Friday, February 11, 2011

ABC wants to know "Where's Sarah Palin?"

(Courtesy of ABC News.)

The question is not so much, "Where is she," but rather "Where does she go from here?"


  1. Heidi32:17 AM

    Gee, looks like a rollicking good time, doesn't it? (not) It seems that no one much cares that Her Heinous isn't there.

    Gryph - what are you doing?? Please put your bombshell post back up top. We've got 100's of links out to the major media outlets, and they'll want to see your Shailey Tripp interview as the lead story. It is HARDLY "old news"!

  2. Anonymous2:45 AM

    Sarah Who?

  3. What's with all the younger males who were interviewed? Gay much? At CPAC? The last woman interviewed calling Sarah "brilliant" almost made me sick.

    Where is Sarah Palin? I look forward to the day that the question will be: Sarah who?

  4. Anonymous3:39 AM

    Down the rabbit hole, goes Sarah.

  5. Anonymous3:40 AM

    Sarah "Taking the Wild Ride" again by fleecing the P-Bots. She wants all your money so she can pretend that she is so important and the Queen of Grifters.

  6. Anonymous3:53 AM

    "Sarah is on TV"



  7. Rural_Juror3:54 AM


    I love it. Even the die-hard Sarah kooks are starting to understand they have been taken for a ride.

  8. Anonymous4:00 AM

    ouch, that's gotta hurt. When she's lost the old lady vote, she's toast.

  9. Anonymous4:02 AM

    Don't believe Sara will ever run for any office again, she can make more money grifting and using her PAC to launder money to come back to her family.

    She has no intelligence level to handle a day to day job and is so thin-skinned that she can't take any criticism.

    Sarah and Bristol will both just grift for money. Bristol is way lacking in social skills and intelligence, she is actually more stunted than Sarah.

    Both will try to stay in the spotlight and make further asses of themselves, in order to get people to give them their hard-owned money. They appear to both be masters at con jobs.

  10. WakeUpAmerica4:15 AM

    Sarah is hospitalized in an ICU at the moment and being treated for the dreaded political foot and mouth disease. The prognosis is grim.

  11. Anonymous4:18 AM

    Here she is!

  12. Anonymous4:19 AM

    OK, color me out of the loop, but I never knew that Sarah had tangled with Joe McGinnis before the infamous fence-building episode. I only became aware of Sarah Palin when the rest of the world did, the GOP Convention. And I was instantly NOT impressed. Now back to Joe...

    Seems that he busted open a story on her and the pipeline to nowhere back a few years ago.

    Now it makes more sense to me that she would overreact the way she did about him living next door and writing a book about her, because she KNEW how thorough and well-respected he was, and so she had to take him down in the eyes of the world, in a crude, sensationalized sort of way, since she realized the damage his credibility in writing about her would do to her. And as usual, she used her daughter as a shield/excuse.

    She's very pre-emptive in her damage control, but it's become so predicable, and obvious for anyone who has been watching her. She's been dissing the 'lamestream' media more vehemently lately, most likely knowing this story was about to break, so she's had to be especially vigilant about discrediting them as legitimate sources of information about her.

    ALL THE MORE REASON to realize that this story is in fact TRUE.

    I highly encourage you all to click the links and read the articles. I found them fascinating. And after reading Joe's work, I'm thrilled that I pre-ordered his book coming out in September about her, it's gonna be a doozy!

  13. Anonymous4:21 AM

    Q.1-Nowhere in sight.
    Q.2-Hopefully nowhere in sight.

  14. Anonymous4:23 AM

    Exclusive Interview with Shailey Tripp #2 this one is with Malia Litman:

    ...According to Shailey Tripp, she met Todd when she was working as a substitute teacher at the school one of the Palin children was attending. She confirmed the information reported by Jesse Gryphen of the Immoral Minority, and that the recording had not been doctored or altered in any way.

    Shailey stated that she had sex with Todd Palin and that he paid her in cash for her services. She indicated that she was aware of some type of distinct physical characteristic of Todd, that would not be generally known, but she was not willing to reveal what that might be. According to Shailey, she and Todd always used protection when having sex, and Todd provided it. She was confident that there were public records to confirm that they had such a relationship, but she did not have them in her possession at this time. Shailey no longer lives in Alaska, and she reported that her reason for moving was due, in part, to fear that her relationship with Todd Palin might result in a dangerous situation for her.

  15. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Hey for all those out there that have been getting an error message for AlaskaWTF, try this link, it worked for me and I've been unable to get into the site for days now. Somehow this link magically popped up and voila, I was in!

    Good luck!

  16. Anonymous4:32 AM

    Did you see Malia Litman's blog today? She confirms yesterday's IM interview.

  17. Anonymous5:00 AM

    Babygate or Child Endangerment? Sarah Palin’s Bizarre Pregnancy

    ...Why did Sarah Palin say she wasn’t pregnant in early 2008 when she gave birth just months later? Why would this self-proclaimed championed of the unborn lie about her pregnancy just so she could get the deluxe package at the spa? What does this say about how much Sarah Palin truly values the life of the unborn much less the potential health risks that her reckless behavior presented to the child that she was carrying?

  18. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Sorry, the last part of the address got cut off. Try this link if you've been having trouble getting into Alaskawtf

  19. Anonymous5:09 AM

    Where is Sarah Palin? Laughing all the way to the bank.

  20. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Sarah up to her old panhandling tricks while dialing for dollars for SarahPac.

  21. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Statement under video imbed:
    The question is not so much, "Where is she," but rather "Where does she go from here?"

    I have to disagree with you Gryphen.

    The question is not so much, "Where is she," but rather "WHO THE HELL CARES WHERE SHE IS !?!"

    Maybe she is out behind the woodshed with Tawd, taking him to task for his late night indiscretions.

  22. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Where does Sarah go from here? Well, to jail would be the plan.

  23. angela5:34 AM

    Interesting mix at CPAC. . . . .
    They don't seem to be missing the birthday girl.

  24. ...studying 4 prez won't help, but she will 'perform' to the regular standard, there-by winning in the teapublicians view. Then reality-hell, POTUS wins!

  25. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Happy Birthday, Sarah! Surpriiiiise!

  26. Anonymous6:12 AM

    If she is brilliant, than why Not the presidency.

    Did not get a lot of warm fuzzies from that interview.
    Wonder if she should have gone to shown them her "brilliance" or she was smart to stay home so she would not have shown them her shallowness and ineptitude?

  27. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Anon @ 5:09 am "Where is Sarah Palin? Laughing all the way to the bank."

    So what. She's still a skank, stinks like a skunk and is totally repulsive.

  28. Anonymous6:53 AM

    She is curled up in the fetal position, wrapped up in the American flag, rocking herself into oblivion, and muttering incoherently.

  29. Anonymous7:04 AM

    I'm thinking "Hell."

  30. Gasman7:18 AM

    Great still pic at the head of the ABC video. I just got into a spat a couple of days ago with a teabagger who was mighty pissed that people like me continue to use the term "teabagger." I told him that as long as his cohorts keep wearing tea bags, I'm going to keep using the term.

    The woman interviewed at 00:16 is exhibit A. Every single gathering of teabaggers still has an abundance of such folks. The name is here to stay.

  31. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Few CPAC Attendees Protest Sarah Palin's Absence

    Here are the quotes from this video:

  32. I want to correct an earlier post: I did not mean to disparage gays by pointing out what I thought to be a trend in the young men interviewed at the CPAC convention. What astounds me is that any GLT would be a member of this group. Or any minority for that matter. CPAC really represents only white folks. That is all. Anyone else who is allowed to be part of CPAC is merely window dressing or a token. I did notice that there were few people milling around the display area at the convention. It is too bad that Sarah wasn't in attendance. They would have given her a much better birthday than she's probably having right now.

  33. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Palin is a fake!

    Fake Palin shows up at CPAC, confusing some onlookers


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