She's taking slut lessons from her idol I'll betcha.

    ...SUE ME!!!

  102. Anonymous2:33 PM

    On a sidenote, I will address all the comments here. What single piece of evidence has Gryphen provided to make you so willingly believe him? Does a hatred of Sarah Palin run so deeply in your souls that will glom onto any article that professes to have knowledge of some sort Palin scandal?

    Why should anyone believe that which is not supported by a single fact? Why? Is there a person here that can answer that?

  103. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign2:50 PM

    I said up thread that I had to chuckle a bit at the unintended results that have been spawned by these zombie whacko supporters of Her Twittiness. I just found this great post on ADN by an Alaskan who feels exactly the way I do about Palin's incompetence and her supporters!


  104. Hey, man...I'd buy you a beer myself if it weren't for this damn geography thing. You keep on with your sexy self. A little compassion for the haters. It's hard when all you have to cling to in this life is a quitter and a group of tea baggers. :::shakes head in pitty:::

  105. get real2:56 PM

    Shooting the Messenger is sport for the crazed Peebot crowd. What do you expect from people in planes who shoot wolves?

    However, those diversion tactics won't change Sarah Palin from being the liar, hypocrite, coward, quitter and fraud that she is.

  106. Jimbo2:59 PM

    Jesse asks why we so willingly believe Gryphen. The answer is already here if you only knew how to read: We don't necessarily believe him, we support him. The facts, one way or another, will come out sooner or later and we will add them into our individual worldviews at that time.

    We do all have enough experience with Sarah and her lies however that we recognize Gryphen's contact could well be right. Why, Jesse, does a love of Sarah run so deeply in your soul that you are unable to recognize her amply demonstrated faults?

  107. crystalwolf aka caligrl3:00 PM

    Stogie aka dumbass Birther, lol go stink up your own blog with you bullsh*t!
    Juju-go kiss ass @ RSMcCain blog you and Ram, hey have you asked RAM about her Vacation yet? You know her Alaskan Vacation???
    anon@10:28- LMAO the Splitzville blog is still up moron!

    Gryphen: Hang tuff we ♥ you and Right wingnutz assholes don't want anyone to have free speech, except them.
    The truth is babygate, Buttercup gettin' nervous about what you know. The Splitsville post unnerved her, she sic van flea w/ Dan Riehl to 'out' you!!!
    BSMccain is friend with her Ghostwriter, can we say collusion???
    I don't think its a coincidence that they are all such cozy azz friends and buttercup visiting her "Ghosttwriter" this weekend in San Diego....!
    Hey Sarah do they have a good wig shop down there?? Maybe you can run over to TJ to get one huh sarah. Pretty soon she will be bald and the faithful will drop her like a hot potato.

  108. Absolutely I can answer that.

    What can you offer that would indicate his information is NOT true?

    Your bot-ness is showing - SPELLCHECK

    Funny thing about people - they are known by their reputations. Gryphen's is pretty good, Palin's smells like the grifter she is.

    If it stinks - it's rotten.

  109. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Jesse Cornish @ 2:33 I enjoy reading a variety of blogs on both sides of the fence. That way I think I can get to what the "truth" really is. I like to make my own mind up. I do not care if the Palin's are having marital problems any more than I care if Brad and Angelina are splitting up. Do you think Sarah is infallable?

  110. Juju, why are you so horrible to Gryphen? I can't believe he let's your posts through! He has never done anything to you or anyone you know personally, has he? I don't see where he has written horrible thongs that would get him fired! What are you talking about. I really really feel sorry for you and frankly you need help! He has been nothing but polite to you and you write him nasty things because of what he says about a politician? A person you don't even know. What if Gryphen is right about what he has posted. Are you going to come back and apologize? Will you?? Your Sarah never apologizes to anyone when she is wrong and she has stepped on people who once helped her! What do you see in her!?!
    You talk like there is going to be a court case/there isn't! You and your followers must not have read about previous cases in this same area. This is a blog, not a newspaper or magazine and Gryphen is posting his opinions and things he has heard. Legally he is allowed to do this in this country. Television stations and magazines have said much worse about Sarah and so have columnists and political pundits! Several did reports where they said Trig was not hers. Others have reported on her supposed affairs. Juju why hasn't she sued any of these people???? Do you know? I mean they are easier targets!! The reason is because Gryphen can say what he wants if he believes it is true and it is not illegal!! There is no case! If you read about this and past cases you would know this! This is all to scare him into not talking and it clearly did not work.
    And please stop acting like you know what is going on behind the scenes as if a suit is coming. It isn't and you don't even know Sarah.

  111. I've been copying some of the more egregious messages from palinbots and sarasites. They would not be here or anywhere saying what they say unless they had been egged on by their own "leaders." They would not be doing what they are doing unless they believed their idol (the crazy ex-governor lady) would appreciate their efforts.

    What they don't seem to realize is how asinine they look, how bad they make their idol look, and what disservice they do to the cause they claim to support. "A servant's heart," my rear. What servant of God says things like, "Gryphen, who ever you are, you are a piece of S---, and you should crawl back in your hole and disappear from decent people's lives!"

    I'll have to do a post with some of these gems in it.

    And to all the sarasites and palinbots, may whatever powers that be have mercy on you, for it is clear you know not what you do.

  112. To Jesse Cornish,

    If you have not been reading Gryphen's blog for the last year, I suppose you might well question his statements.

    Here's a clue for you. You do not need a real name attached to words in order for those words to have credibility. All you need is a consistent presence on the 'net, with the same screen name, where your words have proven true time and again.

    That is how you gain a real following, and how people like me get to know people like Gryphen. "It is by their fruits ye shall know them," remember?

    It is also by Sarah Palin's "fruits" that we know her, even though most of Gryphen's readers have never met the crazy ex-governor lady in person.

    I hope I have answered your question, "Is there a person here that can answer that?" And if you don't like that answer, then you just need to go back and study some more. Don't let the door hit ya, as they say.

  113. Jesse Cornish: Most of us have followed Gryphen for a long time. He has been very careful in collecting information and has made sure everyone was safe when he gave his findings. The evidence that makes us willing to believe him is the steadiness of his character.

    Most of the people here do not "hate" Ms. Palin. We disagree with many of her actions but that should not be construed as hate.

    As you well know, sometimes you believe what someone says without evidence.

  114. Anonymous3:32 PM

    I wonder how many of the Sea of Pee cult group would like their employer contacted about things they say? hmmmm? It is a two way street. They cannot out people and think it can't be done to them. They cannot force a person out of a job and not realize the same dang thing can happen to them.

    What is wrong with these people? They are calling you a pedophile, defomation of character, they have posted your bosses name, email and contact info. They have suggested they get the school board involved. All this crazy dangerous reactionary drama all because they 'assume' Gryphen is wrong and evil.

    Hey, if they cause Gryphen to lose his job, I do believe they had bess look out. And, if it happens because Van Flea leaked job info that helped out him and caused him to lose his job, ahem, me thinks that will cause some trouble too.

    How christian of them to go to all this trouble for the x-governor of Alaska, joyfully the first to cast stones. I wonder what their pastors or fellow church memebers would say about this type mentality and behaviour, if they knew or if these people were outed down the road.

    Would they do this in the open? Would they behave this way infront of friends and family? Don't they know God is watching? Is Vengence theirs or His?

    'Wisetrog' (over there) is a hate instigator (sp), 'Stephanie' falls right in line. Rhino-hunter is a flat out liar, wow, he's right up their at the top for stirring the hate pot.

    I can't seem to paste their comments into this post, but there is quite the exageration going on about how WE are frothing, freaking out,coming unhinged, shrieking incoherently, and that we're trying to suppress Riehl and RSMcCain's 1st Ammendment rights?

    We are? lol......how so?

    I am also just amazed how so many of 'them' actually believe 'we' are working for the DNC and Obama, that 'operative thing', good grief, lol, I mean they honestly truely think that is true, and either all repubs think this or Scarah was using their 'operative' term to play into their thinking. It's very weird.

    I am a fricking private citizen who is not directed or employed by the DNC. There prove otherwise.

    Another thing, while I voted for Bush the first time, and I did grow to dislike him and his policies, I NEVER spoke the outright hate for him while he was our President compare that to what they are directing towards Obama. It's unreal. Talk about unfair treatment and outright hate for the person who WON the vote.


  115. the problem child3:37 PM

    Hang in there, Gryph.

    I am eagerly awaiting your vindication from the MSM when the stories can no longer decently be withheld. Especially interested in the Shirley Johnson prosecutorial interference revelations.


  117. Anonymous3:45 PM

    To Anon 3:32, I was thinking the same thing..that it might be a good idea to start notifying the C 4 pee people's employers and others about some of what they say. I already started a journal where I keep some of the most outrageous posts by their name. And for some of those I have tracked their web page and know who is speaking. Since I work in IT, it was very easy for me to find out. The FBI also wants to be notified of unAmerican activities and some of the things these guys say..wow! And they are giving Griff here a hard time??? They have a lot of friggin nerve! It definitely goes two ways. I just don't want to be like them which is why i haven't done anything yet with this information. but I am compiling it

    I wish I was working for someone. they must be otherwise how would they come up with this. how did they get so loony tunes. none of the liberal bloggers are being paid by anyone. they believe this ya know because some of them have been paid

    i never talked about bush either. the way they talk about Obama is racist and sick. and i will report some of them when the time is right. it was almost right this time with what they did to griffin, but he can take care of himself i see. it has to be the right timing. but if they think they can out people and have it not done to them when they are writing much much worse things about a sitting president.....they are very mistaken.....they never know who in uniform might knock upon their door one day.it isn't going to be a lawyer serving papers believe me, it will be much higher than that for some of what they are writing

  118. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Hey wasn't there a court date today for Andree ? How can we find out the results........

  119. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Jessie Cornish.......think Sanford, Ensign and many others, both Repub and Democrat, affairs are NEVER confessed without pressure. Hiding the dirt is big in politics. Usually where there are 'rumors' there is also a measure of truth to them.

    No one is stating for a fact or that they have proof of an affair, at least not yet, if one or more happened it is bound to come out sooner or later. And there are the odds to consider.

    I'll wait and see. I care more about illegal or unethical behavior in anyone than I do about her personal family life.

    Bottom line though, to many, if she wasn't spouting high and mighty Christian family values it wouldn't be that big a deal, affairs happen, divorces happen, it's sad and unfortunate, but, many people can not stand blatant lies and hypocrisy from people wanting to be in leadership roles.

  120. No. I do not want ANYONE to e-mail the employers of any of my detractors.

    If it is wrong to do that to me then it is just as wrong to do that to them.

  121. crystalwolf aka caligrl4:07 PM

    Wisetrog is the PIG Stogie, wisetrog is putting out slander via twitter that Gryphen is a pedophile!
    If I were you ASSHat you had better take it down NOW Fucker! We already know you are a racist pig, maybe we should dig into your life hmmmm?
    Any PI out there/ lawyers want to go after this guy? Saying Shit about Gryphen? Bullshit???
    Slander, libel you name it and its with malice and hey ASSHAT I have the screenshot on c4p where you said you were putting it on twitter!!!

  122. Gryphen: Agreed. I think the passions are running very high in your favor and people just want to support you until facts come out that confirm your column.

    You have everyone's ear - none of us will step in and interfere and yes it would make things worse.

    It would be a real stretch to believe that even logic, reason and truth would ever cause the Pee-ing People to learn anything. There really is no point in trying to reason with irrational people.

    Hypocrisy always becomes apparent. Uneducated hypocrisy may take a bit longer but irrational morons are always recognizable.

  123. Hey Basheert :-)

    Oh, I've been here ... even singled out by that texasforsarah blogger Josh Painter on the infamous thread. Never did answer my reply, though, and I'm devastated ... NOT!!

    It is really sad to read some of the comments on here, I must say ... however ....

    Karma is a boomerang, of that I am sure!

    Rock on, Gryphen

  124. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Don't worry Gryphen, @ annon 3:32 I wasn't saying I'd do anything to them like they're doing to you. I simply wanted them to realize the seriousness of what they are doing. I was hoping if they read my words they'd think twice about jumping somebody and doing personal damage and how would they like that done to themselves.

    I don't think I could ever be that low, unless I PERSONALLY knew for a FACT someone was endangering others. Even then, I certainly wouldn't feel good about it and gloat over it, something 'they' enjoy.

  125. pacos_gal5:01 PM

    At the time the McCain campaign said they would go after the National Enquirer for the affair story on Palin.

    The campaign backed down quickly when the Nat Enq let them know that they had 3 statements including a sworn affidavit from members of the mans family, Todd's ex business partner Brad Hanson.

    (this information can be found on the Natinal Enquirer website)

  126. Imho, the posts and comments I read on the blogs like McCain/Riehl are more faux outrage to create a "case." They need their sheep to believe a court case is coming.
    Some of them believe President Obama sends checks via Axelrod or Soros or something like that. They believe that bc they are told this will all be exposed. It is happening because of Palin's latest blogger revenge, she is clearly behind it. However, the script they seem to be playing out is that the McCain/Reilh team will get credit for cracking this open. The idea is to distance Palin, like Todd did in Trooper Gate, she is to remain untouchable. The problem is they are buffoons. If the authorities see McCain/Rielh as a couple of guppies, they will hold out for the salmon.

    I hope every little comment is screen grabbed. It looks like they are doing their best to set up things up to "prove" a money trail. These are the same people that believe in the Kenya birth certificate. What are they going to do if that dog won't hunt anymore?

    I think they are pretty blatant at breaking the law, although they do remove things and have changed tactics some. No one should ever mess with anyone's place of employment or even suggest such a thing. This is a matter for the authorities. They are breaking more digital age laws then I can say. Seriously, people can go down hard over a few little words when you threaten private citizens. What's done is done. No reason to argue with crazy, just let them show what they are. Even if they change course and destroy their hard drives they've left a trail.

  127. Anonymous5:23 PM

    I could not believe my eyes when I read Van Flein's 'choice' posited to you as to whether you would prefer service at your home or AT YOUR KINDERGARTEN. He was very careful with his words, but the underlying threat is perceived.

    Now, lawyers and litigants have all the freedom in the world to lawfully serve someone at their place of business (I am assuming this is true in Alaska as well) however, I cannot but believe that the Alaska Bar might not take exception to one of its members THREATENING to pursue service during a kindergarten class. . .especially as Van Flein clearly knows your home address as an alternative. Usually service at work is undertaken only after some one cannot be reached at home, or evades service.

    Or someone just wants to be snarky.

    Such a complaint taken to the Bar would not result in disbarment, but it might at least result in discipline of some sort.

    A Kindergarten, sheesh. So much for Family Values, Sarah.

  128. One would think this would demonstrate to their members they have come close to jumping off a cliff, but they just follow along like the lemmings that they are. Gryphen I have been through hell with the corrupt/incompetent people Palin put in place in this state. It is clear I was targeted for destruction. I am totally on my own in my fight against them. It has helped me to watch all of you bloggers expose them for what they really are. Those of us who already knew are thrilled. Never stop, never let them get to you. They are not what this state or this country are about, you are. They keep our legal system corrupt, but prevent us from getting justice. The letter was an empty threat.

  129. Hi Gryphen,
    I just wanted to send you and all your supporters a greeting video... I imagine many of us feel this way!


    Lynn in NJ

  130. Gryphen you were already my hero in the Palin Blogiverse, and I know you know it : ) It's amazing how when Team Mean Girls, Van Flea, Cyberstalkers4Palin and the Snow Witch act nasty and snarl, how much love and goodwill is generated from our community and well beyond. Just a completely reliable inverse reaction, every time.

    I trust you have more traffic, more fans, more influence and more prayers said on your behalf than even before!

  131. Lynn, that video was a w e s o m e.

    Thank you, through my tears.

  132. Good job Gryphen. The girl from Homer must be proud. This comment section reads like a tabloid.
    I appreciate that you do not edit the comment section, it adds life & light to the whole thing.
    As for the anymouse comment on my last comment(back to the spine thing). It would appear that others risk their income, perhaps even Gryphen himself. BTW if the mainstreanm media is considered to be mostly liberal, then that would mean midnightcajun is not, otherwise who would care about his political beliefs? That said, if he is the "man on the inside" then who is he working for? I mean it sounds to me like he has infiltrated a mostly liberally biased mainstream media. So that makes him what?
    This is more fun to watch than a clown circus, yet sadder than a clown funeral.
    Peace ya'll
    and luck to you Gryphen.

  133. Anonymous6:52 PM

    I said I have the scoop on those jerks, I would never tell their employer or stoop low. I will give their info to the FBI at the right time though. They think they are anonymous and they aren't.
    Are they actually calling him a pedophile on Twitter? Only someone who is out of their friggin mind equates that with saying the Palins are splitsville or even about phony pregnancy.
    With Sarah, it's all about the money.if the truth comes out her faithful might not buy her book. Notice someone said these creeps who outed Gryph (yeah I know their names and more) are affiliated with the ghost writer. See? Just gollow the $$$$ signs with Palin.
    And now Gryph knows how Wooten felt and others that have been bullied by Sarah. She is a nasty greedy person and stupid too. Makin such a huge deal about a blogger saying she's splitting from the dude? Man oh man, she lost it and so have her thugs. Is anyone home upstairs?

  134. Celia, I wish we could all help you with what happened to you. You have eluded to it. Can you file a civil suit? I am sure lawyers would do it for free because it involves the "queen quitter?"

  135. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Gryphen-i have a difficult time posting on your site so seldom do so. I just want you to know that you have more friends than you think, even way far away in NY.

    I've been following your blog for months now, and you have yet to be wrong so i have no trouble believing the rumours about the Palins. As so many other commentors have mentioned, its amazing how she's reacting to this... it is definitely a smokescreen. You've been talking about an iceberg for some time now, and she knows you must be close to the truth thus the intimidation and attacks.

    I'm sorry you and the school are going through this but i send you strength and courage to keep telling us the truth. Don't give up!


  136. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Anonymous @ 10:33 am said...
    Well you said a lot so I will address it by points.....

    Part I

    I can understand a desire to hold Palin to account when she was governor and criticize her. But why the misogyny?

    **what misogyny are you talking about specifically or is this just some talking point thrown out there for a better impression and to add points to your post?***

    Why the obsession and stalking of her children?

    **I don't recall anyone being obsessed with Palin's children or stalking them as you claim. Could you be more specific or is this another line thrown in for good measure. The media are the ones who take pictures of the children and obviously they wouldn't be able to capture their image so frequently if the Palins tried a bit harder to protect them from the spotlight, but as we have seen that is absolutely not the case with the Palin family. They want those kids out there front and center all the time. It's what many of us call using your children. ****

    Why the multiple posts and pics on her daughter's stomach size? This is absolutely disgusting.

    **Again, who is taking those pictures? Not Gryphen, and not the other bloggers, but again it is the media who is taking these pictures and putting them on display. You should be complaining to them instead of laying the blame for this on people who repost those pictures, and yet again, it is also just more proof of how often the Palin's allow their children to be in the spotlight. Why aren't you disgusted with them for not doing more to keep their kids away from the spotlight? They complain often enough about how their children are being picked on..yet they do nothing to stop the media from having full access to them. Sorry you can't have one without the other.***

    Leave her poor kids alone, even if you insist on continuing to write about your former governor.

    **See answer to prior comment****


  137. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Part II

    It is downright creepy, disgusting and unacceptable to post pictures of Bristol that she did not know were being taken - with the purpose of discussing whether she has baby fat, is pregnant or lied about the birth date of her son! How you can do that with a clear conscience and why more commenter's don't notice how horrible it is is beyond me!

    **You are simply repeating yourself so perhaps I should to in order to make the point clear to you. THE MEDIA IS TAKING THESE PHOTOS !!!! Bristol and her pregnancy were used to "prove" Sarah Palin was indeed Trig's mother. Sarah Palin and the McCain campaign did that. Instead of simply ignoring the internet rumors and then stating that her daughter was pregnant and it was a difficult time for the family and asking for privacy, they opted to proudly bring Bristol out in all her glorious pregnant self, state how far along she was, and then demanded her current boyfriend come along to show how wonderful it was that even though she was pregnant they were together and with plans to marry. Bloggers didn't do that. Sarah Palin and her campaign team did that. So you take issue with the fact that people were skeptical about this whole situation since most parents would go out of their way to shield their child from the press and the scrutiny, Palin opted for a different route and thrust Bristol out onto the stage and into the spotlight to show her off rather than keep her out of the media glare and the questions that she had to know would come along with this. *****

    She is no longer Governor - why start lies about a divorce?

    **I believe that Gryphen doesn't believe that the story of the Palin's splitting up are lies, so perhaps that is why he made the call to announce it. You are right, she is no longer the Governor, she claimed she was harassed out of her job, but truth be told she just didn't have the balls to stick it out and do the job she asked for and promised to do. Of course then we have to ask, if she is no longer the Governor, why does she continue to seek funds for her PAC using the label "Governor Sarah Palin, or for her supposedly frozen Legal fund which is specifically stated to be for the use of Governor Sarah Palin, and why is her facebook page still carrying the label "Governor"??? For someone who claims she doesn't need a title, she sure does like to have them attached to her name. ***

    The National Enquirer also states that Michelle Obama is drunk all the time at the WH...do you believe that rumour too?

    **Well what proof does the National Enquirer offer for this Michelle Obama claim? Do they have signed and sworn affidavits? They were right about the affair of John Edwards, and people didn't believe that right away either....don't be so easily fooled by Sarah, she's not the deity you all try to portray her as. ***


  138. Anonymous7:29 PM

    From Southern Indiana, sending 100% support to you Gryphen. Any critical comments seem quite immature & uncalled for, also too..... Justice will not prevail with the likes of her attorney, for making mention of an innocent kindergarten class. We all know that was hitting below the belt of decency, & only makes you appear more honorable. May your school & students feel blessed to have you, just like all your faithful readers.

  139. Most of you here seem to have no problem trashing Sarah Palin, in any way, whether or not you know it to be factually true. Then you freak out if something gets thrown back your way. Do any of you see the hypocrisy here, or is that too deep for you? At least I'm not hiding behind an "anonymous" post.

  140. Anonymous7:35 PM

    This is thanks from $arah...She can't handle the truth..Payback..She is such a ditzzz..

  141. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Stephanie said @7:35 PM ...
    At least I'm not hiding behind an "anonymous" post.

    Oh how brave of you to put a first name on that anonymous blogger account you have! Pat yourself on the back but be careful not to break your arm in doing so!

    Give it a rest Stephanie...you are another one who is all talk behind an anonymous name. Your nasty little c4p comments give away your true colors and believe me baby, you ain't pretty, you like Palin have ugly that goes all the way to the bone!


  142. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I just donated to you, Gryphen. Thank you for standing up for the truth in Alaskan politicians.

    Palin supporters are so thuggish, and most of them don't live in Alaska. I have grown tired of them. I wish they'd all go back to Palin's Facebook page and "Friend" each other.

  143. Anonymous8:20 PM


    Stand tall and strong....they are out to eat you alive, and all the while keep Sarah up on her pedestal, so she can remain queen (certainly not clean) as the driven snow.

    Congrats - you made Faux News / BOR, so you really got under their skin. The vid was just posted at c4p.

    Love your blog, humor, and take on life!

  144. Anonymous8:23 PM

    New Palin's Deception entry which is supportive of you, too!

  145. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Yeah. I take it everyone has heard of the "Moral Majority", and how, in at least MHO, it is neither moral nor a majority?

    Now, take the opposite of "Moral Majority", and what do you get?

    Yeah. That's where the title of this blog comes from. (At least that's what I've always surmised).

    So, whomever says Gryphen likes immorality. Please. Use your brain.

    --Molly (too tired to sign in)

  146. The pro-Palin crowd have got to be the most ignorant, hypocrtical, un-Christian people you will find anywhere in America.

    Venom and hate just drip from their bloody jaws.

    What would Jesus do? He'd tell them to STFU!

  147. Anonymous2:18 AM

    On most policy issues - you and I couldn't be farther apart (I'm a committed conservative - socially and fiscally) - but I read you incessantly and love - to distraction - your chutzpah!

  148. Anonymous2:43 AM

    "Now just keep paying attention and you will see that your trust was not misplaced."

    For your sake Gryphen, I hope you are right. Otherwise, deep deep shit, man.

  149. Lynn @ 6:13pm: Thank you for that moving video. I've posted it on my FB page to spread the love some more.

  150. Anonymous3:32 AM

    Why is it the left can dish it out but can't take it? Here is a classic case of a man that lied his ass off because he was lonely and no one paid him any attention, and now that he is being shown to be a huge fraud, he's whinning. I feel sorry for all of you gulible fans of his. Got some beach front property for sale in AZ, any of ya'll interested?

  151. Anonymous3:54 AM

    It is so sad to think that people can be so hateful to call and email the school where you teach. These right wing nutters have given the Republicans such a bad name. You, Gryphen, and the rest of the Alaskan bloggers, exposed Palin for what she is. THANK YOU. Don't let these spiteful, mean, ugly souls get you down. You have a lot of fans in the lower 48. :-)


  152. Anonymous5:04 AM

    It is my observation, Grif, that you have a good cheek; one with a pinkish hue and a rosy glow.

  153. Gryphen -
    I check your blog every day. ((Hugs)) and keep at it. I hope the ugliness of SOME of the Palin supporters won't make you stop blogging. You are amazing. <3

    The big lie that is the myth of uber-Christian, supermom Sarah Palin must be exposed and you are making invaluable contributions.

    Keep it up.

  154. Anonymous6:33 AM

    So, let's review.
    The attacks on Gryphen are corporately organized and delivered? S. McCain (with direct ties to Palin's ghostwriter), FOX (O'Reilly)? The minions respond to the calls put out by their "Internet mob bosses" like C4P and S. McCain? (You know, the "outrage" is manufactured that way--fomented by paid bosses online? It's like the way they have organized fake protests against healthcare?)
    Someone wrote we should "Follow the Money" and the money leads back to Rupert Murdoch, trying to protect the investment he's made in Sarah Palin?

  155. Susan in MD6:33 AM

    Lynn...thank you thank you for that video...freakin awesome :)

    That was the cherry on top of all of the positive comments I am reading here, sent from around the world, supporting Gryphen. Just Wow.

  156. Anonymous6:39 AM


    You've obviously never worked for a national news wire service, a national mainstream newspaper, or new website. I have and I do. That's why I understand Midnightcajun's need to remain somewhat anonymous. The powers that be at these places, i.e. the owners and the money behind them, are often far more conservative and right leaning than you might guess. They sometimes allow their writers to spout liberal leaning ideas - up to a point, but ultimately, if you go too far, or it gets out there that you're a strong liberal in reality, you can lose your jobs. Happens all the time. In this recession, writers are having a hell of a time keeping their jobs, anyway. See all the newspaper conglomerate bankruptcies. Until you can replace midnightcajun's income, shut the heck up.

  157. Lighthouse7:11 AM

    It really breaks my heart when these narrow-minded, mean-spirited, and sadly mis-informed people make life difficult for someone like you. You're right; you do have the best friends in the world in people who understand respect for their fellow man, even when that fellow man doesn't share all the same beliefs.

    I'm glad you feel the love!

  158. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Please read Alaska Rules of Civil Procedure in which Service of Process is provided for under Rule 4. The rule specifically calls for service to an individual's home address and absent that, the court can order service by other means that are reasonably calculated to give the individual notice of the claim against him/her.

    I don't see anything here allowing for service at one's place of employment when his home address can be ascertained. Pulling stunts like that are nearly always for show and not because the person's home address cannot be obtained.

  159. crystalwolf aka caligrl8:45 AM

    Anon@6:33 Yes you are absolutely correct.
    Its not a co-incidence, but a calculated move by Palin to try to shut Gryphen up about Babygate.
    She had to wait until she was out of office b/c otherwise it would be abuse of power, now its just private citizen Palin siccing her goons on a blogger to shut him up. All Alaska blogger should rise up against this. This is worse than what happened to Shannyn.
    Also notify the FCC of BOR hate speech.

  160. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Oh you poor babby, tears are leaping from my eyes as I read this.

  161. Anonymous9:23 AM

    stephanie: You truly are, ugly to the bone and you have no soul.

    Stop pretending to be something you are not.

    IT people can track your IP address - even if you do post under the FAKE wordpress blog.

    Get off of our turf - go back and play in your filthy sewer. We all know who and what you are.

  162. Anonymous10:18 AM

    I took your advice and read Alaska Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 4(d)(1).

    You're wrong. Please re-read it.

  163. Wait wait wait.

    I'm gonna give you guys some of your own advice.

    Stop crying and moaning. Stop portraying yourselves as victims. Face it, you all got played. The man is a liar and you believed him.

    He thought he could get away with lying and now he knows instead he's going to be sued for libel. I don't feel bad for him. You get what you give out.

    Keep digging that hole guys. Stay classy!!!

  164. Anonymous1:03 PM

    But if he's not working there, how can they serve him there? And since they know where he lives, is the process server lost? Don't process servers have GPS?

    The stupidity that is Palin just becomes more obvious by the day.

    ...waiting ... waiting ... waiting

  165. Anonymous2:13 PM

    I read it, too, and interestingly enough, no allowance was made for service at place of employment. Only the individual's 'abode' is mentioned, or, alternately, service by mail is also delineated.

    Actually, between normal, emotionally mature, civil adults, service by mail is the most common, with personal service at the house a far more aggressive tact. (At least down here in the lower 48.

    I think someone should lodge a complaint with the Alaskan Bar for Van Flein's threatening and apparently not so legally constructed letter.

  166. Stephanie said,
    "At least I'm not hiding behind an "anonymous" post."
    when you click her name,, it looks pretty anonymous!

  167. WHere I live, there is a fine for making false report of any abuse of a minor.
    Perhaps those people who made those accusations about you should think about that.
    They could/should be fined for making a false complaint. And they can be fined for not making the complaint known at the time of the so called abuse.

    These people are scum. Alaska has the highest rate of abuse and they are making false complaints? And using children?
    Sarah Palin does not have any integrity or morals. She is a small minded, mean, vindictive person. She should never have been elected gov. of any state and John McCain will forever be know deperate old man that unleashed Palin.
    Sarah Palin compalins about bloggers and yet does nothing when they treat others as she complains they treat her.
    I hope anybody who made a false complaint against you is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  168. Skeptical5:16 AM

    Anonymous, yes, one may serve a potential defendant in person, however, doing so at their place of employment should always be secondary to serving them at their residence whether in person or by leaving the summons on their door. Serving someone at their place of employment should only be used when other methods have failed or one is unable to ascertain the residential address.

    And since when do you give a potential defendant the choice of where to be served? That's totally out of the step with regular process serving procedure.

    Additionally, the idea that an attorney would instruct a process server to go to a teacher's classroom to serve him is abhorrant. This should never occur. The process server is a stranger who should be screened at the school office and not allowed into the classroom area of the school. The teacher could be called to the office where he could receive service. Obviously Van Flein did not think this through. His words were meant as a threat to embarrass and sensationalize. Such behavior is not becoming to a member of the Bar.

  169. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Anonymous: Re: "I read it, too:"

    I think you're both missing the critical point that service must be made personally to a defendant at his residence AND if that is NOT possible
    "upon another person of suitable age and discretion" who resides there.

    If service cannot be made in either of those ways, the court can permit other means of service--one being, service made to the "management" of a defendant's employer.

    Did Palin's attorney play hardball?


    Did he intend to intimidate?

    No doubt.

    Was his letter written with the intent of humiliating the defendant and
    harming his reputation in the eyes of others?

    I cannot see how that could be the case unless he assumed the bait would be taken and the letter would be published in a blog as proof of
    Palin's bullying tactics.

    If Palin wanted the letter--or rather the allegation--to "go viral", she needed only to call a press conference, call out the blogger directly, provide details of the allegations from the blog, and it would have been the shot heard around the world. Her attorney instead chose to send a letter to the author of the blog. It was his choice to go public with it and now the horse is out of the barn.

    As to lawyers never threatening service or litigation, they merely do it, that is utter nonsense--particularly in defamation cases. I have yet to see one potential defendant served or sued before he or she was given a chance to retract the alleged defamation. Threat of service or litigation is nothing less than a statement the plaintiff is represented by a particular attorney and that sterner measures will be considered if the defendant does not accept the attorney's opportunity to prevent a lawsuit.

  170. Anonymous6:21 PM

    I threw tantrums in Catholic Church when young because Catholic Church is evil.
    It is a clue about who I am. As was the Ocean Beach supernatural phenominah, seen by many many besides me (thousands).
    There are other examples as well.

    The gods have no no genetalia. Sex is purely temptation. The gods reproduce with cloning. Any child who ascends enjoys this absence as well. They share their ultra-extreme conservative views on sex, how they use society to promote sexual temptation, poisoning the minds and bodies of the disfavored.
    Throughout human history women have been the enforcers of decency, and it has worked very well among those not grossly disfavored (Mediterreanean, etc). Now that they have embraced so many male sexual charecterisitics this structure which has served humanity well throughout history has desintigrated.
    Throughout history women have been the enforcers of decency within society and the family structure. In the 20th century the god's policy of societal deterioration has compelled women to abandon their traditional roles, often embracing the typical sexual pathology of males, which is why women are ultimately responsible for societal decay and The End as we know it on Planet Earth.
    And that's why the gods destroyed the Mediterreanean with the Noah's Flood event::::They treat their women like shit, and the "beggining of The End" was the gods transfering this patriarchal, male-superiority pathology to Europe and the rest of the world with the Catholic Church.

    A good example of societal decay and how the gods manage their culpability is birth defects. In the past the gods occassionally punished people by divinely creating birth defects in the womb. Now, with the advent of biotechnology, they tempt the mother with "earning" and compell her to take a substance in utero which deforms the fetus dispelling the gods of blame and future compensation. Incidentally, the use liberal policies to pay for these individuals, ensuring a lifetime wasted, for they have no hope for progress. Too often in the past they were mercifully killed and brought back without this handicap, allowing them a chance to achieve progress.
    The gods are washing their hands of culpability.
    The gods are washing their hands of Planet Earth.


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