Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy "Official" Birthday Trig Palin, whoever, and wherever you are!

Today is April the 18th.  On this day two years ago, after supposedly flying back from Texas while leaking amniotic fluid, Sarah Palin "gave birth" to a bouncing baby boy with Down syndrome at the Mat-Su Regional Hospital.  At least that is the official, Sarah Palin approved, version of events. Of course many of us have very serious doubts about the veracity of that story.

Until Sarah was chosen as a running mate for John McCain that story was never seriously questioned.  But after August 29, 2008, everything began to change.

Together bloggers, and reporters all over the world tried to get to the bottom of the strange story of Palin's last pregnancy.  But every time we thought we had finally found the final, most damning, piece of evidence it never seemed to be quite enough to prove unequivocally that Sarah had not given birth to Trig Paxson Van Palin.

Then I had a breakthrough around April of 2009, which led me to the information that I used to reveal perhaps the most damning evidence thus far that Sarah Palin has been lying about giving birth to Trig, and the truth about his identity.  That post, as I am sure you all remember, was titled "A Tale of Two Babies by Sarah Palin" and it caused a huge sensation. However even after a couple of medical professionals weighed in on the topic it still was not enough to convince the MSM to follow up with their own investigation.

So as of today, after two long years of searching and digging for the truth, we KNOW that Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig.  We also KNOW there is another baby that is not accounted for that she initially passed off as Trig before she provided the Trig 2.0 that we all see today.

When were these two babies born?  Where is ruffled ear baby now?  I have absolutely no idea.

Wherever Trig is, he is celebrating his birthday without Sarah, his publically identified "mother". She  is still on her whirlwind speaking tour (and is supposed to show up for court in Tennessee on Tuesday) will not be present. (You don't think she is going to waste money on a plane ticket just to get back in time for Trig's party do you?) And that to me is kind of sad.  I don't believe for an instant that Sarah gave birth to him, and I know that Bristol is his primary caregiver, but still it would be nice if he were with his whole family for his fake birthday party. I mean wouldn't it?

So since I feel so bad let me wish you a very happy fake birthday from all of us at the Immoral Minority! Good luck in the future big guy, because I have a feeling you are going to need it.

Okay since this was almost completely composed of recycled posts from the past I feel I owe it to you to give you some new information heretofore unknown by everybody except a very select few.

Now I am afraid I have to parse this very carefully in order to keep certain possibilities in play, but I will provide you with a little behind the scenes information  as to how the ruffled ear baby post was created.

Around April of last year I had been working with a couple of sources who had been very close to the Palin family. I was being extremely careful in cultivating a sense of trust and making sure that they knew I was a man of my word. (Since that time this approach has helped to attract a number of sources which have contributed to stories posted on this site.)

One day a source dropped a bombshell on me.  I was told that there was another baby in the Palin household that was neither Trig nor the newborn Tripp.  "Well it must be somebody elses baby", I said. 

"Nope it is one of theirs alright", was the reply.  I followed up with a number of questions that convinced me that at the very least this person truly believed that what they were saying was legitimate.(Now at this point you may wonder just who could tell me such a bizarre story and not have me simply laugh in their face. Sadly I am still not at liberty to provide their name, but believe me of the very few people who could have had access to this information THIS person was high on the list.)

I was so confused by this information that I asked another person (Yes you know them, and no I can't tell you who.) to go along with me to meet this source and hear the story for themselves.  They did, and were just as amazed as I was to hear what they had to say. 

For the next few days I sort of let this information roll around inside my head, but I also managed to share it with a few VERY close and trusted confidants.  Which led to one of them going back to look at old pictures and finding that picture of Trig with the deformed ear.

After close inspection that picture seemed to confirm what my source had told me and I started to search high and low in an attempt to fill in the gaps. Some information confirmed what my source had said, but some seemed to be in direct opposition to that person's story. After awhile I pushed too hard and lost contact with the original source. I have not heard from them since.

After almost ten months I decided it was time to take what I knew and put it into the post referred to above. I knew it wasn't perfect but I thought it was important information that needed to be shared.  And I was right.

Was my source being honest with me? That is a reasonable question.  However I should point out that this source also provided other juicy tidbits of behind the scenes information which proved to be very accurate indeed.

I would also be remiss if I did not point out that after my "Tale of Two Babies" post came out Todd Palin quit the Iron Dog for the first time ever, Meg Stapleton resigned her position as SarahPAC's spokesperson, and that Trig Paxson Van Palin seems to have been carefully removed from media scrutiny.

Coincidence?  Well in Sarah Palin's own words,  "I don't believe in coincidences."

Gee look Sarah, you and I finally agree on something!

P.S. Just to answer the questions that I know are coming after you read this: 

Yes I am still working on getting more information concerning "ear baby".  (I thought I would have something more this week but there has been another delay.)

Yes I am still following the babygate story, and hopefully soon I will be able to substantiate some of what I have been told privately. 

No I have not lost the trail of the Willow vandalism story, when I can I will follow up with that as well.

If any of you have leads or hot tips just send them to my e-mail at and  I will look into them.

Thank you for your patronage and have a happy Sunday. 


  1. By the way, don't bother trying to guess my source because I will reject those comments.

    I am still interested in leaving that door open and I know they still visit this blog.

  2. Happy Birthday Trig! If it is his birthday that is...

    Anyway my prediction is the MSM will break this story in 2012, after $arah accepts the GOP nomination for president. Obama wins the election 538 electoral votes Palin 0.

  3. BTW...Gryphen, when was Trig 2.0 last seen in public? Was it close the the Tale of Two Babies post?

  4. emrysa12:53 PM

    "let me wish you a very happy fake birthday"

    HA good one gryphen! yep that kid is going to need lots of luck.

    do you think we'll see pics of his fake party on the cover of some shitty magazine soon?

  5. Why would the parents of this DS baby allow themselves to be used and also their baby....boggles my mind.
    Someone also treats this baby medically and should know the medical history of the parents.
    So it appears to me that many people are involved in the life of this baby.
    I remind myself that families keep their skeletons in the closet, and take those secrets to the grave....or nowadays, write a book, perhaps get paid enough money for an expose...or mail documentation to a news source.

  6. Thanks for the post, Gryphen! I'm glad to join in your greeting for Trig and to read your continuing commitment to this story. Many, many thanks to you, your sources and whoever discovered Ruffles' photo!

    Sarah's choice of bible verse to accompany Trig's happy birthday tweet was quite bizarre. Maybe MSM is getting close to picking up story.

    "What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us? 32He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? 33Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies."[Romans 8 excerpt]

  7. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Remember today is also "Pray for Trig" day. Although now the site that made that announcement back in January is called "Pray for Healing". Go to Can't wait to see before and after photos!

  8. Anonymous12:56 PM

    In an excerpt from her book, Palin was surprised by her pregnancy.

    Palin supporters want someone for President who could not use knowledge and sound judgement to keep from getting pregnant at 44, with 4 children already. Someone who is supposed to know so much about the world as she claims on Facebook should know how not to get pregnant at 44.

    I don't believe she was ever pregnant, though. She should have told the truth to begin with. She shouldn't have assumed that much of the American public wouldn't question such a thoughtless, lying, insulting scam.

  9. Anonymous1:05 PM

    @Virginia, I agree, the pictures of Levi and Mercede with Ruff (the little baby with the ruffled ear) speak about Family Love (as Mercede wrote). However, have we ever seen them involved, devoted, loving towards the child that we now know as Trig? Not one all.

    Sometime ago, the government watch dog group involved in consumer protection issued warnings about cloth baby-carrying slings. They advised that such slings were unsafe for premature, underweight or newborn babies, especially those with respiratory problems. The problem was that their tiny face could be suffocated by contact with the cloth; they are not strong enough to push away when breathing becomes difficult.

    At that time, I wondered if little Ruff, who was a tiny baby, could have been carried around in a sling by Sarah, showing him off to the crowd at the office shower. If there was a terrible accident (SIDS) Sarah was getting so much good publicity that she couldn't admit to the accident; it was easier to replace the child with a kids who was hard to place with an adoptive family. (Especially if she had gone to so much trouble to have a short-lived "pregnancy.")

    Besides, most of us who were fans of PD never believed the April 18 birth date; we all thought that whomever was born, it was much earlier. Rushing back on April 18 coincided with a release date from the hospital.

    So, instead, let us celebrate the two year anniversary of Sarah's Wild Ride, and at the same time say a quiet prayer for Ruff, and wonder where he is.

  10. kdusmdd1:21 PM

    Thanks Gryphen for all of your hard work. Prehaps, due to your determination, the little Trig(s) are both back where they belong. I just hope they are recieving the therapy that each needs.

    I do feel sorry for can a child as young as she is understand all that has taken place. Surely this will affect her for her whole life...and not in a good way.

    May Sarah and Todd Palin be damned to Hell.

  11. We all know, also, too, that Todd didn't have anything to do with this pregnancy, 'eh Sarah?

  12. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Happy (and safe) unbirthday to all the little Triggers.

    First there was one - then two - and now there is none anywhere to be seen. Baby, baby, oh, baby, wherefore art thou, baby(ies)?

    Sarah, if you are reading this, the missing Trig reflects as badly on you as the ruffled and smooth-eared ones.

    What to do? What to do? What to do? Oh, Sarah, that is your decision and you'd better make it fast.

    'Cause we are all asking: what has she done, what has she done, what has she done?

  13. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Gryphen said... (You don't think she is going to waste money on a plane ticket just to get back in time for Trig's party do you?)

    It was always a big deal how Palin made arrangements for travel and her children. When did she pay for any of it? Suddenly, she changes her MO about spending other peoples money? Did you read the contract the students found? Palin has lawyers write up any arrangements when she cares about something.

    I was once involved in an agreement with a super wealthy person. Family birthdays were no surprise and trips to be with children always top priority and prearranged. This is lame and bull of Palin to expect authentic people to believe this fake birthday to Trig1, 2 or 3. This is proof she has no heart for the child. This is the behavior of a con, a grifter, a charlatan. Palin has all the help and contracts to cover any occasion she wants, she is blatantly shunning a Trig and using the bible quote. Blasphemy and the worst mother in the world.

  14. Kellie1:52 PM

    At the Guiliani baseball game, There is a picture of Willow carrying a 2ish yr old, blond, boy? I can send it to you when i'm home. I know Palin's extended family was in town when they were in upstate new york but is there a toddler that openly belongs to a palin relative? weird. I'm not sure what to think. Let me know if you know what i'm talking about. The picture completely boggled my mind but I also am not familiar with the extended family as far as ages and how many.

    Also, I really think Willow was inHawaii. There's a girl who looks just like her in one of the pics.

    I do think Trig is Sarah's and that she was irresponsible or dishonest about the wild ride story. But I also believe Bristol to be the mother of two.

    I'm so confused

  15. Anonymous2:01 PM

    SP's bots think she's the greatest mother, she's at times invited to speak for children's charities, right-to-life charities at $100,000 a pop; yet, it's probably her sister, or a family relative who should get the appreciation for caring for Sarah's children.

    Whoever is providing Piper and Trig a home and personal care while mom is gallavanting across the nation should be the one speaking on the difficulties of raising kids, and special-needs kids. It's shameful that the conservative women for Palin don't see that. Not to mention the many hard-working non-celebrity mothers who care for their babies with modest incomes, go without and make great sacrifices without the fanfare of adoring fans cheering them on. These women are the real heros, and I can bet these women wouldn't miss their 2 year-old's birthday for anything.

  16. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Everybody assumes that Trig is not with his mom on his birthday. WE all know Sarah is not his mom... so maybe Trig is with his real mom?

  17. WalterNeff2:08 PM

    I don't care who birthed Trig (I would bet she did) - how could you not be with your child on his 2nd birthday??

  18. emrysa2:08 PM


    someone left a link to some pics of j. chandler on one of your posts recently. did you look at those? I find his eyebrows to be rather interesting...

  19. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Virginia Voter - I do believe Mercede/Levi did think they were connected to ruffles in the pictures from April 2008.
    I don't know if they continued to believe they are blood or what was going on. As far as baby pictures go, the baby with Mercede/Levi 2008 looks more like someone else, I won't name bc it may not be appropriate here. The ruffle ear baby does not look like a Johnston. IMO. There is no way to compare without the pictures.

  20. Anonymous2:52 PM

    leave j. chandler alone

  21. Why in the world she's tweet such a strange message to her 2 year old (or any birthday tweet!) to her 2 year old child is beyond me. Does she think he really knows or understands? A toddler, special needs or not, wants his Mommy for his birthday, not some strange bible verse tweet.

  22. The next time we see Trig he will be wearing earmuffs!

  23. Anonymous3:01 PM

    SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY... there must be someone with the Alaska BVS willing to risk their job (aka zillions of bucks to make up for it in OTHER funds!) who CAN COPY THIS KID'S BC for all to view.

    If Alaska is a fucked up and crooked as their leaders, then WHO will step UP to the plate to earn their 15+ of fame... I can promise YOU that if that cunt lived in MY state and I had access to this kid's BC, I'd be LONG gone.. with money at my side.

    COME ON!!

  24. Say NO to Palin in Politics3:08 PM

    So Gryphen, are you saying big bad Scarah demanded Toad come home from Iron Dog? is this because she "needed" him or was she demanding help and answers.

    Same for Meg Stapleton.....did Scarah wig out, looking for who the source could be, accusing Meg? looking for a scapegoat for her fury?

    No friggin wonder people are scared of this crazy ass bitch.

    But also the very freakin reason she needs to be brought down, so this crappy fear of her can be stomped out.

    Someone needs to slay the Scarah dragon.

    Someone needs the guts to bring forth the tools to do this. No guts, no glory in AK? No quiet behind the scene honor willing to help?

    Shame on the whole Palin and Health family.

  25. Anonymous3:10 PM

    It is really strange to send a bible verse like that. How about a simple, "Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet boy!" Of course, she's not tweeting to Trig, she's tweeting to her fans and detractors.

  26. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Why do you believe Sarah isn't in Alaska? She has no events planned until Tuesday correct and was in Illinois the 17th. She could've easily flown home that night or early the 18th. We have no proof either way

  27. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Happy Presentation Day Trig wherever you are.
    Sarah you have some kind of family values sista!!

  28. Anonymous3:32 PM

    kellie and troll both have 2 L's!

  29. Anonymous3:37 PM

    It may not really be Trig's birthday, but it is really mine - even though I am 64 years old than Trig. I hope Trig had a happy BDay as I certainly did.

    I don't know why the MSM will not at do a minimum investigative report on Trig's birth, but until they do or until someone who actually knows the facts come forth, I suppose we will NEVER know who this child came from. It's sad for a child not to know where it really belongs in life. I wonder if the C4Pers are 'praying' for Trig so he can find out who is really his biological mother because it sure isn't the person masquerading as his mom. And like prayer is really gonna provide the answers????

    Yes, Trig is gonna need all the help he can get because it's bad enough that he has DS, but with the confusion of who he really belongs to, his life will be hell [if it isn't already].

  30. kdusmdd3:41 PM

    Anon 2;42....Who is j. chandler ?

  31. Anonymous3:52 PM

    On Chris Matthews today the word seditous was actually used. I have said all along that Sarah Palin is acting treasonous.

  32. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Haven't seen Trig lately, must be he is getting way too big for her to carry around, and he is not as cute running all over the place and he can't hear her or see her without is hearing aids and glasses. How can she fool anybody? I don't get it.

  33. Anonymous3:55 PM

    I think you are right, we haven't seen him much since the tale of two babies.

  34. Anonymous3:58 PM

    We'll see if Meg is still getting her 10,000 a month at the end of the next quarter.

  35. kdusmdd4:50 PM

    Again.....Who is J. Chandler? Would just like to know. I don't remember that name anywhere.

  36. Anonymous4:52 PM

    "These exchanges indicate that something surprising was revealed in late January 2008. Lanesia's "yea I heard" can only mean there is new information which involved a girl who was "fn" Lanesia's "xbf,""
    How many friends are in Bristol's clique? My sister's friends looked after me, it was very tight. Do Bristol's look after Willow? Did Bristol and Lanesia make up? Sarah would have been close to Bristol's bff from kindergarten. That must have really hurt that poor girl. PDF
    What happened to all the friends? Are they in college? They are no longer children. They would understand when serious fraud and crime goes down.

  37. 3:58 - Meg quit and it got a lot of MSM coverage. Use the google. Nothing more to see.

  38. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Todd quit the Iron Dog because they ran out of parts. His partner got 2 racing model machines from Cat, not the ones you see in a showroom. They broke suspension springs, used up their spares and couldn't get any more since no other team had any that fit.

  39. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Anon 3:20, Sarah is not in Alaska because she is supposed to testify on Tuesday in the email hacking case in Tennessee.

  40. The anonymous person posting about the baby sling got me to thinking. I wondered if maybe the family knew the elf eared baby was sickly and sent home to die with family.

    Wouldn't there be a death certificate issued by the county coroner? (I think death certificates are public) Also if there was a recent burial in the family cemetery plot? I don't know if the Palins/Heaths have a cemetery plot but the cemetery would have a record of burial location. Perhaps Alaska let's people have private graveyards on say 1/4 acre designated on property..

  41. Anonymous5:38 PM

    She only holds him away from her not toward her where he would be safer. Does she do that because she doesn't want to look at him or to show him off.

  42. emrysa5:40 PM

    hey gryphen, seems as if your blog is being monitored, lol.

    note to anon - the best way to draw attention to something is to say "leave it alone" without any explanation. adults would know that.

  43. emrysa5:42 PM

    woops forgot my qualifier

    'sane' adults would know that.

  44. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Happy presentation anniversary to little ruffle-ear. I hope you are well, safe and loved. Happy day to Trig2, also. I hope those in charge of your care do the best possible for you.

    What I hope for Sarah Palin isn't suitable for a blog comment.

  45. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Gryphen, you are doing amazing work. I know one thing and that is that no one could do this alone. For Pete sake people, do what sleuthing you can and find something to make Gryphen do the happy dance all day and night.

    kdusmdd, J. Chandler is one of the people who knows enough about Bristols family to answer a few babygate questions, plus. Anything to do with drinking and drugs that go down in the Valley, Anchorage to California. Be careful, his grandparents died a questionable death. When a comment was made that he would have never been in that situation, the comment was removed. There was more of the stuff that makes you go hmmmmm..... the Chandlers are a forbidden investigation. That goes back to McCain, when the shuddering was happening.

  46. Last week Rosie O'Donnell interviewed Kelle Hampton on her radio show.

    She is the mother of a Down Syndrome child and blogs about it. She said that she knew her child was a Downs baby the moment she was born. Because Kelle was young (early 30s) she did not have the full spectrum of tests, but the fetus displayed none of the classic features during ultrasound that are markers for Down Syndrome. Kelli's blog is beautiful and she's a wonderful mother. The polar opposite of our Sarah.

  47. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Thanks Gryphen for all of your hard work trying to get to the truth of this story. Can any person out there even imagine giving birth to a child then practically abandoning the child and not being therefor the child's 2nd birthday ? Especially a person who claims a much higher morality than the rest of us? The people involved in this deceit, are the lowest scum of the earth. I do believe there are people with the McCain campaign that know ALOT of info, and they are just waiting to drop the NEWS at a perfect time. Who in their right mind would not be there for their babies 2nd birthday is deplorable. I wonder where Baby Ruff has been discarded to? so Sarah's sister is going to raise the fake baby Trigg forever? I wonder how much she is getting paid off to keep this secret? As Sarah has become a multi-millionaire, Sarah's sister is probably shopping with coupons to buy the fake baby Trigg's food.

    Please keep up the great work.

  48. Anonymous6:16 PM

    J. Chandler is Johnny or Jonni boi. Read the PDF at 4:52 PM. Johnny was Bristol's first love. They do a bit of swinging in the cold months. It is hard to tell who was doing what just when or if and when a couple decided to be in an exclusive partnership. Levi referred to that, I think. The parents leave the kids to be on their own. Think of the Lord of Flies, a Wasilla version. That group of kids are all adult now. Another batch is coming up and it is the same old thing. Except better covering their tracks.

  49. yukonark6:23 PM

    Wow - reading the rest of this story was well worth it. Gryphen, thank you for sticking with this, even though it must be a often-frustrating journey. And, as so many other postings have said - what kind of bizarre, unloving arrogance does Sarah harbor that would allow her to think that a biblical passage more suited to persecutory delusions would ever be appropriate for a "birthday" greeting for a two-year-old?

  50. Anonymous6:27 PM

    more DS babies are born to YOUNG women than older women for the simple fact that more young women get pregnant than OLD women, especially OLD (for childbearing) women that have had a hysterectomy.

  51. BAustin6:37 PM

    I think McCain stll has lots of loyal staffers on his campaign. Once he loses his re-election, I expect we'll hear all sorts of stories about sister Sarah.

  52. So Anonymous.......are you implying someone had a hysterectomy and faked their pregnancy?

  53. BAustin7:20 PM

    Also intrigued by the hysterectomy comment.....

  54. Good lord, can this possibly get any more deceptive? Gryphen, thanks again for your tenacity on the Trig subject - all of them. The truth will out eventually; perhaps not on the schedule we would like, but I am afraid that is life. Until the next revelation...

  55. Rationalist8:47 PM

    You know, more than anything else, this post just makes me sad. What a horrifically sad situation.

  56. Egads! I need to get out pencil and paper and start some flow charts. This is a convoluted web.

  57. Anonymous12:56 AM

    There have been other women in history who have pulled this off deception the past before, I heard(not for sure) Jack Nichelson and Micheal Caine's mother's faked raising their daughters children as their own. I wonder if reading their stories would bear some light on the lies that must be told in order to keep these lies? Back then there were very few records, today we have so many more types of information to review. Just an idea.

  58. Anonymous1:12 AM

    Happy #2 birthday Trig. I just sent you a bday card with some money in it. See you next week maybe.

    Mommy Sarah

  59. Anonymous2:24 AM

    Why can't the Dr. be sued for fraud, since she was the one who wrote out the medical reports for a baby delivery that was submitted for payment, that didn't happen the way she said it did. I know the HIPPA law well, but HIPPA doesn't protect Dr's from fraud?

  60. Anonymous4:23 AM

    I hope Levi is busy writing his book.

  61. mocha4:53 AM

    What an odd Tweet to her 2 year old. Rom 8:31 "If God is for us, who can be against us?" Oh, that's not for her 2 yr old, that's a dog whistle to the faithful. She's telling them God has decided Palin is going to President and the Dominionists will run this country. Crazy talk.

  62. Anonymous4:53 AM

    Happy Birthday Trigg. Sorry you were just used as a prop while you were a baby and now you're not even worth a birthday party to the Biker Barbie. But if she could sell your picture for 10K a piece, betcha, she'd show up, or are you having some "ear" issues these days and you can't be photo-graphed? HUMMMMMM? They could just put some Mickey Mouse ears on you and nobody would even notice. What a sad story about this poor child who was USED as a prop and then just dumped when the "truth" started to be exposed. Wasilla, tell the truth so this poor baby can go back to its original family and have a life.

  63. Anonymous5:07 AM

    I had heard, not sure which site, about "Triple Trigg" and that was the real joke, hahahah, but that people in Wasilla were chatting about the Triple Trigg, guess that is what you are talking about. I do think the bubble is going to pop. I would bet Meg, is about to explode and wanting to tell....except she wants her payday, which I don't blame her. Everybody has been on the money train, why not her? anybody that hasn't made a buck off this in the family, well, is a FOOL.

  64. Anonymous5:47 AM


    RESPONSE: I am highly skeptical of the above article.

    First, the fact that a parent is rich doesn't absolve the other parent of an obligation to support their child. Every parent has a responsibility to support their child, and it's important for the child to know that both parents care enough to support them financially.

    Second, I have always found the judge's ruling regarding child support strange and wonder what we don't know. I wonder whether Levi (or his attorneys) for some reason, didn't provide all the information to the court.

    Third, I believe that should Levi not have such a lucrative contract again next year, he can go in and file for adjustment of child support based on change in circumstances (or something like that). Maybe Levi didn't provide all the information because he's decided it's in his interest to hold back for the moment.

    I don't know what happened. It's possible a Judge decided that based on one big time Playgirl contract he ordered support based on that income into the future - but I doubt it. It doesn't make sense.
    I do know that Levi should be supporting his kid, financially as well as emotionally. It also appears that he is doing so, and not complaining about it. He must have his reasons.

  65. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Interesting pic...


  66. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Dear 5:47 poster,

    Were you aware that there threats made to the judge in the baby custody case by people on Sarah Palin Facebook? Anyone who thinks Levi got a fair deal, must be a PRO Paliban fan. I just wish Levi would tell the truth so the Palins would all be exposed for the frauds and grifters they are.

  67. Anonymous7:03 AM

    PRIOR POST: Anyone who thinks Levi got a fair deal, must be a PRO Paliban fan.

    1. Where has anyone said Levi got a fair deal?

    2. There's a difference between whether Levi "got a fair deal" and whether the Judge made a sound legal decision. To the best of my recollection, Levi was delinquent in providing financial information required by law. We may all KNOW that Levi has little income except for a one-time deal wtih Playgirl, but the Judge can't act on what "we all know." The affidavits have to be submitted to court. I've yet to hear anyone suggest that the Judge's ruling is contrary to what was submitted to the court. And I haven't heard Levi complain.

    3. At least in my state, child support payments are based so largely on a forumula, that it's unlikely a Judge's bias would enter in to it. IF there had been a trial about imputed income or such, there MIGHT be room for bias, but this was done on papers. To my knowledge there was no trial. That leads to a largely forumlaic decision. If there was a trial I will take back what I've said.

    4. The issue of support isn't about fairness to Bristol OR Levi. It's about the child, and both have a responsibility to support the child. Is it fair? Define fair.

    5 Calling people names (PRO Palin) when you don't like what (what you think) is being said seems an ineffective way to advance your arguments and authority.

    6. I find it curious that people are more upset about the child support payments than Levi and his lawyer are. I suspect they know something we don't. Wish I did know, but I doubt they will tell me yet.

  68. Anonymous9:21 AM

    The trail is getting very cold on Trig/Babygate story.
    I am afraid no one will care by 2012--or won't believe the story if the first time they hear of it is during her "possible" presidential campaign. Right-wingers will claim it can't be true; it's something the liberals are coming up with now because they are terrified of a possible Palin victory. And you know what? It would look just like that. That's why the story needs to get out NOW.

  69. Anonymous9:33 AM

    It's been mentioned a few times in the comments thread above, but I am very curious about this:
    Did we stop seeing Trig in public at about the same time as the Two Baby/Ruffled Ear Baby story was posted? Gryphen, can you speak to this?

  70. Anonymous9:56 AM

    5:07 AM --- As I understand, Mercede called Tripp "Tripples." Her friends also called Tripp "Tripples." One day they all changed in sync and now call Tripp "Trippers." They lurk on blogs and you can't say too much. I would not look for a timely Levi book, he wants to do a television show first. That is an opinion. It is forgotten that there is a gigantic fraud cover up. The Johnstons have attorneys but not all of the "friends." They are sure that no one will get this into a court room or to the DA, but when that happens they will all be explaining details under oath. Meanwhile, they will play games with us. They are not ready to tell the truth and may never be. The photos of one of the "Tripples" that was taken in Sarah Palins kitchen with the Johnstons, I think Sherry took them, are worth looking at again. It is impossible to know the DNA of that "Tripples1." The next "Tripples2" looks more like a Johnston. Levi was sweet at the RNC and he was said to do some charity work. After that the Johnstons seem to turn on "Tripples2." They would explain this if they cared. You don't leave children with criminals like the Palins unless you are part of some schemes or protecting someone who is. The Johnstons turned a blind eye to all the abuses of poor "Tripples2" on the public tour. They are in deep denial of substance abuse and could not help their own blood, "Tripples3," when he was paraded passed out with Matt Larer. Also note the weird behavior of Keith Johnston. He was a dog but always spoke right for Sarah, no one wants to tell that part of this story. He also has a religious background that no one has looked into. The Palins are not the only ones to think well of the AIP, that is common in Ak. The Johnstons want to do a celebrity show, they are not showing an interest in answering nitty gritty questions or getting to the truth. Levi will protect the mother of his child from being implicated in any fraud when it comes to the crimes involved in the "Tripples" or babygate affairs.

  71. Happy belated birthday little one! (whenever your birthday really was)

    It only takes one brave soul to blow this story out of the water and to take the Palins down and out of sight, and maybe to court. Cost her millions.

    Please, oh, please do so. Bring her down. And help these children out. All of them.


  72. evamarie12:41 PM

    Of all of scary sarah's lies this is the most interesting to me. I think the reason the Johnston's do not seem to care for Trigg after seeming to feel he was one of their family in the kitchen pictures is this: the baby in the kitchen pictures was born of Bristol and Levi, s/he had birth defects and did not survive. If you look at it in this light the statements of all three - Sherry, Mercede and Levi - make sense.

    Scary sarah replaced that poor child with the Tripp we now see as her prop. I do think however, that this Tripp is a close family relation because I think he looks like Piper, and I see a resemblence of Piper to her real brother Track. So to my mind Tripp is from the family somewhere.

  73. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Gryphen, I really appreciate all your work. It is extensive. I dont know how you do it all.
    I am doing my best to keep up with all the twists and turns. It is quiet a tale and will make a fascinating screen play one day. Soon I hope! I appreciate your sources and understand it is not always easy to speak up. Is there anything more the general public can do? I dont have any relevant information to add. Long ago I did see some curious things I was shown. It did not mean much to me, as I do not know who all is who. Now I do wish I had the pics emailed to me to hold on to. There are things out there that would make a difference. I dont doubt that pics of Levi and Bristol will emerge one day. With another baby at the Palin compound, there are pics. How do you get that short of a subpoena?

    I am one that does not understand how it is legal to summit documents for an election that are not righteous. I am thinking of the odd thing that was passed off as a medical report on Sarah Palin by her baby doctor. Didnt he write about things other than Sarah Palins health? It looked more like a deceptive distraction than a genuine report. It is the type of document that should tell officials to investigate further. Far less suspicious things have opened up indictments. Does the FEC need more regulation, are they corrupt? Who looks out for the American people and the voters now? We need honest people to run for elected office. There is no one at the FEC that will help?

  74. evamarie1:22 PM

    Oh my, I meant to say Trig in my last post - not Tripp!! Sorry.

  75. It seems to me we quit seeing Trig after Sarah criticized that one segment of "Family Guy" that featured the girl with DS. Since this actress(w/DS) criticized the way in which Sarah held Trig...""My Mother Did Not Carry Me Around Under Her Arm Like a Loaf of French Bread...

    What the hell else was left for Sarah to say after she was bitch slapped?

  76. Anonymous9:06 AM

    In response to "The Editor" I know Kelle Hampton personally (or used to, before she got fame hungry, or at least was better at hiding it). She is not the mother she represents herself to be. I was there when her DS child was born and all she did was cry about this "terrible thing that happened to HER." She neglects her children in order to check her comments on her blog all day, often forgetting to feed them or change their diapers because DS babies often do not cry. The photos you see on the blog are set up like photo shoots and are not "candid mommy moments" like she claims. Her family and friends can not stand to be around her anymore.


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