Sunday, November 06, 2011

Introducing Sarah Palin to the RNC, perhaps Jon Huntsman's most egregious crime against America.

Courtesy of Mediaite:

“I was asked to introduce her and nominate her because I think I was about the only person who actually knew her after John McCain had picked her as a running mate. I was chair of the Western Governor’s Association, I’d worked to a limited extent with Sarah Palin, so when you’re looking for somebody who can actually go up and nominate her, I was asked to do it and I did as told.”

"I did as told." Isn't THAT the same defense used by Nazis during the Nuremberg trials?

I love how Huntsman tries to dance around his participation in the nomination of Sarah Palin as VP. "It wasn't my fault! They made me do it!"

In my opinion if there is a GOD there should be a special place in Hell for EVERYBODY who was involved in bringing Palin to the national stage. And no I would not give Jon "I was only following orders" Huntsman a pass either.


  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Obviously, Huntsman is lacking character.

  2. Anonymous12:35 PM

    In my opinion if there is a GOD there should be a special place in Hell for EVERYBODY who was involved in bringing Palin to the national stage.

    I hope you are including those dumbshit Alaskans that voted for her for Governor

  3. Huntsman has looked reasonable to some only because he believes in science and is compared to the other Republican candidates. He seems to be little more than a dilletante from a wealthy family who thinks it would be cool to be President.

    The MSM's infatuation with his Valley Girl daughters is also tedious.

  4. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Hmmm. Well I am interested that David Gregory chose to highlight the nomination episode. Kinda surprised, really. I wonder if the MSM has word that some damaging stuff is going to break on her, and so they are priming the pump?

    Agree about Huntsman. I think he may have a shot at a VP slot, otherwise honestly why even have the guy on this show? He seemed the only semi-sane one of the bunch, which is probably why he is doing so poorly among GOP voters on his own!

    I think his smiling points to a tiny acknowledgement that Sarah Palin has been a disaster for the Republican Party. They put all their hopes on her, and look where it got them. He seemed to be smirking (almost like an inside joke sort of vibe, with DG) that he doesn't really even know her positions on basic issues - obviously because she has never effectively articulated them, if she even has specific views at all.

  5. Anonymous1:22 PM

    That was enough for me to see that his attempt to play the "reasonable person" angle is just a front.

  6. Anonymous1:27 PM

    I thought he was the only SANE member of the goup running for the WH. I was wrong, they are all losers, including him. Was there not even ONE repub. with the intelligence and courage to point out the obvious about Palin, that she is an empty snowmobile suit? The repubs. will be tainted by this loser forever. I still maintain that had she been a democratic candidate, she would never have made it on to TV, at least not invited by other dems.

  7. Like the Rat carrying the Fleas, carrying THE PLAGUE (ROGUE?). And he may "believe in science," but he still wears magic underwear . . .

    OBAMA Landslide, 2012!!

  8. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Obviously, Huntsman is lacking character.

    12:32 PM


    I was thinking a spine, but we can go with character!

  9. Janet Carter1:51 PM

    I tweeted:
    @Archivist1000 /but how intelligent can Huntsman be when he said today that Palin would've made an excellent VP?

    Huntsman tweeted back:

    CanJonHuntsmanJon Huntsman

    @Sweetey15 @Archivist1000 "VP is a job any monkey can do, look at Biden, look at Gore, look at Bush."

    I honestly thought Huntsman was the only intelligent GOP candidate but I take that back now. I tweeted the same to him.

  10. Anonymous1:55 PM

    I saw that interview & he made quite a few glowing remarks about
    'her.' One was, he thinks 'she is absolutely capable of being president.' Doesn't matter what he thinks, he'd never get the nomination, & if the winner chooses him to be vp it still won't matter, the 'R's' are going to lose. Let them play the game & get it overwith. Anxious for 'Fred's' book!

    Sharon TN

  11. N'yah2:01 PM

    Well hell.

    I was thinking after seeing him on Colbert, now that might be the only rethuglican on God's green earth I don't want to actively dip in a vat of acid while someone takes tap shoes to his man-bits.

    But after hearing this,

    No such luck.

  12. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Well, she ain't doing too much for the TeaThuglicans. That Disney venues where she screeched for the R(I)POF(F)seats something like 1500 max with banquet seating. Latest over at daylife quoting a photo caption (AP?) said she only spoke to @ 800 - 1/2 of what could ave been packed into that place - so she can't even sell out a largish wedding hall?


  13. Anonymous2:06 PM

    DKay: I'd like to think it will be an Obama landslide, but worry if the Dems on the supercommittee raise the retirement age etc..

    I can imagine a year of negative Repub ads terrifying seniors again .. like rerunning the Death Panel ads with a different slant.

    I just don't want to even think about it...

  14. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Don't be so hard on him y'all! he is just a sheeple.

  15. It doesn't speak well of Palin that Huntsman was the only one who barely knew her and who was willing to introduce her. Funny to hear his voice cracking...choking on his words during the nominating speech.

  16. Anonymous2:41 PM

    This is slightly OT.
    I am getting to the end of reading, via CD, McGinnis' book. I had to wait till it showed up in the used book store as I promised, on the Flats, to not give McGinnis any of my money after what he did with AKM's mms..

    Gryphn, you had said that McGinnis does not really address the TriG issue, that he just discusses it.

    I think however he does in a sneaky way. Early in the book he spends quit a bit of time (too much really for the point he was making then. I kind of though why the heck is he going on and on about Sarah's nudity?) pointing out that Sarah as a teen would go around nude in front of her team mates on road trips. Also I read that the adult Sarah walks around the house, even in front of guests and her children with her robe open and no clothing underneath.

    So then jump to her "pregnancy" when Todd and her children and the people who might have seen her naked under her open bath robe say they didn’t notice her pregnancy and explain how they could not have seen that she was pregnant, that she was expanding?

    “Gee mom, you're gettin’ a tummy, better cut out the lattes for a while.”

    McGinnis gives us a geometry quiz. He defines point A early on and much later he defines point B. He then leaves it up to us to take the ruler out and pencil in the straight line between them.

    McGinnis is a believer. He just couldn't get rock solid proof. But he told us where to look for it. He set it up for somebody to say they saw Sarah naked or semi-naked at some time after she would have been, say, three months along.

    Ok Alaska beagles, it's now up to you to root out some eye witnesses.

    Just as an aside. McGinnis is really pretty merciless to CBJ, without directly condemning her. It is something else he spend more time on than seemed necessary. He kept specifically bring her back into the narrative, even though it wasn’t really necessary to the narrative.
    If she gave the kind of advice Sarah claims, she gave bad medical advice. And she has not denied giving that bad advice.

    Either she has been used and abused by the Palins, and as a result lost her access to hospital privileges, thus deceasing her professional practice, and being professionally sullied, or she should have her license yanked for very very unprofessional activities and medical advice as well as, at least tacitly, lying, or intentionally misinforming, about the facts of the birth of the child now named TriG.

    As time passes she might be willing to be somebody’s Deep Throat. She know's where that DS baby came from. She probably knows the name of the mother, or knows where the mother's name can be found, she knows where the adoption papers are. And the adoption papers are not protected by HIPAA.

  17. EX Cat3:36 PM

    The devil(s) made me do it.

  18. Rick Hill3:42 PM

    No. We should all be thanking Ms Palin. Were it not for her the Senate would also be in Rethug hands. I have no doubt we would be in full blown depression.

  19. Gasman3:43 PM

    Hunstman: "No I didn't. Honest... I ran out of gas! I--I had a flat tire! I didn't have enough money for cab fare! My tux didn't come back from the cleaners! An old friend came in from out of town! Someone stole my car! There was an earthquake! A terrible flood! Locusts! IT WASN'T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD!!!"

    Thus spake Jake Huntsman.

  20. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Yet Obama chose Huntsman to represent the U.S. in China.

    Just one of many reasons for my disillusionment with Obama.

  21. Anonymous3:55 PM

    a little hyperbole anyone?
    i enjoy this blog a lot, but at times there's too much turning basically reasonable people into uglies over trivialities.
    i think this is one of those times.

  22. Smirnonn3:56 PM

    Huntsman admits he didn't know what the paylump's views were in regards to foreign policy and tax policy et al.

    He also states that he had "limited" dealings with her but that he thought that she was "capable" of being VP, with the caveat that she would have learned a lot on the job(?!?!?!?!)

    And still he introduced and nominated her.

    This is the modern gop. ANYTHING to win. Run a vapid, vainglorious ditz for VP? Sure!! She gives the baggers stiffies with her monkey pumps and leopard print trailer trash apparel. Change the laws in WI regarding gerrymandering, create legislature to make it necessary to notarize recall signatures and start the recall process 10 days earlier to allow for unlimited fundraising for 10 days while shortening the time for petitioners to aggregate signatures by 10 days? Sure! Ratchet up the sleaze! It's what "rill Amerucuns" do!

    Fuck you, Huntsman. Fuck you, McCain. And please just go away, paylump. You are an embarrassment.

  23. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Have any photo-shopped photos of sarah at the NYC Marathon appeared yet ?

    If they do, will she go for first place this time ?

    I hope the photo shop expert that posts here can do something for all of us to laugh at, like sarah crossing the finish line in NY in under 2 hours !

    Or even SNL could do a bit with Tina Fey as sarah, and cut it in with actual marathon footage - hilarious !

  24. Anonymous4:14 PM

    All right John.....what did you know and when did you know it.......

  25. laprofesora4:17 PM

    "...if she even has specific views at all."

    OF COURSE Scarah Paylin has views: "ME! ME! ME!" Oh, and "MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!"

  26. I wouldn't be so hard on Huntsman. He may have introduced Palin, but he agreed to it as party politics, but more importantly because it gave him a chance to be on the national stage - when everyone is watching! It's all politics.

    I'm sure he never thought McCain would have chosen an unvetted, uneducated, disinterested, mean-spirited, ignorant idiot as their running mate.

    Had he known then what he knows now ... you know the old saying.

    Looking at this cycle's Republican candidates, the above characteristics of Palin are now common. That's frightening and a pity.

    I watched a few interviews with Huntsman - I think he's a rarity within his party. He seems intelligent & honorable for the modern day Republican.

  27. Anonymous4:37 PM

    I didn't realize this.

    I'm sure he, as well as all the other Western Governor's thought she was a bush-league Chief Executive, but took a second look at her gams and bible.

  28. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Anon @ 3:55, not sure what you find trivial about someone being part of a negligent at best, and malicious at worst, nomination process. It's pretty much the opposite of trivial.

    Sorry if you think our outrage - about our precious democracy - is ugly.

    I think your irritation is trivial and ugly, how about that?

  29. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Thanks Anon 2:41!

    You are right about the McGinniss book, and the same thing (just connect the dots) can be said about the Dunn book, and even the Bailey book.

    Why, for example, does Dunn spend so much time on the Feb. 23rd 2008 meeting in DC between Palin and McCain (at the Repub. Governors conference)? And why bring up Paxson and the ongoing New York Times expose on McCain that mysteriously stopped in mid-stream right after McCain interviewed Sarah? Did McCain have to promise someone something to make the lurid stories about him and Vicki Iseman (Paxson's employee) stop.....?

    Why does Bailey tell us that Sarah began sounding him out on the possibility of her pregnancy...back in 2006?

    The baby hoax, they both seem to be hinting, has a long and complex history.

  30. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Isn't that RICH. He stands by nominating her but has no idea what her views are on ANYTHING.


  31. Anonymous5:10 PM

    I also seem to recall Romney's name coming up, in the various Palin books, as someone who advanced her career behind the scenes.

  32. Anonymous5:25 PM

    OMG! I apologize for this off-topic comment, but there was a "Record Breaking" earthquake in Oklahoma. Could this be grifter $carah's sign to re-enter the race? I'm anxiously waiting with bated breath... What a clown contest the GOP primary will be, as Bill Kristol admits the current field of candidates are unelectable pond scum. Their defeat in 2012 is going to be biblical! I'm hoping/wishing/praying Republicans are BANISHED from our land for 40 years, OR, learn to play well with others + 20 years, whichever is longer. So please DO jump back into the Race $carah, it's good for the popcorn business. Gosh, what a skank...

    Love what you do Gryphen,


  33. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Huntsman will say and do anything because he has his magic undies on to protect him

  34. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Gee 3:55...the same of troll lie.."i enjoy this blog a lot, but" Somehow, there is always a BUT. I am proud of you, though, that you didn't call us haters or tell us we don't know these people so how can we judge them, although you did call us "uglies" (how DARE you judge our outward appearances without meeting us). And you refrained from telling us you would never, ever come back and read this blog again.

    You girls really need to work on some new, less obvious, lines. I know it didn't come from any of the Palin's or that Morlock girl, as none of them would have the first clue what the words hyperbole or trivialities meant or how to spell them. Think this must the cookie exchange lady.

  35. Anonymous5:46 PM

    I agree with 3:55. Huntsman's a decent guy.

  36. Anonymous6:02 PM

    to 4:44
    have you ever stood up for someone or something and then later, wished you hadn't? were you called onto the carpet in front of everyone over it? what did you say to defend yourself? did people condemn you forever?
    i think that Huntsman was part of the campaign process, trying to get his moment of attention, and beholden to the PowerMen.
    it is trivial to dismiss him as unelectable, or even worthless, or even "going to hell" because he introduced Palin at the convention with words of praise for the sake of his party.
    if i don't vote for him, it'll be for other reasons.
    p.s. i don't plan to vote for him

  37. Worth a look
    Koch beother's fertilizer plant is the worse greenhouse gas emitter in Manitoba, he funds study on globabl warming which agrees there really is globabl warming.

  38. Worth a look

  39. Anonymous7:04 PM

    I watched a few interviews with Huntsman - I think he's a rarity within his party. He seems intelligent & honorable for the modern day Republican.

    4:22 PM

    Here's some info on Huntsman for you.

    He's a typical Republican.


    It's to Obama's shame that he made Huntsman part of his administration, but then Obama has made MANY POS's part of his administration. They're the rule rather than the exception.

    Which is why, as a dedicated progressive, I really, really don't get all the Obama love around here.

  40. Anonymous7:06 PM

    from "3:55"
    i didn't call anyone here ugly.
    i noted that people here made Huntsman ugly for reasons that made no real sense to me.
    if that makes me a troll, so be it

  41. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Person who is clearly trolling this site and really shouldn't bother:

    I personally didn't say Huntsman was un-electable. I am one of the posters who said he was the only minimally sane one of the entire pathetic motley crew of Republican candidates, and it would not surprise me if they put him on the ticket for VP - except for his being a Mormon, which wouldn't work with Mitt.

    Look, he himself was snickering on the tape with David Gregory when he was talking about Sarah Palin. Not exactly pointing out her assets to say she "put in two good years" or whatever he said about her tenure as Governor - basically reminding everyone that she is a quitter.

    Aren't there better places for you to be, trollster? Kinda sad that you feel the need to hang around here with the likes of us! Are you a paid minder for Sarah and Co, or are you just spinning your wheels under your own steam?

    You can answer all you want and I won't be conversing with you. Just funny to us when you folks come around. You are probably nervous about what Gryphen may post, or perhaps you fear a poster on a thread.

  42. Anonymous7:40 PM

    @7:06, I thought you were @3:55!

    Are you answering yourself now?

  43. ThanksABunchJohn7:41 PM

    Huntsman is the only candidate who is not a sociopath. In GOP crazyland, that makes him ... Normal??

    If he is a historical part of the opening of Pandora's box, may he roast..

  44. I'd give my left nut (if I had one) if someone would clap their hands over their ears and run screaming out of any venue where the "Wailing Witch from Wasilla" was speaking... and I mean it literally..

  45. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Huntsman did seem restrained when answering the question, but in the clip, he really seemed thrilled to introduce Grandma. It got him on stage and in front of the crowd, but now that he's running and wants to look electable to the righties.

    And now, we're to believe he knows noting of her stand on the issues?


    Off Topic

    Gryphen, one of your "friends" has written an open letter to you and your blog that I think you should read (phil munger at progressive alaska)
    He has some issues, and want's your undivided attention, because, you know, your blog is hopping and he's trolling for hits on his.

    It's kind of like the "I will not be ignored" meme from fatal attraction, but it's between and older dude and you.

    Stay classy, Phil.

  46. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Phil Munger has pissed me off more than once, that's for sure. I rarely visit his blog, but I'm glad you brought it to our attention, 9:22.

    ITA with Phil on this. President Obama has been a disaster on a number of progressive issues, and he makes no bones at all about holding progressives (you know, those people who busted their asses getting him elected) in contempt.

    Now, when the next election is in his sights, he's making noises like he remembers we exist. But that's all it is, noise.

    I have no doubt that Obama will approve that tar sands pipeline, good corporatist that he. He will screw the environment, he will screw us, he will give the Koch brothers what they want once again, and once again they and their minions will paint him as a socialist Muslim coming for everybody's guns.

    So Phil, if you are reading this, please know that there is one person here who totally agrees with your opinion of Obama. He disappointed me from the beginning of his administration, when he asked that bloated with self-satisfaction Jim Warren bigot asshole to give the blessing at his inauguration.


  47. Anonymous3:56 AM

    "I did as told." Isn't THAT the same defense used by Nazis during the Nuremberg trials?

    Godwin's lose.

  48. Anonymous4:06 AM

    Obama appointing Huntsman as Ambassador to China shows his willingness to put the country's business over political party. Huntsman was in that position previously, and did a fine job with it. He was qualified. Obama wanted to demonstrate that he was willing to work with anyone who was willing to put the work of the country ahead as a priority.

    Huntsman was a fool to quit that position to run against his boss. He made his last few months in the position ineffective.

    Huntsman cozy up to McCain in the 2008 election (made a strong stand against Romney - earning Huntsman the foul taste in the LDS (Mormon community) because Huntsman fully expected McCain to chose him as the VP. Huntsman could not believe it when Palin was chosen instead. He thought he would at least have a decent position in the McCain WH - or would get McCain's endorsement when Huntsman ran as a return favor. Has anyone heard a peep from McCain about Huntsman? Nada.

    Huntsman sold his soul with his backing of McCain and he won't get any support from McCain now.

  49. I'm a little bit sorry I watched that. I'd begun to think of Huntsman as kind of a throwback to the reasonable Republicans of a previous generation. Oh well, back to reality.

  50. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Yeah, I bit. I went over and left a post. Why am I so easily manipulated, haha?!

    I hope you ignore him Jesse. I would be amazed if you didn't.

    All the guy had to do was post his opinions, to which he is entitled. Why he made it about your supposedly misguided thinking is unclear to me. I guess just for traffic.

    It's like with my GOP friends and family. They just can't stand it that I have my viewpoint, so they are always saying provocative things and hoping for a debate. I don't run around trying to convert people, though. I figure efforts at getting sympathetic folks registered and ready to vote are a far better use of time and energy.

    We'll get there. Are these Progressives saying they will be disappointed if President Obama is re-elected? What planet do they live on, then? They'd rather have one of these crazy loon Republicans because President Obama is not perfect, in their eyes? My Lord that would be a tragedy of epic proportions, don't they see that?

    They need to clarify their objectives, and fast. Think big picture. Think chess game. President Obama is just one man. There is a 2016 election to worry about. Policy takes years to change.

    It's about control of the branches of government, not individuals.

    (Hey, they can have their opinions but I don't like it when it sounds like they are saying we need to start from scratch or some nonsense like that. It's just not realistic, and therefore is mostly damaging and not helpful - at all. We got Bush thanks to this kind of purist thinking. People have short memories, apparently.)

  51. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Oh Jeez....Progressives held in contempt by Obama?

    God, just grow up you fools.

    Join the real world.

  52. Anonymous6:26 AM

    @3:48 PM


  53. Anonymous6:30 AM

    "Which is why, as a dedicated progressive, I really, really don't get all the Obama love around here."
    @7:04 PM


  54. Anonymous6:41 AM

    @10:09 PM

    Whine, whine, whine. Why should anybody listen to people who do nothing but whine, and refuse vote out of protest, anyway? You care more about hurt feelings than the issues. You're not a fighter, either. You're irrelevent. You don't count. So, why should anyone care what you think?

    I'm disillusioned with all the fucking whiners in this country.

  55. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Let us be grateful she is defanged at present.

    The press seems to be ignoring her pretty much.

    I'm throwing some salt over my shoulder just in case.

    Her prayer warriors must be slumming somewhere, and her bots seem to be all used up from worshipping their pin up girl too often.

  56. Anonymous7:00 AM

    I know that this post is about John Huntsman but the remarks about "progressives" and their childish take on President Obama really annoy me. As a life-long Democrat with deep Democratic roots, I am tired of those "progressives" who consider themselves too good to stoop to partisan politics and call themselves "Democrats" and then whine and complain when everything does not go their way. Are the "progressives" anxious to push Ralph Nader into presidential politics yet again so that we can have four or more years of Republican "failureship." I prefer standing with President Obama as he seeks reelection and working to give him a viable Democratic Senate (60 or more seats) and a Democratic House in 2012, so that he can continue the good work he has begun against almost impossible odds.

  57. Anonymous7:41 AM

    10:09 pm

    I'm 9:22 to who's comment you referred.

    I did NOT say I disagreed with Phil, just pointed out an ongoing obsession that Phil has had with Jesse and his blog. When Phil gets bored, he comes over here and chastises his friend,Jesse, to get hits on his blog. Doing this piece on his blog was just acting out because Jesse chooses to ignore it.

    Phil makes good points in his commentary, it would have stood alone and drove the issue forward, dragging Jesse into it seems a bit petty and obsessive.

  58. Anonymous8:13 AM

    I agree Anonymous@7am - the worst possible thing would be to discourage Dems and Progressives alike to either sit out the election or vote against President Obama.

    A "Progressive" on another site is so Anti-Obama he/she said they'd rather vote for a Republican - and, to get back at voters supporting Obama/Democrats/anyone not a Far Left Progressive, this person thinks it would be a good thing if the Teabaggers/Repubs take the House, Senate, and Presidency in 2012 - so people in this country would suffer and "get what they deserve".

    I kid you not - this IS a pure, unadulterated, political tantrum. The reasoning was then people will suffer so much and wake up - and vote for an all Progressive agenda - ta-dah! It would take years to repair the damage done by the Far Right, if that happened. It was curious to me that anyone would want to see people suffer anymore than they already do, or to see our civil rights be weakened further, just weird.

  59. Anonymous10:58 AM

    "Obama wanted to demonstrate that he was willing to work with anyone who was willing to put the work of the country ahead as a priority. - 4:06"

    And Obama couldn't find anyone suitable for the job with a "D" after his or her name?!


    Republicans had 8 long years to trash this country and trash it they did.

    Obama had no fucking business appointing one of them to such a highly visible position in his administration.

    Just one more of Obama's appointment blunders in a long line of them. Huntsman didn't even stay in the job for a year and a half.

  60. Marleycat12:05 PM

    Well! I did go visit Phil Munger's blog - and aside from a couple of positive comments for Phil - everyone else noted Phil's obssession with denigrating Gryphen and IMers. Unfortunately, while Mr. Munger has cited issues that need to be addressed, because he tries to get support for his positions in such a negative, twisted way, nobody can hear his message.

    He tries to equate being an Obama supporter with being anti-climate change, a war monger, a Corporate shill, happy that BP had a massive oil spill in the Gulf and is not responsible for the cleanup, etc. That's BS!

    I don't know about the rest of you guys but I have never interpreted Gryphen's support for President Obama, or anyone's pro-Obama blog/comments as being evidence of hero-worshipping or blindly following President Obama, with complete disregard for the issues we know still need to be addressed. I don't think those expressing support for a second term for Pres. Obama are guilty of that either.

    The fact that Gryphen has so much support has been likened to the same thing as C4Pers cult-like worship of Sarah Palin. I just don't see it - there are plenty of times when people disagree w/Gryphen's views or facts, and vice versa, but with the exception of Lou Sarah, Todd, Bristol and Willow trolling, rarely are people "attacked" or accused of non-existent positions - that's why he has support.

    I have never seen any posts by Gryphen indicating support for escalating military conflict around the world, or that it was just great that BP destroyed the Gulf, or not supporting OWS or giving a pass to Wall Street excesses, or any of the other issues that are far from resolved.

    We certainly do wish that Pres. Obama can wave his magic wand or throw a hissy fit OR threaten a Second Amendment solution to get what he wants right now - but he needs enough Dems in the House and the Senate in order to get the majority of his agenda through - and we didn't give him that.

    Supporting the President is not the same as NOT supporting a Dem/Progressive platform - that is a false accusation.


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