Saturday, March 12, 2011

Federal agents recorded Shaeffer Cox and other militia members plotting to murder Alaska State Troopers and judges. (And also learn of his connection to Sarah Palin.) Reading this will make your blood run cold.

From ADN:

Cox had originally been arrested in March 2010 for approaching a police officer and failing to disclose that he was carrying a concealed gun. When Cox did not show up for a Feb. 14 court appearance, a judge issued the arrest warrant and Cox went into hiding with his wife and child.

Cox and his associates had been plotting in the days before the scheduled court hearing, according to prosecutors. The militia leader detailed his plot at a meeting on Feb. 12 that was secretly recorded by the FBI.

Cox wanted militia members to respond with violence if authorities tried to arrest him on the misdemeanor warrant, the charging documents say. He allegedly told the militia members, "I know you're ready to die, but you have to be ready to kill," according to an FBI recording referred to in the criminal complaint.

Militia member Coleman Barney.
 "At that February 12th meeting COX specifically unveiled his "241" (two for one) plan which called for his militia to respond to attempts to arrest or kill him by responding against state court or law enforcement targets with twice the force and consequences as happened to him or his family," according to the criminal complaint. "If he was arrested, two state targets would be "arrested" (kidnapped). If he was killed, two state targets would be killed. If his house was taken, two state target houses would be burned."

(To the left is a picture of Coleman Barney, one of Shaeffer Cox's co-conspirators, standing with an AK-47 while dressed as a colonial soldier as he listens to the speaker during the Second Amendment March on Monday, April 19, 2010, in Veterans Memorial Park in Fairbanks, AK.)

During the time that Cox and his wife were hiding from the law, they were staying in the house of fellow militia member, and tax evader Lonni Vernon's house.  Unsurprisingly Vernon is just as unhinged as Shaeffer Cox.

On Feb. 17, Lonnie and Karen Vernon met with a militia member at a restaurant, according to court documents. Lonnie said he didn't agree with Cox when Cox said the militia was not strong enough to carry out Plan 241. They talked about having two-man teams create diversions, while other two-man teams carried out the attacks.

According to the complaint, "The plan would then have the tactical teams going to the target's houses, cutting the power, shooting the inhabitants as they come out to check on their power; then the team would kick the target's residence's doors in, kill everybody inside and set the house on fire. Then the team would lay in hiding and take out the initial responding officer before moving on to the next target."

Karen Vernon is alleged to have said, "It's war now," and that survivors of the shootings would "cook like in an oven."

As I have written before these groups are extraordinarily dangerous in their belief that they have the right to engage in guerrilla military tactics to "defend" themselves against the Federal government, or in Shaeffer's case at least, ANY law enforcement that they feel infringes on their personal rights as "sovereigns." In other words they are not accountable, nor do they recognize, any authority other than God and the original Constitution of the United States. You know before it became watered down with all of those pesky Amendments.

This same FU point of view toward the Federal government is prevalent up here and can be found not only in the Alaska Militia, but also the so-called 2nd Amendment Task Force, the Alaska Independence Party (You know, the one Todd belonged to, and to which Sarah delivered that address for their convention in 2008.), and many other  splinter groups scattered across Alaska as well.

And if you are thinking that this kind of "We don't have to follow the rules" rhetoric sounds familiar, than congratulations because you have made the obvious connection between these dangerous nutjobs and their defacto leader (Though shhh, nobody is supposed to know that.).

And if you think I am trying a little to hard to tie the Grizzled Mama to this bunch of dangerous anti-American criminals, than just allow Schaeffer Cox himself tell you of their affiliation. (The pertinent part starts at the 2:50 mark.)

For those who have believed that I have gone after Sarah Palin so hard out of a personal dislike, or simple ideological differences, you could not be more mistaken.  You see I know the kind of people, and anti-American politics, that Sarah Palin represents. These anti-government thugs have helped her every step of the way in her career and hoped that with a pretty face as the symbol of their ideology that they could finally get control of this country.

(Leaders of the AIP)Chryson and Stoll viewed Palin's ascendancy as a vehicle for their own political ambitions. "She got support from these guys," Stein remarked. "I think smart politicians never utter those kind of radical things, but they let other people do it for them. I never recall Sarah saying she supported the militia or taking a public stand like that. But these guys were definitely behind Sarah, thinking she was the more conservative choice."

"They worked behind the scenes," said Stein. "I think they had a lot of influence in terms of helping with the back-scatter negative campaigning."

But the TRUE face of their idealogy is represented in the video right above these words. And that face belongs to Shaeffer Cox.

In fact the Teabaggers, who Sarah Palin helped to create, are really just a cleaned up version of the AIP and miltia groups from Alaska that have now found a voice on the national stage.  Just like those who first supported Sarah Palin always hoped would some day come to fruition.


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Hopefully this one particular nut is going to have a long time to readjust his philosophy.These people are domestic terrorists, nothing less.Gryphen you are absolutely right about the connection between these people and Palin.All of them need to be stopped.

  2. Anonymous8:57 AM

    About 8 years ago I was the jury foreman in a trial of a bunch of nutjobs like them in Missouri. They were harassing a judge who wouldn't dismiss a drunk driving case against one of their daughters. The nerve of him, right?

    The sad thing was they had already had one trial and spent I don't remember how long in jail, they were within a month or two of getting out on good behavior, but decided to insist on a retrial. There were about a dozen of them, and we sent all of them back to prison for 5 more years, even the old geezer that must have been 90. They all thought they were so patriotic, but let me tell you, they were all nuttier than a fruitcake.

  3. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Let's get real about the Teabaggers and their domestic terrorist ties. The Tea Party is funded by the Kochs. The Kochs are funding domestic terrorism. Sarah Palin is a huge part of it.

  4. I know some Alaska State Troopers and their families and it makes me sick to my stomach to think that these law abiding families would be targeted by these cold heartless people. It is extremely disturbing.

    I hope all involved spend an extremely long time in jail. As a woman and mother, I hope Karen Vernon gets her ass handed to her. How a woman can think and then say that she would destroy whole families is sick beyond words.

  5. Great post Gryphen. I am so glad that someone is finally going in this direction. I have been twittering, FB'ing and blogging since the 2008 election that Palin just brought her AIP and terrorist buddies to the lower 48 and renamed them the Tea Party. This has been quite frustrating for me that people just kind of swept those comments under the rug. It's not the Muslims that are the home grown's the tea party!

  6. Scary combination of utter ignorance and arrogance, and obviously willing to act on his paranoid fantasies. Thank God he's in custody. Yeah, it does make my blood run cold.

  7. Teddy Jick9:28 AM

    So let me get this straight:

    * Sarah faked her pregnancy
    * Bristol has been pregnant 5..6 times
    * They've all been aborted
    * Willow was pregnant and deals drugs
    * Sarah controls the Anchorage PD, along with all the other police departments in Alaska
    * She also controls the entirety of Maricopa AZ.
    * Hell, the entirety of AZ
    * Everything thing Sarah writes...anything any Palin writes is ghostwritten.
    * Track slashed tires and is on drugs
    * Todd like dumpy prostitutes
    * Bristol named her first child after one of them
    * ...who too paternity is of question
    * Bristol cheated somehow on DWTS
    * Bristol had plastic surgery and has a fake chin (????)
    * Sarah controls Fox News and several other news and entertainment outlets.
    * Todd is not the biological father of any of his children
    * Sarah is stealing money from her PAC to rent a home in Arizona
    * She somehow commanded Jared Loughner to slaughter 6 people (through telekinesis or something)
    * Todd and Sarah are now domestic terrorist...

    and on and on and on...

    If you were wondering why the media never seems to investigate any of these claims, I'm starting to get a pretty clear picture over here.


  8. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Her weakness is she is susceptible to taking bad advice. Starting with the voice in her head, then Daddy Dearest, then Todd, then the adoring followers who will tell her what she wants to hear rather than what she needs to know. This boils down to the fact that Sarah is an idiot and a fool. I'd say it's a result of reading too many rag newspapers. It weakens the brain.

  9. SME1319:35 AM

    I couldn't agree more. As I said long ago if you look into the early teabaggers you will find deep ties to the militia groups in those states. Alaska is not the only one. Having SP chosen as McCain's running mate is what gave them all the room to start this crazy ass fringe group and make it appear they a new group rather than the same members of various militia groups.

    They're all nuts.

  10. Anonymous9:48 AM

    "Domestic Terrorist Says 'I know Sarah Palin well.' " Now, that's an iceberg. Do you think this is going to go anywhere? Can you send this Rachel and Larry O'D?

  11. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Thank you for posting this Gryphen. Hope it gets around. Dear Readers: Please tweet this article, and do whatever you can to spread the word.

  12. Anonymous10:23 AM

    The only comment I have is just because they support her and her past affiliation with the AIP (if that is the connection) it doesn't mean she is in cahoots with them. I'm starting to believe Todd pushed her to pursue a political career and when she made a name for herself, she took it into her own hands. That's my attempt at explaining what exactly has driven the couple apart because it's a relatively recent development (I mean since 06ish)

    Politics would be to blame. Now, I do not know exactly what to believe because Todd himself seems to be pretty active in tea party business. He gave mini speeches last year solo and always looks vest in conversations when he accompanies Sarah to events. Team work. and I think they continue to repair the relationship.

    and then and than are different words, fyi

  13. Anonymous10:29 AM

    What exactly is wrong with that video. He speaks pretty bluntly about the obvious change that this country needs. Change that Obama and his minions can't offer, Change that McCain cannot offers. Change that Huckabee, Clinton, Romney etc cannot offer.

    I don't understand how you tie Sarah to him and his group by that video

    Remember, Sarah's parents (mainly mother) are part of the Repub group in the valley. They are still friends with Lady Menard. While Sarah may have (thats a huge MAY HAVE) been used by these groups, I strongly doubt that's the case now. STRONGLY DOUBT. People who see through federal govt and current policy see her as a savior to the current corruption that so many fail to see.

    Not defending her as she really isn't different from what we're seeing in DC today (other than she doesn't kowtow to bullshit and same ol politics as usual)

  14. Anonymous10:59 AM

    If you were wondering why the media never seems to investigate any of these claims, I'm starting to get a pretty clear picture over here.

    You construct strawmen pretty well.
    You forgot to say you just stopped by and all is well at the household. Everyone sitting fat and happy.

    The media in Alaska is covering the Alaskan assasination plotters. The fact they haven't covered these types of stories properly or very well in the past may change. The outside media will be looking back at years of bootlicking coverage of these same people now sitting in jail, accused of plotting to kill law enforcement officials and their children. It is easy to follow what the conspirators have been doing.

    Not to mention the Alaskan politicans and appointed officials
    (many appointed by Palin-Parnell) who openly have associated with these very arrested plotters. When the media starts checking, they will find even more than simpy "pallin' around" with these conspirators.

    Plotting to kill the families as targets fits my definition of terrorism, and probably will horrify most Americans when they hear about it. They will hear about it, the media will be covering this.

    There is plenty of dirty laundry,
    and strawmen comments like yours really do nothing to keep it under cover.

  15. Anonymous11:00 AM

    So really, Sarah Palin was pallin' around with a terrorist? And it's ok to call out that association since she was doing it during the campaign against Barak Obama.

  16. Anonymous11:05 AM

    This may explain why so many people in Alaska are afraid to speak out against the wrong-doings of the Palins.

    It's heartbreaking to think of the confusion & fear the families of Alaska's State Troopers are experiencing right now.

    Why our nation can't just come right out & call these people terrorists, is beyond me; for they certainly are terrorists.

    Shame on NY Rep. Peter King & his radicalization in Muslim American community hearings - putting a religion on trial when we have these & other home-grown terrorists endangering our nation.

    Denise (Michigan)

  17. Anonymous11:08 AM


    Oh, hi sarah.

    Too close to home for ya?


  18. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Does anyone still wonder why the good people of Wasilla are afraid to reveal all about $P?

    Of course she is heavily connected to AIP, joke miller, and the froot loops in the militias.

    Why haven't the MSM run with it? DWTS is now considered NEWS... Maybe Keith O will take this out to the mainstream?

  19. Anonymous11:13 AM

    9:48 Rachael talked about these guys from Alaska on her show last night. I was so happy to see she actually covered them.

  20. Anonymous11:16 AM

    OT- Gryphen,

    Did you see the story at on 3/10 "Priebus Meets With GOP 2012ers' Reps"? Palin's aides were there. So why is she still on Fox?

  21. Anonymous11:16 AM

    poor Teddy Jick - you are really confused.

    *Sarah faked her pregnancy

    *Bristol has been pregnant multiple times - correct (don't know if she also has had abortions, but Y not? her mother did)

    *Willow had a pregnancy scare and was filmed purchasing drugs - she also was involved in a B&E with $30K damage at her friend's house - Jeremy Morlock, army criminal

    *SP has friends in the PD that will lie for her

    *her books are ghostwritten, her FB is ghostwritten, some of her tweets are too

    *Track cut brake lines and is a meth head (it's why he was kicked out of the service)

    *Todd loves prostitutes and brings them clients, making him a pimp

    *Bristol named one of her children after a prostitute

    *Bristol advanced on DWTS because of Palin bots making numerous and repeated calls in

    *Sarah plays a politician on FOX, but everybody just laughs at her, including FOX

    *Todd is probably the father of two of the children, Bristol & Willow

    *Sarah was stealing $ from the Alaska Fund Trust

    *Sarah influenced Jared Loughner to shoot Gabby Gifford with her target map and her screech to -'don't retreat, RELOAD' - he skipped the reloading part with a 30count clip

    *As members of AIP, both Sarah and Todd are domestic terrorists

    fixed it for ya'

    keep thinking the media isn't paying attention - I know for a fact they are.


  22. Teddy Jick, your set of "facts" are kind of like looking in a funhouse mirror.

  23. Darlene Underdahl11:29 AM

    Thank you for being so brave Gryghen. We all have to stand up.

  24. Anonymous11:36 AM

    It occurred to me the other night why Palin couldnt get an advanced degree or go to law school to get herself in shape for this 2012 election, as it was recommended that she do. She doesnt have a degree and applying, even getting her in under the table, would have let too many people know she didnt finish. In addition, she probably couldnt get the needed references from professors, although I am sure that could have been faked. Still, more people would know that the McCain group bought her a degree. ha,ha dumbass. Honesty does have a few perks.

  25. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I'm really glad you posted that interview with Cox. People need to be made aware of exactly who Palin is associating with.

  26. sandramitchell11:38 AM

    What scares me about Cox is that he is smart and very articulate. He can use those traits to get an effective following. I would suggest Alaskans watch him carefully.

  27. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Sarah and the "Con-Con Call"

  28. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Bravo to anon 8:57 for serving on a jury that sent dangerous people back to prison for 5 years. The only quarrel that I have with the comment is that these people aren't just crazy. They are really dangerous.

    In our city, in order to get into traffic court, circuit court or any other court, we have to pass through metal detectors. A pocket knife or scissors won't get into the building. The reason is that when some guy doesn't like the way his divorce proceedings were going, he shot the judge in chambers. More than one judge has been threatened (or attacked or murdered) because the person didn't like the ruling.

    Sarah Palin would be a prime example of taking the law into her own hands in the course of her sisters divorce from Trooper Wooten. In addition to trying to get Wooten fired, Sarah spied on them, responding to a cell phone call from her sister. (If the sister really was in danger, call the police, don't call Sarah).

    When a judge ruled that Bristol and Levi's custody hearings would be open to the public, against Sarah's wishes, Sarah's fans went crazy. They posted the judge's personal information on the internet along with death threats. The judge required police escorts to arrive and leave the court safely. Did Sarah tell those people to issue threats? She doesn't have to actually spell it out. All she has to say is that she is greatly unhappy with the ruling, and she knows how they will respond. Sarah is dangerous because she can elicit that response easily from crazed followers. Just ask Joe McGinniss about the death threats to him and his family, especially when his family was not in Alaska.

    I wouldn't call these people nuttier than a fruitcake (while they are). I would call them seriously dangerous.

  29. Anonymous11:52 AM

    I wonder how Palin will try to steal the limelight from the Japanese? Maybe bring them cookies? Explain that people are blaming the earthquake on her? Somehow she will link herself accordingly. SHe had become such a parady.

  30. honeybabe12:11 PM

    wow! they really want to kill someone bad. we have to do better here in alaska. best not defund our schools and definately teach more history.

  31. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Cox looks like James O'Keefe that a hole posing as a pimp and bringing down ACORN.
    Throw this character in jail and throw the key away he doesn't deserve to be innocent until proven guilty.

  32. Anonymous12:47 PM

    "I don't understand how you tie Sarah to him and his group by that video"

    You didn't watch it then. In the video, Schaefer Cox, ringleader of the group just arrested for domestic terrorism says " I know Sarah Palin pretty well." Palin pals around with domestic terrorists.

  33. Anonymous12:51 PM

    The way they casually discussed how they would kill any members of the household, regardless of age, was chilling.

  34. Anonymous12:51 PM

    This explains why Sarah wanted the McCain campaign to lie about her ties to AIP.

  35. Anonymous12:56 PM

    10:23AM. The distancing from Todd is starting! Not too long until the big D is announced. In the meantime, they are strategically plotting how to rid Sarah of all her former sins by blaming it on Todd.

  36. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Teddy Jick is an idiot.

    I'm a poet and didn't even know it.

    Yeah you are exaggerating a few points but seriously are you that disillusioned by these dipshits?

    Guess what? Bristle's mother's minion did cheat to keep her on DWTS. They voted for her not because of her dancing but because they have their nose up her mom's stinky ass.

    This is just a taste of how people like Sarah, Joe Miller and apparently this Cox game the system. They think rules don't apply to them. I won't be surprised when we eventually end up seeing a picture of your Queen Esther sporting an Orange jumpsuit. Just like that scumbag Tom Delay.

  37. Anonymous1:02 PM

    9:28 Teddy Jick is comparable to a fun house mirror.

    Todd Palin was and may still be a member of AIP. Sarah Palin will continue to lie for her about Todd.

    The plotting is bone chilling.

  38. Anonymous1:04 PM

    11:44...I truly can't wait 'til her crazed followers find out what a fraud/self centered/shill/grifter their queen really is and how some of them may react towards her when they do

  39. Anonymous1:05 PM

    9:28 Teddy Jick is comparable to a fun house mirror.

    Todd Palin was and may still be a member of AIP. Sarah Palin will continue to lie for her about Todd.

    The plotting is bone chilling.

  40. Anonymous1:07 PM

    10/4/2008. "Palin states that Obama pals around with terrorists!" So if I have this right, Palin was pals with terrorists who were actually plotting to kill someone. Her ties to this guy are much stronger than those that she screamed about on the campaign trail concerning Obama and Ayers. Ayers and Obama served on a Foundation Board together and were at a gathering in the same place. Payback is a bitch, Sarah. I will pay $100.00 to the first reporter you asks you about your association with this domestic terrorist and all your interactions with him.

    Consider this: If Michelle had belonged to the same organization that Ayers belonged to when he did the bombings, the Obamas would have been toast. It seems as if Sarah's husband belonged to the radical group of domestic terrorists, but nothing happens.

  41. dizipoo1:13 PM

    I've lived in areas where there were people 'like this' as well. I thank you for having the courage to expose the true intention of the right-wing extremist militia groups. The current assault on Muslims will only feed their ranks. All white, mostly evangelical (if they practice a religion at all), angry as disturbed hornets, uneducated and ill-informed as to how the U.S. Constitution actually works.

    While most peaceful, moderate Americans 'respect' their rights in this great country, that is not their goal toward us. Vigilance is essential and when King's little terrorist commission convenes, it's voices like yours among others who we will thank for shining a light on these groups and hopefully adding their names to the investigation list as well.

    Keep up the excellent work. I salute Palingates, Mudflats and many others too. The truth may not set us free but it will allow us to recognize our enemy.

    1. First of all not all militias are "extremist" of course there are some but that doesn't even define the masses. Many are peace loving and have no intention of ever doing any harm. most know their constitution better than most of the average americans these days due to lack of teaching in our school systems. it is unfortunate their are nuts like this, but there are in every group that exists. Their are extremist left-ist as i highlighted in another post. to call anyone who associates under the term "right-wing" or "militia" extremist is ignorance. And btw i don't understand what you refer to when you say " the current assault on Muslims will fuel their ranks" That doesn't make any sense, you think the militias are made up of Muslims? I really hope your not that mislead. In fact many militia members are firefighters, police officers, armed service members (both current and retired). You call them terrorists? In order to be a "terrorist" you have to do something to incite "terror". 98% of the people your calling a terrorist, if you acutally met them, you would realize they are very peace loving and polite people. Its fear mongering and ignorance like yours thats destroying this country. You are the farthest thing from a guiding light when say ignorant,foolish,childish things such as this. (btw i know personaly several african americans who are in a militia, and neither them or their fellow militia members have ever committed a crime. Infact they would not have been allowed into the group if they had. If this was a race of people you are talking about it would be a generalization and would be considered fear mongering and hate slander, consider that. Its ok to disagree with the rights veiws but to call them or segments of them "terrorists" just because you disagree and it happened that some nutjobs called themselves the same is completely wrong and hateful.

  42. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Keep yourself and your daughter safe, Gryphen. These people aren't sane.

  43. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Link to the Miner's PDF of the court documents. There's a link on the left side of the story to actually get the PDF.

    Note: page 15 is missing (jumps from page 14 of 17 to 16 of 17.

    PMom (GA)

  44. Anonymous1:17 PM

    This is an amazing story. I think the Palins would just as soon try to pretend they don't know these people and Todd was never a memeber of his little group and Sarah had never delivered the address that you have a video of and on and on.

  45. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Just horrifying.

    "Shoot the inhabitants as they come out to check on their powers" - a cold-blooded, sociopathic response to a lawful request.

    Good for the FBI. I hope these dangerous fruit-loops are put away for the rest of their natural lives.

    If they don't want to pay taxes, and be "sovereign" then they need to stay away from paved roads, street lamps, libraries, and not call ambulances or firetrucks if they or their property run into trouble.

  46. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Palin's Palling around with domestic terrorists . It is clearly not a surprise . Why she(and twad ) get away with these associations may account for a lot of closet terrorists that are financially supporting palin under her PAC and speaking engagements etc.
    There appears to be a conspiracy to keep palin stirring the pot . That may be why she keeps posting hateful ,ugly retoric .
    She needs to be exposed to the people on the fence . Where is the FBI ,ATF .
    Someone is pulling her strings and she loves it . She is daring the world to try to shut her up .
    She is a sick moron with sick moron followers .

  47. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Teddy DICK says -

    Yeah, them there Palins is pure and clean as the driven snow!!!!

    My advice for you is to get your head out of your azz and slink on home to Palin Land.

  48. Did Joe Miller's hired 'security' supply weapons to militia groups? I am wondering about connections with Miller and these Charles Manson like masquerading patriots.

    Palin chose to be the queen at their tea parties and incite people to "take their country back" "reload" supporting extremism, baiting malitia groups speaking their language. Damn, let's see if she tweets "I meant VOTE not grab your guns, send out death threats, Uh put 'em in the crosshairs Uh Uh ballot box and vote stealing identities like I wrote letters for me!" Palin is subversive unleashing the worst elements of society.

    So, the revenge if not allowed to ignore the law is to maim, murder and cook entire family's? That is patriotism and bein a rill Merican?

  49. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Blogger Mem's Political Scrapbook said...
    It's not the Muslims that are the home grown's the tea party!
    9:09 AM

    Duck the incomming MPS you just called Sarah's offspring terror babies.

    I love the image.

    1. yea your an idiot too. I love all of you people on here calling the tea party " terrorists" and hate mongers whil being hatemongers yourselfs and talking about "killing the domestic terrorist" a little hypocritical don't you think?

  50. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Now we can truly claim that Sarah hangs out with terrorists.

    How's it feel to be hoisted on your own petard, again, Sarah?
    You hang out with guys who want to murder cops and their wives and children.


  51. This Cox kid reminds me of that homegrown militia terrorist Tim McVeigh and that goofy psuedo-journalist posing as a pimp to scam innocent community workers,non other than Breitbart butthole James O'Keefe. IMHO

  52. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    It occurred to me the other night why Palin couldn't get an advanced degree or go to law school to get herself in shape for this 2012 election, as it was recommended that she do. She doesn't have a degree and
    11:36 AM

    She would have to pass the GRE or LSAT. No way could she do either of them.

  53. Punkinbugg2:20 PM

    OT: Bill-O calls out SP for blathering on and on:

    He's miffed that people (Palinbots?) are *super mad* at him for interrupting Her Shyness, but have no problem when he interrupts Obama.

  54. Anonymous2:22 PM

    These murderous assholes are the "good people" $arah Palin and her flying monkies believe are trying to help "save" America.

  55. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Teddy Jick,

    Stop acting like $arah Palin's shit don't stink. The media won't even investigate stories that have proven to be true, such as her ties to the anti-American secessionist group, the AIP. There's a video of Palin looking straight into the camera, while still the governor of Alaska, telling AIP to keep up the good work, fighting for Alaska's independence. Fuck off.

  56. Anonymous2:31 PM

    10:23 AM,

    Palin is indeed "cahoots" with them. $arah Palin likes to play the guilt by association game, like she did with Barack Obama, and Bill Ayers. She deserves a taste of her own medicine, then.

  57. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Alaska is certainly full of nutjobs in their regular population as well as in their politics! i.e. Parnell, Palin, Sullivan, the corrupt bastards club members that are currently getting their cases overthrown, etc.

    Palin especially has brought Alaska to the forefront and not in a good way.

    Elections have meaning and the Alaskan voters need to be informed prior to going to the polls. Pay attention Alaskans in the upcoming 'local' election.

  58. Anonymous2:40 PM

    1. Bristol custody case should have been private and I believe the fact that levi insisted it be publix added to bristols distrust and hatred of him. It was immature. Sarah has no say in bristols dealings

    2. How come no one in this world can spell "definitely"?

  59. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Oops, meant to mention comment at 9:09 am as explaining the true depth of what has everyone so scared of xonfronting or exposing the Palin's.

  60. Anonymous2:45 PM

    *non 11:16 doesn't know what he/she is talking about. Most of that is not true. But thanks for confusing everyone.

  61. Anonymous2:51 PM

    10:29 AM,

    You are too, defending $arah Palin, troll. $arah Palin is NO different from all the other assholes in Washingtion, DC. She is a fucking crooked, opportunistic, LYING politician, just like all the rest! She's worse than politics, as usual. She may not be apart of Washington, but she is corrupt as they come! Palin does nothing but play games. Gee, did you ever notice that despite Palin not being apart of Washington, she is one of the most hated, and polarizing political figures in America? Most Americans hate Palin more than most Washington politicians. Pay attention.

    A lot of those anti-government tea-baggers whine about how awful the goverment is, and then they tell the government to leave their government Medicare, and Social Security alone! They are so stupid.

    Palin is anti-government, yet wants to be part of the government, comes from a state that takes more money from the federal government than any other state, and before she quit her governors job was (part of the time) living in government housing, that being the governor's mansion.

    The majority of the country doesn't believe in the so-called "change" Palin and her minions want to bring. Palin wouldn't bring any real, positive change. That bitch would take this country back to medieval times, and we don't want to go back there! Palin and her minions want to take the country back, Barack Obama wants to take the country forward!

    1. I agreed with the first half of your statement. then i read the second, and now I think your an idiot. How can anyone seriously believe obama is trying to move this country forward, and veiw it in a "good" perspective. He's no better than any politicion either. Yea he wants us to move forward, forward straight into socialism. His ideas are not new ones, their just new to a "free country" I don't like palin or obama. We don't need the change either of them propose. When we get a "good" politician ill let you know, but dont wait for it. As long as big business is allowed to fund politicians campaigns without any sort of real limitations we never will.

  62. Anonymous3:01 PM

    2:45 PM,

    I bet most of it is true.

  63. majii3:48 PM

    I have a message for those who come to this blog to defend Palin. You really need to heed this message:

    If Palin ever rises to a position of power, don't be surprised when she throws you under the bus. The people in WI, MI, FL, and other states had NO idea that their new governors would cause them such grief as they work on everything else except legislation to create jobs. If you think you're anything other than a vote that helps them burnish their credentials and acquire more wealth, you're deluding yourself.

    You've been warned. People like Palin and others in the Republican Party revere themselves above all others, even God and Jesus.

    1. maybe palin does, but you can't say that about a whole party of people. Liberals are just as bad about it. look at where we are now. and yea so far the obama admin has worked on legislation to produce jobs. But it was bad legislation which hasn't worked and has just made matters worse. Look at the numbers. Im so tired of the stereo-typing from both sides. Thats why i will never claim to be of either. I'm making my own party i think ill call them the 'merit" party, whever person is judged by their merit and thats it.

  64. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Sarah is palling around with terrorists.

  65. Anonymous4:22 PM

    2:40 pm - Bekka, is that you? You have failed at every job you have had including being Head Kisser of Sarah. Rebecca Mansour, RAM, get yourself a real job and shut the heck up, you silly old woman-man.

  66. 2:40 You're right, some folks need spell "definitely" correctly, maybe others need to use correct capitalization and punctuation:

    It's a blog, relacks!

  67. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I just came from Shailey's Blog... Todd sent three of his of his buddies to Shailey for a massage

    Colemen Barney 7", Shaeffer Cox 6" and Joe Miller 5"... She just listed three with Todd Palin 4"... I laught at the post, but these are some dangerous guys, she was serving. They are Todd's friends...

  68. Chenagrrl5:02 PM

    An now this idiot and his buddies will cost the state of Alaska and federal government money to house and feed.

  69. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Soooo, Sarah Palin pals around with terrorists?

  70. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Just being a member of an independence party doesn't mean you're a terrorist. Stop tossing that word around.

  71. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Teddy jick= The Palins definitely need to be thoroughly investigated by the FBI and I am sure if by by some chance she runs for pres she will be. She has a lot of secrets to hide or the e-mails when she was governor would have already been released. She never would have fought to keep them from being released. Also there is too much trash talk from her about everyone else. She thinks it makes her look good,but it only makes her look worse. She needs to take care of her bratty nasty mouth kids.That is not a rumor they have been on tv . If my children had talked that way when they were that age they would have been punished not laughed at and have excuses made for the.

  72. Anonymous6:17 PM

    So, for all of us who've said "Sarah is pallin' around with terrorists, don't you just hope, hope to see that headline on major news media soon? It would make me so, so happy.

  73. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Anon at 4:38. OMG!! (and I hate to use that overused word, but it fits).

    Talk about a link. Shailey might well need to have a chat with the FBI.

  74. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Anon@2:40 PM. Probably busy learning the correct spelling of public. Not publix.

  75. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Anon at 5:22. You're right. Being a member of an independence party does not necessarily make one a terrorist. But it hardly makes one a "real American." In fact, it seems it does quite the opposite.

    Also, Shaeffer Cox and his buddies do indeed appear to be domestic terrorists, with the FBE surveillance. Of course, they're innocent until proven guilty. We'll see. And by $arah's own criteria, even a slim connection with a terrorist is bad, and here, there appears to be much more than a slim connection (see the post about Shailey's blog.)

    1. I wasn't the person your quoting but i agree with you. But being a liberal neither makes you a terrorist or a real american either. Each man by his own merit. The stereo-typing and generalization going on around here is wrong.

  76. Anonymous6:51 PM

    The picture you posted of Coleman Barney with his appears that he thinks the gun is his dick, or he wishes he had a dick that long. So that means he has a tiny dick that probably does not work unless he is viewing photos of young boys. Just another wacko that needs to be behind bars or better yet taken care of by people behind bars.

    1. you seem to know alot about little dicks and liking boys...jsing. Don't know how you got that from that video but it appears your mind was elsewhere other than watching it.

  77. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Gotta love Barney's costume. I live around a lot of re-enactors, and they go to great lengths to make sure their uniforms (both Civil War and Revolutionary) are as authentic as possible. They wouldn't be caught dead in polyester short pants and what is with those fake, spats things instead of real boots??? All indications of a wannabe hero. Well, now he's getting his wish.

  78. Anonymous7:32 PM

    So.....I have a question. if there are that many loony tunes running around in Alaska, how hard would it have been to have one or more of them to be hired to "get rid of" people who could potentially cause trouble for Sarah?

    I'm thinking specifically of a past lover unhappy with how Sarah was raising his child (and maybe threatening to blow the cover of his child's paternity), and a nurse who may have had connections to the Trig palin birth coverup and died in a mysterious house fire shortly afterward, etc. If the loons were given the word that one of their own was in danger, would they have been willing to go to any lengths to assure Sarah's continued political success?

    Just sayin.

  79. Anonymous7:40 PM

    anon 117pm "I think the Palins would just as soon try to pretend they don't know these people and Todd was never a member of his little group and Sarah had never delivered the address that you have a video of..."

    Well, this definitely explains why Sarah asked the McCain campaign people to LIE ABOUT IT before the 2008 election...she wanted them to put out a statement that Todd had just "checked the wrong box" on his voter registration, and they refused to do it.

    Birds of a feather! And they ARE COMING HOME TO ROOST, you liar and Quitter!!!!!!!!

  80. Anonymous7:46 PM

    @anon 7:32

    Don't forget too the Wasilla adoption record fire in the church.

    A bit too convenient IMHO.

  81. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Sarah would not ask that a human being be killed. That is a pathetic excuse to hate someone.

  82. Anonymous9:09 PM

    "Federal agents made extensive recordings of Fairbanks militia members plotting to kill or kidnap judges and Alaska State Troopers and burn their houses, according to documents filed in court Friday." ~ADN

    I think the Dar Miller case and a certain plain crash needs to be reopened to outside investigations.

  83. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I'll betcha sarah and todd would look smashing in orange -- which might save the future of their children . . . and Trig's, also too.

  84. Gasman10:58 PM

    Sounds like Palin was "palin' around" with terrorists.

    You betcha, bitch!

  85. Gasman11:11 PM

    Teddy Jick,
    Do I detect a Palin panty sniffing fucktard?

    Palin is a moron and if you carry her water then you are a moron as well.

    Does it hurt being that stupid? Your brain can't be getting much oxygen with your head jammed so far up Sarah's ass.

  86. Anonymous8:00 PM

    It seems to me that Cox thinks he is fighting a war against the government, which is interesting, since according to the U.S. government, the American people are the enemy of the state! (see Banking Proclamation Act of Mar. 9, 1933 and Trading with the Enemies Act of Oct. 6, 1917).

    From a standpoint of fighting a war to preserve freedom, he was expressing guerrilla tactics that are completely appropriate to such a scenario.

  87. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Sarah would not ask that a human being be killed. That is a pathetic excuse to hate someone.
    9:08 PM

    I'm not saying that Sarah asked. There are a number of people who could have put those types of plans in motion. All I can see is that there are plenty of unhinged Rill Amurkins in Alaska who probably would have been ready and willing to get Sarah Palin's problems out of the way for her, and since the police are in the Palin's pockets, a compromised investigation into these suspicious deaths is also a possibility.

  88. RE: "In fact the Teabaggers, who Sarah Palin helped to create"

    So, you're saying that SP started a group of homosexuals who practice a particular type of deviant sex-play?

    She's involved with Tea Party groups but I doubt if more than a handful of them are deviant homosexuals.

    And the gun in your illustrations looks more like and AR-15.

  89. Rabbit3:09 PM

    Schaeffer Cox is one of the most articulate speakers I've ever had the privilege of listening to. I don't believe in the Tea Party but I believe in the Liberty Movement. Of course the government is going to say he did awful things, the same way they said Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal did those awful things. He's nothing more than another casualty in this war for our freedom. While you rant and rave, the federal government (who do not report directly to the people, but rather report the few privately owned banks we refer to as the "Federal Reserve") is taking more and more of what we believe makes us free.

    If nothing else, just listen to Schaeffer Cox's ideals before you make your final judgment.

  90. Since you can't even name a rifle right - in this case a FAL not an AK-47 - I highly doubt you can "investigate" much else with any reliability either.

  91. you take one example of extremism and transcend it to a whole group of people (a large group mind you) and dub all of them "domestic terrorists" you must be a racist too because i guess if three African Americans rob a conveince store then by your logic all african americans must be robbers and criminals.... or well how about the liberal, obama loving cop who called law enforcement officers and waitied with a sniper and killed several... forget that story? i can only guess by reading your post you must call yourself a liberal (which is fine in and off itsself) but by your own logic then you are just as much a "domestic terrorist" as any member of the tea party. ignorance isn't bliss its just ignorance and just because you claim to be of one party doesn't mean your excluded from being ignorant.

  92. This is a terribal situation and these guys are nut jobs. I have never been a huge fan of the palins ever. And if she is associated with this in anyway, then i fully hope she is held accountable to the fullest extent. But their is alot of people on here who are "generalizing" a group of people based on the actions of a few extremeists who obviously don't understand what the tea party or right wing as a majority are about. Not only are you people generalizing but you are promoting hate, and biased fear, just because its not your side of the veiw about the country. That's not right at all. Someone of you are even so hypocritical that you can't see you are doing the exact thing your so allegedly afraid of ,being biased,ignorant,spreading fear, and even still some of you have made comments about "killing the right-wing militia groups" which if I'm not mistaken this country is still "innocent until proven guilty" in which case such talk is talk of murder which makes you no better. Just food for thought. Theres alot of lies,ignorance and mis-information in these posts. You know who you are.


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