Thursday, February 10, 2011

Here is the transcript of my interview with Shailey Tripp.

Transcript of Interview with Shailey Tripp
Originally published on Immoral Minority Blog – Feb 10, 2011
(The PDF can be found here.)

JG: Hi Shailey, how you doing?

Shailey: Hi, good.

JG: And for uh, for um, for this interview could you go ahead and state your full name for me?

Shailey: Yes. It’s Shailey Tripp.

JG: OK, thank you very much and, and by the way thank you very much for your time. We really appreciate that you’re taking the time to answer some questions for me. According to the National Enquirer you had a relationship with Todd Palin. Is this an accurate statement?

Shailey: Yes, that is correct.

JG: Mm, hmm. And was this relationship sexual in nature?

Shailey: Um, yes it was.

JG: And about how long did this last?

Shailey: It started probably in early 2007 until um, about the end, December of 2009.

JG: OK, and during that time, during that time or after that time even did you ever have a chance to meet Sarah Palin, the governor?

Shailey: I did. Um, I had formerly met her at a place that I had worked at.

JG: Uh huh. And can you describe how that encounter took place?

Shailey: Um one, one day when I went to that particular work to pick up a paycheck, um, the massage therapist that would have worked that day didn’t show up and basically they just asked if I wanted to make some extra money that day and if I would have time to give a massage. And I said yes and um, I had, had no clue who it was or anything like that until I had walked into the room and that’s, that’s how I met Sarah Palin. I had gave her a massage once, just one time.

JG: Now this place is the All About You Spa and uh I went there to see what the, what the criteria were and there were some health screening paperwork they had available there for their clients. Do you know whether or not Sarah Palin had to fill out the same kind of paperwork?

Shailey: Yes, she definitely would have had to fill out that same paperwork.

JG: So all the questions on there she would have had to filled out including when was her last period, whether or not she was pregnant, whether she was receiving any kind of medications and, and so on and forth. Correct?

Shailey: That is correct.

JG: Mmm hmm..

Shailey: And the same things to get a massage…so she would have had to have that paperwork filled out prior to getting a massage.

JG: So you would have seen that paperwork before you gave the massage.

Shailey: Yes. During what I typically…what I typically do is just go in meet the person before I do anything to that person, ask them a few questions, go out of the room. If I think they had medical things I needed to look over or if the doctor would had flagged the chart I would have taken a few minutes to wash my hands, read the chart and then go back in the room.

JG: OK, did you as her any questions before you began the massage?

Shailey: Um, I did. I always ask every patient, especially a female patient three questions before I begin the massage. Her chart wasn’t flagged, so I didn’t really look over the notes in detail for what was going on with her but I did ask her if she was pregnant, I asked her if she was on any blood thinners, I asked her if she thought there was anything I should know about her health before I began the massage.

JG: When you asked if she was pregnant, what was her response?

Shailey: She said, “No.”

JG: She said no. And, um..I’m sorry, I don’t think I asked you this question. When did this, um, massage take place?

Shailey: Um, I want to say that it happened in the end of February, early March of 2008 but it definitely happened between January and the beginning of March of 2008.

JG: So some time in that, that time period. OK.

Shailey: Yeah.

JG: OK, so…So you asked that question and she said, “No.”

Shailey: That’s right. Yeah.

JG: OK. Now, during the massage, what was the state of her, of her, of her.. (laugh) I mean, how much was she wearing during the massage, I should say?

Shailey: Um, well, usually, most women keep their underwear on and cover up with a blanket. In this case she would have covered up with, uh, she was covered up with a sheet and like a thicker blanket. Um, the way I remember it was that she just had her underwear on and I know that because when I came back into the room to give her the massage she was lying facedown, which means your head is in a face cradle looking down and, you know, you’re laying on your stomach and, um, I began the massage on her neck and upper back. Um, and I remember that because I remember that being a complaint of hers was that her neck was really hurting.

JG: Her neck was really hurting… Now was she laying, um facedown on the, on the table?

Shailey: Correct, yeah.

JG: She was. OK. Now you know, if you gave a massage in either January or February, she would have been about, from what we understand, five to six months pregnant? Maybe seven months pregnant? Did she appear to be pregnant…

Shailey: …(inaudible)

JG: …to you when you looked at her?

Shailey: No, she didn’t appear to be pregnant and I had no reason to think that she was pregnant.

JG: No reason whatsoever?

Shailey: No, not at all.

JG: Have you ever, or had you at that time ever given a massage to women who were pregnant?

Shailey: Yeah, several.

JG: Several. And is there a different procedure you go through? A different approach that happens when a woman’s pregnant?

Shailey: Yeah, it’s really, really different. Um…Where you touch them, how you touch them, um, even the way they lie down. They would never lay on their back, I mean, on their stomach or straight on their back. You would, you would have special pillows. You would use a special massage table or you would prop them up a special way on their side…In some women’s cases they have to sit in a chair and receive a chair massage. It just depends on the woman and their pregnancy. But you wouldn’t lay them typically in a laid out position on their backs or on their stomachs.

JG: (inaudible) Um, when you massaged her, did you have, um did you give her a massage anywhere around her abdomen area?

Shailey: I did. Uh, that was another complaint. She just said that, um, her stomach was really sore and um, I didn’t do a firm massage and I wouldn’t have had the sheet or the blanket all the way off her chest where I could see her naked, but I would have pulled the paper blanket down and left the sheet kept on around her and then um, with light pressure rubbed her stomach.

JG: But you would have felt her entire stomach, abdomen area. Is that correct?

Shailey: That is correct.

JG: OK, I’m going to ask you to kind of make a judgment call here. While you were massaging her abdomen, was there anything about that that indicated to you that she might have a child, or have a fetus inside of her?

Shailey: No, nothing at all. I was just concerned because of how tender she was and I remember just letting the um, the nurse know after that I thought maybe she might have a urinary tract infection and had I let her know that too..

JG: Oh, really?

Shailey: Yeah, because she was, she was really tender. But her stomach wasn’t rounded or firm and there was no movement in her stomach at all to indicate that there was a baby in there. And I really…I was really, really shocked when she announced that she had had a baby a few months later.

JG: OK, a few months later, OK. Um, and was..were you the only one shocked in the office or was everyone pretty shocked?

Shailey: No (scoffs) the whole entire office was shocked and talked about it for a number of days and there were a lot of hurt feelings in the office and people were just really upset.

JG: Why were they upset?

Shailey: Um, I can’t speak for them but I just think they just felt a sense of betrayal by a patient and just shocked because no - nobody knew that they - that she - was pregnant and I think she just would have been treated in a very very different way, especially like, I’m the one that gave her a massage that time and um, I know she’d been seen for a few other procedures in the office and I just think everybody was concerned and, um…

JG: Were some of those procedures…

Shailey: I think more…

JG: I’m sorry. Go ahead.

Shailey: I just think more than anything people, people were just really, really shocked because they had no clue that she was pregnant.

JG: Now were there some procedures that took place, that took place in that spa that would not have been given to a woman who was pregnant?

Shailey: Yeah, there’s several, several things in the spa that would not have been done to somebody who was pregnant, or if they would have been done they would have been modified.

JG: Do you have, do you know for a fact if she that she might have had some of those treatments?

Shailey: I know for a fact she did but I can’t say what they were.

JG: Oh, I…yeah…

Shailey: I can just state that I gave her a massage because I’m the one that gave her the massage.

JG: I understand that. I understand that. Did she continue to to, um, to come there to that spa after ah, your massage? I mean, did she come for other procedures afterwards? Did she come for other massages afterwards?

Shailey: I believe she had another checkup…

JG: Uh, huh…

Shailey: …um, shortly after that, about two weeks after that. And then I don’t think she had come back to my knowledge I don’t think she had come back to the spa.

JG: OK, so around March or so…and she definitely - and she definitely did not come back again after she announced her pregnancy, is that correct?

Shailey: That’s correct.

JG: So her next visit would have been before she announced that she was pregnant.

Shailey: Right…

JG: And yet still, when she made the announcement, nobody in your office or nobody in that area, in that spa, had any idea that she was, uh, with child.

Shailey: No, nobody. Um, In fact, two people cried. They were that upset that they cried. They were really upset.

JG: Out of a feeling of betrayal or for fear that they might have done something to harm the fetus?

Shailey: Probably both. Probably more a feeling of a state of shock but also afraid that they could have hurt her or the baby.

JG: OK, that is very interesting information by the way. Um, let me ask you a question going back to the Todd Palin, uh, part of this. Um, how, how often would you say you and Todd got together for sex, altogether?

Shailey: Um, it’s hard to put a number on it. It’s not like a crazy number but um, I probably saw him about every other month, um, over the course of almost three, a full three years I’d say at least a minimum of twelve times.

JG: So twelve times, OK. OK, Shailey, I think that’s going to pretty much do it for us. And, and let me ask you another question…there is more information that you have at your disposal about um, Todd Palin and your, and your relationship with him and other things that happened is that not correct?

Shailey: That is correct, yes, and that is in a legal situation.

JG: Right. But you are hoping to get that story out.

Shailey: Yes. Definitely.

JG: Very good. OK. Well thank you very much for..oh and I’m sorry before I…and you do have documentation to back up much of what you are saying, is that also correct?

Shailey: That is correct. Yeah.

JG: OK, well thank you very much…

Shailey: …I have lots of copies…

JG: Go ahead.

Shailey: I’m sorry. I just was saying I have lots of copies to back up what I’m saying. So I don’t retain the only copies.

JG: OK, well thank you very much for your time Shailey. I really appreciate that.

Shailey: Thank you for calling. OK. Bye-bye.

For those who have not heard the audio of the interview here is the YouTube link as well.

P.S. People have been asking when the interview was conducted.  It was yesterday morning, February, 9 2011.  And yes I have the phone records to prove it.


  1. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Hey. question. Why does alaskawtf appear in your blogroll but doesnt materialize on the screen when clicked

  2. Anonymous2:28 PM has posted this story with the audio interview!

  3. You're the man Gryphen! Job well done!

  4. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Whew! Ok I've sent out over 651 emails pointing to your exclusive interview to ALL the major media outlets in the US as well as some foreign ones too. Since this morning there's Huffpo, Starcasm, Radar Online, ABC's The View - and I expect more to follow. I'm hoping to see you and/or Shailey being interviewed on TV soon and I hope you both make $$ for all this.
    Thanks for the transcript, links and keep up the good work. Let's see now...who else can I email?

    - Colleen

  5. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Didnt Shailey let her massage license lapse? I don't think HIPAA or anything else is scaring her. I still think this culd go the way of Monica Lewinsky though. That woman's career never recovered

  6. Anonymous2:36 PM

    While this is good for us, this is BAAAAD for Shailey in a professional manner

  7. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Theory time: Trig is Todd + another woman's. In post birth interviews, Todd was pretty active in shooting down rumors and he defended the wild ride and the pregnancy. Sarah never seemed to act ok with the situation. (if she had, wouldnt she have worn appropraite bellies to make it believable.) She definitely would NOT have skipped wearing padding all together. I think Todd is the mastermind behind EVERYTHING Palin. Troopergate was his bone to pick. He appears to have slight anger prblems (or reactionary problems ie valdez). We can guess his childhood/teen years were probably rough.

  8. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Now it really is no use guessing what really happened in late 07/08 regarding Sarah, Todd or Trig. It could be anything. I still don't think Sarah would fake a pregnancy unless covering for family or Todd made her. Todd seems to have the upperhand in many areas. He's basically running her political career which is ironic

  9. So, this lady doesn't seem too upset at the thought of evil and scary retaliation from the Palin compound. Could there be others like her? Or has she already tightened this story up legally?

    Hope it hits the bigtime, although currently the WGE is being upstaged by world events that actually have some meaning.

  10. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Awesome, amazing.

  11. Molly2:49 PM

    Thanks to whomever did the transcript.

    One boo-boo: I think where it says "her heart wasn't flagged", Shailey actually said "her chart wasn't flagged".

    The whole thing's more impressive in print!

  12. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Alaska Dispatch nice!!!

    minor correction: The pdf document is dated 2/11

    (Transcript of Interview with Shailey Tripp
    Originally published on Immoral Minority Blog – Feb 11, 2011)

    1. Anonymous1:36 PM

      Transcript of Interview with Shailey Tripp
      Originally published on Immoral Minority Blog – Feb 10, 2011

      ???????????? 2011

  13. Anonymous2:54 PM

    I like the fact that Ms. Tripp has 'copies' and it sounded like they have been maintained in 'different' places. I hope you've done backup too Gryph....and put your records somewhere besides your home. You know that many of us have saved the information too...from way, way back should it ever be needed.

  14. Anonymous2:55 PM

    colleen at 2:30 pm

    wow!!! you are awesome as well.


  15. Anonymous2:55 PM

    >>>>Whew! Ok I've sent out over 651 emails pointing to your exclusive interview to ALL the major media outlets in the US as well as some foreign ones too. Since this morning there's Huffpo, Starcasm, Radar Online, ABC's The View - and I expect more to follow...who else can I email?

    - Colleen

    Oh Colleen, you made MY day because I was wondering how to make that happen. THANK YOU SO MUCH! On behalf of all of us that are committed to getting this information to the world and stopping her cold, we offer you our deepest appreciation for your work.

  16. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I sure would love to hear from Levi on this matter....wonder if we ever will? Or, do the Palins have him strapped down?

  17. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I love that she made a point of saying others have copies of this information. A lot of us are concerned for her safety; she's obviously taking steps to protect herself.

  18. Anonymous3:06 PM

    I dont think this will bring them down. It's directly comparable to the Clinton/lewinsky affair and he was a sitting PRESIDENT that lied repeatedly about it. Where is he now? Where is SHE now?

    I don't even think babygate will bring her down anymore. People who feel they have no option but to fake a PG tend to be sympathized with rather than criticized heavily. Desperate Housewives taught us that. Yes she was a sitting Governor, but again, crazier shit has happened.

  19. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Go Colleen! Thank you on behalf of Americans and global citizens!

  20. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Hey Gryphen, please extend our thanks to the person who transcribed the interview. And if it was you...THANKS!

  21. Anonymous3:12 PM

    This should be sent to John McCain too!!! The asshole probably already knew it when Palin was vetted AFTER they picked her to run w/him.

  22. Anonymous3:14 PM

    I recommend that everyone take Gryphen's advice to visit Shailey's blog.

    You can get a better sense of who she is and what she's up against.

    She, too, has a handicapped child - and her post on how she and her son cope with the restrictions of using an adult-sized wheelchair for him are amazingly touching. She makes comments that a real mother would make on behalf of her handicapped child.

    No where have I ever, ever read Sarah making such insightful, caring comments about Trig.

    Shailey's two posts (the other is on warnings about shifty car dealerships and how she stood up for herself) give you insight into who she is: a savvy, strong woman whose hear is in the right place.

    Honestly, that wheelchair post should touch almost everyone's heart - it is so unselfconscious, honest and real.

  23. KatieAnnieOakley3:14 PM

    Make sure you send a link to the Associated Press. Most news organizations link to the AP...

  24. Anonymous3:16 PM

    I wonder if one is still protected under HIPAA if the information provided is *intentionally fraudulent*. Not inaccurate as in good faith effort... but intentional FRAUD.


  25. Anonymous3:21 PM

    I do believe that if people can be convinced that her Trig pregnancy was fake, it will turn off specific segments of her base: mothers of handicapped children and some evangelicals.

    Not every one of her followers are total fools; many have been taken in by Fox and her own PR machine. Good people who just trusted the wrong sources and did not have the skepticism the rest of us have had.

    Those who are not fanatical will not like discovering that they have been lied to after they've defended her for so long.

    If I were a member of the power brokers of the GOP who want her out of the picture, I would certainly use this opportunity to get this information the widest play and set people up to be interviewed who are deeply offended or disappointed in their idol.

    It may the GOP's best chance to do so, and will diminish her chances to harm them if she runs as a third-party candidate.

  26. Anonymous3:22 PM

    I hope legit news sources run with this, but I fear that unless others in the office come forward, this story and this woman are easily discredited. Be careful...I feel like you may be in over your head....way over.

  27. Molly3:24 PM

    "I dont think this will bring them down. It's directly comparable to the Clinton/lewinsky affair and he was a sitting PRESIDENT that lied repeatedly about it."; not even closely comparable.

  28. FEDUP!!!3:26 PM

    I agree with the poster on your first post on this: Make sure *YOU*, Gryphen, get a copy of the evidence from Ms. Tripp - otherwise, it might conveniently 'disappear' after she gets threatened/paid-off.

  29. Anonymous3:31 PM

    @3:06 - Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice--and he as the President. It was ridiculous, but it did stain his record. So why are you acting like nothing happened and there were no consequences? Our tax dollars were spent on that. In terms of Monica Lewinsky, I don't think she's exactly hiding.

    However, what Palin did is not the same thing as what Clinton did. What Palin did affected a baby--much worse than lying about an affair with an intern, IMO--and she lied to try to become the nation's VP.

    I strongly disagree with your premise about this having no ramifications for Palin, and I believe history will prove I am right. (And yes, I do work as a futurist, folks...)

  30. Anonymous3:31 PM

    An online spreadsheet for publisher HarperCollins viewed by The Associated Press on Thursday lists an "Untitled Bristol Palin Memoir" and shows that a planned release date of Aug. 16 has been moved up to June 21.

  31. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Well, Monica Lewinsky is now a private citizen, and what she did with Bill Clinton wasn't against the law for goodness sakes.

    Bill Clinton was impeached. He didn't have the option of running again, but I feel confident he would not have been re-elected. What he is doing now has no bearing on his affair with Monica Lewinsky, or rather his lying about the affair.

    We are talking about discrediting someone who wants to run for the Presidency. Completely different situation. And, yes, this story will have the ability to slow her way down, if not stop her completely.

    She lied about having a baby, she even pretended to be pregnant with special padding. Americans don't knowingly elect liars like that to the White House.

  32. Anonymous3:40 PM

    3:12 Exactly what I was thinking. Keep up the pressure on the wizened old man... if he even remembers picking her.

  33. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Radaronline's article about this should have been reviewed.

    Errors such as saying Shailey was "arrested in March of this year" when we are still in February is so careless and silly that it undermines the seriousness and point of the message.

  34. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Sarah Palin was treated by a massage therapist a few years back who not only claims to have had an affair with her husband Todd, but is also saying that Palin faked her most recent pregnancy with son Trig.

    According to a report from RadarOnline, Shailey Tripp is the name of the massage therapist who claims to have had a sexual relationship with Todd Palin, that allegedly lasted from early 2007 to late 2009. Todd Palin has vehemently denied those claims.

    Now Shailey Tripp claims she has a lot to say about the Palins--Sarah Palin specifically. In fact, she says there is no way Palin was pregnant when she was supposed to be carrying baby Trig.

    On what does Tripp base her claim? She says she provided several spa services to Sarah, and specifically asked her if she was pregnant at the time. She said Palin denied being pregnant and did not look the least bit pregnant. She also said Palin had "procedures" performed at the spa that a pregnant woman wouldn't have had, though she declined to say exactly what those procedures were.

    Some rumors have circulated in the past that Trig Palin was actually the son of one of the Palin's daughters, and that Palin and husband Todd chose to cover up the pregnancy and raise Trig as their own son. If that were the case then, why did they so openly broadcast the fact that daughter Bristol Palin was 17 and pregnant during Sarah's moment in the spotlight?

    Something smells foul in this whole scenario. Is Shailey Tripp a jilted lover? Could Todd Palin have had an affair with the woman and now she's out for Palin money? Or is the massage therapist simply an attention seeker who craves some acknowledgment from the media?

    Could Sarah Palin have really faked a pregnancy? Tripp claims to have proof that the date on which she asked Palin if she was pregnant coincided with what would have been the later stages of her pregnancy with Trig. Still nothing has been divulged about the "proof" and exactly what that proof may have been. (Are you seeing a bit of a pattern here?)

    What do you think of this latest media scandal for Sarah Palin and her family? Is it just the latest in a long line of embellishments or possible scandals that will likely follow this family for years to come? Or do you think there's more to the story?

  35. emrysa3:49 PM

    thanks again gryphen.

    I am amused by the uptick in comments that now say todd probably made her fake the pregnancy. now they're trying to absolve sarah of the blame. poor, innocent sarah, she would NEVER scheme to do such a thing, only todd would do something like that. hilarious.

  36. Anonymous3:50 PM

    By the way, Gryphen, thank you. To answer your question from the last thread: Yes, it was worth the wait. Glad I have donated to you.

  37. lets see how thick her skin is now.
    if toad didnt like g-man before, he is gonna flip his flippin' lid now!

    oh to be a set of antlers on the wall at the paylin trailer tonite!

    stay safe my cyber friend!

  38. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Awesome job and a big atta boy to you for all the people who complained you were all tease and no substance!

    OK, so why was Sarah's stomach so tender? From wearing the square pillows? from a uterine infection from an STD Todd gave her? from a recent abortion? What's the rest of the story on this...

  39. Just wondering....did the GOP pay Shailey a ton of money to get this story out now so that they don't have to bad mouth Sarah themselves in order to keep her from running for POTUS, which would be a sure win for President Obama? Hmmmmm

  40. meena3:57 PM

    CPAC! Where's Sarah Palin?

  41. Anonymous4:09 PM

    I hope you told her that you were recording her...

  42. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Palins' family values on display. Ouch.

  43. Heidi34:27 PM

    Gryphen FYI: Your "feedjit" is going wild - great! Scottsdale, Arizona in the house at 5:22 PM California time 2-10-11. Hee hee

  44. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Don't let this fucking story die. There won't be another better opportunity. Get on the huggpost and keep posting the story and references to it there until it starts getting through their censors. You bloggers have a couple of days at most. Don't let it slip away now.

    This has clinched it that Palin will never be a candidate for president. The rabid right Repubs will be shying away from her like she's got fleas even if this doesn't hit the MSM. She's too dangerous to place too many chips on nown. But that's not enough. She must be thoroughly destroyed!

  45. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Firedoglake has posted it

  46. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Either the Palins are too stupid to realize that a VEEP run would expose the pregnancy fakery


    the Palins faked the pregnancy to improve their chances of getting picked for the VEEP spot

    Either scenario is pyschotic and shot unfitness for high office.

  47. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Isn't it interesting that Ms. Tripp's name coincides with the name 'Tripp' provided Bristol and Levi's (if the child is really his) son? There has to be some connection to the two...just too weird!

  48. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Pretty sweet. Hopefully this draws all of the people WHO HAVE NO IDEA SARAH FAKED A PREGNANCY - square pillows, scarves and all. You rock.

  49. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Can't say this news surprises me. Could be that the Palins have finally Tripped up one too many times.

  50. London Bridges4:37 PM

    Palin and Santorum slug it out:

  51. Anonymous4:42 PM

    To Anon @ 4:09, telling her he was recording would have been polite, but not necessary under AK law.

  52. emrysa4:43 PM

    this is OT, but timely. did everyone see the story that kyl is retiring?

    does anyone wonder anymore why the palin's made such a public spectacle of bristol's move to arizona?

    let's go back to late last year... sarah's show tanks, her book tanks, her alaskan candidate LOST, she's being blamed for the r's not taking the senate, and polls show that she is done in alaska. all of these things do not bode well for sarah's dreams of being president. she needs more time to try and convince america that she's their gal. dreams of 2012 get pushed back to 2016, but she has to be able to continue to string people along and keep the grifting money coming in... she needs an elected office and it's clearly not going to happen in her beloved alassska.

    my theory is this: the palins were informed late last year that kyl would not be running again, and arizona has enough wingnuts (don't take offense, minority, look at your guvna & mccain) that she might be able to win an election in that state. have bristol move there and make a big public show of it. in 6 months, complain that you've got a broken heart, because your "only" grandson is living in another state and you never get to see him. so you've decided that you need to be there to watch him grow up (cause you're all about family and all that shit). there's sarah's perfect "out" for leaving alaska, she's giving up her beloved state because she loves her grandson soooo much. after she lives there for 6 months and it has become firmly embedded in people's minds that palin is now an arizonan, she runs for kyl's seat. and oh it will all seem so spontaneous, the general public will never guess that this plan was laid in late 2010.

    now of course there are some things that can happen that can foil this plan, and gryphen I'm glad you're working to make that happen. but after seeing today that kyl is retiring, I do believe this is their plan. bristols very public move makes complete sense. I personally don't believe she is living there, I think it's just all part of the scheme. the only acceptable way for sarah to up-and-leave the state she claims to love so much is to have an excuse that has to do with "family."

  53. Anonymous4:45 PM

    I'm sorry that the national news is only covering Egypt today. Sarah is lucky as hell again!

    But, hopefully, you are able to disburse more information about the Palins during the next few days, Gryph. Proof sources will assuredly be necessary in order for the national media to pick up this mess and lies as they relate to sister Sarah and Toad.

  54. Anonymous4:47 PM

    When all this is revealed and Sarah finally has to admit it, get ready for tears and drama the likes we've never seen. She will claim she had to fake the pregnancy to protect someone, although she won't admit she did it to cover for her daughter's baby unless there's hard evidence of that. In that case, the tears and indignation will be even greater. She will try to make herself out to be the ultimate martyr, the ultimate Grizzly Mama, etc. etc. ad nauseam.

    Unfortunately for Sarah Palin,she will get scorn from a lot of people and, yes, even sympathy from others, but she's done for the presidential race.

    Her house is a complete mess and she lied over and over and over again (when she could have easily told everyone it was a private matter and then actually keep it private instead of shoving her children and her pregnancy and her wild ride in everyone's faces).

    What I'm hoping for is that she brings down a whole bunch of the GOP with her.

  55. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Gryphen, you teased that it wasn't a coincidence that Tripp Johnston and Shailey Tripp share the same name.

    Please elaborate.
    Pretty please!

  56. Anonymous4:54 PM

    I do hope and pray that Shailey is going to be safe. Of all the people in Wasilla that know the truth,only one has the gumption courage and strength to stand tall point her finger and say:"YOU LIE TO THE PALIN"S"
    The palin family, the Heaths are such slippery souls, I feel they will slide out from under, unless someone else comes forward. So, people of Wasilla now, is your time to step forward and tell all you know.
    Now is the time to bring these lying thieving, scheming cheating lowlives down..

  57. @ anon 2:36.

    It was bad for her career the first time she had sex with a client. This is NOTHING.

  58. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Palin has had thousands of Bots defending her. Probably most of them have read or heard the Wild Ride story in Sarah's & Todd's own words. They've seen the photos. They've ignored and excused everything even Palin's mistakes about details including Trig's date of birth. I would think Bots would be very angry that she lied to them and they then defended her lies.

    It's not like she fooled everybody. Lots of us recognized the truth from the git-go but the Bots didn't.

    Todd obviously is complicit in this but I don't think the fake pregnancy is his doing. I don't think he controls Sarah. Sarah can't control Sarah.

    If it comes out that TriG is Bristol's child, then that might be the only thing that will create sympathy for Palin - brave, loving mother did it for her kid. But if love is the reason for a faked pregnancy and faked motherhood, then why did that same loving mother parade Bristol on stage in front of TV cameras and the world at the RNC and announce that the kid was knocked-up, 17 and not married? Bristol was humiliated and it showed on her face. Loving mothers don't do things like that.

    If Sarah covered for Bristol out of shame in Wasilla, then where was that shame at the RNC?

    McCain was considering her, Bill Kristol was pushing for her, Sarah had a shot at the brass ring. She knew what would get her the family values, pro-life vote. Sarah concocted a sloppy, ill-conceived hoax.

    No matter who's child TriG is, Sarah used atleast one baby - a DS baby - for campaign purposes and then to sell books. Damn that's bad. And she made her other children, family members and friends tell the same lies.

    No way does this compare to Bill Clinton or any other politician's scandal. No other woman has done this EVER. Sarah Palin is in a class all her own. Wonder what else she's afraid will get out??

    Sarah, it's too late to reload, just throw down all your "survey equipment" and run!


  59. Anonymous4:57 PM

    My thoughts on the baby: Sarah found out a baby was coming soon, maybe Todd was forced to confess he was fathering a child or Bristol went into premature labor, so Sarah had to scramble to cover up for a baby coming.

    The theory that she faked it for the VP pick doesn't work for me. I just don't see how she'd think that having a DS baby would make her a better candidate. She was in her 40's with 4 children, 3 teenagers, so how would that make her fabulous? Obviously she's used him for her personal gains since but I doubt she'd just decide to adopt a DS baby to increase her chances.

    Remember, shortly after her candidacy was announced they had to tell the public about Brisol being pregnant, so I think Sarah's faking was to cover for a real baby.

  60. Anonymous5:02 PM

    The difference between Pres Clinton and SP is the difference between him lying by saying "I did not have sex with that woman" and SP's long continued tortuous lies about Triggs birth.Bill C made one statement that he could conceivably justify to himself (the difference between oral sex and intercourse?) .SP has made many many statements embellishing and adding to and changing her original crazy lie.Seems easy for her.

  61. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Sorry that Mubarak is stealing your thunder a bit. Talk about an a$$. He and scara should get together and start their own country on Mars.

  62. Ripley in CT5:03 PM

    Oh I do hope she has pictures of Toad. Because if not, then it's her word against his. She'll lose that battle. She engaged in extremely unethical behavior. Still, I hope this stuff sticks on Mrs. Todd because it's freaking time.

  63. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Happy Birthday, Sarah, but you're actually the gift that keeps on giving. Your family secrets are getting exposed one by one. I don't know anyone as clueless as you. Shoulda woulda coulda blinked.

  64. Anonymous5:05 PM

    cue the bot saying "I was face down on the massage table when I was only 6 weeks away from giving birth to my 10 lb baby, 'cause I am petite, over-40 and have 2-9 previous children and 4,5 previous miscarriages. I have tight abs."

  65. Anonymous5:06 PM

    O/T More excellent news:

    Delivered final version of THE ROGUE: SEARCHING FOR THE REAL SARAH PALIN today. Pub date Sept. 20. Cover released next week.
    about 3 hours ago via web

  66. Anonymous5:14 PM

    You should put the audio on YouTube.

  67. evamarie5:16 PM

    Gryphen, you teased that it wasn't a coincidence that Tripp Johnston and Shailey Tripp share the same name.

    Please elaborate.
    Pretty please!

    Is the connection not Shailey but her husband? His name is Tripp too!

  68. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Guys! Check THIS out! It's awesome!!!

  69. Anonymous5:17 PM

    The family is way too close to Trig for him to not be blood

  70. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Well, it appears somebody was doinking Todd. Let's hear more about that. It's not like we thought Todd was doinking the quitter bitch. Whod wanna doink that nasty bitch?

  71. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Anon @ 3:39

    Like Sarah with her Japanese glasses, Monica went on to be a boon for a lipstick when she was interviewed as the notorious intern-lover of the POTUS.

    Monica went on to design hand-bags and lives a jet-setting life being invited by eccentric millionaires around the world to be an infamous house guest like Kato Kalin.

    People like the weird, the bizarre, the audacious. . .Sarah will always have doors open for her - just not the ones leading to the White House. LOL.

  72. Oh, please! The desperate blaming of Todd for Sarah's exploitation of Trig is so transparent and ineffective. Did you really mean to describe her as weak and easily manipulated?

    Sarah is responsible for her actions. Period.

  73. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Sarah Palin failed vulnerable children in Alaska

  74. Olivia5:24 PM

    Great job Mr. G! I have never doubted you.
    Another unanswered question...Trig was Tripp before he was Trig????

  75. Anonymous5:26 PM

    To the Palin Bots: No this is not all Todd'd doing. We all know that Herself will come out blaming him and everyone else - she is a professional victom - but it ain't going to fly.

  76. Anonymous5:27 PM

    I doubt Sarah's moving permanently. Renting for convenience, probably. "the south" is a popular destination for alaskans. I dont find it surprising that Bristol moved to a warmer climate. She had said that if she didnt have Tripp, shed be attending college somewhere warm. Sarah is currently in AK right now

  77. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Congrats, Gryphen!!!

    I have two questions:
    1. Why did she wait till now to speak up?

    2. Why did the National Enquirer step away from the story?

  78. Anonymous5:31 PM

    yeah for some reason I dont think Sarah or any family members knew anything about Shailey. Im pretty confident that there would have been no facebook rants or defenses from Bristol on dwts for her parents. I mean screwing a hooker 12ish times in 3 years is nothing compared to other stories. Sarah's way too cozy with Todd in private photos dating back years for her to know anything. But I must say, I dont think I could live with myself knowing I was still sleeping with a man who became a father "again" just years ago. Those convos (if there were words exchanged) were probably very interesting

  79. Anonymous5:33 PM


    Reading this, and thinking how audacious she was, the only thing I can think is that Sarah Palin really thought she was untouchable. And so far she has been. So far...

  80. Anonymous5:39 PM

    anon @ is on YouTube

  81. FloridaDem5:40 PM

    NOW the story has legs.

    Hopefully this will get things rolling.

    Regarding babygate, something needs clarification here. Pregnancy is 37 to 42 weeks. Sarah gave birth April 18, 2008, and claims he was 5 weeks premature. If he was, you add 5 weeks onto that date you get May 23rd. If you go by 37 weeks, that makes the pregnancy start Sept 7, 2007 and end May 23, 2008. Shailey can't remember the massage date. She says it's Jan to March. Hypothetically, I chose Jan 4th as the massage date. That would make Sarah's pregancy 17 weeks at the time of massage. That's a little over 4 months pregnant, early 2nd trimester.

    As far as the interview, it was good, but I was surprised that Tripp, as a professional who you described as being contracted out, especially one who writes poetry, blogs, is very detail-oriented... wouldn't keep records of her clients and sessions. At least for liability purposes, anyway.

    The most incriminating thing Tripp said is that she directly asked if she was pregnant and Sarah said no. The actual examination may actually work in Sarah's favor because Sarah complained of being "tender" in the abdomen and because of that, Tripp would have only lightly touched her. She wouldn't have given a deep tissue massage or have the ability to really feel her. (She wasn't even naked). As far as Tripp's comment about not feeling a baby moving, that's something that makes me feel confident in her knowledge of prenatal massage, because the fetus wouldn't necessarily move during the massage. Is Tripp even certified in prenatal?

    Why didn't the Enquirer want Tripp's story?

    At what month did Sarah go on record as knowing HERSELF that she was pregnant? Because if she didn't until after this date, then she could claim she didn't know at the time of the massage.

  82. Anonymous5:41 PM

    The suggestion that Mrs. Tood Palin pretended to be pregnant to cover for a a family members "child" is irrelevant. THe woman lied about being pregnant. She lied about having a Downs child. And then she used those lies to dupe the American public and fill her pocket book.

  83. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Quitter must believe all her negative press will just disappear when she announces her run for President. She'll be back in her red suit getting showered with adoration from her zombie followers and Fox ass kissers.

    Instead, when more and more of her secrets get revealed to prove that she's an opportunistic egomaniacal fraud, what will the Fall look like? Wish that was Sarah's reality show - chronicling her breakdown while her continues to destroy her family. Now, that's good TV.

  84. Anonymous5:43 PM

    sjk, go ahead and be an antler in the Palin trailer. Just make sure you are neither a refrigerator nor a canned good!

  85. Anonymous5:45 PM

    That was my question too. Why is she speaking up now? What/Who is behind it?

  86. Anonymous5:47 PM

    @4:57, are you slow? Sarah Palin's claim to fame is that she "walked the walk" and carried to term a baby with DS. Hello? She "chose life". She is the proud mother of a real, live DS child and (mainly) for that reason is the darling of the religious right. Get it? It's not complicated.

  87. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Gryphen, you should put "Sarah Palin" and "Todd Palin" in the description of your YouTube post so it comes up when people search on those names.

  88. Rural_Juror5:51 PM

    I wish people would please stop calling Shailey a hooker. It's entirely possible (and probable) that the prostitution charges were something cooked up by the Palin Mafia to keep her quiet.

    Not that I know any...but she sure doesn't sound like a working girl to me!

  89. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Hmmm, where's the bots with all the prego Palin pics?

  90. Anonymous6:07 PM

    @4:43 p.m.

    The only problem with a 2016 run is that $carah will be 53 then. And she's looking as if she's not aging gracefully at all. Now, nothing at all against any older woman running for office-if what they are and have been running on is brains - Hillary, Snowe, Collins, can be viable candidates into their 8o's. But when what someone who has no brains and a nasty personality and ONLY sex appeal as a vote getter hits that wall - it's over - stale bread, sour milk etc.

  91. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Hmmmmm.....wonder what other information is tied up legally? THAT sounds like the real stuff.

    Great job Gryphen!

  92. Anonymous6:39 PM

    To Anon, 5:40

    Didn't Shailey say in the interview that she had previously given prenatal massages? Also, Trig's due date was May 18, I believe. I recall him being born exactly one month early, which would make it April 18. Also, too, didn't Sarah talk about having an amniocentesis at about 9 or 12 weeks or so in Going Rogue? I recall that as well, so if that is the case, she would've known for sure that she was expecting by that point in her pregnancy.

  93. emrysa, that sounds just about right. Something the thieving, scheming Palins would do.

  94. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Jesse Gryphen’s Palin Pregnancy Bombshell – Shailey Tripp Interview – Updated

    I’m still agnostic on the subject of whether or not Trig is Palin’s birth son. I lean slightly toward the school of thought that feels she gave birth to this special needs child at the conclusion of series of wildly irresponsible acts, any one of which might have killed the fetus, the mom or both. In the chapter of his book, Bloggers on the Bus, devoted to Alaska bloggers and the 2008 election, Eric Boehlert credits me and others with having gone the responsible route, and concentrating on Palin rather than on her family and the Trig birth rumors. Since publication, I’ve written Eric, declaring that I’m no longer as sure as I once was.

  95. I wish Vanity Fair would do an intensive on this. They do not pull punches...ever.

  96. Anonymous6:54 PM

    About Clinton vs. Palin lies. Many adulterers lie about it. Yes, it's horrible but not unsurprising. But what kind of person in Palin's position and with her level of visibility would have been willing to fake a pregnancy in full view of the cameras? Only a sociopath. Just like John Edwards getting his aide to claim his child, only even more brazen. If it is conclusively proven that Palin faked her pregnancy with Trig, no way will she be able to recover.

  97. Anonymous6:55 PM

    $P can't run for ANYTHING-- not with this big scandal. Did she know about her husband's affair w/Shailey while she ran around the country campaigning w/McCain? She's not coming out and fighting this rumor, either. Where's Sarah? Coward.

  98. @Rural Juror - You are correct, Tripp was arrested for operating a house of prostitution, Kashawn Thomas was the person who was charged with practicing prostitution.

  99. FloridaDem

    Sarah knew in December 2007 that she was pregnant with a DS baby. According to HER.

    [The doctor's announcement in December, when Palin was four months pregnant, presented her with a possible life- and career-changing development.

    "I've never had problems with my other pregnancies, so I was shocked," said Palin.
    "It took a while to open up the book that the doctor gave me about children with Down syndrome, and a while to log on to the Web site and start reading facts about the situation."]

  100. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Sorry, not Anon 5:40, but in response to FloridaDem, from up above :)

  101. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Wow 4.43PM nailed it.

    You just entered my brains. Your theory makes a lot of sense, and that is what I thought about Palin's move to Arizona. She was very quiet in Dec. She must have know the Shailey Tripp ice Berg was coming.
    Alaska is sour grape, so Arizon is easy win for her.

    Wow. We shall follow this scaum bug were ever she moves to.

  102. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Brillow (Brisket + Willow) aren't the only ones who could have a child so I'm throwing this into the stirring pot. What if Track was a father?? He sure lays low. Is he in the basement googling stuff for Sarah & RAM? Does he wear pajamas?

  103. Anonymous7:03 PM

    hate to burst your bubble but Sarahs claim to fame is not Trig. She was garnering national attention before the PG announcement as well as numerous national tv invites. Her claim to fame was being the hottest female Gov of the biggest, most manly state.

  104. Anonymous7:03 PM

    I meant 4.45PM made a lot of sense with the Palin move to AR not 2.43PM

  105. Ripley in CT "It was bad for her career the first time she had sex with a client. This is NOTHING."

    Where did it say that Todd was Shaily's client? Not seeing it anywhere.

  106. emrysa7:05 PM

    @ 6:07 pm:

    I agree about her age/looks but they're not thinking about that.

    they're thinking about how to keep sarah relevant for another 4-5 years.

  107. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Duh.. typing in the dark.

    4.43PM made sense... Sorry guys

  108. onething7:05 PM


    Sarah is on record as having found out that her baby was Down's the previous December, and I believe she is on record as knowing of the pregnancy even earlier.

  109. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Great job! Absolutely fantastic...I hope mainstream media starts taking this story seriously.

  110. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Shailey Tripp said "Shailey: It (her whatever with Todd) started probably in early 2007 until um, about the end, December of 2009."

    Wasn't Tripp Johnston born about the end of December, 2009? And they named him Tripp! 3 or so months later, Shailey gets busted?

    Can't help but wonder if Shailey ended it? Or Todd ended it? Or did Sarah find out and end it? So many questions. $5 says Gryphen's got the answers.

    If there's no story behind Bristol & Levi naming the baby Tripp, it sure is a wild coincidence. But Sarah says she doesn't believe in coincidences.


  111. Martha7:15 PM

    Off-topic, re Sarah's barb to Rick Santorum. She says she won't call him a "knuckle-dragging Neanderthal," but his wife should. Neanderthals walked upright. Here's one pic:

  112. Anonymous7:15 PM

    anon@2:27 About AlaskaWTF, are you using a Mac by any chance? I can't access it on my Mac (404 error), but I can bring it up on my iPhone and on my work PC. go figure.

  113. Anonymous7:19 PM

    I believe her. The story about the workers
    crying when they found out Palin had been
    pregnant, worrying that what she'd had done
    had hurt him, who would think to make up
    something like that?

    I'd been in the minority who thought Palin
    had given birth to Trig, but was hoping he'd
    be stillborn from neglect...

  114. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Clinton was subjected to impeachment proceedings. He wasn't actually impeached.

  115. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Yep, just like the cover says...

  116. Anonymous7:26 PM

    OT. Sarah interviewed by some Fox Pundit, Judge Napolitano, tonight.

  117. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Instead of depending on Colleen to send copies of this -- we should ALL send links. The more often the news organizations hear about something from readers/viewers, the more likely they are to act. One could be considered a crackpot. A thousand carries weight!

    And, THANK YOU Colleen for the work you've already done. Do you have any tips for us as we follow in your footsteps?

  118. Anonymous7:30 PM

    So how many kids does Bristol (future POTUS) has or had?

    Is Tri-G Bristol's child or Todd's child? Who was Sarah covering for?

  119. Anonymous7:45 PM

    So Todd is still doing the Iron Dog?

  120. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Hey Willow do you have any comments about your daddy?

  121. Anonymous7:59 PM

    To 5:40. According to Sarah, she had an ultrasound much earlier so nice try!

    Why do you state January 4? She says February or March. I guess you were there.

    The baby's size indicates full term despite Sarah's statements that it was a preemie.

    I assume there are all kinds of records on when Sarah was in the office. The forms would be signed, payroll, etc.

  122. Anonymous8:10 PM

    alaskawtf wont come up on my MAC of blackberry

  123. Anonymous8:12 PM

    @7:03 - that was the line she told the PR bureau she hired in DC to publicize. But it had no real traction, and it cost $30,000, didn't it, to create that line? Go back and see how much she paid a PR firm in DC for 2007/2008

  124. Anon @7:23--

    Clinton WAS impeached (by the US House of Representatives. He was tried (and acquitted) by the US Senate.

    Trial (and removal if convicted) is separate from impeachment, which is the charge (similar to a criminal indictment being separate from the subsequent criminal trial. One has been "indicted" even if one is subsequently acquitted.

  125. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Everyone I hope you will go here and give Shailey some support. A bitchy writer who doesn't do her homework and Palinbots on the scene. I hope Shailey is a strong woman.
    She impressed me.

    So far the tabloid papers are picking this up. We need MSM ones to follow

  126. Anonymous8:18 PM

    7:55 that was uncalled for. It lowers you and this blog for comments like that to be aired.

  127. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Bristol is definitely living in AZ

  128. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Hey, Todd, what´s the view like from under the bus?


  129. Anonymous9:01 PM

    I keep thinking about a show I saw recently on public television about adults with mental handicaps working for Goodwill Industries sewing clothing. One young man has lived with his grandmother ever since his mother abandoned him at the hospital when he was very young. The grandmother said that the disabilities her grandson suffered from were caused by his mother hiding her pregnancy by wearing a girdle while she was pregnant. It was the first time I had ever heard of constricting a child in utero being a cause for severe mental disability. Of course Down's Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder and not an injury. Right?

  130. Anonymous9:15 PM

    This could get very interesting. I expect many tidbits of information before we learn the untwisted truth. There will be something she can't spin in the records release in May. Maybe Mr or Mrs have stopped paying hush money because the gig is up soon anyway? This is better than a soap opera. The public airing of dirty laundry, embarrassing truths and outright fraud couldn't happen to a more deserving person.
    God Forgive Me.

  131. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Persistence pays, Jesse. Well done. I'm so glad it was you that got to break this story.

  132. Anonymous10:03 PM

    It's like Christmas every day here with Gryphen's bombshell interview with Tripp! This morning I web-googled "Shailey Tripp" in the last 24 hrs. and there were only 2 pages. Now there are 10 at least. But still there are only two stories when I google the far. Of the 651 emails I sent out from a media list I got, about 40 or so were returned as UnDeliverable (probably because that person didn't work there anymore). And of some of the emails there were up to 5-6 names I sent this story to at the same media outlet. I wonder if staff at the media outlets have meetings in the morning to discuss news tips that have been sent in? My point is that we need to get discussions going in the blogosphere which will eventually catch the attention of the mainstream media if we keep doing it - all of us together. If you are supporting the cause in exposing Palin, please actively join in this effort to point to this interview wherever you can on the internet. I was all for not clicking any web links related to Palin in February until the BIG ONE came along and Grypen has done it. Now I can't click fast enough (and getting sleepy - it's 11 pm here). Get busy in your state that you live something like: "send us your news tips" and then in parentheses put in the state you live in. You will come up with news sources in your area...TV stations, radio stations, local blogs, newspapers, etc. Get creative in your googling! We must spread the word so as to get the attention of the mainstream media. So people let's light up the blogosphere like a Christmas tree!

    - Colleen

  133. I don't get it Gryphen, is the N.E done with Tripp?

  134. Heidi310:53 PM

    Gryphen, thank you SO much for this! Many of us are working overtime to send a link to your interview to every media-type we know of. Your commenter "Colleen" is to be commended for working on this all day. I just sent it to Next, to John McCain.

    You have contacted (your pal) Geoffrey Dunn, haven't you? He'll have to delay his book another month!

  135. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Sarah was quietly being shopped for the Vice Presidency not too long after she was elected to Governorship.

    I'll put together what I've collected on this when I get a chance. It was on the lowdown mostly, and amongst neo-con and religious types. Make no mistake by mid 2007 it was already in high gear. Hillary was running- so they needed a religious female....

    There was plenty of time for her to decide a non-aborted baby could be beneficial to her resume. That resume was weak. Mayor of Wasilla, and quitting her job as the chairwoman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission after less than a year. Oh and playing high school basketball. Almost forgot a Statewide tv ad for Spenard Builders Supply. You know the ice arena suppliers.

    As she said when she quit the AOGCC position:

    "Going against what I believe in as a public servant is withholding information that I think Alaskans deserve to know," Palin told The Associated Press."

    Word salad much? You Go Girl!

    Happy Birthday also too.

  136. Since MS. Tripp was working in a medical spa and there seems to be referrals to those who provide specific medical procedures she may be in violation of the HIPAA act when she discusses SP, remember she made a referral about a possible UTI? HIPAA statutes are however not very clear, so who knows how they are interpreting them now. Even actual violations are very rarely ever prosecuted by the DOJ. But, remember the DOL in AK is owned by the gov and the half-gov is still being protected in this state. I have however seen employees in AK get a coworker's chart to read for reasons of gossip and nothing happened to them, even when the employee found out about it and complained. They also read my chart. I hope she is getting good legal advice because I do not want her to get into any trouble over this. Perhaps they determined that technically she is not in violation and that is why she has come forward. She may have more of a problem if she sells the information than if she just provides it for free. I am however thrilled that you were able to get this interview and very thankful to Ms. Tripp for speaking out. Thanks to both of you. She can help a lot of people understand what SP and family really are. It seems that "relationship" she had with Todd at the spa may have been a paid one that is not covered under HIPAA.

  137. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Gryphen, that picture of Ms. Tripp in the chair you posted looks familiar.
    Is that Sarah Palin’s new cement slab in Wasilla? Also that blouse looks like one of Sarah’s along with her custom Japanese shades.

    Tawdddd you the man!

  138. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Im sorry if this is old news to everyone here...but I recalled this strange mixup of babies related to the Vanity Fair article...

    What do we know about "conservative activist (and Palin friend) Gina Loudon?"

    Her DS baby, Samuel, was seen being held by Piper and co. at a public event...but then the whole clan seemed to react with indignation that the reporter mistook him for Trig. Somewhere she even says that her son and Trig "look very much alike"...

    I thought it strange then, and again now, given how many duplicate props are around !

  139. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Comment 3:06 pm

    This is not comparable to the Lewinsky thing.

    This is the story of a fake pregnancy in order to be a viable candidate for VP. Sarah was desperate and made up her own little fairy tale.

  140. Anonymous12:15 AM

    To those making comments about alaskawtf, there is no problem. I have been clicking for days and it has worked fine every time. I also have typed in the site and it pulled up fine.

  141. Anonymous12:16 AM

    Sarah would fake anything to be in the news 24/7, she controls Todd.

  142. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Comment @ 2:35 pm -

    You say Monica's career never recovered ----

    she never had a career, she was just an intern, but she now has a business.

    Drink some more kool-aid, bot.

  143. Anonymous12:21 AM

    Bad for Shailey in a professional way???????

    No, not true. She will be rolling in the greens, she will be a millionaire.

  144. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Egypt will take a back story to this cause most people do not care for foreign affairs news.

  145. Anonymous12:49 AM

    Comment @ 5:17 pm - You say -

    The family is way too close to Trig for him to not be blood.

    Really, he appears to be neglected and not taken care of properly as to his condition.

    As to blood kin, maybe Bristol or Willow or a cousin. Definitely, not born to Sara.

  146. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Honestly, I think Todd does what Sara says and wants in order to live in peace. Sarah though, would do and try anything to come out on top and make a name for herself.

  147. Anonymous12:53 AM

    Well, some of my friends have already had enough of Sarah and her stupidity. They thought she was the real thing at first but came to realize that she was empty-headed and a liar.

  148. I keep seeing comments suggesting going over to Shailey Tripp's blog and reading her entries, and giving her some support in comments.

    OK, does someone actually have a LINK to her blog? No one has thoughtfully provided that yet, and when I Googled for it, it didn't show up.

  149. FloridaDem2:26 AM

    Thanks to several posters who recalled going rogue and other quotes from Sarah about self-knowledge of her pregnancy. So if she knew in December, she should have told Shailey in Jan, Feb, or March. I still feel that's the most solid thing so far. The exam thing, I don't know. I don't think Shailey is certified in prenatal, honestly her description and comments sounded to me like it was coming from a regular person, not someone with an educated background or who is certified and uses professional medical jargin. There was so much more she could have said, and I also felt the questions were leading. She indicated she only "lightly" touched the abdomen through a sheet or blanket, and Gryph said, ok but you felt her whole abdomen right? She said yeah. (What does that mean, exactly?) And "lightly" touching is not what most of us thing of when we think of massage therapy. I also thought her off-handed remark about the baby not moving seemed like of lame, because she knows the baby wouldn't necessarily move.

    It's a good start, though, I'm looking forward to more interviews and a look at her documentation.

    As far as Todd, I'm reading on the web that the gay community in Alaska is saying no way Todd would seek out Shailey because he sought out males. So I'm scratching my head on that. I'm also very nervous that Shailey was abruptly released from the NE. Why?

    To the one nasty poster on here who responded to me: Let me explain it so you can understand. The reason I'm picking a week into January as a hypothetical date is because Shailey doesn't have a date. She said it was, quote: "between January and the beginning of March of 2008." So you'd have to pick the outside date to make this theory work, otherwise Sarah will pick it for you.

  150. Anonymous2:54 AM

    I think the employees of AAY Spa should sue Palin's ass for the mental anguish she caused them after the "birth" of Tri-G, for not divulging she was pregnant. This made the employees fear they may have caused harm to Palin and her "unborn fetus" by the spa services they gave her.
    Come on spa people!! Do it!!!

  151. Anonymous2:57 AM

    Sarah says the child known as Trig has Downs there has been speculation that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome may more be the case or both syndromes may be involved....

  152. Anonymous2:59 AM


    Soapydog said...
    I wonder if one is still protected under HIPAA if the information provided is *intentionally fraudulent*. Not inaccurate as in good faith effort... but intentional FRAUD.


    3:16 PM

    To answer your question, HIPAA can be waived in cases of fraud.
    But, in this case, Palin puttingn on the papers at the Spa that she wasn't pregnant isn'r fruad, as it is truthful.
    Now, if CBJ billed insurance for anything related to a birth by Sarah at MatSu in March 08, then that is fraud.

  153. Gryphen,

    Great job! Thank you for this.

  154. Anonymous3:11 AM

    The theory that she faked it for the VP pick doesn't work for me. I just don't see how she'd think that having a DS baby would make her a better candidate

    Anon 4:57 are you Serious??
    She knew the reason she was considered on the short list was her appeal to the far right and her prolife persona. Birthing a DS baby makes her the prolife poster child.....she announced her "pregnancy" the DAY AFTER McCain clinched the nomination. If that is not s "look at me, look at me, pick ME" tactic....I don't know what is!!!

  155. Anonymous3:30 AM


    Sarah knew in December 2007 that she was pregnant with a DS baby. According to HER.

    [The doctor's announcement in December, when Palin was four months pregnant, presented her with a possible life- and career-changing development.

    "I've never had problems with my other pregnancies, so I was shocked," said Palin.
    "It took a while to open up the book that the doctor gave me about children with Down syndrome, and a while to log on to the Web site and start reading facts about the situation."]

    6:56 PM

    Is it just me, but I find it odd that a woman who writes in her "autobiography" that she had two previous miscarriages........woul also state that "I've never had problems with my other pregnancies"

    Palin's head is so full of delusions and lies that she doesn't even know hwr OWN LIFE STORY.
    Get real

  156. Anonymous3:39 AM

    Last night when Sarah was talking about Rick Santorum ,she trips up over how many kids she has!! Trips up between 4 and 5.

  157. Wow Gryphen! Great job!

  158. Anonymous4:08 AM

    Gryphen... please ask Shailey to clear up a question.

    If she had said no to doing the massage, was there another person there that would have done it?

    Hard to believe spa would have sent Sarah to a room just hoping Shailey would say yes to doing it.

  159. Seems obvious to me that Shailey & Todd had a baby together and that's why "Bristol's son" is named Tripp Palin! Isn't it Bristol who wants to take Levi Johnston's name off the birth certificate, because if there was ever a blood test done, he would fail and the Palins know this?

  160. (the Palins adopted Tripp and named him after he was conceived: in the womb of Shailey Tripp)

    Just a theory but it seems very plausible to me.

  161. Anonymous5:17 AM

    Anon: 3:06:

    "People who feel they have no option but to fake a PG tend to be sympathized with rather than criticized heavily. Desperate Housewives taught us that."

    Rational people don't "feel they have no option but to fake a PG." Desperate Housewives is a television show. It isn't real. Rational people know the difference between a campy television show and reality.

  162. Anonymous5:19 AM


    Are you in a position to suggest that Shailey contact Gloria Allred? Allred would make sure that Shailey gets publicity plus legal protection.

  163. Anonymous5:28 AM

    the bot crowd were fond of Palin in the Jan-Mar 2008 time frae as they are now. The good gov. was out and about in AK, meeting and greeting. Cameras were snapping. Where are all the bot's pics of lovely Sarah looking just a tad prego.

  164. Anonymous5:32 AM

    It's interesting that the Palin apologists are now comparing her to Bill Clinton, who isn't exactly a beloved figure in conservative or Republican circles. What does this comparison do to Palin's whole "I'm not like those corrupt politicians in Washington" schtick? Are her supporters now saying, "Well, o.k. she is just like the rest of them."

  165. Anonymous5:34 AM

    That link is to VIDEO of Palin on March 03, 2008 in a Newsweek interview. She crosses her legs and leans forward. Yet, Palin claims that she birthed a 6+ lb baby some 45 days later. NOT possible.

    Shailey Tripp is interesting. But Palin has already PROVED she did not give birth to the baby presented on April 18, 2008 by the Heaths.

  166. Hi, KaJo. The blog is
    Gryphen has a link in this post

  167. To Anon @ 11:09

    Bingo!! This was hatched loooong before the "surprise pick" ... most definitely. This is why it has been so difficult to pry her off the national stage, lots of rich and powerful folks behind this charlatan.

    But (hopefully) not for much longer.

  168. Anonymous6:08 AM

    The local Fox News station in Philadelphia just played a chip of your interview on their morning show, "Good Day". The anchors were kind of skeptical that Sarah had faked her pregnancy, but certainly not dismissive.

  169. Anonymous@6:08 AM said...
    The local Fox News station in Philadelphia just played a chip of your interview on their morning show, "Good Day". The anchors were kind of skeptical that Sarah had faked her pregnancy, but certainly not dismissive.

    *jaw drops*

    I'm shocked. SHOCKED! that a FOX News station picked it up. It's great to know they weren't dismissive either. The seed has been planted. Hopefully it will now take off.

  170. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Thanks for posting the transcript since flash doesn't work on my computer here at work (shhh!).

  171. Olivia8:55 AM

    So now is that local Fox station in Philadelphia going to lose their Fox affiliation for giving a peek into the truth?

  172. Anonymous6:57 AM

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