Saturday, October 29, 2011

President Obama proves he's a socialist by offering free handouts to children.

Well I guess there is not denying it now, since the whole thing was caught on video.

It looks to me like the President was thoroughly enjoying himself.

(H/T to The Obama Diary.)

P.S. On a personal note I have to admit that I LOVE Halloween, and have spent much of my free time watching horror marathons on cable. It kind of interferes with a my blogging a little as I am always distracted by what is about to jump out and get the teenagers on my TV.


  1. It's okay, Gryphen. I'm a Halloween nut. It's my favorite holiday. Scary porch, spooky music, jack-o-lanterns, candy, kids, scary movies (this year it is The Exorcist extended director's cut). No fancy dinners to fix (pizza), no xmas tree to take down, no relatives to argue with.

  2. Anonymous4:49 PM

    chk out this trailer
    G: Happy Halloween!
    tucker & dale vs evil

  3. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Santa Claus has a red suit.
    He's a communist!
    And a beard and long hair,
    Must be a pacifist.

    What's in that pipe that he's smoking?

    Santa Claus sneaks in your house at night.
    He must be a dope fiend, to put you uptight

    From "The Pause of Mr Clause" by Arlo Guthrie.


  4. I hope that they were giving out healthy treats and not just empty calories.

  5. AKPetMom said...
    I hope that they were giving out healthy treats and not just empty calories.

    5:23 PM

    Prez. Obama, added some candy cuz he don't want the White House egged :D

    I don't celebrate Halloweed, not into the scary stuff, but I love watching the President and First Lady give out goodies to those precious little ones...

  6. Anonymous5:48 PM

    How cool will that be for those kids when they grow have video of themselves trick-or-treating to the President and First Lady!

    And yes, they both seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves as they hand out the treats to the kids.

  7. Halloween is my favorite holiday! Since my birthday is Oct. 30th :) I'll be 56 years long in a few hours.

    Thank you for sharing this video - made my day.

  8. Smirnonn6:44 PM

    Me too, Gryph. LOVE Halloween!! Such a fun celebration of everything scary :)

    Btw, if I were president that'd probably be the part of the job that I'd enjoy the most. Interacting with the children.

  9. Happy Birthday Lady Rose!

  10. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Here's Joe's Madison radio interview -- segment 4 is about the "Wild Ride." I think this is one of his better interviews. It's worth a listen.

  11. mitchethekid8:41 PM

    I just read over at C4P that Obama is responsible for her quitting her governorship, is responsible for her not running in the primary, that the OWS protestors are starting a socialist revolution that the C4P'ers will counter with guns and god. Someone call the FBI and Secret Service!

  12. A cool OWS idea to accompany moving your money on Nov 5: I'm saving up my big-bank junk mail and mailing it back on Nov 5, per these suggestions.

  13. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Aha! The Socialist got caught red handed- on tape, for the world to see!

    It snowed here today, it's Obama's fault!

    Halloween is my favorite for many reasons, one being it's our anniversary. And I'm a huge fan of horror movies! I read "the exorsist" and it scared me, but when I saw it in the Theater, it haunted me for days. Very well done!

    We usually celebrate them seperately, our thing, after the kids stop knocking, is a murder mystery party. We don't give the victim a part, (how boring is laying on the floor all night)

    This years "victim mannequin" has a pillow under her blouse, and words written on her palm. (Don't have a clue where that idea came from.)

    Would make a funny "will it float?" segment on Letterman.

    Happy Halloween!

  14. Have a spooky Hallo-eve birthday, Lady Rose!

  15. Rick @4:58PM

    Don't forget the chorus -Why do police guys beat on peace guys?"

    Pretty pertinent in light of OWS.

    We are the 99%.

  16. Anonymous7:19 AM

    There's our guy!

  17. Anonymous7:21 AM

  18. Anonymous7:21 AM

  19. ywc-achieve9:59 AM

    Aw,, so precious. One little girl and boy went right up and got them a hug from the president and first lady.

  20. Beldar Conehead6:48 PM

    Was he always that thin?

    Please stay healthy. Mr. President


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