Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Here is Donald Trump demonstrating all of that courage to protect others that he was bragging about.

Courtesy of Mediaite:  

President Donald Trump boarded Air Force One tugging an umbrella close to protect himself from the intense wind and rain. 

Barron Trump, the president’s 11-year-old son, is seen just feet behind him, unprotected by an umbrella or a raincoat. Trump, seeing his son, continues to keep the umbrella for himself. 

Then, Melania Trump arrives on the scene a little behind Barron, and she, too, has nothing to shield her from the elements. The president stops for a wave to the crowd as the First Lady ducks swiftly onto the plane. 

What began as a moving picture of Man vs. Nature turns, in mere seconds, into a scene of a man who would seemingly rather ensure that his hair is kept firmly in place than guard his family from inclement weather.

Observe my friends that man who claimed that he would rush unarmed into a hail of gunfire to protect children, yet leaves his own loved ones exposed to the elements as he protects only himself.

And his hair of course.

By the way for those who have forgotten what it was like to have a real caring leader in the White House. It was like this:


  1. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Don is a self centered nasty liar. He cares only of himself and his fake reality. He is a disgusting human and so called man. He belongs in prison for his crimes and lies. I'm so sick of this lying con artist and his lying swamp trash. They have stole money and our time to advance our Country. KGB and Donald trump foundation will pay for that wall that will imprison them all.

    1. Anonymous6:52 PM

      Trump Can’t Name A Single Item He ‘Takes Exception To’ In Democratic Intelligence Memo

      Either Donald Trump never read the Democratic Intelligence memo he was so busy attacking Saturday or he was unable to retain any facts alleged in it. When asked on Fox last night, “What do you take exception to in the memo?” Trump went off on a tangent attacking Democrats.

      Trump, apparently feeling the need for some Saturday night love and reassurance, visited the Justice with Jeanine Pirro show for a nearly 24-minute, commercial-free chat with his old chum. In case you’re not aware, Pirro and Trump go way back. Her allegedly-mobster and thuggish ex-husband was once kept on retainer by Trump (presumably not after the ex went to jail for tax fraud).

      Pirro did not correct the record aboutTrump’s tweet that completely distorted what a Fox News anchor had said about the memo earlier in the evening: As I previously posted, Trump wrongly claimed that Fox had reported that the memo “omitted and distorted key facts.” But on Fox, facts, truth and honesty take a far back seat to making Trump look good!

      Pirro was, apparently, aware of Trump's fallacious tweet and it seemed to be the basis of her question, “What do you take exception to in the memo?”

      Trump never cited a single item. But now he claimed that the memo confirmed the Republican memo the Democrats were rebutting.

      What Trump was very clear about was how he would use the memo to insult, belittle, demean and threaten his political foes. This is how he answered Pirro’s question;


    2. Anonymous3:13 AM

      Anon at 8:52 pm, Trump can't read that many words all at one time.

  2. Anonymous4:28 PM



    1. Anonymous4:51 PM

      " “Three senior intelligence officials told NBC News that the intelligence community believed the states as of January 2017 were Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Texas and Wisconsin. The officials say systems in the seven states were compromised in a variety of ways, with some breaches more serious than others, from entry into state websites to penetration of actual voter registration databases.”"

    2. Anonymous5:26 PM



      "rump said he would view any investigation of his or his family's personal finances as a "violation" by Mueller that crosses a red line. Trump's lawyers previously have said that Trump's business dealings from the time before he was a presidential candidate do not fall under the scope of what Mueller is authorized to investigate by the Justice Department."

    3. Florida. Wisconsin.

      Why do they sound so familiar?

      Oh, that's right. Because they were two of the electoral college states that gave the election to Trump.

      Also where the counts were very close. States where the disenfranchised or suppressed margins were larger than that by which Trump won.

      I wonder if these hackers were responsible for all of those Florida absentee ballots going astray?

    4. Anonymous6:37 PM

      Let's not forget Mi,Wayne county in particular, the number of voters that were given ballots at the polls were more than the machines counted.
      In the meantime they have replaced all those voting machines, how convenient.
      Also trump took MI by less thsn 1%, which should have triggered a recount,but the rethug governor stopped it.

  3. Anonymous4:52 PM

    I want to think that the Secret Service provides a second um fella for Mrs. Trump but she declines it. Trumps actions speak volumes especially when he knows he is being watched.

    1. Anonymous5:12 PM

      I'd still like someone to tell me just what the hell she does as third lady. Next to nothing from my seat.

    2. Anonymous6:39 PM

      What does she need a second fella for? Too weak to hold her own umbrella?

  4. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Trumplethinskin (aka, 'Mighty Mouth..heeeere he comes to save the daaay!') has never been anything but a petty malignant narcissist. It's an MO that has worked for him, and he's pathologically not likely to change now ('...any day now, the Presidential Pivot! Wait for it!' /s) I think everyone unfortunately knows a guy or two like this; hopefully women will someday develop the good sense to never marry them.

  5. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Daughter dearest...

    1. Anonymous5:42 PM

      Will the "rump demonstratE all of that courage to protect others that he was bragging about?
      Like his $ON-in-CRIME-a?


    2. Anonymous6:28 PM


      "Jared Kushner was holding “off the books” meetings with foreign governments, and mixing his private affairs with government business, he breached national security. Kushner also turned himself into an easy target for blackmail. It is clear now why Kushner was so desperate to hold on to his top-secret national security clearance. Kushner needed the clearance to get access to the information that would get him in the door with foreign leaders so that he could use his position to help his private business.

      Kushner is deep in debt"


    3. Kushner brought Brad Parscale in to the Trump campaign and he is the one that got the training and did all the Facebook stuff.

      Now Trump has made Parscale his 2020 campaign manager.

      Russia to Kushner to Facebook to Parscale. All tied together.

      Can't wait for Mueller to subpoena Parscale.

    4. Anonymous3:11 AM

      Methinks little Jared needs to spend some time in federal prison like his father.

  6. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Where do foreign governments go when they want to exploit the US? Of course they go to Jared!

    1. Anonymous6:41 PM

      Everytime i see that commercial, i laugh. Wonder why they don't sue kushner for ruining their brand :)

  7. Off topic, but having to do with the Donald and Russian ties.....


    1. Anonymous8:18 PM

      Girl seems to have made some bad choices. Fucking rich evil guys for money sometimes doesn't work out for the chick.

  8. Anonymous5:49 PM



  9. Anonymous5:52 PM

    My favorite brave drumpf moment was at a rally where he heard a noise or saw something and cowered like a mouse behind his body guards.

  10. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Saw this earlier today: He would have thrown on a dress if he'd been on the Titanic.

    1. Anonymous4:57 AM

      And absolutely.

    2. Anonymous11:54 AM

      Trump would have been sprinting in heels to get to a life boat!

  11. OT:


    "Joseph Yun, the State Department’s top diplomat on North Korea policy, will retire at the end of the week, the agency said Monday.

    Yun, a former ambassador to Malaysia, currently serves as the special representative for North Korea policy and has served with the foreign service since 1985. He has been instrumental in crafting U.S. policy on the Korean peninsula since his appointment by President Barack Obama in 2016 and helped secure the release of gravely ill American student Otto Warmbier last year."

    We are so totally screwed.

    1. Anonymous3:09 AM

      Oh, Mialuppa, don't worry. There's always Ivanka and Jared - the ideal paper-doll diplomats with all of their combined inexperience. They'll come to the rescue, surely. Who cares about diplomatic experience, language skills, cultural understanding? We live in Trumpland now - where ignorance has become the main ingredient of governance.

    2. Anonymous4:58 AM

      He knows we are going to nuke them. Makes him sad.

  12. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Or this: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2015/05/west-wing-only-budgets-for-one-umbrella.html

  13. Anonymous6:29 PM

    or this: https://www.theepochtimes.com/obama-carries-his-own-umbrella-in-cuba-shocking-chinese-citizens_1999520.html

  14. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Or this: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2015/05/west-wing-only-budgets-for-one-umbrella.html

  15. Anonymous6:39 PM

    OT, but little Colton Haab and Daddy Haab are liars in trying to smear CNN Remind you of any other dirty, lying narcissitic, "conservocrap" family? No, not the Rump one, the Alaskan one?

    1. Anonymous7:11 PM

      I avoid every darned bit of media screamfest best I can any more, but have been a fan of this blog for years. If that's hypocritical, I raise my hand in agreement.

      As for the conservocrap Palins, who would ever follow their example? They were trash when they hit the stage '08 and have done nothing since but prove it. They will always have their likewise fans to follow them.

    2. Anonymous8:17 PM

      I find it rather odd that anyone is following this shooting story closely enough to know any of the kids names much less those of the parents.

      It seems to me when these sorts of things happen they develop a "cult" around them, just like true crime shows, and while the majority just writes if off as another day in the fucked up country of 'merica, some of you seem to internalize it and actually take the time to learn the names of those involved.

      I don't find that to be healthy, it's their tragedy, not ours.

    3. Anonymous5:00 AM

      Every mass shooting in this fucked up country is our collective tragedy.

  16. Anonymous6:42 PM

    LIE or bu$T


    1. Anonymous3:06 AM

      What does she consider white lies?

    2. Anonymous8:45 AM


  17. Anonymous7:30 PM

    He may not look so bad from the front, but a side shot really shows off his, ummm, fatness.

  18. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Russians compromised election systems in seven states: NBC News

    U.S. intelligence had evidence that voter registration systems or websites in seven states - Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Texas and Wisconsin - were compromised by Russian-backed operatives before the 2016 election but never told the states, NBC News reported on Tuesday.


    1. Anonymous5:00 AM

      Didn't Rachel report this months ago?

  19. Anonymous4:53 AM

    Absolute SHAME on everyone in power who continues to play along with this game of "Emperor has no clothes" without screaming it from the rooftops.
    Also shame on people who keep saying, well, he can do that, because I respect the office of the president.
    This is fucking dangerous and, for the first time in my life, I'm seeing the need for weapons to take out a banana republic corrupt government that is full of dangerous people like this. Is THAT what the founding fathers meant? Because, we are pretty much there. Unfilled positions, positions that are filled, are filled with noncompetent nonquals, there is
    legislation to make us safe is being undone.
    I think I get it.
    And don't say "vote in 2018". I vote in every election. Now our votes are fucked with as well.
    I think I get it. I never really thought that that was the intent before, but I can see how it could have been just that.
    Not tht I am advocating that (disclaimer), but I can see how hat could be our only option someday.
    For you all. I'm leaving lol. Plans in the works!

  20. Anonymous6:16 AM

    This is all about that great big cue-ball bald spot that got uncovered by the wind and was seen around the world. See how he's holding it against the back of his head, like the little Morton's Salt girl? The man is so incredibly vain and pathetically insecure...

    1. Anonymous7:19 AM

      My thoughts exactly. I wouldn't put it past him to use his black umbrella on a bright, sunny, but windy day.

  21. Anonymous7:47 AM

    OuT-kink cruZZer>


  22. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Was Hitler that selfish? Trump should be like Putin and just embrace the bald.

  23. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Little water boy rubio...dc




    'Where does the NRA get its funding?
    Funding for the organization comes from dues, contributions, and other fees supplied by its own members. Large groups and companies can also contribute to the NRA — much of this funding comes from the gun industry. Annual revenues hover between $300-400 million.

    Is the NRA tax-exempt? How?
    Yes. The NRA is a 501(c)(4) organization, meaning the tax code sees it as a social welfare organization. The tax-exempt status is widely available to anyone who has a partially educational purpose in conveying information to the public. The IRS isn’t in the business of fact-checking its claims. The NRA does conduct a great deal of political activity through its ILA arm, and is allowed to do this by law, as long as the main activity of the organization is not focused on political activism or lobbying.'


    1. Anonymous8:50 AM



  24. Anonymous11:33 AM


    NOT funny is correct!

  25. Anonymous11:47 AM


    'Trump just said cops should have taken the guns away from shooter “whether they had the right or not” That statement alone is more of a threat to the 2nd amendment Obama ever made. '

    'President Trump tells Senators he thinks police should have taken guns away from Nikolas Cruz, whether they had the right or not, “I don't want mentally ill people to be having guns.”'

  26. Anonymous11:57 AM

    He's at it *again*! Mighty Mouth is quadrupling down on his "grand idea" to arm the teachers, even after THIS INCIDENT! :


  27. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Wow. He's like one of those flip dolls. I wonder when he'll start spouting the complete 'opposite' talking points. *Or* this is what their plan is - Trump plays good cop "I'm against the NRA, even though I think they are patriots...", and the 'Pubs play bad cops...and do nothing, as usual. All for the *appearance* of looking like they are 'doing something'.


    1. Anonymous12:48 PM


      Some people are...


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