Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It's Wednesday so time for more Bill O'Reilly lies.

Okay you all can stop digging for lies now.
In his 2012 best-selling non-fiction book Killing Kennedy, O'Reilly writes on page 300 that as a "reporter knocked on the door of de Mohrenschildt's daughter's home, he heard the shotgun blast that marked the suicide of the Russian ... that reporter's name is Bill O'Reilly."

 Guess what, yep you're right, this never happened.

More courtesy of Media Matters:

George de Mohrenschildt was a Russian emigre who befriended Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and testified before the Warren Commission investigating the Kennedy assassination. On March 29, 1977, the same day he was contacted by the House Select Committee on Assassinations, he committed suicide at his daughter's home in Florida. At the time, O'Reilly was a reporter for Dallas' WFAA-TV who regularly reported on stories related to the Kennedy assassination. 

O'Reilly has bizarrely inserted himself into de Mohrenschildt's story, claiming in books and on Fox News that he was outside the house seeking to interview de Mohrenschiltd at the time of his death. O'Reilly is under heavy criticism and scrutiny for his false claims about his 1982 Falklands War reporting. 

O'Reilly's implausible tale was first flagged by Jefferson Morley in a 2013 post for his website Morley has worked as an editor for The Washington Post,, and Arms Control Today, and is a visiting professor at the University of California, Washington Center. 

New interviews with former O'Reilly colleagues who say he wasn't in Florida on the day of de Mohrenschildt's suicide and documents obtained by Media Matters bolster Morley's reporting.

Wait. so O'Reilly just made that entire incident up? Shocked, that's what I am, shocked!

So now, much like the Brian Williams incident, we are seeing a "journalist" who constantly puts himself into the story, in order to aggrandize himself. 

Here is more from Mediaite: 

In a series of audio tapes made by investigator Gaeton Fonzi, who Morley identified as O’Reilly’s “most reliable source on the JFK story,” O’Reilly can be heard saying he is going to travel from his office in Texas to Florida to look into the suicide after it happened. So there is no way he could have heard the “shotgun blast” with his own ears. 

“O’Reilly’s utterances prove that he was not knocking on George Mohrenschildt’s doorstep as he now melodramatically claims,” Morley wrote. “The truth is more prosaic. O’Reilly got a tip on a hot story, worked his sources to confirm it, and rushed to the scene. In making up this story for Killing Kennedy, he slighted the truth of his own professionalism.”

Media Matters has now launched a petition to "Hold Bill O'Reilly Accountable." Which I think all of us should sign.

And it is important that we continue to hold Billo's feet to the fire becasue there are a lot of people now trying to give O'Reilly a pass either because some of these incidents were in the past, or because it is well known that Bill O'Reilly is full of shit.

And that is kind of the problem.

You see the Right can go viciously attack the mainstream media whenever they get even the tiniest fact wrong, but if their side gets shit wrong, and they do that almost every single day, they simply shrug their shoulders and go "Well it's Fox News, what did you expect?"

That double standard only exists because WE let it.

So let's stop doing that shall we?


  1. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Signed and sent.

  2. Anonymous2:57 PM

    O/T SarahPAC's Grift of the Day!

    1. Anonymous3:14 PM

      Here Sarah is at Disney with those shitty ass jeans she always wears and a flag sweater on.

    2. Anonymous3:38 PM

      Hey Sarah your "moose knuckle" is showing!

    3. Anonymous3:40 PM

      3:14, Is Bristol giving a gang sign?

    4. Anonymous3:41 PM

      Why didn't they take Tripp, Trig, or Piper on this trip to Disney World?

    5. Anonymous4:09 PM

      Yes, in several photos Bristol is doing the "white girl throws gang signs". You can Google that and see that she's in "good" company and looks ridiculous. You got that, "Dawg"?

    6. Anonymous4:33 PM

      I'd really like to know why the dermatologist Bristol works for so accommodating?

    7. Anonymous6:36 PM

      WTF is wrong with Bar$tool, always giving a gang sign (and teaching her son the same!)
      One of these days, $he - or Tripp! - will do it in front of the wrong people, and will pay DEARLY for that!

  3. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Oh ho.
    On Palin's Facebook page, she claims to be "Executive Editor" of "The Sarah Palin Channel."

    But, as you'll remember, Stephen Colbert owns the rights to "The Sarah Palin Channel," -- the only Sarah Palin Channel "with the definite article in front of it."

    Sarah's "channel" is simply "Sarah Palin Channel." She can't even get it right in her own publicity. Or maybe she's hoping that we'll all forget that she's stealing someone else's property.
    Sarah: Stephen owns that "The" and there's nothing you can do about it.

    1. Anonymous3:38 PM

      Sarah Palin is a joke! She cracks me up!! Executive Editor? I can't stop laughing and she knows full well she has no access to that particular channel!

    2. Anonymous4:01 PM

      Executive Editor is a fucking $2 title like City Manager of Wasilla which she wasn't, or CEO of Alaska. Just more damn Palin drama... Keep moving!

    3. Anonymous8:14 PM

      But, but Sarah told us she doesn't need a title!!

      Executive Editor, that is hilarious, why not CEO she is the only person on the channel

  4. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Billo also claims to have a Masters degree from Harvard. I'd say it's time to verify every claim he's made about himself.

    1. Anonymous4:20 PM

      The Harvard School of Government is notorious for taking anyone who can pay the tuition. A year later: voila, a Harvard diploma.

  5. Anonymous3:29 PM

    This is all about BillO being such an insufferable blowhard for so long that journalistic have just been waiting to shut his lying, bullying mouth.

    I doubt any of his colleagues in the news or news-entertainment business can stand him.

    You reap what you sow, BillO, through lies and being a first class jerk.

  6. Anonymous3:34 PM

    He started his career as a high school teacher. Can you imagine how awful that must have been for his students?

    1. Anonymous3:46 AM

      It would be so interesting to hear some opinions from these former students.

  7. Anonymous3:37 PM

    How can we all go after this guy and clean his clock? What is the best method in bringing the blowhard down?

    He needs to confront all the lies he has told Americans and do it publically! Answering each one - one at a time - on his FOX show!

    1. Anonymous4:08 AM

      It's not going to be easy. Even the New York Times, that bastion of mainstream journalism, defends O'Reilly.

  8. DontHatetheGame3:50 PM

    Claims to have seen nuns shot:


    1. Anonymous5:17 PM

      Seriously??? An Irishman lying about dead nuns???

      There is an express elevator straight to hell with his name on it!

  9. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Give him time, next he'll claim to know where in Terlingua the real Kennedy assassins are buried. Billo the Clown will lead Geraldo Rivera to the site.

  10. Anonymous4:06 PM

    This does matter. I did some work in the Bible Belt and saw that for many people, Fox "News" was the only news that they consumed. It is easy to dismiss O'Reilly as entertainment, but for many, he is the only news that they get. For that reason alone, his situation is just the same as Brian Williams. Not only that, the crap that these people hear influences national elections and makes the rest of us live with dolts running our country. Bill O'Reilly doesn't deserve a pass on this.

    1. Anonymous2:56 AM

      Thank you directly addressing the influences that Bill O'Reilly and Fox News (Fox Entertainment) has over mostly elderly, poorly-educated, and frightened viewers.

      A house divided against itself (America), cannot stand.


  11. Anonymous4:36 PM

    His claims about his experience in El Salvador were the most obvious lie reported in the original Mother Jones article. What he has said about it simply doesn't match what you can see and what he himself says in the video from 1982.

    It's been overlooked in all the kertuffle over Buenos Aires, but it's a much more clear cut case. I'm just waiting for others to notice.

    Poor lil Billy's pants are on fire.

  12. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Fox News should fire O'Reilly because he's the only FN talking head who lies {hehehe} and it needs to pretend to be a 'fair and balanced' tv news organization? Seriously?

    I don't watch FN or care what they do. I do care deeply that O'Reilly's fantasies and Fox News' journalistic malpractice don't get the extensive coverage they deserve from the rest of the media world.

    And then there's Jon Stewart. I don't know how he first reported on Brian Williams but last night he poo-pooed outrage over lies from O'Reilly, Williams, and the VA chief as a lead-in to the important point that we need more media outrage about lies that talk us into wars. The two areas of outrage don't need to be mutually exclusive but that's how Stewart managed to excuse O'Reilly.

    1. Anonymous2:58 AM

      Jon did better the following night by castigating Fox period.


  13. Anonymous5:11 PM

    O'Reilly and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    Here's the line from WIKI - '...being one of the first American broadcasters to cover the dismantling of the Berlin Wall...'

    But an LA Times article at the time merely says Bill O'Reilly was one of many covering the story AFTER the fall.

    "Inside Edition" anchor Bill O'Reilly arrived there with a crew late last week for a story scheduled to air tonight (on KHJ-TV Channel 9).

  14. Anonymous5:20 PM

    But wait a minute! If we hold Billo's feet to the fire, and the fire burns through, won't the stench of all that shit leaking out and falling into the fire be overwhelming? yuck... I've got to go now...

  15. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Day after day new allegations surface against O'Reilly. Hey ethical reporters, take a second look at the Sarah Palin birth story from 2008! There is no logic there either!

  16. Anonymous5:49 PM

    O'Reilly Also Lied About Witnessing Nuns' Execution in El Salvador, Report Claims

    Yet more allegations have emerged against embattled Fox News host Bill O'Reilly following claims he embellished his war reporting experiences in Argentina during the 1982 Falklands war and lied about witnessing a suicide in Florida.

    According to information collected by liberal watchdog group Media Matters, O'Reilly may also have fabricated a story about witnessing the execution of four nuns during El Salvador's civil war in 1980.

    O'Reilly has claimed he has "seen guys gun down nuns in El Salvador" and "was in El Salvador and I saw nuns get shot in the back of the head" during his time as a CBS correspondent. The incident that O'Reilly appears to be referring to is the well-documented execution of four churchwomen by the Salvadoran national guard in December 1980. After this event, experts say that there were no priests or nuns killed in the country for more than eight years.

    But in his book The No Spin Zone, the host writes that he did not begin covering the civil war in El Salvador until "a few weeks" after he began as a CBS News correspondent in 1981 -- the year after the execution took place.

    "Before I went to El Salvador in 1981, I talked with some experienced Latin American experts, people who had seen the brutal wars down there for themselves," O'Reilly said on "The O'Reilly Factor" in February 2002. "I had never been in a war zone before, so I wanted some prep."

    The Fox host also said during a 2009 interview on WVVH-TV's American Dreams Show that he arrived in El Salvador "right after" the murders.

  17. Anonymous6:07 PM

    David Corn Will Finally Discuss O’Reilly Accusations on MSNBC Tonight

  18. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Signed the petition and shared it with my friends.

  19. Anonymous8:15 PM

    He is a fraud, lied about the Kennedy assassination in his book, probably lies about all kinds of things. Speaking of bloviating by a blowhard.

  20. Anonymous4:05 AM

    O'Reily "slighted the truth of his own professionalism." There is no "professionalism" anywhere around Bill O'Reilly. Just lots of self-aggrandizement.

  21. Anonymous11:07 AM

    BOL wrote a biography several years ago about Lincoln. It was so full of errors that The Lincoln Library refuses to have it in the Library. Why would you lie about Lincoln?? Especially when the lies could so easily be fact-checked? He fits right in at Fox where the truth is non-existent.

  22. Hmm. de Mohrenschildt isn't a Russian name. Sounds more German or Austrian. Means Moors shield in German.

    As for Faux, they have a free pass to lie all they want. A Florida judge said they were under no compulsion to report the facts.

    Petition or no, Faux isn't going to do anything to a cash cow like Bill O'Reilly. And O'Reilly doesn't have the integrity or character to either admit he was wrong and apologize or put himself on a voluntary six months suspension without pay.

    Bill O'Reilly is a lying asshole. No one did anything about the New York Times and their nuclear "tubes" story, Cheney, Rice and all of the liars under Bush. What makes us think anything will happen with O'Reilly? And he is such a small putz in the whole scheme of things. He tells little lies for hubris, not big lies that get us into wars and kill people.

    As Jon Stewart so wisely suggested, we should ignore O'Reilly and move on.


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