Wednesday, December 07, 2011

It is now official, Donald Trump's "Debate-aplaooza" is the dumbest idea ever! How do we know? Because Sarah Palin just endorsed it!

"I give this Trump Debate-apalooza two thumbs up! Now give me my check!"
Courtesy of the Huffington Post:

Sarah Palin has some advice for the GOP candidates regarding Donald Trump's debate: do it. In an interview to air Wednesday at 10pm ET on FOX Business Network, she talked about the upsides of the debate, which Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman have decided not to attend: 

"I think candidates should not be afraid in front of the nation no matter who the host of the debate is. What is a bit appealing about this idea of Trump hosting a debate is, consider the diverse audience that perhaps he can attract. It's important that independents and those who are not obsessed with inside-baseball partisan politics, which is most of us, we'd like to hear more of the message of each one of these candidates and perhaps Donald Trump will be able to attract a diverse demographic that maybe has not been as interested in this horse race thus far. America needs to wake up to what is going on under Obama's socialist policies and how he will bankrupt the country. I'm looking at the debate as a positive thing because of that fact."

In my house we have three degrees to determine how stupid something is: Stupid, REALLY stupid, or "Sarah Palin" stupid. 

Now we know which category this debate falls into.

And by the way, what kind of "diverse" demographic does Palin believe will watch THIS debate that was not reached by the last eleven debates? The arrogant, overly tanned, pompous ass demographic?

So far only Gingrich and Santorum have agreed to this debate. Gingrich because it is yet another opportunity to get attention and sell books, and Santorum because he has nowhere else to be.

Like I said before no SERIOUS candidate would show up to this thing, and having the least serious political prick tease of all endorse it, only goes to prove that point.

Hey Sarah, here's an idea.  If you think it is so worthwhile YOU show up and engage in the debate.

That would attract tons of viewers, a handful who were hoping this was a sign you were getting into the race because they think you are the best candidate, and a whole lot more who would be hoping this was a sign you were getting into the race because with the Herman Cain candidacy now suspended they are looking for another slow motion train wreck to entertain them.

Yeah, that's what I thought.


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    It wouldn't surprise me in the least if Sara showed up. With the Donald throwing softballs and then answering the questions himself she could actually appear and claim to not be running but to be part of the dialog. Not sure how Fox would look at it but here's some small change that thinks she's fishing for an invite and might just show her ugly mugg. One can only hope because the second she shows up on the radar again the people standing back from sharing some of their information about her will feel the shackles unleashed. Go Sara, run as fast as you can. Your campaign will go down in flames faster than Herb's.

  2. laprofesora4:50 PM

    Poor, poor, dumb, ignorant, hillbilly, white trash, celebrity wanna-be Scarah Paylin. She so wants the other kids to play with her, but everybody knows she smells and she eats her own hair.

  3. Marleycat4:51 PM

    I'm with you - flat out - ANYTHING that Sarah Palin is in favor of, or thinks is a good idea, or endorses I will oppose, think is a stupid idea, and/or vote against. There is absolutely NO socially redeeming value in anything Palin thinks, says, or does. Thanks, Sarah - now the whole world knows for sure the Trump Debates is for fools only!

  4. Anonymous4:53 PM

    LOL yeah. She wants them to just "do it" because stupid loves company!

  5. angela4:53 PM

    Why is anyone asking that ridiculous dingbat anything ? FAUX Business---give me a break.

  6. Anonymous5:01 PM

    "I think candidates should not be afraid in front of the nation no matter who the host of the debate is.

    Sarah, Sarah, it ain't fear that is keeping the smart ones away, and they are indeed too smart to fall for your "humiliate them to manipulate them" tactics..

  7. Wolfbitch5:02 PM

    I want to know what "inside-baseball" means. Cuz you just know it's gotta be a term SP invented.

  8. Hi Sarah, Welcome Back!

    Quick question, Where's Trigs Birth Certificate?

  9. Gov Dirty may be trying to be a moderator with The Chump...remember this "debate" is going to be on the ION network which is run by the big time fundie Paxson...who is connected to McCain and Trig's middle name is Paxson....don't forget "also too" that Mark Burnett is producing this "debate" and she was just at his Christmas believes in coincidences....I know I don't!

  10. Anonymous5:14 PM

    According to Steve Schmidt, Sarah could hardly prepare for her own debate-- but that was with a serious journalist lobbing soft ball questions with little followup. Donald's "debate" will be a platform for Donald to show off his massive ego.

    In 2008, Sarah also ducked any serious interviews after her terrible showing with Gibson and Couric. Oooh, that Gotcha Media asking trick questions about foreign policy experience, the Bush Doctrine, and literacy (what do you read?).

    I guess Sarah's expertise comes from sharing a pizza with Trump in New York's Time Square-- they ate the pizza with plastic forks! Fake!

  11. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Crazy quitter coward lady make funny noises.

  12. Not to change the topic of my own post, but I just watched an eight minute segment of Palin talking to Hannity, wearing the WORST wig I have seen her in thus far.

    She looked....embalmed.

    I will post the video in the morning, you have to see this to believe it.

  13. Anonymous5:17 PM

    I just saw the bitch on Fox News and wanted to reach through the TV screen and punch her out after she twice called President Obama a "PHONY!" Hypocrisy much, $$$$arah?

    And Sarah, it is not believable when you show up on TV tonight wearing a wig that is 3-4 incxhes longer and fuller than your hair a couple of days ago in Malibu.

    Please.....GO AWAY., are an embarrassment to this state!!!

  14. Anonymous5:18 PM

    "She looked....embalmed."

    G, you are making it very hard for me to get up tomorrow and check your blog!!

  15. Anonymous5:21 PM

    "Sarah Palin stupid"...I love it Gryphen!

    I just caught the last end of Sarah on Hannity. I think she is channeling her inner Trump, her wig is going every which way, very crazy looking. Then she called President Obama a phony. That's one I haven't heard her use. Just more of Sarah's projection, from the queen of phony's!


  16. left a comment earlier on the last post re: Palin on Hannity. Next, she's on Greta. It must have been done earlier. She would recommend anything with the Trump, remember it was his wife no. 1 or 2 , well anyway, it was one of his wives who gave her her "look" with her hair. The bumpit that she still likes to sport, except when her hair falls out & then she puts the wigs on like tonight. Oh boy, the wigs are new and the one she's wearing tonight at least covers her hairline.
    Trump showed himself to be a joke. She likes assholes like him. Takes one to know one.
    Haha, loved that he took her for pizza and everyone else for a nice dinner. Plastic forks, just her speed.

  17. Yes Gryphen, I saw the wig! Wow! See you tomorrow!

  18. KatieAnnieOakly5:33 PM

    If Palin endorsed Trumpapoloser, that would be reason enough for anyone with a brain to PASS on it.

  19. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Does anyone care what Sarah thinks?
    I know I don't.

  20. WakeUpAmerica5:39 PM

    Hey Sarah! I have a better idea. You put on a debate! Oh please, please do it.

  21. Haven't read all the comments .. but come on Gryphen: I have had one glass of wine and I can go pour another - post it tonight! Or ... are you saying I will need 2 cups of coffee instead?

    She called our President (the one with credentials that literally stretch around the globe - especially since he is much loved around the world, the one who speaks with clarity, passion, empathy, intelligence; the one who is erudite) a phony? I could literally kill her - and no, don't report me to whomever, just saying it because I get so angry!

  22. Palin would be a perfect choice to be one of the questioners to join Trump. She's even trained as a rill 'journalist' and is an expert in both energy and crony capitalism. (Bwaahahaha.) Surely, the "Debate-apalooza's" producer, Mark Burnett, will put in a good word for her.

    Her rationale mimics that from another 'pundint' yesterday but she added her own touch by injecting the concept that fear factored in a candidate's decision not to participate. Her projection is tiresome.

    Gryphen - Thanks for the tantalizing tidbit about tomorrow's post. It's unusual that she'd do 2 appearances on Hannity in such a short period when her usual monthly stint is Hannity, Fox Business, and Greta.

  23. Anonymous6:03 PM

    From what little I saw of Dirty
    Wig on Hannity, I think wine is what is needed! I think it's possible that she had on a couple of dirty wigs. It was that CRAZY!


  24. Geez. I'm 2 for 2 today--needing to backtrack on my comments. Turns out Gingrich brought up the idea of fear in an interview with Greta...I guess, from yesterday.

  25. Saw Dirty Wig on Insannity!! Not feeling the Mary Tyler Moore wig Dirty! Back to the drawing board for sure!

    I can not understand why this old bat can't get her shit together! I mean when she put that pelt on her head and looked in the mirror WTF did she see?

  26. Her only relevance now is keeping the crazy, inane factor high. Great fodder for the comedians.

    The media, writers, bloggers, commentators and analysts, even Republicans, all now expressing openly growing horror at the utter foolishness the Republican Party has become, a circus, and the danger it presents to the nation at this critical time. Her emergence would only tip the crazy/stupid meter over the top, at election time when all the Democrats, Independents, disenfranchised Republicans, minorities, people of no religion and those of all religions not extreme fundamentalist Christianist, and thinking, caring educated people WILL be voting. That's a lot of Americans. The little band of Tea Party nutcakes are the small minority. And looking pretty foolish right now.

    We keep our very fine President.

  27. Anne In DC6:17 PM

    No wonder Palin supports the idea. That's because it's a case of one narcissistic dingbat supporting another one. Trump's idea is meant to elevate Trump himself, and it's beyond me why anyone would want to give this wanted-to-be-but-never-was any credence by showing up at what is most likely to be a farcical reality show.

  28. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Sarah Palin calling President Obama a phony? Oh, the irony.

    Sarah Palin wears wigs, water bras, and depending where she makes her wack-a-mole appearance, a gaudy Star of David necklace, or a ticky-tacky wooden cross.

  29. Anonymous6:29 PM

    I am loving your writing, G!

  30. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Never heard such animation about the wig! Must be spectacular! Hahaha. Sarah, get a fucking clue.

  31. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Yeah, who gets ionTV? We don't. And somehow I doubt that Sarah will be watching in Wasilla either. Now if Newsmax asked HER to moderate a debate, that would be worth checking out the next day. This one...I don't care how much Trump bashes the President. I don't care how many times Gingrinch says he's failed. And I really don't care any more that Palin has no more idea what socialism is than she does parenting. And, honey, it was Bush who bankrupted the country. Obama is slowly, but surely, bringing us back. And the right is having seizures over that. Good.

  32. Anonymous6:34 PM

    For someone who shuns all media but Fox, telling others not to 'be afraid' is interesting.

  33. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Urban Dictionary says it all:

  34. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Sarah Palin is a friggin idiot! But, we already knew that in Alaska. The Republicans currently in the spotlight are the laughing stock of the U.S. (and probably worldwide).

    I'm sure President Obama is going to be re elected. He has my vote and that of many other folks I know.

  35. Anonymous6:35 PM

    She is such an inarticulate idiot. Are we sure she actually graduated from college? It's obvious she needs to retake a high school government class to learn about various forms of government. President Obama is not a socialist. Her policies in Alaska were more socialist than his.
    When people say that, it shows how ignorant and uninformed they are. Plus socialism doesn't scare people like it did in the 50s. These idiots live in the dark ages.
    Sarah, Perry, Donald what a group of blowhards with no vision or substance. How pathetic that this is the face of the conservative party. At one point, there were smart conservatives. Now you have Palin. And Bachman. And Perry. And Sean Hannity. Save us all God!

  36. Anonymous6:48 PM

    so now they're turning the presidential debates into a reality tv show
    only in america

  37. I laughed all through the comments after reading Gryphen's addendum about the embalmed Palin...

    Now I'm off to see if Fox has uploaded the video.

  38. Anonymous6:55 PM

    I dunno, to be fair, I can see Palin's point. Yes it's an absurd debased mockery of the concept of a lampoon of a bad SNL primary debate sketch and a cheap media circus, but that's why she's right.

    It WILL attract the attention of some people who otherwise might not have paid any to this clown show.

    Think about it, Palin is the queen of getting "lamestream" rubberneckers to ogle her trainwrecks, she may just know what she's talking about this time.

  39. Thanks Alicat ... but if Gryphen waits til morning to post it ... chardonnay at 9 am? Ummm.

  40. AJ Billings6:57 PM

    I'm not surprised at ANYTHING that Granny Grifter says now. I've been reading the Joe McGinnis book, and I am absolutely amazed at what a self serving narcissist $arah is.

    I knew all this instinctively the first time I heard her give a speech in 2008, but the confirmation is just amazing.

    For those of you that have not read this yet, here are a couple of paragraphs that REALLY show what her true character is:

    At Sarah's 1st council meeting after becoming mayor a friend tried to hand a book on economics to her, but she would not take it.

    When he put it on the table in front of her, she pushed it to the edge with the back of her hand, saying, “I never read anything that might conflict with my beliefs.”

    "Without council approval, Sarah ( as Mayor) used city money to lease a new gold Ford Expedition (“The Mayormobile,” as it came to be known) and took $50,000 that had been budgeted for road improvement and repair and used it to redecorate her office at city hall.

    Sarah also told Munger that civilization had reached the “end-times” and that Jesus would return to earth “during my lifetime.” She said the signs of his imminent return were obvious. “Maybe you can’t see that,” she said, “but I can, and it guides me every day."

    So what can any rational person glean by her words and actions"

    1)$arah is totally close minded, unwilling to learn what's required for a job, and appallingly ignorant as a result. We saw that in the Couric interviews, didn't we Granny?

    2) In love with money, and will even rob a city budget for her personal use. So much for being a fiscal conservative, she just used city money for pure vanity?

    3)$arah's religious indoctrination trumps every aspect of her life except for money, drugs, fame, and a glamourous life. And she'll use her faith as either a tease or a weapon to get the other four things.

    After reading most of Joe's book, and thinking back the last 3 years, I am so grateful that this drug-addled harpy did not become VP.

    Suck on that $arah.

  41. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Palin looks like she's high on meth and that all her moving around is going to knock her wigs off.

  42. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Regarding Palin on Hannity.... Wow. There have been a lot of wig comments thrown around over the past year or so, but this is the first time that I am 100% sure that she IS wearing a wig. It must be a cheapie because she combed over some hair to cover up the "hairline". Hilarious.

    By the by, has anyone else noticed that the fake fireplace behind Palin is fucking over-the-top ABLAZE? It's like 2 square feet of Hell. So appropriate for a backdrop for Sarah Palin, Beelzebub's best gal pal.

  43. Anonymous7:08 PM

    You need to do a post about Palin's comment on FNC with Eric Boling about "deaf, dumb and blind". All are disabilities. " Dumb" used to be used in place of mute. After people have had to bow down and kiss her feet about any comment about DS, she has the nerve to use disabilities as a putdown! She is the most disgusting person!

  44. AJ Billings7:30 PM

    On Hannity tonite, when referencing
    how the 2008 Repub campaign lacked focus to get the message across, $arah bigwig referred to their campaign as MY TICKET.

    Gee $arah, if McCain sees that, it could cost you something!

    Umm, and hey dingbat, that was McCain's ticket and you were the back seat idiot that Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace came to know as brain dead. You know they've got goods on you, and maybe even audio tape!!. Hah!

    $arah also lied about the housing crisis in 2008.

    HEY SNOWDRIFT SNOOKI. WHO was President in 2008?
    I know that was a gotcha question, right?

    I bet even you can find a website to prove that it was George W Bush who was asleep at the the switch.

    He and his financial team allowed trillions of dollars in bad financial instruments and mortgages to be bundled, sold, resold, and speculated on.

    To top it all off the banksters even created "investments" to bet AGAINST the mortgages, and to make Zillions of dollars if the market collapsed, which surprisingly enough it did.

    Yep, $arah, the last 30 years of lower taxes for the wealthy, and putting wars on credit cards is all Obamas fault because he took office after all that happened.

    I'm about as cynical and jaded politically speaking as anyone can get, and even I might work on Obama's reelection campaign, and donate money. And i'm a dyed in the wool conservative on many issues

    The thought of Newt, Mitt, or Santorum as President is just laughable, but we can't risk it.

  45. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Sarah Palin has to endorse Trump. If you remember trump bought off that wonky eyed skank when he gave her that two bit greasy single slice of pizza on a paper plate when she went to New York to kiss his ring. The Chump thought so little of Sarah that he took her to a dive and ate next to a pane glass window while people stared at them. How funny that other people who came to kiss chump's ass ate in seclusion at 5 star restaraunts, but not Palin.

    So the retard was bought off with a single slice of pizza.

  46. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Whack-a-mole Newt has no way to make it to Jan 3rd - he's stepping into the quicksand already. The pole numbers many knew would go to his head and he just would not be able to contain his stupidity.

    Newt said today that he would name Fox News Contributor, former UN Ambassador John Bolton as Secretary of State.

    He got a standing 'O' from the Rethuglican Jewish coalition. And people question why there are people that don't agree with our stand with Israel.

    Bolton is a loose cannon. He wouldn't think twice of bombing Iran. The idiot has never been known to keep his mouth shut either. Just what is needed - a whole administration of morons.

  47. Anonymous said...

    I dunno, to be fair, I can see Palin's point. Yes it's an absurd debased mockery of the concept of a lampoon of a bad SNL primary debate sketch and a cheap media circus, but that's why she's right.

    It WILL attract the attention of some people who otherwise might not have paid any to this clown show.

    Think about it, Palin is the queen of getting "lamestream" rubberneckers to ogle her trainwrecks, she may just know what she's talking about this time.

    6:55 PM

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....thanks for the laugh!!!

    That crazy crone has no idea WTF she's talking about...SHE WAS READING WHAT RAM UPLOADED INTO THE TELEPROMPTER!

    She's a puppet...a stupid ass puppet...but still a puppet of whoever controls her strings....nice try!

  48. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Sarah was always fascinated with Ivanna Chump and now she wants to get closer to Donald Chump.

    See Donald, you fed a stray dog some cheap pizza and now Sarah won't go away.

  49. Anonymous7:50 PM

    After all of the comments, I just had to google the Hannity interview. I refused to turn the sound on (self-preservation).

    OMFG!!! I choked on my drink, and had a major coughing fit from laughing so hard.

    Love the previous comment about the fireplace looking like hell. And the wig, well words cannot describe the scene.

  50. Gee, what a fucking blowhard Sarah is!!!

    "Inside baseball"?

    Um, even for you, Sarah, I believe the correct term is "Inside the beltway".

    Just like her calling the Hermanator "Herb" several times in an interview, Sarah gets these cosmic inspirations in her head, that make absolutely no fucking sense and then she repeats them time and time again.

    I am intimately familiar with the term "Inside Baseball" and its proper usage, and it does not fit the context with the rest of the words in what Sarah considers to be a sentence.

    You never fail to entertain, Gov. Roadkill Wig, even when you have no fucking clue why everyone is laughing at you.

    Seriously, Sarah, please reconsider. We can use the LOLZ.

  51. kIp sikes7:56 PM

    I was noticing those busy flames behind Palin during the Hannity 'interview'. If only she would have leaned back in that chair a ways(of course she couldn't have read the teleprompter then....) and trimmed her wig on those roarin' flames!

  52. Anonymous7:57 PM

    LOL @ her and her big wig

  53. Gee, what a fucking blowhard Sarah is!!!

    "Inside baseball"?

    Um, even for you, Sarah, I believe the correct term is "Inside the beltway".

    Just like her calling the Hermanator "Herb" several times in an interview, Sarah gets these cosmic inspirations in her head, that make absolutely no fucking sense and then she repeats them time and time again.

    I am intimately familiar with the term "Inside Baseball" and its proper usage, and it does not fit the context with the rest of the words in what Sarah considers to be a sentence.

    You never fail to entertain, Gov. Roadkill Wig, even when you have no fucking clue why everyone is laughing at you.

    Seriously, Sarah, please reconsider. We can use the LOLZ.

  54. Anonymous8:14 PM

    She has to be doing that roadkill wig thing on purpose. There is no way anybody would put that thing on and look in the mirror and think " damn, I'm looking good"

  55. Aside from her stable of wigs she must have gallons of foundation (Walmart generic) on hand to cover that green with envy skin of hers. For any other person exhibiting this desperate and despicable behavior I might work up a scintilla of pity but she earns every word of scorn headed her way.

    I think her current attacks on the President are now fueled by her desire to get back at those of us who admire and support him who have called her on her game of lies. While there are many in the race who are equally diabolical, disgusting and loathesome as Palin, there is no one on this planet more phony than this evil tongued grifter although T-rump runs a close second.

  56. Anonymous8:19 PM

    to 7:02, and other wig commenters...
    Do we think that Ms. Bristle is doing Sarah's hair now??

    Since she's going to cosmetology school and all, she must earn some several thousand dollars from SarahPac each time she fixes up her mom for an interview.


  57. Anonymous8:26 PM

    You know, if you put a pile of shit out long enought, it'll eventually attract flies.
    That's the sole purpose of the ill bred Donald Trump.

    Sarah needs to show up because the impression of his Trump emblem on his shoes has proabably faded from her kneecaps.

    Trumps on Piers talking about why he dropped out of the polls. Because of equal time rules, and he has such a big hit with his show, he's only allowed to appear a limited time. Obama, not having a show, can appear on as many shows as he wants for as long as he wants, and it's so unfair in that respect, but trump's so happy to have such a hit show.

    So, basically, the key to being a good president is not to have a hit show on television, which makes me happy, because it means Sarah will never be president because she's "sarah palin stupid", but because she doesn't have a hit show on tee vee.

    Hurry Flies, the shit is getting cooler.

  58. Anonymous8:27 PM

    I heard that some of the democratic candidates are afraid to take off their clothes in order to answer all the tough questions that rill murricans need the answers too in all these socialistic times.

    Hoping this message gets through and then the candidates and moderators get down to the nekkid truths that our country is so hungry for and deserving of also too.

    Rill murricans kno that jist like the earth is about 6,000 years old, democrat party is two chikken to get nekkid for Uncle Bud Packsun. They are hopin this debate shows all the real republican party. Douts about any of the candidates and what kind of parts they really have can be undun.

  59. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Hey Gryphen, be sure to save those "phony" clips of hers from Hannity, for when babygate finally hits the fan. Those interspersed with her "they're tryin' to say Trig is not my kid" clips would be sweet.

  60. Anonymous8:42 PM

    You can count on Palin being at Chump's debate.

    I hope she wears her X-Mas red toilet rug.

    Retard Sarah claims she has a contract that prevents her from going on other shows, let's see if she speaks at the debate.

  61. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Holy shite. i've seen the video of her interview on Hannity.

    Most importantly - how the hell does she defend this strange parallel universe they are trying to put forward?? ("Obama finally has a record." or "He doesn't actually mean" what he says about fairness.) ARGGH.

    Whoa...whatta wig. Can't wait to hear more from Gina M on this one tomorrow !!

    Also - she has failed to "get Piper on" the tree decorating.

    Could someone please zoom in on the video and tell us what is in that picture on the mantle?? Please just make sure it is not a tiny baby in a "Mommy's little Valentine" outfit, please?!

    She remains the Idiot Queen.

    Looking forward to hearing from Gryph on Thursday !!


  62. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Oh my god, Gryphen is right!

  63. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Saw her on Hannity, Gryphen. I know, the wig - it has a life of its own.

    It was pretty awful. Can't she afford a hairdresser? She called the President a phony - twice. I think her hair feels her anger.

  64. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Anon. 7:02 - haha - yes, Sarah's keeping the home fires ablaze for sure.

    The fire was just givin' er. And it even looked fake.

  65. Anonymous8:50 PM

    So Sarah's taking the all-of-them, any-of-them approach. I like Santorum, and I like Newt, and I like Ron Paul, and also, too, I like blah blah. Hate this bitch and can't believe she's shown up again to piss me off.

  66. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Todd do you think Sarah wants to interview / ask questions at Chump's debate?

    Remember the last time she interviewed someone? Afterwards Sarah took the guy to her sister Molly's dorm room and fucked him till her eyes crossed.

    Just warning you Todd, as you know Sarah, Bristol, Willow and Sally Heath are cut from the same skank cloth and if there is a penis in the room you know they just can't help themselves.

  67. Hey, Gryphen. Don't miss Sarah on Eric Bolling's show. I can't imagine the wig on Hannity was worse.

  68. Anonymous9:09 PM

    What's the matter with Kansas?

    Secret Service stops 'citizen's arrest' of President Obama (for being a foreign citizen in the White House). Confiscate 4 guns and handcuffs from the patriot- tell him to stay away or his birther ass will be arrested. Old fart is pissed, still planning another arrest if he gets the chance. Says his guns weren't involved in the arrest so why take them away?

    A Kansas birther, who publicly announced that he was planning a citizen’s arrest of President Barack Obama, was told Monday by the Secret Service that he would be arrested if he came near the president.

    Neil Jednoralski claimed that he contacted Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the Kansas Highway Patrol, and the Saline County Sheriff’s Office to ask for their help in arresting the president for illegally holding office as a foreign citizen, according to KSAL.

    The same guy apparently has this online store. Check the name, pictures and one of the phone numbers is the same.

    Jednoralski Enterprises, LLC (Nevada Series)
    Retail Dealer of 'Rifle Scopes', 'Night Vision Optics', 'Ammunition (97 cal.)', & Etc.

    That is 97 different types of ammo to go with the night vision and scopes.

    We can supply 97 calibers of Ammunition, from different Ammunition manufacturers and several different types of Ammunition, from fully jacketed, hollow point, self defense, high shock, etc.

    I hope this last part doesn't need to be updated.

    At this time, Jednoralski Enterprises, LLC, does not hold a Federal Firearms License (FFL). Thus, NO firearms will be sold or transferred.

  69. Ratfish9:11 PM

    And when did Palin ever have a debate or conversation outside of Fox News after her Couric debacle.

    Still Palin. Still a sick and pathetic hypocrite and liar.

  70. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Hilarious that none of her roadkill Dollar store wigs have a straight part. None of them!!!

  71. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Watched Hannity...she looks AWFUL!!!!!! Thanks for the heads up!!!!

    She needs to never ever ever wear that thing on her head.

    She should also never be allowed to leave the house without one word...


  72. Anonymous1:44 AM

    What the hell is wrong with douche bags hands? Sarah Palin’s hands looks like they are from a morgue all white and pasty, no color to them at all.

  73. Anonymous1:49 AM

    Sarah endorsed Chump because she is looking for a paycheck just like when she endorsed Glen Rice all night. Sarah will do anything to get an interview and if it means humping the guy she is trying to interview, well she is up to it.

  74. lilly lily6:35 AM

    Looked at that roaring fire in back of her on the Hannity thingee.


    Hells bells.

    Tiny, tiny flag pin.

    She wants to be the one asking questions, and then she will claim she is relevant to the campaign.

    This thing is going to either tank or be the funniest thing to skewer in the entire campaign.

    It is such a farce.

  75. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Where to begin. . .

    "I think candidates should not be afraid in front of the nation no matter who the host of the debate is."

    Sarah is afraid to be interviewed, much less debate anyone other than friendly ass-kissing Fox News hosts or Billy Graham.

    "It's important that independents and those who are not obsessed with inside-baseball partisan politics,"

    That is all Sarah is, obsessed with "inside-baseball?" partisan politics.

    She would pee her pants if she ever faced Charlie Gibson or Katie Couric again, and we aren't even talking Amonpour or Stephanopolis here.

  76. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Said the one-time vp nominee who was afraid to ever hold a national press conference. What a hypocrite.

  77. omg...just watched the interview as long as I could before stopping it, just can't do it with the sound on.

    good grief, does she not look in the mirror before going on the air? What the hell was she thinking? She has to be drugged.

  78. Hi there! I have been reading your blog almost daily either from this computer or the one at my house. It shows on your live feed that I am in Arroyo Grande,CA. I live in Morro Bay. You have inspired me and I wanted to say good job! I started a blog called yesterday. I don't have any idea what I am doing, but as with all things I will learn as I go. I am a little scared because of privacy, but my background is Broadcasting and Journalism. I am just so fed up looking for work and too much time on my hands is depressing! I am hoping I can help other folks in the same position, and share information.I was looking for your email on here I can't access it for some reason. I decided to comment here to reach you. This would have been an email. I really enjoy your blog and have learned so much from it, and through the links. I am open to any advice you may have if you have any time to spend on replying. I am so so grateful that your blog, and other blogs have made it impossible for Sarah Palin to do anything but spew on Fox. I also appreciate how sensitive you are to Shailey Tripp, despite her past she is a hero in my book. It takes guts to put it all out there for the world to see. My email Please don't post this on comment thread. I wanted to tell you to keep up the good work, and that YOU ROCK ;)


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