Friday, January 01, 2010

Rush Limbaugh talks to reporters after the power emanating from the birthplace of "The One" heals his hateful little heart. Or something like that.

A couple of things about this news conference that just don't seem right.

First of all I am not convinced that is in fact Rush Limbaugh. He almost seems reasonable and that does not seem at all like the Rush that I know and loathe.

Second this "Rush Limbaugh" guy says that he was "treated to the BEST health care the world has to offer" and then claims that Hawaii is part of the United States of America which all true followers of his program, and other teabaggers, know is false. As they well know, Hawaii is NOT part of America but rather so close to Kenya that it very difficult to tell exactly which infants might have been born in which country.

What's more the children born in "Kenawaii" grow up to be socialist, Marxist, fascists, and how can THOSE people possible know how to care for real red blooded Americans? Like I said, this entire news conference seems a little hinky to me.

I also like how Rush makes the claim that he did not receive any kind of special treatment and that ANYBODY would have received the same top notch medical care that he received. Which of course is true if they also arrived by limousine, and had a Chief of Staff throwing fistfuls of cash at the doctor's while pleading "Please save Big Daddy! He is my whole world!"

No seriously, Rush is correct that anybody can receive the best of care in American hospitals. What he fails to understand, or at least pretends not to understand, is that the same care that he just received would bankrupt the average American who did not have access to his top of the line medical insurance. Sure we would have our life saved, but then we would have to spend the rest of it in servitude to bill collectors demanding payment for tens of thousands of dollars in medical treatment.

By the way as he is thanking the doctor standing next to him, does anybody else read her expression as thinking "If only I could have found a loophole in that whole Hippocratic Oath thing"? Or is that just me?


  1. I assumed the woman was his wife. I couldn't bear to watch the entire presser. You are right about the bills. Also, most of us would be staying at a resort that wouldn't be able to respond as quickly.

  2. A serious heart attack will make most people "Knock off the Bullshit" and get much more honest with themselves.

    This could be a good thing!

  3. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Obviously, Rushbo has had yet another facelift -- but what in the hell has he done to his teeth? He looks just plain WEIRD. And if he thinks losing that 90 pounds becomes him, - I've got some bad news - he looks like shit run over twice.

  4. Anonymous3:22 PM

    I believe Rush was treated in the very same hospital in "Kenya" in which PRESIDENT Obama was born. Imagine that.

  5. I am guilty i had the same thoughts. Guess that proves we are still human Gryph.

  6. Anonymous3:38 PM

    He's in good spirits because Hawaiian hospitals have Asian sponge girls to take care of the patients every needs.

  7. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Rutro...Rush uses drugs other than Oxycontin. And for what type of X-tian purpose???

  8. justafarmer3:44 PM

    well, I had to stop watching at 44 seconds.
    And now I need a shower.

    As to best health care in the world, that only works for people who are obscenely rich (aka don't need no stinkin Cadillac health insurance).

    I don't have health insurance anymore because BC/BS canceled my entire group a few years ago. Last time I showed up at the area ER because hubby's foot was shattered as a result of a work-related accident (not covered by workman's comp or the employer's insurance) the ER demanded the entire contents of my checking account before they would order X-rays!!!

    I forked over $300 and was told, yep...his foot and ankle are owe us another $500+

    They sent us home with nothing but X-rays.


  9. Anonymous3:55 PM

    No, it was not the same hospital. That was part of the campaign against the President when the hospital that treated the fat guy has no record.

    President Obama was born at the Kapi'olani Medical Center.

  10. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Don't be a cocky bloody American running around saying anyone can get the best of care in America. It is not true that all doctors offer the best care and it's also not true that all hospitals offer the best care. And it's especially true that emergency room care is not of the quality of the care that Rush received. Or in other words, stop waving the goddamn flag before thinking about what you are saying.

  11. Anonymous4:20 PM

    He won't be this happy when the meds wear off. Oh, forgot, it's Rush and he has endless pain killers. Bad back it is now.

  12. Forever Anonymous4:25 PM

    I'm so glad he didn't die on Pres. Obama's vacation, but feel sorry for those who wished him a speedy recover, this was way quick with no apparent shift to his psych.

    No, I didn't watched that clip.

    I told you he just wanted to be near the records, now he can say he know how birth are recorded in Hawaii.

  13. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Fuck that bag of shit.

  14. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Rush claims that he pays his medical expenses out of pocket, that he DOESN'T have medical insurance. So -- someobody should check that fact... because just typing "top of the line" could be true, in which case Limbaugh has been lying, or its a misstatement, and makes Rush (who left, I'm willing to bet, before the bills were added up) look even more Daddy Warbucks.

    Either way, let's go for journalistic integrity.

  15. Donna5:16 PM

    One lie that is told--frequently by Rush--is that health care already IS available to everyone since emergency rooms have to treat people without regard to abiity to pay. All that EMTALA (the statute) requires is that the patient be stabilized. It has nothing to do with treatment such as chemo or any preventative care.

  16. Anonymous5:31 PM

    There's nothing wrong with his heart because he doesn't have one.
    I can't stand the sound of his voice just like I can't stand the sound of Ms. Palin's voice. They're both brainless, heartless and have the same kind of annoying voices. YUCK!

  17. 10catsinMD6:08 PM

    Agree with everyone above. Just could not listen very long to this "stuff."

  18. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign6:21 PM

    Rush is so smart! He took his flat globe to the hospital with him for reference!

  19. anonymous 531
    You took the words right out of my mouth..
    He'll be back to his nasty old self soon enough..

  20. MacAndCheeseWiz6:41 PM

    Something's wrong with that clip, Rush is being too nice, and it's freaking me out. Rush gives people great advice, if you have chest pains, don't try to walk it off or ignore the symptoms, go directly to the hospital.
    I wonder what his outlook would be if, say, he had no insurance and had to sit in the ER after filling out endless forms agreeing to take full responsibility for the costs of all tests, treatments, medications etc. Then wait to get triaged. Then wait for the doctors to find time to "squeeze" you in between people who have insurance and his fee is guaranteed to get paid in full...

    Maybe this was a blessing in disguise for Rush- oh scratch that- he got a lot of attention and publicity from it, and apparently had a good outcome.

  21. Anonymous7:22 PM

    The dude is high as a kite.

  22. Sorry, I make it a point of never ever listening to Rush. I just can't force myself to do it.

    In regard to his "great care", he should try going to the hospital emergency room with no money, old clothes, by himself, and no insurance.

    Yes, anybody with money to pay, or insurance, or celebrity status would have received the very same top notch medical care that he received.

  23. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign7:32 PM

    Also, too - you guys get way too freaked out way too easily! Find your you know whats and hang on. Find the humor, dig for the reality...

    This is the non Rush show, non MSNBC, non-pundit anybody, non Murdoch conglomerate venue. You all see him being a smart ass on his own show or as a whack job jiggling pukinbot at a political gig. He's trying to be reasonable here because he's trying to seduce new followers. He's trying to cast doubt, and confusion.

    We are smarter than these whack jobs. They might be street smart or clever, but are oh so predictable and I've yet to see one as smart as Hillary, or Obama, or relieved and joyous for this!

  24. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Curious to how he will feel when he receives his hospital bill...

  25. Heres one for Rush, can you understand your bills? You paid for it asshole can you understand what they are charging you for? If you werent fuckedup on meds you would see that they just took you for a ride. Go ahead try NOT to bitch about that.

  26. Anonymous9:43 PM

    So Rush Limbaugh had an anxiety attack.

    Heck,my anxiety attack would come after the bill,because even though we have insurance through my husbands employer,being ill on a trip to Hawaii would mean that charges would be for "out of network" expenses. In the same set of circumstances,if indeed one of us had a heart attack in another state or even other areas of our own state,we would lose our home.

  27. With all his gazillions, I hope they charge him 10 times normal cost so the "extra" goes to taking care of people who can't afford the type of care he received.

  28. He seemed all drugged up to me, heavy breathing and unusually fast talking even for him, and the repetitive phrases...YUCK he is a loser.

  29. sunnyjane1:44 AM

    O/T, but you've GOT to go over to God's Own Party? and see the two videos. Talk about a HOOT! These two Australians are wonderful, and I'm about to look them up on YouTube for more of their stuff.

  30. Anonymous1:58 AM

    If he were poor, he'd be dead right now. He is only alive because he has the cash to pay for the care her received. Anything else he says or claims is a big fat lie.

  31. Anonymous2:27 AM

    Rush has a heart??????

  32. Anonymous4:14 AM

    What caused his heart attack? Illicit drugs? He said he doesn't have arterial disease.

    Does he have health insurance?

    Do his followers understand that even if he has no health insurance, he will never be bankrupted by his medical bills?

    Did he notice that his doctor was nonwhite and female?

  33. appreciate the headline, quite a lovely wish is that Limbaugh gets back just what he puts out there...

  34. Anonymous4:45 AM

    These people, celebrities, those with insurance, do not put themselves in the shoes of those who walk into an emergency room with little or no insurance. Even for those with, the worry of not knowing what that day's diagnosis will reveal.

    WORRY; that's the one thing that separates the Rushes from others. Worry about paying hospital bills, worry about how one will maintain their job, family, bills if their health fails.....

    These are the things the Rushes of the world never have to contemplate. The Rushes can retire tomorrow if need be. They are set for life. No anxieties, no worries, because they can get the best care, and if need be, restorative home care by professionals, never having to depend on loved ones to help them
    to the washroom, feed them, nurse them back to health all the while working, taking care of kids, and usually end up with mental breakdowns, wondering how they'll maintain this physically, financially-stressful existence.

    He should keep his mouth closed until he lives in others' shoes. The man has no heart.

  35. Rush is wrong. Not anybody can receive the best health care in the old U.S of A.
    I have had a few different occasions where I've had to go to the E.R. for myself or one of my kids where we do NOT get the healthcare we need. They'll stop you from bleeding to death or restart your heart, but that is it. They always send you home and tell you to follow up with a specialist. And if you are uninsured, NO specialist will even give you an appointment without a lot of cash up front.
    Maybe in Alaska it is better. I know it is better in the North Eastern U.S. of A., so it must be a state thing. But the Southern part of this country could give a sh#$ less if you ever recover or not.
    Luckily, Rush not only has a great health insurance plan but also tons of cash.
    We need Helth Care for Everyone on an equal scale. They need to get rid of classism and help everyone who needs it the same way.

  36. AKjah,

    He will never see his medical bills because he makes so much money that his accountant or chief if staff or whomever, will just take care of those bills for him.
    Rush won't have a clue to what he's paying for. An aspirin in the E.R. costs about $10. (Not exagerrating that!)

  37. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Seems to me that Gryphen agrees with Rush saying that everyone can get the best of healthcare in the US. Right Gryphen?

  38. Anonymous1:11 PM

    NPR reported this morning that although Limpballs had "chest pain" there was absolutely nothing wrong with him, and he has a healthy heart (if you can believe he has one at all).

    Another legitimate story had reported that there were "drugs" on his nightstand at the resort, but a subsequent story denied there were any drugs in his suite.

    Extreme heartburn more than likely. At age 68, I've had it myself a few times, but didn't get rushed to the hospital. Generally, from what I've read, with a real heart attack you have pain on your right side, from the shoulder on down your arm, or portions thereof, can vomit, and the pain is excrutiating enough to knock you out.


  39. Try hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    My Mother had back surgery last month. One night's stay at Scripp's La Jolla was $175,000. That doesn't include any of the meds, doctors or OR stuff.

    That's before the insurance.

    She has a combo of Medicare and Blue Cross.

    She doesn't know what the final bill will be yet.

  40. Anonymous10:04 PM

    He could have had a gallbladder attack- that sometimes comes across like a heart attack. Or he might have had an arrthythmia that triggered some hypoxic chest pain.

    With his weight issues, though, and his smoking and his drugs, I suspect that he does have some atherosclerotic heart disease, and just refuses to admit it.


  41. Gasman4:56 PM

    To have the Porcine Prince wax about how America's healthcare system is the best in the world is kind of like him saying, "hunger, there's no problem with hunger!" while he shovels in wheel barrow loads of cheeseburgers into his gaping maw.

    You give me $40 million a year and I won't have problems with our healthcare system either. Given that he is among the wealthiest 1 or 2% of Americans, what gives him any idea that he knows what it is like to be denied coverage? He is a bloated (somewhat less so now) pampered, drug addled, wife hopping, lying pedophile who thinks he is qualified to lecture to the rest of us. I've had to battle my insurance companies three times within the last 5 months just to get basic coverage. Yeah, it is really a great system.

    Fuck you Limbaugh. You don't know shit. You are, however, full of it.


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