Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let's get a few things straight about my dedication to Babygate.

You know the internet is a big place, and there is no way I could possibly know what is happening on every corner of it.  In fact I often don't even know what is happening on the blogs in my very own blogrolls.

I just don't have the time to read all of the posts, and I especially don't have the time to read the comments. (Hell folks sometimes I only have time to skim the comments on my own blog.)

However occasionally I receive an e-mail, or a comment on IM, asking the most bizarre questions imaginable. And I have to wonder if it is a serious question, and that they are really that ignorant, or whether or not somebody is just fucking with me.

Usually it turns out that it was the result of a conversation that was started, or even an apparently definitive statement that was made, on another blog.

So let me address a few that have cropped up recently. (And no folks this will NOT become a regular feature.)

1) Have I stopped working on Babygate?

Seriously?  Somebody actually suggested that, and people BELIEVED them?

Why in the hell would I have put so much time and effort, and suffered such attacks on my character, if I was not determined to stick it out until the end?  Does THAT even sound like me?

You know that same meme has come up before.

It was being bandied about right before my "Tale of Two Babies" post, it was being talked about right before I introduced all of you to Fred, I remember hearing about it right around the time I posted the new pictures of Levi, and I even heard about it right before I wrote the "No Longer a Conspiracy Theory" LESS THAN ONE MONTH AGO.

Now ask yourself, do I REALLY seem like somebody who is no longer working on Babygate?

And then ask yourself this, "What would be the motivation of somebody making such a claim?"

2) Has Gryphen been paid off/threatened/convinced by Sarah/Mercede/Levi to NOT reveal things he knows about Babygate?

Number one I CANNOT be paid off. Period.

And nobody has ever even tried that approach with me, because I am pretty sure that even somebody as arrogant and ignorant as Sarah Palin herself realizes that I would be writing the next day's post in my head the entire time they were providing me with the material.

As for threats, well you know what they did, and you know how I responded. Does anybody really think my defiant attitude has changed in these last few years?

Did Mercede convince me not to tell some terrible secret about her family?

Well that would be the most reasonable of the unreasonable assumptions, because I would do just about anything for Sherry and Sadie. But NO that is not accurate either.

It IS true that there are things I know concerning what is going on with the Johnstons that I am not talking about, but it is not babygate related, nor is it a "terrible secret." And besides much of it will be revealed in the coming months, just like Sadie's Playboy shoot which I kept silent about until the news broke elsewhere.

3) Is Gryphen the mysterious "Anonymous" commenter from the "Nick Broomfield" post?

Wrong again. And I am a little unclear as to what my motivation would be for posting comments anonymously.

For the record I have NEVER posted anonymously on my blog, or any other blog.

I really only know of one blogger who did that regularly, or used a variety of screen names to hide their identity, but he was never a truly legitimate blogger, only a parasite. (I am sure that most of you will have little difficulty unraveling this particular mystery,)

4) Is Gryphen "Fred?"

Nope.  In fact I have never even met Fred.

However hopefully very soon all of you will have a much better idea of who Fred is, as well as his progress on the babygate book. There is even talk about a website, and I will gladly post the link when everything is up and running.

I am sure there are other questions and imaginative suppositions out there, but hopefully this will keep the conspiracy theories down to a low roar for at least a couple of weeks.

Let me add a few more bits of information.

It may not seem like it, but I actually DO have a real job.  In fact I am never NOT on the job.

Therefore I am not always able to sit down and write a long post, such as this one, and may only have time to post a link and jot down a few thoughts, before being called away to do what I am actually paid to do.

Writing about babygate requires new information, time to research that information, and time to write out the post that best utilizes the new data.  And often while that is going on there are other important stories that I feel should be addressed, so it may take me awhile to get a babygate post ready for your consumption. (I actually have just such a post on the back burner right now.)

And another thing, this blog is not JUST about Sarah Palin and babygate. In fact when I started the blog in November of 2004, I did not even know Sarah Palin existed. So even though the work to reveal her lies and obfuscations have often dominated my posts, I fully intend to continue on well after Sarah Palin is nothing more than a $100 question on Jeopardy.

Anyhow I hope that answers some of your questions, and puts some minds at ease.

As always thank you for visiting my humble Alaskan blog, but do yourself a favor once in a while and step away from your computer and enjoy the last of this great summer.  It will be winter soon enough and I don't want any of you blaming me for keeping you inside while the sun was waiting for you to come out and play.

Namaste my friends.


  1. Anonymous3:01 AM

    I think people say you've backed off babygate because you don't engage in the ridiculous assertions of other bloggers. There are some inane and downright stupid theories out there. Because you don't address them, even in comments, makes people think you're not proactive.

    PEOPLE - how many of you are IN Alaska? Don't you think an Alaskan has a better feel for things than others?

    Before people go off on some pissed off rant about how babygaters cannot count anything out, just think to yourself for a moment. Really consider what you're saying and see if THAT scenario is indeed plausible.

  2. Anonymous3:11 AM

    0T,but a riot, per Politico

    Sarah and Christine together on stage. Sarah has hit the bottom of the barrel.

    Guess who's coming to Indianola
    By ALEXANDER BURNS | 8/30/11 5:51 AM EDT
    Sarah Palin won't have the spotlight to herself in Iowa next weekend, according to the Des Moines Register:

    Tea party-backed activist Christine O’Donnell will take the stage at Saturday’s tea party rally in Indianola shortly before Sarah Palin, an organizer told The Des Moines Register today.

    O’Donnell, author of the book “Troublemaker: Let’s Do What It Takes to Make America Great Again,” lost a bid for a U.S. Senate seat in Delaware last fall.

    Her race caught national attention after a video aired on the Internet of O’Donnell in the 1990s saying she once dabbled in witchcraft. To counter the criticism about the clip, O’Donnell ran a campaign advertisement in which she declared “I’m not a witch. I’m nothing you’ve heard. I’m you.” She later called the ad a mistake.

    Palin endorsed O'Donnell in her primary against then-Rep. Mike Castle almost exactly a year ago. That may have been a political high point for O'Donnell, whose political image has deteriorated badly since then, and who now isn't the kind of person most presidential candidates would want to be associated with.

  3. Anonymous3:36 AM

    Never doubted. Sorry you felt compelled to post this.

    FWIW I really enjoy many of your non-SP posts. Keep 'em coming.

  4. Valley3:41 AM

    Do you still think Sarah switches babies between May and August 08? Because to me, I think ruffles and Trig look identical and showed normal growth patterns.

    We have to keep in mind that Sarah took Trig everywhere, in 08 and 09. A number of people regularly saw him. Added, for Frank to still believe Trig is Sarahs, dont you think its impossible theres more than one baby?

    Where would the 2nd come from?

    Even if you put all the Trig rally pictures together, it looks like one baby.

    I fail to see 2. The number of babygaters in Alaska is pretty small. From teens to the elderly, people generally do think Sarah had Trig, even defending her and him against attacks on special needs children.

  5. Anonymous3:42 AM

    I think Babygate is a fascinating political hoax and I am grateful that you have invested so much of your blog to exposing Sarah Palin’s fake pregnancy.
    One of the most interesting things to come out of Anon’s posts is how many times Sarah thought it was really over, only to skate by without any coverage from the MSM. That is why she keeps going – the whole story continues to be ignored, no matter how much new information surfaces. I can see why your blog followers might fear you would tire of the story – why suspect you now, when someone is posting what appears to be credible information? Let’s see if her hate speech this weekend is a catalyst to remove her from the political stage for good. Thanks for ALL you post – it’s a snarky good time.

  6. Anonymous3:53 AM

    I saw that question/comment. Wouldn't have crossed my mind that you stopped working on babygate.

    I loved the comment (true?) that Bristol checks IM so frequently ppl on her set are getting annoyed - I say keep the Bristol posts coming - give that girl some honest work trolling!

  7. Anonymous3:54 AM

    Please take these photos to a OB/GYN conference and ask doctors if it even possible in 18 days.

    Or show them first picture and offer free dinner to any doctor that guesses how many days pregnant Sarah was. Guess has to be + or - 3 days to win dinner.

    No free dinner will be won.

  8. Anonymous3:57 AM

    New DWTS list was announced.

    Sarah, Willow nor Britta Palin made the list.

  9. Anonymous4:05 AM

    Powerful post, Gryphen.

    I don't quite understand what prompted it, but your passion and integrity shine through.

    There should be no one in doubt now about where you stand. Not all bloggers are as clear about what they do or why they do it.

    I hope that those who were irritating you are now silenced because you have important issues to tackle, important viewpoints to discuss, and a loyal audience who look to you for information and a distinct and crucial take on all the confusion that abounds in politics and on cultural issues.

    I particularly enjoy your championing of education, your clarity on how religion has negatively impacted our culture - particularly in the last few years, and how various media have been limiting and skewing our understanding of certain issues.

    Your voice on LGBT issues is significant in a community where those citizens are often maligned, mistreated, and misunderstood.

    Your love of the state in which you live gives us insight into what is still, in so many ways, the last frontier.

    You also give us the back story to many news stories that affect most immediately Alaska but also impact the nation as a whole.

    You must have been getting too close to too many truths, stepping on oversensitive toes if there are those who are planting stories about you. We who have been following your blog for months or years know better than to fall for those red herrings. However, thank you for addressing them, even if most of us were unaware of what was going on. It never hurts to clear the air from time to time.

  10. Anonymous4:22 AM

    Aw, poor Gryphen.

    If it matters, I think the only reason people speculated about you "backing off" babygate is because people are starting to feel so frustrated, like this will never break. We thought Joe M was going to be the babygate sprinter, the one who would lead us across the finish line after people like you ran the long long race. But now he seems to be getting all squirrely and strange about babygate.

    AND......we first thought Fred's book would come in August. Then he said first of September. Well that's in just a couple days and we haven't heard a peep from Fred. It's so frustrating for us but nobody should take it out on you.

    And I really think the only reason some people might have considered the anon broomfield to be you is because when you confirmed the comment "trig was tripp before he was trig" comment, it seemed like there was part of the story you knew but weren't able to tell for some reason.

    I don't doubt your dedication for a second.

  11. Anonymous4:23 AM

    Gryphen: Your blog is the first one Icheck out every morning. You've been doing a great job; I hope you feel truly appreciated.

    As an anonymous, I can say what I notice most lately is that well-meaning commenters get impassioned by the Palin saga and lose their compass on courtesy. They run from blog to blog discussing the other blog's contents and criticize, and they love to claim their territory. Some maybe feel they have a stake in the blogs and partially own it. It's not healthy for the community to get sidetracked with petty competitions and insinuations.

    I think anyone that touches the Babygate or Palin subject is going to enter the "contention zone". Anything that has do to with that name, just raises everyone's ire and because she's this (air between thumb and index finger) close to announcing a run, everyone's fatigued from her tease, and fatigued from the crazy out of GOP nonsense and feel that each blog is holding back pertinent information. And with the books holding promise for lots of revelation, people are getting antsy, the news is not coming out soon enough, and sometimes the news just peters out and goes "thud".

    Now's not the time to get stuck in personal feelings but keep vigilance and keep our eye on "Sauron". (LOL).

  12. Anonymous4:27 AM

    Just love you, Gryphen!!!!

  13. Anonymous4:33 AM

    There seems to be some wild accusations being bandied about in the comment sections on various blogs. May be a combination of the hot summer, slow news cycle, and the fact that people are hugely emotionally invested in Palin (pro and con).

  14. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Thanks, Gryphen.
    (let Fred know we are eager to meet him)

  15. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Please keep up your good work! And thank you of your persistence on so many fronts.

  16. Anonymous5:05 AM

    Just a little refresher from the infamous Anonymous from the 'Nick Broomfield' post for all of us to keep in mind:

    'Sarah has been sure the game was up SO many times...as far back as Audrey. Sarah did her book deal so fast, "writing" it in 15 weeks because she felt sure people were going to start paying attention to people like Audrey and Gryphen. When Audrey promised the "nail in the coffin" photo, Sarah was so sure the party was over she gave her people the "well, we've had a great run" speech.
    As more and more evidence of a faked birth came out and aside from the core group of initial people, nobody WAS paying attention, she got confident. Twice I've seen her get as upset and frantic as she did over Audrey posting the nail in coffin photo--when Gryphen did the "two babies" post, she was so freaked she called Todd home from somewhere (forget where, but they are not really close so if she "needed" him, you know she was in a bad way) and got her gyno to prescribe a few xanex pills for what she was sure would be "the end of it all". She planned to dope up, stay in bed, and let the media firestorm pass. She even wrote a statement for media, outlining why she made the "sacrifice" to claim Trig as her own biological child. But then...nothing! Nobody was more surprised than Sarah when the MSM didn't come after her, guns blazing, demanding an explanation for the ear issues.
    After that she was super cocky and obnoxious and even remarked that Gryphen could post a video of Trig being delivered by "a blonde woman in Kansas" (don't ask me, she is insane) and STILL people would not question her about her pregnancy.
    Then came a two-pronged incident...Rebecca Mansour's tweet messages being leaked, and Brad Sharlott's paper being published in close proximity. Sarah was scared shitless about those tweets so I know there had to be some which were held back by DC.
    Sharlott's paper was so thorough and well done, once AGAIN Sarah thought her time was up. After a couple weeks passed and nothing really came of it, she was giddy. She feels sure that if her former staffer hadn't challenged Brad to "duel", it would have gotten even less media traction.

    Sarah said horrid things about Brad, snidely implying the reason he and his wife adopted children was because "you can't breed woman and gargoyle". She is such a bitch, you would not believe some of the stuff she says.

    She is deathly afraid of Laura Novak...I think she knows Laura is everything she pretends to be/wants to project (smart, good mother, well spoken) but the fear stems from her feeling like Laura might be the one to take her down.

    Thanks to all who asked questions. It has been kinda freeing and deeply satisfying to share all this, knowing full well that Sarah reads here and knows who I am. She can't oust the member of her circle who shares all the gossip with me because this person has SO much on Sarah--and I know it drives her insane.'


  17. Anonymous5:08 AM

    and a bit more:

    Anonymous said...

    I can't comment on whether or not multiple babies were used. I have suspicions...and I have asked some questions which have NOT been answered to my satisfaction. Sarah and Bristol immediately accuse Gryphen of photo-shopping the ear deformity into the photos any time they are questioned about it. Sarah blew a microchip when she found out Frank included a "ruffled ear" photo in his book. She was livid. She knows he put it there to remind her what he knows. Which is everything...his "story" of the day Trig was born? Go back and read carefully--what he says is "there's no way that girl gave birth TODAY" in regard to Bristol. Which of course is completely true since Trig was born in February. Frank included that photo as an insurance policy...he wanted to be free to tell his story and make a living without fear of Sarah's famous revenge tactics. And it worked.

    My thought is...it only makes her so angry because there is a huge "there" there.

    Right now locals are scared to mention any "extra baby/ies" theory. It seems so far fetched. But there is a reason Bristol starts calling Gryphen a "pervert" who is "obsessed with Trig" whenever anyone dares to bring up the ear issue. There is a reason Sarah becomes apoplectic when the deformed ear/two babies theory is mentioned. Last year there was an occasion where Todd slept in the car because Sarah was raging against Gryphen so bad. Even when he tried getting away from her in the garage she kept storming in, wanting Todd to join her in her plan to "eviscerate" Gryphen. (Sarah, how's that revenge-y evisceratin' thing workin' out for ya?)

    So while I can't definitively say there was more than one baby...obviously there is something they want to keep hidden, even from family. The night Todd slept in the car, the whole issue that started Sarah's tantrum was her sister asking about the ear issue. She just made a very cautious inquiry and Sarah flew into a rage and didn't speak to her for nearly a month.


  18. True Blue Girl5:18 AM

    RE: Christine opening for headliner Palin

    What a double billing! Christine is desperate to salvage her brand so she can make a nickel, and Sarah just can't get the stink of the crazy off her!

    Two third-rate losers together on one stage!

  19. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Thanks for your post; never doubted you as a true believer. Unlike that *other* guy, out for a buck.

    Latest photos of Trig have Sarah's eyes. I'm not being unkind: I see a real resemblance. Skipped a generation, maybe.

    And isn't the silence lovely?

  20. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Those horridly, crinkly, wrinkly pants overshadow her belly in that first pic. Gross!!

  21. ManxMamma5:38 AM

    Anon 3:41 - "attacks on special needs children". What on earth are you talking about? I have never read or heard one attack on these children. The majority of right-minded Americans (comprised mostly of the Left) want to see these children nurtured, loved, and cared for. The other side of the aisle wants to see drastic cuts that will imperil their well being. You tell me who is attacking these children.

  22. Anonymous5:41 AM

    I'll be here reading through babygate and beyond. You run a great blog, G. Don't let the turkeys get you down.

  23. Anonymous5:43 AM

    Hi Bristol @ 3:41am. Back for more "work related texts"? How much does your mom pay your LLC in "consulting fees" for spreading lies and misinformation and deflecting us from the truth about Trig?
    You are so transparent and obvious its hilarious. We know there's two babies. That's why your mom freaked out so much about the "Tale of Two Babies" post. And that's why you're here now so desperately trying to deflect suspicion from it. You're trying way too hard. Don't you know how to be subtle?

    Where is ruffles? What happened to him? What did your mom do??? What a sick family. We need DNA tests all around. Until Sarah provides full DNA tests and birth certificates for all babies, no one will drop it.

  24. Anonymous5:43 AM

    OT but here's the link to Talking Point Memo's excellent and timely summary of why Sarah is so over:


    I think you helped with #1, don't you? ****applause****

  25. Anonymous5:48 AM

    Sarah you know that feeling like the jig is almost up that you had before? Well this time its real. Your best option is to get in front of the story so you can control the narrative. September is just around the corner and you know what happens in September. What better way to get all the media attention back on you. Time to reveal the truth about Trig.

  26. Thanks, Gryphen. You are still our go-to guy. I appreciate you.

    BTW, I wondered why you didn't mention Blade's post with the massage records a few weeks ago.

    And, any idea when Fred's book comes out? After Joe's?

    Hope the Johnston news is good news. They all deserve it.

  27. Anonymous5:56 AM

    >>RE: Christine opening for headliner Palin

    She's scrambling since her big plans for millions earned on her latest book release didn't exactly pan out:

    Tea Party darling Christine O’Donnell’s book signing in Republican Naples, Florida drew a total of five people. Five. Five people. That’s it. Just like a Sarah Palin event, the media outnumbered the actual attendees.


  28. Anonymous6:13 AM

    Who Doomed Sarah Palin’s Presidential Dream?

    Sarah Palin is expected to make up her mind about a presidential campaign by the end of September, but it's not clear it matters much either way. Polls show relatively few Republicans clamoring for a Palin run on a national level as the one-time supernova is eclipsed by a crowded presidential contest and an array of new rising stars. About two-thirds of Republicans say they're satisfied with the current primary field.

    It feels as if Palin's fabled 2012 run, a source of fervent speculation since before the 2008 contest even ended, has already gone out with a whimper. Palin is polarizing even within her own party and has shown little indication she can reverse the nation's long-settled perception of her as a media phenomenon with little appeal outside her limited fan base.

    But how did she end up this way? And who is to blame? Here's a look at five of the leading culprits.


  29. Anonymous6:16 AM

    I'm with you, Gryphen. I ignore any and all comments of that nature when I see them.

    There has been an uptick in people making potentially divisive claims on these blogs recently - to me a sign that the truth is getting ever closer to the light.

    Keep on keepin' on and thanks for all that you do.

    Anon @4:23, some of that seemingly territorial behavior is intended to divide. It isn't what it appears to be, it isn't innocent or sincere. It's an attempt to derail these efforts, on a number of different blogs. That's been going on since the beginning. The source of that activity, well, I am not sure about. Could be paid trolls, could be familiar thread figures who may not be so trustworthy after all. Could be members of the Palin family. Could be C4Pers who have figured out an effective way to muddy the dialogue.

    As you can see, I am another person who prefers to be anonymous. I believe it encourages any and everyone to post - hopefully substantive information. But obviously less-than-well-intentioned people can hide behind "anon" or some other (ever changing) handle. For me, that part doesn't matter. The patterns do, however.

    Like this latest significant anon says, we all must pay attention to the content, evaluate it on its own merit w/possible additional confirming corroboration, and leave the identity question alone. Always we must remember that manipulation can occur through these threads. It's kind of a fascinating mystery, to me. We will see through the smoke and mirrors in the end, I am confident of that.

    But: sometimes those that pretend to be on "our side" are not, really.

    Gryphen is ABSOLUTELY on our side, always and forever!!!!! It's called integrity, and he has got it in spades.

  30. Valley @ 3:51
    uhhh...wake up! Or should i say "keep dreaming".

  31. Anonymous6:24 AM

    People who mention that "all alaskans" are growing scared to speak of the two baby issue automatically prove they are not from Alaska, have probably never been to Alaska and know nothing about Alaska.

    But keep speculating. You look ridiculous.

  32. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Namaste, Gryphen.

    Peace. Sunshine. Summer.

  33. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Anon @6:16: I agree with your take on what's been going on in the comments of some of the blogs recently.

    The recent Anon insider posts sound credible. Yet, I can't decide if they are just venting or if they do want someone to "do something" with the information they are sharing. Much of what they say confirms the various theories circulating on the blogs like this one for years. I think people get carried away with speculation when seemingly credible information appears and they feel that they should be "doing something" with it. I don't know what we can do beyond encouraging others to come forward with the truth.

  34. Anonymous6:56 AM

    I'm old. And I still believe the old sayings like "It's always darkest before the dawn." The ANONS give hope. G always gives hope. The commenters who've been following this story since Audrey give hope. Seeing a fearful person posting FIRST at 3am gives hope. Anybody, and I mean, ANYBODY, who has faithfully commented here has driven up G's status as a blogger. Anybody who comments about G on another blog helps build his numbers. There is power in numbers.

    Things may be messy now, but "It's always darkest before the dawn."

  35. Your blog, Gryphen, has been a source of comfort and inspiration for me. In my small town, we are going through a serious case of Palinitis and I have been part of the fight to save us from a lyin' bunch of grifters. On a much smaller scale, I can fully relate with with what you're going through. People who do not want the truth to come out can be very vicious and sometimes it is a very lonely job to inform people of the truth. I was even sued for slander. Later dropped. Hang in there. You are doing a public service.

  36. JayKen Knotstirred7:01 AM

    Hi Sarah, Welcome back!

    Quick question, Where's Trigs birth certificate?

    (PS: Namaste Gryph!)

  37. Anonymous7:06 AM

    This is not relevant to the post but I had to share!

    There's this completely foul but hilarious gossip site called D-Listed. Yesterday one of the posts featured was about Marilyn Manson's new girlfriend. Here's a quote-

    "Marilyn left Chateau Marmont last night with a gorgeous specimen who wore an elegant peek-a-puss dress exclusively from Bristol Palin's prom night collection"

  38. Anonymous7:23 AM

    I saw those posts on the other blogs, and had to laugh to myself. Then I just ignored them and went on with my life, because I KNOW those were preposterous ones - ones not even worth a response.
    Thanks for all you do, Gryphen!

  39. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Valley 3:41, thank you! Whenever one of the Heath/Palin clan rush here to categorically state something, we know the opposite is true. So you have just confirmed for us that there is more than one baby, that Frank knows it, and that Sarah switched out babies between May and August.

    I won't even touch that ridiculous comment about the "attacks on special needs babies." The fact is, the people on this blog care more about Trig than his own mother or grandmother. Yeah, I'm lookin' at you, Bristol. Is that why you changed your face? Because you couldn't stand looking at yourself in the mirror every morning? You're still the same person inside, Bristol.

  40. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Speaking of Babygate, Trig served his purpose as part of Sarah's biography in 2008. Trig identified Sarah as a champion of Right to Life and the Disabled. She traded on that Right to Life speech for a little while until she mixed up the times and dates of Trig's delivery. Besides, none of her stories about being pregnant, learning about having a DS child or the Wild Ride were believable.

    What's happened to Trig? If we believe the anonymous writer, Trig smacked Sarah with an open hand. She pays for his care using SarahPAC money channeled through LLC's and questionable expenses. (She paid her own mother thousands of dollars for mailings?) Has anyone in Alaska seen Trig? Do they know how he is doing? He has obviously gotten too big to be included in the family vacation bus campaign trip earlier this year. How are: his eyes, his hearing, his behavior and his ability to speak and learn?

    No one ever calls out Sarah for promising to be the voice of the disabled. She could have used her high profile to raise awareness and money for DS organizations. Nothing! The crime of Babygate was that Sarah was willing to lie and claim a DS baby as her own for political advantage. Now, it would be just as big a crime if his needs were not being met.

  41. mitch7:40 AM

    Some intrepid soul needs to post this picture over @ c4p. That and the CNN poll showing that 90% of republicans wouldn't vote for this mucus excreting slug.

  42. Smirnonn7:43 AM


    Never doubted your dedication for a second. Keep up the great work! Babygate is an important (and truly bizarre) story. Keep focusing the sunlight on it.


  43. Anonymous7:59 AM


    You are my fearless go to blog on political issues. No need to defend anything you do from my perspective. I trust you will reveal the truth when you have the verification needed.

    Your blogs about your daughter are some of the most touching I've read. I wish all children had that kind of love and support in their lives.

    A loyal fan

  44. Sharon_Too_Also8:03 AM

    Yours is the place where anon238 felt safe enough to post all that exciting, revelatory information. That speaks volumes to me. Thanks Gryph.

  45. dlbvet8:06 AM

    Personally, your blog is the one I look forward to the most. And as much as I keep waiting for the Palin soap opera to finally go off the air, I truly love your posts about President Obama. The videos and pictures of the President with the children make me get all weepy and such (what can I say, I'm a mother); the true facts about the numbers/charts/economic data arm me for battle with the nimwits my husband works with.

    I love them all. I love your take on it.

    I have been a little mystified by the "cattiness" that seems to have surfaced lately between bloggers about all things anti-Palin. Shouldn't we (bloggers and readers/commenters alike) all be united for one purpose, and one purpose only? That would be sending Sarah Palin running, tail between legs, utterly defeated once and for all. (Heck, a girl can dream, eh?)

    Thank you. I'm off to enjoy one of the last few days of summer here. I'm looking out my kitchen window at aspens with YELLOW leaves. Gasp. It was way too fast and my heart is breaking because of it. Hope your day is beautiful!

  46. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Wanted to join the many voices letting you know how much your blog ( and YOU) are appreciated. Poster @4:05 expressed it well.
    Thanks, and hugs to you and your daughter.

  47. Laura Novak8:19 AM

    You are the go-to blog for first thing in the morning for just about everyone, and rightly so. If anyone deserves to break this story wide open, it's you. And I look forward to that day.

    In the meantime, glad to see you say it loud and clear here. None of us can stay tethered to our blogs all day and moderate every single comment that comes over the transom. That's understandable.

    The next few weeks and a few good books should redirect the conversation and reveal some good information. I know I can't wait!

    Thanks for all you do, Gryphen! Laura

  48. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Sarah has always been supportive of women, so being the birth mother of Trig it would be her calling to help women in our country and throughout the world by coming forward and allowing medical professionals and doctors to examine her, her medical records and Trig. By doing so, doctors will be able to help women who have pregnancy problems. Sarah's stomach growth is almost unexplainable and by publishing Sarah's story and medical examination would definitely help women.

    God has given Sarah this opportunity and miracle and I truly hope Sarah comes forward and help women.

  49. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Sarah has always been supportive of women, so being the birth mother of Trig it would be her calling to help women in our country and throughout the world by coming forward and allowing medical professionals and doctors to examine her, her medical records and Trig. By doing so, doctors will be able to help women who have pregnancy problems. Sarah's stomach growth is almost unexplainable and by publishing Sarah's story and medical examination would definitely help women.

    God has given Sarah this opportunity and miracle and I truly hope Sarah comes forward and help women.

  50. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Bristol @ 3:41

    You crazy twit, we can synchronise our watches by you! Whenever there's a babygate post, heeeere's Bristol!

    And thanks a mil for specifically confirming your mom did indeed switch babies and that many in Alaska DO believe in the baby switch.

    Bristol, in the middle of the night with the glow of your iPhone illuminating the faces of the children you are ignoring in order to post here every 25 seconds..don't you just hate yourself? Just go be a mom. Seriously.

  51. emrysa8:41 AM

    never doubted you gryphen. whenever I see the comments that 'gryphen has been paid off' or 'mercede told gryphen the truth and swore him to secrecy' I just have to laugh.

    thanks for your work gryphen!

  52. Anonymous8:51 AM

    We haven't seen the Right to Life folks pony up $100,000 to have Sarah screech lately. My guess, they don't feel she is the poster mother for a special needs child.

  53. Marleycat9:32 AM

    8:24 am - At first I thought you were serious - Sarah Palin helped women? Her stomache growth was almost unexplainable? You must be kidding. Yes, her medical records do need to be reviewed by the public and medical experts the world over!

  54. Gryphen,

    Here are some things you should “know,” and take to heart.

    Please know that there are many of us out here who are thankful for your perseverance. More importantly, we have come to know that you are a man of solid and unimpeachable honesty and integrity.

    I'm glad you've stayed on Babygate, though I'd rather see more about Housegate (seems to me there's more forensic evidence available there), but in any case, I hope you'll have the strength to continue on until the whole world knows the truth about Sarah Palin.

    Know also that we very much appreciate the strength of character and the composure you've shown in dealing with the slings and arrows that have come at you non-stop since the day you started this quest. You've done a brilliant job of exposing just how evil and selfish Sarah Palin and her family are, and we know that means bearing the brunt of their wrath.

    And lastly, know that you are a hero to many of us. Please bask in the glow of that compliment for a minute. Truth is you deserve every second of it.


  55. Anonymous9:50 AM

    You are the go-to guy when it comes to all Palins' fakery and grifting. And thank you posting day after day. I so admire your tenacity!

  56. Anonymous10:18 AM

    You are also my go-to blog! In fact, sometimes I don't get a lot done because of you! Thank you for all you do.

    I cannot even imagine the horror Brisket and SP must be feeling right now, knowing that their charade is coming to an end. I hope it happens while Brisket is doing the rounds for her new "reality" show. Awkward!!!

  57. Calli Pygian10:32 AM

    As always, much gratitude to you, sir.

  58. Anonymous11:03 AM

    The biggest mistake Sarah Palin ever made was calling a certain kindergarten teacher a child-molester.

  59. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Hey Todd, maybe you should get some air mattresses for the SUV.

    You'll sleep better in the garage when the Queen Grifter is having a temper tantrum

    Ear plugs, a case of Natty lite,
    a comfy air mattress, and a copy of September issue of Playboy ?

  60. lilly lily12:42 PM

    I came here just as you were being attacked by the other McCain and the threats began to roll in.

    Must say I was outraged at the time. But it truly backfired in their face.

    As bad a bet as Sarah Palin and that particulare backer ever made.

  61. Anonymous3:13 PM


    I ain't got no fancy journey-lism duh-gree from 5 colleges, but here I go:

    There once was a man named Gryph
    Someone Palin surely wishes were a stiff
    He gets under her skin
    And to her tiny brain within
    But the rest of us get such a lift!

    Hold your applause, please.

    But seriously, dude. We love you. We love you like Todd loves hookers. (enthusiastically) We love you like Sarah loves money. (above SO much else) We love you like Bristol loves popping out tax deductions. (very frequently) We love you like Willow loves those ugly ass-showing shorts. (daily) We love you like Trig loves smacking Sarah. (with much gusto and satisfaction)

    Thank you for being damn near the only person on earth willing to be Trig's voice. That child would likely be institutionalized were it not for Palin's fear of you finding out she ditched her "precious gift".

  62. Anonymous3:20 PM

    I love your LGBT posts.
    Your passion there is my passion there bother!
    I assume the backing off comment I read at another blog was simply because BOTH anonymous posters sounded credible.
    That along with the fact you have been at this for so long must have given someone the impression that out of frustration, you cracked.
    I DO believe that this is sort of a calm before the storm and the defecation is about to hit the rotary oscillator.

  63. I have never doubted your integrity or dedication in revealing the lies of The One Who Must Be Ignored.
    I love coming here and more than likely will find you posting something that I have just found myself so know that you are operating with eyes wide open.Keep on Keeping On!

  64. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Awww, Gryph. You're one of my favorite bloggers. Thank you for all you do. For all the questions you ask. For all the answers you post. Keep it up! You kick @ss!

  65. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Long time fan here. Your blog was the second one I clicked when McCain overdosed on viagra, had a brain fart, and chose Old Grandma Sarah "baraguppy" Palin for VP pick.
    I find your writing style witty, your topics diverse and pertinant to everyone, even if it's an Alaska issue.
    All I can say is "You Rock!"
    My take on the whole babygate thing is, what's the rush? Who's spending sleepless nights worrying about who knows what? Scouring blogs and trying to distract people (and failing miserably, on so many fronts)Worrying When it will be revealed?
    I can't imagine the paranoia and tortured soul all these hoaxes have caused the one who lied, decieved, and caused McCain, and the Republican Party so much scorn. The damage is already done, the only thing that bothers me is the innocent kids involved in all this. Karma will sort it out in time.

    In the mean time, enjoy the last days of summer. Nothing better than fresh air, sunshine, and blue skies.

  66. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Well, I must have missed that comment about you backing off from Babygate but it's not something I would have ever guessed...(everyone loves the "dots" now...it's the newest trend...lol).

    We appreciate you working so hard up there in Alaska and we'll try and keep the racket down a little here on the East Coast, for craps sake!

    Susan in MD

  67. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Dear Dear Gryphen,
    You are the blog I read every morning with my coffee. I know I can always count on some laughs from you and here in the comments. You truly have become part of my daily routine. I have been thinking about what you would do with this blog after Palin. I am so happy to hear you will continue blogging. I love your intelligence, sense of humor and wit. No one has your flair for writing! I share your views on politics, education, GLBT, and religion and I look forward to many years of reading here! You are appreciated and loved!

  68. Wow, Gryphen! I can't believe you have another job!

    Seriously, HOW do you DO IT?

    It's an echo but I want to say it:

    -yours is the first blog I read in the morning with my coffee

    -I can always count on you to make me laugh/smile/"AUGH"/force me to comment! ;)

    -Your writing style is one of the reasons I "love" reading your blog

    -The "trolls" are getting more sophisticated. "I used to read you but now..."; "I'm disappointed in you, Gryphen..."; "Have you given up on Babygate"? ...Oh please

    (Just wanted to say again G put up $400 for the latest SP@the museum pics. He's not backing down from ANYTHING!)

    -I find you COURAGE to tackle the Payliars and your IRON-STOMACH to immerse yourself in their "icky" world, truly commendable.

    It's a strange thing, this Blogger/Reader "relationship". But I think it's apparent to see in the comments how much your readers "love" you and "love" this blog!!!

    You and your blog are so much "bigger" than Sarah Payliar and her piglets.

    Here's to No More from "her" and Much More from You!



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