Monday, March 29, 2010

The Law, the Willow, and the Wicked Witch of Wasilla.

As some of you may know I received a tip a few weeks back about Willow Palin and some potentially criminal behavior.  What you don't know is that after initially being very anxious to tell their story, the sources got cold feet and became reticent to speak to me about it.

Many back and forth e-mails and conversations took place, but I was not able to convince them to come forward.  The stated reason was a desire for privacy and a fear of retribution from Sarah and Todd Palin who many in the Valley still find intimidating.

I had just about given up on getting any useful information, and then something rather fortunate happened.

The new upstart blog AlaskaWTF, put up this post.

Reading that the story was going to come out from another source (I sort of sent them the link to let them know), my sources decided that it was important to get the correct story published.

This is what I learned.

On December 13, a Wasilla homeowner discovered that the home they had for sale, but were no longer living in, had been broken into and vandalized.

The lock had been forced, five wooden doors had been so badly damaged they needed to be replaced, the walls and floors had been gouged with knives, and vodka and orange juice containers were strewn all over the house. It also appeared that sexual activity had taken place on some of the beds, and a computer, some winter gear, and clothing had all been stolen.

Calculations are that the home suffered between twenty to thirty thousand dollars in damage. Sources say it appeared the teens stayed in the house for several hours, perhaps even overnight.

The Troopers were quickly notified and the investigation began. And at first there were very few leads.

Then in January some information came to light which identified one of the perpetrators. This led to the revelation that the participants were 12 local teens who had used the empty house for a party, a party which had clearly spun badly out of control.

As you have undoubtedly surmised by now one of the teenagers identified was Willow Palin.

As the investigation progressed the children’s parents were notified one by one, including the Palins.

When Sarah was confronted with Willow’s involvement she at first said that it was impossible since Willow was out of town. However when Troopers interviewed the other teens, every single one of them identified Willow as a participant, and further revealed that it was she who directed the other teens to the house, which she knew to be empty, for the sole purpose of having a party. (In today's post AlaskaWTF called Willow the ringleader. Which is accurate in that it was she who knew the location of the house, but whether or not she was involved in the incredible destruction is still undetermined.)

Now confronted with this new information you may assume that the Palins would do the right thing and surrender their daughter to the authorities, allow her  to suffer the consequences of her actions,  and then treat this as a painful but necessary learning experience.

If you believed that for even an instant then you don’t know squat about Sarah Palin.

No instead Sarah circled the wagons (There are rumors she even hired legal counsel) and she started to call in favors. Scandal had to be avoided at all cost. (This was right around the time that her contract with Fox News was being announced.)

According to sources close to the Alaska State troopers there was a secret weekend meeting. This meeting took place between the Palin’s and some very highly placed people involved in the juvenile justice department.

Directly after this secret meeting the word came down to the juvenile justice probation officer, Chris Evans, that ONLY the boys who had participated would be charged with the crime. The girls would only be identified as “witnesses” and face no criminal penalties.

So of the eleven Palmer teens who accompanied Willow to the Wasilla house two or three of the participants are adults and will stand trial, the five boys will be charged as juveniles for breaking and entering and vandalism, however thanks to Sarah and Todd, the girls will essentially walk away free as little birdies. Which is in direct opposition to the wishes of the probation officer in charge of the case who wants to charge all to them equally.

This has made the State Troopers and those working in the juvenile justice department very, very unhappy. But there was nothing they could do, the Palins had connections, and for them apparently the law simply did not apply.

As of right now the Palins have not offered to pay for the damages to the property and have refused to allow Willow to suffer any significant consequences. And this is the example of personal responsibility and courage that certain members of the GOP believe would be a great leader for this country? Unbelievable isn’t it?

By the way, there are a couple of very interesting coincidences in this story. For one thing do any of you remember where Todd, Sarah, Piper, and Trig were headed to on December 14th, the day after this discovery?

Yep you are right! They were on their way to Hawaii!

Now would you fly off to Hawaii if your daughter had just been involved in a breaking and entering?

Probably not.

So it is conceivable that at this time Sarah would be completely unaware of the break in and her daughter's participation.

Now how long do you think it would take for SOMEBODY to start to panic and call mom? One day? Two days? Maybe it took three days?

Interesting, isn’t it? We all thought she came home out of embarrassment over the scrutiny she was receiving over her blacked out McCain visor and of course her legs, but in fact the hurried flight home may have been in response to this unfortunate incident.

Okay look I know I am going to receive a ton of negative blowback on this post (Boy wouldn’t THAT be a first!), so let me just say that this post is not a condemnation of Willow Palin. As many of you know I like Willow. In fact she has always been my favorite Palin.

As a kid everybody does stupid things, and I was certainly no exception. This is not about Willow making a bad choice. This is about the fact that Sarah Palin has a history of covering up for her children’s mistakes, and bullying people into staying quiet about it.

Willow could be charged right long with the other kids. As a first time offender she would probably pay a fine and do community service. When she turned eighteen her record would be scrubbed and she would walk away with a valuable life lesson. It might be embarrassing but it would also be the kind of experience that keeps a young person from making a similar mistake as an adult. Instead Willow is allowed to fly all over the country and get treated like a celebrity, while many of her friends are left back home in Alaska to face serious consequences.

And don’t think for one minute that Sarah Palin is doing this for her child. Sarah is doing this for Sarah. Having her fifteen year old connected to this crime would reflect poorly on Sarah's image as the perfect parent, in the perfect marriage, with the the perfect children.  We all know how laughable that is but it is the image that Palin has worked extremely hard to promote. And the one that her mindless acolytes swallow whole without question.

Any of us who are parents know that for Willow to learn about justice she needs to  face the consequences for her actions, just like everybody else who participated in this criminal behavior. By “protecting” her Sarah is teaching her that with enough money, or influence, the law cannot touch you. Is that really a lesson to teach your children only a few short years before you send them out to face the world on their own?

However this time Sarah may have made a very unfortunate calculation. Sarah counted on the people of the Mat-Su Valley to still be intimidated by her, but that may not in fact be the case. Sources have told me that a number of the parents are very unhappy that their children will face charges and that Willow and the other girls will not. Add to that the frustration being felt by the law enforcement professionals assigned to the Valley and I think we can count on this not being the last we hear about this unfortunate incident.

During a conversation with one of my sources I asked why people are still so intimidated by the Palins, and listened to a laundry list of shattered lives left in their wake.  Some I already knew, but a few I had never heard of before.  Sarah has been running roughshod over the people of the Mat-Su Valley since her days as mayor of Wasilla, as first pointed out in Anne Kilkenney's famous letter back in September 2008. and apparently nothing has changed. Nor will it until the people who have been bullied or victimized by her stand up and say, "Not just no, but HELL NO!"

Update:  For those who believe they have heard this story before you are correct.  The National Enquirer covered this story back in January.  They had some facts wrong, such as the number of participants, but they do have some additional facts that I chose to leave out.


  1. Blogger is being finicky again so I am having trouble publishing comments.

    When it gets straightened out I will quickly send them through.

  2. >By “protecting” her Sarah is teaching her that with enough money, or influence, the law cannot touch you.

    Well, heck! That's always been true.

  3. Anonymous10:27 AM

    You are so right. Until people stand up against them, Sarah and Todd will continue to throw their influence around in any way that they think will protect their status and money.

    Bullies are cowards. Bullies need to be confronted. If enough people will band together and tell their stories, the reign of the Palins will be over.

    We thank you Gryphen for trying to get these folks to share their stories. Fear is a powerful silencer, but it doesn't hold sway forever. We can only hope people will come forward before Sarah and Todd destroy any more lives and the country itself.

  4. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Isn't it illegal to interfere with the criminal justice system? Todd and Sarah's "weekend meeting" with high level Troopers might have included bribery, interference or other crimes. Let's keep the spotlight on this matter. Great post!

  5. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Once again the Teflon Viper strikes. It disgusts me to no end! Filthy, filthy family. Their day is coming. Geoffrey Dunn and Joe McGinniss's books are on their way.

    Karma will take care of this evil monster.

  6. Anonymous10:34 AM

    10 cats, I remember that look too, and it was not just a pout. Hopefully all will come forward to protest the latest coverup. If enough people file complaints maybe will not be able to sweep under the rug so swiftly. The dust will find another way to resurface.

  7. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Sarah was pregnant when she got married. DUI Todd tried to get his ex-brother-in-law fired illegally. Track was involved with drugs and booze, got in trouble for vandalism, and was forced to choose between jail and Army. Hard-drinking Bristol got pregnant out of wedlock, twice. Sarah faked a pregnancy to save face and uses Tri-G as her political prop. Willow is following in sis's wobbly foot steps. Sarah immorally used her influence to cover up the truth every step of the way and has succeeded in avoiding all accountability.

    Gotta love those Palin family values.

  8. Palin punished her daughter by dragging her to Hollywood and forcing her to take expensive bling from the Oscars Charity. That will show her.

    It's not like this is going to go away. Every single one of those boys is going to testify that Willow was the ringleader. Their lawyers will make sure it comes out in order to protect their clients and minimize their involvement. Willow may not be charged, but this isn't going to be covered up. I'm sure Sarah is hoping the juvenile proceedings will escape reporting by the media. Maybe she'll try to get every one of those hearings closed to the public and the records sealed. Maybe she'll even try to get the entire thing covered up and thrown out if the parents of the boys threaten to expose Willow through their sons' testimony if she doesn't get the boys off too. And the owners of the property? If I were them, I'd sue the Palins in civil court for damages. Then the Sarah will have to pony up big bucks to repair the place and keep it quiet. She'll settle out of court to cover that up too.

    Well, at least this explains why she cut her Hawaii trip short. And you know what? It will all come back to bite her. Willow is already rebellious and out of control. Hence the drinking and the party house. She will not be grateful to her Mom for bailing her out. Not for long. She'll resent her even more. And I'm sure Sarah did not maker Willow's life pleasant. Just imaging the verbal torture Willow had to endure. Sarah will have Willow on an even shorter leash now.

    Look for another unmarried, pregnant daughter coming to Wasilla in the next few years.

    Man, they should remove Tripp from that house ASAP.

  9. What next, Gryphen? What to do with this information, besides posting it here?

    Is Shannyn Moore or Jeanne Devon interested in posting this explosive material on Huffington Post, or on their own blogs? Or would your life or theirs be in danger if they published?

    Is ANYONE interested, or is Rupert Murdoch THAT powerful, that Palin's corruption and legal shenanigans can be hushed up forever?

  10. Anonymous10:44 AM

    The parents to the boys should be outraged. and not stand for it. They should all plead not guilty. Make the case go to trial. If Palin has that kind of pull She will not want Bristol on the stand. So they all would walk if the palins compensated for the home owner plus a few bucks. She will ot have a choice. That lets the police, probation and all off the hook.

  11. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Law Enforcement: Here is what you need--learn how to work with "High Conflict Personalities" in the legal disputes [aka Sarah and Todd Palin]

    Bill Eddy is an Attorney AND a therapist. I've attended his course and can attest that he KNOWS how "high conflict" people will behave in legal situations. He can help you understand how to anticipate their behavior and how to handle it.

    He is coming to Seattle, WA in July. I bet he'd come to Anchorage or you could call him for some personal training. Check out his website and articles. He KNOWS what it's like to be in the predicament Sarah has put you guys in.


  12. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Great post and well said Gryphen--thanks !

    With so many parents in on this, I doubt it will stay quiet.

    What I just can't get over though is the difference between the "pouty" picture in December at the air base book signing and the Oscar gift suite picture above. Willow looked so much heavier in the first one and so slender here. Looks like she lost 25# in 2-3 months. Someone should post them side by side.

  13. Anonymous11:10 AM

    This is just a normal SP drama. She has lots of experance covering up the truth. Nothing that money from the trust fund won't fix.

    WIllow should write the tell all book to help kids that have, " disfuntional narsistic parnets".

    You can only play the perfect child so long before, the need to rebell takes control.

    We really do feel your pain Willow. I hope your friends will forgive you and your mom.

  14. Anonymous11:10 AM

    absolutely love it! good job.

    bill in belize

  15. sounds like some families may have an incentive to drop a dime on the paylins now...I have an entire case of dimes to donate!

  16. Anonymous11:13 AM

    I've followed some of the typical Wasilla teen activity through teens from the lower 48. I think I know who some of the vandals are. And their parents, who do want them to go to church and stop doing drugs.

    What you describe about the Willow Gang is not rare in that area. Only that Willow's family are world famous miscreants and proficient at cover up. I don't know what the good parents of Wasilla can do? It is set in stone how things are run up there. If Piper ever goes to school or has a friend, parents beware. The few parents that do care about children are trapped in that snake pit. The others have zero regard for children. The Palins are the foremost enablers, but they are all doing it. They are destroying a whole community of children and they will spread their disease all over the world.

    Too bad The National Enquirer (Pulitzer)or another won't pay a fortune to help those suckers out of their mess. There are millions of pictures of messed up Wasilla teens and not one of ringleader Willow in action? It would be worth a small fortune and the best thing you could do for Willow is to help her with some reality.

  17. Anonymous11:24 AM

    As a parent, lets roll our sleeves up with out kids, and repair and repay the damages and teach our kids how to be responsible. Bigger picture here.

    1. Anonymous4:27 PM

      The principle of the event sounds like my neighbor's son here in good old Louisiana seriously hurt my dog thru the fence trying to poke her eye out with a stick

      A teenaged boy. When I confronted the dad, mom, & son at the fence the next day with photos of damage done - the dad wouldn't even look at me & replied I probably did that myself to my dog!
      That's lying for the child, showing no respect to an older next door neighbor, & virtually giving his stamp of approval on the whole circumstance.
      Yep, sounds like the "Palin parents" are no better than some Louisiana bayou parents!
      Oh, by the way - this also reeks of the "Duggar family" with their hipocrasy, & the tv channels keep trying to CRAM them down our throats!
      The DUGGARS seem to think that somehow - they are ABOVE the law also!
      It's a terrible crock of s--t,especially for the parents of all the others involved!
      I would love to see the Palins be called on the carpet, & held responsible!
      The Palins sound like they've" been drinking the same koolaid" as Hillary & Bill Clinton!
      Just saying.....
      Angry in the bayou!

  18. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn11:37 AM

    C'mon, Scarah, PUL-EEZZE get your TLC reality show act together--then pesky little stories such as this are fair game for the tabloids, without Uncle Rupie's protective web. Your dazed followers should discover how truly marvelous your uber-Xtain parenting skills are! The fact that Willow is rebelling like this speaks volumes; I'm sure years of therapy are ahead for all the Palin kids--sad.

    (OT snark) And perhaps Mistress Sarah is suddenly dressing in zippered black leather due to the RNC's taste for a certain exclusive Hollywood nightclub? (/snark)

    Guess that's them "family values" in action--you betcha!

  19. I have a dream...that one day...the good people of the Valley and AK who have shrouded the secrets and the bullying of the Palins/Heaths will gather together for a national press conference. And, one by one, they will proudly stand up and tell the truth. They will not be tattle-tale-telling. They will instead allow Sarah to be held accountable and take responsibility for HER actions; and they will free themselves from intimidation and the destructiveness of secrets as the disgraced bully wimpers away...her Christian-mom, PTA-mom, hockey-mom, Mama Grizzly and iconic-mother-of-all-Down-children costumes ripped to shreds.

    And ALL* the people of the USA will rejoice because the manipulation and tomfoolery of John McCain, the xtianist church and the press will be exposed also, too.

    *Oh, Sarah's most ardent supporters will miss the joy as they dutifully cover their eyes, plug their ears and sing "la, la, la".

  20. I hear that Anchorage is turning into a gang ghetto. That is where alot of the Mat-su kids go to party, allegedly school. Willow had that gang leader look when she was so vile to Kim Chatman's daughter. That picture was worth a thousand words.

    Discussing addiction is verbatim, but nothing will change until that part of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" can be mentioned. Drugs must be the biggest part of that community. They are sure hush hush.

  21. imnofred11:50 AM

    Hopefully, Sarah's sense of invincibility will be her downfall. She seems to think that she can do as she pleases and that laws only apply to others. Sadly, she has gotten away with it so far. Maybe she will get herself into a situation where her mafia-like crew will not be able to get her out of it.

  22. akbright11:58 AM

    Wait, isn't Willow the daughter David Letterman got erroneously slammed about from Ms. Palin?

  23. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Gryphen - Thanks for revealing this news.

    FYI - I think you meant December 14 (not January) - for the date that Palin was heading to Hawaii.

    It is obvious now, why she hightailed it out of Hawaii such a short time later.


  24. Maybe Willow's act of rebellion and vandalism was because she wasn't invited on the family get-a-way to Hawaii. I remember thinking how odd and unfair it seemed, to take the 2 younger Palin's on a nice before Christmas family vacation, but not the older girls.

  25. December 14 Gryphen,not January 14th.

  26. Anonymous12:24 PM

    I know I read somewhere that when this happened Willow and her gang picked this house because the owner was one of Todd's flings. anyone else remember reading this

  27. Anonymous12:48 PM

    But Moon, Bristol and Willow would look much better at the beach than Sarah. Couldn't allow her own daughters to outshine her.

  28. Anonymous12:52 PM

    So much for "family values." Willow is obviously learning from her mother that she doesn't need to take responsibility for her actions--something Palin is known for. One thing is certain. Like all children whose parents don't hold them accountable, Willow is in for a rude awakening out here in the real world.

  29. Uh oh, she's gonna have to join the military now....

  30. Let's say for insurance purposes, the homeowners would have to have documentation that their home was (before and after)and a police report.

    Unless this police report disappeared, it should be available on just have to pay whatever the charge is for faxing/reproduction... Is this possible? I don't know that juvenile names would be listed but it would make entertaining reading.

    So do you think Willow had the birds and bees talk with her "just say no" Mom?

  31. Anonymous1:08 PM

    The boys parents should be outraged, but they are like Keith and Sherry Johnston,1044am. Thrilled their boys are part of a privileged inner circle of friends. Like Levi, it is heady at first. Later they are stuck being the fool. Weak people usually do suck up or crumble. Whatever you do, keep ignoring the drug problem that in central to all of them. The churches in that place have been useless.

  32. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Just one incident in a string of way too many.
    In addition to the school bus vandalism incident, Track was disciplined and nearly kicked off the Wasilla H.S. Hockey team for hazing another student years ago. (I believe he had stuffed a kid into a gym locker and sprayed deodorant through the vents). Harmless fun, right Sarah?...
    But when disciplinary action came down on him, guess who came flying into the school to demand that the COACH (not the rotten kid) be stifled? Ms. "Family Values" herself. God, I would love to be a fly on the wall when karma finally catches up w/ her!

  33. Anonymous1:09 PM

    All those parents gotta get together--safety in numbers, right? And call a press conference and say it like it is. Too bad SP is trying to "divide and conquer" the group into boys against girls. The parents of the girls now have no incentive to tell the truth--their kids are off the hook. Here's hoping the parents of the boys left holding the bag will gather the courage to speak up!

  34. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Are you serious? The owner may have been one of Toad's flings? Are we talking a man or a woman?

  35. Anonymous1:15 PM

    1:08 PM - Track was disciplined and nearly kicked off the Wasilla H.S. Hockey team

    And who was the Hockey Dad that helped the wayward lad? Keith Johnston, who no one can mention?

  36. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Maybe I've been watching too much CSI and other detective stories on TV, but whatever happened to forensics? With drunken teenagers that don't think, I would guess that there are fingerprints all over the place. All they had to do was collect some simple Detective 101 evidence and match it against the kids. If Willow's prints show up, case solved. In addition, I would guess that some dumb kids left their DNA behind (sheets, beds, anywhere).

    So, where are the Wasilla police? I know Alaska's tract record for actually holding people accountable (Sarah's ethics violations). But, why didn't they just collect evidence and match it against the possible party goers? Drunk kids don't wear rubber gloves.

  37. Anonymous1:15 PM

    What a messed up dysfunctual family. And Sarah is to blame- and Todd. Yes sociopath mentally ill, disturbed narcissistic Sarah believes she and her children are so special, that they are above the law. This is a classic NPD symptom.

    To the troopers, law enforcement, parents of the other kids, home owners... Why on earth would you let Sarah Palin walk all over you like this. She isn't an elected official. She is not as important as she thinks she is! Aren't you furious and haven't you had enough???? There is strength in numbers. If all of you stand up and tell the truth, what can they do. Call the National Enquirer and other publications and tell your story. Sarah would step on any of you in a second. If they get away with this, as they do with everything, you are all partly to blame...
    So PLEASE stop them!! Don't "sit down and shut up" as Scarah says. My God this is complete BS
    I really feel for the Palin kids. What crappy parenting.

  38. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Knowing how teenagers are at Willow's age (have had three of my own) I know all the tricks. She probably begged to be left at home and probably "promised the world" for that privilege. Maybe told a fib or two about some school project she had to do (yeah, right!), or some event she wanted to attend while the rest of her fam was in Hawaii. Kids that age would rather be caught dead than go with their parents on vacation (even--unbelievablely to Hawaii!). Without older sister Bristol (who missed out by having to pretend she was the dutiful mother of ONE--she would be the bored older sib stuck babysitting Piper and Trig.

  39. Anonymous1:22 PM

    No one understands Wasilla. The parents aren't going to come together to stand up against Sarah. Most of them have been together to get her elected and keep up the myth. These are the people THAT ARE JUST LIKE SARAH. They love her before they are Wootenized or Levized.

  40. A couple of things..

    First, yes I heard the rumor about this house belonging to one of Todd's girlfriends too. However from what I learned, and I learned quite a lot that I was not able to put into the post, this is not the case. The house seems to have belonged to the family of one of Willow's schoolmates.

    As for fear, and I kid you not about this, even the troopers have expressed fear of getting on the wrong side of the Palins. My response to that was "But they have guns AND badges!", but nonetheless apparently it is true.

    However I am somewhat confident that somebody in the Valley will go on record about this injustice.There are some very angry parents.

    Also there are a few eighteen year olds in the group so maybe one of them would be willing to sit for an interview. I am ready anytime they are.

  41. rji-gotta a link to Willow being mean to Chatmans daughter?

  42. Anonymous1:30 PM

    The more money Sarah makes, the more tight lipped people will be due to fear and/or blackmail opportunities.

    I am sure those kids all had phones & were taking photos. That is what they do!

    Some may be afraid to come out, but others might be waiting in the wings to cash in.

    I feel bad for those boys. I have never heard of such a thing!

    Those parents need a good lawyer.

  43. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Anon 1:16, I think you are totally right about Willow staying home from vacation on purpose to hang out with her friends (and get into trouble). Guess how I know, I was a teenager once...

    SP is going to end up with the kids that never leave home because they are not equipped to survive the real world (I have someone in my extended family like that too - co-dependency between parent and child leads to unsuccessful adults).

  44. Gryphen, was Trooper Wooten involved in the investigation of this case? Is that why you couldn't get him to come forward?

  45. 10catsinMD1:37 PM

    Off topic, the father of the marine whose funeral was protested by the crazy phelps gang now has to pay their court costs. Please go to this link. I picked it up from Huffpo.

  46. I cannot believe that the parents of these boys are going to take this "lying down" so to speak. And yes, even the girls who helped trash the house may have gotten away with more than they should, but trust me, teenage girls can be vindictive. They must be really pissed that Willow got in on the Grifter Granny sweepstakes in Hollywood, while they had to sit at home. Somebody, please have the nerve to step forward and do the right thing.

  47. I guess you could be right about Willow and Bristol begging to stay home from a family vacation. In my totally weird family, my two kids always wanted to go on vacation because we had so much fun. In fact, although they are both adults and on their own, they still want to go with us. That's the difference between the "family values" Palin's and my screwed up progressive family :_)

  48. Like Gryphen said, most parents wouldn't fly off if their child had just been involved in criminal activity. Most parents, save the Palins.

    I wonder if the trip to Hawaii was BECAUSE of Willow's breaking and entering. I can picture Sarah going on vacation specifically to give the appearance that all was well on the home front and to remove herself from the initial tension of the bad news.

    Also, assuming Willow was playing freshman girls' basketball, the Hawaii trip would've interfered with required pre-season practice and scrimmages.

  49. Anonymous1:53 PM

    An important point has been overlooked regarding Palin and her children. They've already learned that bad behavior, low morals, poor education, and hypocrisy are rewarded--as long as you're white. It doesn't matter how neglectful Sarah is, she'll use her money to provide a wealthy lifestyle for her children, regardless of their promiscuity, criminal records, and truancy.

  50. Anonymous1:55 PM

    We can only protect our little Alaskan beauty dva for so long.

    Palin deeds have largely been cover up by churchy Alaska. Almost Miss Alaska is still tresured by most of Alaska. She put us on the right wing map in a big way.

    We love our gun shootin 7 mountain moma. She gives us a reason to be angry, a reason to be pissed off, we can blame our troubles on big goverment and the smart assed progressives you see.

    Its not good old George Bush's falt that the cost of the wars are bankruping our economies. War is good for the USA economy if it is quick. There was so much money going into defence spending, banks were blind to a false market. A market of war spending. This is the market that SP wants to sustain.

    When will the market for peace drive the economy? When will the religens make peace with there quest to kill each other over what?

    When SP pays the piper is when change will come. When the truth is told........ Willow Knows ALL!!

  51. Anonymous1:56 PM

    11:31 am, she couldn'd get the attention of the one she really wants. I am with you. Settle for the attention of leather man. I sure would like to see what else is in her closet. Got to keep the men chapped up.

  52. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Thanks 10catsinMD. I checked out the article. I cannot believe that radical crazies like Fred Phelps and family (so very similar to Palin's little groupies)are going to have the father of the dead Marine whose funeral they ruined pay for their legal fees.

    You do realize the Phelps family usually file their own cases, don't you? Unbelievably, they have several attorneys in their little cult of "true believers."

    What is it with these Bible-thumping crazies? We have been ranting our distress over Sarah for months and months and now the Phelps clan is getting active again. I guess they figure they had better get their money before the End Times get here. You know, like Jesus will be so happy they are rich and able to therefore to rule his kingdom with Him. Yeah, right?

    Anyway, I hope many of us can help that Marine's family out. I would hate to think that after losing their son and being hassled those morons that they might lose their home as well.

  53. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Gee, I hope the police saved the dna samples!

  54. Anonymous2:21 PM

    I live in a small town, about the size of Wassila. People gossip like crazy here. How about some anonymous gossip posts?

  55. Anonymous2:21 PM

    I am sure those kids all had phones, were taking photos. That is what they do.

    You are so right. That would make for one viral YouTube, think of the fame. Why would they pass up the money that would bring them? I notice in Wasilla parents pay off their kids with snowboards, snowmobiles, trips, tanning, no supervision, home schooling and drug parties (no one claims they know what is going on). So such like Sarah. I'm not saying they are all like that, a large number are. They are covering up going back years. When the feds do step in, it will be jail or talk.

    What works to cover up their kids petty crimes in Wasilla doesn't work everywhere. When is RICO going to get in the drug business noone in Wasilla will open up about? Kids 14-15 are into drugs and party with this crowd. Why dont the parents want to help their own children?

  56. Anonymous2:22 PM

    If anyone else has read The Help, the book about southern white women and their "nigra" help in pre-civil rights days in jackson, MS, will recognize Hilly Holbrooke as Miss Wasilla. She ruins the lives of any black maid who crosses a line and anyone white person who does too!

  57. vilca2:28 PM

    I'm a woman and I find it outrageous that all the girls in this affaire are deemed too... what .... shallow,influensable,half citizens,whatever... to take responsibility for their acts. This is extremely sexist, and as a parent, I would not authorized this treatment on my daughter, even though she has to learn the hard way that acts have consequences.

  58. Anonymous2:32 PM

    I hope the police saved the dna samples!

    The police, Trooper, law probably took little evidence and disposed of the cell phones and cameras. You would need FBI forensics to retrieve anything. It will take some serious Alaskans to get to all that.

  59. Anonymous2:43 PM

    I live just off of Fairview Loop.

    This story is blown way out of proportion. Willow wasn't there.

  60. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Anon @ 2:43

    The only way that someone could say with any certainty that, "Willow wasn't there," would be if that person was (him/herself) there as a witness.

    So, were you there, Anon @ 2:43?

  61. Anonymous2:52 PM

    I'm black so I feel I have the right to say let's leave race out of this. Sarah Palin and her kids are not getting away with bad behavior because she's white but because she's privileged and well-connected. OJ wouldn't have gotten away with it if he'd been poor and white. If the Trig story ever breaks she won't be as powerful and hopefully the rest of the skeletons will come out of her closet.

  62. this woman is such a classic case of sociopathy, it is not at all shocking that people are intimidated.

    I have known similar types of personalities, and very few people ever wanted to stand up to these people or speak out against them.

    It is a natural instinct to self-preserve and just get as far away as possible from these destructive forces.

    That said, I did finally stand up to a woman much like SP, and it was frightening, but it was the one of the best decisions I ever made.

    I surely do hope many many brave souls will come forward to stand up and do the right thing.

  63. WakeUpAmerica3:01 PM

    Great title to your article! Hahahahahahaha!

    anon@2:43, I believe you. Sure I do. Really.

  64. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Anon @ 2:21

    "Why don't the parents want to help their own children?"

    Just a guess: Maybe the parents are knee-deep in drugs themselves? Labs? Selling? Using?

    Transporting? Did I just say transporting? Hmmm. Question: How are drugs transported into, out of and around Alaska? Just asking.

  65. Fruitview Loop?3:29 PM

    Fairview Loop is why the Feds do need to get involved. The Palin's have their butts covered. Crooked cops don't come out and say we didn't take evidence or we destroyed it.

    How does living near Fairview Loop make you an expert?

  66. I don't know why people are talking about evidence being destroyed. The authorities KNOW Willow was there they are just not allowed to prosecute her.

    This is not about evidence it is about Palin intimidation and deal making.

  67. Anonymous3:42 PM

    I'm sure quite a few people reading this blog know about children of "well connected" adults who get away with murder. I think this is pretty much standard operating behavior. If your parent is important or wealthy, you are not going to get into any trouble. Sad but true.

  68. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Gryphen, who is keeping the authorities from prosecuting Willow? Sarah doesn't have a job, she has no political influence, she's just a private citizen. And whye did the other girls get off?

  69. Anonymous3:53 PM

    My niece goes to Colony, she knows the kids involved. Willow wasn't there.

  70. keep asking3:58 PM

    3.01PM You are asking questions that will be shut down.
    Poor remote Alaska has to make a lot of their own meth and they have a major marijuana business in Mat-Su. Anchorage has the LA gang connections. Military bases and nearby can always get the best from Afghanistan. There is a connection from Fairbanks to Anchorage. (Fort Wainwright, Eielson Air Force Base, Fort Greely and Clear Air Force Station.) We've also heard some strange things about Corrections and transports.

    No doubt many in Alaska have made a bundle off of keeping those businesses quiet. You never hear about Track Palin or his friends. Must be good reasons to keep that quiet. It is not only that Sarah embarrasses him and he takes the money and benefits of a famous tyrant.

    If you read about the Mexican cartels/families in Mexico or the corrupt Afghanistan government, you will think about Wasilla. Similarities.

  71. This family reacts out of a sense of entitlement. It's great if you are close to them, not so great if you are not. No sane parent would let thier kids go out with these brats. I keep thinking of former Iraqi leader's kids who could do anything they wanted to people in Iraq-- will Palin exercise this kind of control in Alaska? No one in any position of power will cause ailin' for Palin.

    We need the feds to come in and make sure that all the structures at the compoud meet regulations and for that matter, that all elected officials are really playing by the rules that are set.

    There should be some law that enforces that elected/appointed officials have to abide by laws in their areas or face the feds under serious sanctions. Not just for building codes, but for regular laws, too.

  72. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Anon 2:21- because these are the type of parents who are blind to what their own children do, not my kid mentality. Not my good Christian family! The kids will suffer in the end, I've had friends when I lived in Fairbanks like this, one young man ended up being murdered because of drugs. Parents never woke up, always someone elses fault.

  73. Anonymous4:16 PM

    You were told and you know for certain that these teens took no photos, Gryphen, and there is no digital record, no cell phones? How unsual. Alaskan teens digitally record as much as any others.

    Or do you mean the authorities have the digital records and they just are not releasing? What about FOIA? I don't see this as only being about Willow or Sarah Palin. It sounds like backroom deals were made and how legal is that? Can't someone find out?

    I live where the rich get arrested, their kids. A backroom deal would not go uncontested. This is way past being about only Willow. I hope Alaska can focus on the adults shady actions and help those kids.

  74. Anonymous4:40 PM

    I would like to know more information about the threats made to the judge in Bristol's case??

  75. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Anon @ 3:53

    So, then, your niece was either(1)there so that she knew that Willow wasn't?

    Or (2)she spent those hours in the company of Willow so that she can testify under oath as to Willow's whereabouts at the time?

    If she has no direct knowledge, then what she is telling you is only hearsay. So, then, we must ask: Has she been told the truth?

    And, of course, if she knows first hand, has she told you the truth?

    Psst hearsay is messy--pretty much explains why it isn't admitted as evidence in a Court of Law.

  76. Anonymous4:52 PM

    The best conspiracy theories are always the ones that can't be disproved!

    "I know Sarah had the charges dropped ....... because!"

  77. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Didn't they move Willow to Colony to get her away from the bad influences in Wasilla?

  78. Anonymous5:10 PM

    And they moved the girls out of Juneau high schools because they were bad influences too. Seems the bad influence's are the one's moving.

  79. oh PLEASE let her be pregnant

  80. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I am not shocked that Wasilla has a meth issue, but I am Shocked that the parents or $arah Palin want to cover it up. Meth will destroy those kids and there isn't enough $$$ on earth to fix them, once they are destroyed. Parents you had better wake up and start speaking out the truth.

  81. Anonymous5:31 PM

    This is Todd's ex from Glennallen. And if your from Wasilla or Glennallen and your kids are not into METH then you should consider themselves lucky with petty vandalism.

    its that bad

  82. Anonymous5:43 PM

    this is why white trash, power, and money is a bad combination.

  83. Anonymous5:49 PM

    This is Todd's ex from Glennallen.

    What does that mean?

  84. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Gryphen said...

    I don't know why people are talking about evidence being destroyed. The authorities KNOW Willow was there they are just not allowed to prosecute her.

    This is not about evidence it is about Palin intimidation and deal making.
    Gryphen, ummmm doncha think the FEDs should be called in if the "Authorities" are afraid?
    This BEGS for FBI!!!!!

  85. Anonymous5:59 PM

    any sightings of Trig since the tail of two babies surfaced?

  86. Anonymous6:10 PM

    As much as I enjoy this juicy story (a LOT), where is any evidence that this is anything more than a story? Like a link to the court case or troopers report for example.

    I can sit down for hours and give you the greatest gossip ever - that doesn't mean it's true though.

  87. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Gryphen said...

    I don't know why people are talking about evidence being destroyed. The authorities KNOW Willow was there they are just not allowed to prosecute her.

    This is not about evidence it is about Palin intimidation and deal making.
    Fuck her...I reported this to the FBI, if local officials are afraid...Then the FEDS need to come in!!!!!!

  88. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Anonymous 5:31 : Pardon me, I don't usualy get to spend a lot of time on this sight, but it sounds like you are stating that you were maqrried to Todd Palin prior to his marriage to Sarah Heath. Is this correct? Can you help me with a time line?

  89. Anonymous6:49 PM



    thank you for being politically incorrect enough to post that. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

    and before anyone goes postal on that--of course I don't wish something like that on ANYone, much less a teen. These poor kids aren't gonna make enough money in their lives to pay for all the therapy they're gonna need to recover from having those parents. (which may explain the need for all those fund trust thingers, eh?) It's sad and pathetic, and I cannot understand why DSS isn't involved in that mess.

    But it was still pretty damn funny.

  90. Anonymous6:53 PM

    To Anonymous who says Willow wasn't there: Why then did all the kids who were there say Willow WAS there? Why did Willow get an attorney immediately before she would be questioned? I also have a friend in Palmer who told me all of this the day after the break in happened. Word gets around. Don't be trying to cover this up, Sarah. Your kids are a mess and you are to blame.

  91. honestyinGov7:02 PM

    Like others have mentioned the really pissed off look on Willow at the book signing said a LOT. I'm sure she was feeling neglected about something. Maybe she was even upset and resentful that she had to go to school while " Mommy Dearest " was jetting little Piper all over the country. I have no idea if willow even WANTED to go... but it's a possibility Sarah TOLD HER she had to stay home to do ' babysitting '.

    Even before you posted this Gryphen I saw that AK WTF mentioned last night that Willow was getting off but OTHERS would be charged. I assumed ' others ' meant the other Girls in this gang would get charged... and Willow walked.
    My immediate thought was that the ' other ' Girls might try to seek some revenge.... because you know they would hate Willow. Girls can be MUCH meaner toward other Girls.

    Therefore I ask.... In this timeline going backwards.... When was the first report ( date ) that Willow was now attending the H.S. in Palmer...? People said Todd and here were there.
    Did Todd TAKE HER to that school( after this incident took place ) to enroll her there to Protect her from physical harm. As I remember some of the rumors ( early on )... people were saying was that Willow was going to ' talk ' so she could get off and blame the other Kids.You don't think those other Girls would resent Willow and how Mama's Attorney was getting her off. That would get most mad. Soooo when did Willow go to the New School...?

  92. Anonymous7:07 PM

    To 3:53 - either you're lying or your "niece" doesn't know what she's talking about b/c I have spoken first hand with parents of some of the other kids involved. Willow most certainly was there; though I doubt she was involved in any vandalism.

  93. Okay anonymous 7:07, makes a good point. There are conflicting reports of how long Willow was at the house. Personally I have no idea if she participated in any vandalism personally.

    However she WAS there when the initial break in occurred because she directed them to the house.

    Oh and for those claiming to KNOW Willow was not there? All you are going to do by saying that is attract more REAL Wasilla residents who know better. This really is pretty well known out in the Valley.

  94. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Great post. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    Yes, the parents of the teens being punished have a right to be angry and a duty to see that this is not covered up.

    Talk about an abuse of privilege and power!

  95. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Great post and good work, Gryphen!

    I'm still laughing at the "anonymous" who posted that he/she lives off of Fairview Loop. So, by golly, by gum...we got it from the horse's mouth.

    Hey, Loopy! I'm the man in the moon. It was a clear night and I saw the whole thing! Bwahahaha.

  96. Anonymous7:45 PM

    It may be easy for those of you who do not live in Wasilla to plead, demand, or suggest that people of Wasilla should stand up to the Palin/Heath family. I grew up in a very small town where there were two basic types of people or classes if you will. The upper class families lived in nice, insulated homes with a furnace for heat. There was hot and cold running water, an indoor toilet, a telephone, a television, a newer model car. The lower class lived in ramshackle homes, most were un-insulated with old wood stoves that kept the center of the house warm but allowed initials to be scratched in the frost on the tarpaper walls in the winter. The toilet was a wood two-seater (one large hole, one small) reached in winter by breaking through snowdrifts at thirty below zero when nature gave one no choice. Water was pumped from an old well and carried in buckets to the house. It was heated on the wood stove for cooking, doing dishes or taking a bath in an old tin washtub.

    Upper class children wore nice clothing; lower class children wore hand-me-downs. Upper class children had three meals a day; lower class children often went hungry. Upper class children had meal accounts for school lunches, lower class children had a brown bag lunch, which often times was only a peanut butter or bologna sandwich and sometimes a dime for a cup of milk.

    In our community, upper class children could do no wrong; lower class children could do no right. Upper class children vandalized summer homes when owners were away. Upper class children broke into resorts closed in winter, destroying property and stealing from absentee owners. It was upper class children who dealt drugs which were often times supplied by the local pharmacist. Yes, the pharmacist, a pillar in the community who was having an affair with the high school student who worked in his drug store next to his 15 year old daughter. There was the retired teacher and local historian who bragged that he left teaching because he could not keep his hands off the little girls. Many a young Native American girl learned the facts of life under his tutelage. There was the male teacher who had an affair with a high school boy. None of these people was charged, none of them ostracized, none of them paid a penalty for their behavior. It was accepted because they were upper class and they ran the town.

    Lower class people had little but their pride and they knew that if they bucked the upper class, nothing good came of it. Credit extended for supplies was suddenly refused at the grocery store, the gas station, the repair shop, and the shoe store. Every minor vehicle infraction resulted in a ticket instead of a warning to have the problem repaired. Children of the lower class had grades lowered grades in school, were penalized for petty infractions and ostracized by children of the upper class.

    Please, before you criticize the people of Wasilla for not coming forward; understand that it is probably a very different environment than you have ever lived in. I left my hometown many years ago but cannot say I have ever forgotten how unforgiving and cruel a small community can be.

  97. So, the troopers know about this meeting that took place with juvie folks and they are mad about it? Wait, aren't they the LAW? How can they just lay down for this? They charge the perps, not the courts or am i wrong due to the minors thing?

    Whatever this is, whatever Palin was able to pull, it is NOT lawful. How can she be getting away with this? It is so infuriating. This family is setting a horrible example for every single person in this community- forget her family- they are lost causes as far as I'm concerned.

  98. Anonymous8:06 PM

    It is a common occurrence in the Valley for kids over 18, to as young as 14, to drink and do drugs together, RAVE. They do it every wk end and talk about it through the week or they are depressed. If no parents are leaving them a house, lake house or cabin to party, they are forced to be creative. Willow is a leader and she took charge.

    Willow is a side note in this, it is the adults that have allowed the back room deals to go on. The Valley is like a battered woman, and they keep taking the beatings and cover it up. They don't know or care about Palin's typical bail outs, quid pro quo, or payoffs being criminal. They will sacrifice their children to give their media money magnet her entitlement to cover up crime.

    Was there an article in one of the papers that gave the vital info? Where the crime was committed, and the name of the boys over 18, the number of minors involved? Is the whole town in on the cover ups? Where I am there would be an initial newspaper or media report.

    If Willow wasn't involved the boys over 18 would have been named and the house address published. Are the court records sealed and no one can get that public information? Those over 18 all owe Sarah and Willow a big thank you for letting them benefit from the cover up. It is not like they are related like Diana Palin, who got such special treatment.

  99. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Anon@1:15 !!! Now THAT is fuh-uh-uhnny! Wasilla doesnt have a CRIME LAB!!!!

  100. If I were a parent of one of the boys being charged, Sarah's ass (in a legal sense)would be grass.

  101. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Todd moved out of Glennallen around his Sophomore year in HS so I doubt it would be his ex wife

  102. LisanTX9:12 PM

    Here are links to the MatSu Frontiersman Police Beat. I found listings on 2 separate days that had interesting items which may or may not be related:

    Notice 2 thefts reports on Dec. 29 and Dec. 30

    Notice 2 separate listings for teenagers charged with Minor Consuming Alcohol:

  103. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Instead of all these Reality Shows going to film in Alaska to give The Palins and Levi a paycheck, maybe the police/DEA should be investigating all the METH Labs in this area. This would help all the residents in AK, instead of enrich a few.

  104. Anonymous9:38 PM

    You should really do an iReport. CNN loves getting more dirt on Palin.

  105. kdusmdd9:51 PM

    Gryphen......What recourse do the lawabiding citizens of Alaska have when the law enforcement DOES NOT enforce the law? When it is public knowledge that they have made deals... bought off.....or intimidated by someone like Palin??? Is everyone fricking scared of her? Surely, there is something that can be done. If the State won't do it possible to call the Feds to do the job?

    Someway...somehow...Palin needs to be brought down to her knees. Alaska must be a scary place to live. I thank God in Heaven, I don't live there. Nobody should be above the law.

  106. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Oh Willow was there alright!! I'm sure those of you saying she wasn't are Palins family or thug friends.
    Some are darn sick of the Palins believing they are better than everyone. They aren't. And some are sick of them throwing their weight around. All the kids should go to court and be charged. If this doesn't happen there needs to be investigation from higher ups.
    I can see the parents being a bit nervous but police and AG if you don't do the right thing you are not doing your job.
    Willow was there. make her face it too! Stand up to Sarah! She's no one now but a celebrity -

  107. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Oh Willow was there alright!! Trying to say she wasn't is a lie and lame. She thinks she's better than the other kids

  108. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Why weren't the boys of 18 charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor? A boy of 18 would know not to go into a situation with so many young girls. In most places he would be named and charged. This is a serious cover up.

  109. Anonymous10:17 PM

    8:12 PM,
    Fingerprints are not over the heads of Wasilla authorities. They play and act dumb for their reasons. Wasilla is to Anchorage like a suburb in LA. Only it is a strip mall in Ak. The authorities did not do their jobs because it was a Palin. The Anchorage paper didn't carry a story about overage boys and minors on vandal rampage? $20,000 is huge for teen vandals. You should see what goes on in other places over teen graffiti.

    There is a big problem in Wasilla and Anchorage.

  110. Anonymous10:29 PM

    When a local government is taken over by corruption or a mafia it is necessary for the Federal government to step in. The sooner the better. Young people die like flies and mysterious deaths in Wasilla.

  111. Speak up all you anons and tell what you know TO THE AUTHORITIES! If you know the truth and don't say anything you are just as guilty as those who were involved.

  112. They will instead allow Sarah to be held accountable and take responsibility for HER actions; and they will free themselves from intimidation and the destructiveness of secrets as the disgraced bully wimpers away...her Christian-mom, PTA-mom, hockey-mom !!!!

  113. Anonymous11:43 PM

    The Velvet Hammer...They use their force because they can. It's sickening!

    One way to circumvent part of this abuse of power would be to elect our Attorney General as 43 other states do.

    And for relief from the big guys, New Mexico had a great idea: Send all State funds to local banks and credit unions. Their House passed it, yet their senate "dropped the purse" (whoops) of course and didn't sign it into law.

    Also, too,
    isn't it somewhat suspicious that Sp is inciting violence to the
    very same folks that are bankrolling her. hmmmmmmm....quite curious????? Divide and conquer...dumb shits!!!

  114. So happy that this family isn't playing out their carny narrative from DC!

  115. sunnyjane11:52 PM

    I've got a dollar that says Sarah called Dr. CBJ and ordered a morning-after pill for Willow.

    Anybody want to bet? All proceeds go to charity.

    Naturally, we'll never find out THAT piece of information, but I think I'll contribute TEN DOLLARS to a deserving Alaskan Democrat's campaign. Any ideas?

  116. Anonymous1:19 AM

    What about the Judge that was threatened during the Bristol and Levi hearing? Any new information regarding who made death threats against him? and has Sarah Palin been connected with these threats?

  117. Ripley in CT5:25 AM

    Good news. Wonketeers will be showing up here. They linked to you!

  118. Anonymous6:30 AM

    maybe Todd's ex GF

  119. Janet in Texas6:43 AM

    I posted this on my Facebook. It's high time the truth about Screechy bitch Palin comes out. She's out there inciting violence against the President every chance she gets while her pathetic kids are constantly in trouble. She is a pathetic excuse of a mother.

  120. Anonymous6:48 AM

    LisanTx-good catch...

    Anonymous said...

    When a local government is taken over by corruption or a mafia it is necessary for the Federal government to step in. The sooner the better. Young people die like flies and mysterious deaths in Wasilla.
    yes! Call in the FBI!
    While looking at the state trooper files,* cpr being performed on 24 yr old male, deceased, no investigation...*
    Your right Anon, dropping like flies and no one does anything!!!

  121. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Is it true she was out of town? If it is - this as a non-story. If she wasn't there she didn't do it. And that's coming from a liberal, staunch democrat that despises republicans. If she was not there all she did is tell others the location a vacant home. That is not a crime nor anything, at least for me, to get worked up about. The bit about only the boys being charged is bulls*it but if the Palin's are not involved as in their daughter was not there then that's between the courts and the teens who were there. Unless the Palin girl was there and participated... what's the hubbub? That the Palins worked to keep their daughter out of it? I would for my daughter if she wasn't there and only told others where a home was located.

  122. I resally dont understand what is wrong with people like you. I am a lifelong professional democrat political worker and i simply dont get why your type is sooo obsessed with attacking Palin. I assume it has more to do with some latent sexism and class inferiority (you must have people to look down upon) than anything else.

    I liked the world so much better before the internet when people like you and all your colleagues on the other loser blogs like Kos etc. were justly ignored.

    BTW, your type and your attacks will cost us many more votes than what we will gain from your unending quest to use a politicians children to hurt a politicians career.

    That is so low an act, I really cant imagine why you do it.

  123. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Victor, do you like criminals? Do you think people should support their illegal behaviors?

    Check out for DOZENS of crimes Palin has personally committed, been a party to through people she has worked with, and/or is highly likely to have committed.

    None of this is rumor mongering. It's all fact.

    If you do like criminals running the country or occupying positions of tremendous media and political influence (as Palin does now,) then we understand your dismay at Gryphen and other brave writers covering Palin's many, many despicable acts.

  124. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Victor, you are a lying POS...DemocRAT!

    Hint: Troll, its Democratic, dipshit!

  125. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Sorry, Vic...not buying it.

    The moment you said, "I liked the world so much better before the internet when people like you and all your colleagues on the other loser blogs..." you gave yourself away. You realize that by now, I presume.

    You see, it was not Gryph, or me or anyone else commenting here that paraded Sarah Palin's children out onto the world stage--it was Sarah Palin.

    It was not Gryph, or me or anyone else commenting here that pretended to give birth to a Down Syndrome child and then schlepped him around like a rag doll dressed up in a Dumbo suit--it was Sarah Palin.

    It is not Gryph, or me or anyone else commenting here that is not seeing to it that Piper is getting an education beyond Jesus riding on the back of a dinosaur--it is Sarah Palin.

    When you say, "your type," I must presume you mean "my type." My type just happens to be someone who recognizes a hypocrite quitter when I see one and refuses to allow that hypocrite quitter to get away with it--or anywhere close to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    "My type" is also someone who can recognize the difference between sincere concern for the welfare of a politician's children and a potted plant.

    If you are, as you profess, a "lifelong professional democrat politcal worker," then you probably should have learned by now that you should be calling yourself a DemocratIC political worker. That is Democratic with a capital "D" and it is the Democratic party--not the democrat party.

    Now, you just hurry on back and tell Miss Quittypants that you gave it your best try.

    Signed: Gimme a break!

  126. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Ditto to the above rebuffs of Victor. As soon as he said he was a professional "Democrat" worker, he showed his true agenda. Just like the silly quitter, he gives himself away with his rhetoric.

    Keep up the good work exposing the fraud, Gryph.

  127. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Vic, I agree with the old days when there would have been a simple item in the paper about the vandalizing adults with some minor children. What were all the ages of the young ones? Our paper would have let us know that much. With a newspaper item and talk about town that could have put a damper on the back handed dealing the authorities did. The more sunlight, the better. Now we got the accusations this is an attack on someone. It is not an attack. It is about ending the corruption. Palin peeps will use this to disparage and discredit those who want the truth. It looks real bad until there is a news item about the vandal and we can talk about the facts.

  128. You folks are morons..that's all I can say. I actually live in Wasilla unlike all of you that can't find it on a map. Tracey said: Wow! Those poor kids and that poor scared community. I hope they stop shaking in their boots soon and come forward en mass to tell the truth about this cruel criminal known as Sarah Palin.

    How dumb is that? Do you actually think we are living in fear of Sarah and her family? They are awesome people, just like any other family. Go get a life.

  129. Anonymous4:25 PM

    If any of those boys were 18 & partying with 15 yr. old girls, the
    boys will face the brunt of the whole
    mess. It won't matter if they never damaged anything & the girls initiated & carried out the property destruction. And what with dna on the beds & evidence of alcohol consumption
    they're likely hoping that breaking & entering is all they get charged with.

    And where the heck were the parents when their kids stayed out half the night? Of course we don't know about the other kids, but how about the Palins - a 2 parent family, why wasn't Todd out looking for Willow & getting her home. He was quick to go after Levi, maybe he should've paid attention to where Bristol was & what she was doing. The 2 oldest ones have already screwed up badly, you'd think they'd know to keep tabs on #3. Todd
    isn't much of a father figure, more a passive/aggressive type - takes no personal responsibility, & flares up when someone crosses him. Advice for any teenager in that area, girl or boy, do NOT hang around the Palins!!

    Sharon TN

  130. mommom4:58 PM

    I bet "Victor" has another name over at C4Pee

  131. Anonymous5:35 PM

    It sucks but this stuff happens everywhere. Unfortunately my 17 year old son was involved in something similar last year. A groupf of 15 kids broke into an abandoned house to party. There was some vandalism but my son insists he wasn't involved in that and talked some people out of doing more damage. The police were actually called by a neighborhood and caught the kids in the act. The 8 girls were not charged, for some reason, only the boys were charged. The parents of the boys are still livid about this.

  132. Those young men were damn lucky Sarah kept their names out of the press. Willow is the one you do want to party with, just in case the heat shows up.

  133. Zit happens. I must say we have some serious parents where I am. They march, protest and have vocal meetings about these things. Both parents and children write letters and speak up. The girls would have all been treated equal by police. Celebrity brats, too. Not that it was always been like that, however, you have to fight for equality. Our paper will cover up for their friends and movie star types. The previous owner had the best court reporter. She would give you the solid facts, who, what, when, where. Now we have citizens that do more of that. Like everywhere there are teen problems. It is a blessing to have such strong activist parents. Poor Wasilla, it is wasted in pity and shame. A sad fearful place, no wonder so much crazy drug use.

  134. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Well, yes, it does happen everywhere. But it shouldn't. We should be shocked, but we're not. 'Cause we all know it's happening at OUR house, too, right?

    This is what happens when you (yes, you) hand teenagers cell phones, car keys and debit cards and then fail to keep track.
    Look around Alaska, folks. There's a bunch of teenagers wearing $200 jeans, $150 Ugg boats, carrying $300 purses. Yep, a frickin' PURSE!
    Not rich kids in California. Everyday working-class kids. Like most of the kids in Wasilla. And Kenai. And Fairbanks.

    So, you. And you. And you over there. STOP with over-indulging teenagers. Quit rationalizing why they neeeed a cell phone. It ain't a communication device for safety - it's a texting toy! Where would they ever be that they couldn't use a landline to call you?! School? BFF's house? Babysitting? Sports practice? Uh huh. Quit justifying buying cars for juveniles. If you DRIVE them, which is your JOB, you'd KNOW where they ARE!
    Get control of the children that you are responsible for. Yes - children. Until they are 18, YOU are RESPONSIBLE when they break into houses, have ragers every weekend, drive that brand-new SUV like a maniac in Kaladi's parking lot for that $5 espresso after school.

    You pretend you don't know your kid is doing this too, but you know it.

    Yep, WE know what your kids are doing, because we're watching when YOU are not around. We ALL live here. They're not invisible.

  135. I'm sorry, but teaching Willow that she is above the law because her family has money and connections is perfectly normal for these people. Haven't you noticed that the whole Washington, D.C., establishment feels out political elite must be exempt from consequences? We nust not criminalize policy differences. We must look forward, not back, so that we won't make these mistakes again. We should not dwell on the past.

    I'm going over the top, here, but I would kind of like to see these kids tried by a military commission.

  136. Anonymous10:17 PM

    It's an illogical defense to state that "lots of kids do these things, so it's no big deal." That argument sounds identical to the justification that kids offer to parents when they are engaging in activities which their parents don't approve.

    I would wager that the majority of kids have NOT been involved with a $20,000 stint of vandalism.

    Parents with kids who are involved in these types of behaviors should be more interested in teaching their kids that actions have consequences, and not trying to rationalize the behavior.

  137. Anonymous12:23 AM

    You are not a happy teen in Alaska with out a cell, snow machines and tanning club.How much money is each teen paid from the Alaskan Trust, where does that money come from? Speaking of cell phones. YES, I would say there are pictures, that is what teens do. Alaskan teens maybe more then others post their pictures of older boys drunk with minors. We've been talking about that because where I am teens equate that with trouble and would not advertise that kind of law breaking. Did anyone mention what happened to any pictures taken at the breaking and entering (Willow), or who got rid of anything like movies or pictures? I think you can get them from the service provider. Agencies like the FBI can also retrieve.

    On December 13: The lock had been forced, five wooden doors had been so badly damaged they needed to be replaced, the walls and floors had been gouged with knives, and vodka and orange juice containers were strewn all over the house. It also appeared that sexual activity had taken place on some of the beds, and a computer, some winter gear, and clothing had all been stolen.
    Calculations are that the home suffered between twenty to thirty thousand dollars in damage. Sources say it appeared the teens stayed in the house for several hours, perhaps even overnight.

    THIS PART I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. According to sources close to the Alaska State troopers there was a secret weekend meeting. This meeting took place between the Palin’s and some very highly placed people involved in the juvenile justice department. A SECRET WEEK END MEETING and JUVENILE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT? HOW IS THAT LEGAL? If not will all Alaska let those people get by with that? Palin quit her gov job, Alaska will have her continue to abuse power?

    I have never heard of a Juvenile agency being involved at that stage of an incident. There is so much to clear up about this. Was anyone asked who took pictures? That could clear up how Bristol was involved in the incredible destruction.

    Thank you, Gryph, for all you do. I hope you can do a follow up on this important story soon. The boys and parents may be angry but that does not mean they will open up with the truth.

  138. Anonymous12:46 AM

    I would think Sarah would like the idea of a military commission and a stockade to hold children that do not obey. Not her children, of course.
    First, I would like to drill Chris Evans, juvenile justice probation officer. If they know of a secret meeting and that the dept is corrupt, they need to be questioned by the right people.

  139. Is the fact that virtually no mainstream news media is covering Willow Palin alleged vandalism of a private home in Alaska indicative of a bogus story or of a coverup? Anyone know?

  140. Anonymous3:47 AM

    Who has a link to the blog that tracked Sarah's activities in the hours prior to Trig's birth?

    Meanwhile, I bet those millions she is expected to earn from her cable show will be spread around Wasilla & buy a lot of protection.

    I'm so envious of those kids up there having access to the great Afgani dope that's, allegedly, being smuggled in.

    Any of the boys in the case being charged w statutory rape?

  141. Ok...
    The Palin's have one child that's a drop-out, one child with a teen pregnancy and another child that's a vandal.

    Her children deserve parents that are focused on them instead of lining their pockets.

    If this were an Independent or a Democrat, the wife/mother/parents would be slammed.

    All the females need to be charged in the vandalism case. The boys have a suit and I'm sure legal firms are contacting in mass.

  142. Anonymous5:47 AM

    I really, really hope the mainstream media picks this up. It's not about Willow (kids do dumb stuff, I certainly did) but about the shady cover up and the vacuum of fairness for the other kids.

  143. This girl's name is Bristol Palin. Willow is the little 6 or 7 yr old daughter of Granny Palin.
    And if I remember correctly Bristol is over 18. She was 17 in 2008 when Granny Palin was the vp candidate.

  144. OOps........... goofed on that one. The female in the picture is Bristol. Willow is the 15 yr old sister. Piper is the 6 or 7 yr old baby sister.

    So sorry I screwed up the names of the children of the self-proclaimed mother of the century, Granny Palin.

  145. Sorry MagginKat, this is not your day for accuracy. That is indeed Willow in the picture.

    In fact with Bristol's new surgery she looks quite a bit different now.

  146. TwoBlueJays11:53 AM

    Cruel, Gryphen, leaving that little bread crumb!

    "In fact with Bristol's new surgery she looks quite a bit different now."

    Tell, please!

  147. NE rocks3:04 PM

    AWESOME update.My friends have hundreds, if not thousands of Wasilla and Alaska party shots.It is cool to be a wasted teen, they habitually post memories of the activities.I dont want to name names here, parent or teen, but we are going through memories and e-mails and will be sending the primary suspects along to NE.They can do extensive research and deal with FOIA if need be.Any non-celebs under 18 can have their face blocked if they are in the gang.Gryphen said, It also appeared that sexual activity had taken place on some of the beds... That fits perfect with the other parties we've seen.It is obvious that the Palin law in Wasilla does not care when over 18 drinks and drugs with the under aged, why would sex be a concern?The gang is not that large, most have parents that are the just-like-Palin- supporters.If there are any names or evidence we'll see.Sadie and Levi know but they wont talk.

    When the true story about the corruption from the MatSu borrough is out, you will see that Levi will not be writing a book that would matter.I totally get why he is going for the Jersey Shore on ice and pimped out rides.I am bored with all I have seen of his entourage.They are not about to film what really goes on and I would not care to watch another white wash.Levi knows what happened to Ruffles and others but he is not about protecting children and standing up with integrity first.

  148. Anonymous8:02 PM

    NE Rocks - THANK YOU for posting and double thanks for finding pics for the National Enquirer. I hope you make good money, but if you don't - please remember that ANYTHING you can do to discredit the lying, scheming grifter (SP) is a service to your Country.
    SP is no longer a Gov. and it is high time that the people of the MatSu Valley stand up and expose her - be free of her and her thugs.
    If there is anything we can do to help you, let Gryphen know.
    I agree - Levi won't "spill it," - he may be afraid of the grandma of his child, he may have too many of his own skeletons. But the good people of Wasilla and Palmer can fight the bully and make the community (and the U.S.) a safer, better place.

  149. Aren't we supposed to leave kids out of politics?????

  150. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Mark - We can leave kids out of politics when officials do their jobs right. At 18 you are an adult.

  151. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Scarah is an entertainer, no longer a politician.

  152. Sarah Palin scare tactics at work! Poor brain dead followers can't see the forest for the trees! Very well put together article, thanks!

  153. Anonymous1:13 PM

    This most recent crime is just another reason why Palin should be censured from any and all MSM coverage.

    Support for the Palins is support for an ongoing criminal enterprise. Anyone who would support her run for president could not possibly have any moral values, especially if they call themselves KKKhristian.

    Kevin Schmidt

  154. Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.

  155. What a pretty girl and can I say lucky to get the goodies. She must keep busy fighting off the suitors.

  156. When I was growing up, my mother once said to me that if I were ever arrested, I would stay in jail until the law was finished with me. My parents would not bail me out or otherwise protect me. The result was that I have NEVER been in trouble with the law.

    Looks like Willow's upbringing has been somewhat different....

  157. The complete lack of evidence for this story makes you all look like gullible idiots.

  158. Anonymous8:42 AM

    I thought Palin was a non-entity... a light-wieght... a quitter... etc... so why does anyone care?

  159. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I can't believe all the Alaskan Palin haters on this blog. Before she came along, down in the 'Lower 48' we used to talk about Alaska about as regularly as we would converse about caribou scrotums. Palin put Alaska on the map. Doc

  160. Oh, hey--Poor Willow was just traumatized by that there David Letterman jokin' about her getting knocked up, dontcha know? You betcha.

    Seriously, the Palins can't suppress stuff like this, because -- as the saying goes -- once something hits the blogosphere silencing it is like taking a drop of ink out of a swimming pool. The problem is that, when the "lamestream media" treats it as a non-story, the only people who will see it are people like me who already hate Little Miss Bendy Straws and enjoy reading dirt on her.

    Just like the only people who knew Saddam didn't cause 9-11 were the people who were already smart enough to hate Bush.

  161. Anonymous4:10 PM

    To Mr. Forward @ 4:00 p.m.

    "The complete lack of evidence for this story makes you all look like gullible idiots."

    I am at this instant moment in the process of transcribing grand jury proceedings associated with the case in question. I would caution you to henceforth exercise great caution in slandering over a hundred people, calling them idiots, when you clearly have no intimate first- or even second-hand knowledge of factual events.

    On your return to the real world, I would further recommend a legal name change to Mr. Backward since you seem so determined to wear blinkers no matter the subject.


  162. Anonymous9:31 AM

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  163. Their both gorgeous,but some would say they're idiots. Never mind it's their opinion.

  164. Dude you are so full of shit. I couldn't read the whole stupid article. You are not a fan of willow palin and if she is your favorite palin then you don't like any palin. As far as you suggesting willow did anything wrong you are obviously watching too many cartoons or are paid too much for horseshit. Why don't you crawl back up Obama's ass.


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