Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The two faces of conservatism in America.

Last year the University of Washington Institute for the Study of Ethnicity, Race, and Sexuality decided to conduct a survey of conservatives to determine if indeed the driving force behind the Teabaggers was racism.  Wanna guess what they found?

To capture the difference between the two camps, we asked whether or not people thought the following proposition true: “Barack Obama is destroying the country.” If Tea Party conservatives were as extreme as some suggest, we thought asking a question of this type, i.e., fairly extreme, would tease out differences between the two camps. The data suggest the two conservative factions are divided on this question. Under these circumstances, 6% of non-Tea Party conservatives believe the president is destroying the country versus the 71% of Tea Party conservatives who believe this to be true.

With such a wide disparity in the sentiments held toward the president’s stewardship of the country and his policies, we sought to identify other possible sources of difference. To do so, we took advantage of a battery of questions in which we probed respondents for their knowledge of the president, including whether or not he was born in the United States, has a birth certificate, is a practicing Muslim, and a practicing Christian. Again, differences between non-Tea Party and Tea Party conservatives emerge. When asked about President Obama’s religious orientation, 27% of Tea Party conservatives believe that Obama is a practicing Muslim compared to 16% of non- Tea Party conservatives, both relatively low; nevertheless, an 11-point difference. More conservative type believe the president a practicing Christian, 27% of Tea Party conservatives versus 46% of non-Tea Party conservatives, but the gap here is even larger: 19%. When it comes to President Obama’s national origin, 40% of Tea Party conservatives believe that Obama was born in the U.S. compared to 55% of non-Tea Party conservatives. Additionally, 26% of Tea Party conservatives believe that President Obama does not have a birth certificate, while 17% of non-Tea Party conservatives believe this to be the case.

Don't forget that if 46% of Teabaggers believe that Obama is a Christian, that leaves a whopping 54% who do not, and that over a quarter of them believe he is a follower of Islam despite all evidence to the contrary. The data also demonstrates that an amazing 60% of the Teabaggers, and 45% of regular conservatives, believe the President was NOT born in this country, and is therefore not eligible to be our President. And that is AFTER President Obama volunteered his birth certificate for examination, something that NO other President has ever been asked to do.

I recently became curious and dug up a copy of my own birth certificate and found that it matches President Obama's almost exactly.  Oddly enough nobody has ever suggested that it is a forgery or that I needed to provide a more comprehensive version.

But just in case this data is not enough to convince you of the deeply ingrained racism that runs through the Republican party, and the even deeper vein that runs through the Tea Party,  perhaps this next bit of information will.

Since we had such a high number of people saying that they either had no opinion on these questions, or didn’t know the answer, we checked to see if whether or not the perceived race of the interviewer (it’s a telephonic survey) affected the likelihood of offering a “no opinion” or “don’t know” response. It matters. If the interviewer was perceived as white, conservatives were less likely (to) say “don’t know” or “no opinion” than if the interviewer was perceived as non-white. In the latter case, respondents were far more likely to opt for these options. We also found that conservatives were more likely to view President Obama as alien if they believed themselves to be interviewed by someone white than a non-white interviewer.

Look let's stop pretending that the majority of the crap coming this President's way is not motivated by the fact that he has too much pigment in his skin, because it is.  He has been called a socialist, a terrorist,  a Muslim, the anti-Christ, un-American, a liar, a Nazi, and that is just to name a few.

But if you got right down to it, the REAL reason that he is constantly called those names is because his critics are too timid to call him what they really, really want to call him. Which is a nigger!

Did reading that word shock you?  Did it make you feel angry? Upset? Embarrassed? Well good, that is exactly how it should make you feel!

But also know that it is BECAUSE that word elicits such a response from you  that the Teabaggers, and certain conservatives, don't use it. You can bet your ass they use it when they don't think anybody can hear them, but out in public they choose code words instead.

You know the code words don't you? Like socialist, or Nazi, or Muslim, or, if they are especially cowardly, they simply question whether his birth certificate is real or not.

That's right, I said it.

John McCain was born in Panama.  Did a group of angry Americans rise up demanding HIS birth certificate? No they did not.

Did he have to answer endless questions about whether or not he met the requirements to be President of the United States. Of course not.

Why?  Because John McCain has so little pigment in his skin that he gets a new bout of skin cancer every time he stands under fluorescent light bulbs for too long, that's why!

Now ask yourself what would have happened if Barack Obama had been born in Panama? 

See my point?

No other President has EVER been asked about his birth certificate. Does anybody really believe it is just a coincidence that the first one questioned like this is an African American?

Look people can tell themselves any lie they must to help them sleep at night. But if you find yourself looking for a reason to think of Barack Obama as "the other," or non-legitimate in some way, then, as I suggested before, you need to stand in front of a mirror and watch yourself make the argument for why you want to believe that Obama's mother would have smuggled him into America after giving birth in Kenya, why two newspapers would have printed his birth announcement, why even after he provided a copy of his birth certificate these questions were not put to rest, and why his place of birth was ever questioned in the first place.

If after you have made your argument to yourself, you are not completely embarrassed and feel like slinking off into a corner, then you need to further probe the question as to why you so desperately cling to the theory that Barack Obama is undeserving of his position.

After all of that if you find yourself still firmly in the "Obama is not a real American" camp, you need to honestly ask yourself if there isn't a word that is tickling the back of your throat, just dying to come out, that would sum up your feelings about this President better than just "un-American," or  "non-Christian," or "socialist."

Come on, you can say it.  Or are you just a coward?


  1. nancy7:03 AM

    Gryphen, you hit the nail right on the head!

    The klanbaggers are racists. And not even thinly veiled ones at that. The fact that the President's birth certificate is being discussed to this day is PROOF POSITIVE of that. As a candidate for President, Obama was cleared for candidacy by the Bush administration. Do they honestly think that they were lax in their vetting of him?

    These people are absolutely livid that a black man is in the White House. There are so many examples of this it is staggering to believe they are still defending themselves against the charge. Besides the birth certificate, there is the Palin driven meme that "he's not one of us" wink wink. Palin made it acceptable to jump on this racist bandwagon in the first place. And don't get me started about fox "news" and their daily barrage of negativity about Obama. (Remember when they identified M.O. as Barack's 'baby mama?' Or how about when they wring their hands over how many times he uses Air Force One? I could go on and on....

    And there is one fact they can't deny, as much as they want me to not believe my lying eyes. Teabaggers TeaParties are predominantly, if not exclusively white. No diversity in sight.

    What is this reason for that, klanbaggers? Riddle me that one, if you dare.

  2. angela7:04 AM


    This is what we have all been saying for the last 2 1/2 years. . . . .

  3. Anonymous7:07 AM

    They're also flatout afraid to call him "boy" but will call him "the Iman Child." And don't forget their incredible accusations that Obama, one of the most deeply intelligent presidents we've ever had, is "dumb." This is right in line with the racist tendency to believe (or accuse) black people of being inferior in intellect. The lengths they are going to in order to convince themselves of this are nothing short of mindblowing, like their desperate rumors that Bill Ayers is actually the author of one of these books.

    By the way, these people are also deeply anti-Muslim, and deeply anti-immigrant. Do we see a pattern here?

    Finally, a good deal of these so-called conservative tea partyers would have voted for Hillary Clinton over McCain. Only a few will admit it, of course.

  4. Anonymous7:10 AM

    There are two things that should make anyone ineligible to run for president: 1.) Insisting Obama was not born in the US and demanding a (already supplied) birth certificate over and over and over and 2.) Believing against all evidence that Obama is a practicing Muslim. Holding either of these 'beliefs' suggests you are a either a pandering, pathological liar or a complete imbecile. Neither of these traits are consistent with the qualities needed in a president, so should automatically disqualify potential candidates including Mike 'Which Way is the Wind Blowing Today' Huckabee and Donald 'Starved for Attention' Trump.

  5. What a fantastic post! The racism and the sheer ignorance of these people is mind-boggling. I'm ashamed to live on the same continent with them.

    We cannot allow them to overtake the presidency in 2012. Several more years of a Republican clown in charge of the country will be disastrous.

  6. Anonymous7:16 AM

    If Americans voted in their best interests, Republicans would receive about ten percent of the vote.

    The GOP depends not only on racists (especially in the South) but on religious fundamentalists and gun-toting country folk. Racist, gun-toting, fundies like Mama Grifter are better still!

    For fundamentalists, Obama is a Muslim.
    For racists, he's a Kenyan Muslim.
    Un American Socialist, for the rest of the hicks.

  7. Anonymous7:19 AM

    I dont really care what religion a candidate chooses as long as it's not active devil worship or one that alienates. I believe most candidates aren't, behind closed doors, going to use their faith to make important decisions. This goes for Obama and huckabee alike.

    What I dislike is people like Huckabee are criticized and their faith is used against them, yet when someone like obama who continually says he's praying a lot doesn't get a mention, thats when we must call out critics on hypocrisy.

  8. BAM! I can't anything more!

  9. 20catsinMD7:21 AM

    I hsave believed the prejudice all along. I can't that picture of Obama. It's so hard to believe that people actually push those pictures of him, even as he is the President, duly elected.

    Remember what Bush did to the school teacher who criticized him in the classroom? I believe that the Secret Service was knocking on her door and the press gave the incident quite a bit of coverage.

    The criticism towards Obama is abominable.

  10. Wow! I guess we need to keep saying it, and saying it. BTW, somebody did slip and call him "boy". I wish I could remember who it was. I think part of the problem with Mr. Obama is he is a daily reminder that whites are only barely in the majority in this country. In some areas, they are already just another minority. The guessing is that by the 2020 census, whites will be a minority all over the country. Oddly enough, it is the whites who are still in majority areas that are the most bent out of shape. Mr. Obama is a symbol of what their country is coming to, and they don't like it one bit.

  11. @rollingingraves7:34 AM

    I tweeted yesterday;
    show me a birther and I'll show you a bigot.

    Great Post, Gryph.

  12. Anonymous7:35 AM

    But if bill maher calls quitter granny a cunt or twat they are up in arms but when dr Laura used the n word eleven times on the air she was just exercising her first amendment rights!

  13. angela7:43 AM

    Anon 7:19

    If I understand you correctly you think Huckabee is criticized because of his religion? Hell no, he's criticized because he espouses christianity yet says crap that could be deemed the opposite of what a christian--especially a pastor would say. He lies about what he knows the truth about, jokes about a president being assassinated and plays into the hands of birthers to get face time on television. Get it?

  14. Anonymous7:43 AM

    You nailed it, Gryphen.

  15. Anonymous7:44 AM

    That is exactly what I have found. These are usually older, white people who remember segretation and are secretly racist, but will never admit it unless they are with likeminded people. This is why they "gang" up together in the so called Tea Party. It's code for let's all get together and hate the black guy.

    People will take on a false bravado when they have a group behind them, just like in first grade. They are still too cowardly, as you so elequently put, to call Obama a nigger, but that is EXACTLY what they call him when cameras are out of site. I know this for a fact, because there are still some racists in my family, and I am deeply ashamed of them.

    Thanks for putting it out there. Funny how racists don't like being called a racist, but can't muster the balls to face the facts and stand behind their beliefs. Shameful.

  16. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Nice Post Gryphen. Just makes me want to scream from the rooftops at these morons.

  17. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Excellent post! I had this same discussion with my husband the other day. More shameful than the racism and ignorance though, is someone like Trump, who manipulates these people for personal power.

  18. I agree fully with nancy@7.03a. I wish these TeaBaggers had the balls to call him what they really say behind closed doors.

    But as odious as all this is, I think it's a good thing because we're finally getting it out-in-the-open. We are a racist society and it's just about time we look at that and try to change.

  19. Anonymous7:59 AM

    I heard rumbling right after he was elected things like, he's not their president, No black man was going to tell them anything. So yes, there is still racism, they just have to find other ways to show it. It's the elephant in the room. They have to do anything and everything is demean him, to make him seem like an outsider not one of them.He acts like he's fraid of these idiots to go aainst anything they say or do. I voted for him but I'm upset that he or no one else is fighting for us, from these evil Govoners and lawmakers, who are trying to take life, liberty and freedoms from us. When is someone going to liberate us.

  20. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Forget the civil wars in the Middle East: America has one brewing in her back yard.

  21. Yup. I'm sick of these fake Americans and disgusted to be sharing the same landmass with them. Not one of these dimwits has actually looked at Obama's record as President, which shows him to be a relatively centrist Dem. I suspect that his personal beliefs a a little to the left of his presidential position, but that is typical of most presidents. If they are even halfway decent at their job, they tend to move a bit closer to center than their personal left or right position.
    But all of that is irrelevant to these racist nimrods. They are oblivious to facts. They only see a scary nigger socialist who, somehow, is going to deliver us to the muslims, the atheists, the socialists, the black helicopters, and whatever other boogeymen they have conjured up from their shriveled racist hearts.

  22. Huckabee is criticized for being a hypocrite and an opportunist. His religion is his own business. He can just tend to his own soul and stop trying to tell everybody else what to do with theirs. And I criticize him for stupid crap like saying he thinks the Constitution needs to be changed to match God's law. THAT is a load of crap, and so is Huckabee.

  23. Anonymous8:10 AM

    I read the blog several times per day and don't post often. Love ya! Keep doing what you do.

    Now, I must say, I have no question in my mind that the whole birth certificate thing is just to make him seem like he is not one of "us". Thusly, racist!!

    This whole thing is identity poitics at its core. I mean Sarah Palin embodies this whole thing, She is one of "us". Barack Obama is one of "them".

    I am still waiting for your book. It should be about you with a Grizzled Mama twist. In other words you can tell you you have gotten to where you are and how your blog "blew up" when she was nominated. I also enjoy the stories about your daughter and fatherhood. Please write a book.

  24. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Great post, Gryphen. BTW, McCain's legal fitness to run for Pres was questioned, because he was born in Panama. But a bill/motion (?) was passed in Congress asserting that, in spite of that, he met the requirements of the "natural-born citizen" clause. As, of course, he does. Who signed on to such a motion? Why, candidates Obama and Clinton. Because the "D" behind the names also stands for decency. Or dependably sane. Such a difference from the Republicans.

  25. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Something to ponder. Barack Obama is just as much white as he is black. He was raised by his white mother and grandparents. Only saw his father ONCE in his life. Only traveled to Afica ONCE in his entire life.

    So, I am at a loss as to how his African father had so much influence in his lfe??

  26. Don't mean to be dense here, but I don't understand why responders would be more likely to answer that POTUS was not born in USA if they perceived the poller to be "foreign" or "non-white." Would appreciate commenter explanation, because the motivation escapes me.

    Elizabeth @7:22am hits the nail on the head. Unreasonable, steadfast belief in things that have no basis in fact must be driven and supported by fear. Facts bear out that we are becoming a less pale nation, which is a good thing for our descendents -- less time spent in a tanning salon & less fear of skin cancer (which poses greater danger to the pale because of climate change & ozone layer depletion).

  27. emrysa8:20 AM

    these people really are the dregs of society.

    but the billionaires love this shit. that's why the dregs (including palin) are always in our faces, because they make issues where none exist and it keeps the public from looking at the real problems. it keeps the public from looking at the activities of those who are really running the country and fucking it up for the rest of us - the billionaires.

  28. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Gryphen, bless you for having the courage, commitment and fortitude to take on this subject that the MSM pussyfoots around.

    It's blatant and it's gonna get worse going into the 2012 elections. Obama will win and they will lose their minds that a black man will be the Commander in Chief for another 4 years. It's gonna get really ugly and staying on top of it will be critical.

    Good to see you got a jump on it!

  29. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Yes, you nailed it!

    And this Donald Trump jumping in on the bandwagon says a lot. What is it with the republican party? The slick millionaire real estate barons, beauty queens, are taking over the party, and repubs would have it so. It's become a joke for the world to see. Whatever they claim to be, they are the opposite. There is no justification for their constant inexcusable dissing of the POTUS. If he says yes, they say no, he says right, they say left, he says up, they say down.

    To the moral majority: Please read Isaiah 5:20 - "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter".

  30. emrysa8:29 AM

    also and too:

    every time the dregs complain about obama they only show their ignorance. do they really believe that the billionaires would allow a socialist, marxist, or communist to get anywhere near the presidency? any one of these three would threaten the wealth and power of the kings. the billionaires would NEVER let that happen. they knew everything there was to know about obama before any of these dregs ever heard his name. so stupid they have no idea how this country really works.

  31. Anonymous8:29 AM

    I would never think to ask if a candidate was born in this country. I never knew about McCain being born in Panama till the whole birther thing took off.

    There is no doubt this is about racism, and it saddens me to no end that these are my fellow countrymen. This country that my parents came to and gave up everything to give a better life to their kids.

    President Barack Obama, while not perfect- though some on the left expect him to be- is the most thoughtful, intelligent, and hardworking president we have had in my lifetime.
    What he and his family have had to endure is unexcusable. I just hope he runs for a second term

  32. Anonymous8:30 AM

    You are an angry man Gryphen. Good! We need more Dems like you. Great rant but… you know… blood pressure. Make sure you get some balance- go for a walk, enjoy the spring, plant some flowers. (((hugs)))

  33. SME1318:33 AM

    Like you I didn’t think anyone ever questioned McCain’s eligibility to hold office, then I found this. This article shows EVEN MORE DOUBLE STANDARDS.

    Below is just part of the article, the entire article is a MUST READ.

    McCain's Birth Abroad Stirs Legal Debate
    His Eligibility for Presidency Is Questioned
    The Senate has unanimously declared John McCain a natural-born citizen, eligible to be president of the United States.
    The senator's father, John S. McCain Jr., was an executive officer on a submarine, also based in Coco Solo. His mother, Roberta McCain, now 96, has vivid memories of lying in bed listening to raucous celebrations of her son's birth from the nearby officers' club.

    The birth was announced two days later in the English-language Panamanian American newspaper. A senior official of the McCain campaign showed a reporter a copy of the senator's birth certificate issued by Canal Zone health authorities, recording his birth in the Coco Solo "family hospital."


    Technically there is NO LEGAL BASIS for having declared McCain eligible, NONE. Yet they did it and no one questioned it. Yet Obama has proven he IS a US Citizen and people continue to question it.

    There is NO PROOF MCCAIN WAS BORN IN PANAMA other than a news clipping – that’s it.

    Perhaps you can link this article to your post so people can see all the double standards we have here.

  34. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Great post. Also explains why Newt Gingrich and Rand Paul have been spinning in circles regarding the president's approach to Libya. Paul voted for the Senate resolution to impose a no-fly zone over Libya on March 1, but when the president decided to do just that weeks later he went on YouTube to castigate him for supporting a no-fly zone. Newt, well, he's so racist and disingenuous you don't know whether he's going or coming. If the president had pursued a hand's-off position, the right would be raking him over the coals, calling him a coward and worse. And we all know it. Racism makes people completely retarded. There, I said it.

  35. Aw, G-man, you make me chuckle sometimes!! You really have the Teabaggers backed against a wall here!

    But, I'd like to reframe the issue a bit:

    The Obama-birther theme, the "he's a Muslim" nonsense and all the ugly expressions of ignorance demonstrated by these photos are based in fear, confusion and racism.

    But you see, racism is a disease.
    Unless racists hold actual power to hurt those they fear, usually the disease eats away at the racist.
    If we simply point at them and declare--"YOU ARE A RACIST," where does that get us? It goes to phony denials, greater anger and louder, more twisted expressions of this same fearful prejudice.

    So where shall we go? How do we offer these foolish, stricken and manipulated souls some light?

    I know it may seem "counter-intuitive," but if you know a tea party type personally- kindness and care would be more helpful than accusations. We may present well developed arguments. But if all else fails, let us ask them-- "What exactly are you afraid of? How exactly has your life been compromised by this presidency in the last two years? ...and by the way.. did your federal taxes go down????"

    Our confidence in this administration, and our non-support of the "FEAR" agenda would be more helpful than finger pointing.

  36. Anonymous8:44 AM

    The first thing those without a decent rebuttal will do will be to attack the credibility of the research. If you read the whole thing from UW, you'll note an unusual level of academic rigor- this is no sloppy straw poll.

    So, go huskies, good job. The racism is real; this is confirmed by sound methodology and research. Those pesky academics!

  37. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Your defense against such trivial things about Obama and your condemnation and personal attacks on a woman's apparel, face, and voice speak volumes and place you in no other box than "hypocrit"

    How can you not see the parallel? And yes, GRYPHEN, I'd like a personal response from you. You remain silent when people come to your blog and choose to attack women based on nothing, yet you show intense vigilance over the birther issue.

    There is FAR greater SEXISM in this country and world than there is RACISM. So fuck you very much you hypocritical, chauvinistic pig.

    Trig truthers and obama birthers are no different and neither party should be the focus of critics.

  38. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Priceless! Joe Klein at Time via Andrew Sullivan:

    "This is my 10th presidential campaign, Lord help me. I have never before seen such a bunch of vile, desperate-to-please, shameless, embarrassing losers coagulated under a single party's banner. They are the most compelling argument I've seen against American exceptionalism...

    Read more:

  39. Anonymous8:54 AM

    It's not the word that hurts it's how you use it. There are a couple ways i can call you genius. I would not choose to term president Obama a nigger because the color of his skin means nothing to me. Back stabbing asshole is a term i find much more descriptive. Yes i will NOT vote for him again.

  40. Anne In DC8:56 AM

    There's no question in my mind that much of the distaste for President Obama is fueled by racism. His presence in the White House, no less than his 2008 victory, challenges and contradicts every assumption they hold about blacks. Of course, he and his wife are far from being alone in being far removed from the negative stereotypes. The world, including this country, is constantly changing and they cannot deal with it. Of course, they will publicly refrain from using the n word in public, but everything else they say points to their racism. I firmly believe that their readiness to embrace ignoramuses who happen to be white over an intelligent black man is a testament to their racism. Why else would anyone think that Sarah Palin--who proves her serious shortcomings on a daily basis--is superior to Barack Obama, an intelligent, knowledgeable, and articulate man? I know quite well that they are far from representative of whites, and that is encouraging.

  41. Here's what the baggers LOVE to forget - Obama is half white. Further more - he was raised by white grandparents (from Kansas no less!) whom he has referred to as being MORE of an influence in his life than his biological African father.

    Birthers are racists. They have no facts, no evidence - just emotion and conspiracy theories. Birthers insist Obama is foreign - what they mean is that no black person is ever American ENOUGH. Even if they are born here on US soil. What? The signs at the bagger rallies aren't clear enough advertisements of their racism? Please.

    The old and white racists we see today in the bagger rallies are the same white racists from the 50's and 60's. Just older. They weren't successful THEN to destroy this nation, they won't be successful NOW.

  42. Anonymous8:56 AM

    I had a discussion a while back with my mother (she's an elderly white woman). She does not like President Obama or Michelle. She calls him the "black bird" in the white house, and calls Michelle " a loud mouth black woman". She also thinks he is a Muslim. There is no convincing her. Lucky for the country...she does not vote and hasn't in the past 30 years. I tell her until she votes, she has no say so :) She is a racist, but would never admit it.

  43. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Great post Gryphen!

    It disgusts me how many racists there are in this country and what they say about our President. I have heard some awful things said about him by people I know and they are disgustingly racist. If they would only look at the man and see the intelligence, capabilities, and the goodness in him.

    That said, I wish I would never see that disgusting picture of him as an African warrior again!

  44. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Sarah and John McCain started this shit and they need to be run out of the country on a rail. Sarah and John both are racists and totally un-american and not patriotic.

    Their motto is hatred and lies.

  45. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Teabagger favorables at all time low

    We've known the tea party only attracts conservatives. Okay, and maybe a few Republicans. After all, they ARE Republicans. Outside of that, no one likes them. Urban, rural, midwest or south, makes no difference, the numbers are similar: favorable view is in the low 30's.

  46. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I love telling them that the Biblical Eve was African:

  47. Anonymous9:17 AM

    My birth certificate from Illinois looks EXACTLY like the President's from Hawaii. I was born in 1959. My previous birth certificate was a photo copy sort of thing with an embossed seal. It tore and shredded over the years and when I went to get a passport, I was told it wouldn't be accepted.

    Off to Cook County I went and lo and behold, I received the same thing Obama has shown. It got me a passport so it must be legit.

    I was raised republican and I voted the party for most of my life but this current crop of know-nothings will NEVER get my vote until they clean up their own house. Palin is an embarrassment to me, a Repulican female.

    I have several brothers who believe this Obama wasn't born here crap. I can tell you with 100% certainty that the reason for their willful ignorance is two things...Fox News and bigotry.
    They are fools who are being fooled and they deserve it as far as I am concerned.

    For now, I am voting with the Dems. It pains me to say it but the party of my father has been destroyed from within.

  48. Anonymous9:21 AM

    You are absolutely right Gryphen. They don't like him because in their mind, he is a "NIGGER". Having grown up in the south I can tell you that this word is tossed about in white circles as flippant as the word pancake. It is so highly offensive to me that when I read it or hear it, it provokes such an anger in me that I react very strongly against those who toss it around. In this case, it is highly appropriate that we call these assholes out for what they are. They are fucking racist bastards and an embarrassment to the entire country.

  49. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Aren't there a good number of Alaskan politicians in prison or were in prison?

    Did Uncle Ted go to prison?

  50. Anon@8:44, your defense of Sarah on the basis of sexism is as lame this time as it was all of the other times you posted. Repeating bullshit does not make it true. Sarah is a sexist, both in how she views men and in how she uses her own sexuality. And even worse, her positions on women's issues are appallingly ignorant and self-serving. If you are really so up in arms about the rampant sexism in this country, then why aren't you outraged at a woman who has done everything in her power to destroy the advances women have made? Is it because you really don't give a crap about the plight of women in this country, and you just have a big ol' crush on Sarah? That's about the only thing that explains your retarded viewpoint. Stick it up your ass, troll.

  51. Anonymous9:23 AM

    It disgusts you all that people question a deceitful man's birth due to skin color, yet you laugh at a "comedian" calling women degrading names.


  52. Anonymous9:24 AM

    I have said this from day one, and that is the reason Mrs Todd Palin is a wealthy woman today. Thanks for the post.

  53. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn9:30 AM

    A friend of mine once said (in describing the Bagger mentality) "All they have in life is that they are white."

    For most of "them" that I've met and actually had a one-sided conversation/argument/debate with, I'd classify that as true. They definitely fit a certain demographic. Most are older, never ventured beyond the end of their own state, have no intellectual curiosity, and spout Faux News talking points as gospel. If I had a nickel for every time I heard them snarling that our Pres wasn't a U.S. citizen, and the fact that I was LYING! LYING! (yelled) when I defended him, I'd be richer than Bill Gates. The problem is that this attitude is filtering down to their children, who are leading carbon copy lives. Most are saddled with more kids than they can afford (another social argument there) and are miserable in this rotten economy, courtesy of the very idiots they voted for. They're too tired, pissed off or stubborn to care about their future--it doesn't exist yet. They want "their" America back, now--wah! Funny thing is, they can't even define what that is (unless they blurt out the n-word or use a more polite term).

    The only release these people seem to have are their ultra-Xtain churches, which are a social, rather than spiritual, event for them as well as a hotbed of the same narrow mindset. A good friend of mine was shown the church door when she made her newly progressive views known. They just DO NOT want to deal with anything that's out of their realm of experience--it's life as it always was, and the positive changes beginning in this country are rocking their simple minds. The $$ behind the Bagger movement played to this frightened, misfit attitude, and nurtured a cult of spoiled six-year-old bullies in overfed adult bodies. Then we have pseudo-mommy-Jeebus figure Sarah, egging the overgrown toddlers on with her big flapping yap, and WHAM!

    You know, a few years ago I really liked pretty much everyone. The past few years have brought out the worst in some of the people I thought I knew fairly well. It's hard to like or respect a proud member of a "grass roots" group who worships belligerance, self-righteousness and intolerance. I can't say I feel sorry for them, but I do feel very, very, VERY sorry for their children and grandchildren.

  54. Anonymous9:47 AM


    Polarization is a product of people who find like minded people and start to demonize those they disagree with.

    This is a pure exercise in labeling the "other".

    In the coming election the essential demographic that we need to influence is the "middle".

    Let's blog about the issue that might influence the middle.

    Racists will never be influenced in large numbers unless large numbers call them out.

    Seek to navigate the middle ground where people can be pulled into a winning coalition:

    * funding the government to insure A stabile economy for example.

    Of course, the name calling and character issues make for better tabloid blogging.

    I just want to see the right folks win elections this time.

  55. Anonymous9:48 AM

    @8:44 - False equivalencies. Go start your own blog for mental midgets.

  56. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Mr. G
    You have it exactly right with this post. Thank you~


  57. Anonymous9:53 AM


    You've got to be kidding me. Those who promote the birther meme against President Obama do so to undermine his presidency and usurp his authority.
    He is our Commander in Chief. It is not trivial for his detractors to mount a campaign based on lies and innuendo to attempt to weaken his support from the American people. It is treasonous.
    I find it astounding that you would make a statement to the effect that sexism is more prevalent than racism. Care to cite your sources on that, Ram? Who sponsored that research or survey and how large was the control group?
    We all know when you say "women" you are really only referring to one woman. To say she is criticized for nothing is disingenuous.
    Continue to dig in and defend Ex-Governor Quitty Pants. We all understand you are deeply invested in Palin; to step back and truly see her as she is rather than who you portray her to be would probably be more than your rigid, narrow mind could handle.
    You hate Gryphen because he exposes her for who and what she is. He is respectful to other women, to his daughter, and to women who comment on this blog.
    Your straw man argument that Trig birthers and Obama birthers are equivalent is false. President Obama has produced his birth certificate, two birth announcements in two separate Hawaiian newspapers noted his birth on the day he was born, and he was vetted extensively and thoroughly by our National Security departments. Sarah Palin has never produced a birth certificate for Trig. The letter from her doctor, released the day before the election, was a joke.
    What's worse, however, is her total lack of commitment to caring for Trig. She travels and is away from him frequently and, when she is around him, she doesn't make sure he
    wears his glasses and hearing aids. As a special needs child, Trig needs consistency of care, support in several types of therapy, and a mother who will devote her time and energy to his care. These first few years are crucial for his development.
    So get off your high horse, Ram. If you want to wallow in outrage, how about doing so on behalf of Trig.
    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, fuck you.

  58. Anonymous10:01 AM

    These people are totally crazy. They are all racist and stupid.

  59. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Present from Shay Tripp for the family values Pbots,Tea patiers and GOP in all. The begining of the truth has began.

    From Shay's blog. She posted it in the comments...
    "This is the email I promised to post for for the fundraiser. We did not reach the goal of $1200 so I am not posting the one I put up for the fundraiser. I am posting the email dated: 12/05/06. It is sensored a little bit. The host for my website is having problems that is why it isn't in its own post.

    EMAIL: 12/05/06 between Todd Palin replying to Shailey Tripp

    --- On Tue, 12/05/06, <> wrote:

    > From: <>
    > Subject: Re: calmness. Thank you so much.
    > To: "Shay" <>
    > Date: Tuesday, Dec 05, 2006, -:-- PM
    > Shay,
    > I hope this reply gets to you. I am so happy to be there
    > for you. I love the tie!
    > Glad we met and
    > You light up my life,
    > Todd
    > ----- Original Message -----
    > From: "Shay" <>
    > Date: Tuesday, Dec 05, 2006 -:-- pm
    > Subject: calmness. Thank you so much.
    > To: <>
    > > You really are a great listener. I appreciated your
    > insight today
    > > and your great gift of calmness you gave to me. Thank
    > you. You
    > > really are very special!!! I feel weird about the other day.
    > > Lets keep friendship as friends and professional services professional.

    > > Shay
    > >
    > > ps. I hope you liked your tie and don't sweat
    > breakfast.

  60. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Nice, Gryphen.

  61. Geez, what will it take for everyone to get that Pres. Obama is an American citizen, has been since birth, etc.?

    Send him back to Kenya? Sure, let's send all those of Irish descent back to Ireland, Italian descent back to Italy, German descent....etc. Oh, I forgot. Logic doesn't work with these people. Doh!

    HELLOOOOOOO.....Do these people have any brain cells at all? Stupid question, I know. I am so disgusted with the lot of them. And the sad thing is, you can't reason with them. At.All. They don't have the brain power.

  62. Anonymous10:32 AM

    aw, the mental insane get press again!
    the picture says granny needs her Meds..

  63. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Two faced is right.
    Pot meet kettle?

    You posted before about Darrell Issa
    the Republican. This post was the one with the video where Issa explains what he thinks corruption means.
    You know I think the new Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government reform might be a retard. Thank you Ann Coulter for making THAT word okay again!

    Issa said among other things:
    I think people misunderstand the meaning of the word corrupt, and obviously, CNN does. 'Corrupt', or 'corrupted' or 'failure', it's no different than a disc drive that's given you some bits that are wrong," Issa said on CNN.

    Now surprise surprise! Think Progress reports his hand might be in the earmark jar for himself.

    Exclusive: Issa Secured Nearly $1 Million In Earmarks Potentially Benefiting Real Estate He Owns

    Issa has said that an “earmark is tantamount to a bribe.” While Issa has handed out earmarks to his campaign donors in the past, in this case, he appears to be helping himself. ...Issa’s highway earmarks not only potentially benefit his multi-million dollar medical office building, they provide better access to his other properties in the area.

  64. Wow, Gryphen, you have a real infestation thing going on here today! LOL. Kudos to you for having the courage to publish the results of this study. Those who are squawking the loudest have a reason for doing so!!

    Go on, with your BAD self!!!!

    I always remember my parents saying, "A hurt dog will holler!!

  65. Anonymous11:06 AM

    I think the whole birther issue is such an insult to his mother and his grandparents- Grandpa, a WWII vet and Grandma a "Rosie the Riveter". And his mother will never have the respect of many simply because she fell in love with men of color.

    And , "I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK "! ...Please, nothing was taken away. The three branches of the government were all doing what they do when this chant started. The only thing that changed - the complexion of the man in the Oval Office.

  66. Well as some of these dipshits attempt to stir things up again as they gear up for campaign mode I have had to make a preemptive move and create rules for my email to handle the ridiculous emails that come from acquaintances. I could receive them and send them a link to snopes or factcheck but they know the drill and they don't care.

    Lying and melodrama is all just part of the culture of the conservative movement. It's getting really old and I look forward to the time all these people and Fox News are nothing more than the fringe element. It's happening and they can't stop it. That's what's making them act out in such a bizarre manner.

  67. Virginia Voter11:17 AM

    O/T What up with new Todd Palin love child story on the cover of National Enquirer this week???

    Looks like I'll have to get one tomorrow ;)

  68. Anonymous11:18 AM

    These people are just racist nuts. Pure and simple.

    BTW, Gryphen, are you going to sponsor this?

    Beginning to have my doubts about all of it being worth anything.

  69. Anonymous11:26 AM

    8:44 sounds more like that metrosexual whiny ass todd

  70. Anonymous11:26 AM

    News alert: There is a photo of the cover of the new issue of the National Enquirer up at their site and it says: Sarah's worst nightmare about Todd: A love child.

    Hmm.. Whose child, I wonder? Where is this child?

  71. Anonymous11:30 AM

    O/T Look at the latest pile of sh!t she's stepped in...

    The problem is that every advocate of every tax break, subsidy, and earmark contends that their proposal “incentivizes business.”

    If limited government is to mean something, it means there must be some areas of economic activity that government does not seek to steer, influence, promote, regulate, or restrict. Movie-making and television production would seem to be a good place to start.

  72. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Now we know what Sarah does with all her time. She can't be president because she already has a full-time job:
    From Politico: "Palin: Cleaning up media 'sloppiness' a full-time job"

    And this is one job that she can't seem to quit.

    And a BIG thank you to HuffPo for day 2 with another Palin-free moment. Keep slamming the media Sarah. It's really paying off (for the rest of us).

  73. Anonymous11:39 AM

    My Uncle, 81 yrs old, registered to vote in the 2008 election for the first time in over 40 years.
    His motivation?
    "I'm not going to let a Nigger into the White House!"

    No changing this mindset for Tea Bagger folks over 50, just have to wait until they die out from old age.
    The good news is that my 2 nephews and niece are Half White, and Half Black, and they don't see/practice racism in anyway. How could they?

    Of course the irony is lost on my Uncle, who loves these kids dearly!

  74. imnofred11:42 AM

    I have thought that there has been rampant racism in the Republican Party, especially the Tea Party, for a long time.

    If the President's name were Barry Overton and he was white, nobody would be asking for a birth certificate and would be making the racist remarks and sporting the racists signs.

    The Republicans hated Bill Clinton so much that that tried to impeach him. I don't remember them asking to see his birth certificate.

  75. Anonymous11:43 AM

    In the much larger scope why do all Americans refer to people who look like they are of negroid heritage as Black?

    Most "Black" Americans are, like Obama are "White" Americans, also too.

    I am in no way pretending that the Republicans as a group are not racists, I'm just saying Obama and many other "Black" people are really "White" people. But as a society we never address them as such.

    And we never recognize them as such.


  76. Anonymous11:43 AM

    2nd anon @ 8:44 could well be $carah challenging Gryphen for a personal response. Since President Obama won't confirm her existence $he's trying to get anybody to acknowledge her, trouble with that is a freaking 2nd grader could blow that mentally challenged dim bulb outta the water. $he's better off sticking to her teleprompter, written scripts, hand scrawlings or hidden ear pieces, briskett's googling expertise..also..too

  77. Anonymous11:44 AM

    I agree totally with 9:53 and second the motion--good job!!

  78. Anonymous11:50 AM

    In my younger days, this lily white female asked a black woman about the "N word". I thought her explanation was extraordinary.

    " There are good black people and there are good white people. There are black N's and there are white N's." She felt that it was a pejorative that could be applied to any race.

    I guess we know what the baggers are for the most part, eh?

  79. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Thank you Gryphen, for writing this post and saying what has needed to be said. I am African American and is was very disheartening to me, and still is, to see how some in America, my own country, embarrassed themselves, and us as a nation, but their behavior when Barack Obama was elected president. From first the very first, they started off criticizing the fact that he didn't have a jacket on in the oval office, until pictures surfaced of their beloved Georgie sitting in the office without his jacket on as well as previous presidents, both democrat and republican to the hideous song, Barack the magic Negro, to the birth certificate and a senator yelling, "you lie" while the president is speaking, and on and on. These folk have single handedly acted the fool throwing tantrums and acting hateful and childish in from of the whole world all because a black man is president. They have embarrassed America by such racist behavior. The Palins, Beck, Limbaugh were the dogs sicced on the black man. When that didn't work, why not slime him, disrespect the highest office in the land, block needed health care for the nation, carry guns to town hall meetings, all because a black man is president. An intelligent black man, bi-racial at that. They completely overlook that his mom is white, although back in my day, in the 60's in the south, she would have suffered as much as he. Yet he is respectful to them all. It is truly heart breaking. Being raised in the south in the 60's, it seems that we didn't progress much at all. These people are thugs, and the Christian Right, who are deafeningly quiet while all this takes place are thugs and guilty as well. Guess their Jesus must be white and heaven is only for whites.

    It occurs to me that the powers that be thought the birth certificate issue would be red meat for the tea baggers and cause a revolution.

    Thanks for telling it like it is. Somebody needs to speak up and tell the truth about these people.

    Oh, and like Nancy at 7:03 said, it is no coincidence all the baggers are white.

  80. Enjay in E MT12:04 PM

    Great Point Gryphen & quite a few awesome comments.

    It seems ironic that the "TEA movement" took hold within a couple weeks of Pres. Obama taking the oath of office. Am sure it was organized late fall 2008 when he was going to win the election.

    As far as Obama being half-white - they don't consider him "half" because their thinking is in the mindset of "one drop = all"

    Regarding the sexist criticism of QuitterQueen - perhaps some comments are sexist (below the belt) - however I don't recall any recent male candidates "winking" during a national debate. When a candidate uses their "sex appeal" - male or female - then expect to be called on it. John Edwards - how much were his haircuts? Sarah Palin would look more professional if her skirts were "knee length" when appearing on stage.

  81. Anonymous12:04 PM

    To Anon @ 7:19 A.M.
    Have you read a paper,listened to a T.V. report. or heard the recently elected candidates? They are already using their faith to make laws and make decisions that affect all, Americans. relating to health, jobs, housing. Have you taken note of all the recently elected candidates who are behind,deregulating everything,making it impossible for the working man and women to have a good working wage,and condition's. Advocating home schooling(Bachman who did not know where the revolutionary war was started) She home schooled her own five children, I wonder just how well informed they are? Let alone the laws passing regarding personal issues. Give these people half a chance and we will no longer be living in a free nation, but a full blown dominionist nation.

  82. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Sarah is all wee-wee-d up again!

  83. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Read it @12:08. The comments are hilarious, this is my fave:

    "which most people won't even notice - I didn't even notice it."

    LOL. Because, like most idiot GOPer/conservative/Teatroll fucktards out there, she just reads the headline and then thinks she knows what the article says.

  84. Kimosabe12:52 PM

    Not that it's really relevant to Gryphens excellent post, but as a footnote. There was a also "birther" kerfuffle raised about the presidency of Chester Arthur. His opponents claimed he was born in Canada not the US, that the records (such as they were at the time) were purloined, and that his relatives lied.

  85. Anonymous1:21 PM

    My aunt in north Florida is as rabid a Republican as you can imagine. Now that her champion, Rick Scott has been elected, suddenly her only daughter's job is in jeopardy. That's right--she's a teacher, and now her pay will be tied to her students' performance.

    Auntie must be going a little nuts now, wondering who she's supposed to support now.

  86. During the Bush years, I attended at least a dozen anti-war marches featuring hundreds of the most vile, vicious, mean, nasty, obscene pictures and comments about GWB imaginable. Bush was called a fascist, Hitler, a murderer, a liar, an idiot, etc, etc, etc. Many signs called for Bush and Cheney's death. (see some examples here I don't endorse this blog at all, I just found it via
    Google, but it does have lots of pictures of the signs I'm talking about.) Since the people carrying the signs (for the most part) had the same skin tone as GWB, they were not called racists.

    I strongly disagree with the Teabaggers. I think they are ill-informed, misguided, manipulated by billionaires, and lack critical thinking skills. But, they at least care enough about this country to vote and march and organize. I respect them more than I respect the 50% of the people in this country who can't even be bothered to get off their couch and vote.

    I have no doubt there are some racists among the teapartiers. I'm sure there were some racists at the anti-war march, too, who opposed the war because they didn't want to waste resources on trying to 'help' brown people. But calling the whole Tea Party movement racist is counterproductive, imho.

    Some people will conclude they never again want to elect a black president, because anyone who criticizes him/her will be called a racist. Is that the response you are seeking?

    I think that progressives should try to persuade the teabaggers on the issues. I see a potential to join forces with them to cut the deficit by ending three wars and bringing all troops home from overseas. Think of the money we'll save! But they won't be interested in listening after they've been called racists by the NAACP and prominent progressive blogs. It makes me a little sad.

    I'm a long time reader, first time commenter to your blog, Gryphen. Sorry to be so negative my first time. Obviously this is an issue that I feel strongly about.

    Best regards,

  87. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Interesting that you would post a picture of the infamous Obama "witchdoctor" photoshop that was circulated by the Tea Party Patriots, with which Dustin Stockton was associated.

    You may recall that Dustin Stockman and his father Roger founded the Western Representation PAC, which is now headed by Joe Miller, with Dustin serving in some sort of communications director capacity.


  88. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Well said! Anyone who thinks this is a group that's just concerned about "government spending" has been taken for a ride by a media that loves convenient narratives. This is a group that's dying, aching to scream out "nigger!" but is afraid to expose who they really are. Any coincidence that this is a group that also hates "political correctness"? Contemporary society just does not allow them to say what they really want, and it drives them insane.

  89. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Anon 8:44am

    Let's flip your rant to suit our point of view.

    "Your defense against such trivial things that Palin says or does as well as her condemnation and personal attacks against Obama's record, accomplishments and speaking abilities speak volumes and place you in no other box than "hypocrit". How can you not see the parallel?

    And yes, RAM-like person, I'd like a personal response from you. You remain silent when people come to Gryphen's blog and choose to attack Palin's disregard for women's issues, yet you show intense vigilance over protecting feminist issue.

    There is FAR greater RACISM in this country and world than there is... (Well, that sentence made absolutely no sense to me seeing as though I'm Black and a woman). So fuck you very much you fake, hypocritical, chauvinistic part-time feminist.

    Trig truthers and obama birthers are completely different where one group exposes the hypocrisy of the demands from the other especially when they do not walk their talk. Obama has produced his birth certificate so where is Trig's? Produce it and the controversy goes away. Has nothing to do with an attack on being a woman and everything to do with hiding behind being a woman to attack others.

    I just want to know, "What does the "I'm a girl but I'll kick a boy's ass meme" have to do with this topic? Obama is not that boy next door that didn't ask you out, or that jock who didn't notice you in high school, or the tall, smart good looking Black guy with the big smile and dreamy eyes on the debate team who didn't even know you existed. Why must you continue pushing your insecurities and perception of your idealized self through your defense of Palin and the willful ignorance she continues to demonstrate ?

  90. Anonymous5:23 PM

    The one good thing about this disgusting issue is that our president is so intelligent, wise, and able -- as to be above it.

    I am imagining a scene in which some racist calls him a nigger. I can clearly imagine Obama's response, which would be exemplary. And the onlookers would immediately recognise that this wanna-be insult reflected poorly only on the person who said it. Very poorly.

    I'm so glad there are lots and lots of people who want an educated, intelligent, ethical president above all else, whatever his skin color or religion.

  91. Punkinbugg10:46 PM

    Well, I did it. I had the nerve to call out a person who goes to my church on FB, with all of our mutual friends looking on (and some chiming in.)

    He had posted that old, worn-out lie about Obama cancelling the National Day of Prayer, and I ummm corrected him in no uncertain terms.

    There are a couple "likes" on HIS remark, not mine. Somebody else just typed in a bunch of letters, like "lg" and "lvvplt" and "lgyp". Does anybody know what those mean? (Not in urban dictionary - I looked)

    Another chimed in with (yet another) lie about Obama allowing Muslims to tie up traffic in New York on Fridays.

    Again. Google. Annual event w/parade permit. Just like the St. Patrick's Day parade.


    I am making it a new resolution to fact-check anything outrageous before repeating it. That is bearing false witness in my good book.

    Stop the madness!

  92. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Jill: "I think that progressives should try to persuade the teabaggers on the issues. I see a potential to join forces with them to cut the deficit by ending three wars and bringing all troops home from overseas."

    Believe me when I tell you this would be a phenomenal misuse of our energy. These people are the same old Republican base, no matter how many times they try to tell us "it's not about either party" and if the next president happens to be a Republican who doesn't care about the deficit and the war spending, they won't either.

    In fact, the progressives have made a grave tactical error by getting too engaged in the whole deficit and debt conversation. We've let it suck all the air out of the room, which has given validity to such preposterous ideas as we're too broke to fund Social Security and that state union workers are going to make states go bankrupt.

  93. Anonymous8:31 AM

    To reiterate my earlier point that the Tea Party is nothing more than the same old Republican base, they are now lobbying for foreign industry:

    No one really concerned with the national debt would be lobbying for foreign industry.


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