Sunday, April 18, 2010

On the Chris Matthews Show Joe Klein remarks that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are "close to seditious".

Norah O'Donnell's point that Sarah Palin is "stroking the anger" is dead on.  Palin has been fanning the flames of this undirected rage since her days on the McCain campaign tour and she shares with Glenn Beck the responsibility if anybody ever decides to act on the feelings that are ignited by their careless rhetoric.

This is something that the mainstream media needs to address as often as possible so that if anything horrible DOES happen the American people will know exactly who to blame,


  1. Olivia4:35 PM

    About F'n time they start talking about sedition. I remember when Bush started the Iraq war and people were protesting. They were throwing that word around all the time as a threat to stop the protests.

  2. WalterNeff4:46 PM

    Tell Norah that the word is "stoking"


  3. Olivia4:57 PM

    Of course, the former half term governor and her current half wit supporters will have no understanding of the word or the concept.

  4. emrysa5:16 PM

    "close to"?

    that's an understatement.

  5. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Absolutely, and we shouldn't be shy about applying the term and holding them responsible. They should be held accountable even before something goes awry. Seditious speech alone is enough to prosecute, particularly when it becomes a pattern or a hallmark of the person's public appearances.

  6. Anonymous5:34 PM

    It's ok palin is having christian women all over the country praying to keep the msm from "attacking" her. But she is the liar, and these good christian women do not care if she is a liar as long as she believes in god and they get to pray for someone pretty.

  7. Anonymous5:46 PM

    No duh.

    Seriously, anyone who listens to the rhetoric of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck and doesn't think they are inflaming the anger of a certain segment of the American population and encouraging that segment to act upon that anger (and I don't mean in the voting booth) either agrees with Palin and Beck or isn't paying attention.

    I'm glad someone is talking about this beyond the blogosphere.

  8. Anonymous5:46 PM

    There must be a contest being held among the right wing spokespeople as to who can say the craziest thing. The way that they declare the "winner" for each day is to add up the number of quotes or references made to each nutty quotation or violent outburst. The most "hits" on Google, and we have a winner.

    I never know who will win. Today, Rush Limbaugh was quoted as saying that the volcano in Iceland and all of the havoc that it caused was because of the US Health Care Bill passing. Please, why would Iceland care about our health care bill? They just say crap to get noticed.

    Michelle Bachmann is a professional at inciting violence, urging people to be locked & loaded. That is the price we pay for Freedom of Speech. Sarah, Glenn, Sean, Bill, Rush, Michelle, and the other nasty Michelle should all realize that even free speech has some boundaries. One cannot shout "Fire!" in a crowded theater. But, they are each set on winning that unofficial contest of who can say the most outrageous thing each day.

  9. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Perhaps the famous Sarah stupidity is just cover in case the sedition ends up before the courts.

  10. Anonymous5:47 PM

    I have lots of friends who are " Born again Christian". They believe all the things that Sarah says she believes but they are kind and gentle and full of compassion. However Sarah seems possessed by demons compared to the born agains that I know. She and Beck both are plain scarey. When they open their mouth I feel like throwing up,a chill comes over the air and my hair stands on end like an evil spirit has just entered the room and I don't believe in evil spirits, or didn't until Sarah showed up. I am so glad that the mainstream media is beginning to point out her "evilness" and lack of true caring for anything but herself and making money. Before she can cause too much damage to our country I hope she can be exposed as to what she really is.

  11. Yes these gun-toting hate groups have exploded since Obama was elected for one simple reason - he's black. The teabaggers keep saying, they want to take their country back, which begs the question, from whom?

    Blacks, that's who.

    They are disgusting puerile and dangerous. At the least provocation they are going to pull out their weapons and start shooting innocent bystanders.

  12. Anonymous6:17 PM

    I would really like to hear what they would say if Native Americans went running around saying they want THEIR country back?

  13. Anonymous6:26 PM

    The thing that bothers me most about Sarah Palin is the way she can manipulate good people into supporting her. She manipulated the good people of Alaska into electing her governor, and during her half term, she manipulated even many good Democrats into supporting her. What she is doing now is purely manipulating good conservative Christian people. I want to know what the end game is. Who is manipulating her, and why? It's scary to contemplate.


  14. Anonymous7:13 PM

    I just hope and pray nothing serious happens and no one is killed, because of the hateful rhetoric. Palin, Bachmann, Fox News, Rush and Beck do stoke anger & fear, and they should be held accountable. My suggestion is being indicted for treason.

    Palin, is full of hate and revenge. Some Christian. She needs to let go of the resentment she has for the President, go back to Alaska and raise her kids. No one likes her, except 20% of the population. Since she was introduced by McShame, this country has become so divisive. I’ve never seen anything like this. From the time she opened her mouth at the RNC, she stoked the flames of hate. We have enough problems as is, and we don’t need a repeat of the divisiveness that occurred in the 60’s and we certainly don't need another bombing of innocent lives.

    It is time for the media to stop covering this woman. She is an idiot, a hateful worthless fake politician and she’s not worth the constant attention. She offers no solutions to solve the many problems our country is facing. Frankly, if the media continues to focus on every word she says, they too should be held accountable.

  15. Sharon - FL7:22 PM

    Blue in AK @ 6:26
    said "I want to know what the end game is. Who is manipulating her, and why?"

    That's what I'm wondering. It's a organized effort from all of them -Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, Hannity, Michelle, etc. That's no accident. They're not just going for ratings. Stpuid Sarah is a pawn who's joined the only movement that will have her but she's only a small part of the picture. Who's behind it? Cheney? Murdoch? Malek? I think all of those people as well as others whose names I don't know. "What's the end game?" is the real question.

    I'm glad that finally it's becoming common to have the violent talk called exactly what it is. Too little too late? Hope not.

  16. I believe vindictive Sarah is guilty of stoking frustrted people to anger and terrorizing them to a dangerous level.

    He hit the nail on the head that when Palin shouts out "Do you love your freedom?" it is intentional to have them declare "yes" they do then proceed to stir Obama is going to sstrip them of their rights, freedoms which is her insane pathalogical rhetoric. Each time she screeches at top volume insinuating Obama wants everyone to "sit down and shut up" she drives the stake of fear with her pathalogical lies deeper the POTUS is a tyrant, communistic, just another Hitler who is going to murder your parents, children and leave you peniless.

    BTW, I believe I walked by Eric Cantor at the airport today and it took great restraint not to march up to him and let him know in public what I think of his complacency of incited violence to ask him how does it feel to be on that side with a bullet near your is it working when you are the target?

  17. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Sharon, you wrote exactly what I have been wondering, too, who is behind these screaming crazies? The other night, one of the MSNBC news shows showed Republican pollster and wordsmith, Frank Luntz, who carefully crafts just the right thing to say to scare people. (Instead of inheritance tax, he calls it Death Tax.)

    The clip they showed was an interview with Luntz dropping those talking points and coded buzz words. First they ran a bit of Luntz saying a phrase, then a Reupblican on the floor of the House or Senate repeated the exact phrase. They alternated back and forth between the guy who wrote the script and the puppets delivering the words on cue. No coincidence.

    That doesn't answer who is behind this orchestrated movement. If Bush was still around, I'd guess Karl Rove, although I think he has a hand in the mix. Once upon a time it was the Reverend Dobson from Focus on the Family, but he suddenly left to spend more time with his family. (I think he was influential in picking Sarah for McCain).

    Some of those other boys who picked Sarah like Bill Krystal must be in on the "board meetings." One thing is for sure. They know how to tap into racism and hatred that is just waiting to explode. They are one scary bunch.

  18. sallyngarland,tx10:53 PM

    Freedom of speech or not, there isn't a doubt in my mind that if I was talking like Palin and posting targets on Facebook, I would be in jail where I live. (The saying here is--They don't just stop you for speeding, they stop you AND pull you out the window.). Anyway, I'd be in jail if I talked like she does and, if there wasn't a good reason to put me there, they'd find one.

    It would be better if Palin feared consequences for the way she talks, but nothing seems to deter her hateful, violent rhetoric. She seems to love it. She is abusing and terrorizing a good portion of this country. It is awful. It is sad and she has done a lot of damage to this country. Palin doesn't need to call anyone else a "domestic terrorist" when she terrorizes in her own backhanded way--riling people up, inciting violence, etc.

    Palin's career in politics should have ended when she abused her powers with Troopergate. It is sad that it didn't.

  19. Check this out~ Palin is coming to speak @ a GOP Fundraiser in (Blue State) Eugene, Oregon on Friday.

    It would appear Ms. Palin does not do interviews- that way when she says stupid things, she can edit that out!

    Media Access: Media representatives will be allowed to view Governor Palin’s speech via a live video feed at the Hilton.

    Restrictions: One media representative from each news organization will be allowed to attend. (Will she have require they have duct tape on their mouths to be in the room??)
    No cameras or recording devices will be allowed. Still photography pictures will be available of the event which may be downloaded following the speech.

    The media restrictions of this event are due to contractual obligations dictated by the booking agency. Governor Palin will not be available for any pre or post-media interviews.

    Palin has figured out a way to keep the gotcha media from exposing her woeful inadequacies.

  20. Irishgirl12:27 AM

    Finally, the MSM are waking up. I was beginning to despair for America. Palin and the rest of them need to be put behind bars, although I hate to think of the reaction that might provoke.

  21. Sharon - FL2:03 AM

    Anon @9:11 ..said..
    "If Bush was still around, I'd guess Karl Rove, although I think he has a hand in the mix."

    Can't remember where I read that Jeb Bush is establishing residency in TX and is setting up a PAC (I think). IMO, the Bush family hasn't given up and Jeb will run some time in the future. Again, IMO Rove is still in the picture. $P is willing to do anything they want her to do.

    Isn't Murdoch still receiving a special exemption permitting him to own both TV and newspapers? His policies are hurting this country so I'd love to see that exemption revoked. OR I'd love to see a boycott of all of Faux stations. You know, simply exercising our free market choices - we have constitutional rights too.

  22. The worst thing is that the Rush, Beck, Palin listeners (I have the pleasure of knowing and being related to a few) absolutely believe everything they say - it's the old "common sense" thing. I'll bet you any amount of money that someone is repeating Rush's volcanic eruption is blamed on healthcare reform - or it's going viral in an email. Lemmings, pathetic.

    My cousin actually posted on FB something about Obama not being American - it took everything I had not to post back to him, notifying him of his stupidity.

  23. Anonymous5:15 AM

    From the first time she was exposed to the public, everyone was very impressed by her so called beauty. To me, that beauty, if there was any, dissappered the minute she opened her mouth. From that moment on,I have watched the men behind her. To a man, they all
    nearly droll.
    That being said, sarah could learn some lessons of life.
    These lesson's could be learned from Mandalla life no less. The book (Mandalla'a way's)
    But then, he is a black man and we all know that sarah and her followers believe blacks are not believable.
    Poor Sarah, she thinks she is so filled with beauty, impressive Mother and sportswomen,so much smarter then Obama, she advises him on a daily basis.

  24. Anonymous6:19 AM

    "The media restrictions of this event are due to contractual obligations dictated by the booking agency."

    The media should just not bother to go. If this is how she is going to play, they should just ignore her. Once she isn't quoted night and day, she will fade like a bad hangover.

  25. Anonymous10:48 AM

    The problem isn't just the likely "something horrible" that could happen. It's that this amorphous, hypocritical and misdirected rage against 'big government' keeps anything meaningful from being done in a positive way. I'm convinced that a hugely overlooked factor in all of this opposition to taxation and government action is the widespread belief among mostly evangelical xtians that the Second(?) Coming will occur during their lifetimes. If that's true, it's easy to understand why they would oppose collecting taxes today for future benefits they won't be around to collect. But I have to ask if lounging away eternity with Jeebus in heaven doesn't sound like the ultimate socialist paradise?

  26. So Joe Klein calling free speech seditious is not radical and inflammatory? I get it, if a Dem does it its OK but anyone else its seditious. I forgot. Silly me. I am an recently ex-life long Dem who cannot believe what my party is doing right now.

    Joe Klein in my opinion is an idiot! Why is him using that kind of language not seditious in and of itself! Free speech is just that. Free speech. No one said it would be easy. When the Dems become the minority, their tune will change.

    I dont agree with some of what is being said by Palin, etc. but thats not the point. Once free speech is gone it is gone forever for EVERYONE. Think twice.

  27. Anne In DC3:16 PM

    It's long past time that Palin and her ilk--namely, Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Maulkin, Bachman, etc.--were held accountable for their hatefests that can only be described as seditious.

    I remember only too well how the Bush administration treated people who even mildly protested Bush's policies, especially about the war in Iraq. The Dixie Chicks come to mind. Bush's mantra, to paraphrase, was that Americans were either for or against him.

    But the hard right, led by the people listed above, has truly gone over the top, and there are incidents that can be linked to their incendiary rhetoric. Congress members who voted for the health care reform bill have been harassed and threatened with violence. In the deep South, a man driving an automobile with an Obama sticker had his car rammed from the rear, with his 10-year-old daughter inside.

    The media itself bears enormous blame for elevating this stupid, malicious know-nothing to a grossly undeserved status. They have played their part in creating the kind of volatile scenario we are confronted with on a daily basis.

  28. Anonymous6:46 AM

    This panel is smart, elite and exactly who I want articulating what is right and wrong with this country. Not every day Joe's like Sarah Palin.

    She is seditious, irresponsible and dangerous.


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