Sunday, November 06, 2011

Recently arrested Alaska Peacekeeper's Militia member had bomb making information and research on biotoxins in her truck. Holy crap!

Courtesy of Alaska Dispatch:

The arrest of the secretary of the Alaska Peacemaker Militia late last month at a Canadian border crossing has raised questions about what Mary Ann Morgan was up to when she tried to leave Alaska for our neighbor to the east. 

No one yet knows where Morgan, a Kenai resident and member of the sovereign citizen movement, was headed or what she planned to do once she got there. But federal prosecutors say mounds of paperwork she had with her prove there’s reason to be concerned. Recipes for pipe bombs, home-cooked explosives and information about deadly poisons were among the items seized from her truck, along with extensive information about firearms and how to handle them. She also had with her documents related to tactical and close combat training. 

“The possession of this information provides the court with a very clear picture of the defendant’s intentions and mindset,” prosecutor Steven Skrocki wrote in a motion seeking Morgan’s continued detention. “Where Ms. Morgan was headed, and why, is unknown. But the items she carried with her speak volumes about her future course.” 

The highly lethal biotoxin Ricin was among the poisons Morgan had researched. Very low doses can kill a person, and Ricin is at the heart of an alleged militia plot out of Georgia to blow up and poison justice department officials, federal judges and IRS employees in several states Outside. Arrests were made Tuesday in that case, just five days after Morgan was intercepted.

As I am  sure many of you know this nutjob is a disciple of Schaeffer Cox, and clearly prepared to do some serious damage to those she believes are stepping on her rights as a "sovereign citizen."

And by the way she is full goose bonzo as indicated by the following:

Like arrested militia leader Schaeffer Cox, Morgan has a history of dismissing the authority of Alaska courts. Working to stop proceedings for a friend charged with speeding and a license plate violation, Morgan notified the Alaska Court system that her friend is an ambassador and therefore outside the jurisdiction of a regional court. The only proper venue, she reasoned, citing the U.S. Constitution, was the Alaska Supreme Court. 

“You will CEASE AND DESIST all actions against Ambassador David, past present, and future,” Morgan wrote in a letter to the court. “Should you persist in any way to continue it can be perceived as an Act of War upon the Kingdom of the Most High God, of which David is an Ambassador. As you do not have any form of jurisdiction over him, you are to hereby release him immediately.”

Well okay then. I think we can all agree that this person presents a clear and continuing danger to law enforcement in this state, as well as to her fellow Alaskans, and should remain in custody.

I don't think it is too surprising that Morgan is connected to Cox and his band of pretend soldiers, but what is a little more troubling is that she is also listed as a contact person for the AIP (Todd Palin's old political party) where she seems to currently represent Senate District J, the Muldoon/Mountain View/Wonder Park area, even though according to the FBI she lives in Kenai. (And yes it is the same Mary Morgan, as indicated by the fact that her e-mail on the AIP page is the same as the one listed on her profile over on the Alaska Citizens Militia website.)
From the contact page on the Alaska Independence Party website.

You know it seems the AIP has taken great pains to make distance between themselves and the conduct of Schaeffer Cox and his militia, but perhaps it is time for local reporters to ask just how closely tied they might be to these kinds of domestic terrorist activities?


  1. Sally in MI5:45 PM

    I have never understood why the Palins get away with linking President Obama with domestic terrorists (one lousy meet and greet with Bill Ayres, who never hurt anyone,) while she and Todd were card-carrying members and she, as late as winter 2008, was giving them video pep talks "Keep up the good work!" For her and her followers to ever say this women is now thoroughly vetted is just a joke. A very bad, dangerous joke.

  2. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Does anyone else find the words "Peacekeeper" and "Militia" an oxymoron?

    I have absolutely no doubt that if someone really looked, they would find that the AIP and this group have deep ties and that Tawd has his finger in both. His bully personality fits their general motives of operation. But we all know that there is no law enforcement agency in Alaska that will ever really look into this. The corruption seems commonplace at all levels up there. Sad.

  3. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Wasn't she recently arrested for something else? Did you have the post or maybe one of the other Alaska bloggers? Sounds like Todd and Sarah had some neat friends. They would have loved to be entertained in the White House! I hope the FBI and MSM pick up on this story and the association with the AIP and "former" members.

  4. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Hate to say it, but Alaska has other "full goose bonzos" who concoct their own recipes for lobbing toxic substances at folks who disagree with their "sovereign" interpretations of the truth. (Yeah, that would be you, Phil Munger.) Crazy-ass people up there in the frozen North...

    You write a great blog, Gryphen. Keep on keeping on!

  5. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Went back and read the whole version at the Alaska Dispatch and the comments also too. Good ol Norm Olson had to add his 2 cents and according to him and some others, dear Mary is as pure as the driven snow and has broken no laws. Some of those comments are very interesting.

  6. Anonymous8:45 PM

    OK, everyone, go back and read the last chapter or two in the McGinniss book.

    We've already heard from the Georgia geriatric militia; let's see if anything develops from NC.

    Also, too. Think closely about Arizona.

  7. Anonymous9:12 PM

    With the AK track record of law enforcement and bringing crooks to justice, I'm not holding my breath.

  8. onething10:25 PM

    That letter she wrote was psychotic.

  9. Now whose palling around with terrorists?????
    She also supported a candidate, Joe Miller, who had ties to this group.

  10. Anonymous2:42 AM

    AIP nutjobs, just like the Paylins.

  11. Holly3:25 AM

    Anon 8:45, thanks for giving me impetus to finish Going Rogue. I loved what I read but life intervened. To me the introductory info @ the christianist movement was the best part. I've read LBurton's blog but always felt 2 steps behind.

    I do hope some journalist writes about this. It would make a fascinating book.

  12. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Even with the bill of rights, case law and the constitution on my side, I can't ever imagine speaking to Law & Order the way these whack-jobs do.

    Sovereign citizens belong in the wilderness (not the Alaskan wilderness) not in society.

  13. Marleycat7:41 AM

    Why is there no investigation of the links between Todd, Sarah and AIP, and this other RW group? There's no doubt in my mind that both (and many others given higher level positions in State government and boards, Parnell, too) are still members of the AIP.

    This is probably what Chuck Heath meant when he said "Sarah doesn't make the decisions". Todd (and AIP) was the de facto shadow governor of Alaska because Sarah Palin was incapable of governing the State of Alaska. She continues to be incompetent and relies heavily on Todd to tell her what to do and say - and when! In fact - he is the one really in charge.

    I can't help but think the "Peacekeepers", AIP, the Palins, Joe Miller, Parnell, and many others all run in the same circles and share the same goals.

    They'd like to subvert the Constitution to revive legal racism, repeal equal rights and reproductive freedom for women, eliminate the separation of Church and State - and institute a Fundamentalist Christian Nation based on Biblical Laws, intolerant of any other belief system.

    These people and groups are not Christians, or "real" Americans, nor are they "patriots". They are all extremely ignorant - like that vicious old hag (she didn't look like a sweet little old lady to me).

  14. Anonymous7:54 AM

    9:12 has a great point. I've followed Alasaka's Police issues on Malia's blog, talk about chroneyism and corruption.

    I hope Leah Burton is safe. She's gone into anonymity due to threats against her and her family, reading this post just makes me fear for her safety even more.

    These militia fringe groups are everywhere, I'm glad the FBI is involved because anyone who makes bombs and calls themselves sovereign citizens and Peacemakers need a check up from the neck up.

  15. hedgewytch8:57 AM

    Yep, I'm sure there are just a few degrees of "separation" between AIP, these AK Militia nut jobs, the Palins, Parnell, W.A. Ross, the Drop Zone, Joe Miller, etc., etc., etc.

    I think the Anchorage and Wasilla PD's got some embarrassing involvements with this as well - i.e. helping the Palin's cover up. But the FBI don't give a shit about local politics and maybe after a few more arrests, a few court depositions, and a little understanding of what the inside of a jail cell looks like, somebody is going start squealing like a pig. Should be a fun winter watching this play out.

  16. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Was there ever any evidence to separate AIP and Cox? Or AIP and $P? Or AIP and Don Young?

    Domestic terrorists, and all other such psychotics tend to be affiliated in one way or another.

    Intelligent psychotics draw the uneducated paint chip eaters like a magnet. As we have seen so beautifully illustrated nationally over the past 3 years.

  17. I know this is late, but I just found this blogger's account of an interview he did with Don Young re: 2nd amendment issues.


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