Thursday, February 10, 2011

Exclusive! My interview with Shailey Tripp. Update!

There was THAT worth the wait?

Shailey was kind enough to give me this first interview after she walked away from her deal with the National Enquirer, and I am very grateful.  However do not think that this is the last you will hear from Shailey.  In fact, now that the Enquirer's gag order has been lifted, she is free to tell her story to as many media outlets as she sees fit. (And those media outlets can contact Shailey directly by visiting her new blog.)

And oh, what a story it is.

I admit that I was a little skeptical at first and asked for some evidence to confirm her relationship with Todd and to help provide a timeline for the events that she has laid out.  That evidence was provided, and there is very little doubt that Shailey can back up everything that she has said here, and will soon say in future interviews.

There is clearly a lot of amazing information contained in this interview.  Not the least of which is that Todd Palin was having a sexual relationship with this young woman, as previously reported by the National Enquirer. However I have decided to focus on a particular part of the interview, Sarah Palin's massage.

The reason that I chose to focus on this massage of Sarah Palin, while she was at least six or seven months pregnant, is because I felt that other media outlets would be hesitant to report on the babygate story.  And also because much of the other information has to be handled a little more delicately and with lawyers going over all of it before it gets posted. (I just hate to wait for lawyers.)

But just take a moment to absorb what Shailey has just shared with all of us:

  • According to Shailey, Sarah Palin NEVER once told any of the people at All About You Spa that she was pregnant, even though she remained a client almost up to the moment that she "gave birth." 
  • Sarah did not confess to Shailey that she was "with child." even though she was asked specifically. (Nor did she tell ANY of the people who gave her a massage since NOT ONE of them knew until after her announcement.)
  • Sarah did not appear pregnant by looking at her in an unclothed state. 
  • Even though she was given a thorough massage by an experienced, and licensed, masseuse (Who also had substantial experience with prenatal massage) nothing about Sarah's body gave any indication that she was pregnant. (And don't forget, she would have been between SIX TO SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT at this time. )
  • Sarah had procedures during her "pregnancy" that could have been harmful to a fetus and did not once say anything to alert the employees to that possibility.
So at this point I have to ask, even if you are not a conspiracy theorist, or a person who has always believed that Sarah Palin faked her last pregnancy, doesn't this information force you to reexamine her version of events?

Now at this point you may ask the obvious question, "Why did the Governor allow somebody to see her in an unclothed state when she was about to fake a pregnancy?" 

Good question, and not one that we can answer with any confidence, though as we have seen these last two and half years Sarah Palin does a LOT of things that seem poorly thought out or even completely hare-brained.

However many of us who have followed this twisted tale since the beginning have long believed that Sarah concocted this whole pregnancy thing at the very last minute (Don't forget she announced her pregnancy the day AFTER John McCain was chosen as the Republican candidate.).  Which helps to explain why she did not have padding in place in the beginning, why she looks like she was wearing a sofa cushion at one time, and why she carelessly padded  herself up to twice her size in two weeks time.

I will definitely have more interviews with Shailey in the future, but I may have to wait in line for those as I do believe that there will be a mad rush of media interested in hearing her story.

Which, in my opinion, is a good thing.

Update: Here is a link to the YouTube video for those who cannot get it to play.  And here are the procedures that I listed in an earlier post of the other services offered by All About You Spa:
All About You offers a number of services, such as Botox injections, Sclerotherapy for varicose veins, Pulsed Light Therapy for acne and spider veins, Skin Regeneration, and Anti-Cellulite Treatment, to name but a few.

As you can see, many of these would be problematic if a woman were with child when she received them. I don't believe that Shailey is allowed to talk about exactly which ones Sarah Palin had done however.

Update 2: Yes a transcript is being written.  I hope to put it up in a separate post later on today.

Update 3: For those asking about HIPAA. Shailey was working on a contract basis and was NOT an on site employee of All About You Spa.  She was also providing a non-medical service, therefore it was not covered by the non-disclosure guidelines outlined in HIPAA.

However any medical procedure that Sarah received from the Nurse Practitioner are covered by those guidelines which is why Shailey is not willing to discuss them at this time.

I also doubt very seriously that Todd's sexual encounters with Shailey, which also took place in one of the rooms at AAYS, are covered by HIPAA either. Which means she is more than free to discuss those as well.


  1. Fwnskin7:31 AM

    Whoa...too much to process

  2. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Oh my god.

    How do we get the news outlets to pay attention to this?

    That's a genuine question, is there anything us anons can do to help?

    Because oh. my. GOD.

  3. Anonymous7:38 AM

    please please PLEASE!
    i so want to see sarah humiliated beyond belief!!


    bill in belize

  4. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Is Shailey okay with this disclosure on a legal basis?

  5. Anonymous7:42 AM

    I'm great with this news, but I worry about Shailey. Is this okay for client confidentiality? Please let it be okay. Do you know Gryphen?

  6. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Thank you Gryphen for posting this! I am going to post this on my blog if it's all right with you.

  7. Anonymous7:45 AM

    OMG thank you Uncle Gryphen.!!!!
    Off to class but will be on here all night!!!
    Thnak you thank you!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Please please - can you link to a transcript for those of us who cannot see or hear videos? oh please?

  9. I can't watch the video until I get home - so a huge thnak you for including some info in the post - and of course as always a HUGE thank you for all your hard work to get the truth out.

    Please, both of you stay safe.

  10. Anonymous7:48 AM

    She needs to keep making the case, over and over and over that SARAH NEVER ONCE TOLD ANYONE AT THIS SPA THAT SHE WAS PREGNANT and force Paylin to "prove" that she did. THis is brilliant Gryphen. Some mom huh?

  11. Anonymous7:48 AM

    congrats, G. You delivered. (Doubters are silenced.)

  12. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Please, let the MSM finally get this true info!!!

  13. Anonymous7:51 AM

    When Shailey said Sarah had other procedures done that wouldn't be done on a pregnant woman...why didn't you ask what types of services would the office offer that cannot be done on a pregnant woman? Not necessarily what Sarah had done, but just in general for any pregnant woman.

  14. Smirnonn7:53 AM

    GREAT interview, Jesse!

    Serror, you got some 'splainin' to do :) You too, tawd.

  15. Anonymous7:53 AM

    You are da man, Gryph!
    Great job! Great questions! The media never seems to ask the right questions. You really nailed it!

  16. bws587:53 AM

    The affair went on for three years? Did I hear that correctly? meaning it was when Quitzilla was the VP candidate?

  17. KatieAnnieOakley7:53 AM

    Just tweeted the message all over twitter... hope your server doesn't crash!

  18. Erica from Dallas7:53 AM

    Why did NE drop Shailey?

  19. jadez7:54 AM

    i realize you are not a "pro", so fine work beating them all to the story.

    if you speak with this woman again it would be worthwhile to ask her a few questions, like, "have the palins or anyone representing them been in touch with you?", and especially "why have you not been able to get your story out"?",like she claimed she wants too.

    you see if no one is taking this woman serious then this wont move anyone to action.
    but if she can tell us why no one has wanted to report her story it would make her credible in peoples eyes.

    think about it.
    all palin supporters need to say is "no one believes her but some guy running a blog who only wants to harm palin:.
    get it??

  20. Way to go, Gryph!!!!!

    Keep at it!

    I may just have to pop some Veuve Clicquot ... it is happy hour somewhere in the world.

  21. Molly7:55 AM

    TY TY TY to Jesse and especially to Shailey.

  22. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Why did the NE walk away?

  23. nswfm7:55 AM

    Thanks for getting this out there. Go forth and multiply...the message.

  24. ManxMamma7:56 AM

    Excellent Gryphen. O/T you have a great voice!

  25. Anonymous7:57 AM

    The video won't play . Is there a link you can provide?

  26. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Sarah has a Personality disorder. People with those disorders actually do not care when they get caught lying, they just keep lying.
    I have enjoyed many massages over my lifetime ( my guilty pleasure) and I cannot see why anyone would not tell about any medical conditions that would affect their body.

  27. After hearing that, I can only hope that Shailey has good protection in place. Sarah will be livid and she'll unleash her flying monkeys to avenge her reputation. This is the kind of reporting that the MSM should have been doing in 2008. Funny thing is: Shailey was there all along, sitting on this bombshell. Too bad the entire staff of the spa did not contact the media when Sarah announced the birth of Trig. (I know, they were probably bound by patient confidentiality, but I can certainly understand their angst if they performed procedures on Sarah that were not safe for pregnant women.)

  28. Irishgirl7:59 AM

    Holy hell!!!

  29. Anonymous8:00 AM

    You people are freckin lunatics. Get a freckin life.

  30. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Shailey sounds like a credible person that knows her shit. Smart cookie that appears to have her ducks in a row and her facts and documents to back it up.
    Go SHAILEY!!!!

  31. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Her tummy was hurting from eating too many crunch wrap supremes.

    a nonny muss

  32. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Well,we all knew she wasnt pregnant,but I am concerned about HIPPA laws and liability here for Ms Tripp.Anyone know more than me about the subject?

  33. Anonymous8:03 AM

    My PC speakers don't work--does she say if
    Tripp is named after her? Did she f Levi?
    Since in the last photo Trig looks so much
    like Levi, I'm assuming he is his, but is
    Ms Tripp the mother?

  34. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Excellent reporting, Gryphen. Any SANE person can see how obvious the truth it's time for the mainstream media to take this ball and run with it!

  35. Anonymous8:03 AM

    I've always believed the "wild ride" was a last-minute decision. The story was not thought out at all. So it would follow that the pregnancy story was a last-minute decision; otherwise she'd have had more time to plan the birth story.

  36. Molly8:05 AM

    "You people are freckin lunatics. Get a freckin life.

    8:00 AM"

    No, sir/ma'am, Sarah Palin is the "freckin'" lunatic!!

    That you, Willow?

  37. wasanontilnow8:05 AM

    Great work! Concern-what sort of Privacy Act constraints might Shailey be under?
    "Stumbled" this. Hope your server is strong!

  38. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Oh! Oh! Oh!!

    Yes, yes, Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gryphen, I love ya, man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Anonymous8:07 AM

    I thought Todd was gay; so is he bisexual?

  40. krbmjb058:07 AM

    I'm with Jadez 7:54. It's important to know why NE walked away as it will be key if everyone else will too.

    Great job. Why would anyone lie about something like this and deal with the repercussions if it weren't true? She came across intelligent and confident. My best wishes for her and I hope she financially can get some support for this story as well.

  41. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Yeehaw! I can't watch the interview til later, but I'm meeting with a reporter about my issues tomorrow and am going to bring this up!

    Thanks Gryphen!


  42. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Please ask her what the other procedures were that she had.

  43. Anonymous8:08 AM

    When were the first photos or supposition as to Palin being pregnant mentioned? I only ask because maybe Palin didn't tell the spa folks she was pregnant because she didn't HAVE to be. It wasn't until later, after the nomination, that she had to suddenly be popping out a baby.

  44. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Wow! Wow! Wow!

  45. The discrediting of Ms. Tripp begins in 3...2...1. Let me count the ways she'll be maligned by the P-Bots.

    If Sarah isn't successful in trashing her, who will take the fall? We know someone will.

  46. Anonymous8:10 AM

    hope this post gets millions of views....

  47. Anonymous8:11 AM

    How does informing about treatments not break HIPPA?

  48. Ok then. Well done. Pretty incredible interview. Great job.

  49. Anonymous8:11 AM

    What is the evidence she has?

    What this an affair or a business exchange?

    Were she and Todd in love?

    What did Todd tell her about life with Sarah?

  50. KatieAnnieOakley8:12 AM

    She needs to release something in the way of HARD EVIDENCE.

    This will seal Palin's fate, even if it's a photo of her and Tawd at dinner, or Tawd nekkid, whatever... this will help bolster her claim.

  51. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Gryphen please post a transcript or a summary I cannot watch the video at work.

  52. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Palin: Liar. Quitter. Coward. Fraud.

  53. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Send this to Gawker!

    They just broke a story yesterday about Congressman Chris Lee, he resigned the same day!

  54. Troll Bowl to begin in ...

    3-2-1 ...

  55. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Oh look, hey, the bots are here!

    I'm guessing you all didn't listen to the video to see your emperor had no clothes when he was with Shailey...

    And that your empress? Well she had no clothes on either, and you could tell she wasn't pregnant.

  56. I was impressed with how together Shailey is. She came across as very credible. Excellent interview. We all knew she never had the baby but it is so sweet to have this confirmation. Now will anyone else touch it?

  57. Palin is a fraud, folks8:18 AM

    Sarah Palin gave a speech and is on record stating that she gave birth to Trig at 7 1/2 months.

    Yet she NEVER appeared pregnant even while fully unclothed - and fully clothed - at 6-7 months?

    Palin is a TOTAL fraud and the biggest hoax in US political history.

  58. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Wow Congrats Gryphen- looks like you may have actually cracked the babygate story! Good for You!!

  59. As a massage therapist for many years I can tell you that you do not need to see the person's belly (which is always covered up when I work) to know if she is pregnant. There is a thickening of the waist that is palpable very early on. In fact, I have had regular clients who I suspected were pregnant (at around 6-8 weeks) before they they did.

    Fantastic work Gryphen!

  60. WalterNeff8:20 AM

    Gryphen: you should not have to pay a bar tab for the rest of your life. Good job.

  61. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Congratulations on an excellent interview, Gryphen. I'm so impressed how you asked only for facts and asked no leading questions. You could teach all journalists a thing or two.

    Much thanks to Shailey Tripp for her courage and candor.

    I'm guessing the link between Shailey and Tripp that you hinted at has legal implications, so we'll just have to wait patiently.

  62. Anonymous8:22 AM

    my only question at this point (I havent completed the video) is: why does she not know the exact date of massage or is that confidential?

  63. Anonymous8:22 AM

    I love you, Gryphen!! You are my hero!! Thank you for finally bringing down that piece of s**t!!

  64. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Not only did Todd cheat on Sarah but he went along with her pregnancy deception, also. Weird people, those Palins.

  65. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Thank you for speaking out Ms Tripp.

    Hope you stay safe.

  66. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Yehaw Gryphen!! Go go go!!!

  67. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Whoa, whoa and tripple WHOA!

    Gryph, keep delivering.

  68. emrysa8:31 AM

    great job gryphen, thank you.

    once every other month - I guess that means that todd was really hiring her for services, and that this wasn't an "affair."

    can't say I'm shocked to hear that sarah wasn't pregnant, lol.

    I hope shailey is safe, we all know that the palins will stop at nothing to keep up the myths.

  69. Palin lies.8:32 AM

    Come on Sarah, PLEASE, pretty please, sue someone about the birth of Trig Palin.

    You know you have not - and cannot - because you are a liar and fraud and you can never, ever, prove something that never happened. You did NOT give birth to Trig Palin. That is a fact. Period.

    You have NEVER proved that you gave birth to Trig. Never. Any proud mother in America would have done so by now. It is the law in every state to have proper documentation regarding the birth of a child. Yet, you have NOTHING of the sort!

    Your entire world will come tumbling down if you ever sue anyone - which you never will - because you are a complete coward and a complete fraud.

  70. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Thank you Shailey for revealing this part of the story. We have all been waiting for confirmation that the pregnancy was faked.

  71. Anonymous8:33 AM

    First Anon at 8:22, your question threw me for a second. She has documentation to back up her claims, so she would have access to the exact date.

    However, I think it's possible that she was prepared to answer questions about the affair, and may not have been expecting to answer in-depth questions about the massage.

  72. FEDUP!!!8:33 AM

    WOW!!!! You rock, Uncle Gryphen!

    Now... Make sure this hits the MSM ALL OVER THE NATION!!! (Maybe also those UK tabloids... )

    I hope this will FINALLY bring her down, but, as we know, she has a teflon coat, where much just rolls off. :/

  73. Gryphen:

    Sending a virtual hug to you for getting this interview.

    I can't watch it now, since I'm at work but plan to tonight.

  74. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Incredible, Gryphen. This is the sort of tangible evidence the faked pregnancy story has so desperately needed.

    Way to go, Sir!!!!!!!!

    IMO, even if this doesn't explode onto the MSM wires, it's here, waiting, and stands as proper proof.

    (Egypt is all at the moment.)

  75. Anonymous8:34 AM

    That you, Willow?

    No, it's me,Toad...

  76. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Holy cow! Shailey sounds like a reasonable, confident young woman. This is great work! America thanks you!!!

  77. Anonymous8:35 AM

    She sounds a little hesitant with details. I'm not doubting, it just sounds weird to me

  78. Anonymous8:35 AM

    All reasonable people have rejected and abandoned Palin by now.

    The only ones left defending her at this point are ignorant morons. By definition.

  79. Anonymous8:35 AM

    my comment fell off
    you do have a great voice and will look good on national TV
    maybe you can use the lake lucille studio
    pack your bags for the lower 48
    and take this witch DOWN with her little toad-o too
    I would like to see the next interview with shailey in person to watch her body language
    sweet jesus

  80. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Hehehe, Gryphen, you've performed a great service.

    Her worshipers' heads are exploding right now. The link to your interview with Ms. Tripp which was posted at C4P is now gone. No explanation needed.

  81. Anonymous8:35 AM

    A stomach massage is not customary unless asked for specifically? What else causes tenderness there? hmmm

  82. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Many of us have long believed that Sarah concocted this whole pregnancy thing at the very last minute to cement her pro-life appeal to an old and weak GOP nominee - John McCain as a Presidential contender.

    It totally helps explain why she did not have padding in place in the beginning, why she looks like she was wearing a sofa cushion at one time (think Scarlet O'Hara in her curtain dress to impress Rhett Butler) and why she carelessly empathy-bellied herself up to twice her size in two weeks time.

    What were we to believe, the truth that falls out of Sarah's mouth our our lyin eyes?

    It's catching up to you Sarah, just cause you perpetrated a spectacular fraud years ago and got away with it then doesn't mean a statute of limitations will protect you. There is no amount of spin that will bail you out of a national appall at your behavior except with your base - cause they'll spin it for you the way you hope they do - that you have sacrificed for one of the most vulnerable of God's children and have just the right amount of a Christian's servants heart to forgive away your selfless act of mama grizzly motherhood to walk the walk or whatever it is Sarah Palin represents to these arbitrary and hypocritical fundy values.

  83. If you have another interview you might want to mention the date at the beginning as you did for her to state her name. That way you will have a time frame.

    Great job on the interview, I am one of the people that have not jumped on the baby gate train, but you have definitely made me think and reassess my opinion.

    Ms. Trip you be careful and look out for yourself because no one else will.

  84. I want to know, too, why did Shailey "walk away from her deal with the National Enquirer"?

    Were there problems with how much the Enquirer was going to publish, and how long they wanted to dribble the story out, that she didn't agree with?

    I hope Shailey Tripp is taking all precautions to stay safe.

    P.S. Gryphen, I hope at some point in your recorded telephone conversation with Shailey, you mentioned the time, day and date.

  85. KiheiKat8:36 AM

    Bravo Gryphen! I've never doubted you for a second. Congratulations and many high fives! That's giving the ol' middle finger to the "haters."

    Sarah say buh bye!

  86. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Waitnig for the Botbus to arrive lol!!!!

  87. imnofred8:38 AM

    Good job!! I'm sure the bots will be doing whatever they can to discredit Shailey along with death threats to try to intimidate her.

    Sarah will have to make a hurry up appearance on Fox News to discredit her and to throw in some name calling for good measure.

    Van Flea will undoubtedly comment and or threaten lawsuits.

  88. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Awesome interview, thanks. She sounded very credible, & I like your voice and questioning style.

  89. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Was she still seeing Todd after Trigs arrival? If she was still seeing him, did she say anything to Todd about Sarah not appearing Pregnant?

  90. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Commenters & fans of IM, PLEASE go to HuffPo, ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, etc., find their links to Submit/Suggest a story (often under "Contact Us"), and link to Jesse's post. We've seen the MSM ignore valid stories like this before... please help spread the word so they won't ignore this one. This is too huge!! I've never commented on this blog before nor suggested news stories to sites before, but, thanks to you, Jesse, you've inspired both! Awesome work!

  91. queenmum8:41 AM

    My guess is toddy will have a 'little accident' while at his little race later this month. He might not be coming back.

  92. Anonymous8:42 AM

    This interview, Gryphen, is IT! Thanks for your tenacity.

    Just hope that everything is in order and this info can be sent to the right sources. It's a very sad story as well. Sad for Ms. Tripp, Todd, and the Palin kids. And if one had some sympathy left for Sarah, yes, it's also sad for her.

    But, if this story is proven to the public to be true, it will expose a very ambitious, lying, cheating woman who would do anything for power. It would say that a human could lie and costume herself to look like she was pregnant, to the detriment of her young kids and the family's reputation.

    Who in the world would have the gumption, energy to fake such a thing with risks involved of being caught, and making her family a laughingstock forever? Who could do such a thing? And lie to the country? It will be the story of the century.

  93. Anonymous8:43 AM

    I must ask when (specifically what date)did Palin fill out the required form which presumably asked whether or not she was pregnant. Such a form signed and dated by Sarah would be evidence even the LSM could not ignore. Other than that, she will just say she forgot to mention it or she did and they lied.

    Don't get me wrong, I believe Sarah faked the pregnancy, I am anxious for proof that she will not be able to gloss over. Something signed by her would go a long way toward proof.

  94. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Gryphen, I think the first thing media outlets will want to know before getting involved, is what happened with National Enquirer to make that deal fall through. One can imagine them thinking that if NE wouldn't go further, then there must really be a problem. I'm not proposing that to be the case, but do you know why she walked away from NE or conversely, why they opted not to go further with the story?

  95. Anonymous8:44 AM

    I feel like a kid on Christmas morning! Awesome, awesome AWESOME job Gryphen!!!!! I hope it goes viral and soon. How many bets that Shailey will get 10 X the death threats that Sarah claims? I hope Shailey has a plan to keep safe - the Palin's are a nasty and sneaky bunch. Looking forward to seeing Shailey's web page have a button where we can actually ask her questions and give her support. Thanks for all the hard work you do!
    - Colleen

  96. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Yehaw! It went up on one thread at HP. Hope other threads follow suit!!
    Good going IM!!
    HERO'S both you and TRIPP!

  97. Anonymous8:44 AM

    How very very brave of Shailey to come forward. When no one else has.

    I hope we will learn why the NE deal fell through. I hope you will find a paying avenue for Shailey. If you don't, may I suggest that the several main anti-Palin sites join forces to create a Shailey fund: I want her truth-telling to be rewarded; I don't want Shailey to be tossed under the bus and end up being punished for telling the truth. --Amy1

  98. Anonymous8:45 AM

    I NEVER KNEW she announced her pregnancy the day after McCain announced. I have never read that ANYWHERE. I have always known she did the whole VP (Van Palin) thing because she wanted Trig to take her there....HOWEVER I honestly thought it was wishful thinking, stars aligning type of thing.

    I have no doubt (I had very little before) that this is all fake! I knew her decision was hasty but I didn’t know why!!!!
    Holy Crap, all my thoughts are coming out at once. Just that one sentence nailed the head in the coffin for me.
    Ok here is my question Uncle Gryph…Did you ask her if she knows why Bristol’s son is named Tripp?

  99. ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck8:46 AM

    that was amazing - you get a big gold star as does this young woman. let us pray it is all true and verifiable.


    tasty in the morning.

  100. Anonymous8:46 AM

    "Anonymous said...
    You people are freckin lunatics. Get a freckin life.

    8:00 AM"

    Rilly? Hi, Sarah!

  101. Anonymous8:47 AM

    At first I thought, who will believe a hooker? then I remembered, this is a Business with records of payment and appointment books, so it can be proved that she was there during that time, unless the cops took all the records to destroy them.

  102. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Congratulations - job well done.

  103. bubbles8:55 AM

    all i can say is WOW! i am glad you got the interview.
    now i must ask the question. what about trig? now that this is out she really has no further use for him.
    what will happen to this child?

  104. Was this worth the wait, you ask? Hell, yes! Hot damn!

    I don't have the words to properly thank you or Shailey!

    Finally, someone - Shailey Tripp - has the courage to 'do the right thing'. May she be richly blessed.

    And we know that it's taken courage for you, Gryphen, to continue this battle for truth.

    Happy Birthday, Sarah! The truth shall set you free!

  105. Anonymous8:56 AM

    I hope her evidence is locked away at an unknown location. We wouldn't want another suspect fire! She is a brave woman.

    Thank you, Gryphen!

  106. Anonymous8:59 AM

    This is simple, IF she has the appointment books and accounts of payments.

    It is NOT possible to lay normally on a massage table while pregnant. Not physically possible, no way to hide it. I had pre-natal massage, lying on my side.

    Gryph, without appt books and financial records to back up that she was there, this will go nowhere. I hope as a business owner she was doing it legally so she will have records.

  107. Awesome! Now to share on FB, Google Buzz, and twitter! You rock Gryphen!

  108. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Outstanding~sure hope Shailey is in hiding and/or has protection. Thanks for doing the interview Mr. G


  109. That was great! I'll do my part to move this interview along also too.

  110. Lynne9:04 AM

    I hate it when I can't even spell my own name.

  111. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Well, the birthers are VERY keen on documentation. So, let it cut both ways. They should start demanding, in no uncertain terms, that Sarah Palin produce official documentation from the hospital that the baby is hers, not Bristol's. Hell, given their standards they should do a DNA test to determine who the mother and father would be funny not just if it was Bristol's child, but also if the father of this baby wasn't Levi but some unknown male.

  112. Absolutely fantastic news!

    This is SP's long awaited "field dressing".


  113. Anonymous9:06 AM

    A "faked pregnancy" that a VP candidate has promoted, is the most bizarre reality show ever. Sarah Palin botched the scam by her own "wild ride" story that made no sense. - What gets me, is the family- parents, siblings, children, etc. must know too - the whole family being part of a scam on the American public is outrageous and a huge shame!

  114. Great job, Gryphen and commendations to Ms. Tripp for having the courage to come forward. The interview opens up some additional questions, but I am confident that this is the beginning of the end of the scourge that is the Palins.

    Oh Happy Day!

    Sending good thoughts for the safety of all involved. Please be careful!

  115. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Excellent, well-written post, Gryphen. I hope you get the recognition you deserve.

    LOL about the sofa cushion. :D

    R in NC

  116. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose! Shailey, you've got A LOT of people who support you in getting the truth out! Thank you!

  117. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Palin just got BURNED. Good get Gryphen.

  118. FEDUP!!!9:10 AM

    amy @ 8:19 :
    You are right with that broadening of the hips area.
    I am not a masseuse or any health-related worker, but one day several years ago, I looked at one of my co-workers, and her hips were spreading also, too. I asked her if she was pregnant, and she very indignantly told me NO.
    A week later, she came sheepishly to me and asked me how I knew... (she had done a pregnancy test in the meantime)

  119. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Deep question here: Does Trig Palin even exist? We all know she was never pregnant and that at times various "stand-in" babies/toddlers have been used. Here's some photos of all the different Trigs:
    So do they just borrow a child from a family member/friend/agency when they need a DS kid on TV or for photos? I think the reason Sarah got so wound up about Joe living next door is not because of what he would see, but because of what he wouldn't see - Trig.

  120. Lynne9:12 AM

    Hey, Gryphen, I couldn't find it on YouTube. Anybody know the magic words to pull it up? Your heading on the video got no results.

  121. Anonymous9:12 AM

    My hat is off to you, Gryphen. You are brave! Sounds like this was carefully vetted from a legal standpoint. It's mind-boggling that no one in the LSM has dared explore the babygate story. Can they possibly continue to ignore it now?

  122. While this new info is exciting for many,I can not help to admit that my first thought was for the safety and well-being of Ms. Tripp and you Gryphen. I know I sound like the sky is falling....but please let it not be on you and Ms. Tripp....pretty please?!?!?!?

  123. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Wowsey, that WAS worth the wait. Way to go, Gryphen.


  124. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Sarah's birthday is tomorrow. That's one doozy of a gift you've given her, Gryphen. Wouldn't expect a thank you card, though.

  125. Reepicheep9:18 AM

    Great Job Gryphen!

    It would be great if you did not delete any comments as you moderate.

    May I suggest perhaps highlighting the Palinbot comments in someway that can allow us to see how crazy this is making them.

    I hate going to their websites when controversy hits SP, because they just circle their wagon and get all schmaltzy around the fire about SP their sacred star and martyred victim. It would be great to see and read the Palinbots feral words and dripping lunacy as they reacting to being caged by the real truth.

    I hope you will consider this option.


  126. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Gryphen... if Ms Tripp needs funds.. please set up a paypal account so we can donate to her.

    We owe her!

  127. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Sent this off to Wonkette.

  128. Two Blue Jays9:19 AM

    Bravo to both you and Ms Tripp. Speaking truth to power takes a great deal of courage. I hope this brave woman inspires others in Wasilla and elsewhere who know the truth behind the many lies to come forward.

  129. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Pack it in, Twitler. You're done.

  130. Anonymous9:23 AM

    explain the gag order.

  131. Let's all be careful with the label "hooker," in case we are talking about a normal person with good values, someone a lot like ourselves, who:

    --might have been framed after having a normal relationship with Mr. VIP Todd;

    --might have fallen on very hard times, needed to feed her family, and did the only thing she could at that point;

    --has some other explanation that would remove this scenario from the hooker category and into a more compassionate, understandable set of circumstances.

    I'm not that eager to judge until we know a lot more, and even then, . . . .

  132. She who sows the wind reaps the whirlwind.

  133. FEDUP!!!9:28 AM

    To those who question if Ms. Tripp has any hard records: Yes, she does - she says several times that she has copies of everything...

    That said, I hope you can put it near to her to make sure those records are kept in a secure place - not in her home! Also, too, that she needs to protect herself now that she has come out.
    If more people like her finally come out, it would be better - because in numbers, there is security!

  134. Anonymous9:29 AM

    FUNNY LYNN...I hate when that happens to me too.

    Mr.Rogers song keeps running through my mind today....

    It's a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood!
    It's a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood!
    Would you be mine!

  135. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Way to go, G!
    This is most excellent news!

    C'mon MSM! WAKE UP!!!!!

  136. Anonymous9:33 AM

    The price of all those candid photos of Sarah Palin will no belly jan-apr 2008 is going DOWN. Now is the time for Alaskans to cash in on their hoard of evidence.

  137. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn9:36 AM

    Wow--I leave for a few hours... and return to an amazing post. Gryphen thank you SO much, and what a perfect lineup of questions, too. You've made my week-month-year (and I'm sure most of the commenters here as well!) This will definitely make it to the MSM in some form (NE?)--it's too incendiary not to at this point. If Shailey has documentation of SP's visit(s), and can back up the reaction of the office staff after hearing about the gov's supposed "childbirth"--boom. Remember, the spa may have to protect itself legally from performing certain treatments on someone who presented herself as NOT pregnant, if pregnancy was an issue. With this publicity, they may HAVE to prove that Scarah said she WASN'T pregnant, and filled out the required paperwork that way. Maybe more info will come to light now, thanks to this interview.

    Now, we just have to find out who Trig's mom really is.

    Mazeltov!! Stay safe; Shailey, too.

  138. Anonymous9:36 AM

    I am interested to know what type of procedures are unsafe to a pregnant woman in a salon. Seriously.

    And can it be more risky than boarding a plane with "leaking" amniotic fluid?

  139. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Mubarak stepping down is going to overshadow this, so it may take a few days for this to hit. Would be really ironic if it could be tied to her birthday.

  140. Anonymous9:40 AM

    G-- You Are The MAN!!!!!

    Wonderful Job!!

    Now, thinking ahead.....

    Let's make sure we have all those videos where SP insists that she birthed Trig ready at hand.


  141. WOW...what a great interview! I can't wait for this to go viral, OMG. And btw you have a GREAT voice, and I must say that Shailey does, too - she sounds smart and beautiful to my ears...

  142. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Gryphen, I hope you and Shailey Tripp are safe. Whether palin denies this or not, it's out now and it won't go away. It was apparent from the beginning that she faked the pregnancy and now finally, someone has had the courage to step up and offer evidence. Palin can deny it all she wants but so what? What terrific news.

    OH, Sarah, if you're reading this. Happy Birthday!! hahahahahaha

  143. Anonymous9:44 AM

    1. Thank you.
    2. That you maintained an even keel, asked non-leading questions, and stayed in professional mode certainly enhances this interview. You handled yourself very well - as did Shailey. Nothing sensationalistic in tone that could undermine the interview. Well done.
    3. I went over to her site, had to click on the "Blog" to read what she'd been writing in depth, and concluded that she has an authentic voice and an honest perspective on the two topics she covered: how the public reacts to wheelchairs and difficult it is to use them both in stores on on the roadways (her five-year-old son has to be in one), and the frustrations of buying a car. The latter post reveals her to be a spunky, stand-up-for-your-rights kind of woman which I believe will scare the wadding (padding) out of Sarah if Sarah has any common sense at all.
    4. I noted that Shailey is now represented by a speaker's bureau for topics such as homelessness, domestic abuse, and handicapped children. That the agency represents the mistresses of celebrities is interesting, but more intriguing is the topics Shailey is willing to talk about. I think that speaks well of her. She doesn't come across as someone who is there just to take advantage of her affiliation with Todd.
    5. There is a link to an Arizona law firm, so anyone thinking Shailey is an easy target had better think twice. She is apparently represented and ready for any attacks.

    Good work, Gryphen. Thank you Shailey for your willingness to come forward.

  144. ottokatz9:45 AM

    I went to post a link to her fb page, I've been blocked! Oh joy!
    Good job, Gryph!

  145. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Anonymous 9:36 AM said...
    "I am interested to know what type of procedures are unsafe to a pregnant woman in a salon."

    It's not a salon. It's a medical clinic that offers cosmetic medical stuff - Botox, massages, skin treatment, etc.

  146. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Wow, this is great!
    I remember the first time I had ever heard about Sarah Palin. She was mentioned on Albert Mohler's blog right after she had "given birth to" Trig, as a great pro-life example. Albert Mohler is a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention. It was really a big deal for her to get her name out there with all of the evangelical xtians. If she hadn't had Trig, or if she had just adopted him, she would not have had the name recognition to be chosen as VP.

  147. mitch who lives in kansas9:47 AM

    It would be utterly fantastic if Ms. Tripp brought down $arah. (Funny how Linda Tripp comes to mind.) But this leaves the question; if the pregnancy was faked whose child is he and (2) why would she fake it?

  148. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Well, let's see--it's been 2 wks since Twitler used her Twitter or FB acct.

    I'd say yeah, she's toast. There is no way to do damage control on this one. Too many people involved, and the cat's out of the bag.

  149. Anonymous9:48 AM

    So sarah preemptively smeared Shailey by having her arrested on trumped up charges. If anything, this attempt to discredit Shailey before this story broke increases Shailey´s credibility.

    Another massive fail by sarah.

    Shailey is doing the smart thing by going public. Any more attacks by sarah will be witnessed by the world.

    And Shailey, a real ¨mama grizzley,¨ is demonstrating to all that she will not be terrorized into remaining silent.

    The next time anyone sees sarah literally running away from reporters should yell ¨Shailey Tripp!¨ to make sarah stop, drop, and roll.


  150. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Can a massage be considered a medical procedure covered by HIPPA?

    Hard to believe it would be.

    Sarah.. enjoy the early birthday gift from Uncle Gryphen and MS Tripp

  151. Anonymous9:50 AM

    I still think Trig is Todd's and I think all has been forgiven in Palinland. Shailey claims the relationship ended in Dec 09. She was arrested in March. Sarah was seen in the gifting suite picking up lingerie in March. Sarah and Todd seem to be getting closer and their professional relationship hasn't really been affected.

  152. Well, you know what the Palin camp is going to do.

    It will be a mash up of no Todd didn't sleep with that woman and they are all making stuff up about me.

    When it's she said, he said, she screetched you know the screecher wins every time.

    Why did the Enquirer drop this story and Tripp? If the Enquirer won't touch it, do you really think the mainstream media will follow up?

    As long as there is no scientific (DNA) proof or documentation (such as original birth certificate or adotpion papers) or birth Mother coming forward, nothing is going to happen.

  153. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Let's just hope she isn't legally represented by the Law Firm of Rex Butler and has her security provided by Tank Jones.

  154. Anonymous9:52 AM

    so we have someone who facilitated prostitution now trying to turn over a new leaf. I'm happy for her and anyone who sees the light. But why not go about it honorably.

  155. This is important testimony that is consistent with what we've known for a long time: Palin wasn't pregnant.

    In the 2.5 years since PD first started, I can't recall any new evidence that she WAS pregnant with TriG. Her statements, and a few pictures of what sometimes looked like a baby belly under her clothes: that's all we had when McCain annointed her and all we have now.

    On the other side, however, we have even more non-pregnant pictures, an impossible Wild Ride story, a witness who wrote that she did not appear to be in labor, absolutely noone saying she looked pregnant when she announced she was, and more and more evidence that Palin usually lies about everything.

    Now we have a statement by someone who saw her unclothed saying that she did not have any of the signs of a pregnancy. Moreover, like the Wild Ride, if Palin were pregnant for the late 2007, early 2008 massages, she would have risked the health of the fetus by not telling the masseuse. What a mom.

    So we are again assured that we're right. Just don't get your hopes up that the MSM will cover this now.

  156. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Well this is excellent work.

    I wonder if the apparently tech savvy Shailey Tripp has done some research into the various websites and blogs interested about this story? She did make a good choice in doing the interview here.

    I think the NE may be interested just as much to "report" the breaking news on the blogs.

    I guess there is a lot for the entire Palin crew which includes the mainstream media to refudiate.

    The thing that comes to mind is concerning HIPPA- can an employee be sued for lying about a patient? Because if not, then what was said by the employee was the cause of a lawsuit by the patient- would the patient then have to prove that what was leaked was true?

  157. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Seems like the perfect time to revisit these little gems. If you haven't seen this before, it is the VISUAL evidence of what is being discussed. Yeah, it'll blow your mind.

  158. angela9:54 AM

    It used to be--only your hairdresser knows for sure. Now its, only your massage therapist can see--- you are a liar.

    Waiting for Sarah to start Facebooking, Twittering and having Greta hold her hand at the "injustices" done to her. Or will there be complete radio silence? Or will the Spa burn to the ground like so many pieces of real estate connected with Palin?

    Where the hell are the bots, anyway?! I've counted only one. Hasn't RAM told them who to threaten, what to screech and how to defend their queen yet?

  159. Anonymous9:55 AM

    I've been busy all morning sending news tips to major media outlets pointing them to this page. You might become very busy!

  160. Anonymous9:56 AM

    The "x-months" pregnant is pretty meaningless in a faked pregnancy. On the other hand, "x-weeks" from the presentation of a 6+ lb baby is very effective.

    The video of Sarah Palin crossing her legs then leaning FORWARD 6 weeks prior to said 6+ lb baby is PROOF, Shailey Tripps first hand report is corroborative.

  161. Anonymous9:56 AM

    My own personal favorite theory as to why SP faked a pregnancy is that she knew she was on John McCain's short list. I also think she knew Bristol was pregnant and had recently found out the baby suffered from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. So when McCain won the nomination, SP panicked because if Bristol had a FAS baby it would knock Sarah off the short list. So SP faked the pregnancy and threw in the DS touch to cover up anything about FAS as the FAS baby was worse off than they expected. The DS baby replaced the FAS baby and the FAS baby was either institutionalized, adopted, or died. All Sarah's help getting Bristol easy money gigs is blackmail to keep Bristol quiet. I also think Bristol had an miscarriage or a whiteout last Spring, then became PG again and now Sarah is desperately trying to cover that up and possibly a W pregnancy.

    It's a delicate balancing act, but it's all catching up with them.


  162. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Gryphen - just wondering...if Shailey has documentation, why doesn't she know the date she gave Sarah the massage? I hope she actually has the proof documented. I don't want Sarah to weasel her way out of this!!

  163. Anonymous9:58 AM

    the affair started in early 2007? Wasn't Todd one of the biggest enablers of Sarah's gubernatorial campaign? and he was shadow gov. It kind of sounds like he's a nympho. Through reading his released emails, the family appeared to be living a normal life: planning vacations, traveling together (in 07, 08, and 09)

    Todd seems to be a power hungry type of guy. He was the key player in the Wooten bs, he is SArah's physical protector and threat enforcer (and any against his friend Joe Miller). I sense he needs to be in control. He's said on the record that he initially like Sarah because she was shy. Well now she's not and maybe, despite loving her still, he has to go elsewhere due to his controlling nature.

    THAT makes sense

  164. Anonymous10:00 AM

    First question if she ever declares her candidacy for President, or any political office:

    "Mrs.Palin, why did you lie about being pregnant in the Spring of 2008; and who are the real parents of the baby known as Trig" ?

  165. Anonymous10:01 AM

    I dont think people are afraid of outing a faked pregnancy. I think people are terrified that in doing so, they will subsequently fuck up an innocent person's life. (the person who birthed the baby)

    Thats understandable. We don't need to know who birthed Trig. Just that a politician perpetrated the hoax.

  166. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I have so much work and obligations to do today, and this news has distracted me almost as much as Katrina. The comments have been enjoyable and interesting. Hats off to Shailey and Gryphen for their courage and patriotism.

  167. Anonymous10:05 AM

    why dont all spas require the HIPPA form? and why dont most ask pregnancy related questions?

    is the spa in question only medically enabled? It sounds like Sarah has physical problems. Most leaders see some sort of physical ailment due to stress

  168. Awesome interview, hope this takes off!

    Just a note to all commenters who are mentioning patient privacy....

    It's "HIPAA". Not "HIPPA"

    (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)


  169. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Great job Gryphen! I sent off a link/tip to one of my favorite news blog sites. Hopefully this story will start unrolling on a national level! You must be having some legals bills because of this so I'll be making a donation to help out. Stay true to the truth!

  170. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Please, please, PUH-LEEZ tell us that Ms. Tripp has a signed form from the quitter-guv, stating that she's not preggers. PLEEEEEEEZE!!

  171. All I can say is WOW! Gryphen, you are my hero.

  172. Anonymous10:09 AM

    In spite of "All About You Spa" describing itself as a "medical spa", there is no doctor on board there.

    It's run by a nurse-practitioner.

  173. I was going to wait till after work to listen, but I snuck a listen at lunch.

    Much more incriminating than I had thought it would be.

    Amazing interview. Simply amazing. I always figured it would be an ordinary person in Wasilla that would bring down Ms. Palin. And it seems this is the case.

    If Ms. Tripp is reading or if you are relaying any of our comments to her, to please thank her, and to tell her to please continue to get her info out. She's a very brave person.

    Now, if the MSM will get a hold of this and do more investigation, it could finally nail Ms. Palin once and for all.

  174. Anonymous10:11 AM

    if Shailey was arrested running a house of prostitution, then there was prostitution. the law's the law.

  175. Wow, that was a lot of information! A couple of thoughts come to mind. I have to assume Sarah made an appointment in advance. Perhaps the person that could not make that massage did it on purpose knowing that Shailey might fill in. Now do you think Todd had other people do his massages or a favorite (Shailey)?

    My other thought is liability issues which I am sure would have been a nightmare for...the massage parlor, CBJ, Airlines, Mat-Su Hospital, Workmens Comp (Sarah bring 3 day old to work)etc. if something had happened to Sarah or the baby.

    Please stay safe. Thank you both so much for your bravery.

  176. Anonymous10:12 AM

    They only way Shailey will get in trouble is if Quitter Queen sues her for HIPAA disclosure, but then all the documents would have to come out and she is not going to do that. Has Shailey gotten her "you are a child molester letter yet", how does that work when she is trying to slime a woman? I mean Palin is a bigger Hooker than Shailey would ever be.

  177. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Seriously guys, send this to Gawker, to Jezebel, to Wonkette. Anyone with an interest in politics and Sarah Palin. If just ONE of them decides to run with this, it's party time.

  178. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Happy Birthday SP!!!!!

    This is incredible Gryph. Prayers that you and Ms. Tripp stay safe. The ONLY way SP can refute this is with independent DNA evidence that the child is hers. The ball is in her court.


  179. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn10:15 AM

    Anon @ 8:35AM:
    "A stomach massage is not customary unless asked for specifically? What else causes tenderness there? hmmm"

    A urinary tract infection.

    A pelvic inflammation.



    An overindulgence of tasty Taco Bell cuisine.

    A recent tubal ligation (my tenderness lasted for months).

    A recent D&C or a ..."white-out."

  180. Olivia10:19 AM

    I sort of expect that the Palins and friends will try to treat this the same way they deal with everything else. They seem to see nothing odd about her going around making bucks talking about abstinence when it is obvious that she isn't. Nothing out of place about Sarah supposedly being a wonderful Christian woman who never goes to church and says horrible non-Christian things about other people. Up is down, black is white. So nothing to see here either, folks, move along.
    I can't wait to see if the shit hits the fan this time.

  181. Virginia Voter10:20 AM

    Looky here, the Palin fairy tale troll is back:

    I still think Trig is Todd's and I think all has been forgiven in Palinland. Shailey claims the relationship ended in Dec 09. She was arrested in March. Sarah was seen in the gifting suite picking up lingerie in March. Sarah and Todd seem to be getting closer and their professional relationship hasn't really been affected.

    9:50 AM

    WTF, dude, Sarah was scooping up freebies of lingerie, and so that tells us what exactly? You are as deluded as your queen, but I do agree with you that Trig could very well be Todd's baby with pretty much ANYONE EXCEPT SARAH. Trig is not some random DS child, he or the ruffled ear baby he replaced is somehow related, we all know Sarah is too self serving to fake a pregnancy if the consequences of the truth were much more damaging to her personally.

    The truth behind the parentage of Trig Palin is probably far more sordid and tragic than the story of a sitting governor of a state who faked a pregnancy and adopted a child to pass off as her own. This is some seriously fucked up shit. Todd getting happy endings from his masseuse is the tame stuff.

    Think about it...

    CONGRATULATIONS GRYPHEN ! I have been waiting two and a half years for this day. It's the beginning of the end.

  182. Anonymous10:20 AM


  183. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Gryphen...this story is going to get buried by the news coming out of Egypt. This needs to ge4t going on Twitter. Leave this post up until tomorrow and just add updates! not underestimate the power of retribution from Team Sarah. You must protect yourself and your family. Be safe and thank you for your bravery.

  184. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Tattoo removal - guess who had that done?

  185. slowhand10:23 AM

    We already knew that Palin put in short hours "working" as Governor, leaving the Anchorage office for Wasilla in the early afternoon -- and charging the state for staying in her own house. We have already seen video of Palin shopping at Nordstrom's during "working" hours. I will bet that this massage was during "working" hours -- and was billed to her state medical insurance.

    The name of the spa is "All About You" ? Funny -- you would think Palin would use a spa called "All About Me."

  186. Anonymous10:24 AM

    @9:47 said:

    "It was really a big deal for her to get her name out there with all of the evangelical xtians. If she hadn't had Trig, or if she had just adopted him, she would not have had the name recognition to be chosen as VP."

    There's your motive.

  187. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Oh, one more thing: I believe Ms. Tripp is not an employee of that spa anymore, so I don't think she has any worries about HIPPA ...

  188. Anon@9:36

    Pregnant women should take care not to lie on their backs for more than a few minutes, since this can compress major blood vessels and lead to less oxygen for both the mother and baby. Although some massage therapists have tables that are especially designed to accommodate a pregnant woman's abdomen and allow her to lie on her stomach, the American Pregnancy Association recommends that pregnant women lie on their side during massages.

  189. Anonymous10:30 AM

    It is not that a massage would have been dangerous if the therapist didn't know, but it would be IMPOSSIBLE for the client to lay flat on her tummy! IMPOSSIBLE. No matter how tight the abs.

  190. I have another thought, this time about the possible date of the massage:

    There are a whole series of pictures of Sarah Palin in early February 2008 -- for instance, the Scott Slone "hiking through Juneau" video, and the Iron Dog race a week-plus later -- where she was in pre-scarf-disguise garb. She was favoring that aqua-fleece-lined dark jacket then.

    Then in the Governors Conference in late February she was in the black suit/flowing scarf disguise, and in every public appearance thereafter.

    I would guess that if Shailey Tripp was unable to pinpoint the date she gave that massage to Palin described in the audio tape, it would be in early February 2008, perhaps even a few weeks earlier (before the REAL date of Trig's premature birth).

  191. To answer the question what kind of spa treatmetns that are dangerous to the unborn child here is a partial list:

    - hot tubs, saunas, body wraps, whirlpools and tanning beds (raise the body temperature and could cause birth defests)

    - some essentials oils (could be toxi to the unfobrn child) - note: some oils are safe

    - some massage techniques - could cause a miscarriage (most massage techniques are safe for pregnant women, but the therapist needs to know what NOT to use)

    - botox, facial peels, or anything that involves chemicals - will be absorbed into the skin and could have harmful affects on the unborn child

    Other reasons to tell spa if pregnant
    - any treatment that requires something be put on the skin (i.e. facial) could be irriatating for a pregnant woman who may have more sensitive skin during pregnancy (though not harmful to the unborn child in most cases)

    - strongly scented products often cause nausea in pregnant women, so most request lighter scents or unscented

    (note: I have been trained as a massage therapist - but a quick search on the web will confirm the above info.)

  192. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Great news! I hope this is picked up and examined carefully. Please, I don't want this to go away.

  193. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    Shailey, thank you for being brave. And, my dear, any number (of times you had sex with Todd) is a crazy number.

    Thank you for being brave. This is not an easy State to be brave in. (This is not an easy Valley to be brave in.)

    Jesse - if was fun to hear your voice! You feel like an old friend. Thanks for letting us in.

  194. Anonymous10:35 AM

    You scenario makes sense to me. I've thought for a long time that it is likely Bristol had an FAS baby prior to Tripp. But I didn't think of how and or with to the whole story that you did. If I had to take a multiple choice test, I'd choos your answer.

  195. Anonymous10:36 AM

    So the nurse who runs the spa needs to be convinced to show the records of when Palin was there. She has them. She has to have them.

    Hope she is not a bot.

  196. Anonymous10:36 AM

    YOU BETCHA!!!! Hell Yeah that was worth it!! Bravo Gryphen I have to agree with another poster, first thing to come to my mind is yours and Tripp's safety. Another thing that is confusing me is why would scara say her water broke if indeed she was not pregos--that whole thing only makes her look stupid and if she knew ahead of time that she would have to build a story, throwing that in does not make sense--am I missing something? I totally understand why Tripp did not go into detail on the other procedures and may not have hard documentation for the date of the massage as that info is confidential and she could be prosecuted for taking things out of a clients file. I sure would love to know the story behind Baby Tripp's name and who suggested it. Poor kid, his grandma is going to be reminded of this every time she thinks of him. Maybe that is why brissdul moved away--for his safety. I too am curious about the walk away from NE. I would imagine she has the ability to cash in in larger amounts without them. I am so happy. I just cut a check for $459 on a three-year old heating unit part and would normally not be too happy, but somehow, the sun is brighter and I have faith again in the human race. What a great day!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCARA

  197. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Just wondering how this massage fit in the time line of the beginning of scarves in public. It seems that SP was getting ready for an announcement when she started in on the scarves. To have the massage during that time was ridiculous. (But of course, we're talking about SP.)

  198. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Gryph, were the original divorce rumors around the time of the arrests that brought the attention to Todd's affairs?

  199. Anonymous10:37 AM

    A revolution in the Middle East just might be a wee bit more critical than this, at the moment, as hard as that is for all of us.

    This story isn't going anywhere, no worries.


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