Thursday, January 20, 2011

Todd Palin has been a very, very naughty boy! Update!

From the National Enquirer:

Political bloggers are digging into incredible claims that the "First Dude" - father of the couple's five children - cheated on his wife with a female massage therapist who was busted for prostitution!

While the story heats up on the internet, The ENQUIRER has uncovered official documents confirming the woman's arrest, and learned police have confiscated physical evidence that could tie Todd to an alleged extramarital affair.

We have also uncovered documents that show the woman - identified by bloggers as Shailey Tripp - contributed free massages to an anonymous person working for Sarah's campaign for governor of Alaska.

While representatives for Todd Palin vehemently deny he cheated on his wife, allegations of his extramarital affair surfaced on Jan. 4 when an anonymous tipster sent out messages to news outlets making the allegation using the e-mail address

I know this is the National Enquirer and people do not exactly trust them on scandalous stories like this one, but you should, because this one is pretty solid.

After receiving the e-mail from a fellow Alaska journalist which claimed that Todd had been involved in a little hanky panky with a massage therapist in Wasilla, I started to do some digging.  I made a number of new contacts who provided me with some very juicy information. VERY juicy information.

However once I was alerted that the National Enquirer had interviewed Ms. Tripp in depth and were ready to release the story pretty soon I agreed to back off until their story was went to press.  Which has now happened.

I cannot tell you exactly what the Enquirer will or won't print in this story, and those that will surely follow, I CAN say that this scandal involves quite a bit more than just a one time visit to a hooker by Todd Palin.  It seems that Mr. Sarah Palin has a certain pattern of behavior that was been going on for quite some time now.

What's more Shailey is NOT the only prostitute involved, nor is prostitution the only illegal activity connected to this story. And there are a lot of others, besides Todd and Sarah, who should be very concerned about all this being made public.

It is my opinion that the Enquirer will focus on the more salacious part of this story and leave the real damaging portions unreported.  But don't worry I plan to make sure that it gets out.

Oh, did I mentions the e-mails? And really doesn't every scandal concerning the Palins always come down to e-mails?

And yes for those who may be a little slower than the rest of us, THIS is what I was hinting at earlier in the week, but NO it is by no means the worst or most damaging scandal looming on the horizon.

P.S. One of the drawbacks of living in beautiful Alaska is that we get our periodicals a week after everybody else, so if anybody wants to type out some of what is in the Enquirer and send it to me I would really appreciate it. That would give me some idea as to what the Enquirer is going to print and what they are going to avoid.

Update: It looks like this story is starting to get more attention.  Yahoo News seems to understand the possible impact that this scandal might cause:

While politicians can certainly come back from accusations of extramarital affairs, particularly when it is the spouse accused of it, the entire package that is Sarah Palin may be getting close to being unelectable at this point. She has faced harsh criticism for her statements after the Gabrielle Giffords' shooting, and, as the country seems to move to the middle and increasingly support President Barack Obama, it could be that Palin's 'window' is closing.

That said, Palin is a survivor, even if she quit her job as Alaska Governor. She likely won't go away quietly, unless this Todd Palin sex scandal truly erupts and causes him, and her, a high degree of embarrassment. At that point, Palin might find it impossible to garner support and the funds needed for a White House run.

According to my sources this story has real legs, and the Palin's new legal team has already made several attempts to tamp it down.  And as expected the Palin PR team has also attempted to throw out distractions to present Sarah as a victim and to garner sympathy on her behalf.  (There is also a rumor that Sister Sarah may have actually recruited her very own stalker.)



  2. majii2:53 AM

    I'm buying a copy of the Enquirer before the day ends. I've read on several blogs that the Palins are denying the allegations. I do remember when the Enquirer broke the John Edwards story that few people believed it, but it turned out to be 100% true. There was a baby and a mistress, and if what I've read recently is true, there's soon to be another Mrs. John Edwards.

    This may well be part of the reason why Palin has been keeping such a low profile lately. We know how much of a publicity hog she is, and her silence since the holidays ended is out of character for her.

  3. Virginia Voter2:54 AM

    I'm on the east coast, and going to Walmart this morning, so hopefully they will have this issue today!

  4. Anonymous2:55 AM

    I hope this gets some traction. Emails seem promising. Her silence is making sense now. Also, too, Todd's absence. Has he been seen since the Baba Wawa interview?

  5. Anonymous2:57 AM

    Please hurry Gryphen! I've been waiting for 2 1/2 years for Palin to get her just rewards - please don't make me wait much longer!!

    I wonder how Sarah will look in orange?

  6. hauksdottir3:06 AM

    First, Todd is a man... not a boy... and therefore absolutely responsible for his actions. Juveniles are not held to the same standards as adults because they lack the capacity to discern right from wrong. To call Todd a boy is to diminish his actions and his responsibility for them.

    Second, I surely hope that there is a bigger and better iceberg headed for the Palin clan than simply more marital infidelity and sleeping around. The rumors are that they BOTH have had affairs, and their children surely aren't keeping track of their sexual partners, either. It is tawdry, but not unexpected.

    This won't stop Sarah. It probably won't even set her back more than her own comments.

    She'll play the victim card again (she gets them printed just like business cards at 500/box) and a bunch of loyal fans will tell her that she is loved. Another bunch of horny old men will see stars shooting around the room and imagine themselves giving her the love she deserves. She'll milk every moment.

    Republicans are extremely forgiving when it comes to themselves. Their leaders usually have multiple wives, shabbily treated, and multiple affairs, often with extreme tackiness or cruelty or stupidity. This doesn't stop them. Did it stop John McCain? If it doesn't setback the perpetrator, why should it stop the victim?

    This is a distraction. I'm waiting for the coin to drop.

  7. Anonymous3:06 AM

    This is actually disappoinring as it will again place Mrs. Palin as a victim. And no one really cares much about what the NE has to sat. Maybe it has a slightly better reputation after breaking John Edwards, but for the most part it is synonymous with bullcrap.
    Damn!!! I hope you get to break more of the juicy parts of the story, but will anyone listen??
    Good luck and godspeed. I'll loook today at the stores and contact you via email if i find the NE story.

  8. Anonymous3:08 AM

    Dear (insert diety of your choice)

    Please, please, please, let it all be true. Let it be her Pandora's box ...and please, don't let it be a way for her bots to further defend her and make her into some sort of saint over this.

    Yesterday was a terrible day for me personally. Today, things are looking up!!!!

    Thanks Gryph! MWAH!

  9. Anonymous3:11 AM

    Joe Miller has a much better looking girlfriend..

  10. Anonymous3:19 AM

    Why are you waiting? Dish!

  11. Anonymous3:35 AM

    I don't care who tp humps or if'n or not he does it in a panda suit, yiffer style..., I really don't want to hear about their kinky play, but if they're getting their freak on on the taxpayers dime...Do Tell

  12. Anonymous3:40 AM

    How could we ever have this family in the White House? Horrible people they are, just horrible.

  13. dancingthroughlife3:42 AM

    I was at the grocery store already this morning, but they didn't have the new issue out! I was hoping to read all the dirty details (and take photos of the pages so I didn't have to buy it), but alas, it wasn't there (shocking, since I live in the Midwest, and some people around here live for 'the scandal pages,' as my grandma called them). Guess I'll have to wait with you.

  14. Agreed, she'll pull the victim card. Again.

  15. Anonymous3:50 AM

  16. Anonymous3:52 AM

    Maybe the Toad and Levi can share an apartment.

  17. Anonymous3:53 AM

    Wow, as they used to say in Arrested Development....


  18. Anonymous3:59 AM

    A sort of convoluted Karma that National Enquirer is the very sort of publications Sarah's not-too-smart, non-educated, emotional, celebrity-mad fans buy...and believe! The story strikes to her very core base. That, to me, is truly funny.

  19. Anonymous4:01 AM

    Another link for you here.

  20. Anonymous4:02 AM

    Be Careful Gryphen, Love, love, love you........... AND Juicy, Very Juicy maybe that is how she got her nickname!

  21. Anonymous4:02 AM

    We need to make sure that this doesn't overshadow the email issues.

    After all, sex sells; political facts, not so much.

  22. Anonymous4:06 AM

    Whether the neighbors or the source are reliable is anybody's guess, but two things are certain: Shailey Tripp, 36, once gave free massages to an "anonymous person" working for Sarah Palin's governor of Alaska campaign, and the same Shailey Tripp was arrested for "maintaining" a house of prostitution in Anchorage on March 4, 2010. She pleaded no contest to the charges in June and her sentencing is set for June 15, 2011. As part of her plea deal, she must complete 80 hours of community service, cease to advertise on Craig's list, and pay a $500 fine. If she complies with these demands, her case will be dismissed at the July sentencing hearing.

  23. Anonymous4:08 AM

    OK so I read the Gawker article and someone commented that "the only reason" the Edwards story broke is because the NE info came right from Rielle Hunter. Am I understanding it right that in this case the information came right from a NE interview with Shailey Tripp?

    Does anyone not believe this anyway?

    As my dad says regarding many a politician /celebrity, "oh, the things that we will learn about her/him someday..."

  24. Anonymous4:14 AM

    You know, I'm looking at the name 'Tripp' and it occurs to me (this is totally JUST conjecture on my part) that maybe - just maybe - Levi wanted out of child support because he has an inkling that 'Tripp' might not be his flesh and blood. Maybe. I'm just thinking out loud...

  25. Anonymous4:16 AM

    I was never interested in Palin's personal dirt. Her marriage, her kids, her clothes or hair---who the fuck cares?

    It's her freaking lack of intelligence and ethics that concern me. I want her exposed for the corrupt sham she is. I want her brought down for her complete and utter disregard proper standards of public service. She lied, she cheated and she stole while governor of Alaska. She has done nothing but lie and cheat since. I can't claim she stole; idiots seem more than willing to throw money her way.

    So Todd cheating---whatever. Anyone who believed this couple had some perfect relationship was drinking the kool-aid anyway.

  26. Anonymous4:16 AM

    So it seems possible that this will help put some Trig pieces together?

  27. Anonymous4:21 AM

    I agree..there'd better be something else coming down the pike, as this won't hurt them at all. In fact, the kind of pond scum who make up her core group of followers will love it...horny old men and old women who wish their husbands would take it elsewhere.

    I actually think that this story is a plant to cover up that he is really gay. That would put her bots their minds, being gay is a sin, being horny is natural and a source of awe.

    Like another poster said..we don't hold our politicians to a higher standard when it comes to marriage vows...look at John McCain's history. (I first typed that "repugs don't hold" but revised it in the spirit of honesty..repugs aren't alone in this tendency)

    OT...when, oh when, is Joe's book coming out?? And...please, please, please, let it hold some good things.

  28. Anonymous4:22 AM

    first it was bristol now todd.
    it's everybody else's fault she cant get to the WH!

    bill in belize

  29. Anonymous4:23 AM

    Tripp? Hmmmmmmmmm....can't wait to hear more.!

  30. I've always wondered how the Palins can get so many people to be silent on their many lies and illegal doings.

    My mind goes wild wondering if these are the dots connecting it all together: happy ending massages??

  31. Anonymous4:40 AM

    Weak sauce.

    I hope there is more.

  32. Anonymous4:41 AM

    It must be great fun to have the proof finally come out of what you said long ago, i.e. the Palins don't have a marriage and haven't for some time.

  33. Anonymous4:41 AM

    No one has mentioned that the name Tripp is an odd coincidence?

    Trig was Tripp before he was Trig? Wasn't that a clue from long ago?

  34. Anonymous4:46 AM

    In all honesty, except for her hard-core followers in the tea party, the victim card has played out.

  35. Anonymous4:46 AM

    ROTFLMAO. Family Values!!! I repeat ROTFLMAO

    Gryphen broke their marital woes story long ago and was attacked vehemently by Sarah's attorney, called a pedophile, etc. Regardless of whether we think this is important, Sarah thinks keeping her sham of a marriage afloat is huge!

    Doesn't this also validate every other thing that Gryphen has stated? Yes, BOTS, it does!

  36. Anonymous4:57 AM

    Oh Sarah, Sarah, Sarah!

    You just don't cross Karl Rove without suffering the consequences.

  37. Anon @ 4:41, I thought the same thing when I saw the name "Tripp." You have to wonder if Bristol hates Sarah so much that she named her son after the woman her father was sleeping with just to torture mom. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in that family. They are truly a screwed up bunch.

  38. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Folks, listen, it doesn't matter if we could care less. It doesn't matter if we think it's personal, if we think other more substantive misdeeds by Mrs. Palin and her clan should be what stops her. This is America. This is what captures people's imaginations, for lack of a better description. Financial corruption among politicians is a snooze-fest. No one cares or is surprised. Perhaps cynical, but true.

    This kind of thing has a way of sinking in, and yes many Americans and the MSM will pay attention to it. Even if all agree that we don't really care, and this isn't Sarah herself (poor victim), it will have an effect.

    This may be enough (with additional revelations), given her precarious standing in public opinion. People will wonder why he needed to go outside the marriage, people will wonder if she has known all along, blah blah blah. People will wonder about their supposed Christian family values thing.

    I am just fascinated that Todd may be instrumental in bringing her down. How ironic.

  39. BAustin5:03 AM

    So Todd cheated....makes Sarah a victim, plus SHE makes all the money, blah blah.won't hurt her.

    Sarah will forgive him because she is a Christian...but I'm reality she can't afford to turn him loose....because the stories he could tell!!

    "representatives for Todd palin"? Ummmmm......thought they didn't have spokes people. So who would this representative be?

  40. Anonymous5:04 AM

    Well the story is fast going viral.

  41. Anonymous5:16 AM

    Sarah Palin's Alleged Stalker -- She Texted Me First!

    For the second time in a week.... I'm speechless. Wow!

  42. Anonymous5:17 AM

    Well personally I would be much happier if the report was about her having an affair. That would be worse in palinbot world.

    However, I do think that her "reality" show brought her down a peg because many Christian moms don't believe she is such a good mother now. Letting Piper call her Sarah is a huge deal to them. Very disrespectful in their eyes. Not to mention all the other disrespectful things her kids do.

    I just can't believe though how naive she is (or is this part of her narcissistic problem) that she ever thought she even had a chance at being a national leader with all her crazy problems.

    Perhaps, it was from living in such a small community her whole life. It insulated her from reality?

  43. Anonymous5:18 AM

    I don't believe the ole "victim" card is going to work this time. Too many people are calling her out for it and you can be sure this story is going to fry the corns on some people's feet.

    She might try another Fox rollout with Greta this time as Greta as a woman will try to kiss it and make it all go away.

    Sarah might still get some paid speaking fees but her life is over as an elected official. She won't run in 2012 because it would be a daily bath for her of all kinds of nasty.

    What will Franklin Graham say?

  44. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Looks like what Levi said about the Palin's marriage was TRUE.

  45. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Don't forget to e-mail or call all your friends and neighbors and let them all enjoy the story of Toad and the sexless witch of Alaska.

    How can we make this go viral?

  46. Tripp?! Her last name is Tripp??!

    What are the odds??!!

  47. Anon @ 5:17

    Sarah has a bigger problem than coming from a small community, she's a sociopath. For a good read on this try Martha Stout's book "The Sociopath Amongst Us".

    Sociopaths get VERY jazzed up when they can get others to feel sympathy for them. They just love intimidating others and going out of their way to get "the goods" on others so they can forever have power over them. She's what I call a BULLDOZER personality. Destroying other around her, even her own children, just makes her FEEL better.

  48. I say (in my best Church Lady voice).....

    "Well, isn't that special?!?!"

  49. Anonymous5:40 AM

    The interesting thing, should this go more mainstream, is that the type of people who are hardcore SP fans are the ones who would say: "well, if she would've stayed home and taken care of her man like God wants, this wouldn't have happened."

    But since it's SP, they'll just deny it or demonize Todd.

    I wonder if this has been a long time coming. I thought it was odd that the book tour for America By Heart was so low-key compared to Going Rogue. No bus, no speaking to the crowd. Weird.

    Still holding out hopes for money scandals, emails...

  50. Anonymous5:43 AM

    From Palin's RNC speech:
    "And Todd is a story all by himself. He's a lifelong commercial fisherman and a production operator in the oil fields of Alaska's North Slope, and a proud member of the United Steelworkers union. And Todd is a world champion snow machine racer.

    Throw in his Yup'ik Eskimo ancestry, and it all makes for quite a package. And we met in high school. And two decades and five children later, he's still my guy."

    From Going Rogue:
    "That day in sunny Texas when the divorce rumors were rampant in the tabloids, I watched Todd, tanned and shirtless, take the baby from my arms and walk him back to the ranch house so Trig could nap while I made calls.''

    "Seeing Todd's blue eyes smiling, I chuckled,'' "'Dang,' I thought. 'Divorce Todd?'

    "Have you seen Todd?''

  51. Anonymous5:44 AM

    I remember what Gryphen said way back, that "Trig was Tripp before he was Trig". In the same post, he said "...when you know the full story, you will feel sorry for Sarah...". Do I have that right? That stuck in my mind because I've never wanted to feel sorry for Sarah about anything. She doesn't deserve pity.

    So is Trig actually the DS child of Ms. Tripp and Todd (or Track) and Sarah adopted Trig out of necessity because of blackmail or whatever?


  52. wow, it gets worse than this?
    wonder if todd will be given a pay cut?
    i feel sorry for their children in all of this, even the brash and nasty ones - what a way to grow up. poor little piper. she is old enough to understand.
    ot, but here is some comic relief about sarah from The Onion:

  53. Anonymous5:47 AM

    This is a story with many angles. If Sarah was aware of this, it shows incredibly poor judgment to parade her family around as a paragon of family values when nominated as the VP.

    It wasn't fun to hear about President Clinton getting blown in the White House, but the worse part was his lack of discretion. There is just something about those who want high office to think they are bullet proof and above all their scandals.

    Given her other problems, no one will touch her since they don't want to be part of the train wreck. Not certain that Fox will even have anything to do with her now.

    Can you imagine how Todd must have felt, forced on the national stage when he knew he had been with hookers, etc. His life must be hell as he waits for the next story to drop.

  54. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Anon @ 5:17, I think that is probably exactly right. Big fish in little pond, no sense of her true strengths and weaknesses, no ability to self-appraise. Happens a lot.

    For me, re Christian stuff, the fact she kept saying things like, "Holy Jeeezzz" - really, devout Christians generally try to avoid doing this, not that anybody's perfect. It's one of the Ten Commandments, after all, not that she has been paying much attention to those! The HuffPo compilation vid from her show is a riot on this, btw. I think they also saw a bit of a discrepancy there.

    I agree, it would be far more pertinent and "legitimate" if this were a story about her own personal behavior, but hey I'll take it. It is just one more part of an overall picture, and will lead people to suspect that much of their public image has been manufactured.

    Sounds like there are other things to come, as well.

  55. Anonymous5:53 AM

    How is it going at C4Pee this morning?

  56. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Another thought: Is is possible that Sarah didn't know about Shailly Tripp (or especially the last name); and that when she found out, she was furious that Bristol named her child Tripp? And that that's the real reason for the house in AZ - to escape mama's wrath?

    What about the rumors that Willow is now living with another family? If that's true, the pattern of kicking the kids out is alarming. First Track, then Bristol, and now Willow too? If so, why has she been banished?


  57. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Lets see what happens.
    1.sarah will gets lots of sympathy and have a great pity party with her supporters another poor, poor pitiful me.

    2. Or they will blame her, like Hilary Clinton for being a cold bitch that cannot keep a husband.

    I think palin will come out on top of this one.
    It may knock her out of 2012, but she'll be back for 2016, unless of course the "emails" do further damage.

    So, I predict, a huge pity party for sarah and in the background is playing, Stand by your man.....

  58. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Haven't read all the comments, but on behalf of ethical massage therapists everywhere, my apologies that your profession is still seen by some to be synonymous with sleaze. I have been the recipient of many massages over the years and now work for a nationally certified massage therapist. The $900 in massages works out to be, here in the middle of Nowheresville, 15 hour long sessions; fewer if the sessions are 1 1/2 hours. It's not all that unusual or illegal, I think, to donate services in lieu of cash?

    Having said that, I hope this latest revelation puts another very big hole in Sarah's seriously leaking boat.

  59. Anonymous6:00 AM

    GrainneKathleen...thank you for the Onion News Network post. The video clip was hilarious about people putting Sarah in the White House simply due to morbid curiosity! If you can embed the clip, Gryphen, it almost seems similar to the spin that Fox puts on their stories. I would put it up on the site and provide no explanation that it is satire and watch heads explode.

  60. Anonymous6:00 AM

    So we are all wondering...
    Are Todd & Ms Tripp the birth parents of Trig? Or... Mr X & Ms Tripp? That would make Trig's original name "Tripp".

  61. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Snowdrift Snooki and the Todcat!

  62. Anonymous6:01 AM

    So many unanswered questions.

    Was Todd's allowance so small that this is the best he could afford?

    Was Tripp (the child) intentionally named as a cruel reminder?

    Can Palin continue to be Viagra for conservatives if her husband has to look elsewhere?

    Will competing in the Iron Man become this year's walking the Appalachian Trail?

  63. Anonymous6:04 AM

    New revisions to Going Rogue. Rather than "I thought, DANG, divorce Todd? Have you seen Todd?" becomes "I thought, DANG, divorce Todd? I'd rather castrate the bastard!"

  64. Anonymous6:08 AM

    oh, goody! Just what the P'bots need: another "St. Sarah the Victim" picture.

    - kellygrrrl

  65. Anonymous6:09 AM

    This may be wishful thinking, but perhaps the very long delays in the state's releasing of the SP governor emails are a result of the internal review process -- maybe when they were being reviewed for content and for redaction, the emails showed civil/criminal violations, and had to be turned over to the appropriate authorities. If this hypothesis is correct, the state and/or federal entities would want a delay in release of the SP emails while they conduct their (criminal?)investigation(s) and would not want the emails released until they were ready to take formal action. So the reference to an iceberg, then perhaps a Titanic-sinking iceberg?

  66. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Similar to the Tiger Woods story that the Enquirer broke, the floodgates are now open and everyone will be coming out of the woodwork for their own pay day. Expect the Tsunami shortly!

  67. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Sarah will be fine, the victim role is perfect. Sarah Palin brand has been her family life. She has always built up the Sarah and Todd part. The Sarah Palin brand could be irreparably damaged. It is what more can unravel that may be devastating. The thought of Todd's sex life is gross and no one will care. If it goes into state business and other names... BINGO!

    Since Sarah brand did that "Have you seen Todd?" it was obvious to many that something was very wrong with that marriage.

    I don't need to know details of a persons sex life but if it goes out side of a healthy enough marriage it is a major indication of how they are dealing with life. Sex can be business. If a man or woman has a system of using it in a business way there is usually a great deal more to it. Groups of men or women that have arrangements tell a story.

    Wasn't there something a while back about Bristol and Todd? She was mad at him for a possible affair? The children have no doubt seen how their parent's sex life goes. It makes even more sense how Bristol was taught and how she rolls now. If more truth can come out for them now it will be a release. Bristol's life is built on lies. It will take her eons to come out from pretending she is that nice, sweet shy girl who learned her lesson and has gone on to role model other teens. It is hard to admit you are a fraud when you've made money based on lies. She will also be able to get miles of sympathy as another victim of Todd.

    Poor, poor Tripp whatever his name is. I'd sure like to hear the true story about the Tripp name. Since Bristol learned about Todd's sex life and the Tripp woman. When I heard of Bristol saying she changed her sons name, I thought she would be change the name Tripp part from the Shailey Tripp connection.

    Mercede has been up front about Keith Johnston. Bristol mentioned him as being on her side so to speak. Kids don't know any other way than how they grow up. I don't think that Keith or Todd are that much different from many other families in Wasilla. They are exposed because of Sarah brand's huge grab for attention and having to hide and clean things up.

    The old boys club in Wasilla is alive and well. Todd is inviting the world in to take a look. It is bound to spread light on others sex mores, like how do the wives deal with it. What effect does it have on children? Can this have to do with why Bristol is birthing children as she does?

  68. Anonymous6:11 AM

    LOL. If hookers were paid for out of her PAC that means that her donors paid for hookers!! She will never receive another dime!!! LMAO. Where are the trolls. This is too much fun.

  69. Anonymous6:12 AM

    GLENN GLENNN what do I do?

    FOX FOX help me help me, I'm melting.

    Hanity Hannity how come you don't answer my phone calls?

    Rebecca Mansour come quickly, I need you to post comments on facebook.

    Kristen Cole I need a new trust fund to defend Todd.

    Van Flea come back to Alaska, I need a lawyer, money is no object.

    John McCain tell them Todd was with you and not with the prostitute.

    David Letterman I forgive you, can I go on your show? I need to talk to America.

    Katie Couric can we be friends now? I'll tell ya what I read for some air time.

    Barbara Walters how about some more of your sympathy.

    Somebody, anybody, everybody, ya want some fresh fruit? Cookies are bad fer ya.

    Oh Lawd! What do I do?

  70. Kathy in Blue Bell6:12 AM

    My first thought was that Sarah would survive this like she does everything else, it makes Todd look bad, but she can play the victim role and actually she might be happy for the excuse to unload him. However, as someone else pointed out, no one is going to have more dirt on her than Todd, I can't imagine that if he goes down, he isn't going to take her down too. Plus, if the e-mails reveal some simple to understand abuse of power (most likely they will) that will combine to make her radioactive politically.
    However, why is this coming out now? It seems like it is going according to a plan, whose plan? Karl Rove's? We know why he wants her gone politically, but he has to do it in a way that doesn't turn the Palinbots against him. If they turn on her, the GOP is fine, if they turn on him it is toast. Quite a highwire act, I wonder if he can pull it off.

  71. Anonymous6:13 AM

    The trolls will arrive shortly to discredit the NE. Not a problem. When they do a story on a national figure, they are smart enough to have the story straight. Think John Edwards and Tiger Woods. When the target is huge, I assume they have their attorneys working around the clock validating everything.

    If it isn't true, why wouldn't Sarah file a lawsuit?

  72. Anonymous6:14 AM

    If campaign funds were used for massages, the C4Pee crowd paid for Todd's infidelity. OUCH. That has to hurt!!

  73. Anonymous6:16 AM

    To 6:00am. Can you explain Mr. X? Not getting it.

  74. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Back when another Capitol Hill sex scandal broke, someone put together a set of pictures and wrote a commentary on what the proper dress code was for straying spouse and the betrayed missus. And how the straying spouse apologizes and looks contrite while loyal spouse stands silently off to the side with a rictus smile and looks totally wrecked.

    In Sarah Land, Todd might look a bit worse for wear in such a scene, but I'm betting Sarah would be dressed to the nines, steaming mad, and she'd be doing the speaking, not Todd. And she certainly wouldn't be apologizing.

  75. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Hoping that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that the real meat is coming in the form of emails which will tie SP to financial misappropriations of the sort which will provide her with a stay at the Graybar Hotel.

    BUT...this story is leading us right back to babygate. This makes so much sense....Trig was Tripp before he was Trig and the son of Todd and the hooker. Makes so much sense now. But will Ms. Tripp stay silent much longer now that this story has broken?

    Also makes sense why Bristol might name her son Tripp...a little payback to her mom.

    THATS the story which will vindicate all of us who have known SP's pregnancy was a lie. But I want the story that takes her down to put her behind bars for a while.

  76. Anonymous6:22 AM

    are Todd and the professional woman the parents of Tripp?

    not Trig, the DS child, or both babies?

    Bristol has a knack for looking pregnant and then putting out year old photos as current. Are any of the babies that we've seen actually hers? How many babies has she had so far? Are there more babies out of sight? Is Willow pregnant now?

    what a bunch of breeders....ROFL

  77. Anonymous6:31 AM

    I watched Todd, tanned and shirtless,

    Shirtless, yes. Tanned? You know she was lying.

  78. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Re her "divorce Todd? Have you seen Todd" comment - I thought it was sad.

    She didn't say a thing about loving Todd - just that crack that clearly states that she sticks with him because he is good looking.

    Reminded me of John McCain, who came home from being a POW all broken up - yet when he saw his formerly beautiful wife after she barely survived an almost fatal car crash which impacted her former status as "good looking", McCain immediately dumped her by filing for divorce because she was no longer pretty anymore.

    I have no doubt that if Todd had ever lost his good looks, Sarah wouldn't be seen with him in public, nor stay with him. Should be interesting to see how this unfolds - she can divorce him, but if she tries to screw him out of his fair share of their huge earnings, he'll probably fight back with evidence of her marital affairs.

    I think there alot of unfavorable things that are known about the Palins in Alaska will now be coming to the surface down here in the lower 48 - it will be the snowball effect. I am already sensing it in the media, actually the telling point is her own network Fox's treatment of her. They are too smart to let her act so dumb on Hannity. I think they want the ratings boost that will be coming from her as they allow her to implode on air.

    I am sure she has no clue that Fox is just using her.

  79. Anonymous6:36 AM

    I doubt sarah actually texted him. i also doubt this hooker story

  80. Virginia Voter6:37 AM

    I emailed u tha article, I'm working right now, so I took pics with my iPhone !

  81. Anonymous6:38 AM

    I love how one story comes out and it makes everyone doubt the veracity of others.

    Bristol has one child
    Willow is not pregnant
    TRig has nothing to do with this
    bristol has been pg one time

  82. Anonymous6:39 AM

    the "trig was tripp before..." scenario only hinted at trig being bristol's

  83. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Campaign 2012 or 2016

    Sarah Palin is toast, everyone is making fun of her and her stupidity and her victim card. There is no way in heck that she will ever be a viable candidate for any office.

    In politics, there is the dog eat dog mentality and everyone is out for himself. She would be ate alive by those she tries to suck up to.

    It is not going to happen ever, Sarah is finished as a political candidate.

  84. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Kathy, right, who knows what forces are at work behind the scenes. NE, while obviously a tabloid, does get it right sometimes. And with the wimpy MSM, sometimes the NE has to lead the way. Sad. But it is happening for a reason, it's not random.

    I kind of wonder what little agreement Sarah and Todd have had, as they both probably have the goods on the other. I am sure the two of them have had a pact to make money together and try to get to the White House (honest to goodness, did she really believe they would make it past an authentic vetting by the party and the press?!), or maybe they just planned to milk this for all the money it was worth until their plans were derailed. In other words, they fully expected things to come to light at some point. While I concur that she suffers pathology, I think some of this is just sheer denial and naivte.

    I agree, it has always been in the hands of people like Karl Rove and Fox, etc. They have been doing a little dance with Sarah Palin, both sides mutually exploiting the other for their own purposes. The dam has broken, though, so trouble's ahead for the Palin clan. You don't win against the likes of Karl Rove.

    People who have become convinced that she's indestructible politically and as a celebrity are just suffering from Palin fatigue, imo. She is fallible. She has been crumbling week to week. Her poll numbers are tanking. As Joy Behar said, the party needs her little pocket constituency so they have been willing to let her continue. I think they could get others to rally her base if they wanted, however. She is expendable. She comes with far too much baggage and drama - if they continued to allow her to go about unfettered they are self-destructive. She may have the goods on some of them, which is why they have placated her, who knows? Whatever, any revelations would likely be mutually damaging.

    It's going to get interesting.

  85. Anonymous6:42 AM

    This story is headache inducing. I've always thought that Tripp looks just like Todd - same blue eyes and face-structure. Was Bristol's "Tripp pregnancy" not her own pregnancy at all? Was there a pregnant masseuse carrying a baby at the same time? Was it all a cover-up for Bristol's actual Trig pregnancy (thus explaining why Levi allegedly signed over parental rights to Todd's baby)?

  86. Anonymous6:45 AM

    the only time bristol mentioned her father was in print "my dad told me to bring it and go all out" on dwts.

    the other time was on greta or hannity when she said it makes her sick to hear nasty rumors spread about her mom, siblings and father

  87. Anonymous6:45 AM

    This will just strengthen her creds as a victim to her supporters. They'll see her as the good Christian wife with the wayward husband. . .and if either of the babyies turn out to be Todd's, it will be the good Christian wife who took in her husband's child.

    (Which, frankly, I can half-way buy into.)

    I remember a poster long long ago who made a cryptic comment along the lines of "if you knew the whole truth you would actually feel sorry for Sarah." That has always stuck in my mind.


  88. Hannah bell6:49 AM

    Well, Gryphen my darling...I know the "Trig was Tripp before he was Trig" comment kind of grew legs...but between that and you saying the ultimate truth would actually lead even the most Palin-despising Gryphters to "feel sorry for" Sarah...many will feel they have no choice but to assume Trig is the child of Todd "I'd like you to go UNDER the towel" Palin and the most improbably named Ms. Tripp.
    Ms. Tripp negotiated a payoff, perhaps...Sarah saw a special needs child and thought "jackpot". She could have an infallible cornerstone for her pro life cress, plus she could constantly hold it over Tahd's head..."you'd be publicly ruined and paying child support if it weren't for me fixing things for you".

    THAT may be one reason why Sarah threw Bristol under the bus yet refused to flatly say all this time "I gave birth to Trig". What she HAS said- "How dare people say Trig isn't MY SON" or "these rumours that I am not TRIG'S MOM are silly"...highlights the fact that she has never once (except in her work of fiction Going Rogue-where it HAD to be included for that hefty advance) despite knowing all the flat out proclamations of Trig not being her child by birth....just SAID "oh for heaven's SAKE, yes of course I gave birth to Trig on April 18 of is his birth certificate and HERE is a photo of me in the hospital, holding my brand new bundle of joy".

    That's what I have never been able to understand about the peebots...when it would be SO easy for Sarah to prove...and when they and she both adore showing up her critics- how do they justify her refusing to even SAY she gave birth to Trig much less proving it despite the would-be ease in doing so? (if things were as Sarah has said, of course...which we know they are not; I'm simply playing devil's advocate here)

    Sorry for the tangent. But Gryphen, please...tell us if we are remotely correct in these presumptions?!

  89. Anonymous6:49 AM

  90. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Dr. Laura has been promoting herself by using the word assassination and she wants to be on Palin's shirt tail by supporting her as "she has balls."

    I can't listen to Dr. Laura's new radio show. This is one of her best subjects. She came out when it was Elliot Spitzer and blamed the wife. What the hey is she going to say about Sarah Palin now? And Tammy Bruce? Will Rebecca Mansour be on the radio with her?

    If not, that is as telling as the words they would say.

  91. Anonymous6:51 AM

    There might be a PR campaign to save Sarah but she always has those working for her that kiss her azz and then she goes off on a tangent herself and throws fits and does not take others advice.

    Sarah is her own worst enemy and she is dumb as a rock besides and always acts like trailer-park trash. In picking RAM, she exposed so much of her ignorance and lack of social class.

    Looks like facebook and rag magazines that the twisted sister loved will be the end of her.

    Her ship is taking on more water than what it is pumping out. Sarah, you are finished in politics and God Bless America.

  92. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Good story, but criminal indictment on federal charge? Nope. Trying hard not to be disappointed.

  93. Shailey Tripp? Tripp?

    Won't it embarassing that Todd's grandson is named Tripp Palin, even though their appears to be no connection?

    And if this is indeed true (not to be disparaging of Ms. Tripp but you know how Sarah thinks) will not Sarah be livid that after all of her hard work to be thin and sexy, Todd has an affair with someone who looks less than a beauty pageant runner-up?

    Man, that's gotta hurt.

  94. Anonymous6:52 AM

    I understand Todd going to a prostitute.

    SP is probably a Iceberg in bed.
    A screamer in bed. Nobody could stand that.

    Either way Todd could not take it anymore.

  95. TwoBlueJays6:54 AM

    Gryphen, I just emailed you... please check re interesting resemblance of Ms Tripp and another. I hope you can comment.

  96. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Long post! A couple of years ago I posted my belief that Trig was Todd’s son by a mistress. My reasoning went that Sarah could only have concocted the fake pregnancy because someone close to her was going to destroy her reputation and power. The first thought was her kids, but she had already gotten Track out of the way and Willow and Piper were too young for major scandal. That left Bristol, who, by all accounts, was definitely pregnant at that time. However, Bristol was dealt with by sending her to her aunt’s and then giving the baby up for adoption. Could this have been the mysterious Ruffles?
    That left Todd as the only one who could damage her. Actually, Trig’s mother is the only one in the picture she could not control. I’m sure the first plan was to have this baby adopted also, but the DS prevented that, so the Palins had no choice but to either keep the child or have the mother keep him and blow the story wide open.
    After Palin lost the election, I think Trig’s mother blackmailed her, which in turn led to Sarah’s frantic and bizarre resignation speech (she was clearly under stress when most people would be elated that they were going to become really rich). Gryphen, could you check real estate records to see when Ms. Tripp bought her house? I’ll bet you’ll find a sudden rise in her standard of living after Sarah resigned.
    As to the names of the boys, we know that Sarah loves to speak in coded words. It’s impossible to believe that it’s a coincidence that a child with DS would be named for his disability (Trisonomy G). Knowing of the amount of poison between Bristol and Sarah, I suspect that Bristol and/or Levi named their son Tripp as a code word to Sarah, telling her that they also knew of her lies and that he would always be a reminder to her of Todd’s infidelity.

  97. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Interviewer: "What do you have to say about rumors you and Todd are on the verge of divorce?"

    Sarah: "Have you seen Todd?"

    Interviewer: "Todd, what about the rumors you are seeing whores?"

    Todd: "Have you seen Sarah? When she's not all made up for the cameras? Of course I'm seeing whores."

  98. Anonymous6:58 AM

    So what if Todd had an affair. The Valley has all sorts of secrets and most know but don't care.

  99. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Has anyone checked to see if Ms. Tripp was in the Anchorage hospital having a baby around the time that Tripp and/or TriG were said to have been born?

  100. I'd rather she be taken down for illegal political activity, but the greasy stuff does make for more "hathetic" reading.

  101. I remember what Gryphen said way back, that "Trig was Tripp before he was Trig" And I remember saying, "Look at the ears" way back when. I believe that Trig was a Tripp. And the picture of the massage therapist does it for me. She looks aboriginal and the baby Trig picture of him being held by the Heaths looks like a very health aboriginal baby. Of course, a couple of later pictures were of "Ruffles" who looked like a premie in order to bolster the Sarah pregnancy BS. Ruffles was probably borrowed (or cast) to fulfill the role until enough time had passed to bring out the real Tripp/Trig. It may never come to light exactly what happened there, but that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

  102. Anonymous7:02 AM

    So, maybe it IS true about the name change. Bristol changed Tripp's last name to Palin because he IS a Palin. Maybe Sarah agreed to pretend that Trig was hers instead of Bristol's baby ... then found out Ms. Tripp was about to have another little Palin. They gave that one to Bristol. Could it possibly be that convoluted?

  103. Anonymous7:02 AM

    I have to say, NO ONE likes to be fooled. If it turns out to be the case that we were, even fans won't be happy. I think that the reason these stories have taken so long to come out is because Alaska is not easy or cheap to get to for investigating leads, esp. with tight budgets in the media. But now it might be worthwhile, since the time seems ripe.

  104. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Some say this is minor but I do not agree. If it's true, and the Palin's divorce- there is no way she'd ever even get the nom for POTUS as a single mother. If it's true and they stay together, Todd is untrustworthy and the family proven to be unworthy of being in the WH. For those who bring up Clinton, that was different in that his indicretion happened once elected to his 2nd term and he was impeached by the House. If all that had come out prior to him even running, he never would have been elected.
    If this does have legs and turns out to be proven true, I truly think this will end all of Palin's chances for a presidency.

  105. Anonymous7:08 AM

    I can't wait to see Hannity "fake interview" her on this. Or maybe they'll leave it to cry baby Beck. Hmmmmm on second thought, those guys probably don't want any mention of whores on their shows. Guilt by association and all.

    And Sarah her self has told us, there are no coincidences.


  106. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Anon @6:19 nails it - additionally is the doctor/friend of Palin that had to help to deliver the child and keep things quiet. She had to be in on advising Palin's fake preg. No wonder she showed poor judgement because Palin was faking her preg to cover up the mess. Why would Levi agree to the name of his son so that Bristol could get back at her parents? That would make him look very weak at the knees unless he is being paid off. Naturally Toad would want to kill him because he knows too much.

  107. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Could this situation go all Tiger Woods on us? Are we gonna have mistresses coming out of the closet selling their stories? Will Todd end up in a ditch with a gaff wrapped around his neck? Is sex adict therapy in his future? Enquiring minds want to know?


  108. Anonymous7:11 AM

    $carah sure is showing her age. Looks like pounds of spackle on her mug in that stalker photo.

  109. Anonymous7:15 AM

    6:00 am: "So we are all wondering...
    Are Todd & Ms Tripp the birth parents of Trig? Or... Mr X & Ms Tripp? That would make Trig's original name "Tripp"."

    I like this. I have not heard a theory this simple and compelling. Trig was Tripp before he was Trig. I like this very much.

  110. Okay before this goes any further. I NEVER said that when the truth came out we would feel sorry for Sarah. That was a commenter, not me.

    I have never found anything that leads me to believe that Sarah is the victim.

  111. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Agree with Anon3:59am that the National Enquirer is ironically the publication that will reach the most of her core fans. What, does anyone think many of them shell out for The Wall Street Journal?

    Secondly, their sleazy personal life, while entertaining for the rest of us, will not earn her the orange jumpsuit she so richly deserves.

    Yes, I still live in hope that someday the full list of credit card purchases of Wardrobe-Gate, and the inventory that went missing will be known, but really her butt should be sitting in a solitary jail cell, for the maximum good of all.

  112. Bristol Palin under criminal investigation?7:24 AM

    Did the Bristol Sheeran Facebook get shut down?

    Because it was in violation of Facebook rules?
    Because her mother's handlers decided her stalking had to stop?

    Sarah approves of how her children write and stalk on Facebook
    Sarah Palin Thinks It Is OK For Daughter Willow To Use Homophobic Language

    You know if Bristol is addicted she will find a way to use another Facebook account.

    There is always her corporate commercial Facebook garbage.
    How ironic: A Time for Family December 24, 2010 at 10:10pm

  113. Anonymous7:34 AM

    How many stories have we had where everyone squealed and said, "Oh, this will finish Sarah Palin!" But the sad fact is that people's reactions to these stories are predicated upon how they originally felt about her: those who already thought she was an immoral mental midget naturally react to the story with reinforced condemnation of Sarah. But those who seriously love them some Sarah simply see her as the victim, rally round her with renewed vigor, and send in another donation to Sarah PAC.

    What we need is evidence of SARAH's infidelities, not Todd's. Ironically, if that were to come out now, her bots would just say it's Todd's fault, that since HE was cheating she had to find love outside of her marriage, that she stayed with him for the sake of the children, etc, etc.

    In fact, the way this came out smells to me. SOMEONE in Alaska sent that email around and THEN the NE came looking? Really? I don't think so. I'm thinking maybe that "someone" is firmly in Palin's camp, and this is intended to distract us from something worse that is about to come out in the emails, perhaps suggestions that Todd likes da boys. Or maybe evidence that this woman was used to give "free massages" to people who could subsequently be blackmailed by Palin to keep her secrets/do her dirty work. Haven't we always said, "What does she have on people up there?"

    The reason people with dirty secrets--extramarital affairs, faked pregnancies, sexual perversions, etc--need to be kept away from politics is because once in office they are subject to blackmail, i.e.: "President Palin, you either sign this legislation/attack this country/sell us these weapons, or we will release to the press the truth about Trig/your sex tape/whatever."

  114. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Some of these crazies belive bad things happen because there is "sin in the camp." The "sin in the camp" has been used to blame an election loss here in Arkansas (associated with a certain TV family).

    "Sin in the camp" is also used to explain children being born with medical problems. Sick. I know.

    But Todd's "sin in the camp" can be the scapegoat for so many things....

  115. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Once this hits HuffPo level, SP will address this via Twitter or FB, but only the parts she feels she has to and will then ask for privacy (b/c any possible illegal parts are what would really be of concern).

  116. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Time to revisit "Henrietta Hard-Ball"

    Famous Wife Ignores Hubby's Many Boys!

    They may not be swingers like Secretia Ohio and Chester Shorts-Off, but Henrietta Hard-Ball and her blandly good-looking husband, Elijah Schwad, have a convenient relationship when it comes to sex.

    Like so many famous couples.

    Henrietta's allowed to pursue (with ferocious abandon, mind you) her high-powered career, as long as Elijah takes care of the family and the home. It's an arrangement that's served both spouses well, for many reasons.

    But ah, the only reason that causes us to really care about her is the one that makes Elijah happy. Can you guess what it is? A little bed-time dynamic that might make even Toothy Tile jump for joy?

    Yep, you guessed it (otherwise you're reading the wrong column, really), Elijah lives to get it on with the dudes.

    But like so many selfish men—is there any other kind?—Elijah also wanted a happy home and a family, so he brokered a deal with the attractive, driven Henrietta, who's about as interested in sex these days as Lindsay Lohan is in working.

    So both kinda fake-married folks get what they want—a career for her, a harem of hotties for him.

    What's even more interesting about this scenario is the fact that Henrietta and Elijah don't have your typical celeb following. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick they are not.

    Let's just say that one of them works in a business that is mercilessly driven by what Middle America deigns right and wrong. If anybody in this corn-fed fanbase the kinky twosome so direly depends on ever got wind of the debauched details in the couple's sex arrangement, life would be over for them both—in seconds.

    Hmmm. That's quite a gamble, wonder why either of them are even taking it?

    Oh, that's right, Henrietta's never been known to see anything close to reason, completely forgot.

    AND IT AIN'T: Gisele and Tom Brady, Mo'Nique and Sidney Hicks, Michelle and Barack Obama

  117. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Are we gonna have mistresses coming out of the closet selling their stories?

    I think there is a show about a hooker that is now trying to give women a chance to find another profession. It is a good topic. It is certainly an opportunity for professional mistresses to do some good. Also to speak out and clearly discern professional massage from massage and professional sex workers. Sex workers exist because of the demand. It is a shame that legislators make their jobs a crime. Think of how much better for society if all sex workers weren't made to be criminals.

  118. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Sarah probably knew about Todd's dalliances for years. They are just like the Clintons, open marriage, act like a loving couple for public consumption. This won't hurt Sarah but it does put a refrigerator sized dent into the perfect marriage image they want everyone to see. "Divorce Todd, Dang have you seen Todd?"-Sarah Palin, in America By Heart.

  119. Anonymous7:41 AM

    @ 7:02: "So, maybe it IS true about the name change. Bristol changed Tripp's last name to Palin because he IS a Palin. Maybe Sarah agreed to pretend that Trig was hers instead of Bristol's baby ... then found out Ms. Tripp was about to have another little Palin. They gave that one to Bristol. Could it possibly be that convoluted?"

    Yeah, of course it could be that convoluted in Palin's dipsy-doodle world.

    They are remarkably casual with the lives of their children, almost from conception, it seems. Pack them off to relatives, consider aborting them (perhaps actually aborting them), risk their lives on a long plane flight, expose them to public scrutiny, educate them poorly, fail to protect them from teen hazards like drug use and pregnancy, and deny them the steady presence and comfort of a mother. That the Palins are adored by even one person in this world is truly astounding.

  120. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Anon about memory is different. This stuff DID come out during the campaign, remember Gennifer Flowers?

    but he was a great president and there is no comparison

  121. Anonymous7:45 AM

    not muddle things but awhile back, on fb, levi did write a status that said "i miss my babies"

    he couldve been talking about sonny and tripp as hes out of town a lot but...

  122. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Is this the reason she didn't sign up for another series of "SP Sees Alaska for the First Time"? I heard that she wanted more money, then suddenly the negotiations stopped and it wa announced there would not be a second series.

    This certainly puts a stop to her lying about the wonderful Palin family and their "family values," which was the basis for her personna. Do you think that because she is so self-absorbed, she didn't have a clue, or just didn't care? I never believed there was a lot of affection there for Todd or even for her children. They were just the subjects of some "lines" she like to throw out for her base to make them think they were some sort of "perfect" family.

  123. Enjay in E MT7:53 AM

    Perhaps there will be another Tripp name change in the near future....

    And yes - SP will wear the cloak of a wronged woman now. (But she won't want her grandson named as a daily reminder!)

  124. erica from dallas7:56 AM

    Sarah is finally getting vetted!
    Blackmail is a serious problem when you are in a powerful position.
    She seems to have way to many secrets.

  125. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Another poetic aspect of this is the destruction of Sarah Palin with President Obama never acknowledging her. Love it.

  126. Anonymous8:07 AM

    @6:36 am--congratulations! You win the First Troll of the Comments Award.

    Yes, she's perfectly capable of setting up a vulnerable young man. It's not a big secret that both she & Bristol lied under oath re: the so-called "hacking" of her private email account.

    I'm just curious about what else the FBI found out when they investigated the father's complaint. There are still a LOT of Republican lifers in there and I would not be surprised if they didn't hotfoot it straight to TurdBlossom himself.

    As for the hookers & Todd, oh yeah. Can't really blame him, but it would explain her provocative choice of wardrobe. Just puzzled as to whether she was trying to compete with the hookers, one up the hookers, or if those boots were another "in kind" gift.

    And for the record re: Ms. Tripp's looks--most hookers look like they've been rode hard & put up wet because THEY HAVE. I used to work in social services & met a fair number of them. Don't let those billboards for Gentlemen's Clubs fool you. Like they say around here, all cats are black in the dark.

  127. Anonymous8:08 AM

    For those of you who think this is nothing, or don't believe it or think it will make people feel bad for Sarah, YOU ARE VERY WRONG! This is article 1 and so much more will be coming your heads will be spinning.

    The best part? Uncle Gryphen has been right all along. And despite the physical threats and outright slander from some of the Palins and Palinbots he persevered. He did this for one reason and that is that the American people DESERVE to know the truth about any candidate or elected official. And since they lie so much and protect their own, and because most of the MSM sucks and only care about ratings, not truth , ordinary citizens like Jesse Griffin deserve our thanks. To the media, remember this because you are weak greedy fools just like Sarah and other "celebrities and politicians like her." These people along with the top 2% rich are taking over and destroying our country! Repeal healthcare reform?? Fuck you! Lie and say there are death panels or that this is a government take over." Fuck you !! Stop the lies and tell the truth. In health care, the truth is that the GOP and others ONLY care about keeping insurance companies profitable, period!! All else is lies and bullshit!
    But I digress, we owe thanks to Gryphen and others who stood up and told the truth. And to those who thought we were insane tin foil hat awarded for pushing babygate, fuck you. Even some our own turned against us as God forbid it might effect their reputations. GRYPHEN and a few others like Andrew Sullivan took the heat and put their reputations on the line because the truth is more important then covering your own ass. Do you think the ADN doesn't know the truth . Assholes!

    So skeptics and believers, sit back and enjoy the ride. Remember this is just revelation #1.

  128. Anonymous8:09 AM

    @anon: 6:41: Interesting thoughts: I hope you are right.

  129. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Normally, a story from the National Enquirer shouldn't have anything to do with a politician's qualificaitons for office. Except for John Edwards. And, now, Todd.

    The reason that Todd is an issue for Sarah is because her qualifications consist of being the mayor of a small town (hiring a city manager to do the job she couldn't do, and left the town in debt). She served half her term as governor. She defines herself with her family. She uses them as props, as her qualificaitons as a common sense, conservaitve grizzly mama bear. Well, to be the mama, there had to have been a papa, and Todd was painted as the fisherman, snow machine, airplane flying, boat, and fence builder kind of guy. We also saw him intimidate his former brother-in-law, Monagan, a school teacher from Homer, a photographer in the Valdez airport. He's one tough hombre, and he served as Sarah's Shadow Governor (and First Dude).

    Other politicians have not used their spouse as their credentials for office. So, if Sarah held up Todd as part of the happy Palin Family Picture, and behind the scenes he is seeing some one else, that picture has some smudges on it. Sarah can play the victim, but she won't be able to play that Family card any more.

  130. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Can't wait to see what comes next! Hopefully it's more damaging where $carah isn't a victim.....does it have to do with finances and the possible upcoming banking info from Wikileaks?

  131. Anonymous8:15 AM

    "The National Enquirer. I'm not linking because I have no way to confirm the story. It's on the newsstands. Like all Palin stories, there's some bizarre coincidences. What are the odds that Bristol's and Levi's baby, Tripp, would have as his first name the last name of what the Enquirer alleges was Todd Palin's indiscretion?"

  132. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Hey Gryphen. You were quoted big time in the NE piece. There is a picture of the story on Alaska WTF that shows your quote.

  133. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Wait a second. Isn't one of her dysfunctional children named Tripp? Weird coincidence or what?

  134. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Anon 6:36- you doubt because you are a Palinbot. And when it all comes out, you and the other fruit loops at C for P will feel depressed, lied too and fools. Because you have been played suckers. You have been lied to and had your money stolen. Those who can't see it still at the end, truly need help because it will mean you'd delusions are of a psychiatric nature. Put your seat belts on and open your eyes and ears, listen and watch, and perhaps you will finally see the real Sarah, who is NOTHING like you think she is. She is a fraud, a narcisstic user and abuser who trusts no one, listens to no one, and does everything for herself even at the expense of her children.
    Palinbots: remember this.

  135. Anonymous8:18 AM

    This is off topic, but I haven't seen anyone reporting Tea Bagger favorite, Nikki Haley having given out huge raises on her first day in office.

  136. Lisabeth8:22 AM

    Gryphen, I know you didn't say that. But you did comment on a commenters remark that Trig was Tripp before he was Trig? You said something that indicated that commenter was right on track and you said something about two Trigs.

    Question? Do you think babygate has anything to do with this woman with the last name Tripp?? Or do you not know or think not. I just hate for everyone here to fixate on the wrong thing! It might make us look crazy and take away from real facts and story. So please please would you answer this? Thanks

  137. Anonymous8:26 AM

    So the rhetorical question: If Sarah is so smoking HOT, why does her husband have turn to other women for gratification?

  138. London Bridges8:26 AM

    The marketing of Sarah Palin:

  139. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Might also explain why Sarah thinks all men are pervs. I'm sure the girls know it, too.

  140. Anonymous8:27 AM

    SARAH Palin’s husband has been having an affair!!!!

    According to a bombshell report from American tabloid the National Enquirer, Todd Palin has been bumping uglies with a a female massage therapist who was busted for prostitution!

  141. honeybabe8:31 AM

    so....perhaps the next book to be published will be by our now famous massage therapist. bet LOTS of people will buy it. i am looking forward to other insider books about palin too.

  142. Anonymous8:37 AM

    GenieO .. The same thing cross my mind regarding Karl Rove! I was anticipating that he would reach out and touch $aint $arah just to remind her who has the bigger cajonnes. Bwahahaha ... karma

  143. Anonymous8:38 AM

    The NE quotes IM....Cool! Good for you! -E

  144. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Anonymous said...

    I watched Todd, tanned and shirtless,

    Shirtless, yes. Tanned? You know she was lying.

    6:31 AM

    Tanning bed in stalled at great taxpayer expense in the governor's manse - remember? You know there's also one in the compound, of course.

  145. Anonymous8:47 AM

    What a good use of SarahPAC funds - putting our locals to work.

  146. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Todd was the real governor of AK (a.k.a. "Shadow Governor, AIP"). He was cc'd on so many of her official e-mails. So if the real gov was out sleeping with prostitutes before he was elected....

  147. I’m looking forward to what’s in the NE print edition. I don’t trust the NE when it’s reporting a rumor, which is all that’s mentioned in the online story; but, when they report a story as fact, they’re trustworthy.

    IMPORTANT: Sarah Palin, herself, validated the National Enquirer in SPAK, Episode 6.

    13:16 - “I feel sorry for my kids ‘cause some of their mistakes are played out on the front page of the National Enquirer...which really SUCKS for them.”

    Any chance you edit the video down to add a clip of this statement to the post?

    There’s another potentially interesting clip in the making at 10:43...though it would be taken out of context. Sarah says, “...just the tip of the iceberg”.

  148. Anonymous8:53 AM

    So if Sarah finally dumps Todd, he could make a bundle writing his own book. Now that's Juicy.

  149. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Those Hawaii pics of Tawds shirtless body show an incredibly pasty,doughy body below the neck.All tans stop at the shirt line.

  150. Anonymous9:02 AM

    This is an interesting comment on Alaska WTF site:

    Anonymous said...
    Mem's Political Scrapbook has the info correct: Track is the local dentist's son who died in an airplane crash. Sarah was pregnant with another man's child when she married Todd. Sarah had several affairs while married--and on her medical records, it states there was an abortion. Sarah tried to get the medical office where she went to call it a miscarriage and they refused. Todd's business partner and Sarah has an affair--and Sarah was to be named in the filing for divorce by his wife but she paid off Brad's wife not to be named--and the couple decided to work on their marriage and the business partnership was dissolved. Todd is the father of Trigg but Sarah is not the mother. That is why her staff in the Governor's Office said that she never looked pregnant except for the one month before he was born, and they thought it was padding being used to conceal a lie. It is correct about Track being sent to Michigan because of drug problems and problems with the law--and that is why he has nothing to do with his Mom now. Bristol was sent away to live with Aunt Heather Bruce because she was pregnant. Willow is no longer living at home. Todd refused to join Sarah on a lot of the activities shown on her Reality Show but her Dad and Chuck wanted to get the money coming their way, too. Todd will stay married as long as the money continues to come rolling in--but he lives a separate life from Sarah and enjoys his boats, planes, hangars, snow machines and ATV's and he schedules Bristol and Sarah to be gone quite often so he can come and go as he pleases. Once Sarah's political and speaking careers are over, Todd will be gone. All Sarah wants him to be is discreet. From watching the Reality Show, it was obvious that all of the Palin kids knew that they were just pretending to like Sarah.
    January 19, 2011 7:16 PM


  151. Anonymous9:12 AM

    @Anonymous said...So the rhetorical question: If Sarah is so smoking HOT, why does her husband have turn to other women for gratification?
    I was taking care of a homeless woman, who was getting back on her feet. She admitted to prostitution, and said all the men were married and sought these "services" because their wives were giving them zero affection.

  152. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Gryphen, I have always had the sneaking suspicion that SP herself added that comment about everyone "feeling sorry for Sarah".

    It is a very odd kink indeed, but if they can not have absolute power over another person, sociopaths want PITY.

    I think it is a S/M kind of thing; in their world people are either victims or victors.. friendship and equality are strange concepts for them.

  153. Anonymous9:14 AM

    I always was quite taken aback as to how incredibly nasty the right was toward Hillary Clinton's response to Bill Clinton's philandering. It surprised me as I thought forgiveness and keeping family together was the "family values" meme. But, no I was wrong — it was truly appalling the venom spewed toward Hillary from some of the right-wing women at my workplace. This is not good for Sarah Palin.

  154. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Whats most sickening about all of this is that Sarah Palin acts like she has superior family values than most of America, and that instead of adapting hers to the mainstream, she thinks that we should all adapt ours to be more like hers. I won't stand for it. Seeing her family values hypocrisy at its best is more proof to myself, and hopefully others like me, that I'm on the right track when it comes to parenting and marriage. I refuse to lower my standards to be on par with hers, because she has none.

  155. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Anonymous said...
    So the rhetorical question: If Sarah is so smoking HOT, why does her husband have turn to other women for gratification?

    8:26 AM

    What are you saying? If Sarah was as sexually active and kinky as Bristol, Todd would not be running around with hookers?

  156. Anonymous9:27 AM

    The fact that her last name is Tripp is just way too odd. There's got to be more to this story.

    Maybe this lady is the real baby mama for one of the Palin kids? It would be interesting to know what she was doing around the time Sarah sprouted a fake belly.

  157. Anonymous9:28 AM

    So the story is just the beginning and will be more sordid as it all comes to light per alaskawtf.

    Doubt very many are going to come to her aid because they might already be part of the story that hasn't come out yet.

    This story is everywhere I go today and it just got started. Heads are going to roll and phones are going to ring. What goes around comes around and karma is a bitch.

    Sarah has been tanking faster than a septic tank, I can smell the stetch of her from my front porch.

    Will she try to save herself and her family by shutting up, no she won't because she is stuck on stupid and so is her handlers.

  158. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Anon 7:34. I happen to be one of those that thinks that "Piper" is not Todd's kid. In fact, the only one I think might even be remotely his and hers is Willow.

    do the math. About the time Piper came about, Palin was affarring with Toddy's bus partner.

  159. Anonymous9:35 AM

    I try not to look at Todd because I find him repulsive. Shirtless Todd makes me think of the Hawaii pictures. That time they had to fly home to take care of Willow's $30,000 vandal at their friends house, Morlock.

    The rumor at that time was it was a sexual affair that Todd was involved in. Willow was striking out at Todd's lover. Does anyone remember how that went? Would Todd have use any of the Morlock women for sex?

    It has always been interesting how they have reacted or not in regard to the military career of Jeremy Morlock. Sarah, who claims so much love for the military doesn't give a rats ass about dealing with any problems that come up. I find it irresponsible that she does not acknowledge the tragedies and make a statement.

    She was forced mention "Tucson murders" in defense of her "blood libel" whining. She has never mentioned the tragic serial murders in Afghanistan. Is one of the guys on trial related to Bristol and Willow's friends and one of Todd's sex partners?

    Gryphen, do you recall the rumors and what you found out?

  160. Anonymous9:43 AM

    The NE also said Obama has had an affair. Not exactly a credible news source. Being right once or twice and full of shit 98% of the time doesn't make for any iceberg.

    If the Palins are denying it, it will go no where. Edwards admitted it, thats why it grew legs. A denial is all they need for this to go away.

    If this is it, and this is all the evidence there is, I am extremely dissapointed in the hype that was put into it.

    It has to be something they cannot deny for it to stick.

    Well, I am just dissapointed.

  161. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Deja vu, what a coincidence, as the mayor of Wasilla, Sarah Palin hired a city manager to do the job she was hired to do but couldn't.

    Sarah Palin, a mother with Christian family values could not handle the job of being a mother of a child and had to hire a nanny to take care of Trig.

    Sarah Palin, the wife of an Alaskan manly outdoorsman, hunter, fence builder, and a fisherman. Sarah could not handle her wifely duties and had to hire a prostitute to do the job Sarah could not do as a wife, as a woman.

    What's going to happen if Sarah becomes POTUS, who will she hire to do her job as the president? Will Sarah hire GED Bristol the DWTS Finalist?

  162. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Might be interesting to figure out the timing of Bristol's FB post (or was it MySpace?) about having to "play mother duck to that baby"? I'm sure my quote isn't has been a while.

    Nasty web Sarah's created for herself, huh?

  163. Anonymous9:47 AM

    This story is either one big nothing...becasue - does anybody really care if Todd was cheating? No. He was not and is not an elected official, and marital infidelity is no longer certain to destroy political careers in this country anyway.

    Or, this story is a precursor to spinning the babygate scandal to put Sarah Palin in the most sympathetic light possible.

    I suspect the truth is closer to option one, but hoping it's closer to option two.

    In any case, after reading the NE article, this is no different from the Brad Hansen allegations...these are allegations with zero named sources on record. That is to say, basically worthless in terms of hard reporting.

    To play this up as the scandal that will bring her down...well...I was really hoping you and WTF were right. But no, my hopes are seemingly dashed again.

    This is getting old, gents. Time for y'all to poop or get off the toilet.

    Also...wondering why you would hold off on this story for the NE in the first place? $? Something else?

    Really thin stuff here, sorry to say, and was hoping for a big scandal. This story wasn't what I was anticipatiing given the lead-in.

    I'll be watching for more, but this is just embarrassing stuff, nothing that will bring her down. If this is all ya got, well, it's less damaging than the self inflicted damage she has already done in the past two weeks by simply opening her mouth.


  164. So when Todd said he was running the Iron Dog he was really hiking the Appalachian Trail!

  165. FEDUP!!!9:59 AM

    A thought just occurred to me: Has anyone access to the Matsu hospital pages from 2008? If so, can you check if there was a birth for Shaila (sp?) Tripp?

  166. Anonymous10:00 AM

    re comment 6:09.

    I agree. And seeing how Holder et al handled that Mafia crew arrest today; they would want all their duckies lined up and evidence in order, and then WHAM.

  167. Anonymous10:02 AM

    This certainly provides more credibility to Levi for the Vanity Fair piece long ago. Unfortunately, he sold his soul to the devil and said he was fibbing while reenaged to the revirginated Bristol.

  168. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Here's proof of Tripp's conviction:|2

  169. Anonymous10:09 AM

    9:47am. At first I thought the same thing, but as the hours go by, I realize this is very important to Ms. Family Values. This also opens the floodgates to others coming forth for pay day, i.e. Tiger Woods! Republicans have no clue how far this will so will avoid her at all costs. It is doubtful that Fox will even allow her time until after the dust has completely settled.

    The fact that Van Flee took a midnight train to AZ is also very telling. The timing isn't coincidental, and this story isn't over.

    Laughing at the denial on the C4Pee site. Those who attacked Gryphen and Levi for their stories of Palin martial woes aren't attacking this time.

  170. Anonymous10:16 AM


    You guys backed trailer park hill billy queen Sarah Palin because she looked like the horny prostitute librarian with her 6 inch heels, beehive hairdo and prescription glasses. The ignoramus can’t even keep her man satisfied. Remember this, “The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence”.

    In Sarah Palin’s case,

    "The grass is always greener over the septic tank!"

  171. Now Sarah will be a single Mom just like Bristol! She can make a career on the speaking circuit telling middle-aged divorcees how to cope with suddenly being single and living on one income!

    Meanwhile, hell hath no fury like a Palinbot scorned...they will come after Todd with pitchforks drawn for cheating on their Queen. Todd will be mercilessly ridiculed and Sara will change her and her children's surnames to Heath.

    Todd moves to Hawaii with one of his mistresses and trades in his snowmachine for a surf board.

  172. Anonymous10:20 AM

    This reminds me: WHERE ARE PICTURES OF BRISTOL IN THE HOSPITAL BED, HOLDING TRIPP RIGHT AFTER BIRTH??? We have seen one picture of LEVI holding Tripp (?) in the hospital, but that is all. Remember, neither Levi nor Mercede were there during the birth - they were being kept away by the Palins. Also, too, NO PICTURES (besides the Heaths' infamous one) of any family members, let alone Sarah, holding TRIG in the hospital...

  173. Anonymous10:21 AM

    That three day money bomb for Sarah may not be going very well at C4Pee!

  174. Anonymous10:26 AM

    9:47-over at AKWTF is this comment

    Anonymous said...

    At first glance even if it is true, this looks like a big floating turd the SS Palin will steer around. But maybe not. Maybe it is an iceburg turd.

    Sometimes it has been the case that political and government figures associated with prostitutes is not the end of the story.

    Elliot Spitzer's happy endings weren't the real story. Where the money came from was. It was his money- but there still was a problem.

    Sometimes your happy ending is a gift.

    Providing happy endings to those you want to influence is a well established form of payoff. Or Blackmail. Or both-honeypot.

    As the subject of this rumor mongering has never been elected to office, and has never been in a position to exert influence on the decisions of others in such a fashion to be able to pay back the happy endings; this most likely isn't the case here.

    Oh wait, what do the emails that have already been released show? WTF?

    Maybe it's a good thing the lid is still on the rest of the email. It is still on isn't it?
    January 19, 2011 11:52 AM

  175. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Hmmmm.... we have never seen a picture of bristol being highly pregnant. only always being supposedly somewhere around 6 or 7 months. never with a clearly round pregnancy belly.

  176. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I LOVE how the Palinbots come here to say this is nothing, they aren't impressed and blah blah blah.

    The palinbots are as sick as Sarah, seriously, what is wrong with them?

    Its obvious to anyone with a brain that all of this is true and that it does matter because it is just one more thing on top of many other things.

    Her approval rating is at an all time LOW PALINBOTS and it is NOT because the left HATES SARAH. It is so much more than that!

    Check out the palinbots going insane on twitter to discredit the left. POOR SARAH the Palinbots are morons and are actually part of Palin's downfall. They just don't see how they make her look even more the victim, but it isn't working anymore.

    They still call her GOVERNOR PALIN! Give me a break. SHE QUIT YOU BUTT HEADS! She walked out on a job and told LIES why she left. She signed an oath of office and people campaigned and gave money to her. Why do you think she is so unpopular in Alaska.

    The Palinbots are STUPID PEOPLE.

  177. Anonymous10:30 AM

    I have never visited the C4Pee site before so thought it might be enjoyable given the latest stories. I have never seen such a group of uninformed, absolutely clueless, koolaid drinkers. Read their comments...

  178. Anonymous10:31 AM

    So now Scarah will actually have a reason to display her underlying anger like she did in the Hannity show.

    This makes her a real victim and the bots will love it. This is not good.

  179. Anonymous10:31 AM

    LisanTX, thanks for posting that from Alaska WTF. I must have read that three times and I think it is very very likely true. So true that I emailed it to myself just in case it magically disappears.

  180. What a Toddry story. If all the rumors are correct he may have been involved in much more than just this one prostitute. I researched the underground sex trade in Alaska because one of the conmen involved in my case was frequenting teenage girls for prostitution services which he found on Craigslist. I found out a lot of these guys are the types who have sex with anyone, anytime, and anywhere. They have sex with males or females, meeting others who want the same or finding someone they can pay. This has gone on for a long time and law enforcement did nothing about it. I have nothing against any particular sexual preference, but they are having sex with teenagers. I also believe the guy I was researching was targeting married bi-sexual men so he could steal money from them and they would not report it. When I informed some law enforcement people about it their response was almost anger with a lot suspicion about how I found out what he was up to. When I told them it was all on Craigslist, they apparently knew nothing about the prostitution ads they had. I still have copies of his Craigslist ads he submitted for a prostitute. As far as I know they did nothing. Of course they did nothing about the crimes he committed against me either, other than covering up their own corruption and incompetence.

    @Sharon1943, I think your theory is very likely what has happened. It can't possibly be a coincidence that one of the babies is named Tripp. What kind of a idiot would name one of the babies Tripp when this kind of scandal was brewing under the surface. Strange.

  181. Anonymous10:39 AM

    “Sarah Palin recently told Barbara Walters that she currently is getting a feel for "the lay of the land" and that she will consider running for President in 2012 if she decides it is in the best interest of the United States and her family.”

    Well Sarah, while you are looking at the lay of the land, your man Tahhhddd has been looking at the “Lay of Wasilla” and it must have been good to him cuz he keeps on wandering back with your money.

  182. Anonymous10:42 AM

    So Todd is Bristol's biological dad. They both will screw anything walking or talking in Wasilla.

  183. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Hey Todd, you got one good thing going for you. It takes Sarah at least 5 shots to bring down a caribou that is just standing still.

    When you hear the first shot you know you will be okay for at least another 4 to 5 shots.

    How much is Sarah going to charge TLC to video tape this episode?

  184. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Hey Sarah, do you think President Obama would cheat on the First lady with a skank like Todd did to you?

  185. Reepicheep10:50 AM

    The Palins are going to have to change the Bristol son's name again. No more Johnston, and I can't imagine they would want to leave the name "Tripp" attached either.

  186. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Dumb shit, that's what you get. Instead of getting into other people's business and flying cross country in a lear jet with a sheet of cookies to give to other people's children. You should of stayed home, heated your oven and satisfied your man.
    - Michelle O.

  187. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Now this story could have a 'happy ending'.

  188. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Pathetic. THIS is the story? She'll survive this, because for once she really IS the victim. I don't feel sorry for her; she has brought most of her sorrow on herself, but the public will definitely sympathize with her betrayal. Pah!

  189. So Sarah agreed to adopt Shailey Tripp's baby, named him Trig, all because it was payback to Todd for raising another man's son all these years (Track).

    Trig is Todd's only son. Hell, Trig may be Todd's only child.

  190. Anonymous10:57 AM

    On Sarah Palin's Alaska, Sarah was out there cutting down a tree while a real woman was taking down Todd's wood, inch by inch.

  191. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Sarah Palin has no work ethics just like Bristol.

    Sarah should of been working on her Miss Alaska talent skills. If Sarah would of improved on her flute playing skills she would not be runner again to Miss Tripp of Wasilla.

  192. Anonymous11:13 AM

    So could Trig actually be Todd's & Tripp's baby?

    Once Tripp found she was carrying a Down's baby, I'm sure DNA tests were performed.

    Imagine the blackmail/extortion made back then! And, now that Tripp faces jail time, the truth comes out?

    Just wonderin' ....

    BTW, Bristol naming her own kid Tripp is very, very interesting! What a dig at her parents!

  193. Where is Facebook Lurker?11:14 AM

    Todd may not be the only one in legal hot water.

    Bristol has twice been involved with cyber stalking. Her account must be full of incriminating evidence. Is it possible that Facebook had to remove it due to complaints. Investigations?

    Dr. Laura is Palin friendly. She also has a gun loving military son that was investigated while he was serving in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. He could have been court-martialed if not for her contacts at the Pentagon. Her son did far worse criminal activity on MySpace. Dr. Laura knows how to get things covered up and protect conservative children who should be in jail.
    She went to Bill O'Reilly to do damage control about her son - images of rape, murder, torture, child molestation, and more -

    Bristol Sheeran Palin would be smart to go on Sirius radio with Dr. Laura and get out in front of her story. Dr. Laura could use the name recognition to attract more subscribers to Sirius.

    I believe it is more than a coincidence that Bristol's Facebook now looks like it has been shuttered.

  194. Anonymous11:14 AM

    I wonder if Piper is still looking for gold in Alaska?

    Hey Piper there's rumor that if you go to Lake Lucille, you'll find a gold wedding band that looks just like your mama's.

  195. Gasman11:14 AM

    " could be that Palin's 'window' is closing."


    Honey, that window done closed A LONG time ago.

    I think that when Palin quit as governor, she effectively ended what - even at that time - was the remote possibility she could be a viable candidate for POTUS. Sure, she still had the cousin humper vote wrapped up, but anybody with a brain could not accept her pathetic apologia for why she quit. Each time she tried to defend it she simply exposed her stupidity.

    Since then she has seemingly gone out of her way to step on every single rake in the lower 48, some multiple times.

    She is a self parodying incoherent buffoon whose vanity and hubris are nearly as expansive as her idiocy.

    I'm not sure how she will implode, but implode she will. I've got popcorn and bubbly for when she makes her final dramatic appearance on the national stage.

    As for the hooker, SNAP! As vain as Sarah is, it MUST be a huge slap in the face to have the Toad sleeping with someone so much less glamorous than Snowdrift Snooki. (No offense intended toward the hooker. As skanks go, she might be a very nice person.) Hey, if Palin can't even get a rise out of the Toad any longer, what chance does she have with the dirty old men of the GOP? And if she doesn't have THAT going for her any longer, her quiver is empty. "Can't reload. RETREAT!"

    Buh, bye, Sarah.

  196. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Connecting the dots
    Sarah agrees to take Shaileys baby in and call him hers to stop a scandal.She has to tell Bristol the truth because she would notice her mom suddenly pregnant.Bristol makes the comment on MySpace about "now I have to be a mother duck to that baby".Trig is born and Sarah rushes home to claim she is the mother.She names him Tri-G to rub it in Todds face.Bristol is sick and tired of the lies and having to care for her half brother,so when her baby is born she comes up with the name "Tripp" and names him
    as a reminder to her dad that she knows what a POS he is.

  197. Anonymous11:51 AM

    I stopped to pick up the NE at a big blue store earlier this morning. As I picked up the NE wondering if this was the right issue the checkout person said "if you are looking for the one with the Palin affair that one is not out yet"!

    It was the Jan 24 issue and it did not have the story. When is it avail?I live in a fairly conservative area-and this was a shock that others are already looking for this.

    I think this needs to be bought ASAP- could be in short supply.
    I also know that there are some that would buy up all the issues just to keep them out of circulation.

    Maybe some media insider has a source that lets us know that the press run has been increased./s LOL

  198. Anonymous11:54 AM

    What was the non monetary $900.00 value donation made to Palin- Parnell 2006 by Shailey Tripp?

    Was it 'massage therapy' or computer related consulting? The records online at that link do not show what it was.

  199. Virginia Voter12:17 PM

    11:51, ANON:

    It is available now, I emailed the contents to Gryphen. I live in Northern VA, and picked it up at a local Walmart. Since the tabloids are serviced by outside vendors, they may not always get out on the checklanes right on time depending on the vendor's schedule. I also work in merchandising at big box stores, so I kinda get to know which stores will have the mags up early.

  200. ...I really believe this is just as much McCain's karma as Sarah Palin's. A nice neat circle of life. Well, not so neat.


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