Monday, March 29, 2010

Keith Olbermann is back and he wastes no time in calling Sarah Palin out on her violent rhetoric.

Perhaps somebody needs to tell the Teabagger Terrorist that her hate filled speeches and use of military symbolism has inspired violence against Democrats even up here in the last frontier.

Perhaps when they catch the perpetrator Palin will help him cut the same deal she got for her daughter.  Oh sorry I forgot, the rules apply to everybody EXCEPT the Palins.


  1. Anonymous8:43 PM

    She is the one inciting violence but she tries to include all the people in the audience in what she said. They are listening, she is inciting violence.

  2. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Obama contributer has been charged with threatening Rep Cantor with murder.

    Any right wingers charged yet? no?

  3. Anonymous9:21 PM

    I ♥ Keith Olbermann.

    Violence and lies suck. Stop covering up Wasilla Valley. Track, Bristol and Willow. It looks like the authorities are in on it. They are more like paid security for Palin family. No one is to hear about Palin run ins with the law. Nothing in the newspapers, radio or blogs?

    Wall of Wasilla, you need to tell your stories. Secrets are deathly toxic like Sarah Palin's Lake. Under her regime hospital and arsenic in water supply. Remember Love Canal seepage
    # 1955 -- Elementary school (99th Street) opens
    # 1959 -- Chemical seepage into basement is reported
    # 1974 -- Surface of dump begins to collapse and barrels of chemicals are exposed

  4. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Why hasn't Sarah been investigated by the FBI for instigating violence?

  5. Anonymous10:02 PM

    You know, we've been wondering the same thing. Why haven't they caught and charged anyone who's been after the Dems? Coincidence?

  6. "Obama contributer has been charged with threatening Rep Cantor with murder.

    Any right wingers charged yet? no?"

    You have your facts wrong dude. This guy was not an Obama supporter at all. In fact this same wacko threatened Obama as well...don't you guys EVER research anything?

  7. sleuth12:01 AM

    anon at 8:50...
    Mr. LeBoon who was arrested for threatening Eric Cantor previously threatened President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Reid, and even Babe the sheep-herding pig, and many other people.
    Mr. LeBoon's previous YouTube threats weren't taken seriously enough to warrant an arrest.
    Get a freakin grip!

  8. Anonymous3:17 AM

    Nothing is ever HER fault.

    Alaskans, aren't you sick and tired of Palin's cocky attitude and her outrageous lies?? How she thinks the laws don't apply to her and her family, and how she bullies public officials to get what she wants? How she makes a mockery of Alaska every time she opens her mouth??

    When are you going to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH??

    The people of Alaska have the power to stop her. Stop being afraid to speak out and tell the truth about what she has done. Remember, there is safety in numbers. Stand together, speak out, and put an end to this dangerous, corrupt person.

  9. Palin defenders are now claiming the crosshairs on her map were "surveyors marks". I want to point out her defenders (who there by also encourage her to continue and esscalate using violent rhetoric then laugh) distort reality and edit facts Palin only used the word "reload" as if she has not used all of the other words.

    It seems that we nonMSM...average citizens may need to chose a forum to be heard. Do we need to organize protests? I feel angry hearing Palin saying "the lamestream media" as if we and likely the majority of citizens have valid concerns about the like of her abusing free speech.

    Her FB post using basketball to ramp up the violent and unnecessary language is a red flag of a bonafide sicko. she has no regard for consequences to others..remember "bomb Iran to win" and "we lose"?

    Her recent tea party speech..OMG her screeching and a witch!

  10. Anonymous6:35 AM

    A quote from another site says: "How did this miserable excuse of a human being ever, achieve such a high public profile" I've wondered the same thing, more then once.

    AND THIS: Why are the people of Palmer and Wassila so afraid of the Palin family? Is it because of the deaths surrounding the Palin's? If this is the reason, People need to remember bullies will always be bullies until, someone stops them.

    People in Palmer and Wassila need to remember this family, is nothing more then poor white trash, that came into a large amount of money. This is proven by every word and action they take.

    Sunday. I read that the Palin's have set up a college fund for TRIPP. This from a family
    that doesn't seem to believe school is important. proof: how much school have these children missed?

    Please Alaska, get over your fear of these evil people and bring them to justice! Our country deserves better!!

  11. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard! Absolutely piercing and excruciatingly shrill!

    My only hope is that Tina Fey will do a few great skits on this!

  12. Why can't the people of Wasilla understand that yes, if they all stand together, there is strength in numbers. Bullies ALWAYS back down when challenged, because in the end of the day they are cowards. Please, Wasilla, stand up to the Palins for the sake of your children. They deserve better.

    More importantly, remember to vote all the Palin supporters out of office in November and elect people who actually want to serve the people of Alaska, not just intimidate them to serve their own interests.

  13. Anonymous8:58 AM

    YES.The people of Alaska do have the power to stop her.SPEAK UP.The truth is your salvation.I could not agree with 3:17 AM more.
    'Stop being afraid to speak out and tell the truth about what she has done. Remember, there is safety in numbers. Stand together, speak out, and put an end to this dangerous, corrupt person.'

  14. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Rene, Their backpedaling is a desperate and pathetic attempt. How much are they willing to humiliate themselves with crazy and unstable.I thought it was family college basketball analogy.How did they leap to the reloading surveyor gibberish.Thankfully they document all this for us.

  15. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Carnal Seepage, is that what has happened with the Palin spawn.STOP THE CRIMINALS.Name and places of adults must be reported in ADN and Frontman.What are they waiting for.Your underage daughters could be hanging with dealers that you think are the nice boys from the Hockey rink.Your news ppl will not keep you informed.KTUU, none are doing their jobs.Why is Wasilla not standing up to that.Where are the town hall meetings, letter campaigns to bring safety and drug awareness to your children.What kind of parents bend over and take it again while their children get another dose of abuse of power.STOP PROTECTING THE ADULT VANDALS.They must be charged with child endangerment or contributing.They can wank about a underage femme fatale that lead them astray later.It looks like all of Alaska got this wrong.That is how the Palins get by with crime.The authorities and media must work together to make the community safe, not protect a name.20 thousand is NEWS when it comes to teen vandals.It should have made the ADN when it happened.No blog was even outraged on the lack of reporting. If it was not for Willow being a Palin, no one would care.Ppl of AnchorageWasilla you are not safe, your children are not safe when crime sprees are not reported.

  16. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Crime Scene. This is a blog dedicated to the general topic of crime and crime prevention in Alaska. We will post crime-related stories and other relevant items as we come across them. The Daily News encourages community engagement and discussion of issues of crime and criminal justice. Comments are not edited and will be posted immediately. We know that stories about crime often provoke strong reactions, but we insist that you keep your comments on point, use good taste and show courtesy toward other writers. Posts that violate the Terms of Use will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be banned from When presenting factual information, take care that it is accurate and cite and/or link to sources where appropriate.
    Covering the stories and trooper reports on Alaska's crime scene.
    Contributors: James Halpin has covered crime and public safety at the Daily News since 2007. Previously, he was an intern at The Associated Press' Anchorage.

    In Wasilla only Chuck Heath can get by with committing wanton waste or attempted tampering with physical evidence? Sheep hunters guilty of wasting three animals
    guide Justin Norberg, 36, formerly of Anchorage, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to aiding or committing wanton waste during a Dall sheep hunt in Game Management Unit 12, near the end of Nebesna Road. Kale A. Trangmore, 30, a hunter from Wasilla, pleaded guilty and was sentenced on Dec.7, 2009 to the charge of attempted tampering with physical evidence.

    I am Discovering that Alaska is the last and final frontier. John Michael Angerer, 40, moved north to Alaska after leaving corpse in a shallow grave in Colorado Canyon.

  17. Charles Manson has spent the majority of his life in prison.

    Charles Manson never killed anyone nor did he order anyone killed.

    However he did manage to convey his message of death to his drugged up followers.............JUST LIKE SARAH PALIN!!!


  18. Anonymous1:21 AM

    More people need to call this woman out for her irresponsible lunacy.
    In fact, after her cross hairs remarks, it's time for the government to step in.

    She has gotten a free ride for much too long, and it has given her a sense of entitlement. That sense of entitlement also causes her to be an enabler of bad behavior from her children.

  19. Mac And Cheese Wiz8:11 PM

    I've always held that Sarah will eventually be the one to bring herself down. I don't particularly like how she condones violet behavior with symbolism and rhetoric, but I think it's doing wonders for the Democratic Party.

    She's fractured the Republican Party, abandoned the tea party (shh, they haven't realized it yet) and she cares for no one but herself.

    Her children are the ones who suffer from her wreckless actions the most. Willow's at an age where she needs boundaries, a strong father figure, and an involved mother. I don't blame her for acting out, it's her only way to get attention she so desperately needs. Track is out of the picture, Bristol is profiting from being an unwed single mother, Piper and Trig get a free pass to miss school and see the usa from private jets and busses.

    What has she learned from this? If you do something bad, you're off the hook, Mama Palin will cover your tracks.

  20. Anonymous9:15 PM

    HELTER SKELTER ANYONE. A SEARING INDICTMENT Famed prosecutor and NUMBER 1 New York Times bestselling author Vincent Bugliosi has written the most powerful, explosive, and thought-provoking book of his storied career.

    "Although the evidence at this trial shows that Charles Manson was the leader of the conspiracy to commit these murders, there is no evidence that he actually personally killed any of the seven victims in this case. However, the joint responsibility rule of conspiracy makes him guilty of all seven murders." Vincent Bugliosi

    Closing Argument
    The State of California v. Charles Manson) et al.
    Delivered by Vincent Bugliosi
    Los Angeles, California, January 15, 1971


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